the Oklahoma City Bombing: Part One – the Official Story is a Lie.

Classic image of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, 1995.
Part of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, April 19th,1995.
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a car bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
Strange and prophetic message on a wall in downtown Oklahom, April 1995.
Message painted on a wall in downtown Oklahoma by one of the rescue teams..

January 6th, 2016.

Oklahoma City, 1995.

On April 19th, 1995 a massive series of explosions struck the Alfred P. Murrah US federal Government building in Oklahoma City.

The attack was the largest terror attack to strike the United States in the 20th century, leaving 168 people dead 500 wounded and destroying large sections of the building.

After more than two decades it is clear that as well as being an horrific massacre, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a key milestone in the infiltration and destruction of the United States, along with the Kennedy assassination and 911 it stands as a signpost marking the triumph of tyranny and lies in the “land of the free.”

This operation was the culmination of an effort over decades to infiltrate, discredit and destroy the patriot and militia movements and like the Kennedy assassination earlier and the later 911 event enabled the Shadow Government to  show the reach of their power and their ability to shape reality towards their ends, regardless of the facts.

Official Story.

The attack is attributed to a 4800 pound ANFO based bomb built by Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh and placed in a Ryder truck rented by McVeigh. The men were supposedly motivated by ‘radical right anti- Government sentiments” and also by a desire to avenge the Waco incident of April 19th, 1993. To this day that story is widely believed.

Many facts have emerged in the twenty years since the attack that make it clear that the whole narrative of an extremist plot run by anti-Government militia types was completely untrue.


The attack was a false flag classic; in order to discredit a political enemy, the US government and other allied parties infiltrated the groups with agents and then helped and augmented the attack by providing the bomb that blew up the building as well as facilitating the patsies in their shadow operation.

There are literally dozens of facts that prove the US government account of the Oklahoma City bombing is incomplete and untrue. Before attempting to chart what really happened and discover the identity of the perpetrators the most powerful and easily understood of the impossible contradictions will be explored briefly so that the credulous will understand the need for an investigation.

Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.
Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.

Fact No.1- John Doe 2 and the Missing CCTV footage of the attackers.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that the Government story is a lie because there are dozens of eyewitnesses and video footage of another man leaving the Ryder truck along with the Timothy McVeigh character. John Doe 2 was sought for several weeks before the FBI edited this individual from the story entirely and asserted that this individual and his presence at the scene were a figment of the imagination.

In order to achieve this the FBI had to sequester and suppress the CCTV footage from dozens of cameras positioned near the site of the blast.

FBI documents released to Kenneth Trentadue include FBI references to two individuals exiting the vehicle.

INTELWIRE || The Trentadue Files: Newly Released Documents Expose FBI’s Secret Investigation Of OKC Bombing

Members of the media were able to view some of the CCTV footage and were able to report the fact that there was a second man in the Ryder truck, John Doe 2 was a real person and not only was John Doe 2 present but the man was the final person to leave the Ryder truck and had sat inside the truck for several minutes after the “McVeigh” figure left the vehicle.

Oklahoma City Bombing Federal Surveillance Tapes Cover-up

The logical conclusion to this is that John Doe 2 was the person who actually armed the device and set it to detonate.

Not only does John Doe 2 exist beyond a shadow of doubt but this individual appears to be the prime mover behind the Ryder truck attack.

The brazen excision of John Doe 2, from the story is on its own rock solid proof that the US Government, the Justice Department and the FBI specifically have been involved in a cover up of the truth behind the attack.

Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.
Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.

Fact No.2- Foreknowledge.

Another fact that disqualifies the Official account relates to the revelations of BATF informant Carol Howe and the proven foreknowledge of the ATF and other Government agencies prior to the attack.

This foreknowledge related to the specific date and target of the attack leaving zero doubt that elements of the US Government knew the attack was coming and chose or were ordered to allow the attack to happen.

Carol Howe was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Carol Howe was sent by the ATF to infiltrate an enclave of “white separatists” operating out of an Eastern Oklahoma property named Elohim City. Elohim is Hebrew for Gods.

With the black swastika tattoo on her upper arm Carol Howe was able to establish herself within Elohim City and became the trusted confidant of many of the people there.

In February 1995 Carol Howe reported to her handlers that a man named Andreas Strassmeir, the FBI/German and possibly Israeli intelligence operative serving as security chief at Elohim City was speaking openly of his desire to attack Government buildings, conduct assassinations and generally go to war with the US government. Carol Howe even drove with Strassmeir to Oklahoma City to conduct reconnaissance of potential targets.

The ATF made plans to arrest Strassmeir based on Howe’s information but they were ordered to stand down by other elements of the Department of Justice. After the bombing Strassmeir was spirited out of the US by an FBI informant/fake member of the “radical right” like Strassmeir named Kirk Lyons. Strassmeir appears to be at the core of the attack more than McVeigh and eyewitness Jane Graham states that she saw Strassmeir apparently wiring the Murrah building with c4 and detonation cord in the days prior to the attack.

When Carol Howe came forward with this information after the attack, she was arrested and prosecuted. When ABC tried to broadcast her story the story was canned and the Producer of the story, Roger Charles, was sacked.

Another informant named Cary Gagan tells a similar story to Carol Howe with the added detail that Gagan apparently played a minor role in facilitating the attack under the direction of US government agents. Gagan, who was involved in the drug trade, received immunity in late 1994 after his drug contacts began using him to transport detonators and timers from Mexico into the US. On April 10th, 1995 Gagan was asked to transport a locked trailer containing ammonium nitrate and an electric farm mixer and leave it in an area in Kansas close to Terry Nichols house.

The Gagan account and the role of Andreas Starssmeir will be revisited in greater depth in  part three which will focus on what happened and who did it.

Pat Shannan: Murder in the Heartland (re Cary Gagan) – Google Groups

Government terror: Government informant warned of attack (Oklahoma bombing)

The Proven Foreknowledge of the ATF. 

Foreknowledge of the attack went beyond information received. The ATF were warned to stay away from the Murrah building on the morning of April 19th, one eyewitness states that an ATF agent told him in the hours after the attack that he had received a pager message not to come to work on the morning of the 19th. No ATF agents died despite them being among the primary targets of an attack that was supposed to be revenge for Waco and to remove all doubt as to their foreknowledge and their complicity in the cover-up elements of the ATF told elaborate and easily proven lies about being in the building on the day of the attack.

