Scotland the Brave?

Scotland the Brave?
September 14th, 2014.
“The United Kingdom consists of 90,060 square miles. David Cameron has fought tooth and nail for one of them” (the City of London)
Ian Rankin (via Aangirfan)

The Vote.

The Scottish Independence vote is only days away. When I imagined this event I assumed that the debate would be primarily in Britain,that outsiders would not seek to exert influence on the outcome. This assumption has proven completely naive. . Beginning with the US President in June, a multitude of Western leaders down to the most pathetic and clueless sidekick. have been voluminous in their support for Scotland remaining in the UK. The fear campaign against Independence has been reduced to utter desperation in the past week as Scotland’s exit from the UK suddenly emerged as a likely outcome of the referendum. The prospect of Scottish independence clearly fills the London establishment with horror, and a what began as gently cajoling, turned into a series of bizarre threats, from both the political and financial wings of the establishment.
Both the cajoling rhetoric and the threats should be seen as the ridiculous and desperate gambit of a frightened, morally bankrupt establishment pretending omnipotence. Their pathetic behavior has instead revealed the mental fragility and malignant desperation of people who know their time is over, but cannot ever admit so, even to themselves.
Scotland Has a Distinct Political Culture.
Scotland has a distinctive political identity. The evidence for this lies in the fact that the Political parties preferred by Scottish voters are different than the political parties preferred by voters in the rest of the UK. The Scottish parliament comprises 129 representatives. The parties of the current UK Governing coalition, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, currently hold only 20 seats of these 129 combined, just above 15% . The three major UK parties combined, adding British Labour’s seats to the other two parties only reaches 44% of the seats. In the UK House of Commons, the same three parties hold more than 94% of the seats. These figures make it plain. here is a markedly different and distinctive political culture in Scotland compared with the rest of the UK.
Further to that, it is also clear that because of Scotland’s relatively small proportion of the overall UK population (less than 10%) this distinctive political identity struggles to find expression in the UK Westminster Parliament where Scotland elects 59 of the 650 members.
These facts indicate that the Scottish independence movement is based in much more than jingoism or petty tribalism, but arises from genuine and long-standing differences in political culture that have led to the marginalisation of Scottish voters within the UK political system.
Another noticeable thing is that Scotland has a number of serious social and health issues exemplified by the fact that the life expectancy for males in the East End of Glasgow is thirteen years fewer than for males in Iraq.
One of the massive benefits of a “Yes” vote would be the fact that Scotland would be forced to take ownership and responsibility for the economic and social problems and their solution. No longer could the “Southern bastards” in London be blamed for Scotland’s problems. The potential for liberation arising from this one simple fact is immeasurable in my opinion. There is the potential for the whole mentality of the Scottish nation to improve greatly on this basis alone. As an outsider it seems obvious that internal social attitudes and norms must be at least partially responsible for some of Scotland’s social problems. With independence the debate as to culpability and responsibility will be ended and all the energy previously wasted used for more positive ends.
One of the many ridiculous myths perpetrated by New World Order advocates is that the bigger and more distant a Government is from the people, the more benevolent and competent it will be. This is quite obviously nonsense. In fact the greater the distance, (whether physical or psychological) between the Government and the people the less accountable or understanding the relevant issues.
A national Government based in Edinburgh will have an obviously stronger knowledge of local issues, greater incentive to meet the needs of the people and generally fewer barriers than exist between the people of Scotland and the London government. This is true anywhere on earth. We all know that people in San Antonio, Texas know and understand better the problems Texas and Texans face than Washington DC bureaucrats, no matter how competent or well-intentioned, yet we are expected to pretend otherwise. The citizens of smaller nations actually have an advantage in this respect. After all, in a nation of one million, each voter carries far more weight than in a nation of 100 million. When it comes to national government’s it could be argued that smaller is better, other things being equal.
The questions that the Scottish people should ask themselves prior to voting are very simple. They are:”Is the status quo acceptable?” The answer to the first question is completely obvious. Clearly it is unacceptable that the life expectancy is 54 for men in parts of Glasgow. The second question must therefore be “Could we do better?”  People who answer “No” to the second questions, should logically vote “No” in the referendum. Those who answer yes should vote “Yes”.
Scotland’s problems will not be solved by independence. Independence does however present the opportunity for Scots to assume responsibility and control of their collective future. What more could you ask for?
1978 World Cup,Archie Gemmill vs Holland

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The Penny Begins to Drop.

IS The Official Enemy
IS The Official Enemy
The real target.
The real target is Syria..

The Penny Begins to Drop
September 10th, 2014.

It was after reading an article in the Guardian that the penny began to drop. It was Ian Black’s piece from September 4th “Bashar al-Assad’s pitch for anti-Isis pact with west falls on closed ears” that especially caught my eye.

