The WDBJ Shooting- Hoax Confirmed.

The Virginia Shooting was an heroic attempt to create an
The Virginia Shooting was an heroic attempt to create an “they couldn’t possibly fake that” moment. Still from the “killer’s” footage.

September 1st, 2015.

“We can’t just move on from this.” Anderson Cooper, CNN in the wake of the Virginia event.

The Virginia “Live on TV” Fake Killings.

The Virginia Television shooting was one of the more creative and memorable in the litany of gun control and latterly race war psy-ops that are regularly conducted by elements of the US government and corporate media.

The event is supposed to be sufficiently upsetting and confronting so as to cause the brain to short circuit and thus prevent the viewer from questioning the narrative.

My initial response to the “live on TV” shooting from Virginia was the immensely foolish “Well that must be real because they couldn’t fake a killing on live television.” This was completely incorrect, this was a very audacious made for television event, it was one of the more creative hoaxes we have seen but still when separated from the immediate shock value, is an obvious fraud.

The Event.

The disgruntled employee/enraged black man Vestor Lee Flanagan was filmed conducting the faux shooting with two separate cameras, the broadcast camera and a mobile phone held by the “killer.”
The death of the cameraman was ingeniously simulated by having the cameraman place the camera sideways on the ground.

This seemed to imitate the deaths of IS and other fighters that have been filmed by helmet cameras. When the man wearing the camera is shot, the effect is identical.

I would not recommend this video but it does provide an example of the authentic filmed death that they have tried to simulate in Virginia. The difference between real and fake violence is quite easily seen if you are familiar with scenes of true violence. The atmosphere when there is real violence is completely different.

ISIS RE-MIX – ISIS fighter films his own death via GoPro
<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>iframe>

People shrieking and screaming and the sounds of gunfire do serve to simulate the outward signs but the underlying mood of the scene is completely different.

The tension and fear in a real life or death situation are palpable, the mood is very intense, there is a great deal of confusion and fear. The two situations are like day and night. Everything is different.

No one notices as the man lurks around holding a gun. Big fail here.
No one notices as the man lurks around holding a gun. Big fail here.

Anomalies and Ridiculous Errors.

There was an excellent piece at Activist Post that made most of the points I wanted to make about this.

19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding the Virginia Shooting

A good outline if the broader story is here.

DAILY SHOOTER: Made-For-TV – Virginia News Crew Gunned Down Live On Air (VIDEOS)

If you watch the video the “killer” supposedly made, it is slightly disturbing at first, but the longer it progresses the more obvious it becomes that we are watching a very poorly staged made for television event conducted by actors.

They have the man with the gun slowly walk up behind the unsuspecting cameraman and  interviewer. They made a real mess of this as the man is wandering around wielding a gun within feet of them yet they do not notice he is there at all.

This is completely unrealistic, it is downright nonsensical. Even without the gun, people always, simply always look up when another enters their area. Test it for yourself. The idea that a large black man with a firearm is wandering around within feet of these people and none of them give him a glance is in itself hard proof that this event was not in the slightest bit authentic and any who treat it as such are simply being played for fools.

The people playing the targets are acting in a way that many people act in the movies, but that does not match real life. It is one of those classic movie making errors that make this impossible to believe.

There is no evidence in any of the footage (frantically suppressed, as per the Charlie Hebdo cop and James Foley fake killings) that any shooting has taken place and if the event was authentic there would be. The shooter films himself opening fire at point-blank range on the woman reporter and nothing happens.

There is no projectile that exits the barrel of the weapon and no impact is discerned on the female reporter who the gun has been aimed at and fired. Nor in the surrounding area. This is not out of sensitivity for the dead but instead is due to the fact that the event was simply a psy-op.


That video is very strong, but I was concerned the gun they were using as a comparison was not the identical weapon so I found a short demonstration video of the Glock 19,(the weapon supposedly used in the Virginia TV shooting) in order to confirm that the weapon ejects the used rounds and it does. That one detail hard proves that the WDBJ shooting event was not an authentic shooting.
Glock 19 – Test Fire

You almost have to admire the fanatical tenacity of the engineers of division and gun control in the US, yet their antics grow tiresome. The repetition and the banality are overwhelming.

It is stunning to realise that they are actually making people pay them taxes in order to be deceived and traumatised

The brillian accidnetla shot of the killer forom the
The brillian accidnetla shot of the killer forom the “dead man’s” camera. A neat touch.

Credit Where it’s Due.

There were some very creative touches, real moments of brilliance in this script. The way they pretended to film and accidentally broadcast the killings and then cut back to the faux “shocked and confused” anchor was a sterling moment. It’s always pleasing to see real cunning in a deception.
The way this camera provided a brief glimpse of the “killer” was another piece of real creative brilliance.

The Fictional Lone Nut Race War is On!

Some Americans have fallen for this character and this event as an episode in a simmering racial crisis.
That is another very ambitious aspect of the Virginia event, because the designated offender here Vestor or Bryce or whatever his name was, is supposed to be taking revenge for the Charleston shootings.
So they are at the stage of actually manufacturing a fake lone nut race war! They fake the mass killing in Charleston by the white guy lone nut and then they have the black guy character conduct the fake tit for tat massacre in revenge for Charleston!
Fake killers conducting faux killings in a fictitious lone nut race war. It is pretty funny stuff.

The CIA dream of Zombie America.
It is clear that the New World order is absolutely obsessed with social control and the tight regulation of firearms and the prevention of all militarily effective firearms from being in the hands of the populace-a classic marker of tyranny, is among their key goals.

It is worth considering that the act of deception itself is part of a key goal of social control.Mind control via lies and deception.

These events shape the discourse, traumatise the credulous and buy time for the plotters, along with the specific policy goals they achieve deception, a key goal unto itself.

That classic quote from former CIA Director William Casey has never rung so true

CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.” | Truthstream Media

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey 1981 (Barbara Honegger was present at the meeting Casey said this and passed it onto DC journalist Sarah McClenden. It may read as “too good to be true” and therefore apocryphal, it isn’t.)

How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans – Top US & World News | Susanne Posel

This is being done by a part of the US government and may even be legal. There was a late inserted clause in the version of the NDAA passed in 2013 that sought to overturn a 1948 prohibition on the US government deliberately misleading the people of the US.There was no special reason for that of course, just part of the necessary business of Government.
One of the very troubling things is that the corporate media are at the forefront of the deception and the tyranny agenda, they actually push the government, encourage them to even bigger lies.

Live Shooting WDBJ7 News Reporter / Shooter Point of View FULL / RAW FOOTAGE

Virginia Shooting Hoax: Old Crisis Actors Return To Push Gun Control (Redsilverj)

Virginia WDBJ Shooting Hoax BLOWN WIDE OPEN! Complete Crisis Actor Compilation! BUSTED!!!

The Nuclear Attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Firebombing of Tokyo.

A man stands in the ruins of Hiroshima following the US nuclear attack of August 6th, 1945.
A man stands in the ruins of Hiroshima following the US nuclear attack of August 6th, 1945.

August 12th, 2015.

There are no innocent civilians. It is their government and you are fighting a people, you are not trying to fight an armed force anymore. So it doesn’t bother me so much to be killing the so-called innocent bystanders.”

US Air-force General Curtis Le May*

The Nuclear Attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Firebombing of Tokyo.

The attacks on Tokyo in March and then Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 remain the three most violent military operations conducted in modern human history.

It says a lot about modern day Western culture, along with the increasing travesty that is Wikipedia that although six individual songs from the most recent Justin Bieber album have their own Wikipedia page the Nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are consigned to a combined entry.

