911-the Crime that Will End the Empire.

An aerial view of the destruction of the World Trade Centre. September 11th, 2001.
An aerial view of the destruction of the World Trade Centre. September 11th, 2001.

November 11th, 2014.

September 11th 2001 the Crime that Will End the Empire

The truth about these events is neither comfortable nor palatable. However, until these atrocities are properly investigated, and the authors of the crimes sanctioned the West will remain a doomed and wounded civilisation being steered from one useless and futile war of choice to the next on the back of lies, manufactured threats and false flag terrorism. The Western world has no chance to live in freedom until these lies are completely exposed. It’s that simple. Freedom for Westerners and the 911 lie cannot possibly co-exist. That’s to say nothing of the incipient Police State that is still being erected on the back of the fear and loathing generated by these events right across the Western world.

Literally millions of human beings have faced sudden violent death in the Wars propagated on the back of these hideous and grotesque lies along with the thousands murdered in the event itself. I do not expect or hope that anyone would take my word regarding any of these events, I hope to provoke people to check the facts for themselves and discover the inescapable fact that the September 11th attacks were entirely conceived and conducted by Westerners. The version of events that has been promoted by the Western political leadership and media bears almost no resemblance to the facts. We are not talking about a “couple of anomalies” but instead completely blatant and obvious mega-lies.

The Path from Uncritical Acceptance to Critical Scrutiny.
I watched these events as they happened late at night in Australia. It never occurred to me for a second that the perpetrators could be anything other than anti-Western terrorists,I had heard of Osama bin Laden and had seen video of the man making numerous blood curdling threats and declarations of War against the West, so when the group under bin Laden’s control was blamed, it made perfect sense to me.

After all I had never heard of Operation Gladio , had no idea that Western Intelligence agencies had been responsible for mass murder and terrorism in Europe since the late 1960’s and had been caught blowing up the Bologna Train station
in August 1980, killing 85 people. I knew not of the Brabant Supermarket massacres
in Belgium, civilians brutally murdered by CIA assets and agents to promote the perceived interests of NATO and the Belgian Security State.
The beauty of these mass trauma based mind control technique is that the credulous audience are completely unaware of what has been done to them. I viewed this event from the conventional point of view for a decade after it happened. I was targeted successfully along with billions of others and convinced that a completely insulting and ridiculous story was true because we were all fed the same story at the same time, while we were still upset at what had happened and therefore highly malleable and completely incapable to look upon these events from a rational and critical point of view.

Dissenting Voices Emerge.

When I begin to hear facts and opinions contrary to the Official account in early 2002 I dismissed them immediately. When a friend mentioned that Thierry Meyssan was stating that a large passenger aircraft had not struck the Pentagon I retorted,”So what happened to Flight 77? Where did it go?”

When a friend mentioned that a group of Israeli men had been arrested after filming themselves celebrating the attack
I said “Sure it plays into their narrative but that doesn’t mean that they had anything to do with it.”

When I finally was persuaded to check the veracity of the Official story, just following the Tenth anniversary. In 2011, I was absolutely flabbergasted, astonished and mentally shattered to discover that the Official story cannot possibly be true. For this realisation implied that my entire world-view up until that time had been based on false and incorrect assumptions..

Broken Illusion.

Until that time I was living inside the shared illusion of the well inculcated Westerner and it was a rude awakening. I spent around a month reading up on the attacks, I found the Complete Timeline of 911 project very helpful, and read the article “the Destruction of the World Trade Center” by Dr. David Ray Griffin made it simply impossible for me to cling to my cherished assumptions any longer.. I remember feeling an overwhelming gratitude towards David Ray Griffin and all the other people who had not been completely fooled as I had been.
At that time I lacked a broad conceptual understanding of what had happened, I simply knew that the Official explanation for the destruction of the New York buildings could not possibly be true. If I had been asked I expect I would have suggested something along the lines of “They must have allowed the terrorist hijackings to happen and then augmented the attack with explosives inside the building.” Since that time I have discovered a number of facts that make it completely clear that there was no suicidal hijacking attack using passenger aircraft on September 11th. at all The entire attack was a manufactured work of fiction. The entire program was implemented by Westerners and the whole al Qaeda hijacking story is simply a blatant and outrageous lie and this can be proven very simply.

