Sydney Siege Inquest Begins-Facts Reveal a Farce

January 29th,2015.

Police exit Locked Door.  Perfectly natural.
Police exit Locked Door. Perfectly natural.

The Inquest into the Sydney siege has begun and we were given for the first time, a detailed version of the Official story of this event, They had six weeks to try and get their story straight, to hone the good parts and excise the damning parts and yet the story is plainly incoherent nonsense. Work will continue on the Official story until the end of the Inquest, but today the basic facts of what happened were announced for the first time. The account was provided by the Barrister acting on behalf of the Coroner, Jeremy Gormly SC

Jeremy Gornly SC, Counsel Assisting the Coroner.
Jeremy Gormly SC, Counsel Assisting the Coroner.

Here are some of the highlights from the evidence presented.

Monis was in the Cafe for at least half an hour before the siege began.
We were told that Man Haron Monis entered the Cafe at 8.33am, ordered a cup of coffee and some cake, calmly ate them and sat in the cafe for half an hour prior to the commencement of the siege. After eating his cake, Monis asked to move to another table . Monis apparently needed a line of sight on the street in order to be able to receive the “go” confirmation from his handler. This is just an assertion but really stands out like a beacon, he couldn’t start until he received the thumbs up. Three cheers to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for tactfully editing this unpleasantness from their coverage of the story.

Tori Johnson-the one individual Monis is alleged to have shot. Cafe Lindt Manager.
Tori Johnson- Cafe Lindt Manager-the one individual Monis is alleged to have shot.

Get the Manager.
When Monis decided to begin the siege, he asked a staff member to see the Manager, the allegedly murdered Tori Johnson. Tori Johnson duly attended the table and sat down, Monis informed him then of his intention and claimed to be carrying a bomb. , Monis asked the Manager to telephone the police and tell them what was happening. Including the  whole line of manure about this being an attack on Australia by the Islamic State. The phone call that the Manager made to the police  lasted for twelve minutes.
That is not an error, it lasted for twelve minutes.
The other astonishing and completely damning detail that was provided was that upon Monis request, staff procured his keys and used them to lock the doors of the cafe. It is remarkable that this detail was included in the story because subsequent events mean that this claim cannot possibly be correct. The subsequent event being the exits made by hostages and police through multiple doors in the afternoon. The two are quite simply incompatible.

Selina Win Pe in her astonishing Hostage video.
Selina Win Pe in her astonishing Hostage video. Her claim regarding a bomb in George Street has now been completely confirmed. Something the “heroic” truth tellers at the Guardian chose to edit out entirely.

The other absolute pearl that was served up was the fact that the George Street bomb claim was not restricted to the Selina Win Pe hostage video, the claim about a bomb in George Street was made by Tori Johnson in the initial phone call to the police. On this matter, it was extremely interesting to note that the Guardian’s blow by blow account of the initial Coronial hearing chose to edit this deeply unpleasant fact entirely whilst mentioning the bomb claims regarding Martin Place and Circular Quay. “Monis claimed he was carrying a bomb and had several radio-controlled bombs in place at Martin Place and Circular Quay. ” So the Guardian deserves our thanks for reminding us of two things.

The Guardian is aptly named as they operate as the Guardian of each and every big lie.

2. The controlled media are at the forefront of the lies and corruption currently plaguing Western culture. Their corruption is far more pervasive than in any other major Western institution. Counsel acting for the Coroner, Julian Gormly SC appears to have no idea that the event was completely manufactured and synthetic and therefore had no idea of what needed to be covered up. The controlled media were there to protect the lie by focusing  only on the good parts of the story and burying the damning details.The entire focus was on the death of Tori Johnson, everything else was just tiresome detail.

The closed streets are marked in red, George street is clearly marked as being open.
The closed streets are marked in red, George street is clearly marked as being open. Map is from the Australian Financial Review.

Lies to order.
Despite their Efforts the George Street anomaly is not going to disappear.The opportunity to bury it has now disappeared and the media are helpless to change this fact.Selina Win Pe had already alerted us to this glaring anomaly in her hostage video, now we know that police were informed of a bomb in George Street at the very beginning of the siege.The claim that Selina Win Pe made was not a mistake, these were the claims being made by the supposed IS terrorist himself.

The police were informed that a bomb was in George Street and yet they did not close, evacuate or search George Street. There were also claims of a bomb in Circular Quay and Circular Quay was closed and largely evacuated. There is no reasonable explanation for the failure to do this at George Street. The NSW police either did not care that a bomb might be placed in George Street and could not be bothered to look for a device, or The NSW Police were completely aware of the parameters of the Security drill and knew that there were no bombs anywhere, but the evacuation of Circular Quay was part of the drill and part of the psy-op. The closure of George Street was too great an inconvenience and was not part of the planned drill so it didn’t happen.
NSW Police have only two choices on this matter, gross incompetence or complete complicity in the psyop. The truth is that no-one is actually that incompetent, the truth is obvious.
Again I am absolutely astonished that they left this part of the story in place over the six weeks they have had to concoct a more coherent piece of nonsense.
The Counsel largely skipped over the actual siege, We were told almost nothing about events during the siege.
The story moved straight to the end. We are told that at 2.14am, Monis shot Corey in the head as he was on his knees from a distance of 75 centimetres. (30 inches). It is extremely unclear why the Police snipers did not open fire on Monis at this point. Given that by their own account, a police sniper witnessed the killing.
We are told that Monis fired five shots in total, One warning shot in the afternoon that was not aimed at anyone.. One shot to murder Tori Johnson and shots that missed the police. We are told that Monis had an additional 21 rounds of ammunition of various brands in his pockets. Quite the “warrior of jihad” with his three round magazine, his fewer than thirty rounds and his cake and cup of coffee prior to going into “action”. I am sure that there are budding young militants throughout the Middle East who are in awe of his achievements as a jihadist. They will start doing the same thing in Iraq and Syria soon I am sure. Instead of driving up to the army base with the truck bomb and detonating it, in deference to Monis, the hard men of the IS and Jabhat al Nusra will soon pause for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake prior to their violent immolation. Presumably sharing a piece with the soldiers or civilians they plan to blow to pieces alongside themselves.
The most stunning and unbelievably damning detail given regarding the conclusion was that when Monis’ gun was found it was broken, it seemed he was in the process of trying to reload the gun. Reloading the gun would make no sense whatsoever as there were two rounds in the gun at the time in the three round magazine. We are expected to believe that the police stormed in and Monis fired at them and then decided it would be a good time to reload his weapon despite the weapon being two thirds full.

The wonderful Guardian cover themselves in glory once again on this topic, offering two mutually contradictory accounts of Monis’ actions at the end of the siege. They write. “Monis fired two shots from his sawn-off shotgun as police entered the building. He was hit at least 13 times in the face and body and died “instantly” while trying to fire another. ” and in the same article write that “It appears he died trying to reload his shotgun.”

How to describe this other than amateurish trash? One of the claims must be untrue, either he died trying to fire at police or he was trying to reload his gun. The Guardian have utterly humiliated themselves by printing these contradictory claims alongside one another in the same article.
The amount of shots fired by the police was drastically reduced to 22 (yes, elevens everywhere in this story) shots fired and it was claimed that the police threw 11 flash-bang stun grenades, which he described as SPF9 “distractors”. The 11 flash-bangs each caused 9 bangs leading to 99 bangs in all.

I have no idea what an SFP 9 distractor is, the internet quite simply contains no information whatsoever about these stun grenades or any stun grenade that creates 9 bangs.

Category:Stun grenades – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am not about to claim they don’t exist, more research is required it does seem odd that there is tonnes of detail about other stun grenades but not a word about the SFP9.
So they improved the story somewhat there and managed to add some of their favoured numerological signatures at the same time. Win win.
The other major admission today was that all the deaths and injuries other than the Tori Johnson “murder: were caused by the “ricochets” of police fire. The other hostage who they claim died, Katrina Dawson, is claimed to have died as the result of a police round ricochet, all other wounds were ascribed to the exact same cause.

