Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims

Witness and Victim G.
Witness and Victim G.

March 11th, 2015.

Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims.

The medical reports end any debate regarding the fact that children A and G were the victims of child sexual abuse in Hampstead and underline the criminal nature of the police interviews of September 17th, 2014. The question now is who is being protected? Who has the influence and power to cause the British police such an obvious and inexplicable mid investigation rethink? Clearly there is much more than a Z grade actor and the reputation of a school at stake here. Neither would logically merit the police choice to destroy this investigation and cover up these heinous crimes.

Background Chronology

September 5th 2014.
“A referral was made to the Barnet CAIF by (mother’s partner’s) brother in law who is a special constable. Following a disclosure by A and G that they had been sexually abused by their father and “teachers” and were part of a cult. This disclosure had been made when they were in Morocco over the summer. And the parents stated they were unsure who to inform as many people seemed to be involved, (including allegedly police and social workers.)
Initial police interviews conducted.
8/9/14. Initial strategy meeting held.
10/9/14. Visit to family home ahead of ABE interview.
11/9/14. Emergency Police Protection Order issued after the ABE yesterday evening during which witness A, witness G and witness E (mother) were interviewed separately.
Allegations of physical abuse from the mother’s partner towards both children and sexual abuse against both children by their father and “teachers”. They are now in Emergency Foster Placement.”

Police conduct the retraction interviews in transparent attempt to bury the truth and vandalise justice.
Interviewing officers clearly bully false retractions from the children for unknown reasons that can only be sinister.
22/9/14. Police inform the mother E that they have found that the crimes against the children cannot be confirmed. The investigation is over.
22/9/14. Dr. Hodes writes the second medical report affirming the veracity of the sexual abuse allegations despite the retractions. Dr. Hodes cites a specific research finding that found that 16% of victims will retract the allegations and affirming therefore that the physical evidence of abuse should outweigh the retractions.

Lindsay C Malloy, MA Thomas D Lyon JD, and Joia A Quas
Fillal Dependency and recantation of Child Sex Abuse Allegations.
J.Am Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry. 46:2, 2007.

These statements were made without reference to the disgraceful performance of the interviewing officer in the retraction interviews, which only strengthen Dr. Hodes’ assertions.

The Medical Reports. Who wrote them and are they authentic?

There are two Medical Reports, one dated September 15th, 2014, the other September 22nd. Written on the stationary of the University College of London in a way that leaves no doubt as to their authenticity. Background checks on the names of the people who signed the documents end any doubt . To illustrate this I will cite the best known of the Doctors who have signed these reports Dr. Deborah Hodes (FRCPCH) Consultant Community Paediatrician. A cursory internet search indicates that Dr. Hodes is employed in that role at the University College London and is an expert in the field of child abuse having more than twenty years experience.

Dr Deborah Hodes

Dr Deborah Hodes Consultant Paediatrician an expert with decades of experience and she is unequivocal. Abuse occurred.
Dr Deborah Hodes Consultant Paediatrician an expert with decades of experience and she is unequivocal. Abuse occurred.

The first report dated September 15th appears to have been written by Dr Harriett Gunn (SHO Senior House Officer)* but is also signed by Dr. Hodes,  The second Report of September 22nd appears to have been written entirely by Dr. Hodes, as she is the sole signatory.

The Medical Examiners are highly experienced and well qualified.
This does not mean that they are infallible, of course, but these medical reports have been signed by medical practitioners considered to be authorities in the field with decades of experience.
Dr, Deborah Hodes,  part of the examination and assessment team that physically examined the children on several occasions is absolutely unequivocal, even after the retraction interviews  that the children have physical injuries, that substantiate their claims of physical abuse at the hands of the mother’s partner and more importantly the sexual abuse at the hands of the father and cohorts.

A Brief Overview of the Facts that Emerge from the Medical Reports.
The counter narrative states that the children’s stories were coached and fed to them by their mother’s partner who was himself guilty of minor physical abuse of the children.

