Mullah Omar is Dead.

Deceased leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar.

July 21st, 2015.

Mullah Omar, the Taliban and the Afghan war.

The casualty estimates for the Afghan war run as high as 220,000. Three hundred if you count the fighting in Pakistan.

These are not subjects we care to think about in the West at this point for obvious reasons.

The war achieved nothing, there was never any chance that it would achieve anything. The whole exercise was one of zombie madness and blank futility..

The Unites States deliberately destabilised Afghanistan beginning in the middle 1970s. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was a long term US policy goal.

The Americans wanted to “give the Soviet Union their own Vietnam war.”

A futile war of attrition that would sap their will and demoralise them . The policy was pretty cynical, but it was also cunning and intelligent. The plot was successful..

The troubling question therefore is , how did the US transition from cynically embroiling the Soviets in Afghanistan to being so stupid as to then inflict the same futile war upon themselves barely a decade after the Russian departure?

How could the Americans possibly be so stupid?

Is it possible?

Mullah Omar in Death.

After many years of false alarms and mistaken reports it has now been confirmed by the Afghan Taliban that the titular head of the Afghan Taliban Mullah Omar is dead. Yesterday the BBC reported the Afghan Government claim that Omar died two years ago in a Pakistan hospital.
Mullah Omar was the leader of the Taliban Government that ruled almost all of Afghanistan between 1996 and late 2001.
The Taliban rose to power due to the backing of Pakistan, who belatedly realised that Gulbuddin Hekmatyer was a maniac who could never form a stable government and switched their allegiance to the deeply parochial Kandahar based Taliban movement.
It was claimed that Mullah Omar only once traveled to Kabul, it is entirely possible that Mullah Omar had never even heard of New York city before the 911 attack.
The Taliban were a wretched Government, not that it had any bearing on what happened.

The group conducted a major massacre in Mazar e Sharif in 1998 that had deeply sectarian overtones, involved thousands of deaths and brought the Taliban to the brink of war with Iran after their fighters killed Iranian Diplomats stationed in the city.
The Taliban lacked respect for the diverse social traditions of the Afghan people, they sought to impose the values of provincial Kandahar upon Kabul and the rest of an extremely diverse nation.
They appear to have been a slight improvement on the previous Government of chaotic and brutal warlords.
The United States decided to invade Afghanistan long before 911, the Taliban who clearly had no involvement whatsoever on the attack, offered to hand bin laden over to the Americans if they produced evidence of his involvement.

The attack on Afghanistan was inevitable and there was nothing the Taliban could do to prevent it.
In November 2001 the Taliban Government collapsed and the key figures in the movement fled to Pakistan or remote areas.
Mullah Omar made only one filmed public appearance even when the leader of Afghanistan. After 2001 Mullah Omar disappeared completely and became completely irrelevant long before his death.
An individual named Mullah Akhtar Mansoor has been named as Omar’s replacement as Taliban chief.
The Taliban have an ethos, they do not need a leader. The Taliban are simply hundreds of very loosely co-ordinated different local groups of largely Pashtun fighters scattered widely throughout Afghanistan.
The Taliban inflicted terrible losses upon the occupation force, took heavy casualties and now that the foreign troops have almost entirely left it is as if the entire war never happened.

Afghanistan is returned to it’s former place on “things we don’t like to talk about” list no mention is made of the fact that in twelve or so years of occupation nothing whatsoever was achieved.

The Taliban, for better or worse represent the most powerful faction with the Afghan Pashtun community, the largest single ethnic group.

The Afghan and Pakistani Taliban.

The Afghan Taliban should not be confused with the Pakistan Taliban, who are better described as al Qaeda in Pakistan, a CIA/MI/Mossad/RAW backed terror group the West and allied nations used to destablise Pakistan and make the Afghan Taliban appear to be a terror group which has never really been the case other than the “Haqqani network” which has been widely claimed to be a CIA proxy. The conflation of the two groups made the idea that the “War on terror” was being fought in Afghanistan credible. It was nonsense.

This is a classic example.

Taliban death squad posed for pictures before slaughtering 132 children | Daily Mail Online

The story is about the Peshawar massacre of December 2014. The Afghan Taliban have no involvement in this event or any other similar events.
The Taliban have proven through their history of narrow mindedness and intolerance that they are not a sustainable national government in Afghanistan.

The solution for Afghanistan would appear to be a regional based federalist system with a weak federal Government delegating many powers to regional groups.

the Horrors of Hampstead Happened Elsewhere Many Times.