There were a couple of other funny little things that emerged. We were told that “Two police snipers who killed Monis are being represented at the inquest but their identities will remain a secret.
Solicitors for the pair asked for their clients’ identities to be withheld for their safety.” Which is rather a joke, not that their identities matter, but that all the hordes of non existent Monis fans are going to be after them if they know who they are. Monis has no fans in Australia, neither within or without the Muslim community, a fact exemplified by the fact  no Muslim organisation in Australia would even accept his body for burial in an undisclosed location.

Martin Place siege gunman Man Horan Monis buried in NSW

Another fetching detail was the “extraordinary” new security measures in the Court with each and every attendee subjected to a bomb detection search. Sterling stuff.

Ultimately all this pathetic fiasco tells us is that Australia is pretty low on the NWO totem pole. We get the petty and amateurish operations copied from the capitals of the Anglosphere. The nation is in such an advanced stat of zombified mental death that they can say and do anything and almost no-one will notice, no matter how ridiculous and insulting the story as is the case here.

Sydney Siege Sound The Alarm


Deaths of Sydney siege victims Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson investigated as inquest opens | Daily Mail Online

Lindt cafe siege: inquest begins in Sydney
Sydney siege: Inquest confirms Katrina Dawson was killed by police bullet – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Man Haron Monis ordered chocolate cake and a cup of tea before declaring, ‘I have a bomb’, inquest hears

Sydney siege inquest: Katrina Dawson killed by fragments of police bullets – as it happened | Australia news | The Guardian

Jeremy Gormly SC, Barrister: Commissions of Inquiry | Professional negligence | Disciplinary proceedings | Appellate Law | Mediation

Dutch TV Station Siege-Most Ridiculous Psyop EVER!

Tariq Zahzah take a boy-Lamest Fake Terrorist Ever
Tarik Zahzah take a bow-Lamest Fake Terrorist Ever

To even call this a psy-op almost seems like hype given that this was a complete non-event. They actually seem to have lost their mind and are now running like a broken robot. Erratically.

We have a man with a Muslim (and foreign) sounding name 19-year old Tarik Zahzah. The man is dressed in the  black and white suit uniform of Reservoir Dogs. The man attended the NDS Dutch State Broadcaster television studio and used the fake plastic gun to take a number of hostages and make a number of demands. He demanded to be allowed on air at the start of the News to deliver a message. To spill his big secrets. He claimed to be a hacker with “Secret Intelligence”. he claimed to be part of a network of 99 hackers ready to strike with a “cyber attack” at a moments notice if his demands were not met.

As a way to prevent the “plastic fake gunman” from appearing on the air, he was taken to the wrong studio. The studio that they only use during the day. The cameras in the studio were set to record and the gunman’s antics over the two hours of the siege were then recorded including the less than dramatic end to the event. The gunman had either one or two hostages. A Security Guard and a journalist it is claimed.The real psy-op lay in the fact that they dramatised this by removing the channel completely from the air for the period of the siege so although we see a nothing event now as it was, it would have seemed very dramatic for those two hours in the Netherlands, they were fed trash like “The letter the gunman handed to the guard to pass on to others stated: “We have been taken hostage by heavily armed men. There are more of them throughout the country and they have 98 hackers ready to launch a cyber attack.” Completely in your face insulting trash. Pure madness.

Captured Video Shows ‘Hacker’ Taking Over Dutch TV Studio with Fake Gun | VICE News

This television station completely stopped broadcasting and went to test pattern for two hours. They were clearly using the shock and fear from the Charlie Hebdo attack to re-terrorise the Dutch. Salt the wound before it heals. People would be sitting at home trying to watch the News and going “heavily armed gunman, my god a massacre is taking place.” There were no injuries, let alone deaths reported in this one of the silliest and most comedic psy-ops ever conducted.

There was an overwhelming climax to the hoax event
There was an overwhelming climax to the hoax event.
 The ubiquitous
The ubiquitous “heavily armed police” storming the extremist fake gunman who responded by politely placing his hands up. Thank God for Dutch Cops!

When the police came in to arrest the gunman he waited calmly for them, did not threaten anyone, did not threaten even to kill himself and did not even see the need to raise his voice. Tarik Zahzah is the lamest militant or criminal in the history of the world. This was yet another security drill sold to a hapless public as a real event. The most catastrophically pathetic psyop since the LAX joke with the police wheeling a dummy around pretending it was wounded.

It's a Dummy! Greatest hoax moment ever. Police attend to a wounded dummy at Los Angeles Airport. November 1st, 2013.
It’s a Dummy! Greatest hoax moment ever. Police attend to a wounded dummy at Los Angeles Airport. November 1st, 2013.

The psychological background to this event is fairly clear. This is their pathetic attempt to bring to life the fictitious “truther terrorist” as the British Prime Minister made clear they intended in his infamous speech at the UN last year. The media are afraid, not physically of course, they face no physical threat, and they know this,but they do face financial threats and threats to their credibility for the obvious reason that they are complete liars and once you use the internet away from the big obvious controlled media sites it becomes absolutely clear that our major media are completely insincere. To put it gently. Their position of control and authority is dissolving before their eyes and panicking they reach for anything that may redeem their position or at the least postpone their demise. They are merely in the early stages of reaping what they have sown. It is natural justice that awaits them pure and simple and they have no-one but themselves to blame for their predicament.
This fiasco is their pitiful attempt to conflate people who tell the truth about 911 and other false flag events with the terrorist perpetrators. It is delusional.
The funny thing is that once you understand September 11th was a false flag attack conducted by Westerners, you also inevitably understand that the whole “War on Terror” has been a grotesque and wicked con job perpetrated by a corrupt Western elite against a brainwashed population.

Terrorism in the West is manufactured and synthetic,so no-one who understands 911 would ever in a thousand years contemplate “feeding the beast” because the “truther” understands that the Western elite crave violent opposition, the more violent the better, that’s why they have been manufacturing violent opposition via false flags and “managed” and “augmented” terror attacks for decades.

Genuine armed opposition would be manna from heaven for them they would no longer need to manufacture the terror. This is what we understand. It is common sense. The more violence they face the less resistance there is to the “project”, it is that simple. Cameron’s attempt to conflate people who tell the truth about 911 with IS terrorists was a characteristically dishonest attempt to shield his political sponsors from scrutiny for their crimes of the past. No more, no less. The fact that they are willing to have one of their stooges publicly announce they intend the untimely demise of free speech in the West clearly indicates a measure of desperation on the part of the corrupt evil few. The gap between us used to be such an ocean and now it has all but evaporated. Leaving them stranded, exposed and desperate.

I am actually stunned that they could be so completely abysmal.  They must have been drunk  when they wrote the script for this one. The stench is overwhelming tens of thousands of kilometres away.

The stench of low farce.


LAX DUMMY = Proof of Hoax – LAX Shooting False Flag MUST SEE!

Gunman storms Dutch TV studio and demanded he be put on air | Daily Mail Online

2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The infamous Cameron “Declaration of Tyranny” UN speech .

David Cameron UN Speech United Nations PM David Cameron ISIS UK Parliament Votes Approves Airstrikes

From the Independent.

David Cameron warns world leaders of Isis’s ‘murderous plans to expand its borders’ and pledges to take action – World Politics – World – The IndependentMr Cameron’s speech to the UN General Assembly in full


Mr President, this year we face extraordinary tests of our values and our resolve.

In responding to the aggression against one of our member states, Ukraine.

In seeking peace in the Middle East.

In dealing with the terrifying spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

And in overcoming what I want to focus on today – which is the mortal threat we all face from the rise of Isil in Syria and Iraq.

Deir al-Zor is a province in Eastern Syria.

Home to the al-Sheitaat tribe, it was captured by Isil last month.

700 tribesmen were executed, many were beheaded.

The vast majority were civilians… Muslims – who refused to take an oath of allegiance to Isil’s sick extremist world view – and who paid for this with their lives.

They are not alone.

Across Syria and Northern Iraq thousands have suffered the same fate.

Muslims – both Sunni and Shia. Christians, Yazidis, people of every faith and none. Isil is not a problem restricted to just one region.

It has murderous plans to expand its borders well beyond Iraq and Syria…and to carry out terrorist atrocities right across the world.

It is recruiting new fighters from all over the world.

500 have gone there from Britain… and one of them almost certainly brutally murdered two American journalists and a British aid worker.

This is a problem that affects us all. And we must tackle it together.