“ATF’s resident Agent in charge Alex McCauley was with a DEA agent in the elevator when the bomb exploded. The elevator dropped free fall from the eighth floor to the third. The two men were trapped in the smoke-filled elevator…they managed to break through the doors…The agents made their way to the stairwell and brought with them 10 or 15 people they found along the way….”Unknown to Martz, the Midwestern elevator Company had been scheduled to perform routine inspections at the Murrah building on the day of the bombing. Within minutes of the bombing several inspectors were at the building. The ATF’s story was quickly exposed as a total fabrication by elevator technician Duane James, who described the story as “pure fantasy.” First of all the cables weren’t cut, so it was impossible for the elevators to of “free fallen.” None of the doors were forced open and safety switches to prevent excessive speed remained in place. Another important point is that the agents would have sustained serious injuries from a five-story free fall. They wouldn’t have been able to help any other people anyway.” SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physicallu impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physically impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterlin Hall Weathermen attack shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no structural damage at all.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterling Hall the “”New Year’s Gang” attack of August 1970 shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no significant structural damage at all.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Fact No.3 -The Impossible ANFO damage.

Brigadier General Ben Partin was a 31 year US military veteran who spent 25 of those years researching explosives and munitions. Brigadier General Partin immediately knew that the damage to the Alfred P. Murrah building could not possibly have been caused by an external Truck bomb alone. Partin states unequivocally that the properties of an ANFO, an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil device, detonated by McVeigh and the unidentified other person who disappeared from the narrative could not possibly have caused the massive devastation that was visited upon the Murrah building in the attack.

When I first saw the picture of the truck bomb’s asymmetrical damage to the Federal building in Oklahoma, my immediate reaction was that the pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementary demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete bases inside the building, a standard demolition technique.” Partin further explained that “reinforced concrete targets in large buildings are hard targets to blast. I know of no way possible to reproduce the apparent building damage through simply a truck bomb effort.” General Partin’s request to have the bomb site preserved in order to examine the possibility of a second explosion was ignored by the government. And in fact, when the request was made by General Partin, the government moved up the demolition by two weeks.”

30 Crucial OKC Bombing Questions Remain Unanswered

Other explosives experts made statements to the same effect.

Sam Gronning, a professional blaster for more than thirty years, stated;

“I have been a blaster for over thirty years and there is no doubt in my mind that ANFO could not of been by itself the medium for that powerful an explosion….even enhanced at that distance, I doubt that an external explosion could have created that extensive damage at the reported weight of the bomb.”
“My knowledge comes from practical handling of explosives,” added Gronning. “And my belief is that 4800 lbs of ANFO wouldn’t have scuffed the paint on the building.”
“No truck bomb of ANFO out in the open is going to cause that kind of damage we had there…In thirty years of blasting, using everything from 100 percent nitrogel to ANFO, I’ve not seen anything to support that story…I have set off 16000 pounds of ANFO and was standing upright just 1,000 feet away from the blast.”

Dr. Roger Raubach, who has a Ph.D in physical chemistry and is now the technical director of a chemical company has this to say;
“I don’t care if they pulled up a semi-trailoer with twenty tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn’t do the damage we saw there.”

SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 1 of 2

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 2 of 2

Partin even wrote to members of Congress asking them to forestall the building’s demolition.

“It is easy to determine whether a column was failed by contact demolition charges or by blast loading (such as a truck bomb),” Partin wrote in his letter to Congress. “It is also easy to cover up crucial evidence as was apparently done in Waco. I understand that the building is to be demolished by May 23rd or 24th. Why the rush to destroy the evidence?”

Only one month and four days after the attack the building was demolished.
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly “one was disarmed the other evacuated” destroying the childish limited hang nonsense about the cover up of the ATF’s illegal storage of explosives inside the building. Illegally stored explosives are not armed so they do not require disarming.

Fact No.4 the Missing Bombs found Inside the building.

That extra explosive devices were found inside the Alfred P. Murrah building is beyond dispute and the evidence goes well beyond the initial detailed media reports of extra devices and also the testimony of eyewitnesses such as volunteer medic Tonie Garrett who states that at least four different well-informed sources on the scene told her on April 19th, 1995 that extra bombs had been found.
There is a memo from the Department of Defense dated April 20th, 1995 that states unequivocally that in addition to the Ryder truck bomb “One bomb was disarmed another was evacuated.”
Later as part of the damage control effort, a story was put out that the bombs that were found were merely dummies used for training. This is obvious nonsense when you consider that the bombs were located by bomb sniffer dogs along with the detail from the DOD memo that one device was disarmed inside the building whilst another was evacuated. Tonie Garrett provides the interesting added details that she was told that one of the bombs had been on a timer and was due to explode ten minutes after the first attack but she had been told that the first blast damaged the timing device and caused it to fail.
In light of those facts the media reports are merely icing on the cake and prove how controlled the US media were even in 1995 and their casual contempt for their audience as they simply pretended the whole episode never happened despite their own numerous detailed reports
Oklahoma City Bombing News Reports: Unexploded bombs found in the Murrah building!

Seismic reading of the moment of the oKlahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supportng the eyewiness accounts and audio recordings.
Seismic reading of the moment of the Oklahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supporting the eyewitness accounts and audio recordings.

Fact No.5 The Overwhelming evidence of two explosions.

Two Audio Recordings of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Audio recordings of the event,  seismic records and numerous eyewitnesses all indicate that Brigadier General Partin and the other experts were correct and that there were two separate explosive events in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 and the truck bomb was accompanied by another larger explosion that some witnesses describe as creating a mushroom cloud.

One of the audio recordings, taken at a local government meeting, records explosive incidents over a period of eight seconds, the second audio tape, from a local law office, records one large blast followed by two dull pops around four seconds later.

Michael Hinton was travelling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed acooount of tow distinct explosive evemts here.
Michael Hinton was traveling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed account of tow distinct explosive events here.

One explosion can create two sounds and be experienced twice, as an air and ground blast, but there is no way that these sounds could be experienced eight seconds apart nor that this audio illusion could explain the twin seismic spikes recorded at several nearby stations.

End of Part one.

Having established that the Nichols/McVeigh “lone nut(s)” explanation for the attack cannot possibly be the truth and given the immense complexity of this case I have chosen to break this into three parts.

Part Two will look into the background of and the long-term infiltration of the patriot/militia movement looking at the death of Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, the Montana 7, the Waco tragedy and in part three it is hoped to outline some of the details of how the Oklahoma City operation was achieved and the persons of interest should the US Government ever decide to reform itself and come clean about the crimes committed from within its own agencies at some point in future.

Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.
Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.

Crimes of Empire meets Dr. Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

March 23rd, 2015.

Crimes of Empire meets Dr. Barrett on Truth Jihad Radio

I was able to chat briefly with Dr. Kevin Barrett during his recent radio show of March 20th. I was extremely pleased and shocked to receive an invitation to chat because I am a huge fan of the show and I have listened to hundreds of hours of the show.