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greater weight is given in Western culture to the Bieber “Mother’s Day” single of 2012 than the massacre of tens of thousands of Japanese civilians seventy years ago it seems.

hese were the people Curtis le May thought it was ok to burn alive en masse. Tokyo after Operation Meetinghous, March 1945.
These were the people Curtis Le May thought it was ok to burn alive en masse. Tokyo after Operation Meetinghouse, March 1945.

For a more serious comparison, I chose the sinking of the H.M.S Lusitania in 1915, an earlier and smaller crime committed by the other side.

There is an individual listing for the HMS Lusitania, for the sinking of the ship and also for the 1918 propaganda film about the sinking of the ship.

This degree of detail is completely appropriate, the sinking of the Lusitania remains a momentous event, although it did not achieve the apparent goal of drawing the US into World War I. The deeply suspicious Zimmerman letter seems to have played that role. But the inconsistency is clear.

The Nuclear attacks were themselves not the most large scale massacres conducted by the United States during the Second World War.

The action termed “Operation Meetinghouse” conducted against Tokyo in March 1945 saw 100,000 people killed in a single air raid. Almost all of them civilians. Wikipedia does an even better job of hiding this atrocity grouping it anonymously under

Bombing of Tokyo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The mass murder operation against Tokyo is simply a sub heading.

Curtis LeMay in the 1940s.
Curtis LeMay in the 1940s.

The individual most closely associated with the US atrocities of the Japan air campaign is a fellow named Curtis Le May. The obvious fact that Le May was a psychopath and a bloodthirsty maniac have been well made many times.

It seems too easy to blame these crimes on any one man or even a single nation.

This was Tokyo after Operation Meeting house left 100,000 dead in a single raid on March 9-10, 1945. The firebombs killed more than the Nuclear attacks.
This was Tokyo after Operation Meeting house left 100,000 dead in a single raid on March 9-10, 1945. The firebombs killed more than the Nuclear attacks.


Of the three massacres the Nagasaki operation really stands out.

Why Nagasaki? | Restricted Data

Whereas with the Tokyo and even the Hiroshima operations some type of justification could be argued. Tokyo was the Japanese capital and the attack was five months before the end of the war.

In Hiroshima the device targeted a major military base and is believed to have instantly killed 15,000 Japanese soldiers.

The Nagasaki attack by contrast may have killed as few as 150 soldiers. Nagasaki appears to have been a live fire weapons test along with an act of satanic malevolence against the sole major Christian city of Japan. The US military deliberately refrained from bombing Nagasaki so that they could gauge the full impact of the nuclear device they were testing on the city and the occupants.

World War II is a very confusing event even 70 years after it finished.

One confusing thing is that the Germans, who allegedly transported people to camps, murdered them with death squads, stripped them of their possessions and supposedly subjected them to mass gassing, are supposed to be the worst people ever.

But the Americans murdered civilians by the hundreds of thousands and have spent great parts of the post war period posturing as if they were a force of human improvement and the rule of law.

Post World War II US military operations in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq may have led to as many as 20 million excess deaths overall.

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two — Puppet Masters —

How can it possibly be lawful to launch an indiscriminate air attack on a civilian area and kill hundreds of thousands but to march people off to death camps and kill them there is the worst thing ever?

Clearly both actions are criminal and unjustifiable under any and all circumstances but whereas the German murderers were either killed or placed on trial the likes of Curtis Le May benefited greatly from their atrocities and moved on to become a passionate advocate of a first strike  Nuclear attack against the Soviet Union.

The West.

I was discussing the atrocities and their lack of coverage with a family member born in the 1940s and after I complained that these events did not even get their own Wikipedia page, I was told that as far as this individual was concerned the attacks had not been covered up, they had been celebrated.

All I could say to that was “What type of civilisation celebrates the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians as a victory?”

To which might be answered, “A considerably more honest civilisation than the modern day West.” who simply consign “unhappy stories” to the apparently infinite “Things We Don’t Like to Talk About” list.

Lessons Learned: The Firebombing of Tokyo

  • The Le May quote is from Curtis LeMay – Wikiquote which cites”Sherry, Michael (September 10, 1989). The Rise of American Air Power: The Creation of Armageddon, p. 287 (from “LeMay’s interview with Sherry,” interview “after the war,” p. 408 n. 108). Yale University Press. ISBN-13: 978-0300044140.”

Iran Nuclear Deal: the Death of the Neoconservative Dream.

Iranians celebrate the Nuclear deal and the detente with the West.
Iranians celebrate the Nuclear deal and the detente with the West.

July 16th, 2015.

The End of a Dream.

Following the September 11th attacks,  the US conducted several expeditionary wars of choice involving hundreds of thousands of troops who took tens of thousands of casualties in wars that killed millions, cost trillions and produced failed states as the end result.

In 2007 retired US General Wesley Clark provided some background to these events and spoke of a plan to attack seven nations in five years beginning in late 2001.

“General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years

“We had instead a policy coup in this country, a coup, a policy coup. Some hard nosed people took over the direction of American policy and they never bothered to inform the rest of us.”
“Nobody can tell us where to bomb, nobody.” (Donald Rumsfeld as quoted by Wesley Clark.)

Conversation with a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, November 2001
“Are we still going to attack Iraq?”
“Oh Sir,” he said “it’s worse than that”, he pulled up a piece of paper off his desk and said.
“I just got a memo from the Secretary of Defense that says we are going to attack and destroy the Governments of seven countries in five years! We are going to start with Iraq and then we are going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran
“These people took control of the policy in the United States.”
“This country was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup. Wolfowitz and Cheney and Rumsfeld and you could name another half a dozen collaborators from the Project for the New American Century. They wanted us to destabilise the Middle East, to turn it upside down, make it under our control”
Retired US General Wesley Clark, 2007.

Of the seven nations on the list  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and to an extent Syria and Sudan were targeted successfully.* Somalia, the failed state Obama hailed as a success story, was invaded by Ethiopia in 2006 at the behest of the US and is a continuing target of intermittent US drone attacks and special forces raids.

Lebanon and Iran were the other names on the Neocon target list provided by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in late 2001.

This is far more than a Nuclear deal this is Detente.

The world changed for the better yesterday and  the openly Imperial era of the West in the Middle East appears to be over.

The infantile and aberrant “clash of civilisations” narrative is on life support today,  sustained only by the NATO and Western backed mercenary thugs  the ISIL group and their media promoters.
The dream of the violent overthrow of the Government of Iran by the US is over and there seems to be nothing that Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Netanyahu or any of the other Zionist “monsters of the universe” can do about it.
The false Zionist narrative imposed upon the US in the wake of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 has been discarded. All the lies, the millions of lies that continue to be told in the Zionist owned and controlled Western media, have failed.
The Zionist  project to use the US military as their spearhead to destroy Israel’s  (largely imaginary) enemies in the Middle East is seemingly at an end.

This is not merely a Nuclear deal, this is detente. This is Iran making tremendous, even ridiculous concessions, in order to facilitate a re-entrance to the mainstream international community and especially to restore the relationship between Iran and the West.
It seems inevitable now that full diplomatic relations will resume between Iran and the West, and presumably in the near future. the US will reopen their Tehran Embassy for the first time since the Islamic Revolution. Britain has already announced it’s intention to reopen it’s (more recently closed) Tehran Embassy.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iran and the Nuclear Crisis.
The entire Iran nuclear crisis was largely a work of fiction. It was never clear that Iran was even attempting to build a Nuclear weapon. According to US intelligence, the Iranian Nuclear weapons project ceased in 2003 and was never anywhere close to producing an actual weapon.
The intelligence that pointed to the program up to 2003 itself appeared to be planted on a laptop that “helpfully” turned up just as the Imperial project looked upon Iran as the next target.
The Iranians never produced Uranium enriched beyond 20%, the enrichment level for weapons grade material is at least 90% with optimum results from 95%+ pure Uranium, so the Iran nuclear program never came close to producing a weapon, but the reasons for the Iranians enriching to that level remain unclear.
The Nuclear crisis almost seems to have been engineered as the tool of detente between Iran and the West although much of the energy behind the crisis was sincere and directed towards military engineered regime change.
Clearly this deal offers tremendous benefits to Iran, in exchange for major concessions but this does not mean that Iran is suddenly going to have things all it’s own way in the Gulf or the broader Middle East.