Past mistakes must not become an excuse for indifference or inaction

There is not one person in this hall who will view this challenge without reference to the past.

Whether in Iraq. Whether in Afghanistan.

Of course it is absolutely right that we should learn the lessons of the past, especially of what happened in Iraq a decade ago.

But we have to learn the right lessons.

Yes to careful preparation; no to rushing to join a conflict without a clear plan.

But we must not be so frozen with fear that we don’t do anything at all.

Isolation and withdrawing from a problem like Isil will only make things worse.

We must not allow past mistakes to become an excuse for indifference…or inaction.

The right lesson is that we should act – but act differently.

We should be comprehensive – defeating the ideology of extremism that is the root cause of this terrorism – so we win the battle of ideas and not just the battle of military might.

We should be intelligent – supporting representative and accountable governments and working with them at their request, not going in over their heads.

We should be inclusive – working with partners in the region who are prepared to be part of the solution, potentially including Iran.

And we should be uncompromising – using all the means at our disposal – including military force – to hunt down these extremists.

Let me take each of these in turn.


The root cause of this terrorist threat is a poisonous ideology of Islamist extremism.

This is nothing to do with Islam, which is a peaceful region that inspires countless acts of generosity every day.

Islamist extremism believes in using the most brutal forms of terrorism to force people to accept a warped world view and to live in a quasi mediaeval state.

To defeat Isil – and organisations like it – we must defeat this ideology in all its forms.

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it.

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and the 7/7 London attacks were staged.

The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy.

The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations.

We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism.

For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this.

We must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries.

We must proscribe organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad.

We must work together to take down illegal online material like the recent videos of Isil murdering hostages.

And we must stop so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, universities and prisons.

Of course some will argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry.

But I say: would we sit back and allow right-wing extremists, Nazis or Klu Klux Klansmen to recruit on our university campuses?

So we shouldn’t stand by and just allow any form of non-violent extremism.

We need to argue that prophecies of a global war of religion pitting Muslims against the rest of the world are nonsense.

We need Muslims and their governments around the world to reclaim their religion from these sick terrorists.

We all need to help them with programmes that channel young people away from these poisonous ideologues.

And we need the strongest possible international focus on tackling this ideology… which is why here at the United Nations, the UK is calling for a new Special Representative on extremism.


But fighting extremism will never be enough.

Communism wasn’t defeated simply by pointing out its flaws – but by showing that the alternative of economic freedoms, democracy and the rule of law could build a better society and a better world.

Young people need to see the power of a different, better, more open, more democratic path.

The twentieth century taught us the vital role of representative and accountable governments in offering their people opportunity, hope and dignity.

Of course we should not be naive: not every country can move at the same speed or even reach the same destination.

And we should respect different cultures and traditions and histories.

But, let’s be clear: the failure to meet people’s aspirations can create a breeding ground where extremist and even terrorist insurgency can take root.

Governments that only govern for some of their people cause deep resentment.

In Iraq the failure of the al-Maliki government to represent all of the people has driven some of them into the arms of the extremists.

Too often people have been faced with a false choice between an autocratic and unrepresentative government… or a brutal insurgency, with religion misused as its rallying call.

To combat this we must support the building blocks of free and open societies.

In Iraq this means supporting the creation of a new and genuinely inclusive Government capable of uniting all Iraqis – Sunni and Shia, Kurds, Christians and others.

In Syria, it must mean a political transition and an end to Assad’s brutality.

I know there are some who think that we should do a deal with Assad in order to defeat Isil.

But this view is dangerously misguided.

Our enemies’ enemy is not our friend. It is another enemy.

Doing a deal with Assad will not defeat Isil… because the bias and brutality of the Assad regime is one of the most powerful recruiting tools for the extremists.

Syria needs what Iraq needs: an inclusive, representative, democratic government that can look after the interests of all its people.

So to those who have backed Assad or stood on the sidelines, I would say this: we are ready to join with you in a new political effort to secure a representative and accountable government in Damascus that can take the fight to Isil.

It is simply not credible for Assad to lead such a government. But we are prepared to look at every practical option to find a way forward.


Third, we must be inclusive, engaging the widest possible coalition of countries in this international effort.

Isil is a threat to us all. But the greatest threat is to the region.

It is very welcome that a number of Arab countries have already taken part in the action to degrade Isil. They have shown courage and leadership.

Iran should also be given the chance to show it can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Earlier today I met with President Rouhani.

We have severe disagreements.

Iran’s support for terrorist organisations, its nuclear programme, its treatment of its people.

All these need to change.

But Iran’s leaders could help in defeating the threat from Isil.

They could help secure a more stable, inclusive Iraq; and a more stable, inclusive Syria.

And if they are prepared to do this, then we should welcome their engagement.


Finally, when the safety and security of our people is at stake, we must be uncompromising in our response.

That starts at home.

For our part in the UK we are introducing new powers.

To strengthen our ability to seize passports and stop suspects travelling.

To allow us to strip British identity from dual nationals and temporarily prevent some British nationals getting back in the country.

To ensure that airlines comply with our no fly lists and security screening requirements.

And to enable our police and security services to apply for stronger locational constraints on those in the UK who pose a risk.

Here at the United Nations we have led a Security Council Resolution to disrupt the flows of finance to Isil… to sanction those who are seeking to recruit to Isil… and to encourage countries to do all they can to prevent foreign fighters joining the extremist cause.

But what about the role of our military?

I don’t believe this threat of Islamist extremism will best be solved by Western ground troops directly trying to pacify or reconstruct Middle Eastern or African countries.

But pursing an intelligent and comprehensive approach should include a place for our military.

Our military can support the enormous humanitarian efforts… as our Royal Air Force did helping the millions of people who have fled from Isil.

We should – together – do more to build the capability of the legitimate authorities fighting extremists.

This can mean training, equipping and advising. Providing technology and the other assets necessary for success.

Whether it is supporting action against Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Ansar Al-Sharia in Libya or Al Qa’eda in Yemen, it is right to help those on the frontline.

Along with our European partners we have already been supplying equipment directly to Kurdish forces.

We are strengthening the resilience of military forces in neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan.

And British Tornado and surveillance aircraft have already been helping with intelligence gathering and logistics to support US strikes on Isil in Iraq.

We now have a substantial international coalition in place, including Arab nations, committed to confronting and defeating Isil.

We have a comprehensive strategy to do that – with the political, diplomatic, humanitarian and military components it needs to succeed over time.

The UN Security Council has now received a clear request from the Iraqi government to support it in its military action against Isil.

So we have a clear basis in international law for action.

And we have a need to act in our own national interest to protect our people.

So it is right that Britain should now move to a new phase of action.

I am therefore recalling the British Parliament on Friday to secure approval for the United Kingdom to take part in international air strikes against Isil in Iraq.


My message today is simple. We are facing an evil against which the whole world must unite. And, as ever in the cause of freedom, democracy and justice, Britain will play its part.

Hezbollah Retaliates.

May Mark the Beginning of the Third Israel Hezbollah War

Aftermath of the Hezbollah attack on an IDF convoy in the Shebaa farms region on Wednesday morning, January 28th. Photo courtesy of the Daily Star.

This is a new story so the details are somewhat unclear. Multiple sources are reporting that persons unknown, presumed to be Hezbollah fighters, have fired missiles upon IDF patrols near the Israel-Lebanon border. It is unclear whether one or two IDF vehicles were struck. There are reports that 4 IDF troops are dead in what is clearly a response to the unprovoked Israeli strike near Quneitra on January 18th that killed 12 people from Hezbollah and the Iran Revolutionary Guard (IRGC).

Photo posted on Israeli twitter feed claims to show IDF vehicle post Hezbollah attack.
Photo posted on Israeli twitter feed claims to show IDF vehicles post Hezbollah attack.

Hezbollah have now released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack which reads

“At 11:25 [Wednesday morning] the Quneitra Martyrs unit targeted with appropriate missile weapons an Israeli military convoy comprising several vehicles and [transporting] Zionist officers and soldiers causing the destruction of several vehicles and inflicting many casualties on the enemy,” the brief Hezbollah statement read.