Dr. Barrett’s work has had a huge influence upon me since late 2011 when I first understood rather late that September 11th was a false flag attack. Dr. Barrett made me realise for the first time that we, being the West are not “good guys who go wrong”, but rather we are the Evil ones at the institutional level and in the world.,

It was also a big deal to me because although I have been lucky enough to have received a high degree of support from day one from the highly respected and influential Aangirfan site, a British site, I had never received any acknowledgement from any member of the American community in the slightest.

Not that I had even necessarily deserved it but to get some acknowledgement that someone within the US thinks my work is at least not complete garbage is obviously pleasing.  I think it went ok.

My only previous media experience was conducting fairly cliched and pointless interviews with the rock acts Babes in Toyland and Carcass for Melbourne Community Television. I was not confident enough to put the subject onto the Hampstead matter or any of those things. The good part covered a short recent false flag history, speaking about Oklahoma City, Bali and 911.

Dr. Barrett Radio Links.

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100% WTC Drone Strike Plane PROOF (Many Witnesses)

911 Towering Inferno Myth Destroyed Again by Dubai Fire.

The Towering Inferno in the Marina Torch skyscraper.
The Towering Inferno in the Marina Torch skyscraper.

February 21st, 2015.

The 911 Towering Inferno Myth Destroyed by Dubai Fire.

This is the real effect massive “towering inferno” style building  fires have on the structure of a steel and concrete skyscraper. Nothing. This fire took place in Dubai yesterday, the building is the 88 storey (79 above the ground) 336 metre Marina Torch Hotel.  and the structure is still completely intact following the massive fires. Once again the pure silliness of the Official 911 story is made abundantly clear to all with eyes.

I am reminded of the time I took “Fire training” a year or so ago. It was a very short course, only around two hours, but it was conducted by a former member of the Australian military, an Engineer. The instructor clearly seemed to accept the myths of the War on Terror because he kept referring to “Islamic extremists” as a threat.

It was funny because during the training he also mentioned specifically that as a sapper in the military they were taught that in order to destroy a large building, the underlying structure must be attacked. He stated that it was not enough even to place explosives inside a building to destroy it but the explosives had to be specifically placed inside or next to the key supporting elements of the building. Many more know the truth about 911 than have actually realised it at this point and the former Engineer seems an example of that.

The idea that setting fire to a steel and concrete skyscraper will destroy it is pure Hollywood fantasy, simply a joke.

This excellent video provides a history of “Towering Inferno” high rise fires of recent history underlining the farcicial nature of the official narrative.

9/11 In Perspective

The Marina Torch Hotel burned for several hours, the structure is intact,
The South tower lasted 56 minutes on September 11th.
Severe fire damage but no sign of any collapse.
The North Tower on fire prior to it's destruction. The North tower fire lasted 102 minutes.
The North Tower on fire prior to it’s destruction. The North tower fire lasted 102 minutes.
This is a photo of WTC 7 on fire prior to it's destruction from a "debunk" website.
This is a photo of WTC 7 on fire prior to it’s destruction from a “debunk” website.

UAE: Aftermath of colossal INFERNO at Dubai’s Torch skyscraper

UAE: Huge FIRE engulfs one of the world’s tallest residential buildings

UAE: Raging fire envelops luxury skyscraper

9/11 WTC 7 Demolition – Deep Audible Explosion Before The Penthouse Collapse

9/11: South Tower Collapse video compilation

9/11 North Tower Demolition – Profile With Good Audio

9/11/01: FDNY FLIR Footage of Twin Towers Shows Explosion Below Impact Point In the North Tower

9/11. FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9 11 Commission Lies


The Marina Torch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dubai Marina Torch tower fire leads to hundreds being evacuated | Daily Mail Online

Fire races up high-rise Dubai tower, but claims no lives | Daily Mail Online

Hundreds evacuated after fire in Dubai skyscraper | World news | The Guardian

Fire extinguished in Dubai residential high-rise tower -Reuters witness | Daily Mail Online

EuroTerror: the Zionist Attempt to Chase the Jews from Europe?

Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein the alleged Copenhagen killer.
Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein the alleged Copenhagen killer.

February 17th, 2015.

Euroterror- Zionist Attempt to Chase the Jews out of Europe? Don’t forget the Police State.

At least half a dozen incidents in France, several now in Denmark.The horrific siege in Holland. Violence  and  arrests in Belgium, arrests in Greece, France, Belgium, Ireland, Attacks on Ancient Jewish Cemetaries!? It’s really been an intense outburst of “violence” over the past month or so since the Charlie Hebdo incident in the 11th Arrondissement on January the 7th.

The same pattern every time. The suspects are well known to authorities. Suspiciously well known to authorities. Every event no matter how petty is used to create a sense of crisis and accentuate the threat despite the clearly weak and petty nature of the attacks, with only the Charlie Hebdo shooting having pretensions of being a military style attack.

The curiously bloodless police murder.
Security forces “attack”

Every single event serves either one or two causes, Zionism or the Security State and frequently both simultaneously.  On the basis of five deaths Netanyahu thinks he can persuade more than half a million Jewish people in France they are no longer safe. We are expected not to notice that the exact same factions turn up in the days after every one of these atrocities, from 911 to the present day and explain to us why we need to live in a Police state and view the world from the Israeli point of view. The same factions ride the wave of terror to power and political survival every time the world has the temerity to notice their true nature.

Zionism being supremacist and colonialist, the War Machine being completely venal and happy to bomb anything. As long as the products they sell remain in demand they are happy. The Zionist narrative is a real problem solver for the War machine, you can fight pointless wars against numerous Muslim enemies on whatever basis politics of the moment dictates, Plus you get the fake bogeyman required for the police state, “Islamic extremists”, and as a special bonus the people from the agencies help organise the fake terror attacks to make sure the population is in the right “frame of mind” to accept the program. Everyone’s a winner! Other than the people of course.

The Eye in the Pyramid from the Rothschild funded Israeli Supreme Court.
The Eye in the Pyramid from the Rothschild funded Israeli Supreme Court.

The other really strange thing is the timing. After all these years, two major wars of Occupation and many more places bombed and yet all in all Western governments since the George W Bush era have had a less openly barbaric approach to Muslim people. They still do evil things, like destroying Libya for example, but it is done in a much less disgusting and offensive manner than during the Bush-Blair nadir. The policies may not have been less damaging but they were certainly less provocative.

Tariq Zahzah take a boy-Lamest Fake Terrorist Ever
Controlled media under attack. Holland.