Obama and iden announce the Nuclear deal with iran, July 14th, 2015.
Obama and iden announce the Nuclear deal with iran, July 14th, 2015.

The United States.
This represents a possible important turning point for US foreign policy in two important respects.

The first is the obvious recourse to a more conciliatory and non-confrontational policy in the Muslim world.On the strategic,  if not tactical level.(bearing in mind the US is currently staging air attacks in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen!)
The policy of confrontation and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and the smaller wars, has been a disaster and an attempt to repeat the Iraq episode in Iran would have seen the end of the US as a great power.

The decision to abandon military confrontation in the Iran case was also achieved in a deal that was brokered by the other current Great powers, China and Russia and this points to a United States that is ready to acknowledge that fact and work within those parameters rather than going down in flames seeking to cling to sole or predominant superpower status as fading empires are prone to doing..
Obama is understood to represent the interests of the “realist” or “Brzezinski” faction in the US and within the CIA.

History will apportion the blame and weigh the consequences of what the Obama administration has done but this deal  represents a small and belated delivery on Obama’s promise to be an anti-war President and means that there is at least something on the positive side of the ledger of the Obama Presidency. Many would argue that this step does not come close to redeeming the Presidency of the “nowhere man.” The Obama Foreign policy legacy remains one of destruction and failure in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukraine.

The Israeli Prime Minister during his customary hysterical speech in response to the deal.
The Israeli Prime Minister during his customary hysterical speech in response to the deal.

Israel is facing an almost unprecedented diplomatic defeat, the loss of prestige, the psychological blow is tremendous. The paid lackeys in the US Congress and the Western media cannot hide the fact that Israel is now completely isolated from the West in it’s one dimensional confrontational approach towards Iran.

The Western narrative and the Israeli narrative have departed ways.

Iran is no threat to Israel
The material consequences for Israel from this are almost non- existent. Hezbollah will presumably see an infusion of new and better weaponry, but the truth is that Hezbollah remain deeply embroiled in the Syrian Civil War and while the Hezbollah group are more than a match for the Sunni extremists backed by the West and the Gulf monarchies in Syria, Hezbollah will pose no real or significant threat to Israel in the foreseeable future.

Israel’s Solution

If Israel want to pretend they  fear Iran and Hezbollah, the answer is to leave the Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights and end the Gaza blockade and the conflict will be over. Hezbollah’s or Iran’s arsenal will be of no relevance to Israel either way.
The real consequence for this will be hat the event is part of a pattern of international isolation that Israel is increasingly encountering. The BBC had the temerity yesterday to name Israel as a Nuclear state. Scrutiny of Israel’s position on this issue , the rank hypocrisy of a Nuclear armed rogue state calling for war will only add further impetus to the movement to Boycott the Apartheid Zionist state.
It is now too late for Israel to act against Iran, and this was never the preferred option anyway.An attack on Lebanon remains an option for Israel as an attempt to violently express their frustration (as the Saudis have been doing in Yemen for almost four months now) or in the hope of forcing the West to  “choose sides’ with Israel against Hezbollah.
This is the most stunning defeat for the Zionist movement since Israel’s inception but the only actual threat to Israel is the increasing international awareness of the nature of the occupation as an apartheid system.

The last King Of Saudi Arabia? King Salman.
The last King Of Saudi Arabia? King Salman.

Saudi Arabia.
Israel characteristically is providing the histrionics but the House of Saud are clearly the primary target of this agreement. Israel has been sidelined, Saudi Arabia were REPLACED.

Iran is clearly going to be the primary power in the Gulf region in the future along side the United States. It seems that a decision has been made to target the House of Saudi for destruction
It is not clear why the decision was made and this is only an intuitive claim but there are small tangible signs that at least certain elements of the CIA are preparing to target the Saudi monarchy and whether that eventuates or not the Saudis have just been cut loose by the United States, pure and simple.

While the Government of Saudi Arabia is a key sponsor of Sunni extremists who have clearly been a key source of international instability. The  removal of the House of Saud would be very risky and likely lead to a three sided Civil war between al Qaeda and the Saudi Government with a side war in the East where the Shia majority in that region will   probably attempt to achieve defacto independence in a similar manner to the Iraqi Kurds.

The Nuclear deal represents a tremendous downgrading of Saudi Arabia as a US ally. Iran and it’s allies now represent a greater concentration of energy resources than the Saudis and their allies.
This was one piece that had to be put into place in order to do away with the House of Saud, who will presumably be replaced by chaos with the Al Nusra front fighting against whatever is left of the hOuse of Saud with a Sectarian Civil war at the same time in the Shia majority oil rich East of Saudi Arabia.

Republican Congressman Ben Sasse, in a just world he would be a streetwalker on the SUnset Boulevard, ibstead he works for Israel.
Republican Congressman Ben Sasse.

The Memes.

State Sponsor of Terror and Sectarianism.

None of the groups that Iran supports in the Middle East conduct or have recently conducted mass casualty attacks on civilian targets.

The Ansurallah group fighting in Yemen are a fairly standard militia, they do not attack civilian targets deliberately in Yemen nor during their many incursions into Saudi Arabian border areas in recent weeks.

The Ansarallah Houthi group does not follow orders from Iran anyway as it recently came to light that iran had advised the Ansarallah group not to attempt to take the capital city Sa’ana by force. The Ansarallah group did the exact opposite and attacked the capital .

Hezbollah are currently fighting the al Nusra Front and IS remnants in Western Syria. During their years long involvement in Syria Hezbollah have been fighting a grinding conventional war against the enemies of the West IS and al Nusra Front. None of these operations bear any relationship to terrorism it is regular warfare.

The Iraqi Shia militia groups on the other hand have been responsible for very serious persecution of Sunni Iraqis and did conduct what amounted to “sectarian cleansing” operations in Baghdad that saw Sunni neighborhoods disappear and mixed areas become Shia dominated. There are many issues with the Iraqi Shia militia groups but there is no indication that any of these actions are being undertaken with Iranian instructions or anything approaching it.

If the recent history of the Middle East is examined honestly it is clear that the rise of Iranian proxies has been as a result of Iran successfully capitalising on primarily Western acts of aggression in the region.

In 1982 Hezbollah did not exist, the group formed in response to the needless Israeli invasion of 1982 that saw tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians slaughtered in months of carpet bombing from the Israeli Air Force.

The Israeli occupation of Lebanon lasted until the year 2000, Hezbollah were the most dedicated and successful group that opposed the Israeli occupation and Hezbollah’s prestige and power spring from their response to Israeli aggression in Lebanon. It was not Iran who started the war.

The same type of thing happened in Iraq. Iran’s allies came to power in Iraq because Iran has a Shia majority and the US toppled Saddam Hussein’s secular government in an illegal war of aggression. The ascent of Iran in Iraq was completely due to the actions of the US and Iran simply capitalised on the fact that the imposition of Democracy on Iraq made it absolutely certain that a pro Iran party or parties would be in power because ALL the major Shia factions in Iraq have a close relationship with Iran.