The police retraction interviews tried to construct a narrative that the children had been denying the actions of the mother’s partner whilst making the claims against the father and school, yet the Medical Reports show that the children made the claims concurrently and were concurrently examined for both the injuries related to the minor physical abuse at the hands of the mother’s partner and the extremely serious sexual abuse at the hands of the father and staff at the school.
The male has one scar on his anus consistent with blunt force trauma, the female has several and has actually been physically damaged by the abuse in ways that really do not bear mentioning suffice to say that she has multiple injuries “consistent with the application of a blunt instrument.”
They could not be clearer. Someone has been doing deeply unpleasant things to these children, the more lurid claims relating to this case may be exaggerated, but there is a very simple and unmistakeable truth expressed in those medical reports.
After they were taken into Foster care, the children were heard to discuss the use of Vaseline as a lubricant their abusers used on them. They are no longer in the presence of the mother’s partner, there is no need for any story to be told, yet they were speaking about it in a matter of fact way.

The children independently told their story on multiple occasions to numerous Doctors and other disinterested parties and were consistent in their claims against both parties. There was medical evidence to support the claims that were made against both parties.

Both children were observed to be suffering the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Both children complained at their treatment at the hands of the mothers partner, yet it was absolutely clear to the examiners that it was the father they feared. Each child independently expressed the fear that their father would kill them, one had nightmares about it. Expressions of fear do not get more profound than that.

The details outlined in these reports are deeply unpleasant. Unfortunately it is necessary to do this and I will ensure that only the completely necessary information is included. There is a duty to attempt to spread the truth in a matter of gross injustice such as this case represents and I have sought not to identify anyone by name other than the Doctors whose role appears to have been an honourable one.

Key Excerpts from the Two Medical Reports.

September 15th, 2014.

“Witness G “does not report any history of constipation or diarrhoea . However he does report that it does often hurt and he has often bled when opening his bowels although this had decreased significantly in the past two months which his sister says is because it is two months since they have seen their father. (the children were also removed from the school). He opens his bowels everyday and reports that his stool is soft. “( a detail that is unfortunately necessary due to later events)
Physical Abuse.
“Both G and A report that they have been hit multiple times with a metal spoon by mother’s partner over the head and the legs. They also report they have been pushed into walls. They also allege that mother’s partner holds his hand over their mouth till they “can’t breathe.” On a recent visit to Morocco over the summer witness G explains that he was hit on the ear by the mother’s partner in the left ear which caused his ear to bleed and his left eye to be swollen and bruised. G and A said that G was then not allowed to leave the holiday home until the bruises had disappeared.”
(Note: the details contained here completely destroy the notion that these allegations were made as the result of coaching. Did the mother’s partner also coach the children to make all these detailed and specific allegations against him? Of course he didn’t. The fact that these allegations against the mother’s partner were made at the same time as the allegations of sexual abuse is clearly overwhelming evidence that these children spoke the truth to the best of their ability about both issues and were not under external control of either party to a custody dispute as they made the allegations.)

Sexual abuse allegations.

“ A has explained that at school a teacher named Mr. H calls children over and makes them take off their underwear. A explained that she and other children including G are made to bend over and a “plastic willy” is inserted into the anus. Whilst Mr. H holds onto their hips. A also stated that Mr.H “makes noises” while this is done.

Of note, she says that he gives them a refresher bar to eat as a reward and to chew on while this is happening so they “can’t scream or make a noise” and they are asked to face forwards and not look backwards. G has said that the same thing has happened to him. G says that after this has happened he has bleeding from the anus and subsequently. it is very painful when he opens his bowels.”

Victim G Physical injuries described.
His (G) anus was examined in the left lateral position using gentle buttock separation for 30 seconds. He had one anal fissure scar at 9 o’clock on examination of the anus. There was no reflex anal dilation.”

“In both the general physical examination and the genital examination of G today. There are physical signs consistent with the allegations given by G and A. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that he (G) has alleged.
In summary, G has physical signs consistent with his allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse. “
Dr. Harriett Gunn (SHO) to
Dr. Deborah Hodes.
Medical Report Dated September the 22nd 2014.