Almost all the Western soldiers have now left Afghanistan, the Occupation has wound down. The new Iraq/Syria operation is not an Occupation, it is not an attack on a Government, whatever it’s faults and they are many. So why now? Why are all these European Jihadists suddenly springing up and conducting all these operations now after doing almost nothing significant at all during all those wars and all that provocation from the Bush administration Neocon psychopaths? (It is worth noting that the Madrid and London terror attacks were both 100% false flags)

What possible purpose could even the supposed deluded zealot think was being derived from something so futile and depraved as an attack on a Jewish cemetery?

The faux rebel "Clash of Civilisations" Cartoonists attack.
The faux rebel “Clash of Civilisations” Cartoonists attack. Pt. 2

Zionists demand compliance, when people don’t comply with their wishes, bad things start happening. All the nice Jewish people living safely and harmoniously in Europe would seem harmless and indeed laudable to the casual observer,  but to the Zionist all those people and all the people who live happily and peacefully alongside them are a terrible affront. This is the key to understanding the wave of terror in Europe this year. Zionists targeted the Iraqi Jews with small scale terror attacks in the early 1950s for the exact same reason it is worth remembering. Their presence there was contradictory to the Zionist narrative.

The Jewish community attack.
The Jewish community attack. Pt.1.

The Security forces and the Controlled media each play a crucial and obvious role in the New World Order and the War on terror. The “Clash of Civilisations” cartoonists are hit to promote the Clash of Civilisations narrative. The media are targeted to make them look honest and credible and under threat, the Security forces are targeted in order to get them more funding and power and Jewish targets are hit in order to buttress the fading Zionist narrative. They rely on the pretense that Israel is necessary because of the permanent ongoing threat posed by Gentiles, when reality is contradictory they seek to change the situation in their favour. The Controlled media, the Zionist leadership and the Security Services reveal themselves as the key partnership group in all the big lies of our time.

It was encouraging to see that Netanyahu’s comments drew widespread criticism including from the French President. There is always the hope that if Netabyahu continues to make it so obvious he may wreck the illusion they have worked so hard to create. It seems clear that these operations will continue until either European Jews comply with the Zionists wishes and start to leave in large numbers, or the Zionists are caught and forced to stop the Terror.

France: Hundreds of Jewish gravestones desecrated

Netanyahu Once Again Urges Jews to Move to Israel After Attacks

Copenhagen gunman was released from jail two weeks ago | The Times of Israel

Netanyahu calls for Jewish mass migration to Israel spark criticism | World news | The Guardian

Assailants Open Fire at Jewish Restaurant in Paris | Jewish & Israel News

‘Anti-Jewish Criminals’ Sought by Police After Shots Fired at Paris Synagogue | Jewish & Israel News

2015 Copenhagen shootings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Toulouse and Montauban shootings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of terrorist incidents in France – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Three French soldiers attacked by knife-wielding man outside Jewish centre in Nice – ABC News

Armed police patrol GCHQ amid fears of a ‘lone wolf’ terror attack | Daily Mail Online

Russian “Satellite Photo” Threats May Signal that the Biggest Lie Ever is About to Die

Hotspots on US Government imagery. September 16th, 2001.
Hotspots on US Government imagery. September 16th, 2001.

February 10th, 2015.

The Russian Threat.

The Russian ‘threat” printed below makes it absolutely clear. The 911 lie is a dead duck. It’s over, and there is no need for the Russians to release any Satellite footage welcome as that would be. The Official account of the 911 events has long been unmasked and is exceptionally easy to disprove because almost uniquely amongst modern day lies the Official 911 story is physically impossible. The Official story is not only an incorrect description of the events of that day, it is physically impossible on any day.
The sad truth has been staring every one of us in the face for more than 13 years, A critical mass has been reached and time is running out. If you consider the possibility that Western governments have known that time was running out on the 911 lie many of their recent actions may become comprehensible.

IS fighters being trained by US personnel, Jordan.
IS fighters being trained by US personnel, Jordan.
IS fighters being trained by US personnel, Jordan.
IS fighters being trained by US personnel, Jordan.

The Islamic State psy-op makes more sense, a new enemy had to be cemented in the public mind so that the War on Terror could actually survive 911 truth. Suddenly you get staged beheading videos, the IS is a new demon Muslim to be hyped by the low media. These staged beheading videos are followed by a strangely low key bombardment of IS positions in Iraq and Syria all while the IS group continued to receive arms and other support from the US Shadow government.
It looks as as though the War on terror had to be saved from the threat of the truth emerging about 911 and suddenly there are a whole spate of fake terror attacks right across the West. The Boston and Woolwich incidents, the Ottawa catastrophe and the Sydney shocker along with the whole wave of French terror that is still ongoing.
The one really interesting thing in this statement was that the Russians imagine what they think the reaction of the US public will be to the truth about 911. Pravda imagine large demonstrations and a degree of social instability ” the cities will begin mass protests turning into an uprising,” this may be correct although I doubt that any can state with confidence the consequences the truth will have.

USAF attacks IS postion in Kobani, Syria.
USAF attacks IS postion in Kobani, Syria.

It is worth noting that a significant minority of US citizens have known the truth about 911 for many years and so it will not come as a complete shock to anybody, because almost all have been exposed to these ideas already to some extent.
I have no idea what will happen and realise that I never dared to imagine what might happen. I expect that we will see stunned disbelief and denial initially, presumably followed by rage and demands for justice.
The whole thing is going to be very difficult to resolve because so many of the institutions of the United States have fallen to some degree under the control of the criminal cabal.
There are huge issues at all levels of Law Enforcement and Intelligence. There are tremendous issues also with the Judiciary.
Dealing with these events in a civilised and legal manner is going to present an enormous challenge to the damaged and infiltrated institutions of the United States. It seems almost impossible, but the suppression of the truth is also impossible. Popular Mechanics and all the other fraudsters have been defeated. They were never more than time wasters.

I found this via Jim Stone Freelance, and used Google Translate.
США боятся обнародования российских спутниковых фото трагедии 9/11 – Правда.Ру

“Russia to unveil evidence of involvement of the US government to 911
American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services to the September 11 attacks. In the list of evidence includes satellite images, the website secretsofthefed. com.

Published material can prove malice government towards the people of the US and the successful manipulation of public opinion. US government planned to attack, but spent her proxy. So that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression of international terrorism.

The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served as US oil interests in the Middle East state corporations.
The evidence will be so convincing that they fall on the previous cases to manipulate public opinion in order to achieve selfish private interests.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to expose and kill its citizens, that would make a pretext for military intervention in the foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will serve as satellite imagery.
If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics, will be for the US government’s most unsightly. The government’s credibility will be undermined in the cities will begin mass protests turning into an uprising, paint a picture of American analysts.