Iran’s comparitive rise to power in the region traces back to these two seminal acts of Western agression in Lebanon and Iraq so the portrait of Iran as a destabilising force is pretty unfair and dishonest.

The state sponsor of terrorism accusation is pure nonsense.

Nuclear Threshold State.

The Western media have struggled to manage their dual  loyalties to Israel and the US, often dealing with the contradiction by both gushing and fretting in the same report. When Israel’s interests are at stake the facts can never be allowed to get int the way and nonsense such as this from the Mail Online is the result.

Critics warn Arab rivals will not ‘sit idly by’ after Iran’s atomic accord | Daily Mail Online

“Yesterday’s announcement was met with a profound wariness in the Arab world, where there are fears of Tehran gaining a nuclear weapon and deep skepticism that the accord will prevent that from happening. Critics of the U. S-led negotiations warned that the other nations in the Middle East will ‘not sit idly by’ while Iran develops its nuclear capabilities. Republican Senator Ben Sasse said: ‘Sadly, the Administration just lit the fuse for a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

The Mail alludes to the “profound wariness” of the Arab world without citing any source and then turns to a Zionist US Republican Senator to voice the views that were previously attributed to the “Arab world.”
The premise that Iran is trying to build a Nuclear weapon is itself a ridiculous and hackneyed trope with little basis in reality.
‘We all know Iran’s neighbours will not sit idly as the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror becomes a nuclear-threshold state.’” US Republican Ben Sasse.

The dishonesty in the statement from the notorious lobby mouthpiece Sasse is very plain. The description of Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state is not anchored in reality. It is psychotic.

Iran is agreeing to give up two thirds of it’s centrifuges, 98% of all fissile material and to reduce the maximum level of Uranium enrichment from 20% to 3.67% so Sasse is simply ignorant or a total liar, or both.

Nuclear Agreement Text.


A Path Forward.
There are undoubtedly many cynical and self interested motives behind this agreement and much cause for wariness but the methods of conflict resolution that have succeeded in this case could  be used to solve all human conflict (in theory at least) if the will was there to do so .The events of the post 911 era have proven yet again just how ineffective high explosives are in achieving positive political outcomes. War is a broken formula..

If the US can achieve detente with Iran, facilitated by Russia, how absurd is the new Cold War? It is completely ridiculous. The entire posture from the West towards Russia has been completely  counterproductive since the end of the Cold War.

There is no rational basis for Russia and the United States to be enemies, any more than there was for the US and Iran, but Russia and the US have many more common interests even than Iran and the US. There is blame on all sides in the Ukraine but the West needs to accept that the multipolarity of power is now a fact and is not a threat to the West, only to the delusional world domination project. The West should help implement the Minsk accords, accept the annexation of Crimea as a consequence of the Maidan coup and abandon the anti-Russian sanctions that have caused unnecessary economic harm to both Russia and Europe to the benefit of none.

Iran & IAEA still to resolve ‘outstanding issues’ despite deal

The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

.*Sudan was partitioned in 2011. The new South Sudan state descended within months into a brutal Civil war that continues to this day. There are two Governing Authorities within the South Sudan, a catastrophically failed state from day one.

The US Military Begins Ground Operations… in SYRIA!

The real target.
The real target.

May 16th, 2015.

US Special Forces Kill “Prominent ISIL” Leader in SYRIA.

The US Department of Defense has announced that US Special Forces killed a man they describe as a senior ISIL leader in Eastern Syria. This marks the first US ground operation of the Syrian Civil war, It will not be the last. News Article: Carter: Special Operations Troops Conduct Raid in Syria

The man is named as Abu Sayyaf, not to be confused with the South East Asian synthetic terror outfit of the same name.

The internet does not yield any information that indicates that there was a senior IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh leader called Abu Sayyaf prior to this announcement. His name does not appear on the lists of IS leaders provided here.

List of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant members – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or here: IS hierarchy

The Empire Will Never Change.
The Empire Will Never Change.

Crossing a Threshold.

The real story here is that the US has now begun conducting ground operations in Syria, this is a significant escalation that carries new risks for US personnel and does not portend well for Syria or the Middle East.

This follows the revelation from Tony Cartalucci earlier this week that a Brookings Institute article had admitted that the US has now largely seized command and control of the anti-government insurgents and is directing the insurgent operations from clandestine commands in Jordan and Turkey.

Why Assad is losing | Brookings Institution

“Several commanders involved in leading recent Idlib operations confirmed to this author that the U.S.-led operations room in southern Turkey, which coordinates the provision of lethal and non-lethal support to vetted opposition groups, was instrumental in facilitating their involvement in the operation from early April onwards. That operations room — along with another in Jordan, which covers Syria’s south — also appears to have dramatically increased its level of assistance and provision of intelligence to vetted groups in recent weeks.”

These events, combined with a fresh media propaganda barrage and the picture is clear. Regime change in Syria is high on the US agenda again and they have used the anti- IS operation as a way to both transgress Syrian sovereignty and to sculpt and bomb the insurgency into cooperating with the goals of the Empire.

IS The Official Enemy
IS The Official Enemy

The Importance of Presidents May Be Overstated.

.Earlier US President Barack Obama stated that there is no military solution to the Syrian war, that neither side can win.

This appears to be correct but Obama is merely the titular head of the US, he is neither the leader of the US government nor the people. His words have little impact or meaning. In the same speech Obama also stated that he expected that the War would outlast his departure from the Presidency in January 2017. A fact that did not seem to trouble him unduly indicating his weakness and fecklessness. The overwhelming traits of his presidency along with presumably fake good intentions and brazen lies.


Earlier today a single source reported that there had been an assassination attempt on the Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

There is no way of checking the story, although it was interesting to note this earlier piece on the same topic from mid 2012 that detailed an apparent French/Saudi plot.

Obama vetoed Assad assassination attempt — RT USA

Ultimately, despite the infantile Western mania for regime change, the death of Assad at this point would make very little difference to the fate of the Syrian Civil war. Hezbollah are not going to walk down from the Qalamoun mountain positions they have captured over a period of several years, the Syrian Army is not fighting for Bashar al Assad, the idea that Assad’s sudden removal would fix anything or end the war are no more than the childish nonsense of Hollywood propaganda.

It may be crude and incorrect to describe the Yemen war as a proxy war, as Gareth Porter recently pointed out.

The Media Misses the Point on ‘Proxy War’ by Gareth Porter — but the Syria war is very much a power struggle between NATO and the Saudis and Israel on one side and Iran and Russia om the other. The Saudis are freshly motivated by what they regard as the Iran nuclear deal betrayal. The Iranians have stated that they will send hundreds of thousands of troops to Syria to protect their interests if necessary. The Syrian Government has made a number of deals with opposition forces on the ground. The rebel side, believing that eventually the US will bomb them to victory are the people who are unwilling to compromise. We know from experience that if the Syrian government is violently overthrown, even worse mayhem and chaos will be the result. Oba,a was right that there is no military solution to the Syrian war but it is incumbent upon him to try to act like an actual leader and bring the war to an end with a permanent ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.

The people of Syria have only suffered from the attempts to change the Government by it’s enemies, It appears that most of the people of Syria whether in Government or opposition ruled territory would simply like the war to end.

The Syrian war is an ongoing massive human crisis and political goals should surely be secondary in this situation.

