Sydney Hilton Bombing-the Accidental False Flag.

The truck.
The truck where the explosion took placeunder the compression of the compacter.

August 28th, 2014.

Sydney Hilton Bombing-the Accidental False Flag.

Accidental detonation blamed on obscure Hindu Sub-sect Ananda Marga

At 12.40 am on February the thirteenth, 1978, a bomb detonated inside the tray of a Sydney Local Council Rubbish Collection truck. The explosion killed three people, Council workers Alec Carter and William Favell and a New South Wales Police Officer Paul Birmistriw. ten others were wounded . The explosion occurred in George. St, in the Sydney CBD outside the Hilton Hotel during a meeting of the regional branch of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (Grouping of former British colonies) abbreviated as C.H.O.G.M. that involved the Prime Minister’s of 12 nations.

the Aftermath.
the Aftermath.

Historical context.
The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the “Special Branch” units of the State Police Forces (which operated as a proxy force for ASIO) were under an unprecedented level of scrutiny and criticism in 1978. An Inquiry into the South Australian Special Branch culminated in “The dismissal of the South Australian Commissioner of Police, Harold Hubert Salisbury, on 17 January 1978.” A similar enquiry was scheduled in New South Wales. . The Hope Royal Commission conveyed by a hostile Whitlam Labor Government had been scathing about ASIO, describing the Australian intelligence community as “ fragmented, poorly organised and co-ordinated, inadequately staffed and equipped and, in many cases, directed towards inappropriate goals.” The “inappropriate goals” remark alluded to the fact that Special Branch had been exposed as working on “dirt files” against individuals who would be better described as “politically liberal” rather than a genuine Security threat. Politicians Judges and Lawyers were amongst those targeted in these operations and the targeting of polite, bourgeois professionals resulted in much public outcry. The “Communist” bogey that sustained ASIO for the first decades of it’s existence was beginning to fade. Saigon fell to the Communists in 1975 and the Domino effect was proven to be the childish and self serving “War party” fantasy it had always been.

Key Facts that make it fairly clear what really happened.

Accidental Detonation-No Evidence of Detonator.

The detonation of the device, coming as or immediately after the contents were emptied into the tray indicates that the detonation was accidental. The bomb went off due to compression or some other physical force applied to it by the emptying process. The people who planted the device did not detonate it. No evidence of any detonator has ever been presented.

The Truck Driver Bill Ebb
The Truck Driver Bill Ebb

One bin in Sydney is prevented from being emptied.
According to Council Truck Driver Bill Ebb. The bin that contained the bomb was prevented from being emptied over he whole weekend by Police involved in the Security operation at the Hilton. This is literally the only bin in Sydney that has not been emptied during the weekend on specific instructions from the Security forces in the area.. As Mr Ebb relates “That bin was overflowing with garbage. I had been the first truck to get to that bin since the Friday morning I should imagine. I spoke to three drivers that would have been responsible for emptying that bin on the Saturday morning, the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning. On the three occasions they were told by the Police to “leave it and carry on.”

John Hawtin- An Honest Cop.
Former Sergeant John Hawtin- .

Bomb warning call scrubbed.
The New South Wales switchboard received a bomb threat/warning that a device had been planted outside the Hilton. When the message did not reach the NSW police outside the Hilton, leading to a death and serious wounds, the call was scrubbed, new incident sheets, were produced for the night. Former NSW Police Officer John Hawtin elaborates”The Occurrence pad entry said that a Miss or Mrs Jones, had received a phone call from someone, at 12.32 I think, am (eight minutes prior to the blast) to say that a bomb had been planted in a bin outside the George Street entrance to the Hilton Hotel. Mr. Hawtin saw the Occurrence pad entry in 1981, by the following year however, when an Inquest into the deaths began, the Occurrence pad he had viewed a year earlier had been replaced. He describes the new pads as “Fresh, as if they had come straight from the mill.”

Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad.
Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad.

Bomb Detection Squad Stand Down.
According to Keith Burley, a member of the Australian Army Bomb Detection Dog squad, “Approximately two weeks prior to the Hilton bombing, we (the Bomb Detection Squad) received information that we were put on standby specifically for CHOGM. We will have the operational team ready at all times and we were told to specifically train for letter bomb type devices. Late on the Thursday afternoon (February 10th- two days before the CHOGM meeting began).we got a phone call at the Kennels. stating that we were no longer required. Both the OC and myself tried to find out what was going on, because we knew that CHOGM was still going ahead,it hadn’t been stopped. All we could determine was that the order came from Vic (Victoria) Barracks from a Security organisation somewhere.” Burley adds that he has no doubt whatsoever that this group would have detected the device.
Destruction of Evidence .
The Australian Security State has never identified any salient facts about the device that exploded outside the Hilton.
“A year later, Detective-Sergeant Gibson from the NSW Police told an audience of international forensic experts that police had not determined the type of explosive used in the “bomb” nor how it was detonated.”
They have no idea what type of explosives were used. No idea what type of detonator(if any) was involved. They are in a state of complete ignorance about every aspect of the device. It doesn’t make them look very clever when you think about it. Unless you take into account the fact that the remnants of the bomb were immediately dumped in landfill, like any other tray full of rubbish. Helpfully, no-one even thought to identify the area of the tip in which the rubbish along with all of the forensic evidence-had been dumped in the ground with all the other waste.
it’s rather hard to determine the details of an explosive device used in these circumstances. Whether this was done haphazardly or as the result of a deliberate cover-up (obviously the case) , this incident clearly involves the criminal destruction of evidence and in all likelihood also comprises “Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice” charges.

t's an odd one. I can't see an answer ... it's as if some gnomes and elves had removed the evidence
It’s an odd one. I can’t see an answer … it’s as if some gnomes and elves had removed the evidence”, said Colonel Mackenzie-Orr, an Australian Army officer and former chief bomb disposal expert with the British Army in Northern Ireland.”

Farcical Investigation culminates in Dead End Inquest.
The investigation was the typical bizarre and inexplicable non-event that is so common with false flag attacks. One group emerged as the sole suspect within hours of the blast, According to former AFP Inspector Ian MacDonald the Ananda Marga group emerged as the sole suspect in the bombing an hour and several minutes after the event. The resources of the Australian state were directed towards amassing evidence against the three Ananda Marga members for more than a decade. When the desired evidence failed to emerge, it was manufactured by a succession of informants, the claims made by these informants are transparently false, are not corroborated by any known facts and should be treated with the contempt that a failed obvious frame up deserves.
The Inquest into the Hilton deaths marked a spectacular low point in this case. The Inquest was abandoned after the presiding Magistrate Justice Walsh deemed that the prima facie case against the three accused Ananda Marga members was so strong that to proceed with the inquest would jeopardise the Margis ability to receive a fair trial.
Justice Walsh’s legal judgement turned out to be rather flawed in this matter, as No prosecutions proceeded in the wake of the Inquest, and within three years the accused Margis would be cleared and compensated for their imprisonment as part of another sting/frame, conducted by Richard Seery, the witness upon whom Justice Walsh’s opinion rested.
Eleven years after the bombing, in 1989 two Ananda Marga members were prosecuted for the attack on the sole basis of evidence, including a self incriminating confession, provided by a transparent liar and fantasist named Evan Pederick. Although the prosecution was initially successful, the conviction of Tim Anderson was overturned by the Court of Appeals in 1991, which, rather than ordering a retrial,made a finding of Acquittal against Anderson, an unusually definitive finding.
The Ananda Marga were not involved in the Sydney Hilton Bombing nor any other terrorist attack. In the wake of the botched PR stunt, the Australian Security Services chose to frame the Ananda Marga group based on a conspiracy theory provided by the Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai who claimed to have been the target of an assassination attempt at the hands of the group. There is absolutely no possibility that the Ananda Marga had any involvement whatsoever, beyond being the utterly incongruous patsies chosen ipso facto by the desperate Security services. There was never any evidence of Ananda Marga involvement, beyond crudely manufactured nonsense fabricated by the transparent agents of the Australian Security services and repeated ad nauseum by the mindless and obedient Australian media

What the Evidence Indicates.
Elements of the Australian Security Services, chose the occasion of the 1978 CHOGM conference staged a multi-agency , security drill during the conference. At some point in the planning process, the security exercise morphed into a publicity stunt designed to promote the interests of the Security State. It was realised that in order for the PR stunt to be successful they would have to place real explosives at the scene and then “find” them and emerge as the heroic defenders of the realm. Vital in a world of multifarious threats and who should not face undue political scrutiny nor budgetary pressure. This was a prestige building and fund raising exercise. It seems the plan was to use the newly acquired bomb squad robot to detonate the device in the view of an adoring media and make the terror threat tangible to complacent Australians now that the “Revolutionary communist” threat had been exposed as a scam.

Media campaign.
Australia’s major media sought to hype the terror nonsense and the Ananda Marga culpability line. In their typically shameless, lobotomised and venal manner. So committed to the Ananda Marga terror group trash that many still maintain this line today. The headlines speak for themselves.


Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say.
Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say.
Behold the Terror hype. From the very start.
vlcsnap-2014-08-25-00h13m42s69 Behold the Terror hype. From the very start.

Army Mobilised.
The other unprecedented event was that the Australian Government called upon the Australian Army to step in and provide security for the remainder of the conference. This entailed an operation that involved 4000 troops, checking every inch of railway between Sydney and Bowral for bombs, three hundred travelling on the Leaders train in the, and in truly farcical scenes, actually patrolling the streets of Bowral.

Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000
Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000
Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral
Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral


The Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing of February 13th, 1978 stands out as one of the most wretched bungles ever concocted by a Western Intelligence Agency. So crude and hapless was this operation that simply reading the Wikpedia article on the topic makes it perfectly clear what happened. The fact that three senseless deaths resulted from the incompetent shenanigans of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and their NSW Special Branch colleagues assisted by elements of the Australian military is the only thing that prevents this from being an out and out side splitter of slapstick comedy. Along with the fact that no attempt was ever made to prosecute the perpetrators of what remains the most deadly terror bombing in Australian history.