“Signals from Washington suggest the US, with NATO or Arab help, would not face insurmountable difficulties mounting air strikes against Isis in Syria. Experts say talk of a “formidable” air defence system is exaggerated. The fact that US special forces were able to infiltrate Syria by air this summer in an unsuccessful mission to free hostages suggests it is less than effective. And Israel, an intimate US ally, is likely to have real-time intelligence it would gladly share with the Americans. Syria also has a record of thinking carefully before retaliating.
“Assad will not welcome US-led air strikes on Isis on either side of the now irrelevant border between Syria and Iraq – unless they form part of a western rapprochement with him. Attacks will strengthen his opponents because the jihadis now control territory seized from other Syrian rebels. But he may not be able to stop them. The Damascus regime “will continue to view (Isis) as a useful tool for its survival,” argues the exiled Syrian commentator Hassan Hassan.”

What madness it seemed to me, to risk the lives of US soldiers and pilots despite the Syrian government offer of co-operation. Why deal with the “not insurmountable” Syrian Air Defence Systems of a state that welcomed your intervention?

Conspiracy Farce.

As far as the ridiculous conspiracy theory about the Syrians running IS. They should be consigned to the dustbin of history where they belong.

The Last Walk of Syrian Soldiers of the Tabaqa Airbase before Execution by ISIS

Syria clearly remains a key Cabal target and the immediate underlying purpose of the War against the IS group may be the violent overthrow of the Assad Ba’ath party government in Syria.
It sounds ridiculous, it is so illogical, but this is how I fear they are edging towards playing this, and this explains the bizarre resort to blatant psychological operations in the West, especially considering the many very real crimes the group have committed/ against a variety of groups in Iraq and Syria.

This seems to be the best explanation for all the ridiculous hype, with the entire Global War on terror being relaunched with IS as the new Flag bearers of the “menace”. The possibility that these fake beheadings and relentless hype are in preparation for a False Flag attack attributed to the IS cannot be excluded but is highly unlikely. Obviously there are also many long-term “police state and surveillance” goals that are also being served by this hype.
Another 911 is simply impossible in the newly diversified and hostile media landscape. Even relatively small events like Boston and Sandy Hook completely unraveled . The bigger and more complex the event the harder it becomes for psychological operations to succeed.
It is far more likely that this tool is going to be used to engage in a War against Syria, a war of absolute madness as even if they succeeded (highly unlikely given Iranian and Russian position) they would undoubtedly be destroying the modern Syrian state just as they have destroyed Libya and leaving groups of jihadists to vie for power, as is happening today in Libya. .
Through a couple of sneaky steps and a routine manipulation of the facts , the War against IS in Iraq morphs into a war against the IS in Syria, which soon morphs into War against the Syrian government.

The only way it will be safe for our aircraft to bomb the IS in Syria therefore will be to bomb the Syrian Air Defence Systems, which means also bombing Military Command and Control Facilities, which morphs easily into simply trying to wipe out the Syrian Government from the air as they did successfully to the government of Libya. You add the leaders of the State to the target list, and eliminate them. The fact that Libya has genuinely descended into a Somalia style failed state apparently does not trouble these serial vandals and pathological arsonists.

Still from the fake Foley execution..
Still from the fake Foley execution..

Outline of a Plot.

So we have to establish the IS as the worst thing since unsliced bread, (or at least al Qaeda) We have to establish this brand as being an immediate threat to Westerners via the Western recruits and the hoax beheading films.
Once we establish the brand, we begin to attack them in Iraq. Not a concerted or intense campaign, just enough to prevent them holding or attacking specific areas (Mosul Dam and Irbil are the obvious examples) Iraq has been “done”, there is no state left to destroy. Iraq is the end product, the goal. A weak, chronically divided state . Iraq is only a means to another end now.
At some point you state that in order to really “end the IS threat” we will have to attack their Syrian strongholds also. It will then be decided that we the wonderful enlightened West cannot possibly co-operate with Syrian government who have actually been under severe jihadist attack via arms and fighters funneled into Syria by the West and their allies over the past four years..
Four solid years of blatant propaganda cannot be left to waste. Therefore we must bomb IS in Syria and we must not co-operate with the “beastly” Syrian government despite their offer to put all that aside and work with us against the IS.
So using some sleight of hand and some liberally applied sophistry, the IS threat gets them to their long-term goal. They came within days of achieving their goal of directing the US air force against Syria exactly a year ago. Hundreds of Syrian civilians were murdered in the false flag chemical attack that was used to achieve that. But they failed. The Russians outwitted them basically.
Syria’s decision to dispose of its entire Chemical weapons stockpile in return for not being bombed by the US didn’t get Assad off the “list” far from it. It only saw Putin himself elevated to a more “urgent” position.
Two months after the al Ghouta false flag failed to get Syria bombed after Russian diplomatic intervention the protests begin on the Maidan in Kiev.


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Oops! They Hoaxed it Again!

MI6 Chap and his Mossad pal, pose together on an unknown soundstage.
MI6 Chap and his Mossad pal, pose together on an unknown soundstage.