Destroying the Official Story of September 11th.
New York Story.
There are essentially two key elements of the September 11th story about New York.
The first element is that al Qaeda terrorists are supposed to have hijacked commercial aircraft and flown them into the World Trade Centre Twin towers, the second element is that this act caused the total destruction of the Twin Towers and started the Office fires that destroyed WTC 7. with the commercial aircraft, and these are underpinned by the passive and unspoken claim that nothing else happened. That the two 110 storey skyscrapers and one 47 storey skyscraper were reduced to dust and twisted metal remnants by office fires. An event that would be completely unique in the history of building fires and that has never been repeated. It is the cornerstone of the 911 truth movement that the New York buildings were all attacked with explosives and incendiaries. Any one of these videos makes this quite obvious in my opinion.

9/11 *RARE* CLEAR Video of WTC Building 7 Controlled Demolition

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

North Tower Exploding

911: Massive Blasts Audible Inside North Tower as South Tower is Destroyed

The explosions that destroyed the South Tower are heard within the North Tower. A long low, earthquake rumble is followed by a series of massive blasts, at least five, and they are so loud you can hear them “max” out the microphone on the Camera despite this happening hundreds of feet away in the other building and the sound being insulated by them being in a building. This is from the Naudet brothers film September 11th, Inside the North Tower, it is part of the official narrative and the massive explosions are right there as you would expect as the (other) building is being destroyed. There is quite simply zero doubt whatsoever that all the New York buildings were subjected to a prolonged attack with incendiaries and explosives. The NIST Final Report on Building 7  concedes that “free fall was achieved” on Page 87. “freefall was achieved”
Everyone with any commonsense or knowledge whatsoever understands that a fire couldn’t get a wooden stick to fall at free fall speed. The idea that Office fires caused the destruction of WTC 7 is nonsense of the most transparent and contemptible variety.
Since these important facts were brought to my attention several other startling things about this operation have become clear. These facts make clear the nature of the operation.
These are that the World Trade Centre attack began before the planes event had started. The first thing that happened, only seconds prior to the plane flying into the WTC North Tower was a massive explosion underneath the North tower that has been thoroughly documented and recorded and is supported by numerous eyewitnesses and recordings of the event.

Workers inside the basement area of the WTC North tower were wounded in the attack, William Rodriguez, Arthur Del Bianco and Felipe David are shown lying in hospital. Each man describes an explosion prior to the Plane event.

William Rodriguez, Arthur Del Bianco and coleague in hospital wounded in the underground blast. They were three floors underground.
William Rodriguez, Arthur Del Bianco and Felipe David in hospital wounded in the underground blast. They were three floors underground.

9/11 Whistleblowers: William Rodriguez

George Stephanopolous, well-known US broadcast journalist described it thus. On ABC America on the day of the attack.
vlcsnap-2014-11-10-15h38m38s90“At the time I was actually in the subway, heading towards the World Trade Centre. right around Franklin Street, and after the first explosion the subway station started to fill with smoke, the subway, cars started to fill with smoke. and the subway actually stopped. ”

Witness named Eileen.
Eileen states “It was very smoky and we started to exit the path station.”

These witnesses describe the same thing. This lady was on holiday from Alabama for her birthday.

Witness from Alabama.
Witness from Alabama.

She describes

”All of a sudden it sounded like…I don’t know where the subway is but it sounded like a collision (or) a bomb, it was just pounding Boom! Boom! Boom! and I literally thought the subway had exploded and all the cars were just going to land right on top of us”that it was going to bring all the (subway) cars down on top of us.”

The Office Worker.
The Office Worker.

This office worker concurs stating.
“” I was in the path train, there was a huge explosion sound and everyone came out. ”
This video contains all these and many other eyewitness testimonies, along with two audio recordings that indicate a blast before the plane impact. This is really a great compilation of everyday people telling the truth of their experiences on the day, before they knew what the story was supposed to be, and they make it absolutely clear.
9/11 CLEAR bomb going off in WTC BEFORE first plane EVER hit

This video concentrates solely on three separate audio recordings of the North Tower attack, from the FBI, WNYW News and a woman named Ginny Carr. All indicate an underground blast prior to the plane impact.

