Murder in South Eastern Turkey.

Kurdish civilian lies bleeding in the street following the Turkish army fire.
Kurdish civilian lies bleeding in the street following the Turkish army fire.

.January 23rd, 2016.

Murder in Turkish Kurdestan.

Several Kurdish districts of South Eastern Turkey have been under curfew since mid December.

Silopi, Cizre and the Sur district of Diyarbakir have been under curfew and the bodies of dead civilians and fighters have been lying unburied in the streets. The population of the Sur district has shrunk from 24000 to 4000 due to the military operations.

The Video.

The video shows a group of mostly elderly people, many carrying white flags. They are attempting to transport several bodies to the cemetery for burial. A Turkish armoured vehicle is situated down the street several hundred yards away.

The first shots appear to be warning shots aimed over the heads of the crowd who begin to move off the street out of the line of fire. The first two bursts of fire do not appear to hit anyone but the third burst is aimed at the final civilians in the street and several of them are shot and killed and it is clear that they posed no threat to anyone.

It is the type of scene you expect to see in Gaza. There is a complete disregard for human life.

(Warning Graphic)Turkish Army shoot Kurdish Civilians During Funeral.

Long version.

Turkey: Shooting of Kurdish civilians waving white flag caught on camera *GRAPHIC*

Civil War in the South East of Turkey.

At least 150 civilians have died in the Turkish anti- PKK operations in South Eastern Turkey over the past five months.

The operations were a response to Turkish concerns about Kurdish territorial gains in Syria and Iraq and the pretext for the entire operation was the massacre of Kurdish activists in Suruc in late July 2015.

Turkey has reportedly begun an operation involving 1000 troops inside Syria over the past several days. (Source)

Turkey is at odds now with both the United States and Russia in Syria. The United States has increased their backing for the Kurdish fighters in Syria, US and other Western Special Forces are embedded with them and the US has begun building an air base in the Kurdish held part of Northern Syria in recent months. (Source)

This, combined with the exposure of Turkey’s crucial and pivotal role in the rise of ISIL/Daesh and their prolific stolen oil business partnership do not bode well for the future of Turkish President Erdogan.

Secret Norwegian Government Report Confirms Turkey Helping ISIS Sell Its Oil

Most smuggled ISIS oil goes to Turkey, sold at low prices – Norwegian report

The Turkish Government operations in South Eastern Turkey are criminal operations in many ways but it is also clear that Kurdish militants are not going to achieve anything fighting the Turkish Army in Turkey. PKK operations inside Turkey are a boost to the increasingly erratic Erdogan, it is the fighters in Syria with the US and Russian allies who will be able to achieve something for the Kurdish people so the efforts are much better directed there.


David Bowie in the mid 1970s.
David Bowie in the mid 1970s.

January 12th, 2016.

David Bowie.

The death of David Bowie is not an important news story nor an event for great sadness, he lived a fairly long and certainly good life. But for some reason it has the feeling of a landmark event in the West.

David Bowie was a singer and an actor of sublime talent but he was merely an entertainer. Still an entertainer of rare quality who left an immense cultural mark on the West and whose death in many ways exposes just how empty are the remaining cultural icons of the Western dark elite.

Crowley "issues" in the early 1970s.
Crowley “issues” in the early 1970s.

Aleister Crowley and the David Bowie Connection

David Bowie was at least in part, an agent of the dark elite, there were Crowley issues, minor Nazi issues and allegations of sex with underage groupies* and a rape claim that cannot be substantiated.

His appeal within the openly evil fashion industry was especially unnerving but musicians are there to entertain, it is a delusion of the modern West that troubadours are supposed to be moral leaders.and his work stands up today and will continue to entertain people for many decades.

And look at what they have left, they have almost nothing. The cupboard is so bare. Jagger? Madonna? Dylan? Elton John?

If we take Madonna an artist with a similar career trajectory, Madonna has only maybe half a dozen great songs**, (and that is being generous) the work doesn’t stand up. Elton John is and has always been a tacky lightweight and a follower, Dylan and the Stones became musically irrelevant decades ago.

They have lost an agent of irreplaceable quality, a real gem and it does beg the question as to what happened to Western culture?

That is to say why does the pop culture (many honorable exceptions aside) suck by and large these days and why did the pop culture go downhill?

One striking thing is the lack of personality in the work of major pop artists today. Rihanna’s work is generally well executed and some of the songs are memorable but there is a total lack of sonic variety and personality, her records get the best factory production every time but it always sounds and feels the same. There is something missing there, she has ability and she is given good songs often but there is a complete soullessness about it somehow.

There have been and always will be great new musicians but the difference is that at certain times in the past, artists of intellect and quality like Bowie were promoted, today they are mostly the most pliant and obedient kids off the talent shows. Someone from that background will never be more than a competent clone, it is why they are chosen.

There is a big gap between David Bowie and the Bay City Rollers and since the 1970s it has been all Bay City rollers all the time on the pop charts. Good new bands have been obscure.

Someone made a conscious decision to take the culture in an aggressively lowest common denominator direction, or was it organic?

I first became aware of David Bowie in the early 1980s, around the time of Let’s Dance, my older cousin Andrew was a big fan and when I visited his house in perhaps 1982 I can remember seeing David Bowie posters on the wall.

Around the end of 1984 I became a fan after I managed to record Space Oddity off the radio, it was truly like nothing else I had ever heard and I have remained a fan ever since.

The song is still sounds striking and fresh although it is well short of Bowie’s best. Young Americans stands out as an absolute classic to me as does Golden Years. Pop music does not get any better.

The key period was between 1969 and 1983 with the absolute peak being between 71 and 77 or so and throughout this time David Bowie produced dozens of classic songs.

Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel, Young Americans, Golden Years, Rock n Roll Suicide, Life on Mars, Heroes, Sound and Vision, Ashes to Ashes, Lets Dance, Changes, Andy Warhol , Sorrow, Starman and many many others.

He was extremely stylish, carried off the androgyny schtick brilliantly where many of his followers were hopelessly gauche and awful- and he even appeared to have a sense of humor.

He also helped Iggy Pop produce his two Berlin albums, the semi classic the Idiot and the absolute classic Lust for Life along with producing the only Lou Reed album that was successful, Transformer featuring Walk on the Wild side among others.and also the final Stooges album Raw Power.

It is a sign of a high quality individual in whatever area that they bring out the best in others. Bowie had a great career as a producer as well as an artist and these are a couple of my favourite examples.

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Iggy Pop – Dum Dum Boys

He was practically the only person alive who deserved to be called a rock star, who didn’t make the term seem a joke. Unlike the Rolling Stones he did not flog his legacy to death on endless overpriced nostalgia tours. Bowie was still appearing on great records well into the noughties, lending vocals to the TV on the Radio classic Province.

