NATO Base Surrounded by Thousands of Turkish Police Amid Rumours of Second Coup.

Incirlik AIr base in Southern Turkey today.
Incirlik Airr base in Southern Turkey today.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik , located in the city of Adana, has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago. (Source)

July 31st, 2016.

Incirlik Airbase Surrounded Amid Rumours of Second Turkish Coup Attempt.

In a stunning development in the wake of the failed US/NATO coup of mid July, credible sources are reporting that 7000 Turkish police have surrounded the NATO Incirlik Airbase in southern Turkey amid rumours of a second coup attempt.

Breaking: 7,000 troops deployed to ‘inspect’ NATO base in southern Turkey

1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt — RT News

Turkey: NATO’s Incirlik airbase surrounded by 1,000s of Turkish forces for ‘security check’

Copy of Incirlik Air Base Lockdown. #Incirlik #incirlikairbase #BREAKING

The Failed Coup was not the end.

This development indicates several important things. One being that it is not over and those behind the previous attempt are not going to let it go at that, especially after the Turkish president has been berating and humiliating his “betters” since the epic blunder that now may see Turkey depart NATO.

Turkish prosecutor claims CIA, FBI trained coup plotters

Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

Turkish papers have openly blamed senior US military figures both for financing and fomenting the coup making the situation one of complete humiliation for the US.

Such has been Erdogan’s hubris in the wake of the failed coup that he was almost creating a situation where a second attempt became inevitable. More level headed members of the Government appear to have recognised this danger and yesterday Erdogan announced that he was not going to pursue criminal charges against a number of journalists accused of the absurd “crime” of insulting the President.

Turkey president Erdoğan to drop cases of insult in coup aftermath

Whether the former US General has been named was involved is something of a moot point at this stage. While many have claimed that the coup was a false flag this hypothesis does not stand up to scrutiny or logical appraisal.  It is a contemptible canard that ignores the facts.

Facts such as that the CIA media vehicle NBC America reported at the start of the coup that Erdogan had fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany.

That was a classic piece of agency disinformation designed to destroy the morale of Erdogan supporters by presenting them with a fait a compli.

That alone ends the debate about a false flag coup for any with a single functioning synapse because it would be hopelessly naive to believe that NBC made an honest mistake. They do not work like that. So either Erdogan is a Machiavellian genius (he clearly is not) or the NBC were performing their customary role as leading liar on behalf of the Empire. (This is not to single them out, ABC, CBS and Fox all serve the same purpose)

In addition, lesser vehicles of US intelligence were pushing completely dishonest stories in the preceding week, stories known to be lies to the people writing them. Veterans Today came out with a story claiming that Turkey had used nuclear weapons against the Kurds in northern Syria in late 2014.

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory | Veterans Today

It was a lie and they knew it was a lie, they had reported on the US tactical nuclear strike in the week it happened,

Has America Nuked Syria? | New Eastern Outlook

There were not even any Turkish airstrikes in Syria at that time, nor any accusation of any Turkish Airstrike.  They used a video still to pursue their false claim, but inexplicably failed to provide any video. The reason for this was rather clear, in the video the ISIS flag is visible on the hill before the bomb hits!

Massive Air Strike Targets ISIS Militants On A Hill In Kobani – Raw Video

That is how much contempt these people have for the audience.  It is very sad to see the disinformation filter down to those who lack all reason and logic and thus simply repeat the party line.

Alexandr Dugin makes the point far more eloquently.

Dugin’s guideline – The Turkish coup and American disinformation

Erdogan, Russia Rising and the US in terminal decline?

To describe Erdogan as a flawed figure would be a considerable understatement. He is prone to demagoguery,  corrupt, authoritarian and shameless. But that is not the point, Erdogan is the leader of Turkey, he is Turkey’s issue and the US have done themselves immeasurable damage with these cataclysmic shenanigans.

The whole fiasco  underlines the contrast between a rising Russia and a US in catastrophic decline across the Middle East as decades of lies and double dealing come home to roost.

Massive Strange Explosion in Southern Aleppo.

An image of an explosion in as Safira Aleppo on the night of July 16th, 2016.
Another image of the as Safira explosion.
Another image of the as Safira explosion.
Overhead inage of the as Safira defence installations.

July 18th, 2016.

Massive Strange Explosion in Southern Aleppo.

The Syrian city of as Safira, 25kms/16 miles south of Aleppo city was struck by a series of massive explosions overnight, the blasts took place at a large Syrian military production and weapons storage centre on the outskirts of as Safira.

Massive explosion rocks Army base in southeast Aleppo

The blasts were photographed 50 kilometres away and witnesses 60 kilometres away in Azaz claimed to have felt the blasts. The blasts created a mushroom cloud and there is a strange pulsing flashing in some of the footage. Several witnesses that the blast resembled a nuclear event.

Several tactical nuclear attacks of recent years have targeted weapons storage facilities, both in Yemen last year and in Syria in 2013, the choice of these targets for small scale nuclear attack enables a high degree of plausible deniability on the part of the perpetrators.

It remains unclear what has taken place in as Safira but whatever the origin there appears to have been a nuclear explosion and the unbelievably idiotic story promoted by certain pond life level propagandists that a helicopter carrying “tonnes” of explosives crashed and caused the explosion rather gives the game away.

It is highly unlikely that an aircraft could have delivered a missile to this site deep inland without being detected but a missile fired from a submarine or some other platform is entirely possible.

Initial images of the explosions in the defense plants in the city of as Safir.

Explosions in the defense plants as Safira

Dramatic footage of explosions at Syrian defence factory

Other Examples.

In the past several months the Russian Air force have unleashed a number of horrific new weapons on the jihadists of northern Syria.

There have been some very strange explosions caused by the Russian Air force during that time and this attack, from April again on an ammunition dump, in this case belonging to al Nusra in southern Aleppo is very, very reminiscent of a nuclear blast.

Russian airstrike targets ammo depot for al-Nusra in South Aleppo

This year, Saudi Arabia through proxies informed the world of their possession of nuclear weapons This was already an open secret as in 2015 Saudi Arabian air attacks on Yemen were unmistakable small nuclear explosions.

Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

In 2013 Israel made it even more obvious when they attacked a Syrian military research site near Damascus at night when the unique character of the explosions are far easier to identify.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

The Syrian Arab Army and their allies this week. on the Castillo road that is a ring around the north of Aleppo city
The Syrian Arab Army and their allies this week. on the Castillo road that is a ring around the north of Aleppo city
Map highlights the Castillo highway that is the only road link between the insurgents in Eastern Aleppo city and the outer world.
Map of the Northern Aleppo battlefield shows the Syrian Army in control of a section of the al Castillo highway and also that the Syrian Army and their allies are very close to achieving a complete encirclement of the Aleppo insurgent pocket. (Source)

The Context of the War the SAA Cut the Castillo Highway.

Despite the Russian intervention the war is still a grinding battle of attrition however this week the Syrian military and their allies managed to cut the Castillo highway that runs in a semi circle north of Aleppo city. The achievement came after weeks of heavy fighting and terrible casualties on all sides.

The Castillo highway was the sole supply route for the rebel fighters who control eastern Aleppo city. The closure of the road has seen a series of frantic rebel counterattacks in order to reopen the road but these attempts have failed and at such a cost that one of the major factions Ahrar al Sham (Free men of Syria) have stated they will not send any more fighters to participate in what they see as a suicidal effort to reopen the essential supply line.

Russian jets swarm northern Aleppo as jihadists attempt to retake Castillo Highway

Pictures have now emerged of the Syrian Army on the road but the fierceness of the fighting was such that the initial goal was not to take the road but to take positions with artillery ranged upon the road making it impossible for the insurgents to use it. The Syrians achieved this from two separate areas and this is the vital thing.

Aleppo rebels trapped as Syrian Army cuts off main supply route

Hell Awaits the Serial Liars Along with their Death Squad Mercenaries.

You can always tell things are going badly for the jihadists because that is when the war party and their proxies begin complaining about human rights and expressing concern about human suffering.

When the pet maniacs they are still psychotically pretending are freedom fighters run amok and enter a village and commit mass murder, these unprincipled and morally bankrupt propagandists have not a word to say about it. It is good news to them, their “lads” are winning.

Al-Zara’s Massacre: the Syrian villagers were slaughtered by Ahrar Al-Sham’s mercenary-terrorists

Syrian villagers describe massacre by militant group spared from UN terror blacklist

Islamist rebels brag about Zara massacre

Syria: Twenty killed after al-Nusra Front shell Aleppo *GRAPHIC*

US backed AlQaeda linked rebels Massacre Civilians in #Syria

Only when their pet death squads are facing collapse to they trot out the familiar pathetic mantras about barrel bombs and feign concern for the civilians who have suffered so terribly in the war they have supported and promoted relentlessly for half a decade.

All of the people in the Western media, all of the people in the think tanks who previously supported the Iraq war and the destruction of Libya but remain impervious to the human cost of the propaganda they present and who still shamelessly pretend the bloodthirsty jihadist death squads of the empire are freedom fighters will burn in hell until the end of time if there is a scintilla of divine justice in this universe.

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey.

A group of pro coup soldiers surrendering to the “Government military” on the Istanbul Bosphorous bridge in recent hours.

July 16th, 2016.

Attempted Coup in Turkey.

An attempted Military coup is underway in Turkey. A faction of the Turkish military have seized a number of key institutions and at least 194 people are reported dead in fighting between the Coup faction and soldiers and civilians loyal to the government. Government sources claim that hundreds of soldiers backing the coup are under arrest. The Guardian reports that the dead comprise “41 police officers, two soldiers, 47 civilians and 104 people described as “coup plotters.”

The plotters, who called themselves the “Peace Council” seized media sites and announced the imposition of a curfew and martial law, claiming to be acting in support of human rights and the secular character of the Turkish state.

The coup attempt is not over and fighting is reported in Ankara but it seems that the plotters have failed and that things are slowly beginning to return to normal. Ataturk airport has reopened and media outlets that were closed down have returned to air.

Turkish soldiers at state-run TRT studios surrender to police

There are two Turkish military forces operating at the moment and each has aircraft at their disposal.

The coup forces have used aircraft in their possession against loyalist factions and civilians.

Turkey: Ankara’s presidential palace bombed during attempted coup

Turkey: Military helicopter fires on crowds in Ankara following coup attempt

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fighter Jets over Ankara

These type of events are not uncommon in Turkey where there have been five successful military coup over the past 60 years.

To their credit opposition parties have not offered any public support to the plotters. Supporters of the ruling AK party have taken to the streets to support the elected government responding to Erdogan’s call made after the government managed to retake control of parts of the media that had been closed by the plotters.

Who is Behind This?

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the coup on elements within the military loyal to Fetullah Gulen and his Hizmet movement. Fethullah Gulen is an Islamist leader who lives in the US, Gulen is alleged to be involved in  drug dealing and money laundering and is understood to be aligned with the CIA.

If the CIA have backed this and it fails this will be one of the greatest fiascos in the agencies history right up there with the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in the early 1960’s.


The timing of this is very very strange. Several months ago a coup seemed likely and even desirable as the Turkish government made a series of blunders regarding their Syria policy that saw them edge close to war with Russia. Recently Turkey has sought to ease tensions with Russia and has adopted a more conciliatory tone regarding Syria. These developments appear to have displeased certain forces within the US Government and it seems they have encouraged the attempted overthrow of a NATO member government.

A low level civil war continues in South Eastern Turkey against Kurdish separatists and the Turkish military have suffered a number of losses in the fighting but there has never been any doubt as to whom holds the upper hand and the Kurdish fighters are routinely crushed and routed by a ruthless and powerful Turkish military.

In recent times President Erdogan and his government have taken a number of extraordinary steps that have led to accusations of autocracy and tyranny. Journalists revealing uncomfortable facts about the Turkish support for jihadists in Syria have faced imprisonment and prosecution and earlier this year the Gulen owned newspaper Today Zaman was seized by the government and the entire staff replaced with pro- government shills.

Erdogan has sought to change the Turkish constitution in order to greatly boost the power of the President. President Erdogan, his family and associates have faced repeated credible claims of corruption including partnership in the ISIS stolen oil trade.

Turkey has been a key facilitator of the bloody Syrian jihadist insurgency and has offered training and tactical support to both ISIS and the al Nusra front. internationally proscribed and designated terror groups. It is believed that even today Turkish military advisors are embedded with al Nusra units in northern Syria.

Mysteries Solved.

The coup attempt appears to clear up the mystery regarding several of the terror attacks that have taken place in Turkey this year. It seems almost certain now that the rogue military faction were conducting the attacks in an attempt to destabilise the nation and prepare the way for the coup.

That is why the State Department warned of attacks in Turkey the day before the Istanbul airport blasts-the CIA knew about the campaign as they were involved and the State Department were told by the CIA.

John Kerry’s comment about the attempted coup further give the game away. Speaking in Moscow Kerry stated:

“I hope there will be stability and peace and continuity within Turkey, but I have nothing to add on what has transpired at this moment.”(Source)

The reference to continuity makes it clear that Kerry and presumably the State Department are supportive of the coup and expected it to succeed. There is no other possible reason for the use of the term continuity.

It is likely that the Israeli Security firm ICTS were at the very least facilitators of the terror attack also.

Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt | New Eastern Outlook

Newsbud- Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run

Turkish citizens deal with tanks during coup

Turkey coup: Tanks on streets of Istanbul

Istanbul citizens blockade armored vehicles as military opens fire

Video .. The Turkish army surrendered to the security of the Bosphorus Bridge

Pro-coup soldiers seize CNN Turk building then get arrested by police

Turkey coup: President Erdogan speaks from Ataturk airport

Turkey: Ankara parliament building bombed

Footage from inside Turkish parliament when bomb goes off

Turkey: Erdogan loyalists celebrate on tanks after retaking the Bosphorus Bridge

Video shows damage inside Turkey’s parliament after coup attempt

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fighter Jets over Ankara

Elements of the coup forces committed a massacre in Istanbul

Chaos, uncertainty in Turkey amid attempted coup

Bastille Day Massacre in Southern France.

The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen. The pattern of the bullet holes does not appear to be authentic as they are spaced too evenly across the area of the glass. A real attemtp to kill a driver will leave a cluster in the area of the driver’s body and head. The people shooting at this vehicle seem to not know what side the driver is sitting.
A hotel lobby is supposedly turned into a makeshift hospital in Nice. Does this scene seem to be people taking refuge in the aftermath of horror or simply a bunch of tossers sitting around doing nothing?(Source)

July 15th, 2016.

84 Reported Dead After Truck Rammed Bastille Day Crowd.

It is being widely reported that 74 people are dead and many others are injured after a man drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille day in the French city of Nice as the Bastille day fireworks were coming to an end at around 10.40 pm, it is claimed the attack continued over a distance of 2 kilometres.

It is also being reported that after ploughing into a crowd of revelers, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a firearm and was shot to death by the French police.

It is being reported that the truck itself was packed with grenades and weapons, a detail that at face value makes absolutely no sense. How stupid and incompetent are we supposed to believe these people are?

Why on earth would you leave a bunch of bombs and weapons in a truck you are using to ram people?

Surely you either use the bombs and the guns or you remove them from the vehicle so that some of the other jihadists can use them later in another attack?

Several French media outlets are reporting that the perpetrator was a 31 year old French Tunisian dual national and that “an ID card was found inside the truck” revisiting a familiar and highly suspicious motif seen in both the Charlie Hebdo and the November 13th events.

There are also reports of other incidents in France, including at the Eiffel Tower and there is video that shows a large fire near the base of the Eiffel tower.

Fire at Eiffel Tower , Paris

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

‘We heard gunfire, ran for shelter’ – Nice eyewitness to RT — RT News

Bastille Day attacks described by eyewitnesses in Nice as lorry hits crowd | Daily Mail Online

Dozens reported dead as truck plows into crowd in Nice, France (GRAPHIC IMAGES) — RT News

‘Truck attack’ on Bastille Day in Nice — RT News

Witnesses to Nice attack say white truck drove straight into holiday crowds

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

State of Emergency.

Since the Charlie Hebdo incident in January 2015, France has been struck by a series of spectacular and completely fake terror attacks culminating in the apparent complete fraud of November 13th 2015 when it was claimed that 130 people died in what was merely a psychological operation.

France has been under an official state of emergency since the November attacks , earlier on Bastille day the French President Francois Hollande stated that the state of emergency would not be extended beyond July 26th.

France will not extend state of emergency beyond 26 July – BBC News

The Nice attack will almost certainly see this decision reversed and the state of emergency extended.

The French president has just announced that the State of Emergency will be extended for three further months. (Source)

Given that they have been under a state of emergency since November and have just suffered a massive attack what do they think the State of emergency is achieving?

Terrorist attack | July 14h 2016 | Nice, France

France: Scores killed after attack on Bastille Day celebrations in Nice *GRAPHIC*

BREAKING: Truck rams into crowd in Nice, dozens dead, reports of gunfire

Initial images to attack the city of Nice in France

France: Dozens killed after truck plows into crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice

The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.

Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Deception.

The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to awaken.
The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to stoke.

(Thanks to Peace Frog and others for links and information)

July 10th, 2016.

Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Psy-Op.

A Reworked Narrative.

When an incident takes place it is completely understandable that there will be a degree of confusion and misreporting of the facts. Observers of these incidents are accustomed to there being early reports of multiple shooters that are later withdrawn.

However in the case of the Dallas attack, the Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated unequivocally that the attack was conducted by multiple snipers at multiple locations.  The Chief also stated that several other suspects were in custody but this story was inexplicably dumped after many hours and replaced with the familiar tale of the lone nut/lone wolf gunman and the entire sniper narrative was also excised.

The abrupt change to the narrative was explained as being a simple mistake due to echoing gunshots!

“Officers had initially thought that multiple shooters may have operated as snipers from rooftop perches but said later that the sound of shots echoing off the downtown buildings may have created the mistaken impression that more than one shooter was at work.” (Source)

We are told that military veteran (of the carpentry and masonry section) Micah Xavier Johnson was the sole perpetrator and motivated by a desire to “kill white people” he conducted the attack and doubters are informed that a search of Johnson’s home revealed that he had been writing a journal cum manifesto on infantry tactics before the attack.

The idea that an enraged black man would choose as a target an anti-police violence rally is somewhat insulting but more importantly critical examination of several aspects of the event has exposed the fact that police attending appear to have weapons modified to fire blank rounds and that the sensational video depicting the killing of one police officer appears to be a work of fiction created with cheap special effects.

Several of the police appear to have red and orange attachments on the weapons that resemble a blank firing adaptor attachment.

Blank Fire Adaptors?

One keen observer with a military background noticed that if you look closely at the police taking cover in the Bank of America sign photograph, their weapons have red yellow and orange attachments similar to those used to identify a weapon temporarily modified to fire blank rounds only.The attachment is placed at the end of the barrel and blocks all objects from exiting the barrel whilst providing an outlet for the gases that are expelled when a gun is fired.

Blank-firing adaptor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ticktocklede-1800 (3)
All three police in this photograph appear to have red,orange attachments on their weapons that are used to signify that a weapon is using a blank fire adaptor.
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby Mississipi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby, Mississippi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
A blank foirng adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)
A blank firing adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)

Dallas Shooting – Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters?

Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.

Police Killing Video is Charlie Hebdo Style Street Theatre.

Jesse Spots hails from Tennessee. An aspiring comedian, Jesse (born Jesse Spottswood Moorefield) moved to Los Angeles and wound up as a special effects assistant on a number of movies including Hustle and Flow, a film that cost under 3 million dollars and grossed more than 20 million at the box office.(Source)

Jesse Spots – Biography – IMDb

These are key quotes from Jesse Spots’ response to the Dallas Shootings taken from the youtube video “Spark Hits Used in Dallas Shooting.”

“I am only talking about this camera angle because I have specific life experience as a special effects technician where we used the actual technology that’s used in this frame… you can see a guy, a police officer presumably just fell down, you’ve got bullets hitting there, a couple more bullets are hitting, we know because you can see them…. ”

“This is like a wild west show at Disney World, you can actually see the bullets hitting because sparks are flying dust flies up off the ground look there are like seven sparks that bedazzle, that’s not what a real bullet does, that’s not what a real bullet does that’s what a bullet does in a movie.”

“So those are like paint balls filled with sparks or dust, they are called spark hits, they are called dust hits.”

“So you’ve got a sound and light show with the sound of the fake bullets and then you’ve got the visual of the fake bullets which is the dust hit, which you shouldn’t be able to see like that, and the spark hit”

“…and you’ve got this poorly choreographed police officer falling down when you can clearly see the bullet hitting the dust like three feet to his left. I mean it is all just a magic show.”

Dallas Shootout: Gunman shooting down police officer caught on camera (GRAPHIC FULL VIDEO)

“Spark Hits” used in Dallas Cop Shooting

Spark Hits Demonstration

It is claimed that the Dallas killings were conducted using an SKS rifle (one of the unwritten rules seems to be that an AR 15 is always mentioned first, but in this case and in the case of Orlando a different weapon was later assigned) Therefore the results that are seen on the streets of Dallas should be replicated in independent field tests.

Different ammunition can cause a different reaction from the object fired upon but the SKS does not appear to create any sparks at all when fired into concrete objects in field tests supporting the claims made by Jesse Spots.

No sparks at all here.

SKS vs Cinder Block

SKS vs concrete pads

In addition it appears that there were multiple takes on the dramatic police shooting production as two separate versions of the event exist, one version does not include any vision of the shooter at all, nor any sparks.

The Destruction of the United States?

The response to the latest psychological operation has been markedly different from what is generally observed. Fake terror with Muslim patsies never created the same type of response and it seems that the owners of the United States are preparing to deliver the coup de grace to the US nation now that they have used it for all it was worth and the long-standing racial divisions are going to be used in the planned controlled demolition of US society in the near future.

Psychotic tweet from an individual named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.
Ominous tweet from a former politician named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.

It appears that there is a widespread subliminal awareness that the US is being deliberately driven over a cliff by madmen and that given the persistence of the programmed Pavlovian response to every event as they are staged at an ever accelerating rate, it may well be too late to do anything to change this situation.

the Dallas Police Shootings.

This photograph depicts Dallas police taking cover from the claimed snipers. Is this a realistic defensive cover position against a sniper in an elevated position? Highly reminscient of the ridiculous police response to the Ottawa hoax.
This photograph depicts Dallas police taking cover from the claimed snipers. Is this a realistic defensive cover position against a sniper in an ELEVATED POSITION? Highly reminiscent of the ridiculous police response to the Ottawa hoax.
The photo that the Dallas police department tweeted before they even reported the event had taken place.
The photo of Mark Hughes that the Dallas police department tweeted before they even reported the event had taken place. It makes perfect sense for a man planning a covert terrorist operation to walk down main street carrying a weapon and wearing camouflage. Hughes has now been cleared of involvement in the Dallas event.

July 8th, 2016.

Dallas Police Shooting- Psychological warfare resumes in the US less than a month after Orlando.

The Story.

The story here is that towards the end of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) led rally, a number of snipers opened fire and that five members of the Dallas police department are dead. along with another seven wounded.

It is being reported that three supposed attackers are in custody including one female. It is being claimed that the shooting is ongoing and that a fourth gunman who has claimed that “the End is Coming” shot himself when cornered.

It is absolutely obvious on minute one of day one that the event is not authentic, and while there does remain a possibility of some kind of false flag attack at first sight the event is just another infantile psy-op from the lying and tyrannical forces running the US from the shadows and there is an overwhelming likelihood that in the days and weeks that follow, the Dallas event will emerge to have been simply another drill sold as a live event.

Initial Anomalies.

In order to get a sense of the timeline of these events, I visited the Dallas Police Department twitter account .

The DPD twitter feed was initially providing a run down of the anti police violence protest that was taking place in downtown Dallas. There was no drama and no reports of any trouble at all. Then the police twitter account jumps from absolutely nothing happening to a photograph of a supposed suspect asking people for help finding the guy.

Think about that one fact. The police skipped over the whole “what the hell is going on?” phase, skipped through warning people to stay out of the area and opened up with a photograph of a suspect.

That is absolutely ludicrous. Before the police had even reported what had happened they had magically obtained a clear photograph of the suspect and this single fact alone means that the notoriously corrupt Dallas police are suddenly clairvoyant or it is all a lie.

Even better than that were the specific details of the photograph, as the photograph that appeared in the very first DPD tweet was of a black man wearing CAMOUFLAGE.

There are many other anomalies around this event.

The Dallas Police describe themselves as coming under attack by several gunmen perched in or near the roof of tall buildings, yet the early footage includes what is purported to be a police officer being shot at close range.

USA: Dallas Mayor and Police Chief hold presser on sniper shootings

This is the footage that should end all doubt about this event but the footage does not appear to be authentic, it looks more like a special effect we are seeing rather than real gunfire and it conflicts with the sniper narrative.

The moment of the death of a US police officer during an exchange of fire in Dallas

Dallas suspect caught on camera while engaging in firefight with police

“Spark Hits” used in Dallas Cop Shooting

Spark Hits Demonstration

No sparks at all here.

SKS vs concrete pads

The Dallas events comes at a time of heightened tension in the US related to the recent deaths at the hands of the police of African-American males Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is a most concerning psy-op as it appears almost as though the managers of the US are beginning to engineer severe chaos within the US.

The Alton Sterling killing.

GRAPHIC: Shocking video of police killing Alton Sterling sparks protests, outrage

Second cell phone video of Alton Sterling killing (Graphic content and language)

Alton Sterling was apparently selling CD”s and/or DVD’s on the street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before being accosted by police and shot numerous times after police perceived him as a threat despite two police being on top of him at the time.

There are several videos of this event, it seems completely authentic, especially when Mr. Sterling has been shot and  he starts convulsing, like a death rattle.  All the available evidence shows they are nowhere near that good.

The Killing of Philando Castile.

We are told Philando Castile was killed after a misunderstanding during a routine traffic stop led to him being shot four times, presumably because the policeman who killed him thought he was reaching for a weapon.

There are a number of very strange anomalies around the killing of Philando Castile. We are told that the Philando Castile killing was filmed by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds,the Diamond Reynolds video is very hard to believe because Diamond Reynolds is allowed to keep using her phone and filming herself long after she has been arrested by the police. She is in custody making a video and that makes absolutely no sense at all.


In addition the photograph that purports to show Castile after his death shows blood all over the front of his shirt but no sign of any bullet hole.

A briliant acting performance but the clowns from costuming ruined the scam. They forgot to make a hole in the shiort Philando was wearing as he was "shot" in the upper body "Live on Facebook."
A brilliant acting performance but the clowns from costuming ruined the scam. They forgot to make a hole in the shirt Philando was wearing as he was “shot” in the upper body “Live on Facebook.”

It seems totally counter-intuitive to think that the Deep State would stage a fake “racist” police killing but there have n some very strange ones before, a small percentage of the total of course.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter are a false flag, joke organisation, a Soros funded rent a crowd surrounded by the odd genuine dupe, but the obvious thing to an outside observer is that by making the issue a racial one rather than focusing on the endemic corruption and brutality of many US police forces they are letting the police off the hook and act as an insurance policy for the police state and as a side gig promote the strategy of tension in the US.

They aren’t some “out there” rebels, they are clowns and dupes who, whether they know it or not are in the service of the forces of tyranny.

The actions of the US police are more frequently targeted towards blacks and Hispanics but they also focus primarily on the impoverished and socially vulnerable.

There have been numerous well documented horrendous actions by the US police against Caucasians. I remember the completely harmless mentally ill drifter choked to death in the gas station car park. I remember the homeless man living alone on a hill who threatened no-one but was attacked by a squad of militarised police with automatic weapons because he was holding a knife. He was nowhere near any of the police and made no move towards them. The truth is that an insane and fascist mentality has been inculcated in them for decades. They are trained to see everyone as a threat and to believe they have the right to use deadly force at the mere perception of threat, however baseless.

Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

Cop shoots, kills homeless man seconds after arriving

Justified shooting? Police fired 45 rounds into homeless man, newly-public dashcam footage shows

Kelly Thomas Beating Video

The system supports this. All any police officer has to say is that he perceived a threat and the killing will be adjudged to be legal and justified.

The target was running away? The target was unarmed?

These are unimportant details as long as the officer can claim he felt threatened the killing will be deemed legal.

These wicked policies are directed more often at African-Americans and Hispanics but they are applied to all who come to the negative attention of the police.

Therefore Black Lives Matter are completely misdiagnosing the problem.  The racism is merely a secondary symptom  of the real problem, the fascist nature of the US security state from top to bottom.

Given that black America is only around 12% of the population and racial divisions are easily reawakened, any movement that seeks to oppose the fascism of the security state from an Afro-centric point of view is doomed to failure, doomed to alienate a large proportion of the population and that is presumably one of the core reasons that an oligarch such as George Soros supports Black Lives Matter and also explains why the group were invited to the White House. Soros and Obama are CIA assets and Black lives Matter is a subsidiary, the group are a project of the security state designed to fracture opposition to their brutal and fascistic actions.

This type of social engineering has been one of the CIA major domestic areas of operation in the US for many decades.

It must be remembered that the police state craves armed opposition, hence it’s invention of a succession of fictitious enemies. The poisonous culture of the US security complex must be dismantled piece by piece, through reasoning and argument. Any and all attempts to oppose the security forces with arms will merely boost support for the sick and corrupt prevailing mindset.

Active Shooter Drill at US Airbase Reported as Real Event.

This image bore no caption on RT but appears to show security forces outside a location that may be the Andrews Air Base, perhaps today, where perhaps something has taken place.

July 1st, 2016.

Shooting Reported at Andrews Air Base near Washington DC.

It is being reported on the Twitter account of the Andrews Air Force Base (correctly called Joint Base Andrews or Andrews Field)that an “active shooter” situation is unfolding and that there are casualties after an incident took place at the Malcolm Grow medical centre.

There is some confusion as to whether there has been any incident here as Joint Base Andrews later tweeted that:

“The base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however, reports of a real-world active shooter situation were reported.” (Source)

The frequency that these terrorists attack at the time and place of drills is quite uncanny!

Earlier they tweeted “The incident is ongoing at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility. First responders are on-scene now. All personnel continue to shelter in place ” Which strongly implies that there were casualties without saying so.

All of their tweets refer to “reports” of an active shooter and judging by the mention of the drill it seems there may have been some misunderstanding here, or the Tweets were part of the drill on the base.

The major media are reporting on this as though it were real, on the basis of the Tweets.

Andrews Air Base on lockdown after reports of ‘active gunman’ | Americas | News | The Independent

Andrews Air Base on lockdown amid ‘active shooter’ report

Home base of ‘Air Force One’ on lockdown due to active shooter report — RT America

Shooter at large on US air base – Al Arabiya English

Hopefully there has simply been a misunderstanding due to the drill  and there are no casualties either real or fictional.

However other Tweets indicate this event is going to have some type of casualties as Stars and Stripes reporter Travis J. Tritten is reporting on his Twitter that:

“Active shooter is barricaded into third-floor of medical facility building at Joint Base Andrews, personnel sheltering in place”

Travis Tritten twitter account.

The base twitter account seems to have decided it was all a drill tweeting that:

“All Clear.” The lock down on base has been lifted.”

Before again hedging somewhat with :

“All Clear” for the base with the exception of Malcolm Grow medical facility.”

It was just a drill and the only element they needed to add was a body count and rhe story would have been treated as authentic, indeed it was treated as authentic.

Stars and Stripes (cough) journalist Travis Tritten, the face of an incompetent and an imposter. Travis wrote that a shooting at Andrews AFB was confirmed and added that the gunman was holed up on the third floor. When it became clear that it was all bullshit he pathetically claimed that the Pentagon were also fooled. It is “journalists”, mindless stenographers of the state like Tritten who are key enablers of the faux events as they never ever question anything. Ever.

What was the Stars and Stripes writer Travis J. Tritten’s information that enabled him to claim that a shooter was barricaded in a third floor room of the medical centre at the Andrews AFB?

Travis Tritten wrote that “Active shooter confirmed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland” (Source)

Hopefully some kind soul will either buy Travis J. Tritten a dictionary or at the very least explain to him the meaning of the word “confirmed.”

There is no room for ambiguity in that word, none at all.

In order to evade responsibility for a sickening error Tritten pathetically offered up:

“Active-shooter drill fooled Pentagon, Joint Base Andrews, vice president + media?”(Source)

Obviously everyone knows Stars and Stripes is a straight up Soviet style propaganda rag but none the less, Travis J. Tritten you are a clown, a dunce and an imposter!

This event was one lie and one press conference away from being another episode in the Great Western Hoaxathon.

Andrews Air base-Where the 911 Stand down became downright embarrassing.

Andrews Air Force base achieved a degree of infamy due to the fact that despite it’s close proximity to Washington DC none of the jets stationed there was able to intercept American Airlines Flight 77 which is said to have struck the Pentagon 90 minutes after it became obvious the US was under attack on September 11th, 2001.