911: Three Audiotapes Indicate Bomb Before Plane!

“We all saw the plane hit the building”

This is not a United Airlines 767.
This is not a United Airlines 767.

Once I understood that the attack did not even begin with the plane, but rather with an underground explosion, synchronised with and designed to be masked by the “plane “ incident. It became clear to me is obvious that these weren’t al Qaeda hijackings. But it is far removed from the conditioned belief that people find it extremely difficult to come to terms with.
Nonetheless, there is no doubt that there were no hijackings associated with these attacks and in order to understand this all that is required is to look at a photograph of the object filmed striking the South tower and compare it against what it is supposed to be, a United Airlines 767 Tail N612UA.

This is a United Airlines 767
This is a United Airlines 767
The sun is shining on a Dark surface.

The Planes Operation was Pure Deception.

No Passenger Aircraft, hijacked or otherwise were involved in this event. That was a lie. A work of fiction. We all saw the plane hit the building, but what plane did we see?
We saw a plane that clearly did not belong to the United Airlines fleet. We saw a plane that cannot possibly have been a United Airlines jet or any other passenger airliner.
We know what United Airlines Boeing 767 look like.

This fireman described it thus “”I saw a black very large air plane fly into the second building.It ca,e from the south”


Indeed we know specifically what United Airlines 767 tail number N612ua looked like because we have it’s photograph.  we also have photographs of the aircraft that was filmed flying into the South Tower. The aircraft that is filmed striking the South tower is clearly the wrong colour. It lacks the United Airlines livery and therefore cannot be a United Airlines aircraft at all.
If we turn to the eyewitnesses, we find that numerous independent witnesses describe the plane as being a Military style aircraft. I am not trying to claim the plane belonged to the US military, that is a separate issue. The point is that the plane is described as being Black, being green and being grey, and many witnesses are adamant that it was a “military style’ aircraft” and therefore they support the photographic evidence. The photo and the eyewitnesses cannot tell us who the plane belongs to, but they can well and truly let us know that this was no United Airlines jet. We compare the photo of N!26ua with the object that struck the South tower and the differences are unmistakable.
A Fireman stationed on a boat in the Hudson river describes the plane as a “Manhattan “The plane was a large bomber style green aircraft”The audio can be heard in this video.
911, FDNY – It was a Military Plane that hit the WTC – Updated

This man) states plainly that “”The plane wasn’t no airliner or anything it was large twin engine big grey plane.”


This man concurs, describing it thus. “The plane circled around and actually come onto the opposite side of the buildingand crashed into the building, It was grey to be honest.”
These are only a tiny fraction of the people who made this observation. Many other voices attest to the same thing, but do not appear on camera.

The plane was edited out of the video but the eyewitnesses were clear about what they had seen.
The plane was edited out of the video but the eyewitnesses were clear about what they had seen.

The two women filming the event from a nearby high-rise apartment make the same observation as this screenshot shows. Interestingly, the actual plane appears to have been edited out of their video of the event. These people and many others feature in this excellent video created by the Xendrius Youtube channel.

100% WTC Drone Strike Plane PROOF (Many Witnesses)

Once it is realised that the plane is not a United Airlines jet, it becomes absolutely obvious that this aircraft has not been the subject to a hijacking by any “Muslim terrorist” The entire “al Qaeda” hijacking story is dependent on the fact that the “jihadist terrorists” hijacked passenger aircraft. If the plane is not a passenger aircraft the entire story is revealed as a fabrication. It is quite simply impossible that the terrorists hijacked another plane and the US government made an honest mistake. The fact that the jet that struck the South tower is not a United Airlines jet means that the entire hijacking story was simply a concoction from start to finish. We do not even have to prove the obvious but hard to prove fact that the supposed hijackings did not happen. The point is that the hijacking events do not relate to the plane crash events because the plane crashes are not caused by civilian passenger planes. The hijackings simply do not connect to the crashes even if we suspend disbelief and accept the hijackings actually happened. They have been caught telling one of the most brazen lies in the history of the World.

History will Not be Kind to the Authors of these Atrocities.
Since these facts became clear to me I have often imagined the way history will regard these events in the long-term. Whilst acknowledging that this is unknowable,it seems to me that when the truth of these events is absorbed, as it will undoubtedly be absorbed, because corruption and ignorance can only temporarily obscure the truth from broad sight. In time everyone will know and my guess is that this will be come a classic cautionary tale about the dangers a superpower, an Empire poses to its own and the world’s civilians.

This was an Empire that feared it was running out of the enemies required to maintain their budget and implement their agenda of tyranny, so they essentially arranged for their friends to attack them and solve their problems and used their controlled media to sell the ridiculous planes felling skyscraper nonsense. Eventually people will laugh, it will become a folk story told by people who have no idea what New York city or the USA ever were. People will surely say, “Did you hear the one about the Empire that was so corrupt, so evil, that when they ran out of willing enemies they invented them? And having invented them they arranged for massive crimes to be committed and attributed to the “anointed enemy”.As a work of fiction our world would be mocked as being completely ridiculous.

The Perpetrators are Psychopaths and They Still Rule the West
There are two different crimes associated with the September 11th attacks. The crime itself and the cover up. The identities of the perpetrators remains largely a matter of speculation beyond descriptions such as the “Shadow Government” or “Deep State’ or “Rogue network.: Whatever term it is used the conclusion can only be that these people are psychopaths entirely lacking in regard for human life and their removal from power is a matter of urgency for humanity.

Controlled Media
The cover up on the other hand, brazen and aggressive, has been perpetrated by the entire Western establishment with few exceptions. The Western media have been instrumental in the dissemination of the big lie. It is highly unlikely that the Media will ever be brought to account for their roles in these crimes. The only rational response in my opinion is to leave them to die on the vine.They deserve to wilt and die of inattention. Their corruption and complicity are inescapable and the major Media are obviously still in the thrall of the Psychopaths responsible for this and many other crimes. We can never trust any of them ever again, and after they wither and die they should never be replaced by a concentrated media ever again in human history. It is simply too dangerous a mind control tool to be allowed to exist ever again and the results are staring us in the face everyday.

54 thoughts on “911-the Crime that Will End the Empire.

  1. There’s a view that the black planes were CGI. Newtons 3rd law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction means that you should consider if it makes sense if you were able to take off in WTC 1 or 2, accelerate to 500mph and slam into a stationary plane suspended in the sky on a string then you should get the same roadrunner/coyote style effect? I.e. would the plane neatly slice through the building? Or would the plane explode a bit and fall down the side of th building? Also, a plane that big has about 3 million parts – why weren’t any of those parts visible on the ‘entry hole’ given that the plane is made of flimsy aluminum and the WTC frame is as thick as tank armor. black plane was CGI.

    • Thanks for that very interesting comment Grerg. Ultimately, the important thing in my view is to prove that the plane was not a passenger aircraft hijacked by Muslim terrorists on a suicide mission. I personally believe that it is highly likely that some of the footage was completely fabricated and the planes were digitally inserted as you claim, but I have very little doubt that at the very least an aircraft appeared to be in the sky and fly into the building. The reason I believe this is the fact that so many of the eyewitnesses including cameramen were saying things that do not help the Official story at all. After all, someone saying that a Large green military jet struck the building does not help in selling the lie that these were passenger aircraft. As far as the crash footage goes, much may be fake, it also appears to me that explosions inside the building were synchronised in order to create the illusion of the “devastating plane attack” Clearly an aircraft did not create those holes or cause the massive explosion that seems to come from the centre of the building several moments after the supposed plane impact.
      It is hard to figure out the precise mechanisms of the illusion but it is quite easy to prove that whatever happened these were not commercial jets of any sort and were not hijacked by anyone. Thanks again for comment.

      • MIT did a study in which they mapped TV footage of the plane that supposedly hit the south tower onto a 3D map of NY and came up with 1 plane having multiple flight paths through 3D space. You can google this. There’s also YouTube clips of what looks like charges going off to create the roadrunner style plane outline hole in both WTC 1 and 2. Some theories existed around this which thought it might be missiles fired from the plane – for those people still fooled that there was a plane.