Oops They Hoaxed it Again!
Beheading Hoax Mk.2 Steven Sotloff.

There is a funny scene towards the end of the Monty Python classic “the Life of Brian”. A large group of prisoners on their way to crucifixion are greeted by a cheerful Roman soldier/bureaucrat, who greets the prisoners and instructs them, “Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each”. One prisoner states “No, I am not sentenced to crucifixion, I’m was sentenced to freedom”. The incompetent Roman bureaucrat has no idea the man is lying and says “All right them, off you go” Whereupon the man sentenced to crucifixion admits he has been lying, he too has been sentenced to crucifixion, the Roman bureaucrat scolds him lightly, they both laugh at the prank, and the prisoner resumes his place in the group of men about to be crucified. It’s a joke about bureaucratic incompetence and also peoples mindless subservience towards it. The reason the scene is funny is it’s absurdity, it is ridiculous, no-one sentenced to be crucified who managed to talk their way out of it would ever possibly confess immediately and return to the condemned group.
The bizarre, absurd and fraudulent “beheading” videos of US journalists James Foley and now Steven Sotloff are truly Pythonesque in their absurdity.
Imagine the conversation.
IS jihad nutter enters the cell where captured US journalist is being held.
After greeting the prisoner and exchanging minor pleasantries, the British born jihadist nutter explains the unfortunate situation to the captured journalist.
“Your American government has disobeyed our orders to stop blowing our “brothers” up therefore, I am going to have to chop your head off on camera today in the hopes that the US government will discontinue Air strikes against the Caliphate,”
Captured US journalist. “Understood buddy, no hard feelings, is there any way I can help you blokes out with your propaganda message before you cut my head off?”
British Jihadist Nutter “As it happens mate, we have worked up a little speech we would like you to read for the camera, I have the script here, we think it’s best if you can learn as much as possible before we go live. We will have cue cards, but it will be more natural if you can memorise it.”
Captured American journalist. “Not a problem, I will do my best, we will have takes available if I miss a line though buddy?”
British jihad nutter. “Multiple takes. Thank you for being so obliging in what must be an upsetting time.”
Captured US journalist. “Glad to be helpful buddy.”
British Jihadist  nutter “ Excellent, listen, I have a couple of things to do so I’ll leave that with you and I guess I’ll see you at the beheading.”
“OK pal, I will have this thing down. I am gonna nail this script down, I really want to do a good job for you guys.”
British Jihadist nutter. “Excellent” Departs.
These men are journalists, they are not complete fools, they would know that the US is never going to change what it does based on threats to hostages from Jihadists. They would know that the videos would have the exact opposite effect, they would galvanise the United States public against the “Caliphate” make the need to destroy them and attack them seem more urgent and be more popular.

One interesting thing about this rather dismal psychological operation, is that the creators of these fiascos clearly tried to learn from their mistakes in the Foley video.
There are some minor improvements. They clearly decided that the lack of wind noise in what purported to be a Video shot outdoors was a problem, so the Sotloff video has far more wind noise. They seem to have simply procured a more powerful fan and turned it up to it’s highest level. They also improved the “death shot”, producing a fake video (rather than simply a photo as in Foley video) purporting to depict the corpse of Sotloff with the head sitting on the top.

The immediate goal of these Videos and this group are fairly obvious. Raise the level of fear amongst Western civilians, destroy the social fabric of the Middle East, mimicking the Zionist movement with Neo-Bolshevik Sunni Extremists and rejuvenate and ‘renew the narrative” of the Global War on Terror.

These monsters have been manufactured and they have been hyped, but many of their crimes are very real. The fact that these videos are not authentic does not change that fact.

The sad truth is that the “IS” group are the enemies of humanity, they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, and I support all of the Military Operations being conducted against them, despite the cynical and dishonest nature of this psychological operation. The way the USA watched passively as the IS looted the Iraq Army weapons stockpiles is extremely suspicous, especially the way they were allowed to drive the hardware back to their Syrian strongholds.

It i9s time for the West to abandon the operation they have been conducting against the Government of Syria over the past four years. It has failed, it has been a fiasco and has only deepened the instability and chaos in this region for no tangible benefit.

There is no doubt the Ba’athist government in Syria has committed many crimes over the years, there is equally no doubt that the Syrian government is not Sectarian, represents stability and is vastly preferable to any of it’s rivals in Syria.

\Where the Neocons failed to get their War in Syria, they succeeded in Libya. Gaddafi, like the Ba’athists in Syria had many faults and committed many crimes, Libya is now a failed state. Revolution almost never achieves positive change, especially when it is violent. The people of the Middle East have suffered unbelievable torment and privation as a result of the deluded policy of chaos pursued by the West over the past decade. When things go wrong as in Libya, they simply walk away as if it had nothing to do with them. These policies are completely counterproductive and immoral and must end forever now.

The very idea that “We know best” is no more than an arrogant  delusion of the childish megalomaniacs of the Western think tanks.

Enough already.

James Robertson.