And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be undermined than immediately take advantage of rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

Do not be confused by such unsightly scenario, the actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.”

“Why are you Al Qaeda US called? It has long been clear to all that this is simply a lie. And Bin Laden comic “Marvel” invented.” Pravda commentator, also via Google Translate  A Marvel invention indeed. .

This video shows that the basic facts about 911 have been well known to Russian Military Officials for some time.

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Charlie Hebdo: the Third Man

The gunman in Paris. Two men and no getaway driver.
The gunmen in Paris. Two men and no getaway driver.

Terreur Française-Hamyd Mourad the Third Man

January 17th, 2015.
There has been a tremendous momentum to events in France and Western Europe in the ten days since the Charlie Hebdo massacre.We have seen raids that led to the arrests of supposed terror suspects in France, Belgium and Germany. A police raid in Verviers, Belgium saw two alleged militants killed and a number of police uniforms reportedly recovered.

Dozens arrested in Europe ‘anti-terror’ raids – Europe – Al Jazeera English
The pace of events has been so great that some very simple and fundamental questions regarding the Official story of the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been neglected.
The Third Man.

The Third Man in Paris was never in Paris.

Hamyd Mourad is one such example and through an analysis of the case of Hamyd Mourad I intend to prove that what at face value appears to be a shocking massacre perpetrated by enraged jihadist militants was in fact a work of fiction concocted by a Western elite apparently desperate to rehabilitate the image of the Zionist state, rejuvenate the War on terror and speed up the implementation of their totalitarian New World Order project of manipulation, deception and complete control.
Who is Hamyd Mourad ?
Hamyd Mourad is an 18 year old French citizen who was accused of being the third man at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. Mr Mourad was cleared of involvement in the attacks after handing himself in to a French police station and providing a solid and corroborated alibi. Mr. Mourad was in school at the time and his classmates attested to this fact.

Charlie Hebdo shooting: Hamyd Mourad ‘in shock’ after wrongly linked to attack on newspaper – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The ABC writes  ”It remains unclear how Hamyd, who until this week was completely unknown to the police, became linked to the magazine attack.”

This bland sentence should read,”It remains unclear how Police linked Mr. Mourad to the case.” There is no mystery as to how Hamyd Murad’s name emerged, the police put him on their list of suspects. As this Reuters report makes absolutely clear.

The BBC World Service Announces that the French Police are seeking three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack within hours   of the  event. This shot was taken around six hours after the attack.
The BBC World Service Announces that the French Police are seeking three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack within hours of the event. This shot was taken around six hours after the attack.

Police hunt three Frenchmen after 12 killed in Paris attack | Reuters

By John Irish and Alexandria Sage
PARIS Wed Jan 7, 2015 6:58pm EST
‘ Police issued a document to forces across the region saying the three men were being sought for murder in relation to the Charlie Hebdo attack. The document, reviewed by a Reuters correspondent, named them as Said Kouachi, born in 1980, Cherif Kouachi, born in 1982, and Hamyd Mourad, born in 1996. ‘

The Independent corroborate the Reuters claim that police identified Hamyd Mourad as a suspect.

Charlie Hebdo attack: Paris police name three suspects in manhunt as Kouachi brothers and surrendered 18-year-old ‘accomplice’ – Europe – World – The Independent

“French police have identified three suspects. Two have been named as brothers Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi and are believed to be French nationals of Algerian descent aged in their early 30s. Their accomplice was named as 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad.”

This makes it incontrovertible. French police sought Hamyd Mourad in relation to the case.

The real question that the ABC and their controlled media colleagues must obscure is why the police named Hamyd Mourad as a suspect?  The French police need to explain how they came to link him to the case, something of course they will never do because to do so would give the whole game away. Nor will the controlled media clones dare ask a single question on the subject. Questions are a little bit old hat in the modern day media.
ABC continues… “But as he reflected on his name appearing in news reports and online posts across the world, (again the police claim is carefully edited out) he said he feared the wrongful accusation would haunt him for years to come.
“I only hope this won’t taint my future,” he said.
“I have nothing to do with this whole thing, Cherif is just my brother-in-law with whom we have a fairly distant relationship,” he said, adding that Cherif lived in the Paris region and rarely visited his northern home town.
Hamyd’s sister, who is married to Cherif, was taken into custody on Wednesday and freed on Saturday.”
The connection of Mr. Mourad to the case was the fact that his sister was married to Cherif Kouani.
The funny thing about it is that all the eyewitnesses stated that two gunmen entered the Charlie Hebdo offices and conducted the massacre. The videos that showed footage of the gunmen clearly depicted only two gunmen. When the gunmen get into their getaway vehicle it is absolutely clear that there is no getaway driver waiting at the wheel.

    It is quite clear that there is no getaway driver, so where did the third man nonsense come from? The script.
It is quite clear that there is no getaway driver, so where did the third man nonsense come from? The script.
The gunmen close the doors as they return to the car. No getaway driver. Two men.

Many publications suggested that the French police believed that Mr. Mourad was the getaway driver in the Charlie Hebdo attack. It is also notable that nowhere was it suggested that Hamyd Mourad was a gunman who had actually conducted the massacre. The gunmen were masked, so how did the French police know who had played what role in the attacks from the supposed three man terror cell?
The London Telegraph made it completely clear the perceived role of Hamyd Mourad in the attacks.
Paris shooting: teenage Charlie Hebdo suspect surrenders as police hunt ‘armed and dangerous’ brothers – Telegraph
“The youngest suspect sought in connection with the murder of 10 writers and cartoonists at the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo and two police officers , has surrendered.
Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in to police at Charleville-Mezieres at 11pm on Wednesday.
He was thought to have been the getaway driver, but he has insisted he was not involved in the attack.”
as did the Daily Mail.
Schoolfriends defend teenage getaway driver who helped fanatics escape with #MouradHamydInnocent | Daily Mail Online
and the Independent.
Hamyd Mourad released without charge after being named as suspect in Charlie Hebdo attack – Europe – World – The Independent
“A teenager who was named as a third suspect involved in the shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris was released today without charge after his classmates provided an alibi, French media confirms.
Hamyd Mourad, the brother-in-law of siblings Said and Chérif Kouachi who were shot dead by police yesterday after a long manhunt following their massacre of 12 people, was suspected of acting as a get-away driver in the attack on Wednesday that sent shock waves around the world.”

and again in the Telegraph

Paris shooting: teenage Charlie Hebdo suspect surrenders as police hunt ‘armed and dangerous’ brothers – Telegraph

“Shocked classmates of the alleged Charlie Hebdo getaway driver have leapt to his defence – claiming he was in school with them at the time of the dead

Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in to police at Charleville-Mezieres at 11pm on Wednesday.
He was thought to have been the getaway driver, but he has insisted he was not involved in the attack. “

Unconfirmed reports had previously identified him as driving the getaway car after two gunmen entered the Charlie Hebdo magazine building and opened fire.
Reuters reported that one of the three men had been identified by an identity card left in the getaway car.”

There are a number of giant anomalies that emerge when we consider the case of Hamyd Mourad, one question that arises is: Why did the French police add Hamyd Mourad’s name to their list of suspects without attempting to contact either he or the school he was attending? They could have simply telephoned him and quickly discovered that he was hundreds of kilometres away at the time of the attacks.

More importantly, where did the idea arise that three suspects were even involved in the attacks? What was the investigative basis for that claim?
This is not a case of mistaken identity, they did not misname the getaway driver, an understandable error, they simply invented the existence of the third man and the getaway driver. A thirty second viewing of the video of the incident makes it completely clear that there was no getaway driver at all, the gunmen drove themselves as they got away. When the gunmen return to the car they sit down in the front seats and drive off.
The fact that so many outlets printed the claims about a getaway driver really shows us how scripted and controlled the Western media are. They are simply not allowed to think for one second unless specifically instructed that it is ok to do so. They must deliver whatever message they are instructed regardless of it’s patent absurdity. It truly seems that they will only use their eyes when their “master” commands them. It seems absurd at first but when pondered it makes sense. After all, if they use their eyes to notice that the entire notion of a third Charlie Hebdo suspect and the idea of a getaway driver is absurd, soon they may also use their eyes and notice also that the centrepiece of the psy-op, the murder of policeman Ahmed Merabat is every bit as silly as the third man getaway driver.

The curiously bloodless police murder.
The curiously bloodless police murder.

The picture that emerges from this is that of a compartmentalised and loosely co-ordinated false flag operation that committed many severe errors due to the necessary compartmentalisation.
As far as the French police investigation goes, it tells us that the French police were not running a genuine investigation into the event, far from it. A genuine investigation would take the time to look at the video, note that there were only two people involved and never indulge in the absurd sideshow of the phantom getaway driver who wasn’t there or the nonsense about three people being involved. There is after all absolutely no basis for the claim that three people were involved, the very claim has been quietly abandoned and submerged under the cascading events of the rolling psy-op

Helric Fredou supposedly chose to commit suicide in his Office leass than 14 hours after the attack in Paris. Case closed,nothing to see. Investigators concluded the death was suicide prior to any investigation of the cause or circumstances of Mr Fredou's death. You have got to be kidding.
Helric Fredou supposedly chose to commit suicide in his Office less than 14 hours after the attack in Paris. Case closed, nothing to see. Investigators concluded the death was suicide prior to any investigation of the cause or circumstances of Mr Fredou’s death. You have got to be kidding.

Helric Fredou Suicide claims add insult to injury.

This error also confirms that the “things we don’t like to talk about” death of the French police commissioner Helric Fredou was a murder and that the murder was related to the need to control the Charlie Hebdo investigation and also to ensure that the subsequent psy-op was “in safe hands.” Helri Fredou obviously objected to the imposition of “the script” on his investigation and his reluctance to accommodate the plotters gave them no choice but to remove him from the investigation immediately it seems. Knowing and proving are two completely different things of course, and it is doubtful that the truth of the murder of this Senior police official will ever be uncovered. Especially considering the fact that the cause of death and the person responsible were concluded prior to any investigation. Helric Fredou is supposed to have committed suicide in his office at 1 am on January the 8th. Less than 14 hours after the event. They really made little effort to conceal their crime in this case, clearly of the belief that they are simply untouchable, any lie. any murder, anything seems to be the motto they live by.
These errors tell us something else about these events and the police investigation, something rather devastating. They tell us quite simply that the French police were not investigating these events at all, they were actually playing their role in the plot. The  key part of their role in the plot was to read the script they had been given, the script they were given identified three suspects, including a getaway driver and Hamyd Mourad was the name attached to this fictitious identity. Through bad luck for the perpetrators and good luck for Hamyd Mourad, the attempt to frame him as a patsy floundered due to the fact that he handed himself in to the police and had an alibi supported by many others who were not from the French Muslim community and therefore could not be written off as complicit.

It is chilling to read the news reports from the time after Hamyd Mourad handed himself in and before the Kouachi brothers were killed, and realise that all the descriptions of “Armed and Dangerous suspects” would also have been applied to Hamyd Mourad had he not handed himself in and proven his innocence. If Mr. Mourad had not handed himself in to the police, there is every reason to believe that he would have faced the same fate as the Kouachi brothers, convicted by the media and murdered by the police. If this sounds a little far fetched, please consider the fact that after his shocked classmates sprung to his defence, they were met with an intense campaign of defamation that tried to portray their twitter accounts as being fake and they as the accomplices of a terrorist.
The third man, the innocence, undisputed innocence of Hamyd Mourad and the fact that there was no third man of any name or identity involved in the Charlie Hebdo incident are small but important signs that point to a larger truth. The Paris attack was not a legitimate or authentic “jihadist” terror attack, not even close. This was a typically synthetic and farcical psychological warfare operation that only mass media hypnosis and inculcated obedience are protecting. The French police have not conducted an investigation into a terrorist attack, not even an incompetent one, they have played their despicable role in what is no more than a tyranny pageant aimed at using fear to keep the fascists and gangsters in power in the West despite their well documented history of terrorism, pedophilia and warmongering. If you support this or believe a word of it, you are the unknowing victim of the tyrants and deceivers whose track record of murder and terrorism is there for all with eyes to see. As far as our media go, it seems that when they die, an entirely new wing of hell will need to be opened in order to accommodate them all. Evil is not too strong a word. Despicable cowardice is not too strong a phrase. The hope that they face mass arrests and prosecutions at some time is a righteous one. But don’t hold your breath. Still as “the Coleman Experience ” writes so often, “it’s only a matter of time.”


Charlie Hebdo shooting suspect defended by classmates on Twitter | World news | The Guardian
Hamyd Mourad released without charge after being named as suspect in Charlie Hebdo attack – Europe – World – The Independent

Charlie Hebdo attack: Paris police name three suspects in manhunt as Kouachi brothers and surrendered 18-year-old ‘accomplice’ – Europe – World – The Independent

Charlie Hebdo top cop Helric Fredou kills himself hours after magazine massacre – Mirror Online

Top cop investigating Charlie Hebdo attacks kills himself hours after French massacre – Daily Record

Charlie Hebdo: First picture of top cop Helric Fredou who killed himself after massacre – Mirror Online







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False Flag Terror: the Triumph of the Strategy of Tension in France

A wonderful unity moment-based entirely on an illusion. Paris, January 11th,2015.
A wonderful unity moment-based entirely on an illusion. Paris, January 11th,2015.