The report begins with Dr, Hodes outlining her extensive experience in the field. Twenty four years worth.
Dr.Hodes states that she was present at two strategy meetings and two physical examinations relating to this case. In addition Dr. Hodes has spoken to Camden area social workers and also reviewed the photographic evidence pertaining to the children’s injuries.

Victim and WItness A on September 17th 2014.
Victim and Witness A during a Police interview.

Summary of Relevant Evidence Victim A..
“She alleged that lubrication was used prior to the insertion of the penis or plastic penis and identified and discussed this with her foster carer.. She also told me about having had an injection. She alleged that bleeding occurred after the event and then had pain on opening her bowels.”
“She told me that she has difficulty getting to sleep and she has bad dreams including dreaming of her father killing her ”
Physical Findings.
“Below is a list of injuries found in a physical examination of A shown in body maps and the police photographs.”

1.“3 x 4mm abrasion to the pinna of her left ear and 3mm laceration posterior to her left ear overlying the mastoid, A alleged she was pinched and picked up by her ear on Morocco.”

2. “7mm longtitudinal abrasion (excoriated) on the right lateral aspect of her right ankle. A alleged she had been pushed against an outside wall and “had picked it” when she was in Morocco.”

3. “2.0cm x 0.5cm healing abrasion on the left side of the chin. A alleged that she was hit across the face with a metal spoon while in Morocco.“

Below is a list of injuries found on ano-genital examination of A recorded in the DVDs.
(Warning Note: This is deeply unpleasant and awful and a quick summary is that there are multiple and in my opinion horrific injuries to A’s nether regions)
“1. In the left lateral position with gentle buttock separation there was anal laxity and a brief view of the rectum. In the knee chest position with gentle buttock separation, there was reflex anal dilation (RAD) after 5-10 seconds. The reflex anal dilation continued and there was a view into the rectal ampulla and there was no stool present.
2. There was a healed scar in the ruggae at the 10 -11 o’clock position extending from the anal orifice to the anal verge. It was seen in both the left lateral position and the knee to chest position. The abnormalities in the ruggae at the 4 0′ c;ock and 5 o’clock positions may represent healed scar tissue or variation in the ruggae.configuration.”
There are between two and four injuries, with two undoubted and two speculative.
Conclusions regarding the allegations.
“The physical injuries found on her skin are consistent with the physical abuse she described.
In the absence of a history of constipation, medical illness or accidental trauma according to the GP’s notes, the anogenital findings of the scar and the RAD are consistent with her allegations of the application of a blunt penetrating force to her anus (2); sexual abuse.”
She has described symptoms of post traumatic stress.”

Summary of A and G by Dr. Hodes.
“In my opinion A and G are suffering significant harm as evidenced by the following:-
1.Both children have physical signs of physical abuse that support their allegations.
2.Both children have physical signs of sexual abuse that support their allegations.
3.They have symptoms of post traumatic stress.
4. It is now understood from a 2007 substantiated study of child sexual abuse that retraction occurs far more commonly (16% in this series) than previously thought.
5. In my opinion, the extensive and detailed accounts given by both children that were repeated to different professionals contain details of sexual acts that such young children would need to have direct experience of.”  (Note: in order to be able to describe them is the unwritten implication.)

To put it simply, Dr. Hodes is stating that there is physical evidence in support of both sets of allegations which really highlights how farcical the entire “they were coached” counter-narrative really is. Because children who have been coached to make false allegations in order to influence a custody battle we are told, were not even coached to lie about the minor physical injuries they suffered at the hands allegedly of the mother’s partner. What kind of coaching is that?
It really shows the desperation to protect that this preposterous and absurd notion was even floated as the counter-narrative. It is pathetic and insulting. Truly laughable.

Dr Hodes signature
Dr. Hodes signs off on the September 22nd report. She plainly rejected the retractions.

Ethical and Legal Issues.

The leaking of these documents may constitute a criminal offense, I honestly do not know, but it is obvious that these records have been released in the broader public interest in order to oppose and expose a clear and outrageous injustice. These are exceptional circumstances in which otherwise unethical or even unlawful actions are necessary and just in my opinion.