“The ball now is in the Israeli court if the Israelis launch a wide scale response, Hezbollah will respond in kind,” a senior political source told The Daily Star. “At this stage we cannot completely rule out this spiraling out of this incident into a full fledged war,” he added.

The aftermath of the retaliation. Again from the Israel government twitter.
The aftermath of the retaliation. Again from the Israel government twitter.

Hezbollah news channel Al-Manar said nine Israeli vehicles were targeted in the attack, while Al-Mayadeen news channel’s Director Ghassan Ben Jeddo, said at least 15 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

Hezbollah and Iran had no choice but to do something after continual Israeli strikes on their forces in support of the losing Syrian jihadists that Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia along with many Western nations have supported since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011. These nations have acted without any regard for the suffering of the Syrian people.  Whether this turns out to be an isolated incident or starts a new war between Hezbollah and Israel, no-one should be in any doubt as to the identity of the author. This is what happens when the seasoned war criminal and legendary psychopath Netanyahu feels politically vulnerable. This is Netanyahu’s response to domestic unpopularity and international isolation.

Israeli shelling of Southern Lebanon is ongoing. The Israeli Prime Minister offered a typically depraved response on the Israeli Government twitter feed.

PM Netanyahu: “To all those who try to challenge us on the north, I suggest you look at what happened in the Gaza Strip.” (To that list we might add Manhattan, Kuta Beach, Beirut and Buenos Aires, twice.) This quote actually appears to indicate that PM Netanyahu is actually proud of his Gaza crimes and sees the Gaza operation as a template for future operations. By all accounts more than 1400 civilians died in the Gaza operation, a minimum of 70% of the casualties were civilians. So here we have the Israeli Prime Minister dramatically confessing that those deaths were no accident and he intends to operate in the same criminal manner in future,

IDF broke international law in dozens of Gaza war strikes, Israeli rights group says – Diplomacy and Defense – Israel News | Haaretz

The IDF strikes have claimed their first non combatant death already, killing a UNIFIL soldier.

Israeli PM makes morale raising visit to Syrian terrorist in Israeli hospital.
Israeli PM makes morale raising visit to Syrian terrorist in Israeli hospital.


Hezbollah claims responsibility for deadly attack on Israeli convoy | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

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4 Israeli soldiers killed in cross border attack: Al-Arabiya | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Israeli rights group questions legality of targeting Gaza homes in war | World news | The Guardian

Officials react to Hezbollah attack on Israeli convoy with mix of praise, denunciation | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Mapping 9/11: The Fort Lee Mystery | Veterans Today
False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994, by Adrian Salbuchi, James Fetzer

aangirfan: The Bali Bomb, Ralph Boyce and Robert Finnegan


We Live in a World of Miraculous Coincidences.

The Malaysian Airlines Home Page after being hacked by the so-called
The Malaysian Airlines Home Page after being hacked by the so-called “Cyber Caliphate” presumably the Herzilya branch. (cough)

January 25th, 2015.

Hackers Taunt Malaysian Airlines in Name of IS.

We are expected to believe that individuals affiliated with IS (“Initially the words “ISIS will prevail” appeared in the browser tab for the page, but that has since disappeared ” BBC) -hacked the Malaysian Airlines website front page and changed it to a picture of a lizard smoking a cigar wearing a suit and taunting them about the loss of MH 370.

This is the twitter account.

The BBC story quoted earlier.

BBC News – Malaysia Airlines website ‘compromised’ by hackers

It seems that rather than anyone in the “Caliphate”  this was an arrogant and drunk on power cabal flaunting their evil audacity. It is an open secret that they hijacked MH 370, the specific motive is harder to ascertain, although it is pretty clear the the punishment of the Malaysian State assumed high priority for them following the Malaysian War Crimes Tribunal conviction of Israel in late 2013.

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

War Crimes Tribunal: “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”, Israel Found Guilty of Genocide | Global Research

This is the front of a cool T-shirt the Israeli sell, really.
This is the front of a “cool” T-shirt the Israelis sell, really.

The fate of the passengers and plane is unknown. What can be deduced is that the plane did not crash into the ocean, it was hijacked and taken somewhere and the ocean crash story was a crude cover that has fallen apart because when an aircraft crashes into the ocean there is always a debris field. Therefore, the lack of any such debris can be taken as a solid indicator that something else happened. Yoichi Shimatsu appeared to provide the most coherent and complete explanation of the MH 370 mystery, in his two classic articles on the subject.

MH370 Revisited Part 1

MH370 Revisited Part 2

Shimatsu claims to be privy to a source within US intelligence, who claims the Israeli clandestine services for the hijack of the flight. Shimatsu further claims that the flight traveled to Diego Garcia, where he claimed there is an Israeli base. Shimatsu further claimed that the flight was then moved to Israel, he claims that the Phillip Wood message is authentic also. It’s very hard to know if this story is correct, but it is the most complete explanation of what remains a compelling and unprecedented mystery.

I wonder if the Malaysians rue the day they chose to speak the truth about the crimes of the Zionist state. The price has been immense. It is very clear that some very powerful people found the Malaysian findings “upsetting” and saw the need to “send a message” to them and to others who would seek to emulate them in future. Now they are laughing about it and the Malaysians are powerless to act. From a broader perspective, the actions of Malaysia were far more than a mere “heroic gesture” because, by upsetting the forces of darkness and evil, by provoking them into action, they have revealed themselves. They have dug a deeper hole for themselves when the time comes for them to be held accountable for their crimes.

Meanwhile in France Another Miraculous Coincidence.

French Far Right Grandee Le Pen Victim of Unexplained Arson Attack Soon After Speaking Charlie Hebdo Truth

Former French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen injured in house fire — RT News

“Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of the right-wing National Front party, was injured when a fire broke at his home in Rueil-Malmaison, French media reported.
The condition of the 86-year-old veteran politician wasn’t serious, BFM TV reported, citing sources familiar close to the matter.
Le Pen is said to have a bruise on his face. He was taken by firefighters to get medical assistance.
The fire was relatively strong, but its cause wasn’t immediately reported.
Initial reports on social media say either Le Pen was injured in an arson attack or targeted by a gunman. The rumors proved to be false. The latest controversy he sparked was in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when Le Pen claimed the attack was staged by the secret services”

Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence – Europe – World – The Independent

If I didn’t know better, it may seem that Le Pen was accosted by a gunman threatened, beaten and had his house set on fire along with a warning that the next time they would leave him inside when they torched it. But things like that don’t happen. So the whole thing must be an amazing coincidence.

France: Jean-Marie Le Pen injured in house fire

Charlie Hebdo: the Third Man

The gunman in Paris. Two men and no getaway driver.
The gunmen in Paris. Two men and no getaway driver.

Terreur Française-Hamyd Mourad the Third Man

January 17th, 2015.
There has been a tremendous momentum to events in France and Western Europe in the ten days since the Charlie Hebdo massacre.We have seen raids that led to the arrests of supposed terror suspects in France, Belgium and Germany. A police raid in Verviers, Belgium saw two alleged militants killed and a number of police uniforms reportedly recovered.

Dozens arrested in Europe ‘anti-terror’ raids – Europe – Al Jazeera English
The pace of events has been so great that some very simple and fundamental questions regarding the Official story of the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been neglected.
The Third Man.

The Third Man in Paris was never in Paris.

Hamyd Mourad is one such example and through an analysis of the case of Hamyd Mourad I intend to prove that what at face value appears to be a shocking massacre perpetrated by enraged jihadist militants was in fact a work of fiction concocted by a Western elite apparently desperate to rehabilitate the image of the Zionist state, rejuvenate the War on terror and speed up the implementation of their totalitarian New World Order project of manipulation, deception and complete control.
Who is Hamyd Mourad ?
Hamyd Mourad is an 18 year old French citizen who was accused of being the third man at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Mr Mourad was cleared of involvement in the attacks after handing himself in to a French police station and providing a solid and corroborated alibi. Mr. Mourad was in school at the time and his classmates attested to this fact.

Charlie Hebdo shooting: Hamyd Mourad ‘in shock’ after wrongly linked to attack on newspaper – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The ABC writes  ”It remains unclear how Hamyd, who until this week was completely unknown to the police, became linked to the magazine attack.”