Obama Orders Syria Raid, ISIS Commander Abu Sayyaf Killed by U.S. Special Operations Forces


CONFIRMED: US “Operation Rooms” Backing Al Qaeda in Syria | New Eastern Outlook

The Media Misses the Point on ‘Proxy War’ by Gareth Porter —

IS Leader Abu Sayyaf killed in US Special Forces raid

IS hierarchy

Abu Yusaf – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abu Ali al-Anbari – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant members – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abu Sayyaf – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.S. Special Ops forces kill ISIS commander in Syria raid –

US special forces kill senior ISIS commander in Syria raid – DoD — RT USA

The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them. – The Washington Post

US special forces kill ISIL’s Abu Sayyaf in Syria raid – Al Jazeera English




“Shooting” Incident at Texas Anti-Islam Event Leaves Two “Assailants” Dead.

Still from footage of the Garland Texas incident
Still from footage of the Garland Texas incident

May 4th, 2015.

Two Attackers Dead After Firing on Anti-Islam Event?

Several hours ago we are told that two gunman arrived outside an anti Islam event, in a Texas town  called Garland. We are told the gunmen arrived in a car, got out and started firing towards the building, that one security guard was shot in the leg and the gunmen were then killed by police. According to the Daily Mail.

“Elton Simpson, 30, and his roommate Nadir Soofi, 34, were gunned down after shooting a guard in the leg outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas on Sunday evening Simpson was convicted of lying to federal agents about traveling to Africa five years ago – but a judge ruled it could not be proved that he was going to join a terror group.”

The background is almost identical to that of previous known patsies. The years long ambiguous relationship with the F.B.I (or similar agency) is a constant recurring theme that echoes the Boston bombings, the Charlie hebdo event, the Copenhagen event, the Mohammad Merah earlier French attacks and was completely predictable, indeed it is apparently obligatory.. .

“One suspect reached for his backpack after he was shot the first time, before he was hit with a second fatal bullet, according to the local mayor. The building and surrounding area was placed on lockdown by SWAT teams with around 100 attendees still inside after multiple gunshots were heard. FBI bomb squad robots were then sent in to check the suspects’ vehicle, as the two bodies of the gunmen, who have not yet been identified, lay on the road beside it. The bodies were not immediately taken from the scene because they were too close to the car, which police feared had incendiary devices inside. Residents later heard an ‘explosion’, suggesting a bomb was detonated by law enforcement on site, with some reports saying this was done using an Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP). ”

Euro Islamophobe Politician Geert Wilders, Pam Geller and the cartoon competition winner just prior to supposed attack.
Euro Islamophobe Politician Geert Wilders, Pam Geller and the cartoon competition winner just prior to supposed attack.

“The SITE Intelligence Group reported that an Islamic State (IS) fighter claimed on Twitter that the shooting was carried out by two pro-ISIS individuals. In a series of tweets and links, a jihadist named as Abu Hussain Al Britani, which SITE said was British IS fighter Junaid Hussain, claimed that ‘2 of our brothers just opened fire’ at the Prophet Muhammad exhibition in Texas. ‘They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State,’ added the tweet. ”

There does seem to be a strange contradiction in the story we have been given because the Daily Mail story also claims that ” Two explosives were also said to have been left near the building.” Yet all the other accounts, including that of the Mail do not have the suspects getting anywhere near to the building. The suspects get out of the car and open fire well away from the building as indicated by the placement of the supposed bodies of the “militants.” One way or another there is a problem there and if the explosives really were found close to the outside of the building, someone else planted them and the whole narrative collapses.

The bodies still lie in the road at top right. It is clear that the incident is not even close to the auditorium.

Familiar Elements of the Psyop.

So there are many familiar elements of the IS psyop here. SITE intelligence, the fake British IS member making ridiculous statements, the suddenly “heroic” right-wing extremists and professional Islamophobes. This is Copenhagen all over again. This was the Clash of Civilisations people being targeted yet again and suffering luckily no casualties. It was also very interesting to note the way the Garlands Police were dressed. This was prior to any incident, this is not a response force, this is how the Security force at the lovely little conference were dressed. These do appear to be a group in dire need of a threat.

Very Militarised Police of Garland Texas. A group of men in obvious need of a threat.
Very Militarised Police of Garland Texas. A group of men in obvious need of a threat.
Police in Garland Texas.
Policeman in Garland Texas prevents attendees leaving..

The building was featuring an event that included Pamela Geller, a prominent if somewhat discredited Islamaphobe given to gestures such as taking out this extraordinary advertisement several years ago.

Geller sponsored these ads, Geller's sponsors actually conducted the attacks.
Geller sponsored these ads, Geller’s sponsors actually conducted the attacks.

Geller is a ludicrous figure, often deployed to add much-needed background support to the 911 lie and the lies do not stop there. These are a couple of Geller quotes.

Classic Geller Quotes.

“Islam is the most antisemitic, genocidal ideology in the world.”

and this one makes it absolutely clear that Geller is one of Israel’s more laughable assets deployed against the United States in an attempt to destroy the US from within,.

” Obama is a third worlder and a coward. He will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords. All this is going down while Obama plays footsie at his nuclear nonsense campfire — sucking up to Iran’s enablers while beating up our allies.”

Every reference to “allies” and friend means one thing and only one thing only of course. Israel.

High quality individual Pamela Geller displays one of her fine works of literature alongside her admirable visage.
High quality individual Pamela Geller displays one of her fine works of literature alongside her admirable visage.

This was the Geller response to muted and lame calls from the US for Israel to end the illegal occupation of Palestine. To immediately equate Obama with Hitler.

“Jews refuse to get on Obama’s Trains”. . . “Obama is pressuring Jews to “evacuate” from parts of Israel? (that are not Israel-note)  And what Warsaw ghetto does the muhammadan [sic] president have in mind? I think I am gonna hurl. The Jews will not go. The Jews will not submit to this century’s nazis [sic] and Mansourian poser.”

It is an extremely sad sign that some people apparently believe the nonsense Geller spouts.

The US Exists for One Reason Alone.

In Geller’s twisted and evil world the US exists for one purpose alone, to attack Israel’s enemies, over and over. That is her and all the other Neocons zombie like mantra, their only message. Over and over “The US must destroy all Israel’s enemies.” It is literally the end product of every word they have and will ever utter.

This is THE Neocon Message. “The US must destroy all of Israel’s enemies.. because we said so.” Geller and her sidekick, a man named Robert Spencer are the leaders of a group called Stop Islamization of America. the very name of which indicates what a pathetic figure is Geller .

Some nice people were just talking about the
Some nice people were just talking about the “Sharia threat” when the news of the shooting reached the conference. An echo from Copenhagen.

A Very Silly Plot.

The idea that there is a single Muslim in the US who wants to harm Geller or her ilk is completely ludicrous. Geller is rather,  a small part of a big industry that is devoted to promoting the lie that the West is under attack from Militant Islam when in fact the West is apparently being destroyed from within by the blackened Masons who rule the West and send their pathetic minions such as Geller and Spencer to do their bidding. There is an overwhelming likelihood , bordering on certainty that this event was a complete fabrication. There will either be no bodies for the attackers or they were killed elsewhere and taken to the scene.

Of course the patsies may have simply been lured to the scene and executed, That is probably the logical conclusion. That scenario envisions a level of verisimilitude that is generally absent from these operations, as the operators seem to try and maintain complete control of all aspects throughout. So although it is the common sense conclusion it may not be what has happened. .Whatever was done, you can bet what ever you like that this was not an authentic terror attack or anything like it.

Texas cartoon shooting: Another Charlie Hebdo-style false flag? | Veterans Today

Garland Shooting: Gladio – Texas-Style | Global Research

SHOOTING at Texas Free Speech Event with Pam Geller & Robert Spencer

#TexasAttack What You Are Not Being Told!

September 11th- the Crime that Will End the Empire


Pam Geller – SourceWatch

Pamela Geller – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New Anti-Islam Ads to Debut This Month, Now With 25% More MTA Disclaimer | Observer Stop Islamization of America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

City: 2 gunmen killed outside Muhammad cartoon contest – Houston Chronicle

Two shot dead after they open fire at Mohammed cartoon event in Texas –

The Saudi Attack on Yemen.

A young Yemeni surveys the devastation in the aftermath of A Saudi airstrike on his nation.
A young Yemeni surveys the devastation in the aftermath of a Saudi airstrike on his nation.

April 11th, 2015. (Updated April 23nd)

When the Saudi led coalition announced yesterday that the air strikes were ceasing, they sated plainly and clearly that “the Houthi rebels no longer pose a threat to the Security of Saudi Arabia. The statement was a joke, predicated on the falsehood that the Houthis had ever posed a threat to Saudi security but this statement removes all pretensions of legality from this operation, this massacre, as the self defense as authorised by Section 51 of the UN charter was the only possible legal justification for this operation and the Saudi’s by their own words have admitted there is no threat to their security. Every bombing from now on is simply a naked, criminal terrorist attack. All of the deaths that the Saudis inflict from now on, including those depicted from Taiz after the supposed ceasefire are war crimes, even in the Saudi’s own self serving version of events.

Brigadier General al Asimi, now a self confessed war criminal.
Brigadier General Ahmed al-Asir, now a self confessed war criminal.

This is Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asiri quoted by al Jazeera, of Qatar, part of the Saudi led coalition bombing Yemen.

“The primary goals of the campaign have been achieved and sovereignty has been protected. We are able to confirm that the Houthis are no longer a threat to Yemenis or neighbouring countries.”

Which removes all pretensions to legality for all Saudi attacks, even on military targets. No threat, no legal fig leaf.

Massive crowd in Sanaa protest Saudi strikes in Yemen

Yemen: Houthi fighters locked in battle with pro-government militias in Aden

Yemen: Dozens killed in Saudi-led airstrike on Taiz, despite campaign’s ‘end’ *GRAPHIC*

Saudi Arabia declares end to Yemen air strikes after four weeks of bombing | World news | The Guardian

Saudi Arabia have announced they will stop bombing Yemen, stating ridiculously that the “Houthi rebels no longer pose a threat to Saudi Arabia.” They never did.They seem to be trying to leave their options open for a ground invasion, my guess is that this will not happen because the Saudi casualties would be huge. Already at least 18 Saudi soldiers have died, mostly in clashes at the Yemen Saudi northern Yemen border region. The civil war will presumably grind on regardless of what the Saudis do. This operation has been without legal justification, there was no threat to Saudi Arabia there was no UN sanction and therefore this entire operation was a war crime. According to Press TV the death toll from the Saudi attacks more than 2700 people killed, Western sources,  the New York Times and Wikipedia place it at around 1,000. The Saudis have simply humiliated themselves and proven their mendacity and impotence with this flailing and futile operation.

The Saudis Lied!

The Saudi announcement that the bombardment of Yemen was over turned out to be a brazen lie. Saudi airstrikes have continued after the supposed cessation as the fact that they have been completely militarily ineffective is slowly absorbed by the incompetent and despicable Saudi leadership. Ultimately a political solution is required and until that is achieved the Houthis will continue to defeat the al Qaeda extremists and their allies in Yemen backed by the West and Saudi Arabia and there is nothing the Saudis or the US can do about it.

False Flag Alert!?
Iran deploys warships off Yemen’s coast | Reuters

US Navy Sends Aircraft Carrier, Warships To Intercept Iranian Weapons Shipments In Yemeni Waters | Zero Hedge

RAW: US warships steam towards Yemeni coast

Saudis Announce End to Bombing Raids.

The House of Saud may be entering it’s terminal phase beginning with this fiasco.

2015 military intervention in Yemen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saudis Announce Halt to Yemen Bombing Campaign –

Not Gaza, Yemen. Imagine the response if Iranian jets were inflicting these wounds upon Saudi children.
Not Gaza, Yemen. Imagine the response if Iranian jets were inflicting these wounds upon Saudi children.

This comment from the Iranian President seemed on the mark.

“Speaking to reporters before heading to Indonesia, Rouhani mocked Saudi Arabia by calling it a country with dashed dreams in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

“All the failures have accumulated and caused mental and emotional imbalance for that country,” Rouhani said.

Some very strange blasts here.

Massive Explosion in Yemen Capital

Close Up View of Sanaa Yemen Blast

The Result was a Human Tragedy and a Massacre.

Yemen army: Riyadh used banned weapons in Monday airstrike

30 killed in Saudi airstrikes in west of Sana’a, 15 of them civilians

39 civilians killed, 547 injured in airstrikes in west of Sana’a

The Attack on Yemen and the “Game of Thrones” in the Middle East.
The beleaguered and impoverished citizens of Yemen are under attack. Saudi aircraft have been bombing Yemen with Western support for several weeks now, since the 25th of March.
The Saudi bombs have exacted an horrific toll on the people of Yemen and caused the widespread displaceent of civilians in the targeted areas. At least 600 people are dead and more than 100,000 civilians displaced.

The Saudi attacks are militarily ineffective and appear to be having a disastrous political affect if the massive Sana’a demonstration is a sign of the broader sentiment.
The Saudis may have actually done the one thing that may see many Southern Yemenis unite behind the Houthi rebels who have responded to the attacks by intensifying and widening their offensive operations against forces loyal to the former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and their Sunni extremist allies of al Qaeda in Yemen.

‘We’re dying every day’: Yemeni civilians paint grim picture of suffering amid Saudi-led strikes

Yemen: Up to 45 killed and 400 wounded in Saudi-led airstrikes on Sanaa *GRAPHIC*

Yemen: Scud missile depot explodes. Shock wave rips through Sanaa

Political Map of the Middle East with Libya cut off at the far left.
Political Map of the Middle East with Libya cut off at the far left.

Several Major Wars Between Saudi and Iran Allies.

So there is a large war in North and Western Iraq, all of Syria is effectively at war, there is now a new major war in Yemen. These wars date back to the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the extremist groups that formed in the wake of the disastrous US occupation of Iraq. The US presence largely ended in 2011, only to see the US return to war in June 2014 in response to the massive gains made by the supposed Islamic State group in Iraq. Inclding most notably the seizure of Mosul the largest city in Nprthern Iraq.
Soon after the US also entered the Syrian Civil war,on the opposite side to that envisaged 12 months prior after the al Ghouta false flag chemical attack of August 21st, 2013.

The West came to the brink of attacking the Syrian Government in September 2013 in the wake of the al Ghouta false flag of August 21st. Russian diplomatic intervention combined with a negative vote in the British Parliament. And the reluctance of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and other elements saw the attack averted only days from the scheduled barrage.

The Middle East Defined in the Broadest Sense and the Current Wars .
Technically speaking Afghanistan is in central asia and libya is in north africa, but if the middle east is defined in the broadest possible way as comprising the area between India and Morocco there are curreltly small or large wars are now underway in:Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Egypt (Sinai specific) and even small parts of Lebanon, are currently engaged in war of small or large scale, ranging from the problem in Egypt, that is isolated to the far northern Sinai peninsula to the epic, biblical scale tragedy of Syria .
There are a series of large wars taking place in Northern Iraq, but southern Iraq and Baghdad are not at war.
The whole thing is such a complicated mess that it may be better rather than describing each and every conflict in detail, to look at the power players in the Middle East and trace their actions and understand what is happening from the viewpoint of the major regional powers.
Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, major Cabinet posts are filled by the members of 5,000 person Royal family.
The very name gives a strong sign as to the nature of the state.Because naming the state Saudi Arabia would be exactly like calling the UK Windsor (or Saxe Coburg) Britain. Or Tudor Britain in the past. The very state bears the name of the ruling house.
Saudi Arabia has been ruled by the House of Saud since it’s inception in the 1920’s. The House of Saud had a positive relationship with the Imperial powers even before oil was discovered there decades later.
Saudi Arabia has the largest oil deposits of any nation and the oil is extremely accessible. Saudi Arabia is the largest and most powerful of the Gulf states and assumes a leadership role in the GCC, Gulf Cooperation Council.
The House of Saud and Wahhabism.
Saudi Arabia is the home of the major sites of Islam, mecca and Medina and the yearly Muslim pilgrimage remains a major source of income for the Saudis who historically have run the Haj absolutely disastrously, with overcrowding routinely leading to hundreds of deaths in a single pilgrimage.
The specific form of Sunni Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism and this is deeply problematic. It’s not the practices of Wahhabism that are particularly troubling, although they are also problematic but the view that Wahhabism has of other groups is deeply antagonistic and really anti-human.
The sectarian intolerance of Wahhabism is the core problem of this 18th century doctrine.
Years ago, a pamphlet emerged that had been distributed to guest workers to the nation (another group treated abominably for completely different reasons) to Saudi Arabia. It was at face value a guide to Saudi culture but contained multiple vituperative attacks for example on Shia Islam. A large minority of the population of Saudi Arabia is Shia so this is no incidental blind spot.

This account from Ahmad Ali Khalid a Pakistani who lived in Saudi Arabia provides a neat short portrait of this.

A dangerous Saudi affair – Blogs – DAWN.COM

“One can witness a pervasive sort of racism,  a form of Saudi supremacy that views other types of Arabs and particularly the South Asian expats (who are mostly labourers) as inferior and mere ‘commodities’ who can be bought and sold ruthlessly. Expats are not human beings but a commodity to be bartered and acquired.   Connected to racial supremacy is an attempt to insulate the regime from criticism by using the cloak of religion. Saudi textbooks are filled with references to hate; the Islamic Studies curriculum in the country is simply barbaric. I’ve experienced first-hand being taught by an Islamic Studies teacher in one of the most prominent private schools in Riyadh, about the dangers of having non-Muslims as friends and about the evil conspiracies hatched by Christians, Jews and Shias.   In Pakistan, Saudi petro-dollars have funded factories of hate in the form of the madrassa system. ‘Petro-Islam’ is a nightmare scenario – capitalism and a dangerous ideology locked in a tight embrace. It is because of the sheer amount of money behind this austere and dangerous theology that it can easily overwhelm the moderate elements in any given society.”

Pakistan Said No.

Struggling to impose their will upon Yemen, Saudi Arabia requested that Pakistan offer up it’s Air, Naval and Army forces for the Yemen operation.

This implies that the Saudis are so deluded and hubristic that they actually thought that they might send the Army of Pakistan to conquer Yemen. Saudi Arabia has offered substantial financial support to the Pakistani military in the past, and Pakistani soldiers were involved in the operation to seize the Grand Mosque of Mecca from Islmaists who seized it in 1979. The Pakistani Government and Parliament said no to the Saudi Arabia requests, all of them, meaning that the attack on Yemen will grind on pointlessly until the humanitarian crisis arouses the attention of the UN Security Council and a political solution and ceasefire are reached.

It was astonishing to note that the Saudi US Ambassador tried to claim the attack on Yemen was legal under Un article 51, this was a worthless and ridiculous claim as Section 51 refers to the threat of an armed attack on the state. If the Houthi fighters were all lined up on the border poised to invade Saudi Arabia, they could invoke Article 51, there was no threat to Saudi Arabia, the Houthis were not attacking or planning to attack Saudi Arabia there is no basis to invoke Article 51.

Saudi Arabia represents wealthy and well connected backwardness and ignorance in the mode of Government. SLavery was outlawed in 1962. All the Saudi pretensions to leadership ring hollow due to the fact that a corrupt, sectarian monarchy with a policy of selling out to the West can never represent the future of any region. The House of Saud represents a corrupt and decrepit past that desperately clings to power no matter what. That is the one true goal of the House of Saud, to stay in power.

iran lib


The Iranian government seeks to represent the post colonial or anti Imperial trend in the region. The invasion of Iraq was a huge boost to Iran’s regional position, replacing the hostile Iraqi Sunni nationalist government of the Ba’ath party woth Shia parties, all of whom have a very positive relationship with Iran. The implications of this were huge because Iran already had long term strong allies in power in Syria and with a high degree of influence in Lebanon, The Iraq invasion thus created a vast land bridge of Iranian influence reaching from the Iran border with Afghanistan to the East to the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon,

This situation was intolerable to certain parties and more than anything else, the destabilisation of Syria appears to have been an attempt from Israel and Saudi Arabia to counter this

Israel’s energies are directed towards provoking every possible disunity and enmity inside the Arab world. Extremists are offered lavish support. Anything that can be used to portray the Arab world as being violent and backwards is promoted. Anything that can distract from Israel’s daily crimes is promoted. Any who oppose either Iran,Syria or Hezbollah are supported.

The United States.

The US appears to have several different and contradictory foreign policies in the Middle East today. This presumably reflects internal power struggles underway in the US between the Israel firsters, as represented by almost all the Republican party, and the “realists” a less aggressive imperial faction represented by the President and actualised in the Iran nuclear deal and the decision to stop trying to overthrow the Government of Syria.

The Israel firsters are a simple group, they believe in Israel and war and especially wars for Israel.

The “realist” faction, they also believe in war, just on a smaller scale and without the occupation element. The first approach is more noxious, more racist, yet each method can lead to the destruction of nations.

Every time an African immigrant drowns in the Mediterranean, President Obama, David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy and the Governments of the US, UK and France all share a part of the blame.

Lampedusa migrant boat disaster: 700 feared dead as ship capsizes off Libya

Civilian casualties mount following latest Saudi-led airstrikes *VERY GRAPHIC*

Yemen: Yemenis march in force to condemn Saudi-led airstrikes

RAW: Thousands rally in Yemeni capital, blast Saudi-led airstrikes

Things weren’t working out for the Saudis, apparently due to poorly trained pilots, and so they made a plea for help… from Israel, their dear friend.

Leaked Audio Recording Shows Saudi Arabia Requesting Israeli Airplanes Target Yemen

And there is also this story, from  late February. It is probably a psyop, but interesting nonetheless.
Reports Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use its airspace for Iran strike

The most obvious war crime of the technically speaking entirely criminal Saudi campaign was the massacre of displaced civilians by the Saudi air strike on the Mazraq camp in Northern Yemen at the end of March that left at least 45 civilians dead.

‘45 people killed, 65 injured’: Yemen refugee camp hit by airstrike — RT News

Air strike on Yemeni refugee camp by Saudi-led coalition kills at least 40 | World news | The Guardian

Many dead in ‘air strike on north Yemen refugee camp’

Explosions in Sana’a Mar 30, 2015 (2)


Yemeni Civil War (2015) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.N. vote as early as Friday on Yemen arms embargo: diplomats | Reuters

United Nations News Centre – Civilians in Yemen ‘willfully abandoned to misery,’ says Ban, urging immediate political solution to crisis

Red Cross warns of ‘catastrophic’ situation as Yemeni war engulfs Aden | World news | The Guardian

Bombing Yemenis? You bet. Fighting IS in Iraq? Not so fast

Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use of its airspace to strike Iran – report — RT News

2015 military intervention in Yemen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Iran Nuclear Deal : a Geopolitical Earthquake.

Pro Western Iranians of North Tehran celebrate nuclear deal last night.
Residents of North Tehran celebrate nuclear deal last night.

April 3rd, 2015. (in Washington D.C April the 2nd)

A Deal to Sign a Deal

As I write these words the US President is announcing that a deal has been made, at least a framework deal has been made with Iran and the West. Sanctions relief will be phased. The deal guarantees no Iran nuke, not that they were actually trying to build a bomb. A framework agreement has been reached, the actual deal has not been signed. The final agreement is scheduled to be signed at the end of June. This is a Geopolitical earthquake event and the aftershocks of this will be felt for decades no matter what happens.

Who is P5+1?

The P5 plus one refers to the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, being the USA, Russia, France, China and the UK, along with Germany.

Images such as these may soon be quaint remnants of history following apparent Nuclear deal.
Images such as these may soon be quaint remnants of history following apparent Nuclear deal.

A Big Day in the History of the Middle East.

It seems very dangerous to announce a framework before signing and gives opponents of the deal to go to work in the controlled media or a third party to attack Iran. They have made a deal but it has not been signed. This day may well prove to be an epoch changing day in the history of the Middle East,. This is one of those moments that appear to crystallise the fact that the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting in the Middle East.

Yet on another level in another place the actions are more of the same. as it appears the US has undertaken attacks on the Houthis in Yemen, meaning they are simultaneously fighting on at least two sides in the Middle East. A ridiculous position.

This probably marks the end of the period of confrontation, albeit mostly rhetorical, between Iran and the West . The US National Threat Assessment almost entirely removed both Iran and Hezbollah from their lists of groups directly threatening the US.

The Framework deal is a devastating blow to the World War 3 plot.
The Framework deal is a devastating blow to the World War 3 plot.

Out in the Cold.

This is a devastating blow to both Israel and Saudi Arabia, intent as both seem to have been on causing the US to attack Iran. The positions of traditional allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and to a lesser extent Turkey appear to now be almost completely at odds with the US position in the region, at least the public version.

They appear to have been left behind almost. It is becoming clear, although only on an intuitive level, that the Saudi Government is going to be under severe attack from their own jihadist Frankenstein  in the near future. It may not happen. Israel has now almost seemingly failed in it’s “dark goal” as World War 3 device. Decades of hard work have come to nothing.

Israel is not going to be violently destroyed. The hordes are never coming. They never were. That was why Israel almost always (1973 October war aside) had to play the aggressor role.

It was very interesting to watch the Israeli PM’s speech in response to this event. Netanyahu described the deal itself as a threat to Israel’s existence.He also claimed that Iran was currently engaged in attempt to destroy Israel with military force, a fanciful claim even by the Netanyahu standard.

The funny thing is that on a parallel level Netanyahu spoke at least part of the truth. The impending Nuclear deal between Iran and the West (plus Russia and China) threatens to put Israel out of business. Not out of the building a state business but out of the starting World War 3 business.

It genuinely seems to me that Israel was always to be the World War 3 device. My understanding having looked into it is that the contents of the Albert Pike-Guiseppe Mazzini  “Three World Wars” letter were fabricated in the 1950s. Regardless.  it seems to fit the known current facts. It looks like they wanted to use Israel to destroy the Muslim world Really destroy it and at the same time they wanted Israel to be violently destroyed in the same exchange. in whole or in part.

Then the real Third Temple will emerge from the Ashes of the Jewish State at a time that monotheism in general will be discredited by the engineered middle east apocalypse that will be depicted as a religious war but will actually be more like a decades in the making Bankers plot.  The World War Three letter is a little bit like the Protocols, they may have been a fabrication at the time, but it seems someone found the program that is actually being implemented in there amongst the clearly doctored and directed document.

The fact of a document’s authenticity becomes academic when it is actually being implemented.

In order to achieve the apparent goal, Israel required an enemy capable of destroying it and Iran is the only state in the Middle East that remotely fits the bill. Without Iran as the enemy it will be very hard for them and they may have to try and look for Pakistan or another party as a new protagonist for their big final war.

Other than at least having Nuclear weapons and domestic militants, Pakistan is not close enough to Israel, is too pragmatic, has too many friends and it doesn’t make sense. If Iran leaves the game, makes peace with the West diplomatically speaking, the whole project will be facing failure. A failure so profound that even false flags may not be enough to save it.

North Tehranis celebrate the nuclear deal.
North Tehranis celebrate the nuclear deal.

Eyes on the Energy Prize.

This is about money as well as avoiding war. The Iran Oil infrastructure is decades old. The men from the Corporations want to build them new ones and boost production. Their billions appear temporarily at least to have trumped the other billions pouring in from the Israel lobby who will clearly immediately set about trying to destroy any deal.

A Bad Day for the World War Three Plotters.

This could be one of the decisive days that sees that World War Three does not take place, at least not in the Middle East. Unless it starts within the next three months, which seems unlikely but not impossible by any means.

This deal may have averted a war that would cost millions of lives. It’s still tentative, unconfirmed, but this is a geopolitical earthquake.

Despite the US’s bizarre support for the Saudi/Gulf rampage in Yemen, and a lot of strange events in Iraq, the US in Iraq and Syria of far greater importance than Yemen, the US is on the same side as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah. This deal is a devastating blow to the Neoconservatives, the Israel lobby and the war party who have had maniacs aplenty in the controlled media calling for Iran to be bombed in recent weeks. Champion war monger and all round buffoon John Bolton called for bombs on Iran in the New York Times, he may get his way, but it seems almost impossible now that the bombs will come from American jets.

Switzerland: All nuclear-related sanctions on Iran to be dropped – Mogherini

‘Israel will try everything possible to undermine Iran nuclear deal’

Preempting the inevitable, even Netanyahu seemed somewhat deflated as quoted here by the Guardian.

ohn Kerry on Iran nuclear talks: agreement is a ‘solid foundation’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

“Demanding that the international community “significantly” roll back Iran’s nuclear program, he vowed to fight the agreement in the coming months.”
“Any deal must significantly roll back Iran’s nuclear capabilities and stop its terrorism and aggression,” Netanyahu said on Twitter, minutes before the announcement from Lausanne.”
“Netanyahu has said he believes that the deal will leave Iran just months away from the point where it could make a nuclear bomb. He has also pointed to Iran’s support for Islamic militants across the region and its development of long-range missiles as cause for concern.”
Israel’s Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz, who oversees the monitoring of the nuclear program, said the deal was “disconnected from the sad reality” of the region. Earlier Steinitz had hinted strongly that Israel was still considering a military option as a last resort – although most analysts in Israel regard that as unlikely and opposed by many in Israel’s security establishment.Following Thursday’s announcement, Iran and the world powers are expected to work out the details of a final deal by the end of June. Since the declaration is far from being a real agreement, we will continue in our efforts to explain and persuade the world in the hope of preventing a bad agreement, or at least to insert corrections and improvements,” Steinitz said.”

They were all sounding terribly deflated. Perhaps it’s jackal time for them? Probably not.

Israel: Deal must include Iranian commitment to Israel’s right to exist – PM Netanyahu

This is the long press conference.

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Explanation of P5.

There are fifteen members of the Security council, the permanent five all have veto power, the non permanent other ten members do not have veto power, and are voted in for limited terms that are largely ceremonial. The P5 by contrast, are always members no vote required. The veto is a big deal, because only the states with veto power can single handedly carry the fate of  Security Council resolutions. Which can technically make war legal. Membership was allocated in the late 1940s it was carved up at the end of World War Two between the victors, and for some reason, France.


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John Kerry on Iran nuclear talks: agreement is a ‘solid foundation’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

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