TV on the Radio-Province

Bowie even made some great movies, the Man Who fell to Earth is an absolute classic, a work of genius, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is also a fine movie. Many of his movies were forgettable but the acting was a bonus, secondary and the indifferent movies did not matter.


David Bowie – Space Oddity

Iggy pop-Lust for life

David Bowie – Heroes

*The Lori Maddox story.
“While Lori’s mother worked nights, she and Sable, who was dating Iggy Pop, would sneak out to clubs on the Sunset Strip in search of musicians, she told – and that’s where she met David Bowie.

“What I remember most about the E Club was Bowie. I met him when he was doing the Spiders from Mars tour. He wanted to take me to his hotel room. I was still a virgin and terrified.
“He had hair the color of carrots, no eyebrows, and the whitest skin imaginable. I grabbed on to [DJ and club co-owner] Rodney Bingenheimer and said I was with him. So we all just hung out and talked. I had probably kissed boys by that point, but I wasn’t ready for David Bowie.”
Five months later, Lori changed her tune. Next time Bowie was in town, they went for dinner and while they were seated at their corner table in a private room, John Lennon and Yoko Ono stopped to say hello. It was another world.”
““We got to the Beverly Hilton and all went up to Bowie’s enormous suite. I found myself more and more fascinated by him.

“He was beautiful and clever and poised. I was incredibly turned on. Bowie excused himself and left us [Lori and Sable] in this big living room with white shag carpeting and floor-to-ceiling windows. Stuey brought out champagne and hash. We were getting stoned when, all of a sudden, the bedroom door opens and there is Bowie in this fucking beautiful red and orange and yellow kimono,” Lori told
“Looking back, Lori said she wouldn’t change a thing.

“That time of my life was so much fun. It was a period in which everything seemed possible,” Lori said. “There was no AIDS and the potential consequences seemed to be light. Nobody was afraid of winding up on YouTube or TMZ.”
“Now people are terrified. You can’t even walk out your door without being photographed. It has become a different world.”

“He focused his famously two-colored eyes on me and said, “Lori, darling, can you come with me?” Sable looked like she wanted to murder me. He walked me through his bedroom and into the bathroom, where he dropped his kimono. He got into the tub, already filled with water, and asked me to wash him. Of course I did.
“Then he escorted me into the bedroom, gently took off my clothes, and de-virginized me.”
“Two hours later, Lori went to check on Sable who was high as a kite, and repeatedly saying, “I want to f*ck David.” To which Bowie said, “Well darling, bring her in.”
“That night I lost my virginity and had my first threesome. He was totally bisexual. I saw David many times after that, for the next 10 years, and it was always great,” Lori told

**Into the Groove, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Live to Tell, Burning Up, Frozen, Ray of Light.

the Life and Death of Sheikh Nimr

Sheik Nim al Nimr the Saudi dissident executed on January 2nd, 2016.
Sheik Nim al Nimr the peaceful Saudi dissident executed on January 2nd, 2016.

January 10th, 2016.

The Execution of Sheikh Nimr.

The holder of the chair of the UN Human Rights council deemed the new year a good occasion for a mass execution. and on January 2nd  47 people were executed inside Saudi prisons.

Four of the executed were Shia dissidents, the rest were alleged al Qaeda terrorists apparently too extreme to  graduate from the Saudi re-education centres and be redeployed abroad in the service of the Kingdom.

Given that four of the executed were Shia and it has been reported that forty three of the executed were beheaded while four were shot by firing squad, it seems logical to tentatively conclude that the four Shia dissidents including prominent cleric Sheikh Nimr al Nimr were shot whilst the al Qaeda men were beheaded.

The body of Sheikh Nimr was buried secretly, his family were not permitted even to bury him.

Sheikh Nimr Baqir al Nimr.

Sheikh Nimr al Nimr was a popular Shia cleric born in al-Awamiyah, an impoverished small Shia town  in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in 1959.

Sheikh Nimr lived and studied in Iran and Syria between 1979 and 1994, attaining the title Ayatollah , a title now held by only 49 living Shia clerics but a title far short of Grand Ayatollah which is the highest possible attainment for a living Shia cleric. In 1994 Sheikh Nimr returned to his Eastern Province hometown al Awamiyah.

Sheikh Nimr became the most prominent and outspoken internal Shia critic of the House of Saud, the clan who rule the Saudi nation as an absolute monarchy.

A Decade of Oppression.

Sheikh Nimr was first arrested in 2003 , reportedly for the heinous “crime” of leading prayers in his home village. He was arrested again in 2004 and 2006 and by this time Sheikh Nimr had reached the attention of the national secret police organisation the Mabahith.

After his 2006 arrest Sheikh Nimr was beaten but released after the people of his home village protested at his detention.

Undeterred by these oppressions Sheikh Nimr first achieved international prominence in 2007 when he released “A Petition of Honour and Dignity” his call for the reform of Saudi Arabia. The document called for ” freedom of belief for the Shia, who are considered heretics in Saudi Arabia” along with “liberty for Shias in the justice system and in education, including schools for girls, as well as the establishment of local government committees, and access for Shias to selection for higher status jobs.” (Source)

The petition was handed to the Governor of Eastern Province.

In 2009 a dispute erupted in Medina after the Saudi Religious police were seen video recording female Shia worshippers as they attended the graves of revered Shia figures in Medina. The upshot of which was an escalation in the scale of the oppression of the Saudi Shia minority.

These events led to a significant escalation in rhetoric from Sheikh Nimr, for the first time he raised the prospect of the secession of the Shia areas of Saudi Arabia, stating:

“Our dignity has been pawned away, and if it is not … restored, we will call for secession,” and  “Our dignity is more precious than the unity of this land.”(Source)

Most of the Saudi oil industry that represents the nations entire economy almost is located in the Shia Eastern areas so these are very sensitive and unhappy subjects for the ruling Saudi clan.

Map showing that the bulk of the Saudi oil industry is located in the heavily Shia Eastern regions.
Map showing that the bulk of the Saudi oil industry is located in the heavily Shia Eastern regions.

This led to an arrest order being made for Sheikh Nimr and attempts to arrest family members, Nimr went into hiding until the storm apparently passed.

the Arab Spring begins.

Five years later the origins of the Arab Spring remain controversial and mysterious. My understanding is that the Arab Spring was a CIA project that sought to leverage the genuine sense of grievance within the Middle East in order to install Muslim Brotherhood governments across the region following the classic colour revolution model.

The participants on the ground were overwhelmingly unaware of these machinations and the protests were largely sincere in basis.

According to the leader of the Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah in his speech condemning the execution of Sheikh Nimr, elements of US intelligence contacted Sheikh Nimr and offered to supply weapons to the Saudi Shia, an offer that Sheikh Nimr refused.

It seems likely therefore that someone was reaching out to political activists in the Gulf in the 2010-2011 time frame and encouraging them to ignite protest movements.

Sheikh Nimr participates in a small protest march in Eastern Saudi Arabia in 2011.
Sheikh Nimr participates in a small protest march in Eastern Saudi Arabia in 2011.

January 2011- Protests Begin in Saudi Arabia.

The narrative of the Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia bears a remarkable similarity to the narrative we were given in Tunisia, where the Arab Spring protests began and where the first Government fell as a result.

In both Tunisia and Saudi Arabia the protests were inspired we are told by the self immolation of a single disgruntled individual, in the case of Saudi Arabia we are told that an unnamed 65 year old in Jizan self immolated on January 21st, 2011 and that protests began in the days following that event.

Political demonstrations are illegal in the Saudi Kingdom, an openly despotic state with no compunction whatsoever about conducting human rights abuses so every protest is a genuine act of bravery.

The protests in Saudi Arabia had multiple motivating issues and took place across the nation, with the Shia Eastern protests only one of several major streams of protest along with woman’s rights, and broader calls for reform and freedom.

Sheikh Nimr Speeches.

Several of Shiekh Nimr’s Arab Spring era speeches are on YouTube, the English translation provided by the MEMRI.

Judging by these samples Sheikh Nimr was an entertaining speaker, a lively and jovial figure, the antithesis of the fire breathing extremist of Hollywood Zionist fantasy.

The element of his speeches that the Saudi ruling clan found most unacceptable was probably his mockery of the Saudi state, the most amusing moment from his speech was the point at which he suggested the Saudi state should turn their “Iron Fist” against the “head of the snake”-Iran before concluding that if they ever tried to do so the Iron fist would be revealed to be a “cardboard fist.”

Saudi Ayatollah Shiekh Nimr Al-Nimr Dares Saudi Regime

The Crown Prince Nayyef Speech of July 2012.

In June 2012 Saudi Crown Prince Nayyef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud died. At the time of his death Nayyaf was Interior Minister, a post that he had held since 1975. Prince Nayyef’s offices had engaged in many human rights abuses during that time winning him many enemies.

In what in retrospect seems an act of foolishness in that it helped his enemies by surrendering some of the moral high ground, Sheikh Nimr made no secret of his delight at Prince Nayyef’s demise and in the same month Nimr was arrested for the last time.

That does not justify Sheikh Nimr’s arrest or execution for a second and it must be remembered that Sheikh Nimr never said that anyone should be attacked or killed, not the House of Saud nor anyone else and therefore he undoubtedly deserves to be regarded as a martyr to tyranny and evil as personified by the House of Saud.

Saudi Cleric Nimr Al Nimr – Speech on the angel of death and Prince Nayyef

Sheikh Nimr after being forced from the road and shot by Saudi security forces in July 2012.
Sheikh Nimr after being forced from the road and shot by Saudi security forces in July 2012.

Final Arrest.

The Saudi authorities story regarding the arrest is so ridiculous it does not even bear repeating. Sheikh Nimr was driven off the road, his car was forced into a wall by the Saudi security forces and after that they shot him several times in the leg and tried to claim that men associated with Sheikh Nimr fired upon them. It was an unfunny joke.

Sheikh Nimr’s family were allowed to see him after a week, they reported that he was bruised and had broken teeth, the Saudis having apparently seen fit to torture him despite his serious wounds.

Soon after Sheikh Nimr’s arrest his wife Muna Jabir al-Shariyavi died in a New York hospital reportedly as the result of cancer.

Death Sentence.

Sheikh Nimr was sentenced to death in late 2014, fundamentally for questioning the legitimacy of the House of Saud to rule the nation that bears their name.

During the course of the court proceedings against him Sheikh Nimr was given an opportunity to save himself by recanting his views. He said:

“If injustice stops against Shiites in the east, then (at that point) I can have a different opinion, according to his brother, who attended court sessions and spoke to The Associated Press just days before the Oct. 2014 verdict.”

That was not the right answer and in October 2014 the sentence of death was pronounced.

Sheikh Nimr appealed against the death sentence imposed upon him to no avail.

The head of Iran’s military warned the House of Saud would “pay dearly” if they carried out the sentence.


In the year 2015 the long running Saudi-Iran rivalry intensified across the board. The Nuclear deal and partial rapprochement between Iran and the West was a terrible blow to Saudi Arabia who had been urging a Western military attack on Iran for many years.

In March 2015 Saudi Arabia and their Gulf allies began attacking Yemen in a bid to restore their man President Hadi to power after Houthi rebel groups overran much of Yemen and Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia. After nine months and thousands of air strikes and civilian deaths, the Saudi coalition have made almost no progress and numerous Saudi military facilities have been subjected to cross border raids by Houthi fighters.

The decision to attack Yemen was an act of supreme foolishness as Yemen is historically the Afghanistan of the Arab world, no-one ever wins a war there, ever,  and far more capable parties than the Saudis have tried and failed to do so. The Egyptian Military fought in Yemen for a decade from the early 1960s onward and achieved nothing but losses and exhaustion. Egypt deployed more than 50,000 soldiers in Yemen at the height of the operation.

Whereas in Yemen Saudi Arabia is the head of the gang in Syria they are just one of many members of a large gang that includes the US, France and Britain along with the anti-Iran regional alliance.

The coalition Saudi Arabia represents have been stunned and enraged by the Russian entrance into the Syrian war which in a single stroke ended all hope for the violent overthrow of the Syrian state.

Things are not going well for the House of Saud and there are signs of internal power struggles within the ruling clan and the decision to execute Sheikh Nimr appears to have been borne of rage and frustration and also an attempt to ignite Sunni Shia sectarian tensions.

One of the few cards left to play for the politically bankrupt House of Saud.  The killing of Sheikh Nimr at the start of 2016 was little more than the foot stamping of a petulant child who cannot get it’s way.

The Saudi embassy in Tehran the day after.
The Saudi embassy in Tehran the day after.

The Reaction.

More than a week after the execution the anti Saudi protests continue from Bahrain to Germany ,India and Pakistan to London. The peaceful protests were overshadowed somewhat by the sacking of the Saudi Tehran Embassy and the Mashad consulate.

Iran backlash: Saudi embassy stormed over execution of cleric Nimr al-Nim

No-one was harmed but the Iranian authorities should have prevented these actions which only served to enable the Saudis to play the victim and obscure their evil execution of Sheikh Nimr.

Saudi Arabia and several Gulf states and other Saudi lackeys cut diplomatic ties with Iran in response.

In Iraq the new Saudi embassy was struck with rocket fire, (the building was empty, the embassy was yet to be opened.) Elsewhere there were outpourings of rage, against the execution of Sheikh Nimr and the poisonous Wahhabist ideology in general.

Iraq: Newly opened Saudi embassy in Baghdad struck by rocket after Sheikh Nimr’s execution

Sunni and Shia- Who are the Sectarians?

The relative merits of any of the various streams of Islam are beyond the purview of this site. As a non-Muslim it would be absolutely ridiculous to try to judge the authenticity of different schools of the faith. The fact is that there are more than a billion Sunni Muslims, hundreds of millions of Shia Muslims and there has long been a very obvious divide and conquer plot to set these sects against one another.

Some basic human principles can be applied to understanding this situation. There should never be political conflict based upon religious identity of any kind.

Even overtly negative religious practices such as those of some dark occultists should be protected because religious freedom should be absolute.

No sect or group should be above the law should they engage in criminal conduct but no system of belief should be criminalised no matter how reprehensible it seems and no system of belief should ever be forced upon people no matter how supposedly positive.

Wahhabism, the school of Sunni Islam that functions as the state religion, transgresses upon these boundaries. Wahhabists regard Shia Muslims as heretics, and within the Wahhabist strain of Islam are those who openly advocate their killing.

Author and scholar David Livingstone asserts that Wahhabism and the related Salafi schools were the concoctions of the Western elite designed to demonise and destroy genuine traditional Islam.

Wahhabism and the Occult Conspiracy | Conspiracy School

There seems to be a great deal of merit in this hypothesis but the unfortunate truth appears to be that the Wahabist doctrine is entrenched in the culture of the Gulf States at this point in time and as emotionally satisfying as the “Death to the House of Saud” chants may be it is very hard to see the successors to the despicable ruling monarchs being an improvement.

ZIONISM and WAHHABISM: The Twin Cancers Destroying the Middle East (and their Dark Origins)

The most likely successor in the near future would be the “puppet maniacs” of al Qaeda and/or Daesh, the revolutionary collapse of the Gulf monarchies would likely be a disaster in the current political climate and yet serious reform is hard to imagine and history indicates that absolute monarchies are doomed to reform or be violently destroyed.

The Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir is the first person outside the House of Saud to become a Saudi minister, which could be seen as a small positive step back from absolute monarchy but given that Adel al Jubeir is every bit as evil and low as any members of the Royal Family, possibly more so, it is hard to see that anything has improved and there is little prospect of reform in the nation known as Saudi Arabia (like calling Britain Windsor Britain) or the other despotic Gulf monarchies and the best thing for the world would be the switch to alternative energy sources and the end of the oil industry in it’s current form.

The location of US bases in the Middle East. These bases mean that war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is beyond unlikely.
The location of US bases in the Middle East. These bases mean that war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is beyond unlikely.

The Future.

Saudi Arabia is at war with Iran whether the Iranians realise this or not. The engineered Haj disaster and the despicable Saudi response made this all too clear.

Body of Iranian Diplomat Assassinated by Saudis During Hajj Identified | Veterans Today

INFOGRAPHIC; New Leaked Document Shows 7,000 Hajjis Killed In Mina | Veterans Today

The Iranians were naive to imagine that the Saudi have an ounce of honour, they have none and until the House of Saud falls or the leadership changes no Iranian officials of any importance should be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia, Hajj or no Hajj lest the criminal Riyadh regime repeat their evil antics of last year.


Saudi Arabia will never be able to initiate a shooting war with Iran and the same is true for Iran. There is no possibility of any type of war between Iran and Saudi Arabia in the near or even mid-term future because for the Saudis part, their ineffectual and corrupt military would be turned to dust if they ever raised a hand against Iran and for the Iranians part any attack on Saudi Arabia would be an act of suicidal insanity as it would provoke a military response from the United States who cannot possibly sit by and allow the site of many of their most important Middle East bases to be attacked.

The leadership of Iran are not suicidal maniacs, Iran has no interest in any type of armed confrontation with the United States, hence their decision to make the Nuclear deal.

Therefore the proxy wars will drag on, the people of Yemen and Syria will continue to suffer but there is no realistic prospect of an Iran-Saudi Arabia war in the conventional sense.

As for Sheikh Nimr, he set a good example to political dissidents everywhere, he conducted himself with honour and dignity and he will be remembered with reverence long after the low and venal Saudi clan are gone and forgotten.

Saudi Arabia: Hundreds decry Sheikh Nimr’s execution in Qatif

UK: Sheikh Nimr protesters rail against govt. support for Saudi Arabia


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the Oklahoma City Bombing: Part One – the Official Story is a Lie.

Classic image of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, 1995.
Part of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, April 19th,1995.
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a car bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
Strange and prophetic message on a wall in downtown Oklahom, April 1995.
Message painted on a wall in downtown Oklahoma by one of the rescue teams..

January 6th, 2016.

Oklahoma City, 1995.

On April 19th, 1995 a massive series of explosions struck the Alfred P. Murrah US federal Government building in Oklahoma City.

The attack was the largest terror attack to strike the United States in the 20th century, leaving 168 people dead 500 wounded and destroying large sections of the building.

After more than two decades it is clear that as well as being an horrific massacre, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a key milestone in the infiltration and destruction of the United States, along with the Kennedy assassination and 911 it stands as a signpost marking the triumph of tyranny and lies in the “land of the free.”

This operation was the culmination of an effort over decades to infiltrate, discredit and destroy the patriot and militia movements and like the Kennedy assassination earlier and the later 911 event enabled the Shadow Government to  show the reach of their power and their ability to shape reality towards their ends, regardless of the facts.

Official Story.

The attack is attributed to a 4800 pound ANFO based bomb built by Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh and placed in a Ryder truck rented by McVeigh. The men were supposedly motivated by ‘radical right anti- Government sentiments” and also by a desire to avenge the Waco incident of April 19th, 1993. To this day that story is widely believed.

Many facts have emerged in the twenty years since the attack that make it clear that the whole narrative of an extremist plot run by anti-Government militia types was completely untrue.


The attack was a false flag classic; in order to discredit a political enemy, the US government and other allied parties infiltrated the groups with agents and then helped and augmented the attack by providing the bomb that blew up the building as well as facilitating the patsies in their shadow operation.

There are literally dozens of facts that prove the US government account of the Oklahoma City bombing is incomplete and untrue. Before attempting to chart what really happened and discover the identity of the perpetrators the most powerful and easily understood of the impossible contradictions will be explored briefly so that the credulous will understand the need for an investigation.

Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.
Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.

Fact No.1- John Doe 2 and the Missing CCTV footage of the attackers.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that the Government story is a lie because there are dozens of eyewitnesses and video footage of another man leaving the Ryder truck along with the Timothy McVeigh character. John Doe 2 was sought for several weeks before the FBI edited this individual from the story entirely and asserted that this individual and his presence at the scene were a figment of the imagination.

In order to achieve this the FBI had to sequester and suppress the CCTV footage from dozens of cameras positioned near the site of the blast.

FBI documents released to Kenneth Trentadue include FBI references to two individuals exiting the vehicle.

INTELWIRE || The Trentadue Files: Newly Released Documents Expose FBI’s Secret Investigation Of OKC Bombing

Members of the media were able to view some of the CCTV footage and were able to report the fact that there was a second man in the Ryder truck, John Doe 2 was a real person and not only was John Doe 2 present but the man was the final person to leave the Ryder truck and had sat inside the truck for several minutes after the “McVeigh” figure left the vehicle.

Oklahoma City Bombing Federal Surveillance Tapes Cover-up

The logical conclusion to this is that John Doe 2 was the person who actually armed the device and set it to detonate.

Not only does John Doe 2 exist beyond a shadow of doubt but this individual appears to be the prime mover behind the Ryder truck attack.

The brazen excision of John Doe 2, from the story is on its own rock solid proof that the US Government, the Justice Department and the FBI specifically have been involved in a cover up of the truth behind the attack.

Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.
Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.

Fact No.2- Foreknowledge.

Another fact that disqualifies the Official account relates to the revelations of BATF informant Carol Howe and the proven foreknowledge of the ATF and other Government agencies prior to the attack.

This foreknowledge related to the specific date and target of the attack leaving zero doubt that elements of the US Government knew the attack was coming and chose or were ordered to allow the attack to happen.

Carol Howe was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Carol Howe was sent by the ATF to infiltrate an enclave of “white separatists” operating out of an Eastern Oklahoma property named Elohim City. Elohim is Hebrew for Gods.

With the black swastika tattoo on her upper arm Carol Howe was able to establish herself within Elohim City and became the trusted confidant of many of the people there.

In February 1995 Carol Howe reported to her handlers that a man named Andreas Strassmeir, the FBI/German and possibly Israeli intelligence operative serving as security chief at Elohim City was speaking openly of his desire to attack Government buildings, conduct assassinations and generally go to war with the US government. Carol Howe even drove with Strassmeir to Oklahoma City to conduct reconnaissance of potential targets.

The ATF made plans to arrest Strassmeir based on Howe’s information but they were ordered to stand down by other elements of the Department of Justice. After the bombing Strassmeir was spirited out of the US by an FBI informant/fake member of the “radical right” like Strassmeir named Kirk Lyons. Strassmeir appears to be at the core of the attack more than McVeigh and eyewitness Jane Graham states that she saw Strassmeir apparently wiring the Murrah building with c4 and detonation cord in the days prior to the attack.

When Carol Howe came forward with this information after the attack, she was arrested and prosecuted. When ABC tried to broadcast her story the story was canned and the Producer of the story, Roger Charles, was sacked.

Another informant named Cary Gagan tells a similar story to Carol Howe with the added detail that Gagan apparently played a minor role in facilitating the attack under the direction of US government agents. Gagan, who was involved in the drug trade, received immunity in late 1994 after his drug contacts began using him to transport detonators and timers from Mexico into the US. On April 10th, 1995 Gagan was asked to transport a locked trailer containing ammonium nitrate and an electric farm mixer and leave it in an area in Kansas close to Terry Nichols house.

The Gagan account and the role of Andreas Starssmeir will be revisited in greater depth in  part three which will focus on what happened and who did it.

Pat Shannan: Murder in the Heartland (re Cary Gagan) – Google Groups

Government terror: Government informant warned of attack (Oklahoma bombing)

The Proven Foreknowledge of the ATF. 

Foreknowledge of the attack went beyond information received. The ATF were warned to stay away from the Murrah building on the morning of April 19th, one eyewitness states that an ATF agent told him in the hours after the attack that he had received a pager message not to come to work on the morning of the 19th. No ATF agents died despite them being among the primary targets of an attack that was supposed to be revenge for Waco and to remove all doubt as to their foreknowledge and their complicity in the cover-up elements of the ATF told elaborate and easily proven lies about being in the building on the day of the attack.

“ATF’s resident Agent in charge Alex McCauley was with a DEA agent in the elevator when the bomb exploded. The elevator dropped free fall from the eighth floor to the third. The two men were trapped in the smoke-filled elevator…they managed to break through the doors…The agents made their way to the stairwell and brought with them 10 or 15 people they found along the way….”Unknown to Martz, the Midwestern elevator Company had been scheduled to perform routine inspections at the Murrah building on the day of the bombing. Within minutes of the bombing several inspectors were at the building. The ATF’s story was quickly exposed as a total fabrication by elevator technician Duane James, who described the story as “pure fantasy.” First of all the cables weren’t cut, so it was impossible for the elevators to of “free fallen.” None of the doors were forced open and safety switches to prevent excessive speed remained in place. Another important point is that the agents would have sustained serious injuries from a five-story free fall. They wouldn’t have been able to help any other people anyway.” SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physicallu impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physically impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterlin Hall Weathermen attack shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no structural damage at all.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterling Hall the “”New Year’s Gang” attack of August 1970 shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no significant structural damage at all.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Fact No.3 -The Impossible ANFO damage.

Brigadier General Ben Partin was a 31 year US military veteran who spent 25 of those years researching explosives and munitions. Brigadier General Partin immediately knew that the damage to the Alfred P. Murrah building could not possibly have been caused by an external Truck bomb alone. Partin states unequivocally that the properties of an ANFO, an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil device, detonated by McVeigh and the unidentified other person who disappeared from the narrative could not possibly have caused the massive devastation that was visited upon the Murrah building in the attack.

When I first saw the picture of the truck bomb’s asymmetrical damage to the Federal building in Oklahoma, my immediate reaction was that the pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementary demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete bases inside the building, a standard demolition technique.” Partin further explained that “reinforced concrete targets in large buildings are hard targets to blast. I know of no way possible to reproduce the apparent building damage through simply a truck bomb effort.” General Partin’s request to have the bomb site preserved in order to examine the possibility of a second explosion was ignored by the government. And in fact, when the request was made by General Partin, the government moved up the demolition by two weeks.”

30 Crucial OKC Bombing Questions Remain Unanswered

Other explosives experts made statements to the same effect.

Sam Gronning, a professional blaster for more than thirty years, stated;

“I have been a blaster for over thirty years and there is no doubt in my mind that ANFO could not of been by itself the medium for that powerful an explosion….even enhanced at that distance, I doubt that an external explosion could have created that extensive damage at the reported weight of the bomb.”
“My knowledge comes from practical handling of explosives,” added Gronning. “And my belief is that 4800 lbs of ANFO wouldn’t have scuffed the paint on the building.”
“No truck bomb of ANFO out in the open is going to cause that kind of damage we had there…In thirty years of blasting, using everything from 100 percent nitrogel to ANFO, I’ve not seen anything to support that story…I have set off 16000 pounds of ANFO and was standing upright just 1,000 feet away from the blast.”

Dr. Roger Raubach, who has a Ph.D in physical chemistry and is now the technical director of a chemical company has this to say;
“I don’t care if they pulled up a semi-trailoer with twenty tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn’t do the damage we saw there.”

SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 1 of 2

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 2 of 2

Partin even wrote to members of Congress asking them to forestall the building’s demolition.

“It is easy to determine whether a column was failed by contact demolition charges or by blast loading (such as a truck bomb),” Partin wrote in his letter to Congress. “It is also easy to cover up crucial evidence as was apparently done in Waco. I understand that the building is to be demolished by May 23rd or 24th. Why the rush to destroy the evidence?”

Only one month and four days after the attack the building was demolished.
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly “one was disarmed the other evacuated” destroying the childish limited hang nonsense about the cover up of the ATF’s illegal storage of explosives inside the building. Illegally stored explosives are not armed so they do not require disarming.

Fact No.4 the Missing Bombs found Inside the building.

That extra explosive devices were found inside the Alfred P. Murrah building is beyond dispute and the evidence goes well beyond the initial detailed media reports of extra devices and also the testimony of eyewitnesses such as volunteer medic Tonie Garrett who states that at least four different well-informed sources on the scene told her on April 19th, 1995 that extra bombs had been found.
There is a memo from the Department of Defense dated April 20th, 1995 that states unequivocally that in addition to the Ryder truck bomb “One bomb was disarmed another was evacuated.”
Later as part of the damage control effort, a story was put out that the bombs that were found were merely dummies used for training. This is obvious nonsense when you consider that the bombs were located by bomb sniffer dogs along with the detail from the DOD memo that one device was disarmed inside the building whilst another was evacuated. Tonie Garrett provides the interesting added details that she was told that one of the bombs had been on a timer and was due to explode ten minutes after the first attack but she had been told that the first blast damaged the timing device and caused it to fail.
In light of those facts the media reports are merely icing on the cake and prove how controlled the US media were even in 1995 and their casual contempt for their audience as they simply pretended the whole episode never happened despite their own numerous detailed reports
Oklahoma City Bombing News Reports: Unexploded bombs found in the Murrah building!

Seismic reading of the moment of the oKlahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supportng the eyewiness accounts and audio recordings.
Seismic reading of the moment of the Oklahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supporting the eyewitness accounts and audio recordings.

Fact No.5 The Overwhelming evidence of two explosions.

Two Audio Recordings of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Audio recordings of the event,  seismic records and numerous eyewitnesses all indicate that Brigadier General Partin and the other experts were correct and that there were two separate explosive events in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 and the truck bomb was accompanied by another larger explosion that some witnesses describe as creating a mushroom cloud.

One of the audio recordings, taken at a local government meeting, records explosive incidents over a period of eight seconds, the second audio tape, from a local law office, records one large blast followed by two dull pops around four seconds later.

Michael Hinton was travelling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed acooount of tow distinct explosive evemts here.
Michael Hinton was traveling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed account of tow distinct explosive events here.

One explosion can create two sounds and be experienced twice, as an air and ground blast, but there is no way that these sounds could be experienced eight seconds apart nor that this audio illusion could explain the twin seismic spikes recorded at several nearby stations.

End of Part one.

Having established that the Nichols/McVeigh “lone nut(s)” explanation for the attack cannot possibly be the truth and given the immense complexity of this case I have chosen to break this into three parts.

Part Two will look into the background of and the long-term infiltration of the patriot/militia movement looking at the death of Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, the Montana 7, the Waco tragedy and in part three it is hoped to outline some of the details of how the Oklahoma City operation was achieved and the persons of interest should the US Government ever decide to reform itself and come clean about the crimes committed from within its own agencies at some point in future.

Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.
Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.

Happy New Year!!

New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.
New Day Rising? Sunrise in Canberra.

January 1st, 2016.

Happy New Year!

A Time of Hope and Renewal?

One of the things that would be unambiguously positive would be an end to war. This would be something worth hoping for and working towards.

Unfortunately the current power structure on the planet means that war and chaos will accelerate right up until the day the New World Order truly seizes power and until that day all who oppose must be destroyed.

In Washington DC, the  powerful are working their way towards open war with Russia, if you listen to the words of John McCain or Hillary Clinton, they both advocate the imposition of a No Fly Zone in Syria.

This is a signal that the Washington DC power elite believe in confronting Russia with force in Syria. This is what happens to all obstacles.

One way or another obstacles must be removed, and today that applies to Vladimir Putin along with Bashar al Assad and while these people remain in and close to power in the West, there seems little hope of peace and I do not mean McCain and Clinton but rather the interests they represent.

On the other hand, according to the Coleman Experience the crimes of the wicked Brtish elite will be fully exposed this year. It can only be hoped that this is correct and that the same process takes place right across the West. But do not hold your breath,.

The Number 2016.

For what it is worth, the number 2016 is a very special number as it is related to so many other numbers and number families as compared with most numbers. It is in many ways the best number to grace a year since 1728, the last year divisible by 288.

The number 2016 is divisible by all numbers beneath ten except for 5, so it represents a kind of rich fruit that belongs to several different number families. There are precisely 2016 hours in twelve weeks.  (24 times 7 is 168 and 168 times 12 is 2016.)

It has 36 factors.

2016 is

1 times 2016.

2 times 1008.

3 times 672.

4 times 504.

6 times 336.

7 times 288.

8 times 252.

9 times 224.

12 times 168.

14 times 144.

16 times 126.

18 times 112.

21 times 96.

24 times 84.

28 times 72.

32 times 63.

36 times 56.

42 times 48.

There is a lot of very interesting information about the way our reality is shaped by certain numbers and formulae here.

The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature

Consensus reality.

There is something almost touching in the way that people continue their rituals and traditions despite everything.
Life in the West seems to exist on two completely separate levels. The personal life continues with all the characteristic ups and downs. Yet there is an underlying knowledge that complete happiness, or better described as overall happiness is completely impossible in this situation. We all walk beneath a long dark cloud whether we see it or not.
We in the West live in a world of lies. Insulting lies, childish lies, and until this changes all who live in the West are tainted by this fact. The shadow of evil overlooks us all. I have no idea what will happen this year, I am sure many wonderful and terrible things will happen as they do each and every year.
I may be short sighted in my outlook, but the way it looks to me it is all rather simple.
Either the cabal(s) that rule over us with their manipulation and lies will be exposed and they will all from power or their evil deeds will continue.
This is the only pertinent issue and supersedes all else. The fall of the cabal(s) is inevitable. The brazen crimes they have committed have been detected and exposed and will destroy them in time. That is guaranteed. The only question is how long it takes and how much they destroy with them as they fall.
Happy New Year.

Neutrality Truth 1

File:217465423-The-Cabal.pdf – WikiSpooks

Blacklist : the cabal speech by Reddington

Husker Du – New Day Rising


Phot of the year 2015. Pretend terroirst pretend killing of a frenchmen pretending to be a police officer, Paris, January 7th, 2015.
Phot of the year 2015. Pretend terroirst pretend killing of a Frenchmean pretending to be a police officer, Paris, January 7th, 2015.
Getting on the front foot in week one. The liars excelled in Paris in 2015 and every single terrorist killing in France in 2015 was a work of fiction, a low farce. The fake shooting of a fake policeman in full public view on January 7th set the tone nicely for the year that followed.

January 1st, 2016.


Lie, lie, lie, lie LIE!

Anyone who tries to claim that 2015 was not a great year must not be a fan of lies. It was one of the best ever years for lies and liars. A real beauty.

The funny thing about the year 2015 is that the history of the year in the West is dominated by fictional events. At some point the history of the West is going to require a heavy rewrite and 2015 will need a heavier rewrite than any other recent year.

After Charlie Hebdo, the Kosher Cafe, Copenhagen, Garland, Chattanooga, the French Train, the WDBJ Live on TV fake shooting, the Charleston comedy, the Oregon sitcom, the Lafayette nonsense and so many others, eventually it became too much and after the second round of fake terror in France,  the San Bernadino clown show was seemingly the last straw.

Even people who knew it was a fraud started acting and talking as though it were real.

Highly respected veterans of the supposed “truth” movement turned to mush and jelly by the end of the year. It was as though every fake event represented a flash bang being thrown into a room, after ten or twelve in a row many people lost their bearings completely.

Some began to spout anti-Muslim garbage. The power of the tribe (the Western tribe) was simply too much for them it seems and there are dozens of people I respected a month ago for whom I now have nothing but contempt.

After San Bernadino, it was as though there had never been any truth movement at all. No-one knew anymore that 911 was a false flag attack. No one could remember that they there is a police state being built on the back of a series of lies and manufactured threats and that anyone who gives credence to the Muslim (or any other)threat is an agent of the New World Order whether intentionally or not.

Pioneers, scions of the 911 truth movement were paying lip service to the nonsense coming from the populist buffoon of the day like they had never known anything about anything.

I guess it would be like there were all these people who knew that Oklahoma City was a false flag attack and then 911 happens and suddenly they BELIEVE EVERY LAST WORD.

Despite the fact that 911 was a far more obvious and easily exposed big lie than OKC given that it happened LIVE ON TV.

In 2015 the people of the West were bombarded with lies from beginning to end. It is difficult and confusing and those who are genuine victims of brainwashing deserve compassion and sympathy.

The people who tag along and pretend to be awake until it becomes less fashionable, I hope they all retire to hell in the near future. There is no hope for them.

Many thanks to Aangirfan, Burning Blogger of Bedlam, Northern Truthseeker, truth1, shirlz007, Professor Tracy, M.K. Stylinski. Sabine McNeil and all those who left comments or visited the site. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to Dr. Kevin Barrett, truthseekeruk,  Winston Close.,truth sector and all who were kind enough to re-post any of the pieces here.

The Life and Death of Zahran Alloush

Zahran Alloush addresses a Jaish al islam military parade in the Damascus countryside in April 2015.
Zahran Alloush addresses a Jaish al Islam military parade in the Damascus countryside in April 2015.

December 31st, 2015.

Who was Zahran Alloush?

Zahran Alloush was born in Syria in 1971, his father Abdullah is a respected Salafist religious figure based in Saudi Arabia.

Zahran Alloush studied at the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia, but unlike his father, Zahran returned to Syria after completing a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies.

In 2009 the Syrian Government arrested Alloush for unclear reasons (either weapon possession or miscellaneous plotting) and held him in prison until mid 2011 when he was released under a general amnesty designed to calm the forces of insurrection.

The decision to release Alloush turned out to be another spectacular miscalculation on the part of the Syrian Government and Alloush became the most high-profile militant leader operating in the greater Damascus area where he commanded a force of 10,000 fighters.

(Alloush stated that Jaish al Islam comprised 17,000 fighters, 10,000 in the Damascus area under his direct command and a further 7,000 in other parts of Syria, since his death the number has been inflated to 25,000)

Jaish al Islam is one of the big four insurgent outfits operating in Syria along with Ahrar ash Sham and the better known al Nusra front and ISIL/Daesh.

Ahrar al Sham is a Salafist conglomerate without a well-known leader, the al Nusra leader is a designated terrorist who hides his face and the leader of ISIL/Daesh is in the same category so Zahran Alloush was  presented as the “respectable” face of the Salafi jihadist factions that comprise at least 90% of the Syrian insurgency.

Zahran Alloush even put on a shirt and jacket and was interviewed by mainstream US journal McClutchy, where he tried to present himself as a moderate and reasonable man.

Islamist rebel leader walks back rhetoric in first interview with U.S. media | McClatchy DC

In truth he was a Salafist and his stated goal was to bring Islamic government to Syria, a ridiculous and despicable idea given that a large proportion of the Syrian people are not Muslims and his particular brand of Islam rejects the status of many Muslims also.

Syria Comment » Archives Zahran Alloush: His Ideology and Beliefs


“Zahran’s  calls for cleansing Damascus of all Shiites and Nusayris. (“Nusayris” is the old term that referred to the Alawites prior to the adoption of “Alawite.” It is considered a term of abuse by Alawites. “Nusayri” refers to the founder of the religion, Ibn Nusayr.

Alloush calls for ridding Damascus and Greater Syria of the evil works and impure deeds of the Nusayris, using Qur’anic language throughout to underline their deviant ways. Such language makes Assad’s effort to demonize the revolutionaries and rebels easy. On hearing this sort of talk from the leaders of the revolution, Alawites and other non-Sunni sects worry that their struggle is a fight for their very existence.”

Alloush’s remarks regarding the Shia and Alawi population of Syiria were reprehensible and counterproductive, but this is the worldview Saudi Arabia backs.

This is what the term “takfiri” means, those that are so arrogant as to proclaim that only those who belong to their specific school of thought are Muslims.

Takfiri – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“A takfiri (Arabic: تكفيريtakfīrī) is a Sunni Muslim who accuses another Muslim (or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith) of apostasy.

Massive destruction, Jobar East of Damascus is a surreal sight after four years of war.
Massive destruction, Jobar East of Damascus is a surreal sight after four years of war.
Map of Greater Damascus, Jaish al Islam have controlled a broad swathe to the east of the city for several years.
Map of Greater Damascus, Jaish al Islam have controlled a broad swathe to the east of the city for several years.

The Insurgency in Greater Damascus.

Zahran Alloush was by far the most prominent insurgent in the Greater Damascus area. This area fell into the hands of the insurgents by late 2012, the Marj al Sultan airbase fell in November 2012 and remained under insurgent control until December 2015.

The Syria Army failed to dislodge the insurgents from these places despite the use of massive and often indiscriminate air strikes that along with the ground fighting have left the place a desolated ghost town of complete destruction.

By mid 2013, heavily armed insurgent groups were well entrenched in Eastern Ghouta, Jobar and Douma, small towns in the area east of Damascus.

In August 2013 the Syrian Army was bombarding Eastern Ghouta with heavy artillery when persons unknown conducted the false flag chemical attack, the last mad grab for US led regime change in Syria. The attack does not seem to be connected to Zahran Alloush, with the al Nusra front being the prime suspect behind the mass murder. The claim that the Assad government was responsible is beneath contempt at this point.

Apocalyptic Scenes: Drone footage shows destruction in Jobar, Damascus, Syria

The Syrian Air Force whether by accident or design, conducted numerous air strikes against public areas in these districts leading to massive civilian casualties and undoubtedly strengthening the position of the insurgents with the people.

In January 2015 a series of Syrian Air Force strikes on Eastern Ghouta markets left as many as 160 people dead. In response Zahran Alloush ordered his fighters to shell the Shia and Christian concentrated areas of Damascus, they managed to fire a barrage of between 80 and 120 rockets that left at least ten civilians dead.  Alloush tried to claim that his forces had attacked Government and military facilities,  they may have hoped to do so but in fact they lacked the weaponry to direct their shells with any accuracy and it was a criminal terror attack that only made Alloush look weak and foolish.


The Russian Air Force, like all air forces also kill civilians but the strike against Zahran Alloush and his colleagues is indicative of a massive improvement in the quality of the air operations against the insurgents.

The operations are no longer semi-random bombardments but are targeted against military centers based upon intelligence and intense aerial surveillance.

The Easter Ghouta military parade of April 2014. Jaish al islam leader Zahran Alloush surveys his troops.
The Eastern Ghouta military parade of April 2014. Jaish al islam leader Zahran Alloush surveys his troops.
Jaish al Islam military parade, Eastern Ghouta April, 2015.
Jaish al Islam military parade, Eastern Ghouta April, 2015.

The Grand Parade.

The standout moment of Zahran Alloush’s public life and the only time he received intense Western attention was after the remarkably audacious Jaish al Islam military parade in Eastern Ghouta of April 2015.

When I first saw this I could not believe it, It hought it must be filmed in Turkey or some other neighbour of Syria but the Jaish al Islam had the audacity to hold this massive parade,involving 1700 troops, in the middle of the day, close to Damascus out in the open and it was a PR triumph. They were out in the open for at least 40 minutes.

ZahranAlloush gave a nine minute speech,  it was a very standard speech of a Sunni extremist fighter.

The video is here if any care to watch but it is very stock stuff.

If they tried to do it today they would all die.

Human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh, her husband Wa'el Hamada and two colleagues, Samira Khalil and Nazem Hamadi have been missing since their abduction by unknown armed men in December 2013.
Human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh, her husband Wa’el Hamada and two colleagues, have been missing since their abduction by unknown armed men in December 2013. Zahran Alloush’s men are the only suspects due to their control of the area the four went missing.

Abduction and Murder Allegations.

In late 2013 a Syrian human rights activist named Razan Zaitouneh disappeared from an area under the control of Alloush’s men, she and her three colleagues have never been heard from again.

This lack of chivalry raised its head again this year when Zahran Allloush under the increasing pressure of a campaign from a real air force- that of Russia, thought it would be a good idea to parade a group of kidnapped civilians through Eastern Ghouta in cages.

Syrian rebels cage people as human shields


On December 25th a drone watched and waited as leaders of Jaish al Islam (Army of Islam) gathered in their secret base inside their stronghold in the Damascus countryside.

Thye drone observes the arrival of a white sedan, a man leaves the vehicle and is met by a larger group of men.
The drone observes the arrival of a white sedan, a man leaves the vehicle and is met by a larger group of men.

Once the leaders were spotted arriving at the meeting point, the Russian Air force attacked the site with several bombs, flattening all of the buildings in the area and killing Zahran Alloush along with several of his key aides.

Russian airstrike follows the confirmation that the leaders of Jaish al Islam have arrived.
Russian airstrike follows the confirmation that the leaders of Jaish al Islam have arrived.
Apparently unclear on the precise location of the meeting at least three buildings in the area were flattened by air strikes.
Apparently unclear on the precise location of the meeting at least three buildings in the area were flattened by air strikes.

Syria: Top opposition commander killed by airstrikes near Damascus

Zahran alloush


The people of Syria have been the victims of this war and nothing other than suffering and destruction has been achieved.

After three months of intense Russian support, the changes to the Syrian map are very minor. The only area where the Syrian government have made major gains that can be seen on the map is in Aleppo.

The Suth Front map from October 1st, 2015.
The South Front map from October 1st, 2015.
The Suth Front map from December 30th, 2015.
The Suth Front map from December 30th, 2015.

The maps only tell part of the story and the manner as much as the fact of Zahran Alloush’s death makes it clear that the trajectory of the war has completely changed now that the SAA and Hezbollah are backed by a high quality air force.

The arrogant powers  (the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, France and Britain) will presumably intervene further should Syria and Russia make too much progress.

The ideal solution to the crisis would be a political settlement but unless and until the arrogant powers amend their world view, stop believing that they have the right to control every inch of the earth and destroy all who resist, the suffering is going to continue.

If the West and their allies maintain their position of arrogance and Russia and Iran maintain their position of opposition to the regime change project in Syria a regional or even a world war is a more likely outcome than a diplomatic solution.