Hampstead Cover Up Similar Story From 1989 Satans Children

July 29th, 2015.

A Very Simple Choice.

It is deeply unwelcome information. It is knowledge that cannot possibly bring happiness or pleasure but to pretend that these things do not happen is to be complicit in the acts of evil. There is no choice. Not really.

I have never really been associated with Satanism, but assume that most Satanists or dark occultists do not engage in these practices. It is clear however that some, indeed apparently many do.

The fact that there was a fairly successful short term cover up of the Hampstead case should come as no surprise, nor should the complicity of the BBC in the cover up with their laughable, disgusting interview of the Hampstead “Dad”. The BBC is an organisation with long and intimate links with the “circle of evil.” in Britain and Jimmy Saville, the depraved child molester, satanist and murderer who doubled as a “beloved BBC personality” exemplifies the odious and despicable role of the BBC over decades,  along with many other key British institutions.

Satan’s Children.

The parallels between the allegations made in Hampstead and the claims made by Theresa in Satan’s children are absolutely spellbinding. The child sexual abuse, the rituals, the murders, the cannibalism, the murder of small children and babies. The amazing thing is that Theresa’s story is so similar but her experience is so much deeper and greater than that of the Hampstead children as she has remained as a child cult member and victim into puberty.
She claims that she gave birth at the age eleven. She claims to have been impregnated seven or eight times but she miscarried or was given cult abortions by cult doctors in the other cases. She claims they threatened to kill her baby if she didn’t co-operate. She claims that she witnessed several murders including one of vagrant she describes in excruciating detail. She describes cannibalism including being forced to eat part of her own aborted fetus. She claims that she thought the abuse happened to everyone.

At times Theresa is upset, at other times she is unaffected, almost in shock. She is one of the most compelling witnesses to these acts that I have encountered. Through no fault of their own, very small children do not make the best witnesses, Theresa is fifteen or sixteen and it is very clear that she is describing real events. It is stunning.
Theresa’s story is not confirmation of the Hampstead allegations, but it is powerful evidence that these claims are nowhere near as outlandish as they might have sounded at first.
It seems quite clear that there is a sub group of “transgressionist ultras” within dark occultism who believe that power is obtained through the interdimensional interactions they seek to achieve through acts of extreme moral transgression, with the more sick and wrong the better. These crimes are an attempt t please the gods of evil. The ancient ones, who are they believe some type of ethereal entities whom they believe have the ability to help them shape the world towards their desired conclusion.

This abuse, the ritual abuse is not recreation, although there must be recreationally motivated members, conventional pedophiles and garden variety sadists in need of an outlet amongst the flock.
But this is something else they are doing. They are seeking to carve out a niche for evil entities, to dream them into existence or nourish them through extravagant acts of transgression and evil and thus somehow harness the power of the entities that these acts unleash to achieve their earthly goals which if we take them at their word, vary between their ascension to power as new monarchs of a slave state to the destruction of this world entirely.

If these ideas sound insane,  understand that according to highly respected occultist Kenneth Grant, a key Crowley student and acolyte in his  work the Magical Revival Crowley believed  that if his work “the Book of the Law” was published in the correct circumstances it would cause the world to end or similar complete cataclysm.

” “The Book of the Law” was published several times in Crowley’s lifetime and each publication was followed in a comparitively short time with international disasters. The Balkan War, the First World War, the Sino-Japanese War and World War II. It was Crowley’s belief that when the book is finally published in strict accordance with the instructions given by Aiwaz* it will effect the total destruction of civilization as we know it. So far, the instructions have been imperfectly executed and therefore the holocaust incomplete.”

The Magical Revival P.12.

*generally spelled Aiwass- the “entity” that supposedly “wrote” the Book of the Law” using Crowley (and his wife at that time) as a vehicle.

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the Chattanooga Shooting: Another Manufactured Event.

The scene outside one of the Military recriuting centers
The scene outside one of the Military recruiting centers “attacked” in Chattanooga.

July 26th, 2015. The Chattanooga Shootings. There is a very high tempo to the psychological warfare operation underway in the United States making it hard to keep up and sometimes hard to distinguish between fiction and reality. The story is that on July 16th, 2015 a man named Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez attacked two US military recruiting centres in the Tennessee town of Chattanooga leading to the deaths of four Marines and one sailor and the alleged perpetrator.