January 12th, 2015.

There were amazing scenes in Paris overnight, mammoth and largely well natured crowds thronged the streets of Paris and other French cities marking the end of chapter one of one of the most successful psyops ever seen. These were moving scenes, just not in the way intended. It was so sad to see so many people have their naivete and good nature taken advantage of on such a mammoth scale.

Nincenzo Viniguerra Speakd the Truth on the BBC in 1992.
Vincenzo Viniguerra Speaks the Truth on the BBC in 1992.

NATO, the CIA and Mossad  the Track Record of Europe.

These tactics come as no surprise to people aware of recent European history, we have seen these tactics used throughout much of Western Europe through the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The perpetrators of the terror have even been kind and helpful enough to tell us the thinking behind these “black operations” One of the most forthcoming of the Operation Gladio terrorists was an Italian extremist right wing Gladio veteran named Vincenzo Vinciguerra. .
This is Vincenzo Vinciguerra’s explanation of the Strategy of Tension, a strategy that continues to this very day with a new bogey Radical Islam replacing the former bogey of Communism. This quote is lifted directly from the wonderful BBC documentary from 1992 entitled “Operation Gladio”. This quote comes from the 51 minute mark, I have not edited it, as he begins Vinciguerra is speaking of the role of right wing paramilitaries in the “Strategy of Tension”. Of the fear and division that was the underlying motive for the Gladio terror wave.

“You were supposed to attack civilians, women,children. Innocent people outside the political arena . For one simple reason: To force the Italian public to turn to the state…Turn to the regime and ask for greater security. This was precisely the role of the Right in Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State which created a Strategy, aptly called the “Strategy of Tension.” in so far as they had to get the people to accept at any moment over a period of thirty years from 1960 to the mid 1980s a State of Emergency could be declared. So people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank. This is the political logic behind all the bombings. “

Gladio Veteran Tells the Truth about False Flag Terrorism and the NWO

Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC

Capitalising on tragedy.

Meanwhile, Israel brazenly seeks to cash in on the Psyop to perpetuate the nonsense that Jewish people in Europe are under siege and need to join the wretched and doomed Zionist apartheid project to ensure their very survival! This following the supposed IS terror attack on a Kosher Grocery in Porte de Vincennes that led to four civilian deaths.

Porte de Vincennes siege – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Netanyahu to French Jews: ‘Come home to Israel from terrible European anti-Semitism’ — RT News

Netanyahu to French Jews after attacks: ‘Israel is your home’ | Middle East Eye

As threats to Jews said to mount in Europe, Israeli minister gets “excited” | The Electronic Intifada

Zionist Show in Paris–and Netanyahu Will Be There | Veterans Today

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel is standing by Europe, Europe must stand by Israel – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu: Paris attack proves world must fight Islamist terror | The Times of Israel

Of course. the heroic Israeli PM has not been flying solo on this mission. Many others have chimed in with their words of wisdom.

Anger as Rupert Murdoch says ALL Muslims should be held responsible for terror attacks in France | Daily Mail Online

Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack | Daily Mail Online

At times it almost seemed as if hysteria had set in.
Editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing Paris | Daily Mail Online

and on it goes…

Calls for BBC reporter to resign after he told daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’ | Daily Mail Online

”A BBC reporter has faced calls to resign after he told the daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: ‘Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well’.
Journalist Tim Willcox sparked anger during his coverage of yesterday’s rally in Paris, held in memory of the 17 victims of last week’s terror attacks, including four Jewish people in a siege at a Kosher supermarket.
He was speaking to a woman in the crowd who expressed her fears that Jews were being persecuted, and ‘the situation is going back to the days of the 1930s in Europe.’

One of the Empire's victims.
Najia Warshagha Age 9

Perish the very thought of Palestinian suffering! How dare he! How dare he allude to the more than 500 children wantonly and cynically massacred less than six months ago in Gaza. At a time like this when we are under siege!

.Israel-Gaza conflict: 50-day war by numbers – Middle East – World – The Independent

Mail Online continues

“historian and BBC presenter Simon Schama.
wrote on Twitter:Appalling of @BBCTimWillcox to imply any and all JEWS (not Israelis) responsible for treatment of Palestinians by hectoring lady in Paris.’
And added: ‘Then he had gall to patronise her at the end – “you see people see it from all sides” That Palestinian plight justifies anti-semitic murder?’
The Campaign Against Antisemitism, which works to combat anti-Semitism in Britain, has circulated footage of the incident, and has called on those offended by it to formally complain to the BBC.
Director of communications, Jonathan Sacerdoti, told MailOnline said Willcox’s Twitter apology was ‘not really good enough’.
‘It’s an admission he has done something wrong, but it’s incumbent on the BBC to make an on-air apology and to investigate his behavior.’
There have also been calls made for the reporter to resign, while an online petition was set up, demanding that Willcox ‘personally apologise’, and calling for ‘re-assurance that this constant anti-Semitic behavior from the BBC will come to an end’.
‘It was the wrong time and place to ask such a disgraceful question. The unity march was a time for France and the rest of the world to come together and unite against the rising threat of terrorism and anti-Semitism, as well as an opportunity to mourn and remember those killed in the horrific attacks.”

Wilcox did not imply that all Jewish people were responsible for the suffering of the people of Palestine, merely that they were suffering at Jewish hands. He should have simply said “Israeli” of course and ended the argument .

According to Wikipedia  the population of France is well over 60 million people.Estimates of the Jewish population of France vary but the Wikipedia article

states that around half a million (479,000) Jewish people live in France. There is no doubt that tens of thousands of Jewish people live in Paris, will continue to do so and that while there have been some terrible incidents, by and large the people of France coexist peacefully across Ethno-religous lines and will continue to do so as all people should do everywhere.  The idea that French Jews need israel to escape from the hordes of genocidal Muslims in France is simply a sick Zionist fantasy.

France does have a problem with angry and disenfranchised youth living in dismal ghettos, and this leads to problems. The main problem it leads to is people burning parked cars. The solution is an obvious one, investment and economic renewal of the areas that have fallen into decay due to unemployment created by the outsourcing of manufacturing as part of the Neo-Liberal globalist economic project. Islam has little or nothing to do with it. People have been talking about a French Civil War, this is hyperbole that is very dangerous but also quite ridiculous. Another fantasy from the warmongers of Zion.

Did Any of the Targets Deserve It?

Each and every civilian death is an horrendous crime and cannot be supported on any basis at any time and this extends to people who draw cartoons even the  “harlots of Empire” from the Charlie Hebdo publication Typical faux western rebels, fraudsters spewing forth exactly the type of infantile, divisive, hateful trash so beloved of the Western media and the elites they service.  The correct response to the goonish provocateurs of Islamophobia is simply to ignore them, edit them from your world and forget they exist. They are nothing and targeting them in any way only supports the despicable narrative they are trying to promote.
At any rate, this does not appear to be a story of civilian deaths,certainly not at the hands of the jihadist gunmen framed for the crime,

 Amedy Coulibaly's final video.Courtesy of o SITE the premier auteurs of fake terrorism for more than a decade.
Amedy Coulibaly’s final video. Courtesy of o SITE the premier auteurs of fake terrorism for more than a decade.

Overnight the SITE intelligence group a known agent of Western Intelligence agencies, helpfully published the supposed “martyrdom” video of the supposed vile Jew hating terrorist Amedy Coulibaly. SITE claimed to have found the video on a Twitter site “associated with the (un)”Islamic state” Here is SITE’s twitter feed.
The video was laughable trash, as they all are, but even more revealing is the video of the Porte de Vincennes siege denouement appears to depict an entirely theatrical event although I am completely willing to be proven incorrect in this assertion. I am no firearms expert, far from it, but this video simply makes no sense.

UNCENSORED Moment Special Force Storm Paris Supermarket L’assaut final porte de Vincennes

Police outside Hyper Cacher Supermarket. Doors closed. Shutter down.
Police outside Hyper Cacher Supermarket. Doors closed. Shutter down.

vlcsnap-2015-01-12-00h41m29s144As the video begins, the Supermarket named “Hyper Cacher” , (being French for  Kosher Super more or less),has a number of entrances at the front but all appear to be closed with a metal roller door completely closed behind a set of glass doors at the front of the supermarket. As two groups of Police approach the door,the roller door begins to rise. Who raised the door and why is something of a mystery because the controls for the door will be located inside the building, I guess it is possible the police hacked into it somehow,but these systems are generally not computerised. The roller door opens and bizarrely, a shot is heard on the video whilst the roller door is still at ground level. This makes no sense.

Shot is heard whilst the metal door is closed.
Shot is heard whilst the metal door is closed.

As the door rises, the groups of policeman appear to open fire extensively on the interior of the supermarket, it is rather unclear why or at whom they are firing, there are after all dozens of civilians inside and we cannot see the gunman. Again, it makes no sense.

Policeman enters straight through the line of fire od the police to the right?
Policeman enters straight through the line of fire od the police to the right

The event takes a truly bizarre turn as we see a policeman enter the building, walikng straight through the line of fire of his fellow police. This is impossible.
vlcsnap-2015-01-12-21h09m59s174Seconds later, we see a large orange flash, a stun grenade or similar low impact incendiary has detonated outside the Supermarket at the feet of the police. They do not flinch.

Orange flash is outside.

This makes no sense at all, there is already a policeman inside so why throw a stun grenade at him,? It is also very odd that the device detonates outside, unless this is only a show.
There is the sound of heavy gunfire throughout yet we see no sign that the bullets have any physical impact.
Shortly after the orange flash outside, a figure is seen to run towards the glass doors, he appears to be pointlessly carrying a rifle on his back, where it is unusable even as a club, his hands also appear to be tied together, although this cannot be stated for certain.


The police are firing constantly, yet the man runs right up to the glass doors, at which point, he seems to theatrically throw himself towards the inside facing wall and slides to the ground.
There is no sign of any blood or injury to the man at any point despite the fact that numerous police are supposedly firing dozens of shots into him at close range. No shell casings are evident and if we look closely at the footage of the man on the ground he shows no signs of having been shot at any stage. Other than the theatrical flounce towards the wall.
What seems to be happening as the man is on the ground is that the police are shining their torches upon the man to create a weak illusion of him being hit with flashes of gunfire.


Multiple evidence tends to indicate that the police at the supermarket were not using live ammunition. These add to the immense anomalies associated with the supposed murder of the French policeman Ahmed Merabet whose bloodless execution is simply impossible.

The curiously bloodless police murder.
The curiously bloodless police murder.

If the lack of blood on the scene isn’t convincing, what about the fact that someone clearly planted fake blood on the scene the following day?  A fact made obvious by the profusion of blood where there had been none the previous day, but more importantly, it has clearly rained in Paris on the 8th of January, the streets are universally wet, there is no doubt, so any authentic blood would have undoubtedly been dispersed or washed away, and yet it sits there and one British journalist working for Sky TV states:  “the blood that was put there to (and is about to say commemorate or mark but catches himself.) because of what happened yesterday. So he actually says “the blood has been put there because of what happened yesterday. “

“the blood that was put here to..because of what happened yesterday. Please note that it has been raining.
The planted bloodstain plain as day.

Journalists misspeak frequently of course, but the fact that it has been raining combined with the total lack of blood at the “killing scene” combined with the statement from the journalist make it absolutely certain that blood has been planted as part of the psyop. Now do you think that people place stage blood at authentic crime scenes? It is unthinkable. This deception points to only one thing. The killing of the policeman Ahmed Merabet was a work of fiction and therefore it seems likely, (as unbelievable as it sounds) that the whole day 1 massacre at Charlie Hebdo was fabricated. This is not a conclusion, it is too early, but that is the direction these videos point.

We are under siege, of course, just from an entirely contrary the public villains. The tempo of operations is escalating alarmingly and no-one should fool themselves, they can flick the switch to genuine carnage at any time. This is all leading up to something, and it can’t be good. The idea of the destruction of the Hoover Dam is pure madness at face value, but they keep putting it into the narrative.

These mega-rituals, these psy-ops rely entirely on the immediate shock and emotional impact of the crime. It should be no surprise that these fabrications gave succeeded in the short term. They are after all simply pressing the buttons of people they have brainwashed for generations. The truth behind these events will emerge, the only question is how much carnage and division the evil forces behind these mega-lies can cause prior to their exposure and downfall. Ultimately the only rational choice facing humanity is to put each and every petty identity based division behind us. All other roads will simply lead to unceasing and futile carnage and suffering. All the proof of this is written in our history.

This piece dealt with Operation Gladio in a very superficial and desultory manner, A tremendous amount of quality information on this subject can be found here:

Details of how the Israeli Mossad inserted themselves into and directed the Belgian Gladio network in the mid 1980s can be found in Former Mossad Agent Victor  Ostrovsky’s second book, “the Other Side of Deception”/The Belgian story is at the very beginning of the book after the preface.  the PDF can be found here

.”NATO’s Secret Armies – Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe Daniele Ganser.

and here:

Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis