Sydney Hilton Bombing-the Accidental False Flag.

The truck.
The truck where the explosion took placeunder the compression of the compacter.

August 28th, 2014.

Sydney Hilton Bombing-the Accidental False Flag.

Accidental detonation blamed on obscure Hindu Sub-sect Ananda Marga

At 12.40 am on February the thirteenth, 1978, a bomb detonated inside the tray of a Sydney Local Council Rubbish Collection truck. The explosion killed three people, Council workers Alec Carter and William Favell and a New South Wales Police Officer Paul Birmistriw. ten others were wounded . The explosion occurred in George. St, in the Sydney CBD outside the Hilton Hotel during a meeting of the regional branch of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (Grouping of former British colonies) abbreviated as C.H.O.G.M. that involved the Prime Minister’s of 12 nations.

the Aftermath.
the Aftermath.

Historical context.
The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the “Special Branch” units of the State Police Forces (which operated as a proxy force for ASIO) were under an unprecedented level of scrutiny and criticism in 1978. An Inquiry into the South Australian Special Branch culminated in “The dismissal of the South Australian Commissioner of Police, Harold Hubert Salisbury, on 17 January 1978.” A similar enquiry was scheduled in New South Wales. . The Hope Royal Commission conveyed by a hostile Whitlam Labor Government had been scathing about ASIO, describing the Australian intelligence community as “ fragmented, poorly organised and co-ordinated, inadequately staffed and equipped and, in many cases, directed towards inappropriate goals.” The “inappropriate goals” remark alluded to the fact that Special Branch had been exposed as working on “dirt files” against individuals who would be better described as “politically liberal” rather than a genuine Security threat. Politicians Judges and Lawyers were amongst those targeted in these operations and the targeting of polite, bourgeois professionals resulted in much public outcry. The “Communist” bogey that sustained ASIO for the first decades of it’s existence was beginning to fade. Saigon fell to the Communists in 1975 and the Domino effect was proven to be the childish and self serving “War party” fantasy it had always been.

Key Facts that make it fairly clear what really happened.

Accidental Detonation-No Evidence of Detonator.

The detonation of the device, coming as or immediately after the contents were emptied into the tray indicates that the detonation was accidental. The bomb went off due to compression or some other physical force applied to it by the emptying process. The people who planted the device did not detonate it. No evidence of any detonator has ever been presented.

The Truck Driver Bill Ebb
The Truck Driver Bill Ebb

One bin in Sydney is prevented from being emptied.
According to Council Truck Driver Bill Ebb. The bin that contained the bomb was prevented from being emptied over he whole weekend by Police involved in the Security operation at the Hilton. This is literally the only bin in Sydney that has not been emptied during the weekend on specific instructions from the Security forces in the area.. As Mr Ebb relates “That bin was overflowing with garbage. I had been the first truck to get to that bin since the Friday morning I should imagine. I spoke to three drivers that would have been responsible for emptying that bin on the Saturday morning, the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning. On the three occasions they were told by the Police to “leave it and carry on.”

John Hawtin- An Honest Cop.
Former Sergeant John Hawtin- .

Bomb warning call scrubbed.
The New South Wales switchboard received a bomb threat/warning that a device had been planted outside the Hilton. When the message did not reach the NSW police outside the Hilton, leading to a death and serious wounds, the call was scrubbed, new incident sheets, were produced for the night. Former NSW Police Officer John Hawtin elaborates”The Occurrence pad entry said that a Miss or Mrs Jones, had received a phone call from someone, at 12.32 I think, am (eight minutes prior to the blast) to say that a bomb had been planted in a bin outside the George Street entrance to the Hilton Hotel. Mr. Hawtin saw the Occurrence pad entry in 1981, by the following year however, when an Inquest into the deaths began, the Occurrence pad he had viewed a year earlier had been replaced. He describes the new pads as “Fresh, as if they had come straight from the mill.”

Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad.
Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad.

Bomb Detection Squad Stand Down.
According to Keith Burley, a member of the Australian Army Bomb Detection Dog squad, “Approximately two weeks prior to the Hilton bombing, we (the Bomb Detection Squad) received information that we were put on standby specifically for CHOGM. We will have the operational team ready at all times and we were told to specifically train for letter bomb type devices. Late on the Thursday afternoon (February 10th- two days before the CHOGM meeting began).we got a phone call at the Kennels. stating that we were no longer required. Both the OC and myself tried to find out what was going on, because we knew that CHOGM was still going ahead,it hadn’t been stopped. All we could determine was that the order came from Vic (Victoria) Barracks from a Security organisation somewhere.” Burley adds that he has no doubt whatsoever that this group would have detected the device.
Destruction of Evidence .
The Australian Security State has never identified any salient facts about the device that exploded outside the Hilton.
“A year later, Detective-Sergeant Gibson from the NSW Police told an audience of international forensic experts that police had not determined the type of explosive used in the “bomb” nor how it was detonated.”
They have no idea what type of explosives were used. No idea what type of detonator(if any) was involved. They are in a state of complete ignorance about every aspect of the device. It doesn’t make them look very clever when you think about it. Unless you take into account the fact that the remnants of the bomb were immediately dumped in landfill, like any other tray full of rubbish. Helpfully, no-one even thought to identify the area of the tip in which the rubbish along with all of the forensic evidence-had been dumped in the ground with all the other waste.
it’s rather hard to determine the details of an explosive device used in these circumstances. Whether this was done haphazardly or as the result of a deliberate cover-up (obviously the case) , this incident clearly involves the criminal destruction of evidence and in all likelihood also comprises “Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice” charges.

t's an odd one. I can't see an answer ... it's as if some gnomes and elves had removed the evidence
It’s an odd one. I can’t see an answer … it’s as if some gnomes and elves had removed the evidence”, said Colonel Mackenzie-Orr, an Australian Army officer and former chief bomb disposal expert with the British Army in Northern Ireland.”