A CNN graphic shows the two alleged attack sites in Chatanooga, 7 miles apart.
A CNN graphic shows the two alleged attack sites in Chattanooga, 7 miles apart.

Details of the Attack. The gunman is alleged to have conducted a drive by shooting at one recruiting centre that caused no casualties. The alleged perpetrator is then supposed to have driven to another recruitment centre where he is said to have left his vehicle, entered the building and killed four Marines inside before himself being killed.

One strange aspect of the story was that the gunman was supposed to have been followed from the first shooting site to the second by law enforcement so it makes absolutely no sense that he would be able to drive seven miles under pursuit, get out of the car, sneak into the Navy recruiting centre and conduct the attack without being intercepted by police.

Friends, family of suspected Chattanooga shooter shocked

Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez the alleged Chattanooga shooter.
Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez the alleged Chattanooga shooter.

The Perpetrator.

The accused man  Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is described as a nice person, in April he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. At the time he was also believed to be using cocaine. He is also described as being a moderate but devout Muslim so the whole identity makes no sense as a suicidal terrorist or as a character. For unknown reasons that make no sense at all, for many hours after the incident it remained unclear whether Abdulazeez was killed by the police or shot himself.

It was later announced that the police had killed the alleged gunman who like so many (all?) f the previous patsy candidates appears to have been “on the radar of the state Security services for some time. Land Destroyer: FBI Tracked Chattanooga Shooter’s Family for Years.

As with many of these events, there was never any real sign that anyone had actually been shot, there seemed to be no emergency medical response, no blood, no bodies, nothing other than the window riddled with bullet holes so reminiscent of the same prop from Copenhagen.

The faux rebel
The faux rebel “Clash of Civilisations” Cartoonists attack. Copenhagen, February 2015.


The presence of apparent crisis actors is not really evidence, but in the case of Chattanooga, the fake crying man offering laughable D.O.D talking points “They were just trying to protect us!!” while being comforted by an equally fake elderly black man made it pretty obvious.

Chattanooga Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor FAKE Crying Exposed (Redsilverj)

Chattanooga police appear to be laughing in the wake of the apprebntly fictitious shootings.
Chattanooga police appear to be laughing in the wake of the apprebntly fictitious shootings.

The apparently laughing and relaxed police on the scene afterwards also seemed somewhat out of place. The  “bereaved friends” of Skip Wells, one of the victims were no better and it seems that the identities of the Chattanooga victims may have been constructed using the identities of soldiers who had died years ago in overseas wars although I am not certain about this. The evidence presented seems fairly compelling.

Friend of Skip Wells: He always had a smile on his face


Chattanooga and Charleston- a Tale of Two Factions?

The reverberations from the Charleston incident are still ongoing. The event was hugely successful in using the disparate views of the Confederate flag to leverage social division and misdirection.

There are reports of shots being fired at several churches in Charleston today. At least five churches have been burned in the wake of the event which has apparently led to another victory for the forces of political correctness in the culture wars.

Chattanooga by contrast seems to be coming from a different point of view and appears to be closely related to the Garland event and possibly even the earlier faux “Islamic jihad attacks” in Denmark and France.

There appear to be two different factions conducting regular psychological operations at the moment in the US. One group, appears to be closely connected to elements of the US Federal Government. This group appears to be interested in social division, mental health issues and  gun control. Their goal seems to be directed towards the psychological and social control of the United States. This group appears to have conducted the Sandy Hook hoax event, Charleston, possibly the Aurora Cinema shooting the LAX hoax, at the very least.

The other group currently engaged in psychological warfare against the citizens of the US seem to have more of a Zionist bent and seem to be less involved with the US Federal Government. This group conducted the Garland event, Chattanooga hoax and presumably many others events involving “radical Islam”.

This group represents a more war oriented faction of the NWO it seems but their operations also are of benefit to the domestic and international police state. It is unclear which of these factions may have been involved in the Boston Bombing hoax, at the surface that event appears to have also been conducted by the “US Government” NWO faction rather than the Zionist NWO faction but it plays well with both narratives.

Formerly respected US retired General Wesley Clark did a good job of underlining this point with his astonishing, almost psychotic comments in the wake of the Chattanooga event suggesting that a (fake) attack that led to five deaths should be the spur for the US to set up internal detention camps for perceived political dissidents who are to be somehow conflated with ISIL supporters. Neat.

Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for “Radicalized” Americans (Redsilverj)

The ridiculous sight of “armed volunteers” protecting recruiting centres from “terrorist attack” was the icing on the cake for the Chattanooga event. USA:

Armed volunteers protect military recruiting site after Chattanooga shootings

the Suruc Massacre and the Turkish Deep State.

Aftermath of the Suruc massacre of July 20th, 2015.
Aftermath of the Suruc massacre of July 20th, 2015.

July 25th, 2015.

The Suruc Massacre and the Turkish Deep State(s).

The Suruc (pronounced Surosh) massacre of July 20th saw 32 people killed and more than 100 wounded when a meeting of the Kurdish youth group the Socialist Party of the Oppressed was attacked with an explosive device in the town 10 kilometres from the Syrian border.

The Suruc massacre began a chain of events that less than a week later see Turkey engaged in military attacks inside Syria and Iraq in an operation they claim will target both the ISIL group and PKK/  YPG . Kurdish fighters. ( YPG appears to be just a new name for the PKK to get around the fact that the PKK is a designated “terror group’ according to NATO and the US State Department.)

At face value, the Suruc attack seemed like a pretty typical IS terror operation in revenge for the defeat in Kobani and the other defeats in Northern Syria at the hands of the Kurdish YPG group and the US Air force.

It was only weeks ago that the IS group sent scores of fighters across the Turkish border into Kobani where they massacred hundreds of people before being killed.

Only three days before Suruc, ISIL  had sent a truck bomb against civilians celebrating the Eid festival for the end of Ramadan in the Iraq town of Khan Bani Saad killing at least 115 people.

Analysis of the Suruc attack indicates that the event appears to have been a false flag attack conducted by the Turkish state or another “third force” that has infiltrated the Turkish state. ISIL appear not to have had any involvement and the attack was not conducted by a suicide bomber.

Suruc is shown just to the north of Kobani and the Syrian border.

The Context

Turkey , a large and strategically located state has been a NATO member since 1952 and is a key long term US Middle Eastern ally. NATO’s “stay behind” Gladio armies wreaked more carnage upon Turkey than any of their other (Western European) targets during the Cold war.

There have been huge tensions in South Eastern Turkey since the battle of Kobani late last year and in recent weeks the Turkish Government has been threatening to send 20,000 troops into Northern Syria in order to carve out a “buffer zone.” for refugees.

The  manoeuvring seems to have been inspired by increasing Turkish disquiet about the mounting victories of Kurdish fighters backed by US Aircraft in Northern Iraq.

It is worth noting that although at face value the PKK and Turkey are the most bitter of enemies, like Hamas, the IRA and many other groups, the PKK received key support from their supposed enemy Turkey on many occasions.

On July 12th, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) announced an end to it’s two year ceasefire with the Turkish Government.

Turkey-Key ISIL Sponsor.

There is no doubt that Turkey has been THE key base for the IS operation in Syria. Maps of the area controlled by the group in Syria shows little more than a straight line from the Turkish border through to Raqqa (the IS Syria “capital” down to Deir az Zour on the border with Iraq.

It emerged earlier this year that in one case a Turkish officer had a gun shoved in his face by an agent of the Turkish National Intelligence when he attempted to stop a truck sending supplies to ISIL .

Assistance has undoubtedly been provided by many states but in the case of Turkey you need only look at the map to understand the central role Turkey has played in the rise of the group.

The lines of control in Syria as of May 22nd, 2015. The IS group it can be seen, holds nowhere near 50 percent.
ISIL in Syria- a straight line down from Turkey to Deir az Zour on the Iraq border. Map represents control as of May 22nd, 2015..

Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? | New Eastern Outlook

Turkey: IS Supply Channels | Focus on Europe

The Turkish Government Account of the Suruc Attack.
Initially the Turkish government suggested to their media that the attack may have been conducted by a female suicide bomber.

‘Isis suicide bomber’ strikes Turkish border town as Syrian war spills over | World news | The Guardian

“Turkish media speculated that it may have been an 18-year old female suicide bomber for Isis.”

There seems a logical explanation for this, if you look at before and after images of the scene of the blast, it can be clearly seen that there are a large number of young women in the crowd near the epicenter of the blast. The female bomber hypothesis probably arose from the initial assumption that it was a suicide attack and that the most severely damaged corpse would be that of the bomber as is generally the case, for obvious reasons.
The most severely damaged corpse was that of the young woman at the front near the epicenter of the blast. There was no suicide bomber so the closest victim was initially mistaken for the attacker.
Several days later the Turkish authorities claimed that they had identified the bomber as a man named Seyh Abdurrahman Alagoz, a Kurdish native of Adiyaman province. No evidence connecting this individual with either the ISIL group or the Suruc attack was provided.