      • Yes, I agree with you about the multiple paths and the Youtube channel 911 investigative vids has a lot of excellent material on the subject. I 100% agree with you, after the plane appeared to fly into the building, the building was attacked with explosives, the cut outs in the building are from the inside and not created by planes. I interpret the multiple flight paths as strong evidence of digital manipulation, I can’t see any other explanation. Maybe it was a hologram, whatever it was it did not look like a passenger aircraft, certainly not a UA aircraft, and this may explain the need to create and insert digital planes. But I can’t get around this, one cameraman, from across the river films the plane, it looks black, and after filning it he says,”I got it completely, It was black, looked like a military jet.” His description matches his film and neither support the Official story so I see them as having integrity. Thanks for a high quality comment.

  2. I don’t think there were any planes at all. Pennsylvania had no plane wreckage and the media had some bullshit story about the plane diving vertically and disappearing into the ground. most people have now seen what a plane crash site looks like with the recent plane disasters in 2014 and would call bullshit on the 911 Pennsylvania crash. Similarly the Pentagon crash was a missile strike because there was no plane wreckage and there was no mark on the pentagon from plane wings.

    My theory with the NY ‘planes’ is that any footage from witnesses was staged, however I have seen the hologram theory material as well as the videos of the so called projecting plane caught on video, but either was it doesn’t matter whether it was a hologram or inserted by the media – there were no planes.

    When I talk to people occasionally about 911 over half don’t even realize WTC7 collapsed.

    Good luck

  3. Investigation of why the towers collapsed should include review of thermite, mini-nuke, and other explosive charges.

    Not making any conclusion here, just that the evidence demands it.

    Thermite -> molten steel dripping out of WTC1&2 before collapse.

    Mini-nuke -> tower exploded upwards and outwards when it “fell over” at freefall acceleration plus would explain why building wreckage was carted away and hidden and why first responders have cancer and why the lava burnt for 100 days after the collapse.

    Explosive charges -> there is YouTube video of explosions in the WTC foyer and widely reported obviously.

    I would like to see someone other than the NIST fuckwits address these point head on.

    • Yes, you are absolutely correct, the thermate type reaction before the destruction of the South Tower is potent evidence and so is all the molten steel, thanks for commenting.

    • Thanks Kathy, It is probably best to leave a link if possible. I am not a big Counterpunch reader and have never heard of Bill Blunde but sadly Counterpunch,a terrific source on many issues is a place of complete cowardice on the matter of 911. The Blunden piece may well be accurate but the underlying assumption that al Qaeda conducted the attacks is pure hooey. What they are doing is “backfilling” the story with essentially useless and irrelevant detail. The position I have taken is pretty simple and supported by physical evidence. The buildings were attacked and destroyed with explosives and incendiaries placed within them. The planes that struck the buildings were not passenger aircraft. I have substantiated these claims, I stand by them they are correct. Some wank about some supposed command centre in Afghanistan simply has no bearing on any of these claims or observations. The core of the case is what happened, not a story about a command centre in Afghanistan that cannot be independently assessed,verified or evaluated.. Thanks for comment.

  4. Keep in mind all western intelligence agencies are headed up by a jew..usually they are crypto jews as their ethnicity is well disguised.David Parker of MI5 is a jew as have been all the previous “CEO’s”.Thus treachery on a grand scale..including the london bombing is entirely possible.
    A good example is the attempted false flag when the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel.This was immediately covered up and US sailors on the ship bought off with high level military medals…they were also warned to stay silent.President Johnson and his wife were both crypto jews without a shadow of doubt.
    As for investigative journalists….no serious genuine investigative journalist could possibly believe the official story.Robert Fisk..believes it and does not miss an opportunity to attempt to ridicule “conspiracy theory” claims.
    Robert Fisk is a jew and a charlatan.What about heroic john pilger…he too believes the official story.Pilger is a jew.
    Don’t expect any of these jewish journalists to break ranks…they know what awaits them if they do….ruin.

  5. Peace be with the reader.

    Indeed 911 will play a key role that will bring the present world order to an end.

    Luke 12:36 And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will
    return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto
    him immediately.

    Open the Believers Information Network door.

    The faithful witness

    It will be wise not to ‘moderate’ (censor) this comment.

  6. Please excuse my ignorance,but I dont see any mention here of the supposedly highjacked planes.?were any planes and passengers highjacked on the day,and if they were ,what was their fate?did they take the passengers and crew off somewhere and murder them?or did they not exist?

    • You make a very good point truthseeker, this ia a far from comprehensive account of what happened on 911. I tried to concentrate on three key claims for the sake of clarity and brevity. So I have focused on the claim that attack began with a large explosion underneath the North tower and provide a wealth of evidence for that. ALos that all the buildings were destroyed with explosives, I actually skated over this pretty much, figuring that it has been done so well by so many that any further contribution would be superfluous. The final claim is that the plane that struck the South Tower was not a hijacked passenger aircraft due to it’s visual appearance supported by multiple witnesses. The way, the specific manner in which the “Planes Operation: deception was achieved is a very difficult issue, but it appears that the planes were “swapped out” at some point in the day. The flights were taken elsewhere and the “hijacking events were loosely created by the people on the flights on the ground. Rebekah Roth has done a lot of excellent work regarding the phone calls from the Flight Attendant’s and she has claimed that all the conversations tok place on the ground and that the planes were taken to military bases and the faux conversations and calls were made from there. The dozens of military exercises including hijack scenarios were probably part of the deception with the incidents from the drill perhaps recorded and released as if they were real events. Possibly the exercises helped facilitate the plane swap. The exact details are unclear, but I think that Rebekah Roth’s narrative is broadly correct. The planes were taken to some type of base and the phone calls were made from there. It is a radical departure from the accepted narrative , it is hard to prove what happened whereas the demolitions are a proven and established fact. I think that the humble evidence I proffered does at least prove that the South Tower jet was not an United Airlines aircraft and therefore cannot possibly have been Flight 175 but the specific details of the Planes operation deception remain somewhat elusive. Thanks for comment.

      • Thank you for your reply,I just couldnt get my head around where the supposedly missing passengers went,my theory was that they didnt even exist?

        The Twin Towers and planes flying into them must be the biggest fairy story ever told?but it amazes me how the sheeple just accept the lies told by the US government.

        My mother was born in 1917 and always warned me all her life,beware the chosen people,she although not of the chosen race,grew up in a area inhabited by them ,she grew up in a ghetto in the UK,but today my mothers warnings ring in my ears louder than ever,

      • Many thanks for that kind response. When your entire view of reality and knowledge of the world come from the media it is very hard to see through the lies as they are all you know. Having believed the 911 fairytale for more than a decade I understand the difficulty in perceiving the truth. Thanks again.

  7. Well summarized piece, but as there is so much evidence pointing to a group-conspiracy to take over the world and rule our minds, to enslave us in a world order ruled by them and their supremacist friends, maybe we should look at the disproportionate representation of a certain group (who have a never ending pass due to our perception of their suffering) in all the areas we are being manipulated – politics, media, press, law, education, finance etc…. then we might begin to understand who this tiny minority are, and who we as ordinary people need to become aware of. Now that would take some courage, wouldn’t it?
    Btw, once we do that, we might find that another event which supposedly took place during a large global conflict also cannot be backed by any facts. Indeed it may be discovered that this ‘event’ was fabricated for an earlier stage of the supremacist’s agenda. Now that would indeed be shocking, wouldn’t it!

  8. It’s a good article showing the waking up of an individual, whom once presented with irrefutable facts on a historical event, sees that the story he’s been told is a blatant lie.

    You say: “…… their removal from power is a matter of urgency for humanity.”

    My question on the above is how?
    Firstly you would have to get them into court and that would mean finding a policeman to arrest them. This in itself would be an incredibly hard job.
    Secondly you would have to find a lawyer to prosecute, unless you did it yourself and more importantly a judge to try the case.
    You’d have more chance of winning the lottery than making the above happen.

    These people ARE the system and trying to use the system to deal with these people is like trying a paedophile for paedophilia with a jury and court system all made up of paedophiles.

    I really hate to dampen your enthusiasm, but the reality is that those responsible for 9/11 will die naturallty, rich and wealthy men and the baton for world dominance will be handed down to their offspring.

    We all know that Tony Blair and George Bush along with their cabinets, are 100% guilty of waging an unlawful war, resulting in the deaths of millions, even more refugees and the destruction of civilizations. However, they have never been brought to trial, instead, in the case of Tony Blair, enjoys a growing bank balance and a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. In other words, these men are ABOVE the law.

    The only way that these men, responsible for the many crimes committed on the world, will ever face justice is when the system lies in ruins and they have no protection from a people who, once they know the truth will rip them apart. If the system continues in the west, as it is, things will only get worse for the common man and better for the criminal, untouchable elites.

    • That is a great question Harbinger and one for which I lack an answer. What I would suggest is that the reason that the people responsible have been able to get away with these things, on the broad conceptual level-at least, has been through the unwitting or unknowing consent from the people such as myself who were fooled by the Official story.
      Therefore, (and I know this is a weak non-answer) if we can help to alert others to these deceptions then the hope is that at the very least, further future deceptions will be at least conducted in a more skeptical environment.
      As far as discovering the identities of the perpetrators and bringing them to justice I tend to agree with you although I might suggest that the Western system, (with many virtues at least in theory) has been completely hijacked but most of the people inside the system appear not to be aware of what has happened or why it was done.
      While it is highly likely that the effort to awaken others is futile, at least as far as achieving justice for 911 I do believe that the attempt to remove the unwitting consent of the complacent majority will make these operations impossible to pull of successfully in future so the goal of alerting people to what has happened is positive and worthwhile although you are probably correct and the system will probably collapse before justice is done. Thanks for commenting.

  9. James,

    Thank you for your honesty.
    In regards to people fooled by the official story, well can you really blame them? They’re brought up within a system that lies to them constantly, yet tells them they’re telling the truth. The msm employs thousands of people and the official story exists because the msm won’t question it, for obvious reasons and this is where it gains strength. Journalists, I should imagine, when confronted with a choice of investigating and being subsequently blacklisted, when they have mortgages to pay and families to look after, or simply can’t envisage a life out of journalism, won’t ‘rock the boat’. I know of a few journalists who work main stream, but while they may ‘push’ on certain topics, they don’t push too hard. journalists such as John Pilger, Robert Fisk and Kevin Myers spring to mind. My sister is a journalist and won’t ak questions, because I’m sure she knows that were she to, she’d instantly be cold shouldered and find it very hard to find work. So sadly, the overwhelming majority of journalists, forego their integrity for a pay check, but then you control a society through debt in order to have them drinking out of your cup.

    You awoke because you are a ‘special’ human being. You are not part of the ‘group think’ mentality, nor part of the group. You are an individual with the ability of critical thought, unlike the majority, wallowing in cognitive dissonance. You look at something, read the facts and realise something is amiss and terribly wrong. Then you dig deeper. You essentially have fallen down the rabbit hole and there’s only one direction – down.

    “I might suggest that the Western system, (with many virtues at least in theory) has been completely hijacked but most of the people inside the system appear not to be aware of what has happened or why it was done.”

    I find the biggest mistake with people who see the system for what it is make the mistake in believing it’s been hijacked. The system was created by the elites, to protect the elites. So nothing’s broken. It’s merely moving into the planned tyranny phase. The transition between divine rule of kings, to divine rule of politicians, had to have the creation of some form of justice in order to stop the people rioting. They also realised as well that they could not create a totalitarian state until they had the necessary technology with which to do so. Not only do our ‘masters’ have control of politics and banking, but also the means with which to educate and influence the populous, by having control of academia and the msm.

    What stops people questioning the official story is that something so awful, would have had people questioning the official story in the msm and simply can’t believe that so many people would have to be ‘in on it’. Everything about 9/11 is a complete and utter joke, but this whole debacle doesn’t start here. The lies and conspiracy of government continue to go farther back once you start investigating history. History, defined, is conspiracy and yet people are oblivious to this. The holocaust is yet another massive fabrication, which if proven to be the colossal lie that it is, would bring down the state of Israel and Zionism. The repercussions within politics and Hollywood would be huge. Not only would we see the much wanted demolition of the apartheid, genocidal state of Israel, but the truth of WW2 would come out, bringing attention to allied atrocities on the German peoples, hidden by the promotion of the ludicrous 6 million figure and preposterous gassing of Jews in German work camps. And 9/11 is yet another tentacle of this lie. The holocaust is one, big money making industry for the state of Israel and Jews will continue to lie in order to protect it. Remember what Benjamin the nitwit yahoo said of 9/11 – “This is good for Israel.”

    • Thank you Harbinger for a truly epic comment. I have admired Robert Fisk for a long time, his work is odd because he seems to have more than enough knowledge to perceive the truth about 911, he starts the truth in the face and then walks away, it is odd.
      Your point regarding hijacking is a good one certainly but I am not completely convinced that the system was designed to function as it does today but concede I may well be wrong about that.
      I am not a special person any more than we all are. We are all prone to groupthink and also all capable of independent thought. I was after all enough of a dupe to believe the Official story of 911 for ten years. Your comment is a compelling piece of writing and one I am very pleased to have received but I do believe that things are going to change soon. One way or another. I am very confident that the truth about 911 will emerge in the near term but I must admit that the World War 2 narrative, with all it’s blind spots and exaggerations seems somewhat unassailable. But the holocaust narrative, either way you perceive it, is not going to sustain Israel into the future no matter how much people believe it. Thanks Harbinger for a very thought provoking and challenging comment, it is much appreciated.

  10. Check these out:

    They came out when the Thermate was still hot at the bottom.

    and also these:

    These two require no argument. This info directed to all US citizens residing in the 48 contiguous departments. It is a fact that you have been under the control of these sociopath criminals for the past 231 years. Long story but quite easy to explain. Once the original London administration was eliminated by 1784, they took full control. Still continuing today. Don’t expect to have some other entity do you the favor. It is you that has to provide the measures to get rid of them and as fast as you can. If you want to survive, don’t wait a minute further. They want you to go down with them together. I am certain you don’t want that to happen.

  11. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to
    this outstanding blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle
    for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google
    account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.

    Talk soon!

  12. Until my mate just mentioned what tomorrow was – date-wise – I’d not realised, forgotten – it’s ‘that’ date. He commented how quiet this anniversary media-wise has become. The day that defines our generation for ill and yet, let’s punch out – for HOPE.

    I honestly wondered why your repost earlier, (wouldn’t make much of a detective eh). The rationale behind it you sum up like the sturdy newshound you are. The ‘best of’ compelling evidence laid bare, a swift read, commentary without filler. I’d like to see and read it in a broadsheet. Back to ‘ope – dead lost on the day and first responders suffering and dying early because of… the springboard for wars… aside – could this be a day to celebrate, chinks in their armour, breaches in their defence.

    You allude to faith these few destroyers will be overturned by the swamping multitudes of life-lovers. How about we don’t only despair at the sleeping complacent tomorrow but see clues in the mad one’s methods, see they could and continue to be, following more than pragmatics for power, more than money, or even their inner-slavery to psycho-stuff.

    Why the unnecessary lack of cover, the almost certain need to fix it on 9’s and 11’s and all those predictive build-ups? Could this relate to their utter allegiance to dark forces and their underpinning religion? Or is it only a coincidence, an insider wind-up/joke or some super-smart mind-control. I believe it’s obedience to a way. And, if so, we have other dynamics to work on.

    Those praying – all can – look up.

    Their insistence to reveal, on complicating, on being symbolic. Those who understandably put this down to psycho-tactics have a point but maybe their ways are about ‘the other’ and whatever the mystery of evil, these ‘people of the lie’ ( – reminds me to re-look at that S. Peck book), are therefore following, not ultimately leading and bad as bad this cabal of Global-illuminists are, we have hope that they’re compelled. Dupes, unable to resist obeying a path and therefore, in my big ol’book (incorrect pop. theology aside), be in for utter and absolute – on EARTH, as it is in heaven – defeat.

    For God so loved the world…


  13. The amount of innocent human beings that have died because of this. How does America call itself a Christian country when they have murdered so many millions of innocent civilians in their own country and abroad. Is this what their God wants ? It is jp just incredible what this country has done to the innocent citizens of this planet.

    • Great comment thommytong, the people of the US have been intensely brainwashed over decades in order that they inhabit an illusion, a mythology that distorts reality to the extent that almost no American citizens even comprehend the evil that has been done in their name. Another thing worth remembering is that the US is both victim and perpetrator and the people of the US have themselves suffered tremendously at the hands of the Empire, on September 11th and in numerous other examples like the USS Liberty, Oklahoma City etc. Thanks for comment.

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