Metrojet 9268 Disaster- Russian Airliner Destroyed Over Egypt

A Metrojet Airbus A320. was the aircraft that was destroyed over the Northern Sinai.
A Metro-jet Airbus A320. was the aircraft that was destroyed over the Northern Sinai.
Debris of Metrojet Flight 7K9268 on the ground in Sinai, Egypt, October 31st, 2015.
Debris of Metrojet Flight 7K9268 on the ground in Sinai, Egypt, October 31st, 2015.

October 31st, 2015.

224 Die in Sinai Air Disaster.

Incident comes days after a plot to launch false flag attacks in Syria against Russian and US aircraft was revealed.

Crash: Metrojet A321 over Sinai on Oct 31st 2015, disappeared from radar in climb over Sinai

”A Metrojet (former Kogalym Avia, Kolavia) Airbus A321-200, registration EI-ETJ performing flight 7K-9268 from Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt) to St. Petersburg (Russia) with 217 passengers and 7 crew, was climbing through FL307 out of Sharm el Sheikh over the Sinai Peninsula (Position N30.16 E34.17) at 04:12Z when the aircraft disappeared from radar. Wreckage of the aircraft was later located in mountaineous terrain about 20nm south of Al-Arish (Sinai, Egypt).”

An Airbus A 321 operated by the Russian company Kogalymavia, known as  Metro-jet has crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. All 224 people on board the flight are assumed to have died. There are reports that the jet has been found in the region of southern Arish and is “totally destroyed”. It is interesting that many people are reporting that the plane broke into two pieces. It is also being claimed that the speed of the plane’s descent, at around 6,000 feet per minute is not consistent with even double engine failure. In the case of double engine failure the flight could glide to the ground far more slowlyaviation specialists are claiming.

Russian plane ‘completely destroyed’ in Egypt crash | World news | The Guardian

‘A security officer from the search and rescue team dispatched to the scene said the Russian airline Kogalymavia, known as Metrojet, was “completely destroyed with all on board likely to have died”.

The cause of the crash is not known.It is more than seven months since the last previous major air disaster, the German Wings Flight 9525 incident of March that was blamed ludicrously on a suicidal pilot. .

Kogalymavia Flight 9268

Flight Radar image of the Sinai Peninsual at the time the Metrojet flight was destroyed.
Flight Radar image of the Sinai Peninsula at the time the Metro-jet flight was destroyed.


Metro-jet has been operating since 1993 and have only experienced one major previous incident, a fire on the ground in 2011 that left three passengers dead

Kolavia Flight 348 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Metro-jet flight was scheduled to fly from Sharm el Sheikh to St. Petersburg and disappeared 23 minutes into flight. It is being reported that the flight made a rapid descent for several minutes prior to disappearing.

Map of the Sinai region of Northern Egypt.
Map of the Sinai region of Northern Egypt.


The Sinai peninsula was the part of Egypt that Israel occupied between 1967 and 1982 when they left the region under the peace deal between Egypt and Israel negotiated under the US Carter administration.

“The Camp David Accords were signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on 17 September 1978, following twelve days of secret negotiations at Camp David”

The Israelis completed their Sinai departure on April 25th, 1982.

The Sinai region of Northern Egypt is at least in part under the control of fighters who have pledged allegiance to the “Islamic State” leader Baghdadi and operate under the name Wilyat (region) Sinai.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Sinai Province

It has long seemed strange that the area of Egypt closest to Israel is where extremist fighters are engaging in a low-level civil war but never land any blows on Israel… ever.

Sinai insurgency – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

August 2012 Sinai attack

2014 Taba bus bombing

October 2014 Sinai attacks

ISIL-affiliate posts ‘video of Sinai attack’

January 2015 Sinai attacks

July 2015 Sinai clashes

Deadly attacks hit Egypt’s Sinai

Egypt battles ISIS in Sinai – BBC News

The Fort Russ Syria Plot.

One interesting report that surfaced in recent days was the alleged leak of a conversation during which plans were being made to conduct a series of false flag attacks in Syria in order to promote war between the US and Russia.

Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain and Saakashvili are plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia [transcript] – Fort Russ

The plot supposedly unveiled by the leak involved a series of events, including the destruction of a Kurdish village on Syria to be blamed on Russian war planes. The shoot down of a Russian aircraft and also a US plane to be somehow blamed on the Russians.

When I came across this on Friday it was filed under the “too good to be true” tag. After the demise of Metrojet 9268 it is hard to see it that way. Now it seems that the plot they stumbled upon centered in the Ukraine and Georgia was only one of several scheduled as the Western elite seek to make their displeasure towards Russia known via the customary “deep message” method.

This is the key excerpt.

“So, the whole group will be in Latakia, in the Al-Nusra zone, the goal is to shoot down American plane. They will get flight information, there is a local Kurd there for that. The plan is turning out very cool! American plane will be shot down by Russian military. This will be told by the Prisoner, that the target was shot down from PZRK. The scene will be amusing, the whole world will talk about it.’

“After this group will go to Hasaka, it is a city near the Kurds and there they will destroy a Kurdish village,  the Russians will do everything. In return, the Kurds will shoot down a Russian plane with Stingers. The goal is to pit the Americans and Russians in Syria. The Turks will be grateful, they promise to rouse the Crimean Tatars.’

This is the supposed ISIL in Sinai claim of responsibility for shooting down the Metro jet flight, almost certainly a lie.
This is the supposed ISIL in Sinai claim of responsibility for shooting down the Metro jet flight, almost certainly a lie. (Source)

ISIL in Sinai Claim Responsibility?

These claims are never to be accepted at face value and Flight 7k9268 was flying at 31,000 feet when it first experienced a problem. This height is beyond the reach of all manpad anti-aircraft systems and a complete multi-vehicle anti-aircraft system with a radar as well as firing vehicle would be required to strike a plane at that altitude , but it is interesting that someone is claiming responsibility for this in their name.

According to the Hindu Times this is the claim.

“The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God,”

Mohamed Ibrahim ‏@Ipress_
#Sinai IS branch claims responsibility for the Russian Plane Crash #KGL9268 #Egypt

The Guardian reported that the Russian and Egyptian Governments believed the claims were not true

“Russia’s transport minister Maksim Sokolov has said that the claim Islamic State militants brought down the plane “can’t be considered accurate”.
Shadi Bushra, reporting for the Guardian in Cairo, has also spoken to Mohamed Samir, Egypt’s army spokesman, who also refuted the claim.
They can put out whatever statements they want but there is no proof at this point that terrorists were responsible for this plane crash.
We will know the true reasons when the civil aviation authority in coordination with Russian authorities completes its investigation.
But the army sees no authenticity to their claims or their video.’