The scene in Suruc immediately prior to the attack.
The scene in Suruc immediately prior to the attack.

The Attack Video.
The video of the attack does not show any sign of an attacker entering the area at all. Three seconds before the attack, a small bang can be heard, it is noticed by the crowd, some of whom seem alarmed. Hen the bomb detonates, it seems to come from the ground near the front of the crowd.
A Turkish court has banned publication of the images of the attack and Twitter was briefly blocked in Turkey in the wake of the Suruc attack.

The bomb is detonated.
The bomb is detonated.

The Claim of Responsibility.
It was taken for granted internationally that the IS group conducted the bombing, but the claim of responsibility from the group, generally forthcoming within hours of an attack, did not come for days, and when it arrived it referred to a car bombing.

But the Suruc attack was clearly not a car bomb, no-one is claiming that it was- other than “ISIL” via twitter.
The claim of responsibility for the Khan Bani Saad massacre of July 17th by contrast, was specific and detailed, with the group claiming to have used a 3 tonne device and also of targeting Shia Muslims.

Asurvivr of the Suruc blast is treated in the aftermath.
A survivor of the Suruc blast is treated in the aftermath.

A Combination of Evidence.

The Today Zaman Prediction

Spy agency planning false-flag terror acts in crowded areas, whistleblower claims

An article in the Turkish newspaper “Today Zaman” in January this year claimed that elements of the Turkish Government were planning to conduct mass casualty terror attacks in Turkey and blame the attacks on the Fethullah Gulen, an infamous CIA cut out and alleged drug trade facilitator. Today Zaman seems to have pro-Gulen leanings judging from this piece. In December 2014, a Turkish court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen, who has lived in the US for decades.

Drug trafficking murderer’s testimony listed as evidence against Gülen

Turkey is understood to be a key hub for the international heroin trade and seems to act as a way station between the source of the opium and Europe.

The infamous Susurluk scandal of 1996 erupted after a serious car crash left three people dead and it emerged that amongst them were a police chief, a senior politician, and an international drug dealer and hitman. Devastatingly it emerged that a number of infamous figures in the drug game were being given Turkish Diplomatic credentials with which to operate.
The Aftermath.
A series of cascading events have taken place since the Suruc attack that now see the Turkish Military in action in Northern Syria in a big way for the first time in the four year Syrian Civil War.
There have been demonstrations in several areas of Southern Turkey and in the largest city Istanbul. .
The PKK claim to have killed two Turkish police in retaliation for their collaboration with ISIL. The PKK also lured an apparent IS sympathiser into an ambush and murdered him in Istanbul. Another police officer was killed by masked men in Diyarbakir.

The apparent “usual suspects” of both ISIL and the PKK were rounded up in a series of massive police raids that saw more than two hundred arrested. The Western media claimed that ISIL were the target but it is claimed by Kurdish activists that this was  mask for a crackdown on the PKK.
Turkish forces are now engaged in the Syrian War and are claiming that they are going to target both ISIL and the PKK/YPG in Northern Syria in an ongoing operation. There are no ground forces involved at this time.

So it seems that Turkey has decided that it is time to “cash in” the IS group for an extended incursion into Syria where they will be attacking the YPG, the US’s only real ally in Northern Syria. Turkey is apparently testing the waters at this stage but the intent is clear and both the Suruc attack and the supposed gun-battle with the IS group at the border were part of the same Black Operation with the aim of curtailing the PKK influence in Northern Syria using the IS as a convenient mask.
That’s why this seems to have happened and elements of the Turkish Government now seem to be tacitly admitting that the Suruc attack was a false flag and as per the Today Zaman piece from January, they are trying to lay the blame upon the Gulen organisation, the “next in line” CIA front Turkish Government.

A Pattern of Behaviour.

The  Istanbul bombings of November 2003 that saw 70 people killed in four attacks that targeted the British Consul, a branch of (infamous alleged money launderer) HSBC bank and a Synagogue.

In 2010 it emerged that three Turkish Generals had collaborated with al Qaeda in the attack that was part of a failed coup plot known as Operation Sledgehammer. The combination of the evidence regarding the Suruc attack points to the fact that whereas the 2003 bombing massacres were a collaborative effort, the Suruc massacre was conducted vy the Turkish “deep state’ or Shadow government and the ISIL group did not perpetrate the Suruc massacre.

The Details of the Attack.

The device appears to be emplaced, no-one appears to enter the area of the attack prior to the attack. The claim of responsibility was late and inaccurate and is essentially meaningless. The Turkish Government felt a need clearly to initiate further military involvement in Syria and this event combined with a presumably fabricated border clash several days later have seen them at least partially achieve their goal.

The continual victories of the YPG with US air support , which is simply the PKK re-badged, were intolerable to Turkey and so they acted.

Within Turkey there does seem to be an understanding that this attack was at the very least facilitated by elements of the Turkish state. Beyond the dubious PKK targeting of supposed ISIL collaborator police in revenge and the cynical murder of a former ISIL fighter in Istanbul apparently working as a soap salesman. A senior Turkish police official has now accused the Gulen group of complicity in the attack, as the Today Zaman January article claimed would happen.

Police chief shirks responsibility for deadly attacks, accuses ‘parallel structure’

Determining which faction of the Turkish deep State were involved may be extremely difficult as the Gyulen people blame the Government. The positive thing is that at least in Turkey people know that there is a “parallel state operation involved.

The Real Danger of ISIL Exposed.
Due to the extensive support they receive from many nations, the IS group represent a real threat to the people of Syria and Iraq.

Outside the zones of combat, it is the ISIL brand rather than the actual group that is the threat. While they exist, anyone can blow up or shoot up anything anywhere and say it was an ISIL attack.
The group’s rhetoric track record of atrocities both real and fictitious is such that few will question them being blamed for almost anything.

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Westminster Child Abuse: High Level Child Abuse Ring Exposed.

Westminster Child Abuse high level child abuse ring exposed

July 20th, 2015.

Missing Pieces.

The Sixty Minutes report “Spies, Lords and Predators” is very strong in many ways but it fell short in several crucial areas.

The principle omission, the really important thing that the 60 Minutes reports skates over is the fact that these crimes against children were being facilitated by the British Security Services and that the underlying intent of operations such as the Kincora operation and Dolphin Square was to leverage control of politicians through the use of shame, vice and blackmail.

That is the story. That is the reason that the police officer is threatening Martin Allen’s brother “you keep saying things like that and you might get hurt.”

This does not appear to be classic police corruption but the protection of the power of a network.

These crimes are not simply the result of a group of “toffs” getting together to indulgent their sick pathetic lust for children, this is about power and the retention of power and these crimes are lifelong leverage.

The Establishment pedophiles had to be protected so that the Security services could guarantee the continued obedience of all they had ensnared. It was part of the deal,  “you take care of us and we will make sure none of this ever gets out.”

Sixty Minutes did not manage to mention the connection even between Dolphin Square and British Intelligence. nor the similar connection with Kincora. These are not trivial or secondary parts of the story, they are completely crucial to understanding why this has been allowed to happen. It is the core of the story.

The Faux Inquiry.

The other truly glaring omission from the story was the total failure to mention the ongoing and active cover up from the Cameron government at all. From the childish Wanless Report to the bizarre decision to appoint one of (notorious deceased child abuser) Leon Brittain’s pals to chair the inquiry into Historical Abuse, to KenGate and Cameron’s role at Carlton Communications nor his long and apparently close association with the Dolphin Square alleged perpetrator Derek Laud.

Platos Cave



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The Filth and The Fury: Royal Nazi Revelations Spark British Uproar!!

The “disgraceful” Sun front page.

July 18th, 2015.

It was ok when Uncle advocated the genocide of  Muslims and cheerled wars that left millions dead. It was ok when the Sun gloated evilly over the deaths of hundreds of blameless Argentine troops on the General Belgrano.

It was still ok when Uncle was recorded confessing to being responsible for the crimes, all of them, that his staff had committed. This is something else. This is unpatriotic isn’t it?

The response form the Sun o the sinking of the general belgrano during the 1982 Falklands war.
The response form the Sun to the sinking of the general Belgrano during the 1982 Falklands war.

The Saxe Coburgs Gotha’s  are after all a German family and they are also fascists so it is perfectly understandable that the Saxe Coburgs Gotha’s found it a good idea to teach their children Nazi salutes. Perfectly natural.

The response to this from the Daily Mail is actually some of the most hilarious nonsense I have ever seen.

The Queen being taught a NAZI SALUTE by Edward VIII in 1933 video | Daily Mail Online

The title has been improved since the piece was published and they are now running with

‘The Sun has sunk to a new low’: British public reacts with fury after tabloid publishes 80-year-old pictures of the seven-year-old Queen and the Queen Mother being taught a Nazi salute ” although how they have been able to gauge the response of the 80 million or so Britain’s to the Sun story within hours of it’s appearance is somewhat unclear.

But I love the spin the Mail have tried to put upon this story

“The shocking film from 1933 shows Edward VIII teaching his nieces the seven-year-old future Queen and her three-year-old sister Princess Margaret how to do the salute in the gardens at Balmoral.”

“The publication of the 17-second film has outraged thousands across the nation who believe that the Queen cannot be held responsible for her actions as a girl playing with her family.”

This is a brilliant attempt to obscure the important thing here. Of course the bloody Queen and silly little three year old Margaret cannot be held responsible for what they did  but that is completely beside the point.

The point is that Britain’s rulers are a group of Germans with strong fascist sympathies and deep historical links to National Socialism along with many other elements of the Western elite. The Nazi party were embraced by the cream of the American corporate establishment before they realised that fascism would be much more successful if marketed in a more stealthy or “friendly” mask.

It is a hard habit to break as the antics of Harry Hewiit indicate!
It is a hard habit to break as the antics of “Prince” Harry indicate!

The Queen NAZI Salute Film Video – World Wide Breaking News

Real History and the German side of the British royal family

I have no idea who Rachel Hawkins is but there is no doubt she is a true patriot!
I have no idea who Rachel Hawkins is but there is no doubt she is a true patriot! Albeit one with a somewhat retarded understanding of the rule of Law.

Reclaim Australia… from Muslims!? (Updated)

The mind controlled  drones of the left and right debate the finer points of Immigration policy< Melbourne July 18th, 2015.
The mind controlled drones of the left and right debate the finer points of Immigration policy< Melbourne July 18th, 2015.

July 18th, 2015.

Reclaim Australia from Muslims… or Morons?

Saturday July the 18th marked another pathetic episode in the festival of simple mindedness and ignorance that comprises the bulk of political debate in Australia.

The “anti-Islam” protests inspired larger counter demonstrations in Melbourne and Sydney. The crowds were tiny other than in Melbourne where around one thousand “anti-racism” protesters met several hundred of the Reclaim (or Restore) Australia nationalists.

The New World Order rulers congratulate themselves as the “divide and rule” tactic successfully distracts people from the reality of the world we live in yet again.

A quick glance at the Age article on the event points to the quality of the political debate surrounding these events..

Police condemn violence as protesters clash at Parliament House

This is a quote from the “anti-Racist” side.

“These racists are like Hitler. He was allowed to go for five years and this is Hitler again. We cannot allow this,” Mr Adel said” in a piece of political rhetoric that bears no connection to reality at all. The reference to Hitler is  the classic lowest common denominator tactic of the intellectually bereft.

This was the word from the re-badged “Restore ” Australia Mike Holt”

” they were not racists but were there to protest against the “creeping Islamisation of Australia.”

With the best will in the world I have literally absolutely no idea what Mr. Holt is even referring to but it is  hard not to suspect that these people are simply a by-product of the brainwashing and vilification of Muslims and Arabs over several decades in the Zionist dominated Western media. They probably think that Halal meat tastes different.

Statistically speaking Australia’s Muslim population was a whopping 2.2% at the last census in 2011. There are more Australian Buddhists than Muslims. The idea that Australia is being Islamicised is an idiotic fantasy, it is that simple.

Islam in Australia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“According to the 2011 census, 476,291 people, or 2.2% of the total Australian population, were Muslims.[1] This made Islam the fourth largest religious grouping, after all forms of Christianity (61.1%), irreligion (22.9%), and Buddhism (2.5%)”

Far-right vs anti-racists: Aussie cops use pepper spray to quell chaos

(original April post)

The Awesome Ignorance of the Australian People Exposes the Evil Australian Media and the Success of New World Order Mind Control in the Southern Enclave.
Members of an anti Islam group named Reclaim Australia thought that Easter was a good time to hold an anti-Islam demonstration across most large Australian cities on Saturday, April 4th, 2015.
The demonstrations were met by counter demonstrations by “anti-Racist” activists in many places and there were a number of minor scuffles between the two groups in Melbourne and a couple of people were arrested.