This bland sentence should read,”It remains unclear how Police linked Mr. Mourad to the case.” There is no mystery as to how Hamyd Murad’s name emerged, the police put him on their list of suspects. As this Reuters report makes absolutely clear.

The BBC World Service Announces that the French Police are seeking three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack within hours   of the  event. This shot was taken around six hours after the attack.
The BBC World Service Announces that the French Police are seeking three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack within hours of the event. This shot was taken around six hours after the attack.

Police hunt three Frenchmen after 12 killed in Paris attack | Reuters

By John Irish and Alexandria Sage
PARIS Wed Jan 7, 2015 6:58pm EST
‘ Police issued a document to forces across the region saying the three men were being sought for murder in relation to the Charlie Hebdo attack. The document, reviewed by a Reuters correspondent, named them as Said Kouachi, born in 1980, Cherif Kouachi, born in 1982, and Hamyd Mourad, born in 1996. ‘

The Independent corroborate the Reuters claim that police identified Hamyd Mourad as a suspect.

Charlie Hebdo attack: Paris police name three suspects in manhunt as Kouachi brothers and surrendered 18-year-old ‘accomplice’ – Europe – World – The Independent

“French police have identified three suspects. Two have been named as brothers Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi and are believed to be French nationals of Algerian descent aged in their early 30s. Their accomplice was named as 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad.”

This makes it incontrovertible. French police sought Hamyd Mourad in relation to the case.

The real question that the ABC and their controlled media colleagues must obscure is why the police named Hamyd Mourad as a suspect?  The French police need to explain how they came to link him to the case, something of course they will never do because to do so would give the whole game away. Nor will the controlled media clones dare ask a single question on the subject. Questions are a little bit old hat in the modern day media.
ABC continues… “But as he reflected on his name appearing in news reports and online posts across the world, (again the police claim is carefully edited out) he said he feared the wrongful accusation would haunt him for years to come.
“I only hope this won’t taint my future,” he said.
“I have nothing to do with this whole thing, Cherif is just my brother-in-law with whom we have a fairly distant relationship,” he said, adding that Cherif lived in the Paris region and rarely visited his northern home town.
Hamyd’s sister, who is married to Cherif, was taken into custody on Wednesday and freed on Saturday.”
The connection of Mr. Mourad to the case was the fact that his sister was married to Cherif Kouani.
The funny thing about it is that all the eyewitnesses stated that two gunmen entered the Charlie Hebdo offices and conducted the massacre. The videos that showed footage of the gunmen clearly depicted only two gunmen. When the gunmen get into their getaway vehicle it is absolutely clear that there is no getaway driver waiting at the wheel.

    It is quite clear that there is no getaway driver, so where did the third man nonsense come from? The script.
It is quite clear that there is no getaway driver, so where did the third man nonsense come from? The script.
The gunmen close the doors as they return to the car. No getaway driver. Two men.

Many publications suggested that the French police believed that Mr. Mourad was the getaway driver in the Charlie Hebdo attack. It is also notable that nowhere was it suggested that Hamyd Mourad was a gunman who had actually conducted the massacre. The gunmen were masked, so how did the French police know who had played what role in the attacks from the supposed three man terror cell?
The London Telegraph made it completely clear the perceived role of Hamyd Mourad in the attacks.
Paris shooting: teenage Charlie Hebdo suspect surrenders as police hunt ‘armed and dangerous’ brothers – Telegraph
“The youngest suspect sought in connection with the murder of 10 writers and cartoonists at the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo and two police officers , has surrendered.
Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in to police at Charleville-Mezieres at 11pm on Wednesday.
He was thought to have been the getaway driver, but he has insisted he was not involved in the attack.”
as did the Daily Mail.
Schoolfriends defend teenage getaway driver who helped fanatics escape with #MouradHamydInnocent | Daily Mail Online
and the Independent.
Hamyd Mourad released without charge after being named as suspect in Charlie Hebdo attack – Europe – World – The Independent
“A teenager who was named as a third suspect involved in the shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris was released today without charge after his classmates provided an alibi, French media confirms.
Hamyd Mourad, the brother-in-law of siblings Said and Chérif Kouachi who were shot dead by police yesterday after a long manhunt following their massacre of 12 people, was suspected of acting as a get-away driver in the attack on Wednesday that sent shock waves around the world.”

and again in the Telegraph

Paris shooting: teenage Charlie Hebdo suspect surrenders as police hunt ‘armed and dangerous’ brothers – Telegraph

“Shocked classmates of the alleged Charlie Hebdo getaway driver have leapt to his defence – claiming he was in school with them at the time of the dead

Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in to police at Charleville-Mezieres at 11pm on Wednesday.
He was thought to have been the getaway driver, but he has insisted he was not involved in the attack. “

Unconfirmed reports had previously identified him as driving the getaway car after two gunmen entered the Charlie Hebdo magazine building and opened fire.
Reuters reported that one of the three men had been identified by an identity card left in the getaway car.”

There are a number of giant anomalies that emerge when we consider the case of Hamyd Mourad, one question that arises is: Why did the French police add Hamyd Mourad’s name to their list of suspects without attempting to contact either he or the school he was attending? They could have simply telephoned him and quickly discovered that he was hundreds of kilometres away at the time of the attacks.

More importantly, where did the idea arise that three suspects were even involved in the attacks? What was the investigative basis for that claim?
This is not a case of mistaken identity, they did not misname the getaway driver, an understandable error, they simply invented the existence of the third man and the getaway driver. A thirty second viewing of the video of the incident makes it completely clear that there was no getaway driver at all, the gunmen drove themselves as they got away. When the gunmen return to the car they sit down in the front seats and drive off.
The fact that so many outlets printed the claims about a getaway driver really shows us how scripted and controlled the Western media are. They are simply not allowed to think for one second unless specifically instructed that it is ok to do so. They must deliver whatever message they are instructed regardless of it’s patent absurdity. It truly seems that they will only use their eyes when their “master” commands them. It seems absurd at first but when pondered it makes sense. After all, if they use their eyes to notice that the entire notion of a third Charlie Hebdo suspect and the idea of a getaway driver is absurd, soon they may also use their eyes and notice also that the centrepiece of the psy-op, the murder of policeman Ahmed Merabat is every bit as silly as the third man getaway driver.

The curiously bloodless police murder.
The curiously bloodless police murder.

The picture that emerges from this is that of a compartmentalised and loosely co-ordinated false flag operation that committed many severe errors due to the necessary compartmentalisation.
As far as the French police investigation goes, it tells us that the French police were not running a genuine investigation into the event, far from it. A genuine investigation would take the time to look at the video, note that there were only two people involved and never indulge in the absurd sideshow of the phantom getaway driver who wasn’t there or the nonsense about three people being involved. There is after all absolutely no basis for the claim that three people were involved, the very claim has been quietly abandoned and submerged under the cascading events of the rolling psy-op

Helric Fredou supposedly chose to commit suicide in his Office leass than 14 hours after the attack in Paris. Case closed,nothing to see. Investigators concluded the death was suicide prior to any investigation of the cause or circumstances of Mr Fredou's death. You have got to be kidding.
Helric Fredou supposedly chose to commit suicide in his Office less than 14 hours after the attack in Paris. Case closed, nothing to see. Investigators concluded the death was suicide prior to any investigation of the cause or circumstances of Mr Fredou’s death. You have got to be kidding.

Helric Fredou Suicide claims add insult to injury.

This error also confirms that the “things we don’t like to talk about” death of the French police commissioner Helric Fredou was a murder and that the murder was related to the need to control the Charlie Hebdo investigation and also to ensure that the subsequent psy-op was “in safe hands.” Helri Fredou obviously objected to the imposition of “the script” on his investigation and his reluctance to accommodate the plotters gave them no choice but to remove him from the investigation immediately it seems. Knowing and proving are two completely different things of course, and it is doubtful that the truth of the murder of this Senior police official will ever be uncovered. Especially considering the fact that the cause of death and the person responsible were concluded prior to any investigation. Helric Fredou is supposed to have committed suicide in his office at 1 am on January the 8th. Less than 14 hours after the event. They really made little effort to conceal their crime in this case, clearly of the belief that they are simply untouchable, any lie. any murder, anything seems to be the motto they live by.
These errors tell us something else about these events and the police investigation, something rather devastating. They tell us quite simply that the French police were not investigating these events at all, they were actually playing their role in the plot. The  key part of their role in the plot was to read the script they had been given, the script they were given identified three suspects, including a getaway driver and Hamyd Mourad was the name attached to this fictitious identity. Through bad luck for the perpetrators and good luck for Hamyd Mourad, the attempt to frame him as a patsy floundered due to the fact that he handed himself in to the police and had an alibi supported by many others who were not from the French Muslim community and therefore could not be written off as complicit.