Why is this happening?

It beggars belief that this investigation was curtailed and destroyed in order to protect a Z grade actor or even the Staff and Institutional reputation of the school and church involved. Something far more important is being protected here, but it is completely unclear whom or what have managed to engineer the stunning travesty that led to the Investigating Police coaching and bullying retractions from the child victims, Witnesses and Victims A and G.
The real mystery at this point is who is protecting this and why?
The way it is being covered up you would almost get the on it’s face ludicrous idea that this was some type of mad, satanic leadership induction program. The people involved may believe they are doing what is right for their children in some sick parallel universe sense.

We Are Living in a Twilight Zone of Serial Denial.

It is completely possible that elements of the stories the children tell that do not relate to events they actually witnessed may be embellished or even incorrect. There is sadly no doubt that whatever the veracity of the claims the police made a decision, a bizarre and inexplicable decision to destroy the case and conduct a cover up. Unless and until the police have a rethink as is inevitable but may take  decades, there is little that can be done to even begin to seek justice for the Hampstead victims beyond trying to expose this to enough people that it causes an uproar that requires an immediate police rethink.

We seem to exist in a bizarre twilight zone where anyone with any connection to power can apparently do what they like to children and expect to suffer only the infamy of the grave. As long as you are not fussed about your reputation when deceased and you are connected you do not even have to be discreet. Once you die it will all emerge of course and your name and reputation will be destroyed but other than that there is no penalty.
While it has become clear again and again that the unthinkable has actually been rather routine, that these unbelievably evil crimes have been happening for decades and yet when confronted with a genuine contemporary cover up, the entire “official” British media have literally not a word to say.

Other than the Hamptead and Highgate Express. The local weekly paper had their say recently,  they covered the story from the point of view of the alleged perpetrators, predictably, so the reference to the case was rather incidental, but telling.
Google under fire after leaked personal details of Hampstead residents remain on web – Crime & Court – Hampstead Highgate Express

The real story is instantly dismissed thus “The claims, which the mainstream media is barred by court order from reporting on, are said to have been investigated by police and found to be baseless.” Which I think can be fairly claimed to be a downright lie. Perhaps gratitude is the right response to the total lack of mainstream news coverage. Please note the brazen hypocrisy of the Hampstead and Highgate Express stating that “ which the mainstream media is barred by court order from reporting on” before continuing “are said to have been investigated by police and found to be baseless.” Clearly reporting (and indeed completely mendaciously and inaccurately) without naming or even alluding to a source, let alone any evidence to back up their dishonest claim. I hope they are proud of their work at the Hampstead and Highgate Express. Their efforts in support of evil will be rewarded in the deserved manner eventually I am sure, one way or another. It’s only a matter of time.

Return #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian Family!


Sabine Kurjo McNeill | Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy


Petitioning EU Parliament

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Dr Deborah Hodes

FORWARD UK on Twitter: “FORWARD Trustee, Dr Deborah Hodes, announces opening of the first specialist #FGM clinic in London

ZeeklyTV – Anonymous’s Channel
Dr Hodes Sources.
Lindsay C Malloy, MA Thomas D Lyon JD, and Joia A Quas
Fillal Dependency and recantation of Child Sex Abuse Allegations.
J.Am Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry. 46:2, 2007.

Bradley Ar, Wood, JM, How Do Children Tell?
The disclosure process in child sexual abuse.
Negl. 20 881-891. 1996

The British Medical Association Confidentiality Guide for Staff.(called the confidentiality toolkit)


Click to access confidentialitytoolkit_full.pdf

Excerpts Relevant to this Case.

1. The duty of confidentiality
Confidentiality is an essential requirement for the preservation of trust between patients and health professionals and is subject to legal and ethical safeguards. Patients should be able to expect that information about their health which they give in confidence will be kept confidential unless there is a compelling reason why it should not. There is also a strong public interest in maintaining confidentiality so that individuals will be encouraged to seek appropriate treatment and share information relevant to it.

Using and disclosing information
3. data should be anonymised wherever possible .
occasionally, when it is not practicable to obtain consent, information may be disclosed where the law requires or where there is an overriding public interest, eg where child abuse is suspected
• disclosures should be kept to the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose
5. Anonymisation
Information may be used more freely if the subject of the information is not identifiable in any way.
Usually, data can be considered to be anonymous where clinical or administrative information is separated from details that may permit the individual to be identified such as name, date of birth and postcode. Even where such obvious identifiers are missing, rare diseases, drug treatments or statistical analyses which have very small numbers within a small population may allow individuals to be identified. A combination of items increases the chances of patient identification.
When anonymised data will serve the purpose, health professionals must anonymise data to this
extent and, if necessary, take technical advice about anonymisation before releasing data. Whilst it is not ethically necessary to seek consent for the use of anonymised data, general information about when their data will be anonymised should be available to patients.


*S.H.O Senior House Officer A junior doctor in the pre Modernising Medical Careers era (pre-2007) of training in the UK, in the 2nd post-graduate year–i.e., immediately after the PRHO–pre-registration house officer year, which is now designated Foundation Year 1–FY1. SHOs are now called FY-2. Some SHO posts still exist and are taken as a prelude to certain specialities–e.g., surgery, but are no longer a standard year in training schemes for junior doctors in the UK.

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  1. The second medical report was done after they retracted the allegations, is this why they now accuse Abe of physical abuse at least.

    The report concludes that the physical abuse causing significant harm too. It was said initially that the ear damage was caused by dad shouting and hitting?

    The medical report mentions medical neglect, are doctors involved in this too?

    • The medical report is missing pages, it mentions appendixes 5a 5b, more cover ups?

      • I am unclear to what you refer. These are summaries based on reports of specific examinations. They do not comprise the entirety but do present a compelling overview of the opinion of the medical professionals.

      • I am not sure why you would be unclear as to what I mean, the medical report clearly refers to medical neglect, it refers to appendix 5a&b, these are missing although others are present. I was wondering why that would be.

      • OK Bob, I have reprinted excerpts of the Medical reports. You are right about the neglect issues although as it happened they did not appear to amount to anything concrete. I was unable to copy and paste the PDF report so I had to reprint every word manually hence my decision to print only what I deemed the most important sections, being those that related to the 2014 investigation. In the sources for the article however, you can find the link to the complete Medical reports. I am sorry that I misunderstood your earlier comment your point was a reasonable one.

      • I obviously got it from Ella and she may have made a scanning mistake or I may have made a filing or uploading mistake. I have had a LOT of paper and electronic files to deal with.

        Nothing sinister here.

  2. Sarah McLeod you are quite correct Danny, the evidence was never there to start with and the story was used to appeal to people on a visceral level, both of the HG case and now the Hampstead one. Have you ever tried appealing to BGs sensible side about either cases?
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  3. This is the pattern of behaviour encountered by victims from 30 or 40 years ago. They weren’t believed, told they were making it up and sent back to face yet more abuse. Only now as middle aged adults are the given a voice. We can’t let this keep happening..

  4. Another Solid Argument in support of returning the children to Russian family:

    Don’t know whether anyone else has picked this up.
    In Dr Deborah Hodes medical report (page E15) she states: in the study Lindsay et al, analyses of their data…… found predicators for recantation include – younger age child, a parent figure being the perpetrator and a lack of support from non-offending caregiver (e.i. 3 factors)

    Our Argument: They did not recant UNTIL they were in the care of the authorities; e.i. When the 3rd element/factor was in place.

    Here, I’m not suggesting the actual foster carer, as they seem to feel safe with her BUT they:
    1) Felt safe with their mother therefore they stayed firm in their allegations
    2) Now feel unsupported, so in less than a week recanted
    Sexual assault is verified so why recant?
    Answer: They Feel unsafe and unsupported in the care of authorities.

    • Thanks Evelyn, you make a number of excellent points here. Your knowledge of this case seems to be very strong, certainly stronger than mine and I would encourage you to write at length about this.The points you make are very valid. Making the allegations publicly would have been terrifying to the children. Soon after their one source of Security is removed, the results are probably inevitable at that point.

      • Thank you too. After watching the original 1 hr ‘family-made’ video, I was haunted until I went back to verify whether this was a hoax or not. I watched the police videos and on seeing the retraction interviews, I thought, as many probably, thank goodness its not true. But,for two days, anomalies, questions, descriptions, kept flashing before my eyes until I had to ‘face my fears’ and go back and investigate further. On doing so I became completely convinced the children were originally telling their truth, I have had some experience in working with and interviewing children, and saw many tactics, questions used in the police interviews which are simply shameful. The courtcase was just beginning so i trawled for days through the videos, and some of the reports to isolate the evidence that was the most compelling/irrefutable in support of the children. Unfortunately, I then learnt the Russian family was not even being represented.
        I would be happy ‘to write at length about this’ since you think it would be useful.
        Just to end here, I am eternally grateful to whoever uploaded the videos without blurring them. Without seeing their eyes, expressions, nuances it would be hard to be convinced of its authenticity. This ‘rule’ serves the perpetrators far more than the victims, evident by their unrelenting willingness to only pursue this particular action regarding this case.

      • Thanks Evelyn, if you do write something further please let me know, my email is jamesrobertson648@hotmail.com or leave comment if more convenient. I am sure it would educate me. Your experience of this was very interesting. I feel bad for blurring the photos now, I used an unblurred photo and just wasn’t comfortable. Your point regarding the blurring is a good one and I may have been too much of a “rule follower’ on this issue.

      • Oh Sabine, James, we all fell for it. Me included. If it wasn’t for this case, I no doubt still would believe this ‘rule’. Now it could be argued, that it could be the single most effective reason why they have got away with it for so long. And they are very clever in wording these things (deceptions) so we will agree with them. They have a body of intellectuals working for them especially for this purpose.
        Sabine, that link took me to ‘Supportive Documents’? After spending many days going through the videos, transcribing A’s retraction etc, I had started looking through these documents, which is where I got the above quote from (E15 Lindsay et al…..). Then some time last week I heard that they were not even being represented in court.so I thought, what’s the use and stopped. Thanks for prompting me, I will go back and finish the job. And it sounds Sabine that you have been feeling bad about this? Please don’t, you have done nothing wrong. And thank you for being you x

  5. Can u pls clarify….

    U state the children suffered abuse at the hands of the mothers partner, not just their own father & associates.

    Is this correct?

    • I state that the Medical Reports indicate that the children made two sets of allegations concurrently. The medical reports state allegations of physical abuse against the mother’s partner as well as all the allegations of sexual abuse. The fact that both sets of allegations were made at the same time to multiple health professionals indicates that the allegations were not made as the result of the mother’s partner’s coercion as logically if he were exercising coercion he would seek to have the children either not mention the things he has allegedly done or to blame another party. It is actually pretty obvious. In fact if that narrative had any currency there would be no need for any of the sex allegations at all, let alone about the school and so many parties unrelated to any custody dispute. If you were in that position and wanted to coach the children you would simply get them to blame someone else for the physical abuse and win that way. Thanks for commenting.

      • Yes, I wasn’t able to view the whole piece initially, u were very clear!
        My question was redundant, hence my further post apologising.
        But thank u for the courtesy u showed in responding, that was very kind.
        Thank u for contributing in the way u do.

      • Thank you Miss Ubuntu,
        When most of the stuff you write receives zero comments, courtesy comes naturally! Every comment is welcome other than those advocating violence etc so please don’t apologise.

  6. Was I correct in hearing a females voice adding commentary when “G” was describing his abuse to the mothers partner? If there is a case for these kids being coached it is that the partner is the primary interviewer while the mother is commenting in the background in a way that suggests correction of the story. How is the mother not complicit in the abuse of these children who allowed a high risk individual to elicit graphic details of sexual abuse of her children. Was the partner getting off on hearing the details of the crimes? Who, in all of this, besides the Doctor and Family Protective Services protected these children in any way?