There is zero chance this video is authentic. Even if the highly unlikely ISIL in Sinai claim turns out to be correct, there is almost no chance this is the right plane. The video seems old, modern mobile phones and cameras do not produce images like this and it is also clear that the aircraft in this video is flying far lower than 31, 000 feet.
The reader can decide for themselves.
ISIS Claimed Video of Russian Sinai Shoot Down

It is very strange that the bodies of the victims are starting to arrive at the Cairo morgue yet no footage of the crash scene or wreckage has surfaced.

Egypt: Victims of Russian passenger plane crash arrive at morgue in Cairo


Other than the fact that Metro-jet 9268 has crashed in the Sinai and those on-board are probably dead, this event remains a mystery and to try to draw even speculative conclusions is foolish at the moment.

The possibility that is deeply worrying at this time is that a US airliner were to meet a similar fate in the near future.

I cannot confirm the authenticity of the Fort Russ leak. It may well be true, or it is possibly an act of psychological warfare but there is one thing that they got right for sure and that is that the plotters want major war between Russia and the USA because without it they lose. In Ukraine and in Syria they lose unless they can initiate a major war.

The tragic demise of Metro-jet 7K9268 will not be enough on its own to accomplish their goals. It is therefore highly likely that whatever the cause of the Metro-jet disaster in Egypt, we will see an increase in desperate attempts to foment major war in the near future.

The remnants of Metro-jet Flight 7K9268 in the Egyptian Sinai.October 31st, 2015.
The remnants of Metro-jet Flight 7K9268 in the Egyptian Sinai.October 31st, 2015.
The remnants of Metro-jet Flight 7K9268 in the Egyptian Sinai.October 31st, 2015.
The remnants of Metro-jet Flight 7K9268 in the Egyptian Sinai.October 31st, 2015.

First video from 7K9268 A321 crash site in Sinai

Egyptian authorities retrieve black boxes of crashed Russian plane

Russia: Relatives of crash victims grieve at Pulkovo airport

7K9268: Russian passenger jet with 224 on board crashes in Egypt, no survivors

Russia: Mourners lay flowers and candles at Pulkovo airport

Russian civilian airliner with 224 passengers crashes in Sinai Peninsula

100 bodies, incl 5 children, extracted from 7K9268 A321 crash site

Russian civilian airliner with 224 passengers crashes in Egypt

Egypt PM: Russian jet crashes in Sinai Peninsula

Deadly plane crashes claim hundreds of lives in recent years

World War in Syria.

 TOS1 barrage in Latakia, western Syria, October 2015.
TOS1 barrage in Latakia, western Syria, October 2015.
TOS 1 barrage impacts in Latakia
TOS 1 barrage impacts in Latakia

October 23rd, 2015.

World War in Syria.

Recent developments have seen the Syrian war enter a new phase, during which the war has morphed from a proxy war into an open international conflict with the massive increase in Russian and Iranian involvement and the reported deployment of thousands of Iranian military forces to the new Russian backed Syrian Army ground offensive.

A deluge of new videos from the forces aligned with the Syrian Government is a reliable indicator that the three large interconnected military operations in Latakia (far west) , Homs/Hama/Idlib (central)  and Aleppo (north-west) are beginning to achieve their goals.

The north-western offensive is being conducted by a claimed 60,000 troops from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon,  Afghanistan and Russia. They are throwing everything at this situation in a massive show of will and force.

If the three thousand Iranian Revolutionary Guards are not enough, they will send thousands more, if the 1500 Hezbollah fighters are not enough they will send more. At this point the entire Revolutionary Guard could be wiped out and they would raise and send another. It is a matter of pride and principle.

This has now become a power struggle with implications far beyond the future of Syria.

South Front video still shows the majorarea of the offensive in Latakia, Homs/Hama and Aleppo.
South Front video still shows the major area of the offensive in Latakia, Homs/Hama and Aleppo.

Why is this happening?

It is worth asking why these events are taking place. Why are people killing each other in Syria?

The Causes and reasons for the Syrian war.

A power struggle between different international factions.

What is happening in Syria is a multi-layered power struggle between different factions within the Middle East and the world.

The first faction, the faction who initiated the armed conflict in Syria in order to pursue their geopolitical goals are represented by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and the United States.

Faction 2 is the traditional Axis of Resistance, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran, plus Iraq and Russia.

The prime motivation for Faction 1 to start a war in Syria was an attempt to counter growing Iranian influence in the region.

The toppling of the Iraqi government by the US and allies in the criminal war that started in 2003 saw the moderate Sunni autocrat replaced with a leadership in Iraq that is Shia and both allied with and heavily supported by Iran.

This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The
This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The “Russian” has European features and he is smoking, the Revolutionary Guard are easily recognisable.

Hezbollah and their allies also became the strongest party in Lebanon meaning that Iran had a land bridge of allies between the Afghanistan border and the Mediterranean sea to the West.

The removal of Iranian influence and the destruction of the Government of Iran was a long-term but extremely difficult goal, (one that was ultimately unattainable it seems), so they turned to Syria as the weakest link in the group of Iranian allies in the region.

When protests began in Syria,  they were announced  and organised  outside Syria,

Dissidents Call for ‘Day of Rage’ in Syria

“Syrian security officers were deployed outside parliament Friday to guard against possible anti-government demonstrations, but by early afternoon, no protesters had gathered.

Campaigns on Facebook had called for a day of “anger” in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Friday and Saturday.

One page, titled “The Syrian Revolution 2011,” has drawn nearly 15,000 virtual fans. The group, which according to news reports was set up by Syrians living abroad.”

At the same time snipers were inserted into Syria in order to target and provoke both sides and foment armed conflict, a classic and well-worn CIA tactic later used successfully in Ukraine.

Footage of Snipers in Syria

Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability

Later thousands of armed men were inserted into Syria along with a massive amount of weaponry.

This is why there is a war in Syria. When the protests in Bahrain were suppressed and the Saudi military entered Bahrain to assist in their suppression, the West supported these efforts as there is an US Naval base in Bahrain and it is an ally.

In Syria insurgents and arms were funneled in to the country and this is the cause for the catastrophe in Syria.

The Syrian Government has many shortcomings and faults. Discontent in Syria was real, but without the outside assistance it is likely the Syrian protesters would have suffered the same fate of the Bahrain’s and been quietly suppressed and then forgotten.

Horiific wounds. Syrian insurgent has had his clothes burned and blown off.
Horrific wounds. Syrian insurgent has had his clothes burned and blown off.

Monumental Hubris and Callous Indifference.

When the conflict was still at a low-level with only 7,000 deaths, a representative of the Second faction, Russia sought to reach a political deal with the West to end the war.

This entreaty, in February 2012 was simply ignored by the West, who believed that success would be achieved on the battlefield so there was no need to make a compromise to end the war.

Two Hundred Thousand Deaths after West Ignored Russian offer to End Syrian War. | Crimes of Empire

Instead the supplies of arms and fighters increased massively.

The war party began to maneuver the US towards attacking Syria.

In August 2012 the US President declared an utterly nonsensical “red line” that the US would attack Syria if they used chemical weapons .

Obama issues Syria a ‘red line’ warning on chemical weapons – The Washington Post

The declaration was nonsensical because the Syrian Government made it clear many times that they would never use their chemical stockpile other than in response to an open invasion.

The jihadist proxies of Faction 1 began to conduct false flag massacres and chemical attacks.

In Khan al Assal they killed dozens in March 19th 2013 in a Sarin gas attack attempting to initiate the new war of conquest on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war..

The Western media tried to blame the Syrian Government. The Syrian Government invited the UN to investigate.

The UN investigation eventually concluded that the insurgents conducted the Khan al Assal Sarin massacre and a number of other chemical attacks..

“The United Nations Mission collected credible information that corroborates the allegations that chemical weapons were used in Khan Al Asal on 19 March 2013 against soldiers and civilians,” according to the final report “

UN/OPCW Final Report on the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.

UN says Syrian “rebels” used chemical weapons

The Western media simply ignored the report entirely.

When the UN investigators were about to arrive in Syria, the al Nusra front reentered Khan al Assal and murdered hundreds of the local civilians. In an attempt to destroy the witnesses to their sarin attack.

Within days of the UN arrival in Damascus, another, much larger false flag operation was conducted in the East Ghouta neighborhood of Damascus. Hundreds died, the US claimed thousands and came close to attacking Syria, within days before a representative of Faction 2, Russia came up with a face-saving solution where the innocent Syrian Government would rid themselves of chemical weapons implying responsibility.

In exchange the US did not attack Syria.

Following the failure of that plot. The insurgents lost heart and turned on one another, the next eighteen months saw a stalemate develop.

The US entered the Syrian war in September 2014, one year after intended and on the opposite side as intended..

The synthetic terror group ISIL/Daesh were the new pretext. The US largely left the local al Qaeda franchise alone , refused to cooperate with the Syrian state and achieved nothing.

Eventually the insurgents and their supporters regrouped, the dream of the US attacking the Syrian state remained under the guise of a no fly zone to be imposed on Northern Syria.

In fact the cretinous hell bound drones of the Western media were still attempting to push the chemical weapons lies right up until May 2015 when a creature named Peter Baker published this amusing little piece of trash in the New York Times

Traces of Chemicals in Syria Add to Pressure on Obama to Enforce a ‘Red Line’ – The New York Times

Demonstrating the determination of the War party along with their complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy

There is a reason soldiers are taught to fight behind cover. Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field.
Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field in Aleppo, October 2015. (Source)
There is a reason soldiers are taught to fight behind cover. Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field.
Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field in Aleppo, October 2015. (Source) .

Renewed Insurgency.

Support for the insurgents ebbed and flowed throughout the war depending on external circumstances.The interim Nuclear deal with Iran in April 2015 may have lent increased urgency to the effort.The complete victory of the insurgents in the crucial Idlib province saw the Syrian government heartland areas come under direct pressure. The SAA largely held their own in the South, Hezbollah were achieving grinding victory in the South West but the insurgents had greater momentum and the Syrian government seemed to lack the forces required to fight a complex multi front war.

The fall of Palmyra in central Syria saw the ISIL group extend their presence and control to the very centre of Syria, where they proceeded to vandalise and desecrate the Syrian and human cultural heritage like the Neo-Bolshevik ,mercenaries of Zion that they are.

Meanwhile, Russia, along with France and Germany, had managed to engineer a deal to end the Donbass war. The Ukraine side never honored the deal continuing to shell the Eastern areas but the Novorussian side remained firm in their ceasefire. The war was over and that was that.

At some point after the Minsk 2 agreement was reached, Russia decided to intervene in Syria to protect the naval base and other interests. Iran also agreed to send thousands of men and equipment to Syria.

The plot against Syria faced defeat.

The Russian Air Force embarked on a wide-ranging and devastating campaign against any and all insurgent groups in Syria.

Faction 1 increased their weapons supplies to the insurgents and complained loudly but they forgot that it is quite simply none of their business who comprises the Syrian Government.

The days of hegemony are over and now these people, like Ashton Carter and UK Defense Minister Phillip Hammond are revealed as unclothed emperors living in a state of acute delusion.

The reason for supporting Faction 2,  and  the escalation of the war with all of the suffering it will doubtless entail is that the war being fought by Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Syria is the war to end the Empire’s wars of conquest forever.

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 03. 2015

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 01. 2015

Su-34 performed strike against a plant, which produced explosive devices in Aleppo province

Russian Mi-24 helicopter Assist ‎SAA unites and pounce on hostiles

Syrian army operations Deir al-Zour


Tianjin Aftermath

The site has been thoroughly cleared and excavated in the two months since the attack..
The site has been thoroughly cleared and excavated in the two months since the attack..

October 24th, 2015.

Tianjin Aftermath.
The conjecture that “the fires at Tianjin will probably burn for months” proved to be incorrect.
The latest media reports of fires at the site were less than a month after the August 12th cataclysm that left 173 dead.

Blast Site Completely Cleared.

This week a video has emerged that shows the clean up of the site and it has made great advances. The site has been stripped of everything it seems, all objects and a huge amount of soil have been removed.. The earth is placed in sealed white bags, the debris is placed in black bags.
There are still tentative plans to turn the site into a park that will double as a monument to those lost.

Appetite for Destruction.

The US Defense Secretary recently stated that the US Navy were planning to sail in the region of the South China sea reefs China is building and claiming.
The entire Western suggestion that China has any interest or intention in closing the region to shipping is complete nonsense.
These shipping lanes are central to China’s economy, the idea of China closing the South China sea route is the typical trope that the shills of the Empire try to impose upon the public.
It is the way the project of World domination has been masked for decades..
Ashton Carter is emerging as just about the “best” US Defense Secretary since Rumsfeld as he has managed to threaten war with both China and Russia in recent weeks!

Russia will pay price for Syrian airstrikes, says US defence secretary The Guardian

Defense Secretary Ash Carter mulls challenge to Chinese claim in South China Sea

Foreign Policy Diary – Confrontation in the South China Sea

Struggling to adjust to new realities.

The war party in the US is disconsolate over China’s actions in turning reefs into islands in the South China sea and Russians killing US backed terrorists in Syria.

This seems completely irrational but there is a reason

They do not care about the South China Sea but the Chinese moves signal the end of US domination of the Asia pacific region.

Likewise they do not really care that al Nusra Front jihadists they and their allies sponsored are being killed by Russia in Syria, it is the fact that this also signals the loss of US power in the Middle East that is so upsetting and that is why the current situation is so dangerous

China despite many rumours and credible reports to the contrary, does not seem to have joined the Russian operation in Syria although given the opaque nature of the way the Chinese Government operates this assessment may be proven incorrect in the near future.

It seems that the truth about Tianjin, the cause and the perpetrators may never emerge.
The same veil will probably hide any possible acts of retribution for the massacre.

Tianjin blast crater photographed on August 15th, 2015 three days after the event.
Tianjin blast crater photographed on August 15th, 2015 three days after the event.
Photgraph shows the crater before and after being drained and filled in.
Photgraph shows the crater before and after being drained and filled in.
The white bags are where the soil that is being removed is placed.
The white bags are where the soil that is being removed is placed.
The black bags are all the other debris for removal.
The black bags are all the other debris for removal.
Cityscape gives an idea of the scale of the blast.
Cityscape gives an idea of the scale of the blast.

Drone footage of Tianjin Crater in 4k – Blast site clean up in progress

The Astonishing Revelations of Wayne Madsen on the Mystery Explosions in China and Japan. | Crimes of Empire

The Tianjin Blasts. | Crimes of Empire

The Tianjin Blasts: Industrial Accident or Nuclear Event? | Crimes of Empire

China Suffers ANOTHER Massive Chemical Warehouse Explosion Ten Days after Tianjin!! | Crimes of Empire

Explosion Strikes Chemical Plant in Lijin, China | Crimes of Empire

Four Blasts in Four Weeks! New Explosion Strikes Chinese Chemical Plant. | Crimes of Empire

Unexplained Explosion at US Military Base in Japan | Crimes of Empire

China Hit by Wave of Mystery Blasts. | Crimes of Empire

NEW Tianjin Explosion two months after Megablast. | Crimes of Empire

The Ottawa “Shooting” Revisited.

Hero of the Day! kevin Vickers returns to Parliament
Crowning moment! Hero of the Day! Kevin Vickers returns to Parliament to an adoring reception the day after the Ottawa psy- op.

October 22nd, 2015.

The Ottawa Psyop was one year ago.

The Ottawa shooting incident of a year ago was one of the more ridiculous and easily unmasked faux events of recent times.
The hoax was conducted in a very audacious manner and there are numerous facts that completely exclude the possibility of the event being authentic.

They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.
They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.

Fact. 1. The Media contingent in the centre block waiting for the incident to happen.

When the supposed terrorist ran into the centre block of the Ottawa Parliament having supposedly already gunned down a ceremonial soldier

at the Ottawa monument, a large contingent of the Canadian media were present in the Centre block, perfectly placed to record the fake gun battle that marked the denouement of the event.

There is no reasonable explanation for the presence of the Canadian media in the centre block other than that they were there to play their role in the psyop. There was no reason ever provided for their presence there for obvious reasons.

Fact. 2. The Scene at the Monument was clearly fake.

SMOKING GUN: Fake CPR!!! Ottawa Shooting Hoax Officially BLOWN WIDE OPEN!

The scene at the monument where the ceremonial soldier Nathan Cirillo was suppposedly killed was also ridiculous, the scene was obviously staged and controlled scen with Canadian security forces preventing anyone coming close enough to the scene to realise it was a fraud.

The thing that made it really obvious was the CPR conducted by bystanders on the supposedly wounded soldier. Close scrutiny of the CPR made it clear that the CPR was fake, the compressions were being done for a theatrical purpose alone, the hands were not even placed on the chest of the soldier as they delivered the compressions.

So there were right from the start serious problems with both elements of the event.

Ottawa Shooting was a Staged Event – False Flag/Hoax – Get Informed Canada!!!

Fact 3. The narrative of the centre block attack is farcical.

The only good part of the Ottawa incident was the hilarious ceremony in the Canadian parliament the following day weere the faux hero of the incident, Parliamentary Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers who had been laughably fictionalised as the action hero who leapt athletically through the air, spun and shot the “terrorist” ending the crisis.

Even this did not fit at all with the event the media recorded in the centre block but they recorded an immense avalanche of gunfire that the Canadian police supposedly delivered into the dead body of the terrorist.
The idea that the Canadian police are so childish and stupid that they come upon a dead body and fill it full of lead “just to make sure” w as another obvious sign that this was a laughable psyop.

Fact 4. CBC liars destroyed the centre block story further.

CBC, the Canadian state broadcaster, was front and centre right throughout the hoax, as questions emerged about the incident the media tried to iron ot some of the wrinkles.
Evan Solomon of CBC broadcast from the centre block of the parliament, during his broadcast Evan Solomon pointed at a number of indentations in the wall where the supposed terrorist was supposedly killed by the heroic Kevin Vickers.

Unfortunately for Evan Solomon and the other professional liars and con artists of CBC one diligent researcher checked the centre block area on a Google world view of the parliament recorded several years earlier.
The researcher discovered that the “bullet holes” identified by Evan Solomon on the CBC news had existed years before hand and the indentations were the result of the removal of hooks used to mount pictures on the wall.

OTTAWA HOAX BUSTED!! 9 Bullet Holes a LIE!

Every element of the event that was able to be scrutinised was clearly fraudulent. There were no elements of the event that rang true in the slightest.
Every known fact about the Ottawa event points to a psy op and none point to an authentic terror attack.

The identity of the attacker, the choices of target, the way the attack was conducted, the weapons used, the hero, all of it was just silly.

At the time of the attack the Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was trying to push through new “anti-terror” laws that would increase the power of the state at the expense of the citizens.

Following the Ottawa incident the bill sailed through the Canadian Parliament and hero Kevin Vickers adjourned to Israel where he was feted.

The despicable nature of the Harper government and the manipulative nature of their supposed anti-terror efforts was made crystal clear several months after Ottawa when an intelligence agent the Turkish government said was from Canadian intelligence . The man was arrested after having assisted several teenage British girls to travel to Syria and Iraq.

BUSTED! Canada Supports the “Islamic State” | Crimes of Empire

Will the new Canadian government differ in substance as well as style?

The Harper Government was soundly defeated in the Canadian Federal election this week.

The new Canadian Government has announced the end of Canada’s involvement in the US led fake anti ISIL operation in Iraq and Syria.

Until they begin to dismantle some of the legal infrastructure implemented by the foul and wicked Harper government and tell the truth about some of these phony events it should be assumed that the new Government is simply a less offensive and openly wicked incarnation of the same franchisee.

I wrote two pieces about this, the lesser is in the link and the better one is reprinted below.

Ottawa Shooting Narrative Completely Unravels | Crimes of Empire

Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.
Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.

Ottawa Shootings: the New World Order Lie Machine Comes to Canada

Saturday October 25th, 2014.

The Official Story
We are told that on Wednesday October 22nd, a disenchanted Muslim convert with a history of petty criminality launched a “lone wolf” terrorist attack on the Canadian capital Ottawa.
The man named as Michael Zehaf Bibeau is said to have begun by attacking a soldier named Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was on sentry duty at the Ottawa cenotaph (National War Memorial). The attacker is supposed to have shot Corporal Cirillo at least twice, (Barbera Winters states that two people were compressing one wound each) ) using a 30-30 Winchester Rifle before returning to his car, driving towards the Parliament nearby.  Zehaf-Bibeau then abandoned his car, ran up to another vehicle and seized this vehicle which he drove close to the Parliament, excited car number 2, ran into the Middle Section of the Parliament building, apparently pausing to shoot a security guard in the foot, where the Sergeant at Arms and former Parliamentary Security Chief Kevin Vickers shot him to death.
The incident came only two days after another incident involving Canadian soldiers and a purported jihadist terrorist. On Monday, another Muslim convert was killed by police after supposedly attacking two soldiers with a motor vehicle killing one of them.

A Motive Rich Environment.
When Parliament resumed on Thursday the newly minted “hero” Kevin Vickers and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper were greeted with a rapturous response.
These incidents mark the first acts of violence attributed to supposed “Islamic extremists” in Canadian history, although the police have apparently disrupted earlier jihadist plots, with the “Toronto 18” plot of 2006 the most obvious example
The attacks came at an interesting time in Canadian politics, with n small contingent recently sent to attack the IS group in Iraq and the Parliament preparing to debate new “Security” legislation that would grant unprecedented powers to Canadian Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

The Pattern is Well Established.

All the supposed “Islamic terror” attacks in the West were either conducted entirely by Western Intelligence (September 11 and the London bombings) or with their complicity and augmentation. (World Trade Centre 1993, Oklahoma City, Bali 2002) To see an “authentic” terror attack in the West would be a radical break from the recent historical pattern of anti Western terrorism in the West.
Whilst at face value the Ottawa shooting story may seem relatively plausible, given that the self-starting “lone wolf” terrorist only managed to kill one person, the fact is that each and every terror attack conducted under the banner of the supposed “Islamic Jihad” has been conducted under the supervision of Western intelligence agencies. This includes massive attacks such as the September 11th event, conducted entirely by Westerners, to petty events such as the failed “crotch bomber’ and the “Times Square bomber” who simply placed flammable items into a car and set them alight.
The fact that the event in Ottawa did not cause mass casualties therefore does not indicate it’s authenticity as a real terrorist attack conducted by a real terrorist.
Scrutiny of the footage and a critical examination of the media coverage of the Ottawa event indicate that the Ottawa shooting incident was a manufactured event, a psychological operation conducted against the people of Canada against the west, a classic utilisation of the “Problem, reaction Solution” formula designed to achieve the goals of the Canadian political elite and their New World Order handlers at the expense of the truth and the freedom of the Canadian people.
There appears to be a high likelihood that the Ottawa event is another from the Boston, sandy Hook school of false flags, where the entire event is concocted. I am extremely confident that the “terrorist” did not murder Corporal Nathan Cirillo, that was a lie. It does remain possible that the killing of the “terrorist/patsy” was authentic.
If we look back at the Boston bombing hoax, there was one very real element of the violence, the violence the State meted out against the supposed perpetrators was very real. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was alive and in custody and the police really murdered him. An eyewitness stated that the police drove repeatedly over the elder Tsarnaev’s body, The deaths of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his friend Ibragim Todashev (shot to death in FBI custody no less) are both very real as indicated by the photos of their corpses. The Ottawa incident may have ended in the death of Mr. Bibeau Zehaf, it did not begin with the shooting of Corporal Cirillo, that was faked. This is obviously an event entirely stage-managed and controlled by the Canadian Security Services and their Law Enforcement colleagues before a pre-positioned and waiting media.

The Problem with the Gunman Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau.
There is a welter of footage that depicts Mr. Bibeau, we see him return to his vehicle after the supposed “Cenotaph attack” on Corporal Cirillo. We see him leave his car and run across towards the Parliament. We see him park this car and run into the Parliament building. We do not see him fire his weapon, nor do we even see him brandish it in a threatening way. We see a guy running round with a gun. He doesn’t carry the gun with any intent and he does not fire it.
We are told the gunman is a terrorist engaged in a suicidal mission. This is one, only and final chance to “even the score with the infidel” Yet he apparently makes no attempt to attack the second soldier stationed at the Cenotaph. Indeed we know that the ceremonial soldiers deployed at the Cenotaph were in pairs.


Yet we have never heard a word about the other soldier stationed there. His identity, response and how he avoided the terrorist gunman all remain oblique. There is no photograph that even shows another soldier on the scene, and the “suicidal gunman’s” failure to target the other soldier makes no sense at all.


The Corporal Nathan Cirillo killing scene, please note the police tape has been put up and the complete lack of blood.
The Killing of Corporal Cirillo appears to be a work of fiction.
The first thing that I would like to know is whereabouts in his body Corporal Cirillo was shot? The individual who performed mouth to mouth resuscitation upon him Lawyer Barbera Winters claimed he was shot twice. I cannot see any evidence that he was shot at all, and much that should be there is not.

Please note the pristine white glove.

He was shot and he died. Therefore, he must have either been shot in the head or torso, or bled to death. Blood-loss is the only viable cause of death of being shot in the leg, right? The legs are not essential to human survival like the brain or the heart.
Please note the pristine white gloves and the complete lack of blood.

It is clear that Corporal Cirillo was not shot in the head. It is also hard to see any signs of a wound to his torso and all in all, the pristine white state of his gloves indicates he was not shot in the torso and tells us that this event was manufactured by the team from Lies central whoever they may be.
Attack Conforms to Scenario Envisaged by Security Forces.
This is Boston redux in Canada, and the Quebec incident must come under severe scepticism also. Especially given the fact that a CBC Senior Correspondent

Adrienne Arsenault tells us (via Aangirfan) that the Canadian Security Services recently ran a “war game scenario” that involved an initial attack in Quebec followed two days later by an incident elsewhere in Canada.

Please remember that this is a nation with no history whatsoever of jihadist terrorism and suddenly we have two attacks that conform to a script that was part of a “war game” to “test:” the capabilities of the Security Services just as the Government is about to bring new Security Laws granting unprecedented powers to the same Security Services before the Parliament.. How absolutely extraordinary. How farcical. Oh and it all happened just as they upped the “terror threat level” from low to moderate.
Another odd thing about the “terrorist killer’ on a suicide mission was that he made no attempt to fire upon or harm any of the civilians he encountered. This is odd but could be reasoned away. (He had decided only to attack Security forces).
But if we accept that, what are we to make of the fact that when attempting to enter the Middle Section of the Parliament building, the supposed terrorist killer on a suicide mission was confronted by a Security guard, whom he supposedly shot in the foot.
That all pales somewhat into insignificance when we look at the two films shot by the Canadian media from the final incident in the Middle Section that saw the death of the purported gunman.
The gunman commandeers a vehicle, (careful not to harm the occupant) drives the vehicle to the Parliament complex. He is being closely pursued by Police


vlcsnap-2014-10-25-18h01m27s75The gunman enters the Centre block of Parliament pursued by Police. The incident is just developing and has been ongoing for no more than several minutes. So it seems more than a little odd that the Canadian media were assembled in the Centre Block, they were there before the Police arrived. Multiple camera crews.
The first police arrive at the Centre block Hallway under the eyes of a waiting and pre-positioned media scrum.
These are the first police to arrive in the Centre block in pursuit of the Gunman, yet the media team were already there in numbers. Not only the camera filming what we see, but several others.
News teams were lined up in the alcoves waiting for the event to take place.

The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.
The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.


Waiting Media are clearly visible.

How on earth is it possible that this unprecedented event suddenly occurred and at least three media teams were waiting in exactly the right place to film the climax of the operation and they arrived before the police. It almost seems intentionally insulting the way they do things. It was also interesting that during this video.
Ottawa Shooting_ New Footage of Gun Fight (mirrored from Free radio Revolution as it wouldn’t embed)

at the 32 second mark one of the waiting media personnel appears to mutter “this is fake”. The media are in place for more than a minute before the police even arrive.
It;s transparent nonsense. The latest installment of grotesque street theatre from the men and woman of the House of Big Lies.
The Corporal appears not to have been murdered at the Cenotaph, whether the gunman himself died is completely unclear. He may well have been genuinely killed, he may well have not been killed.
What we have seen is clearly simply a large-scale complex drill parlayed into a big lie Psyop.
If the details of the drill are uncovered I am confident that they will show that the scenario involved a shooter in the parliament, the Cenotaph killing, along with a mall incident (apparently abandoned mid-operation) and a sniper perched on a high-rise building. The scenario may also have included a gunman inside the Post Office as a member of the Military police was televised dragging a “suspect” from the Post Office after it was evacuated.
As far as the Rideau Centre Mall. I have a serving member of the Ottawa police force on CNN stating that there was an incident there, he offers solid and total confirmation, but states that there were no injuries. So what happened there and why has it been completely edited out ever since.
Constable Mark Susse”(spelt phonetically his name is spoken not spelled by CNN) “We have had three shootings.. one near the Rideau Centre.. We can confirm that there were three shooting was hurt. “

I would suggest that the correct response to this rather despicable little Psy op would be for the people of Canada to resist each and every new Security proposal proposed by this Government, who are clearly completely cynical and untrustworthy emissaries and servants of the New World Order This lie should destroy the Harper Government, and destroy all trust in the Canadian media forever. How do you describe those who smile and lie in the service of tyranny and mind control? Wicked.

Syria – South Front Analysis, Assad in Moscow and Raw War footage.

Still from South front video of area of north western Syrian Military Offensive.
Still from South front video of area of north western Syrian Military Offensive.

October 22nd, 2015.

South Front Analysis.

These videos from South Front provide an excellent analysis of what is happening in Syria and especially the Russian view of the situation and their intentions. These videos tell you precisely how Russia perceives the situation, what they intend to do and also provide a degree of detail about what is actually happening within the context of a highly partisan source.

International Military Review – Syria, Oct. 21, 2015

Foreign Policy Diary The Middle East Big Game Forecasting the conflict

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria-Iraq Oct. 19.10.2015

Assad in Moscow.

BREAKING: Assad in Moscow for flash talks with Putin

The Syrian President has ventured outside Syria for the first time since the insurgency began making a visit to Moscow. At face value this was simply a photo-op.

The body language of some of the participants indicated that Russia knows that Bashar al Assad is an incompetent leader and they are preparing to walk away from his leadership provided that the Syrian state is protected and preserved by his departure rather than it being the first step in its total collapse.

Because Bashar al Assad was handed the leadership dye to the deaths of first his brother, the anointed heir, and then his father, he never learned the skills required to survie as an autocratic leader.

Assad appears to be completely out of touch from his people, a fact illustrated when in the wake of the February 2011 Egyptian revolution Bashar al Assad remarked that it would “never happen in Syria.” as the Government was too popular.

This remark showed also that Assad had no sense whatsoever of the plot unfolding against his nation.

The incompetence of the leadership persists to the present day.

Small contingents of soldiers are sent to “hold out” in isolated bases where they are surrounded and frequently completely over run.

Syrian airbase overrun by al-Qaeda affiliates al-Nusra Front after two-year siege

Islamic State documents takeover of Syrian airbase | The Long War Journal

Islamic State Takes Over Syrian Military Air Base – Breitbart

The impact on morale of having a large base over run and the entire personnel executed is obvious.

There seems to be a paralysis born of fear of relaying bad news upwards.

Abandoned MIg war planes inside the Taquba Airbase after it was over run by ISIL in 2014.
Abandoned MIg war planes inside the Taquba Airbase after it was over run by ISIL in 2014.

The loss of a military base in a province long under insurgent control would not matter that much if the men and equipment were evacuated but frequently the jihadist will over run a base and there are military aircraft worth millions of dollars left behind along with hundreds and even thousands of soldiers.

A commander of any quality would either be realistic and evacuate, taking all the hardware with them or destroying it or provide the resources required to defend it properly.

The Russian are simply waiting for the right time to make a deal with the West that will preserve the integrity of the Syrian state at the expense of the Assad leadership in my opinion.

Wonderful Propaganda.

The propaganda that the Western media regurgitate daily about Assad is completely disngenuous and nayseating. Every time I hear the term “regime” I feel sick to my stomach.

It is neat the way they lobby to “save” people urgently at all costs and then forget them completely once their nation has been bombed into a failed state.

It is also really amusing the way they try to pontificate about the alleged war crimes of the adversaries or perceived adversaries of their bankster masters such as Assad but will never mention that every US President since Jimmy carter has been responsible for wide scale crimes against humanity.

The prima facie case against Barack Obama for crimes against humanity is every bit as strong as the case against Assad and the criminals of the Bush administration were murderers on an entirely larger scale than Obama and Assad combined.

Dead insurgents await burial in the Jobar district of greater Damascus.
Dead insurgents await burial in the Jobar district of greater Damascus.


The footage that is emerging from Syria is heavily filtered and politically mediated. None of the setbacks of the Syrian Army and their allies are depicted in the footage they provide. When things go wrong for them they simply cease reporting on that situation and move onto something else.

The insurgents also heavily filter the footage they release but the lack of a central structure and the hope to gain sympathy from the audience see them release footage that gives some idea of the troubles they are facing.

The combat videos become very monotonous and repetitive very quickly but these stand somewhat above the fray.

The whole posting videos footage of the war thing is becoming a little tired, this is a stop gap while a more thorough and researched analysis of this multi-layered and complex story is completed.

Suspected US drone spotted by Russian pilot in Syria

SU 25 Strikes al Nusra Front in al Ghab valley.

SU 24 attack Rendevous Point in Idlib.

The fightings in the suburbs of Damascus

Footage of Russian and Syrian air strikes in Kafr Nabudah Hama

The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

Palestinian demonstrators commemorate the second Intifada at the beginning of the third, September 28th, 2015.

October 20th, 2015.

The Third Intifada and the Liberation of Palestine.

The Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem-Forty eight years of brutal subjugation and land theft.

The Occupation of the people of Palestine is an act of violence, the Palestinians are subjected to constant violence and oppression both implicit and explicit, the Arab citizens of the West Bank and East Jerusalem have their human rights violated from birth until death and this has been the case since June 1967.

The Arab population of East Jerusalem and the West Bank  do not enjoy property rights. If either the Jewish state or Jewish settlers decide to requisition and steal their land they have no legal recourse.

There is no question of equality of wrong-doing here, no moral equivalence at all.

There has been an escalation of violence in recent weeks with a number of random stabbings carried out by Arabs and Jews. The death toll in recent times is at least 42 Palestinian deaths and 7 Israelis.

Unintended victims have already been wounded and killed, Jews have been stabbed by Jews under the impression they were Arabs and an Eritrean died in the aftermath of a gun attack in Beersheba that left one IDF member dead.

‘Mistaken for terrorist’: Eritrean man shot dead by security guard, beaten by mob in Israel

Israel: Two killed in bus stop shooting, 11 injured

The clashes have also spread beyond the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Israel to Gaza where the IDF showed their customary respect for human life.

State of Palestine: IDF shoots six dead as Palestinians clash with Israeli forces *GRAPHIC*

Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.
Anatomy of a Land grab. The panels to the right show the process of illegal expropriation that has taken place sice the occupation began in 1967.

The UN never voted for Greater Israel.

The Greater Israel monstrosity that exists today is not legitimate under international law and it could be argued that the greater Israel project with it’s systematic subjugation and neo-apartheid system has delegitmised the entire Jewish state project.

There is no question as to which party created and perpetuated the Palestine conflict:it was the Zionists. They were the aggressors from inception until today.

Israel is the racist state run by a clique of  Jewish fascists with complete contempt for both international norms and international law.

Israel is a criminal state marinated in genocide and this is not an accident but rather is exactly as it was envisaged and devised.

So depraved has Israel become that when a Jewish mob set fire to the house of a Palestinian family burning three members to death including an eighteen month old infant, there were no murder charges, indeed no criminal charges whatsoever.

Rage and Restraint: Duma’s Third Funeral – Diplomacy and Defense -Haaretz

The suspects were held for a short period under administrative detention and then released under the justification that “intelligence sources needed to be protected.”

Israel releases settlers accused of burning Palestinian family

Cynical and Brutal.

The knife attacks have provided an opportunity for Jewish settlers and IDF members alike to simply murder Palestinian civilians, leave a knife beside them and claim they were conducting an attack.

Caught on Camera: Israel’s extrajudicial killings

In this video a settler has simply murdered a young Palestinian civilian in Hebron. The helpful IDF provide a knife to display beside the body, one soldier gives the knife to another who drops it beside the body of the murder victim.

This is a typical example of the Israeli justice system in action.

Set up? Video appears to show Israeli soldier placing object next to Palestinian killed in Hebron– Mondoweiss

Settler Shot a Palestinian to death

In these videos a group of Israeli fake Arab protesters lure a Palestinian protester into their midst before turning upon him, beating and shooting him as he is helpless on the ground.

Video: Israel lures protesters into trap | Jonathan Cook’s Blog

1080i50 H264 10M

Trois Palestiniens jeteurs de pierre blessés par des tireurs infiltrés

Along with the terrible cynicism of the Israelis is a terrible naivete of the Palestinians.  It is unbelievable that such low tactics are still successful almost fifty years into the occupation.

Hamas and Hezbollah call for uprising against the occupation.

Amidst the escalating violence, the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah called for more violent resistance.

State of Palestine: Hamas leader Haniyeh declares ‘new intifada’ in Jerusalem

Resistance only way to rid Palestine of Israeli occupation: Nasrallah

I find this a puzzling response to the situation as violence, like all the other ills of mandatory Palestine, falls overwhelmingly on the Arab population. It is hard to see how an escalation in suffering and death is supposed to help end the occupation.

The methods that succeeded in Lebanon will not succeed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem where the situation is completely different and where Israel controls all the relevant borders.

The question then is what actions will help to end the Zionist nightmare and liberate all the people of mandate Palestine?

How should the Occupation be Resisted?

There is no doubt that the oppressed people of Occupied Palestine have the right to resist their oppression but the form of resistance to the Occupation must be the most effective possible .

There are many pieces of wisdom within the Art of War of War by Sun Tzu. One of the simplest lessons from the work is the recommendation to understand precisely how you are going to win a war before you choose to fight and also never engage in a military conflict that you cannot win.

There is no chance that the people of Occupied Palestine will be able to liberate themselves or their land with the use of force. Everyone knows this.

The stabbings allow the Israelis and their Western media stooges to obscure the truth about the situation in mandate Palestine, they are able to paint the entire criminal occupation enterprise as a necessary security operation required to protect the Jews from the Arabs who want to kill them for no reason.

Israelis Line Up to Buy Guns as Terror Wave Continues -Haaretz

Because of this fact, the intelligent and moral thing for the people of Occupied Palestine is to attempt to liberate themselves and their land by political rather than military means.

The conflict must be fought on terms that enable the opportunity for success, from a legal and political point of view, the people of Occupied Palestine have winning arguments and winning facts.

There can be no argument that the Israeli occupation of the past 48 years has comprised in large part an illegal land grab that has violated the legal and human rights of the people of Palestine in the name of Jewish supremacism.