It is chilling to read the news reports from the time after Hamyd Mourad handed himself in and before the Kouachi brothers were killed, and realise that all the descriptions of “Armed and Dangerous suspects” would also have been applied to Hamyd Mourad had he not handed himself in and proven his innocence. If Mr. Mourad had not handed himself in to the police, there is every reason to believe that he would have faced the same fate as the Kouachi brothers, convicted by the media and murdered by the police. If this sounds a little far fetched, please consider the fact that after his shocked classmates sprung to his defence, they were met with an intense campaign of defamation that tried to portray their twitter accounts as being fake and they as the accomplices of a terrorist.
The third man, the innocence, undisputed innocence of Hamyd Mourad and the fact that there was no third man of any name or identity involved in the Charlie Hebdo incident are small but important signs that point to a larger truth. The Paris attack was not a legitimate or authentic “jihadist” terror attack, not even close. This was a typically synthetic and farcical psychological warfare operation that only mass media hypnosis and inculcated obedience are protecting. The French police have not conducted an investigation into a terrorist attack, not even an incompetent one, they have played their despicable role in what is no more than a tyranny pageant aimed at using fear to keep the fascists and gangsters in power in the West despite their well documented history of terrorism, pedophilia and warmongering. If you support this or believe a word of it, you are the unknowing victim of the tyrants and deceivers whose track record of murder and terrorism is there for all with eyes to see. As far as our media go, it seems that when they die, an entirely new wing of hell will need to be opened in order to accommodate them all. Evil is not too strong a word. Despicable cowardice is not too strong a phrase. The hope that they face mass arrests and prosecutions at some time is a righteous one. But don’t hold your breath. Still as “the Coleman Experience ” writes so often, “it’s only a matter of time.”


Charlie Hebdo shooting suspect defended by classmates on Twitter | World news | The Guardian
Hamyd Mourad released without charge after being named as suspect in Charlie Hebdo attack – Europe – World – The Independent

Charlie Hebdo attack: Paris police name three suspects in manhunt as Kouachi brothers and surrendered 18-year-old ‘accomplice’ – Europe – World – The Independent

Charlie Hebdo top cop Helric Fredou kills himself hours after magazine massacre – Mirror Online

Top cop investigating Charlie Hebdo attacks kills himself hours after French massacre – Daily Record

Charlie Hebdo: First picture of top cop Helric Fredou who killed himself after massacre – Mirror Online







The Pedophocracy by David McGowan

So, You Want to Know the Truth About 9/11? | New Eastern Outlook

“The Great Wurlitzer” and the War on Terror

Terreur Française du Grand Deception

Terreur Française du Grand Deception

The curiously bloodless police murder.
The curiously bloodless police murder.

Executions in Yabroud Prove Paris Police Shooting a Total Fabrication.
The images I am going to use here are bloody and unpleasant and depict real violence and death. These stills come from a video shot in Syria in early 2014. The Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters succeeded in dislodging the rebel jihadists from their stronghold in Western Syria, a town named Yabroud.
Following the battle, Hezbollah captured a number of fighters, apparently from the Jabhat al Nusra, al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise. The prisoners are filmed being interrogated and beaten by the Hezbollah fighters on the roof of a building.
Later they are pictured ,bloody and piled up in the rear of a van.

The fighters are pulled from the van after a radio message.
The fighters are pulled from the van after a radio message.

At this point it appears that the fighters receive a radio message telling them that they should execute the prisoners, as after receiving a communication, they pull the Jabhat al Nusra fighters from the van and proceed to execute them at close range using AK 47 Assault Rifles, just as the supposed Charlie Hebdo terrorists used.
This video was a big embarrassment to Hezbollah and the group claimed to have taken disciplinary action against individuals involved in the filming of these events.
I am not trying to impugn or single out Hezbollah.Every military group commits excesses on occasion without any exception. the point is this is not an IS style propaganda video. I actually intended to use IS execution footage to make the point I am going to make but the IS gunfire executions that I watched did not appear to be authentic.
Hezbollah are a very high quality military group and they have shown this repeatedly on the battlefields of Lebanon and Syria. This video shows Hezbollah fighters conducting a frontal assault on a hillside controlled by the IS group with devastating consequences for the IS fighters. They just run straight up a steep hill into the teeth of fire and kill them. Regardless of politics or ideology it is impressive stuff.
Hezbollah vs ISIS (face to face)- Must Watch !!!

Hezbollah’s success in Syria was reflected in the fact that following the fall of Qusair in May 2013, the defeated jihadists began to wage a terror campaign against civilian targets in Lebanon, murdering dozens in a series of car bomb attacks aimed at pro- Hezbollah areas.
Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Timeline of violent events relating to the Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon (2011–14) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_2011-14
The point of showing this rather gruesome and unpleasant footage is that it shows us precisely what an AK 47 fired at a human head from close range looks like. The reason for this is to highlight the stark contrast between the real thing in Syria and what happened in Paris last week. These images are unpleasant and I am not seeking to celebrate or downplay this death. The crimes of Jabhat al Nusra are mammoth and they were the author’s of the false flag chemical weapons attacks in 2013, that killed hundreds of Syrians. This execution is a crime, I would suggest that the crimes of Jabhat al Nusra are far greater than this crime.
(Jabhat al Nusra Chemical Attack links)
Jabhat al-Nusra Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack | Global Research
Activist Post: New Video Evidence Points To al-Nusra Chemical Attack Against Syrian Soldiers
Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels · LRB 17 April 2014
Was Assad Not Responsible for the Chemical Weapons Attack Last August? | Foreign Policy Blogs

We know the men we see are Hezbollah fighters because Hezbollah fighters in Syria wear regular military uniforms but they have an identifying yellow ribbon on the shoulder.

The Hezbollah Identifier.
The Hezbollah Identifier.

We can clearly see that these men are armed with the AK 47 Kalashnikov with the classic curved magazine. .

The AK 47.
The AK 47.

The prisoner is on the ground having been roughly dragged from a van.


Execution moment.

The prisoner is shot in the head by the AK 47. A large amount of blood emerges from his head immediately, his entire body is convulsed by the impact of the round.
The prisoner is dead. A very unpleasant scene. A pool of blood is easily identified under and around his head and it almost appears that the top of his head has been blown off.

Severe damage.
Severe damage.

A Leaked Video showing Hezbollah members execution of wounded Syrians

This footage is wretched in quality compared to the scene depicting the murder of Ahmed Erabat, which is clearly shot on a very good camera.
But in Paris there is simply nothing to see. Nothing happens when the policeman is shot in the head. No convulsion, no blood, no back of the head blown off, no gush, no bone, no muzzle flash, no expelled cartridge. Nothing.
How can that possibly be?

Photo Analysis Courtesy of Veterans Today
Photo Analysis Courtesy of Veterans Today
Photo Analysis Courtesy of Veterans Today

The only possible counter could be,”well, we did sanitise the footage, we removed all the blood and evidence of a shot being fired so as not to upset and incite people.”
It is not a good argument, but it is all they have. The reason it is no good is that they have tried to suppress the “sanitised” footage itself. Why would they want to suppress that which had already been sanitised? It is nonsense.
This is a complex and difficult story but the other thing  that absolutely proves that we are being fed monstrous lies about this event is the ID plant. This is a classic technique used by intelligence agencies in order to frame an individual. It was used on multiple occasions to sell the evil 911 lie and this is a flashing red light screaming “Do not believe a word of this! Not a word.”
Planted Evidence Part od a Classic pattern of Deception Seen in Previous False Flag Attacks.

Many people know about the incongruous Shia red bandanna and passport planted in the planeless Pennsylvania field, and everyone knows of the insulting story of the pristine passport found on the ground on New York following the explosive destruction of the World Trade Centre but my favourite 911 planted evidence is a little more obscure.
On September the 9th, 2001, a sports bag was left at a Maryland Mosque. Attached to the sports bag was a note reading “A gift for the brothers.” Very amusing.
Where does this astonishing and damning information come from”? The FBI.
Context of ‘September 11-13, 2001: 9/11 Hijackers Leave a Clear Trail of Evidence’
September 9, 2001: 9/11 Hijackers Drop Duffle Bag in Front of Mosque, Leave Evidence of Flight Training from 2000
“9/11 hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar stay in a motel near a fundamentalist storefront mosque in Laurel, Maryland. The hijackers drop off two bags at the mosque, to which they attach a note stating: “gift for the brothers.” The FBI will recover the bags one day after the 9/11. An FBI document will identify the mosque at the Ayah Islamic Center, also known as the Ayah Dawah mosque. According to the 9/11 Commission, the bags contain “fruit, clothing, flight logs, and various other materials.” [9/11 Commission, 8/21/2004, pp. 53  The FBI will later reveal that the bags contain pilot log books, receipts, and other evidence documenting the brief flight training that Alhazmi and Almihdhar underwent in San Diego in early 2000. It is unclear why they would have kept the receipts, some mentioning their names, for over a year and then left them at a mosque to be found. [Federal Bureau of Investigation, 10/2001, pp. 273, 295
The really devastating fact about the bag left at the Maryland mosque was that it contained the receipts for flying lessons taken by the “hijackers” more than a year earlier.
Isn’t that just sweet! We are expected to believe that some Muslim suicidal terrorist thought it was important to carry around ancient receipts for flight training and then leave them at a Mosque.
It is one of those classic moments when they get a little cute, a little clever-clever and reveal themselves.

The gunman in Paris
The gunmen in Paris

If we look at the footage of the supposed Charlie Hebdo shooters Said and Cherif Kouachi as they run around on the street. Their clothing is consistent with the clothing of soldiers or guerrillas. The clothes they wear are not loose fitting at all. There e is no way that people dressed like that, who bothered to pick up a random shoe in the street for unknown reasons while purportedly leaving the scene of a massacre they had conducted would ever, ever be so “careless” and idiotic as to leave their ID behind. This is beyond a little too convenient, it is farcical.

This is not Ottawa or Sydney, a pathetic sideshow to pass new Security Bills. This is a serious attempt from the forces of darkness and evil to revive the entire Clash of Civilisations narrative so that they can return to major war on Israel’s enemies that could seet ens of millions dead under a worst case scenario. We can’t walk away from this one as largely happened with Sydney and Ottawa. These false flags are laughable in many ways, but this is deadly serious. These crimes are just the little crimes that give birth to the real crimes, the wars of aggression that we have repeatedly seen destroy nations all in the name of bogus national security or in the name of fake Western liberation. We can’t walk away from this.


Fiasco France: Lie to Me Once (updated) | Veterans Today

Context of ‘September 11-13, 2001: 9/11 Hijackers Leave a Clear Trail of Evidence’
“Newly Released FBI Timeline Reveals New Information about 9/11 Hijackers that Was Ignored by 9/11 Commission

False Flag Terror: the Triumph of the Strategy of Tension in France

A wonderful unity moment-based entirely on an illusion. Paris, January 11th,2015.
A wonderful unity moment-based entirely on an illusion. Paris, January 11th,2015.

January 12th, 2015.

There were amazing scenes in Paris overnight, mammoth and largely well natured crowds thronged the streets of Paris and other French cities marking the end of chapter one of one of the most successful psyops ever seen. These were moving scenes, just not in the way intended. It was so sad to see so many people have their naivete and good nature taken advantage of on such a mammoth scale.

Nincenzo Viniguerra Speakd the Truth on the BBC in 1992.
Vincenzo Viniguerra Speaks the Truth on the BBC in 1992.

NATO, the CIA and Mossad  the Track Record of Europe.

These tactics come as no surprise to people aware of recent European history, we have seen these tactics used throughout much of Western Europe through the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The perpetrators of the terror have even been kind and helpful enough to tell us the thinking behind these “black operations” One of the most forthcoming of the Operation Gladio terrorists was an Italian extremist right wing Gladio veteran named Vincenzo Vinciguerra. .
This is Vincenzo Vinciguerra’s explanation of the Strategy of Tension, a strategy that continues to this very day with a new bogey Radical Islam replacing the former bogey of Communism. This quote is lifted directly from the wonderful BBC documentary from 1992 entitled “Operation Gladio”. This quote comes from the 51 minute mark, I have not edited it, as he begins Vinciguerra is speaking of the role of right wing paramilitaries in the “Strategy of Tension”. Of the fear and division that was the underlying motive for the Gladio terror wave.

“You were supposed to attack civilians, women,children. Innocent people outside the political arena . For one simple reason: To force the Italian public to turn to the state…Turn to the regime and ask for greater security. This was precisely the role of the Right in Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State which created a Strategy, aptly called the “Strategy of Tension.” in so far as they had to get the people to accept at any moment over a period of thirty years from 1960 to the mid 1980s a State of Emergency could be declared. So people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank. This is the political logic behind all the bombings. “

Gladio Veteran Tells the Truth about False Flag Terrorism and the NWO

Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC

Capitalising on tragedy.

Meanwhile, Israel brazenly seeks to cash in on the Psyop to perpetuate the nonsense that Jewish people in Europe are under siege and need to join the wretched and doomed Zionist apartheid project to ensure their very survival! This following the supposed IS terror attack on a Kosher Grocery in Porte de Vincennes that led to four civilian deaths.

Porte de Vincennes siege – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Netanyahu to French Jews: ‘Come home to Israel from terrible European anti-Semitism’ — RT News

Netanyahu to French Jews after attacks: ‘Israel is your home’ | Middle East Eye

As threats to Jews said to mount in Europe, Israeli minister gets “excited” | The Electronic Intifada

Zionist Show in Paris–and Netanyahu Will Be There | Veterans Today

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel is standing by Europe, Europe must stand by Israel – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu: Paris attack proves world must fight Islamist terror | The Times of Israel

Of course. the heroic Israeli PM has not been flying solo on this mission. Many others have chimed in with their words of wisdom.

Anger as Rupert Murdoch says ALL Muslims should be held responsible for terror attacks in France | Daily Mail Online

Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack | Daily Mail Online

At times it almost seemed as if hysteria had set in.
Editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing Paris | Daily Mail Online

and on it goes…

Calls for BBC reporter to resign after he told daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’ | Daily Mail Online

”A BBC reporter has faced calls to resign after he told the daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’.
Journalist Tim Willcox sparked anger during his coverage of yesterday’s rally in Paris, held in memory of the 17 victims of last week’s terror attacks, including four Jewish people in a siege at a Kosher supermarket.
He was speaking to a woman in the crowd who expressed her fears that Jews were being persecuted, and ‘the situation is going back to the days of the 1930s in Europe.’

One of the Empire's victims.
Najia Warshagha Age 9

Perish the very thought of Palestinian suffering! How dare he! How dare he allude to the more than 500 children wantonly and cynically massacred less than six months ago in Gaza. At a time like this when we are under siege!

.Israel-Gaza conflict: 50-day war by numbers – Middle East – World – The Independent

Mail Online continues

“historian and BBC presenter Simon Schama.
wrote on Twitter:Appalling of @BBCTimWillcox to imply any and all JEWS (not Israelis) responsible for treatment of Palestinians by hectoring lady in Paris.’
And added: ‘Then he had gall to patronise her at the end – “you see people see it from all sides” That Palestinian plight justifies anti-semitic murder?’
The Campaign Against Antisemitism, which works to combat anti-Semitism in Britain, has circulated footage of the incident, and has called on those offended by it to formally complain to the BBC.
Director of communications, Jonathan Sacerdoti, told MailOnline said Willcox’s Twitter apology was ‘not really good enough’.
‘It’s an admission he has done something wrong, but it’s incumbent on the BBC to make an on-air apology and to investigate his behavior.’
There have also been calls made for the reporter to resign, while an online petition was set up, demanding that Willcox ‘personally apologise’, and calling for ‘re-assurance that this constant anti-Semitic behavior from the BBC will come to an end’.
‘It was the wrong time and place to ask such a disgraceful question. The unity march was a time for France and the rest of the world to come together and unite against the rising threat of terrorism and anti-Semitism, as well as an opportunity to mourn and remember those killed in the horrific attacks.”