    • Thanks for commenting Heather, I think you have raised some good questions. It appears to me that both the mother and her partner have attempted to do the right thing in an impossible situation although in retrospect perhaps they might have made some different decisions. I found those original videos deeply troubling and was never actually able to finish watching them. I would suggest that they may have served to unintentionally undermine the case here but the facts and evidence speak for themselves.

  7. Hi James…

    An FYI: It appears that “G”s full first name is mentioned in the section of your blog post entitled”Key Excerpts from the Two Medical Reports, September 15th, 2014,” under its subsection “Sexual abuse allegations,” in the 2nd paragraph, last sentence.

    I’m sure it was simply an oversight when your were transcribing, but I thought you’d want to know.

    Thank you for helping to bring this information to the public.

  8. Is it correct that one of the abusers was an actress who appeared in porno style films and was running to be a councillor last year

    • Thanks for comment. I honestly have no idea about that but would suggest the best source on that to be either (or both) Aangirfan or the Tap News network both are on the blogroll at the right hand side of the page.

  9. [Ethical and Legal Issues.

    The leaking of these documents may constitute a criminal offense, I honestly do not know, but it is obvious that these records have been released in the broader public interest in order to oppose and expose a clear and outrageous injustice. These are exceptional circumstances in which otherwise unethical or even unlawful actions are necessary and just in my opinion.]

    May constitute a criminal offence under who’s law?

    If the British Constitution has a lot in common with my home land (Australia) and I’m pretty sure it does, then the REAL law still is Common Law. To be administered by twelve judges, not by some beuracrat judge and a bunch of lawyers trained up in statutory law that they may also have been led to believe (status/ego + $$$) should be a position they take to the point they may even bully their way around the use of a jury – such is the degree to which societies are corrupted over time.

    The twelve judges can override such statutory laws, which SHOULD only ever be in place for the fine tuning of Common Law. The twelve judges may base any determination on what is justifiable and in support of their own fellow community standards for the truth and maximum freedom.

    Would a jury of our peers realistically not agree that these indeed are exceptional circumstances?

    • Yes,that was actually a brilliant point Ashley,and the doctrine of Common law may be a great tool that we can use to fight against a whole variety of these unjust statutory systems as you describe. Judging by your comment you have progressed much further in Law school than I managed. Many thanks.

  10. I do note the following. The UK has a massive influence on the whole world, She is a major banking power. She is a ruling member of the Security Counsel of the UN, and has numerous treaties with other nations, as well as trade with them. Her influence and impact on world law and enforcement of supposed and declared human right, by default, makes anything she does an important issue for any nation on earth. Were someone to come across evidence of a major widespread criminal activity of immense proportion and immense impact on all people in her county and beyond in all other countries, that would, in my opinion constitute an extreme concern for the welfare of British subject and citizens as well as people of all nations impacted by this giant of nations, the UK. From my perspective, in the USA, what goes on in the UK, does not stay in the UK. we are intimate allies with the UK and we act in concert with each other on most things.

    The alleged crimes of institutionalized pedophile rings, present a major danger to many innocent people who deserve to be warned. We see in the case of the mother of the 2 kids written about here in these posts, her not knowing the consistent results of reporting abuse cause her to lose at least temporary custody of her kids who she loves very much. this seems like more than enough evidence to show the many possible danger of being unaware and uninformed of crimes, real or not.

    In the USA, a convicted felon is required to inform Corrections of his place of residence and at times and most states keep registries of such persons so that people are warned and guarded just in case. This too is substantial evidence to support my claims in this post. Warning is not only merited, but should be mandatory by law. If later the charges are proven wrong, then everyone can relax. Warnings are not convictions of a court of law.

    Indeed, when a nation is faced with a perilous problem threatening all peace and order, the measures called for become far more urgent. In the past, individuals have sometimes stood up and become guides for the people to help overcome a serious problem or problems. Sometimes they suffer loss or get killed. Let it be said that in critical times, taking risks becomes necessary, even if one knows the results may not ever produce the fruit hoped for, Part of caring, truly caring, might require severe pain and suffering with no things afterward. I accept my fate and hold fast to my course. I don’t give a damn. There are millions of children facing abuse beyond any comprehension. If there is truly a sad tale to tell, it is if a man stand up for their cause and not 1 other will take such a risk. I am fortunate in that I have others that I i will be able to rely on. but they won’t likely be in the UK. The USA, for all its might faults, has a far more feisty and independent spirit. to them I will seek support and help.

      • I just released a major revision of Alisa’s police interviews and the medical reports for both children. I did this after completing Gabriel’s a couple months or so ago and thought it much better than what I fist did with Alisa a year ago. Hence her revision. That revision led to some horrific discoveries that indicate to me that Alisa was likely raped in custody and a lot of other crimes as well. Most surprising is the response I have been getting since completing some of it half way thru. Hampsteadcoverup.com is publishing it on their site as well and others have been gushing with compliments.

        The web address had changed for Alisa’s interviews:

        the entire interview process was a fraud. That can be clearly proven now.

  11. Hi Sabine I can’t seem to find the petitions on change.org??? Are these now being policed as well as fb and twitter

  12. What is required here is that the accused, come forward and either agree, or be forced to be examined by trusted medical practitioners so as to rule out that they have the markings described by the children. If it were you or me, I’m quite sure we would have rushed to clear our name. Hell, I wouldn’t wait to be asked. The fact that these people are lying low and not offering to do this is not looking good for proving their innocence. My guess is that Hampstead is a sespoole of depravity and scum who wish to practice this kind of cruel abuse are drawn to the area. There is no telling how high this will go. It looks to me like they are ALL trying to cover this up and make it go away. Had the videos of the children testifying in their own words not been posted for all to see, they would have gotten away with it. The rot is so deep and goes so high that only the people themselves can bring justice. If the horror of what has happened here is not enough to get the people angry enough to step up then nothing will. Apathy is our greatest enemy.

    • Thanks for that very thoughtful comment. I have no idea what is going on over there or over here. But it doesn’t look good. I assume most people are basically decent and would want to have nothing to do with such evil. I may be hopelessly naive. The veil is falling in all sorts of ways the truth about this and everything else will eventually emerge.

  13. Ive just read through this
    & checked a few links
    & said to my wife
    “This shows exactly how
    it should be done”
    She said “what”
    “A blogg, it’s a fantastic piece”
    My only disappointment
    is I never came across it
    sooner in my obsession
    about the Hampstead Coverup
    Many Tankz & Much Love
    because I can’t imagine anyone
    writing a piece like this without
    Lots of Love in their Heart xxxx

  14. […] Medical evidence has ascertained that they both have anal scarring, and therefore long-term abuse has been going on, so that much is certain. Their mother´s partner, Abraham Christie, has only been with her for a couple of months, however, so he cannot be responsible, and they are quite categoric that it is their father and teachers and others in local power in Hampstead who “do sex to them”, not Abraham, the interviewer, or Ella Draper/Gareeva the mother. […]

  15. After jimmy seville tortured and raped poor crippled and sick children, nothing in europe shocks me, pedophile heaven for the rich twisted people of this inbred nation of fools! keep the immigrants coming to this trash nation of perverts!

    • I understand how you feel. So much evil and nothing done. But adding immigrants is just more of the same and I don’t want any part of the monsters and their evil. Yes, the nation maybe be deserving, but there are innocents, too. I don’t like collateral damage. Luckily, God has power and a desire, but He, too, knows how important it is to learn from our mistakes. Those who do not want to wake up enough to learn, can not be part of the solution or hope to receive deliverance.

      But I do note that flooding immigrants into other lands does seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to Daniel 2. The internet is a fascinating place to be right now if one seeks out the right topics, such as:
      MGTOW, or youtube channels such as Black Pigeon Speaks, Stephan Molyneux, etc. Once you search into those, all the rest comes up. Our world a major crisis on multiple levels and directions. ow interesting that such a circumstance was promised to come about and has now arrived. Uncanny.

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