The entire settlement program, every dwelling and every individual settler, is in violation of international law and only the most bribed of politicians pretend otherwise.

Of course people have the right to throw rocks at the occupation forces but in my opinion even the rock throwing is counter-productive.

Throwing rocks gives the occupation forces an excuse to violently suppress and shoot protesters. It won’t defeat the Occupation but it will enable it.

Therefore the form of resistance to the occupation should be actions of non violent civil disobedience and legal actions in the UN and other international tribunals.

All of Israel’s war crimes, from Deir Yassin, to Sabra and Chatila and the settlement program itself should face prosecution in international courts. In addition there has to be a thorough cultural boycott of Israel and all it’s supporters.

Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a sonte throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.
Classic image of the conflict in Palestine but a stone throwing child will never defeat a tank in the field of battle.

One Person, One Vote, One State.

The two state solution is a mirage, an illusion designed to enable Israel to pose as being interested in peace while buying time to further illegally colonise the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

If Israel had any interest in the two state solution they would not have escalated the illegal settlement activities after the PLO came to the table and renounced violence in the early 1990s.

The only uprising that will achieve anything is a political and legal uprising, an uprising of protest and speeches not of rocks and stabbings.

All of the violence plays into the Zionist narcissistic personality disorder, it feeds their neurosis and enables them to con themselves into believing they are actually victims when the exact opposite is true.

Sacrifice that fails to achieve anything is hollow and wasted.

State of Palestine: Israeli soldiers open fire on civilians in Jenin, 27 wounded

Violent: IDF beat Palestinian stone throwers, protesters lie unconscious covered in blood

State of Palestine: Tyres burn as Israeli crackdown continues in Ramallah

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt in Ramallah as violence grips the West Bank

State of Palestine: Israelis throw rocks at Palestinians during day of violent clashes in Hebron

State of Palestine: Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian knife attacker killed by Israeli police

State of Palestine: Clashes erupt as students protest against Israeli attacks in West Bank

State of Palestine: Families mourn boys slaughtered by IDF *GRAPHIC*

State of Palestine: Mother and daughter killed in IDF airstrike taken to mosque for burial *GRAPHIC*

وا أقصاه .. لن تركع أمة قائدها محمد

Iran Unveils Secret Underground Base.

Interior of the cavernous Iranian Undergrounds Ballistic Missile base 500 metres under a mountain.
Interior of the cavernous Iranian Underground Ballistic Missile base 500 metres under a mountain.

October 15th, 2015.

Iran Unveils Secret Underground Bases.

It has been obvious for many years that there was an intention within the War party ro bomb Iran as the ranking member of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain put it in his “cute adaptation of the Beach Boys classic “Barbara Ann”

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

So it was always an easy guess that Iran would build military facilities deep within the mountains that dot Iran as protection against even a major Nuclear attack

It seems that the successful nuclear deal and the Russian entrance in Syria have made Iran confident enough to display some of the defensive positions they built to survive an air attack that now seemingly will never eventuate.

IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh “”Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the table.”
The statement from the revolutionary guard commander in charge of the facility seemed almost to be taunting Israel “do not worry that you never managed to get them to attack us as the attacks had no chance of success.” or as stated  “Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the table.”
This is some of what the Iranian State media quoted IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh as saying

Underground-basing of IRGC-ASF ballistic missile force | Uskowi on Iran –

“IRGC-ASF Commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh permitted what he claimed were first ever imagery to be published of ballistic missile force bases bored into the “heart of a mountain,” stating “Those who are happy about their options on the table should just take a look at [Iran’s] options under the tableOur power and capabilities are like an iceberg that floats above water and whose tip barely shows above the clear water.”

Hajizadeh further claimed numerous such tunnels exist across the country at a depth of 500 metres.

“The Islamic republic’s long-range missile bases are stationed and ready under the high mountains in all the country’s provinces and cities,” he said, according to Sepah News.

The commander said the missiles were ready to be launched from all over Iran, on the order of “the supreme commander-in-chief,” Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“This is a sample of our massive missile bases,” Hajizadeh said, adding that “a new and advanced generation of long-range liquid and solid fuel missiles” would start to replace the current weapons next year.”

This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The
Iran is now heavily engaged in Iraq and Syria, the Iran Revolutionary guards are in Syria in large numbers and the Iranians are increasingly open about their presence. This shot taken from a video called Entry into Kvrenbaudh (yes I checked) appears to show a Russian adviser and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map of Latakia. The “Russian” has European features and he is smoking, the Revolutionary Guards are easily recognisable although the younger of the two may be a member of Hezbollah.

Controlled media smells a hoax!?!

It was pretty amusing then to sit through the State Department Press Briefing of October 14 and note that some Fox News “Israeli” journalist named Justin Fishel was seemingly convinced the Iranians had Photoshopped the immense caverns full of mobile ballistic missile launchers that they have put on display as he asked the spokesman whether he had seen the photographs and knew if they were legitimate.

Fox News correspondent and heroic frined of Israel Justib Fishel smeels a hoax and he is one heck of a good judge.
Fox News correspondent and heroic frined of Israel Justin Fishel smells a hoax and he is one heck of a judge.

” I wanted to ask about this Iranian state television broadcast which purports to show an underground tunnel packed with  missiles and missile launchers  a) Do you think  this video is legitimate, and B) in other words real? and B) Do you think that you know,  it’s a provocative (move in) nature? You know they say in the broadcast ” (adopts laughable menacing tone)”this could be used if our enemies make a mistake.”

This shows how utterly rattled the Western elite are at the moment.

They have been listening to their own propaganda for so long they have no idea that the cornerstones of their world view are lies.

Still from Press Tb shows the scale of the facility.
Still from Press Tb shows the scale of the facility.

The World has changed in six months.

The World has changed, the “AIPAC” moment at the helm of the all-powerful US empire is over.

Both elements of the equation have changed.

AIPAC’s veneer of semi invincibility within the US has been destroyed and it has also become crystal clear that the post Cold war “US moment” is over. The world appears to have simply passed them by in a matter of months and outside the bubble of the Western controlled media, their dreams are dying on a daily basis

The moment that reality begins to dawn upon them will be a moment of extreme danger.

Iran Deal-the Monsters Lost. | Crimes of Empire

Iran Nuclear Deal: the Death of the Neoconservative Dream. | Crimes of Empire

Iran Nuclear Deal Completed.

Iran Nuclear Framework Deal : a Geopolitical Earthquake.

the Iran Story.

Iran underground city of it’s ballistic missiles force wide tunnels connected & mobile launchers

Only the tip of the iceberg’: Secret Iran underground base shown to media is just one of many