Wilcox did not imply that all Jewish people were responsible for the suffering of the people of Palestine, merely that they were suffering at Jewish hands. He should have simply said “Israeli” of course and ended the argument .

According to Wikipedia  the population of France is well over 60 million people.Estimates of the Jewish population of France vary but the Wikipedia article

states that around half a million (479,000) Jewish people live in France. There is no doubt that tens of thousands of Jewish people live in Paris, will continue to do so and that while there have been some terrible incidents, by and large the people of France coexist peacefully across Ethno-religous lines and will continue to do so as all people should do everywhere.  The idea that French Jews need israel to escape from the hordes of genocidal Muslims in France is simply a sick Zionist fantasy.

France does have a problem with angry and disenfranchised youth living in dismal ghettos, and this leads to problems. The main problem it leads to is people burning parked cars. The solution is an obvious one, investment and economic renewal of the areas that have fallen into decay due to unemployment created by the outsourcing of manufacturing as part of the Neo-Liberal globalist economic project. Islam has little or nothing to do with it. People have been talking about a French Civil War, this is hyperbole that is very dangerous but also quite ridiculous. Another fantasy from the warmongers of Zion.

Did Any of the Targets Deserve It?

Each and every civilian death is an horrendous crime and cannot be supported on any basis at any time and this extends to people who draw cartoons even the  “harlots of Empire” from the Charlie Hebdo publication Typical faux western rebels, fraudsters spewing forth exactly the type of infantile, divisive, hateful trash so beloved of the Western media and the elites they service.  The correct response to the goonish provocateurs of Islamophobia is simply to ignore them, edit them from your world and forget they exist. They are nothing and targeting them in any way only supports the despicable narrative they are trying to promote.
At any rate, this does not appear to be a story of civilian deaths,certainly not at the hands of the jihadist gunmen framed for the crime,

 Amedy Coulibaly's final video.Courtesy of o SITE the premier auteurs of fake terrorism for more than a decade.
Amedy Coulibaly’s final video. Courtesy of o SITE the premier auteurs of fake terrorism for more than a decade.

Overnight the SITE intelligence group a known agent of Western Intelligence agencies, helpfully published the supposed “martyrdom” video of the supposed vile Jew hating terrorist Amedy Coulibaly. SITE claimed to have found the video on a Twitter site “associated with the (un)”Islamic state” Here is SITE’s twitter feed.
The video was laughable trash, as they all are, but even more revealing is the video of the Porte de Vincennes siege denouement appears to depict an entirely theatrical event although I am completely willing to be proven incorrect in this assertion. I am no firearms expert, far from it, but this video simply makes no sense.

UNCENSORED Moment Special Force Storm Paris Supermarket L’assaut final porte de Vincennes

Police outside Hyper Cacher Supermarket. Doors closed. Shutter down.
Police outside Hyper Cacher Supermarket. Doors closed. Shutter down.

vlcsnap-2015-01-12-00h41m29s144As the video begins, the Supermarket named “Hyper Cacher” , (being French for  Kosher Super more or less),has a number of entrances at the front but all appear to be closed with a metal roller door completely closed behind a set of glass doors at the front of the supermarket. As two groups of Police approach the door,the roller door begins to rise. Who raised the door and why is something of a mystery because the controls for the door will be located inside the building, I guess it is possible the police hacked into it somehow,but these systems are generally not computerised. The roller door opens and bizarrely, a shot is heard on the video whilst the roller door is still at ground level. This makes no sense.

Shot is heard whilst the metal door is closed.
Shot is heard whilst the metal door is closed.

As the door rises, the groups of policeman appear to open fire extensively on the interior of the supermarket, it is rather unclear why or at whom they are firing, there are after all dozens of civilians inside and we cannot see the gunman. Again, it makes no sense.

Policeman enters straight through the line of fire od the police to the right?
Policeman enters straight through the line of fire od the police to the right

The event takes a truly bizarre turn as we see a policeman enter the building, walikng straight through the line of fire of his fellow police. This is impossible.
vlcsnap-2015-01-12-21h09m59s174Seconds later, we see a large orange flash, a stun grenade or similar low impact incendiary has detonated outside the Supermarket at the feet of the police. They do not flinch.

Orange flash is outside.

This makes no sense at all, there is already a policeman inside so why throw a stun grenade at him,? It is also very odd that the device detonates outside, unless this is only a show.
There is the sound of heavy gunfire throughout yet we see no sign that the bullets have any physical impact.
Shortly after the orange flash outside, a figure is seen to run towards the glass doors, he appears to be pointlessly carrying a rifle on his back, where it is unusable even as a club, his hands also appear to be tied together, although this cannot be stated for certain.


The police are firing constantly, yet the man runs right up to the glass doors, at which point, he seems to theatrically throw himself towards the inside facing wall and slides to the ground.
There is no sign of any blood or injury to the man at any point despite the fact that numerous police are supposedly firing dozens of shots into him at close range. No shell casings are evident and if we look closely at the footage of the man on the ground he shows no signs of having been shot at any stage. Other than the theatrical flounce towards the wall.
What seems to be happening as the man is on the ground is that the police are shining their torches upon the man to create a weak illusion of him being hit with flashes of gunfire.


Multiple evidence tends to indicate that the police at the supermarket were not using live ammunition. These add to the immense anomalies associated with the supposed murder of the French policeman Ahmed Merabet whose bloodless execution is simply impossible.

The curiously bloodless police murder.
The curiously bloodless police murder.

If the lack of blood on the scene isn’t convincing, what about the fact that someone clearly planted fake blood on the scene the following day?  A fact made obvious by the profusion of blood where there had been none the previous day, but more importantly, it has clearly rained in Paris on the 8th of January, the streets are universally wet, there is no doubt, so any authentic blood would have undoubtedly been dispersed or washed away, and yet it sits there and one British journalist working for Sky TV states:  “the blood that was put there to (and is about to say commemorate or mark but catches himself.) because of what happened yesterday. So he actually says “the blood has been put there because of what happened yesterday. “

“the blood that was put here to..because of what happened yesterday. Please note that it has been raining.
The planted bloodstain plain as day.

Journalists misspeak frequently of course, but the fact that it has been raining combined with the total lack of blood at the “killing scene” combined with the statement from the journalist make it absolutely certain that blood has been planted as part of the psyop. Now do you think that people place stage blood at authentic crime scenes? It is unthinkable. This deception points to only one thing. The killing of the policeman Ahmed Merabet was a work of fiction and therefore it seems likely, (as unbelievable as it sounds) that the whole day 1 massacre at Charlie Hebdo was fabricated. This is not a conclusion, it is too early, but that is the direction these videos point.

We are under siege, of course, just from an entirely contrary the public villains. The tempo of operations is escalating alarmingly and no-one should fool themselves, they can flick the switch to genuine carnage at any time. This is all leading up to something, and it can’t be good. The idea of the destruction of the Hoover Dam is pure madness at face value, but they keep putting it into the narrative.

These mega-rituals, these psy-ops rely entirely on the immediate shock and emotional impact of the crime. It should be no surprise that these fabrications gave succeeded in the short term. They are after all simply pressing the buttons of people they have brainwashed for generations. The truth behind these events will emerge, the only question is how much carnage and division the evil forces behind these mega-lies can cause prior to their exposure and downfall. Ultimately the only rational choice facing humanity is to put each and every petty identity based division behind us. All other roads will simply lead to unceasing and futile carnage and suffering. All the proof of this is written in our history.

This piece dealt with Operation Gladio in a very superficial and desultory manner, A tremendous amount of quality information on this subject can be found here:

Details of how the Israeli Mossad inserted themselves into and directed the Belgian Gladio network in the mid 1980s can be found in Former Mossad Agent Victor  Ostrovsky’s second book, “the Other Side of Deception”/The Belgian story is at the very beginning of the book after the preface.  the PDF can be found here

.”NATO’s Secret Armies – Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe Daniele Ganser.

and here:

Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis