Zionism-Myth vs Reality.

.Citizens of Southern Israel gather to watch and enjoy the Gaza slaughter

Zionism: the Myth and the Reality,

Myth No. 1 -the Disney Version of Israel We Grow Up on in the West
When we grow up, a number of myths are imposed on us without our awareness.
Like most Westerners I grew up thinking that Israel was the heroic underdog state constructed by Holocaust survivors to prevent further genocide and should be supported on this basis..
I have heard Israel described in almost identical terms in the past decade or so by the writer Martin Amis. The surrounded underdog part of the myth still endures widely today.

Reality Bites.
When I took the time to go beyond news reports and discover the facts of what has happened in Palestine and what the Zionists have done there over the years I was surprised to discover that far from being an underdog, Israel has been a serial aggressor, and has shown contempt for International Law for almost half a century with the illegal settlement programs in the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and the West Bank. I read “Pity the Nation” by Robert Fisk and read his account of the aftermath of the Israeli supervised and co-ordinated massacre in the Sabra and Shatila refugee enclave of West Beirut. The list of violations is so long and the pattern of behaviour is so consistent that there is no need in going on. I discovered a number of uncontested major crimes conducted in the name of Israel and realised that the view of Israel I had inherited from the media was wildly incorrect.

Mass Murder in West Beirut, September 1982. Every victim as innocent as the Nazi's victims.
Mass Murder in West Beirut, September 1982. Every victim as innocent as those of the Nazi’s.

It has taken me many years to break from the programming and it’s opposite and begin to understand the true relationship between Israel and the Jewish people and the true purpose of the supposed “Jewish State.”
The views expressed will depart quite radically from the consensus reality version of what Israel is. It may be shocking. all I can emphasise is that this is the truth to the best of my understanding at this time and I bear no malice whatsoever against any specific religious or ethnic group.
When I use the term Zionist, I mean to describe the elite Cabal that drive the movement and manipulate everyone, not the innocent dupes, whether Jewish or Christian who support the idea of a Jewish state. These people are nominally Zionists, they are dupes as almost all of us have been throughout this grand deception. They are innocent. The victims of a grand psychological operation that has targeted them.

Myth No. 2- Israel represents all Jewish people.
Israel claims to represent all Jewish people and claims to act in their name. This is an untruth. Zionists  make this claim for two important reasons.
They want to emotionally blackmail the diaspora Jews and thus enlist their support.
They want also to hide their criminality by hiding behind the understandable and well meaning sympathy that exists towards Jewish people because of the persecution they suffered under the German Nazi regime and many others.
When Israel chooses to conduct another massacre or false flag , they do not consult people outside Israel. They do not consult broadly within Israel. They certainly do not quiz the entire Jewish population of the world as to what they should do. They never ask even the heavyweights of the Israel lobby AIPAC or the ADL what they should do. The Israel lobby in the USA is simply expected to solve every public relations disaster with the liberal application of hasbara and sophistry. Like so many Israeli political relationships, this is an entirely one way affair. Even the scions of the Lobby are not consulted prior to Israeli criminal decisions let alone the average diaspora member.
The antics of the lobby in defence and deflection of Israel’s crimes are shameful and wicked but the real criminal responsibility for Israel’s crimes does not lie with the Jewish people.The very idea is silly.  It does not lie even with the regular Israeli people although many appear to have consumed the poisonous supremacism that the elite Zionists try and inculcate. Responsibility lies with the leaders and their agents and underlings.

Myth No.3 Israel is a Democracy.
The idea that even “green line” Israel is a democracy is a work of fiction perpetuated by an owned and controlled Zionist media. Although honest journalists such as Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian report facts such as that Israel peace groups were banned from broadcasting radio advertisements that named the children killed in the Gaza massacre of July 2014, the Western media understand that the way to get ahead is to cover up as many of Israel’s crimes as possible, so they do.
That’s not a democracy and military censorship in Israel is actually very effective, even in the Internet era. Israelis are forbidden by their leaders from being told the facts about the crimes that the state has committed. That’s before we even mention the West Bank apartheid supremacist state and all the related violations of Democratic rights. That Israel has ruled over the lives of the people of the West Bank for almost fifty years, illegally, and they were never asked their opinion on the matter.
Even by the low standards of a Western state in the post 911 New World Order era. Israel is not a Democracy, it is a National Security State that rules Israel and makes the decisions and Israel is more like a soft and stealthy Military government with a system of voting than a Democracy.
Therefore. The crimes of the Israeli leadership are the crimes of the Israeli leadership, a group with a history of ruthless suppression of opposition, including internal.
According to Victor Ostrovsky, when the National Security State inside Israel learned that an individual they considered too “doveish” was poised to receive the top job in the Mossad, Israeli external intelligence. They arranged to have the new Chief, General Yetziel Adam killed by a Muslim “cut out” on his final military mission prior to becoming Mossad head.. The man was shot to death by a fourteen year old Lebanese child who had no idea who he was killing or why. According to Ostrovsky, the IDF captured the boy and murdered him in custody.
(This story is contained in Ostrovsky’s second book, the Other Side of Deception and the demise of General Adam is told on page 35.) http://blockyourid.com/~gbpprorg/obama/the_other_side_of_deception.pdf
These are the real villains and they are completely willing to have even a loyal and distinguished IDF Officer murdered if he stands in their way or threatens their interests. .
The conclusion I draw from this is that Israel is not a real or sincere attempt to build a Jewish state.
Israeli is a New world Order Cabal project and the elite Zionists behind this project are better described as being Satanists than being Jewish. This is a mask that many wear in attempt to hide their crimes behind the genuine history of suffering of many non-elite Jews.
People are told to believe that they had to set up the Jewish state because of the Holocaust. The decision to build a Zionist colony in Palestine was taken by elite banking families more than half a century prior to World War 2. Ordinary Jewish people had almost no interest in the project for decades after it’s inception.

The Rothschild Emblem.
The Rothschild Emblem.

Myth No.4- ZIonism and Judaism are one and the same and all Jews are Zionists.

The easiest observation to make about Judaism and Zionism is that Zionism is clearly not intrinsic to the Jewish religion, this is an easy claim to sustain given that Zionism originated in the 1800s yet Judaism had existed for millennia prior to this.
It is also worth noting that many Jewish religious figures opposed Israel’s creation and many also oppose Israel’s crimes today. Even Jewish religious leaders in Palestine have not always supported the Zionist project, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky wrote a letter to the UN in 1947 cautioning against Israeli admission as a Jewish state..
“Orthodox Jewry has not the slightest intention of subjugating any section of the population of the Holy Land. We merely demand that the gates of Palestine be opened to all those Jews who have no home and enable them to live here Jewish lives in accordance with the commandments of the L-rd. However in order to avoid the continuation of the untenable position as set out in the last paragraph of section 4 we suggest that the keys of Jewish immigration be placed into the hands of the Government of this country.
We furthermore wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.”
. ” and it is contrary to the wishes of G-d to create a Jewish State. . . “ he concluded and this is a traditional Orthodox position, the Jewish state is supposed to come into place only with the arrival of the Messiah. According to Orthodox theology. Israel is from a theological Jewish position, an aberration and even a blasphemy .
It should be pointed out that the Chief Rabbi understood that a specifically Jewish state in an area with a mixed population would be untenable and an aberration. He understood that the subjugation and exclusivism required to achieve a Jewish state in Palestine would inevitably lead to an abomination . He believed that the displaced Jewish refugees of Europe should be given a home in Palestine, just not in an exclusivist Zionist manner detrimental to the lives of the Muslims and Christians and to the Jewish soul. But rather as part of a broader community of equal citizens of Palestine.
It is worth contrasting these words with those of key Zionist leader and the first Israeli President  Chaim Weizmann, who stated that the Zionist intention was to make Palestine. ‘as Jewish as England is English.’ clearly signalling without doubt that the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Muslim and Christian people of Palestine was a core Zionist goal from day one. It is worth remembering that Weizmann’s statement of intent to genocide was made in 1919, more than a decade before the Nazi party persecution of Jews had even begun. .The ethno-religious genocide that Israeli conducted upon it’s inception in 1948 was not an accident, nor an “understandable” response to the real or perceived threats the Jewish community faced , it was what the Zionists planned to do all along. Weizmann’s words make this incontestable.

Myth No.5 -the Balfour Declaration was a Lucky Accident.

In order for the Zionist movement to succeed, it needed to convince as many Jewish people as possible to join the colony project. When the European Jews proved initially unwilling, the men of power decided to chase and terrorise the Jews of Europe into supporting Zionism and perpetuating certain myths such as that “gentiles” have a pathological hatred of all Jews and will always do so and so the Zionist project would be, or seem to be, the only choice available to a traumatised European Jewish population.
The Cabal appear to have engineered the First World War. According to Webster Tarpley, a Masonic network based in Britain but with agents throughout Europe, sought to engineer the war. The War was crucial to the Zionist project because Britain (another Cabal property, another Israel) conquered Palestine and removed it from the hands of the Muslim Ottoman Turks and Lord Rothschild was also able to achieve the Balfour Declaration. A momentous achievement in the history of Zionism, the declaration that Britain would support a Jewish state in Palestine and while the origins of the War remain somewhat murky, the cynical tactics that were used to elicit the Balfour Declaration are well known.
“In 1916, Germany was on course to win World War One. Its submarines controlled the Atlantic, and the French, Italian and Russian armies were defecting, rebelling, or in disarray. Magnanimously, Germany did not want to force anything more than calling it quits and starting afresh with no strings attached.”
“Until October 1916, Zionists had been on the side of Germany. So the US press – already in the hands of Jews who also controlled the banks – supported Germany. Many of the American Jews had come from Germany; they also hoped to see Czar Nicholas II defeated. But, ever the opportunists, European Zionists made a deal with the British War Cabinet on the lines of: “You can still win this war and beat Germany. Get us Palestine as a home for the Jews, and we’ll get the US to enter the war on your behalf. After the deal was concluded, the Zionist press switched sides – concocting inane tales of Germans chopping the hands off babies. The consequence of the deal was the defeat of Germany, which led to the Balfour Declaration. Britain had no right to give Palestine to the Zionists; nevertheless, they promised to do so. The Zionists had demanded something in writing to ensure the British kept their side of the bargain; they got the Balfour declaration. Those who “worked with” Lord Balfour in drafting it – i.e., dictated it – included Chaim Weizmann”

The Eye in the Pyramid from the Rothschild funded Israeli Supreme Court.
The Eye in the Pyramid from the Rothschild funded Israeli Supreme Court.

Myth No. 6- the German Nazis were the enemy of Zionism.

With Palestine under British control and the Balfour pledge of support for the Zionist project in Palestine. The big hurdle the Cabal faced was that European Jews did not want to leave and had no reason to do so. If they desired to leave Europe, it was the United States rather than Palestine that attracted the majority of European Jewish immigrants at this time. .
It is a well known and undisputed fact that the Nazi party received extensive funding from European and US banking interests from the mid 1920’s. The same Cabal Banking Interests had funded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia from before the failed 1905 putsch to the success in 1917. It sounds counter-intuitive but it happened and has been well documented by Anthony Sutton.
Bearing all this in mind. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party cohorts appear to be simply “useful idiots”, the exact lumpen brutal maniacs required to “chase the Jews out of Europe” and into Palestine and to cement the neurotic and paranoid myth about “gentiles” being universally dedicated to the destruction of Jewish people as a basic character trait that must be guarded against at every moment.
They needed to inculcate the ideas that Zionism required in order to flourish and they terrorised generations of Jewish people unnecessarily to achieve this goal. Whether the crimes the Nazi’s committed went much further than the Cabal engineers intended or not. Hitler was backed by Wall Street, he made deals with Zionists and performed exactly as the project required. This point is important to understand because this explains the Zionist mindset. They do not care at all about Jewish people, they despise all who believe in God of whatever faith for starters, it offends their vanity and obstructs their New World Order project.

The prominent role the Rothschild Banking Dynasty played in Israel's inception came at a price.
The prominent role the Rothschild Banking Dynasty played in Israel’s inception came at a price.

The  engineers and authors of the Zionist project do not like regular Jewish people but rather regard them with the same disdain and contempt held for all who are not of the Dark Elite. The Israeli flag represents what is termed the “Star of David”, yet the symbol was actually taken from the elite  Rothschild family shield and changed from red to blue This is what Israel really represents. A European Banking Elite and their Masonic New World Order.

Myth No.7. Zionism Seeks Only to Control and Protect Israel

The apparent involvement of Israeli intelligence officers  in the World Trade Center bombings of 2001 underlines this point. If Israel was really a Jewish state dedicated to protecting Jewish people, they would never ever contemplate allowing their people to be involved in such foul deeds against the United States, a major power upon whom Israel depends heavily militarily, financially and diplomatically. Many US officials and non-State actors were also involved in the attacks, I am not claiming that Israel acted alone or was the primary actor, but their agents were involved and this reveals again that Israel is a device constructed by the Shadow Government, Dark elite or Cabal.  The people who thought that was a good idea clearly had nothing but contempt for the entire Jewish state project to allow their people to be involved at such risk to the nation and it’s future.

To say “Israel did 911” is simplistic. To pretend Israeli officers were not involved is delusional. It was a Zionist plot.

The fact is that Israel is not and never was an honest to goodness “Jewish state project” it was actually more like an enclave for the Cabal they intended as a device to help them engineer the New World Order, possibly World War 3, and even the Apocalypse as described in the Book of Revelations and the ascent of the Anti-Christ. As ludicrous as it sounds, this appears to be the goal of the New World order project. Zionism is but a tool that the “men of evil” have utilised in order to accumulate power. This project, the Cabal project is undoubtedly intent on complete World domination and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The crimes that the people of Palestine endure are but preparation for what is to be imposed on all people worldwide who are regarded as “obstacles.” to the project. Since the outrageous and brazen 911 false flag, the Zionist narrative has been superimposed upon nations across the world from North America and Western Europe to the Asia Pacific.Non-compliant people wake up and find that when the Zionist movement is upset with you, bad things start happening.

Netanyahu warned the French, they failed to understand, they voted to recognise Palestine, both in their Parliament and at the UN so mayhem broke out and now every hasbara agent in the world is constantly lecturing about the “grievous threat” posed by “radical Islam”, the response to the French terror has told us the precise identity of the authors of the attacks. They simply cannot help themselves and they can never allow the “era of supreme victimhood” to end.
Therefore in my opinion, in order to counter the Cabal, as well as exposing and opposing all of their crimes and lies it might help if we make an effort to separate the Jewish people from the dishonest Cabal narrative. It might help f we make it absolutely clear that while we oppose the Cabal and their vast history of criminality and evil, we do not for a second accept the lie that the Cabal is representing Jewish people in general or cares about them at all. The elite are the elite and the people are the people. The Jewish people are just like us, they do not deserve to be placed on a pedestal nor condemned, they deserve to be treated with respect and assessed based on their individual choices and actions the same as everyone else.
Supremacism in all it’s forms is immoral and wicked whatever the underlying identity of the persons involved. In order to improve life on earth it might help if we learned to live without accepting the artificial tribal boundaries our putative masters have imposed on us for the purposes of manipulation and control.

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23 thoughts on “Zionism-Myth vs Reality.

  1. It would be interesting to see what happens in the future when the people living at the time of the holocaust finally die out, and that time is not so far off now. Will the story continue to be rammed into peoples brains as it is now, or can something else come to replace it? Will people continue to care about something that happened so long ago? though it is currently played as a singular event and other genocides are generally ignored.

    The propaganda and brainwashing has been long and relentless, mostly due to control of the media, and to question certain facts is not only illegal in many countries it is considered an outrage. (Question: What truth needs a law to protect it?) These narratives have penetrated deeply, and for many it began before they were born, so it takes a lot of courage and reflection to overcome them.

    • That is a great comment thank you. Obviously ongoimg research into all historical events can only be helpful and any and all who would suggest otherwise are not interested in the truth.

  2. Zionism is first and foremost theology. This philosophical cult and popularly understated political mandate is justified because of the imperative: there’s is the winning side. The obvious delays and tribal defeat over the centuries is excused as judgment from God but ultimately it’s a quandary in maintaining a consistency with interpretations of exceptionalism from ancient writings. If God is on ‘our’ side and every last detail of tomorrow, having already happened (in the mind of God and therefore otherwise) – all happening to plan, why be troubled by criticism and opposition? If justice, peace and love are absent – so be it, it’s fulfillment and “meant to be”. War is about God’s battle in a story that unfolds like we’re watching a movie. Memories held can fuel resentment and drive division and discrimination. Confidence in this backdrop, thankfully not lived so, by so very many/most… is shared by Islam, Augustine shaped Christianity, eclectic esoteric new-age thinking and the science that, doesn’t just doubt free-will exists, that all notions or definitions of on-going defeat must be dismissed. In this, reading-history-retrospectively-revision, hope becomes entirely contingent on a future set in our biology, or if there’s God and the Bible is his/her word, their readings and teachings and therefore – world-view. The central controllers and popes may or may not have such faith but the following masses are fed (zealed up the aim), comfort and assurances that progress is on the way and underway, regardless of anything to the contrary. It’s not only a matter of time before but realities construction that doesn’t include God in this realm or reality and is so beyond there’s no real relationship with it. The solar system and the clock is for us, with God – somewhere else.

    Calvinism is a word to describe the whys and ways these claims were formed and the streams and sources for this modern-day Zionism. This was all part of, and alongside, another invention brewed up ready to action in early twentieth century, the evangelical ‘end-times are now, exotic ever-since-adjusting predication of global events’. The main plank and beacon? Israel and Jewish people.

    A softer Calvinist line embraces a reconciliation of logically incompatible contractions in that the answer Bible-wise is said to be a… wouldn’t ya know it… – mystery. Supposedly this is by design or God’s unwillingness to attempt explain this through the nudge and prompts writers of the Old and New T. Nevertheless, promoted with fervor and sentimental visions, is Israel and the Jewish people. Over-riding the Biblical context it zoomed ahead to have us speculate about contemporary times, all confirmed by glossy preachers and zillion seller paperbacks, all without a moments reconsideration. Zionism is as implicit and central as the cross to this later-day crowd. Hard-liner C’s see those who want to re-appropriate more nuanced ground as appeasement to John Wesley and other evangelists influence, who saw Christ died for all and all are invited to come. This first significant break-away from a stone-set life. The other main figure of his day, John Whitfield, and the Reformers before him, were inadvertently tied to a stumbling-block, particularly in the outworking in prayer and evangelism.

    Assumptions that there are no coincidences, that nothing happens not under control of unseen forces, is in the mainstream church, the final analysis, God’s revelation. Puzzling ‘coincidences’ in our personal life become understandable indications and evidence that God or ‘the universe’ are able to engineer circumstances. This, if the case, would have to involve foreknowledge. The question is, to what degree and is it pre-planning without any divergence from the plans and purposes arranged ‘before the beginning’.

    The Babylonian Talmudic is not the root, nor Jewish/Judaism (whatever or not this might be), or the later-day – said now to be there all along – Zionism. New ‘Plato’ amongst fourth century growing populations and formative philosophy making times is the clearest source of this heritage of dominance of the supposed divine. ‘There are no coincidences’, no interruptions in the onward march of the particular religious soldiers, a battle over history written and unchanging, and so… no fight really when you think about it? All taken to the subtle undermining, underlying yet logical conclusion, that the enemy is virtually working with and for God.

    The alternative see’s God as truly present and active and our responsibility genuinely decisive. God has told us what will happen (in the book) but only what God can know due to creation’s variables. In being always assured what will exactly happen would require removing the freedoms we live within. The enemy is not in coordination and cooperation with God. Rogue evil is just that. Incomparable to God but it’s out of control yet, under controls as far as the reign and realm of God has come, just not fully… yet.

    Watchers and researchers in awoken media’s suffer one significant divider; claims the under, or over stating, the place Babylonian Talmud and follow-on is the enemy roots and central vehicle. (‘Jesuits’ of course is the other but less well-accepted alternative proposition). Veterans Today and co insist the naming and shaming of the money masters and brokers adherence to this Zio-cause is the bulls-eye. If this is so, there’s more to be said about this wordy blurb above. I put a some of the key terms in Startpage and no disrespect to bits and bobs but the showing is poor. Surprisingly high up in the results is this http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/21/church-of-englands-hidden-zionist-agenda/ another I-rattle-on in the comments. I write to encourage the brains out there to help us work this through and use it to shatter deception and subterfuge – to the uttermost.


  3. Good on ya. It’s there for the asking. One more ‘crimes’ exclusive? Commentators might be shy about opening up to the God squad. Fair enough, but they value accuracy, context and breaking fresh ground. The influence of Christian theology and church is widespread and as you read/I claim, of monumental – and virtually un-tracked – importance. Down the rabbit hole are Bible based connections. There’s little credible understanding or insight out there in our hub because it disregards more comprehensive mapping of the terrain. If you wrote more directly about, the yet to be addressed, ‘Zionism’s roots…’ etc, I’d like to somehow like to assist. I’d try to contribute in the flow of where you are going, rather than necessarily re-communicate what I’ve previously asserted. I’d prefer visitors can be signposted via ‘related posts’ to anything more from me.

    I write, primarily to you, and with hope, VT contributors or others pick up some leads and gain insight, sadly missing the conspicuously hidden data from their investigation.

    I like the way you re-post, it’s unpredictably unusual, but why archive to their original date? But hey, sometimes it works. Other times I wonder. On this, ‘Atheism is dead’, isn’t included in the monthly list of archives. I also struggle with some of ‘crimes’ architecture. I like the full-page layout but like certain other, of the six or so sites I inhabit, navigation is difficult on smaller devices due to archives linked at the bottom of the page. Aangirfan’s ‘Blog Archive’ is best practice in my view.

    You chug on sunshine. I remain your supporter and fan. Your encouragement to me has been outstanding.

    thanks ever


    • Many thanks again Mark, I am extremely grateful for all your comments and support. This piece contains a number of errors, one is that I failed to mention Christian Zionism. I am sure that you are right about the Bible and it is an area of ignorance on my part. I think you would maybe like the Round Saturn’s Eye youtube channel, I assume you are aware of it but if not, might be worth a look.
      Thank you, I take it as a great compliment that anyone would contemplate posting stuff here. If there is something that you have written that you would like to post, the best thing might be to E mail me the work and we could go from there. My E mail is jamesrobertson648@hotmail.com. I am very open to that idea but would like to be able to read material first and exercise veto power at least initially.
      When something is taking too long to complete I place something different on the front page so as people who visit might not be completely bored or find their visit futile. I completely understand your frustration at their subsequent disappearance, as far as rearchiving to their original date, I will try to fix that, or at least keep these pieces near the front. Thanks for that and everything else Mark.

  4. James Robertson
    This article is a very good summary of my own views and I see you correctly added a few words about the christian zionism in a comment. Both Cromwell and the christian emigrees who constitute the roots of the founding fathers appear to carry the zionist project to some extent all the way from the beginning of the US.
    Your constructive approach and the clear separation of the cabal from the indoctrinated sheeple is what needs to be underlined like you do. Many critics fail to stress that separation and that forces polarization and helps the cabal.
    I think this is ought to be recommended reading for many.

  5. Encouraged to read again. Got my thang out – and your post… one soaring contemporary back-drop. The following isn’t for me a contradiction but there’s more punch in what you write, because of, a certain restraint. Yet, actually it ‘isn’t’, re… And, it’s not a divider. Convicting – oh yes – but a bridge. I’d be interested to know how an open but agnostic, or even Zionist, would take this? If ever led to go for a reaction and link/will let you know.

    One, “…all together now”, that should be centre and paramount: Conflicting ideas, considered and wrestled should – almost you could say ‘naturally’ – allow/brings about truth-over-not. The emergent. Obviously. Rattle-out again here, to remind myself, this is what we need: openness and space.

    Like your own disclosed journey. I was lucky. Initially embraced Christian Zionism but not for long, went to live in a circle, that had me reconsider based on – as you read – a perceived more honestly-considered, accurate, biblical basis and so therefore… world view. How much it was in the intentions of pre-48 formations to achieve – I say side-track/most say – mega-Church squabble, is hard to tell? And although there are many anti-Z’s who share Z’s predetermined future, it becomes an almost: No-Israel = no-God. I don’t want to see a bombed and desolate anywhere but if it ever happened, millions and millions of ‘believers’ would stumble b-a-d, some fall-away.

    A strip of land the size of Wales… Hey, Wales… Better get back to m’hymns.

    Thanks as ever for this launch-pad, for online me. I eagerly wait the next ‘crimes’ read and stir…


  6. Great stuff, as usual, James. And, as you mentioned in one of your comment-responses, Christian Zionism is a serious issue too – and one that I think we’ll be worrying much more about with the incoming Trump/pro-Zionist White House. I’ve also been looking a lot into the connections between the Israeli right-wing government and the rising Far Right parties in Europe – which, as it happens, is quite substantial. Will be posting on that subject soon-ish.
    But great work here, James – and, in general, great work with Crimes of Empire. I told someone a few days ago, when the Turkish nightclub attack was happening, to not bother going to an MSM news outlet but just go here to Crimes of Empire – I didn’t even know for sure if you’d posted on the subject, but I told him he would get a better sense of the story here than on any MSM.

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