Farcical Investigation culminates in Dead End Inquest.
The investigation was the typical bizarre and inexplicable non-event that is so common with false flag attacks. One group emerged as the sole suspect within hours of the blast, According to former AFP Inspector Ian MacDonald the Ananda Marga group emerged as the sole suspect in the bombing an hour and several minutes after the event. The resources of the Australian state were directed towards amassing evidence against the three Ananda Marga members for more than a decade. When the desired evidence failed to emerge, it was manufactured by a succession of informants, the claims made by these informants are transparently false, are not corroborated by any known facts and should be treated with the contempt that a failed obvious frame up deserves.
The Inquest into the Hilton deaths marked a spectacular low point in this case. The Inquest was abandoned after the presiding Magistrate Justice Walsh deemed that the prima facie case against the three accused Ananda Marga members was so strong that to proceed with the inquest would jeopardise the Margis ability to receive a fair trial.
Justice Walsh’s legal judgement turned out to be rather flawed in this matter, as No prosecutions proceeded in the wake of the Inquest, and within three years the accused Margis would be cleared and compensated for their imprisonment as part of another sting/frame, conducted by Richard Seery, the witness upon whom Justice Walsh’s opinion rested.
Eleven years after the bombing, in 1989 two Ananda Marga members were prosecuted for the attack on the sole basis of evidence, including a self incriminating confession, provided by a transparent liar and fantasist named Evan Pederick. Although the prosecution was initially successful, the conviction of Tim Anderson was overturned by the Court of Appeals in 1991, which, rather than ordering a retrial,made a finding of Acquittal against Anderson, an unusually definitive finding.
The Ananda Marga were not involved in the Sydney Hilton Bombing nor any other terrorist attack. In the wake of the botched PR stunt, the Australian Security Services chose to frame the Ananda Marga group based on a conspiracy theory provided by the Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai who claimed to have been the target of an assassination attempt at the hands of the group. There is absolutely no possibility that the Ananda Marga had any involvement whatsoever, beyond being the utterly incongruous patsies chosen ipso facto by the desperate Security services. There was never any evidence of Ananda Marga involvement, beyond crudely manufactured nonsense fabricated by the transparent agents of the Australian Security services and repeated ad nauseum by the mindless and obedient Australian media

What the Evidence Indicates.
Elements of the Australian Security Services, chose the occasion of the 1978 CHOGM conference staged a multi-agency , security drill during the conference. At some point in the planning process, the security exercise morphed into a publicity stunt designed to promote the interests of the Security State. It was realised that in order for the PR stunt to be successful they would have to place real explosives at the scene and then “find” them and emerge as the heroic defenders of the realm. Vital in a world of multifarious threats and who should not face undue political scrutiny nor budgetary pressure. This was a prestige building and fund raising exercise. It seems the plan was to use the newly acquired bomb squad robot to detonate the device in the view of an adoring media and make the terror threat tangible to complacent Australians now that the “Revolutionary communist” threat had been exposed as a scam.

Media campaign.
Australia’s major media sought to hype the terror nonsense and the Ananda Marga culpability line. In their typically shameless, lobotomised and venal manner. So committed to the Ananda Marga terror group trash that many still maintain this line today. The headlines speak for themselves.


Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say.
Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say.
Behold the Terror hype. From the very start.
vlcsnap-2014-08-25-00h13m42s69 Behold the Terror hype. From the very start.

Army Mobilised.
The other unprecedented event was that the Australian Government called upon the Australian Army to step in and provide security for the remainder of the conference. This entailed an operation that involved 4000 troops, checking every inch of railway between Sydney and Bowral for bombs, three hundred travelling on the Leaders train in the, and in truly farcical scenes, actually patrolling the streets of Bowral.

Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000
Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000
Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral
Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral


The Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing of February 13th, 1978 stands out as one of the most wretched bungles ever concocted by a Western Intelligence Agency. So crude and hapless was this operation that simply reading the Wikpedia article on the topic makes it perfectly clear what happened. The fact that three senseless deaths resulted from the incompetent shenanigans of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and their NSW Special Branch colleagues assisted by elements of the Australian military is the only thing that prevents this from being an out and out side splitter of slapstick comedy. Along with the fact that no attempt was ever made to prosecute the perpetrators of what remains the most deadly terror bombing in Australian history.

In fairness, it should be noted that this attack and the resulting casualties were not intended. No-one was supposed to be hurt by this operation which was clearly a pathetic publicity stunt from Australia’s beleaguered and discredited internal Intelligence services. The only problem was that these Organisations completely lacked the competence and professionalism required to successfully conduct this psychological operation and fund raising drive, it went wrong, people died and a cover up of the crudest and most transparent nature was conducted and continues to this day.

In 1991 and again in 1995 both houses of the New South Wales State Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a fresh investigation into the bombing. The Federal Government refused to participate in any enquiry and that was the end of the matter. The Parliament openly acting against the interests of justice and the rule of Law in favour of the public image of the Australian intelligence institutions.
This was a petty attack in the annals of modern terrorism. The fact that this remains the most deadly bombing in Australia is true testament to the fact that the entire “terrorist threat” in Australia has been completely concocted and hyped to fulfil the needs of the Security state whose response to their Hilton blunder has been nothing other than the most shameful institutional cowardice imaginable by agencies who never hesitated to put their own interests ahead of Justice and the Rule of Law.

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