In fairness, it should be noted that this attack and the resulting casualties were not intended. No-one was supposed to be hurt by this operation which was clearly a pathetic publicity stunt from Australia’s beleaguered and discredited internal Intelligence services. The only problem was that these Organisations completely lacked the competence and professionalism required to successfully conduct this psychological operation and fund raising drive, it went wrong, people died and a cover up of the crudest and most transparent nature was conducted and continues to this day.

In 1991 and again in 1995 both houses of the New South Wales State Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a fresh investigation into the bombing. The Federal Government refused to participate in any enquiry and that was the end of the matter. The Parliament openly acting against the interests of justice and the rule of Law in favour of the public image of the Australian intelligence institutions.
This was a petty attack in the annals of modern terrorism. The fact that this remains the most deadly bombing in Australia is true testament to the fact that the entire “terrorist threat” in Australia has been completely concocted and hyped to fulfil the needs of the Security state whose response to their Hilton blunder has been nothing other than the most shameful institutional cowardice imaginable by agencies who never hesitated to put their own interests ahead of Justice and the Rule of Law.

Selected Sources

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The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.

The MI6 chap and his CIA buddy on an Unknown Soundstage
The MI6 chap and his CIA buddy on an unknown Soundstage

The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.
I loathe this type of material and never seek it out, only after it became obvious that the video did not depict a murder did I watch and download the so called execution video. I was astonished to discover that the “execution” video does not depict any actual violence or evidence of death, indeed the “money shot” in this evil snuff porn is a transparent fraud. It appears as though they have a CPR dummy with a couple of blood packs and heavy use of Photoshop. The photograph of the dead James Foley is obviously manipulated at first sight, detailed analysis is not required, it’s almost intentionally insulting.The video appears to have been created on a soundstage,and it must be assumed that Mr. Foley was not killed, because, if he had been killed their would be no need to photoshop the only image that depicts his beheadedness. A bloodied head is placed on a body, the body appears to be a dummy, the head is photoshopped, the body and the head are both without any signs of a neck. The neck has completely disappeared. At face value, it seems like the “executioner” is an actor, presumably but not necessarily working for British Intelligence. The same assumption is valid for Mr. Foley, he is almost certainly, 99.9999% a CIA operative.
British intelligence have a history of manufactured beheadings, as they appear to be the authors of the Lee Rigby fake beheading street theatre of May 2013.

The Prosecution of Chris Spivey.

This video drives the point home really well.

James Foley FAKE Execution – Video Analysis Reveals the Truth

The criticism appears to be leading to fear from the opposition.

Thus: Watching James Foley beheading video may be a terror offence, Met police warn | Mail Online

‘We would like to remind the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.’
Government sources today confirmed that David Cameron has seen a full version of the video following his return to Downing Street.
Presumably the Met will now proceed to caution Prime Minister Cameron, as he has been admitted to watch the video which “may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.”

So we have another act of psychological warfare against the people of the West and the Muslim world. The operating assumption would be that the US, Israeli, British, French and probably many other Western intelligence agencies have been running the “Islamic State” operation all the way.
The bizarre paradox is that because the “Islamic State” group is being set up as the next patsy candidate for a massive attack in the United States, the right thing for the US military to do is to use their air-force to crush the group because it will vastly reduce the pool of patsies and make the false flag much harder to conduct.
The rational thing to do would be to try and end the Syrian Civil war through negotiations, give amnesty to the rebel fighters, stop the fighting and focus on the “IS” group, yet maniacal Neocons are actually trying to use the “IS” threat as a pretext to attack the government of Syria! It’s astonishing. The naked psychosis of actually blaming the Syrian Government for the presence of fighters we and our allies in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. armed and sent into their country is astonishing even by the standards of the serial liars of our controlled media.
Incredibly, CNN were actually caught running an “IS” psy- op in Ferguson Missouri, where protests continue and are meeting police state tactics almost a fortnight after unarmed black teenager Mike Brown was shot six times by a police officer, including an execution style sixth bullet fired into the teens head.
“ISIS IS HERE! CNN Caught Staging ‘ISIS Psyop In Ferguson’ #ferguson”

The point is, that this group if left undefeated, will pose a grave threat, because they are the patsies, the loud mouthed “synthetic” Muslims framing themselves for whatever atrocity the “Secret Team” come up with next as the United States police begin to unmask themselves as the committed slaves of the New World Order. Obviously that is not going to be true of all, or even a majority of US police on an individual level. This is the institutional view, and subscription to these views are the price of joining the “new feudal enforcement” gangs.

There is some information that can be gleaned from this lie operation.
1. They are clearly working from a script, and on that script there are clearly a checklist of things they are going to do.
2. Given the consistent threats towards the USA, and frequent claims by the “IS” today to have fighters in the United States, along with the implicit threats from former Vice President Cheney of nuclear attack on the USA. There is an overwhelming likelihood- far short of certainty, that one of the items towards the bottom of the list is some type of “mega terror” attack in the United States.
3. This has in many ways been the year of the Trident. The trident on the Ukraine coat of arms.

Ukraine Coat of Arms
Ukraine Coat of Arms

The  Trident of Malaysian Airlines.

Malaysian Airlines Logo.
Malaysian Airlines Logo.

Three prongs, I think that there is a very strong possibility that they will not stop at two Malaysian Airlines jets this year. A “suicide hijacking” blamed on “IS” would make a fitting end to a year of terror attacks against the Malaysian flag carrier apparently motivated by rage at the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal findings of guilt against Israel for genocide made in November 2013.

The findings were in relation to the Israeli supervised and conducted massacre of thousands of Arab civilians in November , in September 1982 in the Sabra and Shatila camps and a Beirut Stadium.
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s genocide verdict against Israel sets a key precedent — RT Op-Edge

This will teach them to run their nasty and subversive little show trials telling the truths about Western crimes.
4. One target, a target that seems absurd in scale, but that does appear to have been foreshadowed, is the Hoover Dam. A more realistic target would be the Sears towers. This is pure speculation without solid foundation.
5. This group have already been used as a “false flag”. The ISIS Israeli teen kidnapping responsibility claim indicates  that the “ISIS” device is being used by Israeli intelligence.. The evidence, albeit circumstantial, indicates that it was Israeli security forces who kidnapped and murdered the three young Israeli settlers. The Israeli police appear to have engaged in an obvious “stand down” when the attack happened, with the police operator dismissing the emergency call made by one of the teen victims was a hoax and ignoring it. No action whatsoever was taken for five hours after the distress call. Two interesting features of the phone call that stand out are that the kidnapper says to the hostages “get down, get down” speaking Hebrew.Another thing was that the sounds of gunfire were clearly audible on the recording of the distress call. A number of shots are fired and the teens are apparently murdered in the back of a car.” The Mossad Chief speculated about a near identical scenario only a week prior to the event. The incriminating Israeli number-plates were removed from the burned out vehicle that turned up out of nowhere and was said to have been used in the kidnapping and murder. So the ISIS claim of responsibility, when Hamas are the designated guilty party, and some part of the Israeli Security Structure are responsible is more than a little suspicious.
It appears not to be the Mossad Chief or that group but one of the internal agencies. There was an internal power struggle within the Israeli security apparatus, the kidnapping was a wicked riposte from the hard liners against the moderates who apparently included the Mossad Chief,
ISIS-linked Muslim group takes responsibility for kidnapping three teens, including one American, in Israel : Jihad Watch
6. The media are not hyping this group for fun, and the goal is much broader than a few air strikes in Iraq or Syria. If an attack is imminent, it is likely that “IS” fighters will begin making time and place specific threats. The New World Order don’t want the police to fight the people. They want the people to cheer for and identify with the police state. Like they appeared to do after the Boston bombings, they want the people to demand the police state.On;y terror can create the right mindset. It is all doomed,it’s not going to work, but they are not about to lay down after so many decades of effort.

Pemex Bombing: a Deep Message from Dark Elite.


Smoke rises from the site of the Pemex explosion, Mexico City, January 31st,2013.
Investigators inspect the devastation at the Pemex headquarters in Mexico City. A gas leak was eventually blamed.

August 13th, 2014. (Updated August 12th, 2015)

Bad things just keep on happening to Pemex.

Pemex Gas Pipeline Explosion Leaves Five Contract Workers Dead in Mexico / Sputnik International

the Pemex Bombing of January 31st 2013.

Terror Bombing Slays 37 in Government Oil Headquarters.

Mexican Government claims gas leak. Evidence suggests otherwise.

As of 2007, Mexico was the sixth largest Oil producer and the tenth largest exporter of Oil.. The Mexican Oil business began imports in 1911. The industry was controlled by Foreign interests the Royal Dutch Shell company foremost among them,until 1938, when Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas intervened in the legal preceding by expropriating the oil industry and nationalized the petroleum industry, giving the Mexican government a monopoly in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and natural gas, and in the manufacture and sale of basic petrochemicals.

Lazaro Cardenas-nationalized Mexican the 1930's.
Lazaro Cardenas-nationalized Mexican the 1930’s.

The nationalization appears to have been successful, at least initially, “Between 1938 and 1971, Mexico’s oil output expanded at an average annual rate of 6%.”
Although the industry was nationalized, the Government of Mexico set up a company named Pemex, in order to run the massive exploration and extraction operation.

Pemex tower.(torres)
Pemex tower.(torres) , Mexice City.

Petróleos Mexicanos ()

“Pemex has a total asset worth of $415.75 billion, and is the world’s second largest non-publicly listed company by total market value and Latin America’s second largest enterprise by annual revenue as of 2009, surpassed only by Petrobras (the Brazilian National Oil Company) “ Pemex’s “pays out over 60% of its revenue in royalties and taxes, and those funds pay for 40% of the federal government’s budget. “

It is claimed that the Mexican Oil industry stagnated due to the Government of Mexico’s over reliance on the revenue meaning the company lacked the funds to invest in new ventures. Allegations of corruption have been made about the company. Production has not surpassed a peak achieved in 2004 in subsequent years. A well as corruption within the company, it is alleged that over the past decade, organised crime groups in Mexico have begun to siphon off and steal oil pumped at remote locations, even going so far as to build their own “Siphon pipelines” it is alleged.

“Oil Theft is Big Business for Mexican Gangs – InSight Crime | Organized Crime in the Americas

“Theft from Mexico’s state oil company Pemex appears to have shifted from a small-scale criminal nuisance into big business, with actors such as the Zetas and Sinaloa Cartel increasingly getting involved.”

“The oil company, which provides the Mexican government with roughly a third of its operating budget, has long been plagued by robberies. In the past, these were typically carried out by small-scale gangs or Pemex distributors, and would involve intentionally mislabeling gasoline products, or selling off gas siphoned from pipelines at below-market prices.”
“During the Calderon administration, however, both the type of robberies and the perpetrators have changed, as Proceso reports, based on an internal Pemex document. Today, crude oil is being stolen on a wide scale, and the groups behind the theft are not small-scale gangs or businessmen gaming the system, but rather criminal networks like the Zetas. Furthermore, instead of reselling the oil at Pemex stations, the criminal groups are exploiting their international reach to sell it on to US refineries.”

Felipe Calderon-ushered in a Dark era. Left office in 2012.
Felipe Calderon-ushered in a Dark era. Left office in 2012.

Pemex under pressure.

The Pemex company and the Mexican oil industry have been facing various “pressures” from different sources for some time. There is no doubt that part of this pressure is ideologically motivated. Pemex’ asset worth of $415.75 billion is a slap in the face, indeed an insult to the NeoLiberal mindset that has dominated the West for the past 30 plus years, with the careers of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in power in the 1980’s  providing a fairly accurate indicator of the time that proponents of NeoLiberal economics rose to power in the West.
Erika Johnson writing at Hot Air articulates this viewpoint.
Mexico’s oil industry is finally, mercifully ready to open for busines

“While the United States’ oil and gas industry has lately been going absolutely gangbusters, Mexico’s oil production has been declining over the past decade — and it isn’t very difficult to figure out why. The state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, a.k.a. Pemex, was founded in the 1930s and has precluded foreign as well as private investment into the development of Mexico’s considerable oil and gas reserves throughout most of its history. The prevailing populist/socialist-ish sentiment that tends to look on said foreign and private investment as little better than plunderage of The People’s natural resources has kept the industry from following in the United States’ footsteps, but as President Peña Nieto put it when signing the legislation removing these self-imposed economic shackles last December, “we’ve decided to overcome the myths and taboos to take a great leap into the future” — and that time is almost nigh.”

Enrique Peña Nieto. alleged agent of the Shadow Government.
Enrique Peña Nieto. alleged agent of the Shadow Government. Mexican President.

Shannon Young of the Texas Observer offers a contrary view.

“American Media Misses the Story on Mexican Oil Reform – The Texas Observer

“Despite the promises that energy reform will unlock wealth for the benefit of the nation while lowering energy costs, many Mexicans are skeptical. Past moves to privatize the telecommunications sector, railroads and the Bank of Mexico did more to turn a handful of politically connected individuals into billionaires than benefit the average citizen.
The celebratory rhetoric in the U.S. press about energy reform failed to touch on what are key concerns for many Mexicans opposed to the de-nationalization of hydrocarbons reserves.
Foremost is the uncertainty around what could happen when the most profitable sector of the economy is opened up to foreign companies. Currently, most of the profits earned by Pemex go directly into national coffers, supporting the social safety net, education and middle class jobs in the public sector. Will the government be forced to take “austerity measures,” cut social spending and downsize its bureaucracy when part of the oil and gas profits flow toward foreign shareholders? If energy reform fails to produce the economic success its supporters promise, would its failure trigger a domino effect of wider economic collapse within Mexico?
Then there’s the issue of the rushed—and some would say undemocratic—way in which energy reform was passed. The legislation zipped through both houses of Congress and a majority of state legislatures over the course of just one week. Past attempts to open up Mexico’s energy sector had been stopped by well-organized opposition. This time, a legislative coalition including the country’s two largest political parties ensured easy passage of the reform, steamrolling the opposition and ignoring calls to put the controversial measure to a popular vote in a nationwide referendum.”
“Another issue is that some of the most significant oil and gas deposits are located in—or just offshore of—areas known in Mexico as zonas de silencio or silence zones.
In silence zones, organized criminals operate with little hindrance from local authorities; civilians face economic and physical violence; open criticism and adversarial journalism can be life-threatening; and impunity is systemic.
Residents of silence zones often regard organized criminals and local government authorities as different facets of the same power structure. This is particularly the case in the Gulf Coast border state of Tamaulipas, where organized criminals control many secondary roads to gas fields; fuel theft from state-owned pipelines is rampant; and stolen gas is sold openly out of the backs of vans in border cities like Matamoros, Rio Bravo and Reynosa.
Just how foreign companies will go about their business in oil and gas fields in territories with already entrenched armed actors is an open question. But experiences in Iraq, which de-nationalized its oil reserves after the U.S.-led invasion, have shown that some American energy companies are willing to do business in violence-plagued areas if the reserves and the potential gains from them seem to justify the risks.
The energy reform story is still developing. Mexico, plagued by corruption and an insecurity crisis, is embarking on one of the most controversial economic reforms in its modern history. In February, legislators will draft secondary legislation to nail down licensing and other details. No doubt there’ll be protesters outside the legislative chambers once again clamoring for a say in how the nation’s oil and gas wealth is administered and distributed..”

A Troubled Recent History.

Over the past several years several rather strange disasters have beset the Pemex company, leading to a large number of deaths and injuries. To be honest I have looked at some of the refinery and pipeline incidents, and I can’t provide evidence of lies or foul play in these cases. The Pemex Tower incident is another matter entirely. Hardly fits the description of a classic False Flag attack as there were no patsies. I think that indicates that the message was aimed at insiders. The general public were not the intended audience. It’s an example of a terrorist attack that was covered up by a corrupt government intent only on serving their Globalist masters and lying to the people they are supposedly serving.

The Bombing of January 31st, 2013.
The Pemex tower in Mexico City was struck by a series of large explosions  at around 3.45 pm on January 31st,2013. (31113). Thirty seven people died and more than 100 were wounded. Three weeks after the event the Government of Mexico claimed that the explosion was the result of a methane gas leak ignited by an electrical fault in the Car park of the administrative Centre, a 17 floor building adjoining the 51 storey Pemex Tower.

They maintain this story today.
I came across this extremely illuminating piece  about this rather obscure (or so I thought) event.

and I’m almost disappointed. Dudley Althaus has understood and solved this almost six months ago.

“Pemex Blast Opens Questions about Mexico Govt Transparency – InSight Crime | Organized Crime in the Americas”by Dudley Althaus

“Nearly three weeks after an explosion that killed 37 people and injured 100 more in the headquarters of Mexico’s national oil company, Pemex, the public is far from learning exactly what was behind the tragedy. The government’s opaque approach conjures up ghosts of other unexplained events and concerns about what may lie ahead.

“Senior Mexican officials have blamed leaked gas — maybe methane, maybe not — and poo-poohed talk of a criminal or terrorist attack on the complex January 30 (sic). Even so, they did not allow foreign investigators near ground zero prompting some to speculate about the nature and source of the explosion.
They’ve also provided various scenarios but no solid evidence for their conclusions. Meanwhile, both the blast and the investigation have disappeared from headlines and airwaves,
Things happen, elicit moments of surprise and/or outrage and then fade. The Mexican public loses faith in ever knowing causes, ever trusting what information it’s finally granted. As with Pemex’s latest explosion, the factual fog spawns rumors, conspiracy theories and shoulder shrugs.
George Baker, a respected Houston-based energy analyst and Pemex watcher, has compiled some of the “counter narratives” explaining the blast making the rounds in the energy industry. They range from plots by unnamed gangster bands, guerrilla groups, or disgruntled employees, to an inside job aimed at destroying incriminating documents held in the damaged buildings”.
“The Zetas have systematically targeted Pemex for years. In addition to collecting extortion, they steal gasoline, natural gas and liquid petroleum, among other products, and resell these products in Mexico and the United States, costing the company an estimated $1 billion per year. (See InSight Crime map below, which charts attacks on Pemex pipelines registered in 2010). When they don’t get their way, the Zetas have been known to kidnap workers.
There are also sticky legal issues swirling around the company connecting it to organized crime. One oil services firm, ADT Petroservicios, which allegedly laundered money for the Zetas, had millions in contracts with Pemex. The head of the company, Francisco Antonio Colorado Cessa, was arrested in 2012 in Texas, and the company was subsequently blacklisted by the US Treasury Department.”
“Some asked, is a drug cartel warning the new government to keep its distance?” Baker wrote in a report on the blast for his website.
“If a deliberate attack – with C-4 explosives, as some suggest – the Pemex explosion’s real target likely was the Peña government, who like his recent predecessors hopes to reform Mexico’s crucial yet stumbling energy industries.
Despite government denials, many believe such reforms aim to re-privatize a petrochemical industry whose nationalization 75 years ago remains a source of patriotic pride.
But beyond energy issues, Peña and his allies hope to change the conversation about Mexico – for the past six years dominated by gangland violence – to one of economic progress, social peace and competent rule.
That “Mexico’s moment” narrative contends that the country’s 115 million people are ready to realize their destiny as one of the world’s leading economies and political powers. But the attempts to point to good news continues being overshadowed by both the criminal violence, which which has claimed 70,000 lives by one recent government estimate, and unresolved mysteries like the Pemex disaster. “
This is from CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.story, “Mexico oil firm blast death toll rises to 32 – World – CBC News
“The cause of the basement explosion in an administrative building next to the iconic, 51-storey Pemex tower in Mexico City remained a mystery, with President Enrique Pena Nieto urging people not to speculate. “ Later, “The explosion occurred at about 3:45 p.m., just as the administrative shift was about to end. It hit the basement and three floors, where as many as 250 people work, Lozoya said. The floors collapsed in the 14-storey administrative building at the headquarters office complex, where some 10,000 people work daily. Lozoya said about 1,700 work in the building affected. Pemex first said it had evacuated the tower and administrative building because of a problem with the electrical system. The company later tweeted that the Attorney General’s Office was investigating the explosion..”
Here are a couple of eyewitness accounts of the Pemtex blast Before the Methane explanation story was imposed by the Mexican government. “Gabriela Espinoza, 50, a Pemex secretary for 29 years, was on the second floor of the tower when she said she heard two loud explosions and a third smaller one.”
“There was a very loud roar. It was very ugly,” she said.
Espinoza’s co-worker, Tomas Rivera, 32, worked on the ground floor in the building where the explosion occurred and said the force knocked him to the basement, fracturing his wrist and jaw. The injured were taken to two Pemex hospitals and other facilities, including the Red Cross hospital in the Polanco neighborhood near the oil company’s headquarters.”
Here is something telling, “Earlier in the day, Pemex sent out a tweet saying that the building was being evacuated due to a “problem with the electrical system” in the complex that includes the skyscraper “

I managed to find a number of Mexican television stories on the blast. Watching this video. Just the first 30 seconds. Clarified the situation.


This footage really simplified things, because the film was being shot from at or near ground level, we are in office building, at or above ground level, we are not in the basement. Wounded civilians are present. It is absolutely clear that the ceiling cladding has been dislodged and blasted downward from above. The Government of Mexico have attributed the blast


“explosion occurred in the basement of a parking garage adjacent to the main office building. The blast caused the first two stories of the fourteen-floor Building B-2 to partially collapse. The cause of the blast was a gas leak that was ignited by an electrical fault “

How does event in a “parking garage.” possibly cause the first floor roofing to be buckled downwards while the floor underneath you is largely intact. An explosion has taken place in the office space, and that cannot be the result of a methane blast in a basement car park in my opinion.

Bomb impact has come from above.
Bomb impact has come from above.
Decide for yourself whether Methan eexplosions skip floors.
Decide for yourself whether Methane explosions skip floors.

The Hallmarks of Organised Crime.

As to the perpetrators? I wouldn’t care to speculate, beyond the fact that the group involved must have a lot of clout within the Mexican government, is part of a larger network of Transnational organised crime, and is fanatically devoted to the NeoLiberal economic model and to stomping all who stand in their path. I guess that “Shadow government” is the best term I can conjure. One thing this story does highlight in my opinion and an important thing some people including myself often overlook, is that many, many of the World’s government’s have been infiltrated by this network. If you focus solely on the USA United Kingdom, France, Israel Canada and Australia etc, you miss the vital fact that they are in Turkey, they are big in Indonesia, big in Mexico, in China and Russia,
These type of attacks are best interpreted as quite simple “deep messages” in my opinion.  I don”t know what the precise message of this attack was of course, but I would suggest that it was something like.”If we don’t get the energy policy we demand, bad things are going to keep happening, and no-one in Mexico will be safe. We can get away with anything. ”

I guess one question is:Why did the Mexican government lie about this event? What is their motive? The  answer to this question is unknowable, but it seems safe to assume that elements within the Mexican government are formal or informal operatives of the group that actually conducted the attack. One group has the task of attacking the building with explosives, another is tasked with lying about it, finding a patsy if one is required etc. Both are employees of the same network.

The Oil executives and the Politicians were the intended audience, along with the people of Mexico. This is only one tactic in a broader war, most of the war is never seen, it involves information and presumably bribery. Threats and ultraviolence are still occasionally required , it seems. While the exact shape of the Mexican energy reforms is yet to be mapped out, the Dark elite have achieved their policy goal.
“Reuters Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, and deep reform would require changes to the constitution.”

Alberto de la Fuente, president of Shell Mexico, major operator in Mexico prior to nationalization, offered these revealing remarks to Reuters on February 13th, 2013, a fortnight after the Pemex attack.

“The more open the regime that’s proposed, the broader and deeper the reform,” de la Fuente told Reuters in an interview this week. “Without a doubt that will attract more investment to Mexico. In that sense, a constitutional reform would surely bring more investment,” he said.
New President Enrique Pena Nieto of the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party has said energy reform aimed at luring private capital will be a top priority this year. Mexico’s government relies on oil revenues to fund about a third of the federal budget, and the heavy tax burden has limited Pemex’s ability to fund new projects and raise output.
I do believe that Mexico should hurry up,” de la Fuente said, adding that if reforms are delayed for years the country’s energy wealth could be squandered if energy prices fall.”

The Mantra.

The phrase they really love to repeat, and will use in reference to every nation on the earth is >open up to foreign investment. ” Every nation must “open up to foreign investment.”We hear this phrase time and again like a mantra. You must open up to Foreign investment. It sounds reasonable enough, but what does it really mean? What are the actual implications of this doctrine, this dogma? In my opinion it simply means that the world’s Oligarchs should be able to buy anything anywhere without interruption from either individual or National sovereignty.That the interests of an individual or nation should never be allowed to become an obstacle in the quest of certain elements within the Financial services. Energy and Arms Industries to control the whole world through debt, lies and violence. The world is a place where the Oligarchs exercise the power they deserve by virtue of their intellectual superiority and ruthlessness.   They use persuasion, and when that fails, they make their feelings more plainly known, with massacres such as the bombing attack on the Pemex building of  2013.They are just a better connected group of mobsters in my opinion.
. Hopefully at some point in time the people of Mexico will demand the truth from the Mexican Government regarding this atrocity.

MH17: the Life and Death of a Psyop.

The cockpit area reconstructed to show the area targeted.
The cockpit area reconstructed to show the area targeted.

August 8th, 2014.

MH17: the Life and Death of a Psyop.


The loss of 298 lives when flight MH17 crashed in the Eastern Ukraine was an immense human tragedy. What followed without delay from the Western media and politicians has been an absolute farce and a complete disgrace. They have humiliated themselves and revealed themselves to be nothing more than zombie cheerleaders, drones without any pretensions of intelligent or critical thought, baying for blood, making absolutely ridiculous claims based on zero evidence and essentially engaging in a conversation of pure fantasy.

It is too early to state conclusively what caused the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 to crash on July 17th. The funny thing is that the entire Australian media knew the whole story on day one, which was the 18th of July here. (the incident actually happened at 1am Australian time on the 18th of July.)

On the 18th of July, the entire (and I mean entire) Australian media and most of the Western media along with Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, stated with supreme confidence that MH17 had been downed by a Buk1 ( SA 11) anti-Aircraft missile and that Eastern Separatists rebels, (helpfully known simply as Pro-Russian rebels by good old Controlled Media) were the culprits.

Part 1. Lie first. Lie hard. Lie in Unison.

Tony Abbott MH17 Press Conference (July 18, 2014)

It was the Australian Prime Minister who set the tone at his afternoon Press conference on the 18th. Here are some of the key quotes. “It is highly probable that MH17 was shot down by a Pro-Russian militia controlled surface to air missile.” and “So it was shot down, over Russian backed rebel controlled territory by what appears to be a Russian backed rebel missile.” This is by the 50 second mark he has claimed twice to know what happened and who did it. This is fewer than 24 hours after the event.

Given the opening, it is rather strange that he adds at the three minute mark that. “It is absolutely essential that there be a fair, thorough and impartial international investigation.”

Later he moves onto a discussion about the contacts between the Australian Government and Russian diplomats. :”I have to tell you that, uh, that the initial response of the Russian ambassador was to blame the Ukraine for this. And I have to say that this is deeply, deeply unsatisfactory. “ Classic Western spin here, the Russians are essentially doing exactly the same thing as he is doing, stating their belief in a scenario that sits with their interests. (Except the Russians are expressing their views privately Abbott is broadcasting his views to the world.). When others behave as we do and we describe their behaviour as “deeply unsatisfactory” rank hypocrisy is revealed. The hypocrisy of Western supremacism.

“I want to say to the Australian people that as far as I am concerned when you have a situation where Russian backed rebels appear to have killed Australians using, it may well turn out to be, Russian supplied heavy weaponry. Australia takes a very dim view indeed and we want the fullest possible investigation.”

One member of the media (Denis Shanahan of the Australian)) opines that the PM is using slightly harsher language than other world leaders in relation to the culpability of Russian backed troops and asks “Do you have any particular reason for doing so?

The Prime Minister’s response is to present an entirely circular argument that has absolutely no evidence to sustain it. All he is able to offer is the insulting and ridiculous assertion that the fact the plane crashed in a rebel held area meant that only the rebels could be involved. All wrapped in the blatant lie that they “knew” that the Plane was shot down by a SAM. How did they know? What evidence did they have beyond supporting the “goodies” and opposing the “baddies”? Zilch. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Everything Abbott said on July 18th was evidence only of his mendacity, dishonesty and despicable opportunism. The journalist was told to shut up and cheer-lead like the rest of the media zombies. Only more politely.

PM Abbott “ Well this aircraft didn’t come down through accident. It was shot down. It did not crash,it was downed” he reiterates helpfully. “and it was downed in territory controlled by Russian backed rebels.”

This has been the PM’s “heroic” claim that he has used to dodge the fact that he was actually speaking nonsense , and acting as a base propagandist on behalf of his Western handlers. and the deaths of so many Australians provided him with a wonderful chance to “earn his stripes” with the big men of the Empire without risk of consequence. The Russia-Australia relationship is not important to Australia, China, on the other hand is Australia’s largest trading partner. So the Australian PM is severely constrained when it comes to promoting anti-Chinese propaganda.

The claim about the Plane crashing in “Rebel held” areas in unbelievably pitiful. Given that these systems are capable of engaging targets at a distance of up to 40 kilometres (25 miles), the Eastern rebels only control tiny pockets of land and the Ukraine military have the same weapons systems. This claim is so pathetic a seven year old child could see through it. He’s implicitly asking us to believe that anti-Aircraft systems only engage objects directly overhead! Brilliant!

PM Abbott in Parliament “Malaysian Airlines MH17 has been shot down over the Eastern seems by Russian backed rebels.” “We owe it as well to the families of the dead to find out exactly what has happened and exactly who was responsible. As things stand, this looks less like an accident than a crime. I want to repeat this, as things stand, this looks less like an accident than a crime.”

This is tremendous stuff. I love the way he repeats the “Not an accident but a crime ” line twice. It’s one of the stupidest statements a human has ever uttered on the surface of this planet because shooting down a plane and killing 298n people is a crime whether or not it was an accident. The distinction is totally nonsensical.

Synchronised and unanimous adoption of the Government claims by the Australian media indicate that there is no Australian media worthy of the name. These people cannot possibly be as unintelligent as they act. They are apparently conditioned not to use their critical faculties. This is a choice they make. Ignorance is regarded as a virtue in Australia and they want to fit in.

Channel 7. 4 pm bulletin.

“Good afternoon. Now the Foreign Minister has just finished a meeting with the Russian ambassador about the extent of Russia’s involvement in this plane being shot down. Now she asked the Ambassador directly did Russia have any role in this plane being shot down?. The ambassador denied it completely. Saying Russia had no involvement whatsoever.”

Channel 10 5pm

“Good evening. From the minute we woke this morning, and from every moment since the news has only got (sic) worse. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by a missile over Eastern Ukraine…We’ll also investigate who fired the shot, as International fury finds it’s focus on Russia… and somewhere amidst the wreckage lies microscopic evidence of a surface to air missile. Evidence (sic) that could prove irrefutable evidence of who exactly triggered this atrocity.”

Evidence might prove to be evidence. Thank you Channel Ten.

Channel 9. 6pm

“Good evening. It’s been a day of anger, mystery and sorrow. The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.over Ukraine…but who fired the missile?”

Channel 9. During Friday Night Football “A Boeing 777 was blown out of the sky. Over Ukraine. Shot down by a Surface to Air Missile.” Later. “Investigators from around the world are now working to determine who launched the missile that took MH17 down. Tonight the blame is resting on Russian backed rebels in Eastern Ukraine. But Moscow is also under fire. Questions are also being raised about why the aircraft was flying over dangerous Ukrainian airspace.”

We don’t know who did it so we have decided to blame the Russians for the time being. Thank you.

ABC News Special/Victoria – Malaysia Airlines MH17 Disaster: Opener [18.07.14]

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation changed it’s program schedule on the 18th of July 2014. Instead of each State and Territory receiving their own individual 30 minute 7PM news,a single National News was imposed across the entire nation. It was only six seconds after the hour, six seconds into their coverage that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation anchor, Scott Bevan announced with absolutely no ambiguity, that MH17 had been downed by a missile.

“Hello, I am Scott Bevan. Welcome to this special edition of ABC News on the day a missile brought down a passenger plane over Ukraine.“ He continues, “Australia, along with the rest of the world is in shock and mourning after a passenger plane carrying 298 people was shot down by a missile over the Ukraine.”

Part 2.

Kerry, the Russians and Matt Lee of AP. Everything Falls Apart.

July 20th.
Secretary of State Kerry Enters the Fray.

It became obvious in 2013 that the State department remains a stronghold for Neoconservatives within the US Government. Many other parts of the Executive Branch, from the President to the Defence Secretary and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff are no longer staffed by warmongers with any real verve for the information campaign required to start a war based on false premises.

These days, when it comes to starting the Empire’s wars, the State Department is required to do the “heavy lifting” in terms of delivering the right “big lie” at the right time. IN Libya, they succeeded, in Syria they failed.

Kerry:the Humanitarian Bonesman
Kerry:the Humanitarian Bonesman

Towards this end, US Secretary of State appeared on all of the five major US Sunday talkshows in order to make the case that the Plane was downed by the rebels. Speaking on CNN, Kerry was unequivocal.

“We have enormous input about this that points fingers,” Kerry told CNN’s State of the Union. “It is pretty clear that this was a system from Russia, transferred to separatists. We know with confidence that the Ukrainians did not have such a system anywhere near the vicinity at that point of time.” He follows with : “We know because we observed it by imagery that at the moment of the shootdown we detected a launch from that area,” he said. “Our trajectory shows that it went to the aircraft. “

Here we have a number of powerful claims. Unfortunately,  it must be concluded that  the claims made in these quotes are not supported by the known facts. Kerry stated that “the Ukrainians did not have such a system anywhere near the vicinity at that point in time.”  The problem here is that the Russian military have presented credible data, satellite photo’s that show that Ukrainian military Buk1 missile systems were stationed close to Donetsk on July 17th.

Malaysian Airlines plane crash: Russian military unveil data on MH17 incident over Ukraine (FULL)

July 21st Russian Defence Ministry Briefing.

Obviously in a situation like this, information that comes from any and all interested parties should be treated with scepticism. The Russians are involved in this situation, therefore that applies to them. One very interesting thing about the Russian military presentation was that it displays a high level of discipline when compared with what has been on offer from the propagandists of the West. The Russians do not claim that the Ukrainian missile battery destroyed the plane, nor that the military jet in the area was responsible. They merely state that these items were present in the area at the time of the incident and imply that they may have attacked the jet without actually making any direct accusations.

It was Kerry’s second assertion that really gave the game away. Kerry made a very big mistake when he stated that, “We know because we observed it by imagery that at the moment of the shootdown we detected a launch from that area,”

Pay close attention to the exact words. “We know because we observed it by imagery….we detected a launch from that area.” There can be no doubt that Kerry is stating that they have photographic evidence of the launch of the missile that hit MH17.

These comments were made on Sunday July the 20th. Nineteen days ago. There is no doubt that if these images exist, they would be valuable evidence in support of the narrative the US is trying to sell. Yet, nigh on three weeks after Kerry made these claims. We have not seen one frame. Not one photograph. Absolutely nothing. This fact alone makes it very obvious that the “imagery” Kerry described was always a work of fiction, presumably of his own invention. No other conclusion is possible. The reason we have not seen the “imagery’ is that it never existed, and the reason it never existed is that the Eastern rebels did not shoot the Plane down with a Buk1 missile system. One very telling and little remarked upon claim emerged in the Russian military briefing was that the US had a Satellite over the area of the incident at the time of the incident. The Russians can only have made this statement if they were absolutely confident that their allies did not destroy the plane with a missile. They are saying, the USA knows what happened, they have the evidence.

Marie Harf in the Briefing Room.
Marie Harf in the Briefing Room.

Matt Lee, AP journalist is impossible to miss when viewing State Department Press briefings. He’s a real obstacle to the State Department propaganda machine, and although always polite and respectful, Lee has developed a highly adversarial relationship with a series of State Department spokespeople. The role was occupied by the esteemed Victoria Nuland prior to Jen Psaki assuming the role. Of recent times this post has been filled by Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf T he State Department briefings are supposed to be a forum for the State Department to deliver a propaganda message to a group of committed lackeys who will accept everything at face value and transmit the desired message to the world without question. Matt Lee’s frequent questions and interjections ruin the whole thing. He always asks questions. Shows a very disappointing irreverence towards authority and refuses to be cowed when the Spokesperson attempts to brow beat him into submission.

Matt Lee in the Briefing Room.
Matt Lee in the Briefing Room.

State Department Briefing, July 21st, 2014.

‘Anything other than social media?’ State Dept’s MH17 evidence secret”

Daily Press Briefing – July 21, 2014

The strange thing is that the people at the State Department must have known that Matt Lee would attend this briefing and ask his usual thoughtful and sceptical questions, yet when Marie Harf stepped into that room. She had absolutely nothing to offer beyond, “believe us because we said so.”

The contrast between the the US press and their zombiefied and mindlessly obedient Australian counterparts is stark indeed. The Transcript of this briefing indicates that there are real journalists capable of independent thought active in the US mainstream. I have used the State Department transcript,it doesn’t identify the other journalists who also ask questions at the end. (Almost all of the questions in this transcript are from Matt Lee.)

Initially the State Department spokesperson confidently built on the claims Secretary of State John Kerry made the previous day.

Marie Harf: “There is a preponderance of evidence at this point both sort of out there in the public domain and also from our information that points to the fact that there was a SA-11 launched from separatist-controlled territory. We assess, of course, that the Russian-backed separatists have this system, and one of the main reasons we have called for a full investigation is so we can get all the facts out there.

So what I encourage the Russians to do at this point is to push the separatists that are backed by their government to allow access, to allow investigators who are in Ukraine waiting to go into that area right now, and that’s what I would call on Russia to do at this point.

Matt Lee: Right. But what they’re saying is that you should – they’ve put their – what they have out on the table, or at least they say they have done that.

Marie Harf: Well, I haven’t seen any of that. Again, we’ve made an assessment based on a broad range of information. We know this was fired from Russian-controlled territory. It is our assessment, very strong assessment this was an SA-11 that we know the Russian-backed separatists have. We, again, continue to gather more information and call —


Marie Harf: — on Russia to push the separatists to allow for a full investigation.

QUESTION: How is it exactly that you know that it was fired from Russian – I mean, from separatist-held territory?

Marie Harf: Well, we have a great deal of information that the Secretary laid out yesterday, and I can go back through some of it today. But we do know first that Russian-backed separatists were in possession of an SA-11 system as early as Monday, July 14th. This is from intercepts of separatist communications posted on YouTube by the Ukrainian Government.

QUESTION: Well, is there anything – okay, is there anything other – because there’s other —

Marie Harf: I can keep going if – or you want to jump in.

QUESTION: Well, is there stuff that’s other than social media that you’re talking —

Marie Harf: Yes, absolutely. There is.

QUESTION: Okay. So what is it that’s other than social media?

Marie Harf: At this point, Matt, we’ve said what our assessment is, very strong assessment publicly. If there’s more information that that’s based on that we can share, we’re happy to do so. We’ll continue looking at that. But look, this is what we know as of right now. Based on open information which is basically common sense, right – we know where it was fired from, we know who has this weapon – backed up —

QUESTION: Well, I don’t —

Marie Harf: — backed up —

QUESTION: — I mean, it’s disputed, though.

Marie Harf: — backed up by a host of information that we have gathered about who did this, where it came from, and what the weapon system was. So one of – we’re just telling you what we know now.

QUESTION: Right, right. But —

Marie Harf: One of the reasons we’ve called on Russia to push the separatists it backs into an investigation is so we can get all the facts. Instead of holding press briefings and making statements, maybe the Russian Government should call on the separatists they support to allow an actual investigation.

QUESTION: Right. But that’s what you’ve done. You’ve held press – well, Security Council meetings and going —

Marie Harf: Well, we don’t have leverage with the separatists. I would say the Russians do and they’re not using it. So let’s have them use it.

QUESTION: Well, okay. But I mean, I think we’re talking at cross-purposes here. I’m asking you —

Marie Harf: It wouldn’t be the first time.

QUESTION: (Laughter.) No, that’s true. What I’m asking – I mean, there are social – all you’re willing to present publicly that backs up your version of the story, which may well be the correct version of the story, but all you have —

Marie Harf (clearly aghast interjects sarcastically) “May well be.”

Matt Lee: (completely misses the sarcasm and soldiers on) Well, it may well be. But I don’t know because I haven’t seen your evidence that shows that the missile was launched from rebel-held territory. But you’re saying – so the only thing you’re willing to put out publicly is the social media accounts, I mean the social media stuff.

Marie Harf: That’s part of it.

QUESTION: Right. But there are social media accounts that says – that disputes that or that claims to present a different version. So are you saying —

Marie Harf: What would that version be, Matt?

QUESTION: Well, I don’t – there are many, many theories.

Marie Harf: Any —

QUESTION: But you’re saying that all of those accounts —

Marie Harf: Most of which are completely illogical, I would point out.

QUESTION: Well, but all of the accounts that do not support your version of events are wrong —

Marie Harf: No.

QUESTION: — and all of the ones that do support it are right? Is that what you’re saying?

Marie Harf: Look, we make assessments based on a variety of intelligence and a variety of information, some of which we can talk about publicly and some of which we can’t.

QUESTION: Well, is the – are you —

Marie Harf: And we also – and look, if you just take a step back, right, we need there to be an investigation so we can get all the facts, period. But on top of that, we have public information, which is, of course, the easiest for us to talk about —


Marie Harf: — of the separatists bragging about having the system, bragging about the attack that took place, and then walking back from it when it became known that it was a passenger jet. I would ask people who don’t believe our assessment to say, “Okay, what other possible explanation could be – could there be for that?” They defy logic, right?

QUESTION: Well, I don’t know if it defies logic or not, but —

Marie Harf: So when you start from a place of you have separatists out on – again, this is the easiest piece of information for us to talk about – online bragging about it, start there and then work from there and work from all of the evidence we have that we are confident we know where it was fired from, we’re confident we know what it was, and it points in a certain direction. Again, we would encourage Russia to support an investigation if they don’t believe the facts.

QUESTION: Right. It points in a certain direction, but I’m not sure it would stand up to an international —

Marie Harf I strongly disagree. I absolutely believe that it would.

QUESTION: — investigation. Well, are you willing, if not at this moment in time now but soon, to put forward the intel that you say backs the claims that were made on social media? And in particular, it seems to me that the Secretary was very definitive, as you were just now, at saying that you know for sure 100 percent —

Marie Harf: I didn’t say 100 percent. Nothing is 100 percent in any world, Matt. But go ahead. It is our assessment, very strong assessment.

QUESTION: Okay, very strong assessment that the rocket – that the missile was fired from the rebel-held territory.

Marie Harf: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: And I mean, you can’t – there is no social media that I’m aware of that would lead to —

Marie Harf: Well, at the time that MH17 flight dropped out of contact, we detected a surface-to-air —


Marie Harf: — missile launch from a separatist-controlled area in south-eastern Ukraine.


Marie Harf: Which we believe was an SA-11. What you want is the intelligence that underlies that?

QUESTION: Yeah. Well, I mean, they – the Russians have challenged – I’m not – I’m just saying the Russians have said —

Marie Harf: I’m just trying to clarify the question.

QUESTION: — have said we’ve shown – we’ve put out our radar images which show this Ukrainian plane near at least – well, they have. I mean —

Marie Harf: Right.

QUESTION: Why don’t you put out your –

Cornered, Marie Harf retreats behind the National Security veil in a really sad manner. It stands as a profound admission of defeat and this marks the point at which this psychological operation began to rapidly collapse. Things really go downhill from that point. Soon, some of the other journalsts begin to ask difficult and troubling questions to which the State Department have no good answer.

Marie Harf: Well, unfortunately, I don’t have original declassification authority, Matt. But —

QUESTION: Okay. Is —

Marie Harf: Wait, let me finish. But look, we have endeavoured to make public as much information as possible. Obviously, if you’re dealing with an intelligence assessment in part, we are sometimes limited in what information we can share. That’s why I think you saw the Secretary speak much more forward-leaning about why we believe this and how we believe it.


Marie Harf Sometimes you can’t get into all the specifics. We endeavour to put as many out as possible. We’re continuing to see if we can do more.


Marie Harf: I will say that.

QUESTION: So okay —

Marie Harf: Yes, we are —

QUESTION: So there is a possibility —

Marie Harf: I can’t promise you anything, but we’re continuing to see.

QUESTION: There is —

Marie Harf: And I would also say that the Russian Government has a long history during this conflict of misinformation and propaganda that they’ve put out, so I would take anything they say about this with a very large grain of salt.

QUESTION: Well, okay. But I mean, the problem – are you committing now to at least doing – that the intel community is doing its best to declassify stuff that they can put out and at least end the conflicting claims put forward by both the U.S. —

Marie Harf: Well, I would say that the Administration in general is attempting to put out as much information as we can about what underlies our assessment. I would also say that these aren’t competing narratives from two equally credible sources here. The Russian Government has repeatedly put out misinformation and propaganda throughout this conflict in Ukraine, so I would caution you from saying that this is just two equally credible sources.

QUESTION: Well, all right.

Marie Harf: Although you’re happy to report it that way.

QUESTION: No, I just —

Marie Harf: But I would take issue with it.

QUESTION: Well, I mean, again, you might be right, but I don’t see how you can say that everything we say is right and everything the Russians say is a lie.

Marie Harf: That’s not what I said.

QUESTION: That’s exactly what you just said right now.

Marie Harf: That’s not what I said. I said I would say that we are not two credible – equally credible parties when it comes to what we say publicly about the conflict in Ukraine.

(This is the point things really break down, this is the real highlight amusement wise)

QUESTION: And your argument would be that the U.S. is more credible than the Russians are, right? Is that what you’re —

Marie Harf: I’m not even dignifying that question with a response.

(I’ve never attended “spin school” but I am certain that spinmeisters are trained never ever to make comments such as “I’m not even dignifying that with a response.” The idea is to project calm, knowledgeable authority and never ever to lose your cool even slightly. That ruins everything, creates entirely the wrong impression. I’m not seeking to beat up on Ms.Harf she is in an impossible situation due to her boss the Secretary of State’s comments on the previous day. and things go so wrong because she lacks the ability to tell outrageous lies and back them up with the right style of intimidation to seal the deal. She is too nice a person for the role,too human) )

QUESTION: Well, I mean —

QUESTION: Marie, did you see the —

QUESTION: But you’re leaving that impression, Marie.

Marie Harf: That we’re more credible? Yes. We don’t put out mass amounts of propaganda. We don’t put out misinformation about what’s happening there repeatedly over the course of this conflict, which I’ve spoken about from this podium day after day. Absolutely.

QUESTION: But can you tell us —

QUESTION: The problem with that is is that all of 2002 and the beginning of 2003 was propaganda and misleading information that was put out by the United States.

Marie Harf: Okay, Matt. I’m sure that’s a tempting historical analogy to make, but it in no way impacts at all how we are doing this assessment or what we’re doing.


Marie Harf: And maybe someday you’ll finally stop using that as a straw man all the time.

QUESTION: It’s a —

FEMALE JOURNALIST: Well Marie, one of the big things is showing evidence.

(Evidence- a concept and word apparently entirely unknown to the Australian media)

Marie Harf: Yeah. I – agreed. Agreed.

QUESTION: I mean, in court or anywhere, and I think that’s what Matt’s saying, is show the evidence, independent evidence of what you got in intel. I mean, the Russians —

Marie Harf: So we —

QUESTION: — said today that they did not deliver any SA – you’ve seen it – bulk missile system. I mean, is there evidence that you have seen – not what the Ukrainians or anything online has shown, but it’s something that the U.S. has got evidence that they – that the Russians supplied this to them?

Marie Harf: This specific system.


Marie Harf: So a few points. And again, I agree that evidence is important and we are attempting to put out there as much as possible. I do think that’s why you saw the Secretary and me today going much further in why we say we believe – why we believe what we say. And I know it’s frustrating. Believe me, we try to get as much out there as possible. And for some reason, sometimes we can’t.

Look, I think it still remains to be seen, right, how the pro-Russian separatists got whatever – the SA-11, the specific one – I’m not assigning culpability there. But we know that there have been legions of young men crossing the Russian border with very sophisticated weaponry. This would not happen without at least the acquiescence or the support of the Russian Government.

These are complicated systems, right, that it takes training on. We know that the Russian Government’s been training the pro-Russian separatists. We know, period, that what’s happening in eastern Ukraine would not be happening without the support of the Russian Government. So we need a full investigation to determine exactly where the SA-11 came from, but we know that the pro-Russian separatists have many of the weapons they have, have the training they have, and have the support they have because of the Russian Government.

QUESTION: They could have stolen it from the Ukrainian —

QUESTION: Does the U.S. – does the – did the U.S. actually have – independently noticed that a Ukrainian war plane was the in the vicinity of the Malaysia —

Marie Harf: I don’t know if I can confirm those reports. I’m happy – I don’t even know if that’s true. I’m happy to check on it.

This exchange can be summarised thus: The claims that Secretary of State John Kerry made were not supported by evidence available to the State Department so when some of the journalists “crossed the Rubicon”, did their job and asked questions, it quickly became fairly clear that the evidence had never existed and would never exist. The US press were told, “believe it because we said so and we are the good guys.” When the Press failed to comply the naked emperor was exposed. It quickly became obvious that there was no evidence because there was no good reason for the US government not to release what they had. The presence of US satellites over Russia has been well known for many decades after all, the US had no plausible reason for not releasing the data they had if it was there and supported their accusations. The Russian Defence Ministry briefing specifically stated that a US space satellite was over Ukraine at the time of the incident.

Part 3. Evidence emerges.

Controlled media hounds are still working the case (MH17 breakthrough: owner of Volvo truck that transported missile fears his life |, they are persistent. The only problem for them is that all of their efforts to frame Russia and the Separatists were predicated on the assumption that the Jet was shot down by a Buk 1 Missile system. All of their efforts are directed towards this magical goal, to track down the guilty rocket launcher. It’s been wonderful stuff, they are terribly admirable on each and every level, both as human beings and journalists.

There’s only one problem.

There are multiple pieces of evidence, including observations from an OSCE observer that was part of the first group to visit the site that the fuselage appeared to have machine gun holes in it.

This is a video made by the Canadian broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Their reporter Susan Ormitsen interviewed OSCE observer Michael Bociurkiw in Donetsk, East Ukraine.

Investigating MH17 – YouTube

Michael Bociurkiw is an individual with an interesting background. He has written a number of articles for the Huffington Post about the crisis in Ukraine that indicate that he is a “Liberal Neoconservative”. This is the beginning of his article of March 18th of this year. Entitled after Crimea, the Only Question is “What’s Next?” The mood on Maidan Square in central Kyiv remains decidedly grim after a referendum widely branded as illegal and illegitimate took place in Crimea on Sunday.” Later he adds, “Will the insatiable appetite of the hungry Russian bear be satisfied with the Crimean peninsula.” He is quite simply not a person positively disposed towards the Russian Federation. He is the last man in the world likely to “lie for Russia.”

Michael Bociurkiw describes himself as being “intimately familiar with that site.” and .”intimately familiar with the aircraft.”

Susan Ormitsen “What do you think we know about what happened to that aircraft today compared with the first day you came?”

“There have been two or three pieces of fuselage, that have been really pock-marked. It almost looks like machine gun fire, very very strong. machine gun fire that has left these unique marks. that we haven’t seen anywhere else.” He continues. “We’ve also been asked for example,did we see any examples of a missile, well, no we haven’t, that’s the answer. “

Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 – Wikipedia

One important thing to remember about this quote is the context, this is Michael Bociurkiw’s direct and initial response when asked what they now knew. Machine gun holes. What we are probably going to be told is that this was a crude attempt by the rebels to frame the Ukraine Air Force , they fired their guns into the plane and made the holes. But we know from the context and content of the quote that Mr. Bociurkiw does not believe that or even consider it. It is the first evidence he mentions when asked. He thinks it’s evidence.

Former Lufthansa pilot Peter Haienko was the person who noticed and highlighted the devastating photo of large calibre bullet holes travelling through both sides of the MH17 jet. He stated unequivocally that the damage pattern in the cockpit area was consistent with cannon fire from a heavy machine gun .
Here is a brief excerpt from Peter Haisenko’s article.

“The facts speak clear and loud and are beyond the realm of speculation: The cockpit shows traces of shelling! You can see the entry and exit holes. The edge of a portion of the holes is bent inwards. These are the smaller holes, round and clean, showing the entry points most likely that of a 30 millimeter caliber projectile.”

Sukhoi SU25.
Sukhoi SU25.

Su25 vs SU 27.

One thing that puzzled people, myself included, was the fact that the Russian Defence Ministry claimed that a Ukraine Air Force Sukhoi SU 25 was in the vicinity of the Malaysian airlines jet at the time it began to fall from the sky. When people looked at the specifications of the Su25, the claim made no sense, as the SU25 is listed as being capable of operating at a ceiling of 22,965 feet according to Wikipedia, meaning that this war plane would be incapable of travelling to an altitude to bee capable of firing it’s cannon on MH17. We all missed the fact that the Russian Defence Ministry claimed in their July 21st briefing, that “.Su-25 can gain an altitude of 10000 meters (32 808.399 feet) for a short time. “ I have no idea if this is true, but the Russians have been using these aircraft for 40 years, they developed them. More importantly, if the Russians wanted to lie, they would simply claim it was an SU27, with a much higher “official ceiling” and remove the altitude issue altogether.

I have no idea whose aircraft was responsible for the destruction of MH17, but I believe that the evidence indicates that the Boeing 777 was destroyed by fire from another aircraft. Add to that the lack of observations of a missile contrail . Add to that the multiple eyewitness accounts of Fighter aircraft in close proximity to MH17,along with Russian radar data indicating the presence of a military jet close to the flight corroborating the eyewitness claims.

We have therefore a coherent explanation of what destroyed MH17 that fits all the known facts and is not contradicted by any known facts.

The controlled media have nothing. It’s absolutely hilarious. They are apparently hoping that no-one will notice that there is not any evidence that substantiates their claim that the Flight was struck by any ground to air missile operated by anyone.

They are running around with their pre-event manufactured highly edited audio frame up and their useless photos of Ukrainian military Buk missiles driving around Ukraine, pretending they are “escaping to Russia”. The efforts at lying and brainwashing have certainly been dedicated. You almost feel sorry for them that all their pitiful efforts could not possibly have been more futile Because the entire con job hinged on the “fact” that MH17 was destroyed by a ground to air missile, and the witnesses and physical evidence and the observations of Michael Bociurkiw and German Pilot Peter Haisenko along with photographic evidence that corroborates the hypothesis that the aircraft was attacked by another aircraft. The identity of that aircraft and who operated it are not known. The Russians claim that the Aircraft was operated by the Government of the Ukraine. These claims may well be correct, but must be treated with scepticism because the Russians are a party to the East Ukraine conflict . The fact that the Russians sought to present evidence without laying blame, whereas the West did the exact opposite, means that on this matter at least, the claims of Russia deserve more credence. This is not to suggest that the Russians are an inherently more trustworthy party. That would be completely naive, but on this matter they have presented evidence whereas the West has only made wild and opportunistic claims.

I have true pity for people who are yet to understand that false flag attacks are both the traditional and contemporary way that the people who really run the world get things done.

Provocation may be a concept that people may find easier to accept. You want to start a war, but you don’t want to be seen as the aggressor. So you create a scenario that will provide you with a pretext for a war of aggression. This is really the oldest trick in the book, and until recently it had always worked brilliantly. Neoconservative Patrick Clawson actually lays out much of America’s false flag history in this short video.

Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

The point of which is to recommend another false flag provocation in order to achieve war with Iran. He forgot to mention September 11th, of course. The most public,brutal and well documented false flag terror attack in history. The controlled media owned the public mind, owned almost all of us, and there was nowhere to go seemingly. Those days areover. The means of media production are in the hands of everyone, for better or worse.


 St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne
St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne

Part 4.

We Don’t Like to Talk About That Anymore.

August the 7th was our designated national day of mourning in Australia for the victims of this tragedy. . It was tremendously sad to see all the bereaved at the Ecumenical Melbourne service. Strangely, the story did not feature prominently in the news. The coverage generally began about ten minutes into the news on all of the stations.Only one of the stations made any reference to either the culprits. Nor the weapons system involved. Only the State broadcaster ABC was still prepared to read the script. The claim was revised to the genuinely meaningless. :”It is believed that Pro-Russian rebels were responsible.” Think about that. It is believed. Think about some of the other things people believe.  There are people who believe that if they commit suicide they will be reunited with the “space brothers” on the

Inconsistent with damage from anti Aircraft missile.
Inconsistent with damage from anti Aircraft missile.

Comet Halle-bop. There are people who believe Michelle Obama is a male despite the fact that she has given birth to two children. There are people who believe any number of things, and it means absolutely nothing. Anyone can believe anything! It is only when we test these beliefs against objective reality that we can measure their veracity. It’s called testing an hypotheses, and we know that the consequences of not testing the veracity of our beliefs is that we have little or no idea whether they are grounded in, or consistent with, history and objective reality. Only their blind tribal faith in the West can sustain this belief. So they revert to that.

August 7th was also the day that the Dutch and Australian recovery teams abandoned their tenure due to the Ukraine government’s military offensive in the area. The same operation they had previously promised not to launch. Also the military operation that the Ukraine government guaranteed would be over by July 31st. Again all of their rhetoric rebounds upon them. Who is hindering and all but cancelling the investigation? Who is obstructing and destroying the investigation? It’s the Ukraine government.

Why did Yatsenuk resign?
Why did Yatsenuk resign?

August 7th was also the day that the Russian federation, imposed limited Economic sanctions on Australia, along with a host of EU nations, the USA and Norway. The sanctions will disrupt 400 million dollars of Economic activity. New buyers will have to be found. The economic consequences are unlikely to be severe, or even noticeable. However, this is the second time in the space of months that this government has put Australia economy, and especially our farming sector under threat because of reckless and inexplicable Foreign policy that seems to rake no account of the interests of the Australian people and economy. First it was the immoral support for the Israeli Apartheid state that put our farmers extremely lucrative, live export trade under threat from rightfully enraged Arab governments. Now, we have this madness of jumping the gun, speaking nonsense, being eclipsed and humiliated by reality and hurting our farmers. Who are these decisions seeking to serve? What possible ;loyalty could the Australian government have for a Kiev government with suspect legitimacy, racist thugs in it’s Ministerial ranks, and who are currently destroying Donetsk and Luhansk in every bit as evil and futile a manner as Israel destroyed Gaza.

Other than some fans in the State Department and NATO, the Kiev government really has almost nothing going for them. All Ukrainian governments since independence at the fall of the Soviet Union have been hopelessly, even legendarily corrupt. This is true whether the President is pro Western or pro Russian. This is why on several occasions in the Ukraine sitting Presidents receive only 5% of the vote in Presidential elections. This Ukraine government appears to be more of the same, only with the IMF and War as a bonus vices. All the people who look positively upon the Government of the Ukraine presumably didn’t notice, or approved of the mass murder of civilians in the city of Odessa on May 2nd this year. Forty eight civilians murdered by Right wing paramilitaries aligned with the Ukraine government and no prosecutions. No justice for those victims. And given the criminal decision of the Kiev Government to launch a major offensive in the crash area that made further investigation and retrieval impossible who are these people and why do they continue to enjoy uncritical Western support?

Selected Sources:

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile

Support MH17 Truth: Machine Gun-Like Holes Indicate Shelling from a Military Aircraft. No Evidence of a Surface-to-Air Missile Attack.

Revelations of German Pilot: Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17. “Aircraft Was Not Hit by a Missile”

The 4th Media » A Deleted BBC Report: “A Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MH 17,” Donetsk Eyewitnesses

▶ The Video Report Deleted by the BBC – ENG SUBS – YouTube [360p]

MH17 crash: Kerry lays out evidence of pro-Russia separatists’ responsibility | World news |

MH17: Kerry says all evidence points to pro-Russia Ukrainian separatists | World news |

Buk missile system – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Michael Bociurkiw | OSCE

Malaysia Airlines MH17: Michael Bociurkiw talks about being first at the crash site – World – CBC News

Susan Ormiston – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: ‘Terrible tragedy’, Tony Abbott offers condolences to families for what would be ‘unspeakable crime’

MH17 breakthrough: owner of Volvo truck that transported missile fears his life |

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Ukraine’s Security Service Has Confiscated Air Traffic Control Recordings With Malaysian Jet | Zero Hedge

Sukhoi Su-27 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sukhoi Su-25 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gaza Massacre signals Beginning of the End for Zionist movement.

Citizens of Southern Israel gather to watch and enjoy the Gaza slaughter
Citizens of Southern Israel gather to watch and enjoy the Gaza slaughter

Friday, August 1, 2014.

Mass Murder in Gaza spells Doom for the Zionist Movement.

Gaza massacre exposes the sad truth and signals end of all hope for the Zionist movement.

There will be no redemption now. Redemption and reconciliation have now become impossible for Israel. A state for whom “criminal Zionist entity” is no longer a pejorative epithet, but rather an accurate description.
At the time of writing, more than 1400 citizens have been slaughtered during Israel’s Gaza offensive, entering it’s fourth week with no end in sight. The people who are dying in this war, the Palestinian civilians and fighters, the IDF troops and the Israeli civilians are all our people. They are all our brothers and sisters. We belong to them and they belong to us. Our fates are interconnected no matter how different or distant we may seem.


One of the Empire's victims.
One of the Empire’s victims.

This event marks a tremendous human tragedy, but also a tremendous human failure. As cliched as it is, we really should have grown up and moved beyond this ridiculous tribal warfare aeons ago. As much as I abhor the rocket fire of Palestinian militants and the deaths of two Israeli civilians in Israel undoubtedly represents a crime. We are witnessing an horrific litany of atrocities from Israel. Now an open rogue state that appears to be under the permanent control of a psychopathic gang of fascists and arch supremacists.
Indeed, so many and varied have been the Crimes against Humanity committed by Israel during this hideous and wicked onslaught that it is hard to know where to start.
The images have been harrowing and devastating, and the statistics are the same.
At least 250 children killed, two thirds under twelve, civilian deaths running at a minimum of 75% OF Palestinian casualties and possibly more than 90%. Three Israeli civilian deaths, more than a thousand Palestinian civilian deaths.

Numerous UN schools housing refugees have been attacked. All of Gaza’s hospitals have been attacked with missiles by the Israeli military. The children;s ward and the intensive care wards of the al Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital were both directly targeted by Israeli bombs. The Israeli military habitually tell outrageous lies, that even the controlled media discard about the mass casualty attacks being caused by Palestinian fire.

Aftermath of IDF attack on UN school
Aftermath of IDF attack on UN school

Citizens of Southern israel have been gathering on the hills overlooking Gaza and cheering and celebrating as the people of Gaza are murdered. It seems different this time, the Israeli’s hardly seem to care what anyone thinks of them.

Hospitals are routine IDF targets
Hospitals are routine IDF targets

The fascism and supremacism are now openly and shamelessly on display. This is a state in which racist football fans face no censure whatsoever for chanting “Death to the Arabs”.

Zio Fascists roaming the streets of Jerusalem. “Death to Arabs”. (June 6th,2014)

and at the same time a pro-Peace organisation (B’Tselem) is actually forbidden by the state media regulsator from placing an advertisement that listed the names of some of the children murdered by the Nation’s military.
Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem

“The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children killed in Gaza since the conflict began 17 days ago.
B’Tselem’s appeal against the decision was rejected on Wednesday. It intends to petition Israel’s supreme court on Sunday in an effort to get the ban overturned.
The IBA said the ad’s content was “politically controversial”. The broadcast refers to child deaths in Gaza and reads out some of the victims’ names.
In its appeal, B’Tselem demanded to know what was controversial about the item. “Is it controversial that the children [aren’t] alive? That they’re children? That those are their names? These are facts that we wish to bring to the public’s knowledge.”
Israelis in Tel Aviv 26.7.2014_ _There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!

This video depicts Israeli extremists openly celebrating the Genocide of the children of Gaza.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that this is Zionist evil, not Jewish evil. Zionism is not equivalent to Judaism. Not all Zionists are Jewish and not all Jewish people are Zionists. The idea that all or even most Jewish people are supporters of Zionism is a myth not supported by the facts. The majority of the Jewish people in the world do not live in Israel and are not in need of the “protection” of a Jewish state.
These crimes are not being committed by “the Jews” and attempts to label Jewish people collectively negatively based on Israel’s criminality are immoral and completely misguided. Any analysis that attempts to throw a blanket over a whole group of people as all anything is simple minded, troglodyte nonsense.
Equally immoral and ridiculous are attempts to label all of Israel’s critics as being motivated by anti-Jewish prejudice. Judaism did after all, exist for thousands of years prior to Zionism. The Zionis movement is itself regarde as heretical by many Jewish scholars who believe that there shoul only be a Jewish stste after the return of the Messiah. This movement has really been an awful con job from day one, and the people who were recruited into the Zionist movement were overwhelmingly naive and innocent. They were completely unaware that they were being misled and manipulated.
It has become completely obvious that there will never be a Two State solution in Palestine. Israel has had 47 years to do the right thing, obey International law, and leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Instead, Israel has done precisely the opposite. The time is up for this ridiculous process that has been cynically manipulated by Israel to enable them to requisition more of the land of Palestine in total contravention of International law.
Ultimately, this means that the challenge for humanity is going to be to manage the end of Zionism in as consensual and non-violent manner possible. It may seem impossible today, but so many human achievements seemed impossible before people tried to make them happen. We have to try and convince the people of Israel to accept the people of Palestine as citizens of a Bi-national, unified democratic state in the land of Mandate Palestine. It is the South African solution th the Jewish Apartheid problem. No big war, no-one forced to leave or driven out or slaughtered. It will simply be a move to a State where people live together and co-operate regardless of background or religious affiliation.
Until that happens, the nightmare of evil and supremacist madness that Israel has descended into will presumably worsen. The Zionist movement is destroying itself and it’s tenuous legitimacy right before our eyes. We have to try and ease their fall into reality and also prevent them from destroying others as they fall.
To Christian supporters of Israel I will make two simple points.
One, Israel subjugates and oppresses the Christian population of Palestine along with all other non-Jews. Another far more fundamental reason that Christians should not support Israel is that Israel breaks the Golden Rule everyday. Each and everyday they inflict treatment on the people of Palestine that they would find immoral and unacceptable if it were inflicted upon them and this has been the case each and every day since June 1967.
The people whose forebears were the victims of Nazi persecution now have their own untermensch to torment and murder. It was unacceptable then and will always be so. We cannot hope to build an enlightened and civilised future until we realise that there can never again be uber and untermensch, not in Europe or Palestine or anywhere else.


Gaza onslaught has shattered west’s view that Arabs are source of violence

‘Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left’ — Israeli chant

Video: Jewish mob roams the street in Jerusalem chanting ‘Death to Arabs!’

‘World stands disgraced’ as Israeli shelling of school kills at least 15 | World news | The Guardian

Israeli strike on Gaza school kills 15 and leaves 200 wounded | World news | The Guardian

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