The sole beneficiaries of the event in Melbourne were the who were
The sole beneficiaries of the event in Melbourne were the Victoria Police who were “forced” to deploy peeper spray at the entire crowd as they “feared their lines would be over run”

A Nothing Event.
All in all a rather predictable and nothing event all around. The crowds who attended the Reclaim Australia demonstrations were not large, in the hundreds rather than thousands, but it was still extremely depressing to witness such a public and infantile display of the broader ignorance and simple mindedness that is predominant in Australian thought across all classes and age groups. These seem to be the ties that bind the Australian mind. This has nothing to do with stupidity in the innate sense. Being an Australian, being a member of the Australian community basically requires people to maintain their mind at a very low, infantile level, just to fit in.
These are not stupid or ignorant people inherently, far from it, a tremendous effort has been taken especially by our apparently demonic corporate media, both state and private to impose simple mindedness and awesome ignorance upon the Australian population so that people literally never develop the innate tools of analysis and reasoning that would enable them to understand and oppose the New World Order project.
The people who attended the Reclaim Australia protest have a genuine grievance, in many cases, but their utter inability to think analytically or to begin to understand power means that their grievances are easily misdirected by the powers of evil onto any convenient scapegoat the controlled media prods them towards.
These are the people of mental death.
I am going therefore to provide a very simple framework for understand power in this world in the hope that these ridiculous misdirections may be prevented or lessened in future.
A Couple of Simple Things.
In order to understand the world at all it is helpful to think about why something is happening or being allowed to happen. Do not simply react against the person or element of your environment that you find upsetting or displeasing but try and think about the course of events that led to the situation that troubles and therefore who is actually responsible.  If we stop and think about it for five seconds it can be easily recognised that the people who live in other countries, the prospective immigrants have little or no impact on the policy making of the Australian government.

These fools moan about freedom whilst accepting every single phony police state measure the New World Order suggests for their
These fools moan about freedom whilst accepting every single phony police state measure the New World Order suggests for their “safety”!. Misdirection has rarely achieved such pitiful results as this.

The Reason for Immigration is Actually Quite Simple.
The reason for immigration in Australia is actually very simple. Australian immigration policies have absolutely nothing to do with multiculturalism or a tolerant society or any of the crap that the lying politicians have claimed for decades. Nothing.
The Australian policy of constant high levels of immigration is designed quite simply to maintain an acceptably high level of unemployment and cause a constant labour surplus in order to serve the interests of the men from the Chambers of Commerce who fund the major political parties, and as a consequence own the government of Australia,.
The whole program is there to make sure that the “Capital class” meaning the Bankers and all the businesses who essentially work for the Bankers always have the upper hand as when you have very low unemployment levels , as Australia had before the 1970s, the workers simply have too much power. The relative equality of power that you get between worker and boss in the low or no unemployment economy is completely unacceptable to the real owners of the Australian government and it had to be phased out as it has been for that reason.

Unemployment Must Be Maintained at an Acceptably High Level.
The lie has gotten so big and so silly that the Australian Government often frequently tries to pretend that 5% unemployment is actually equivalent to no unemployment at all, but merely the level of “churn” as people change jobs.
This is transparent nonsense of course. People who simply change jobs never even appear on the unemployment figures as anyone who does any work in any given month does not appear on them so the argument is a complete joke.
Added to that is the fact that Australia has actually reached that low 5% level and it turned out that there were still hundreds of thousands of people long term unemployed at that time. The 5% claim is pure nonsense but it does point to the truth that 5% is the absolute minimum acceptable level to the owners of Australia.
Because of the power that voters still wield, ideally the unemployment level has to be maintained between 5 % and 8%, any lower than 5% and the men from the Chamber of Commerce start lobbying for higher immigration levels and whining about non-existent labour shortages in order to maintain their position of power and supremacy in the Australian economy.
Any higher than 8% and the voters may act against the political party in power at the time.
Immigration at a constant high level (never ever to be debated) is how the “owners” ensure the Government maintains the position of strength of the Corporate Oligarchs who own Australia. It is that simple, so blaming the people who had no power over the policy but who came here as a result of it is nothing less than epic stupidity.
The Counterargument.
The argument that is trotted out in opposition to this is that immigrants boost the overall size of the economy, increase the overall demand, so there is negligible or even positive economic outcome.
Over decades this is true. Once people have lived in Australia for decades, the economic impact is either negligible or positive, but that situation is never actually achieved when there are constant high levels of new immigrants. who through no fault of their own, do undoubtedly have a negative impact on the Australian economy and specifically on the interests of the Australian labour force, again through no fault on their part.
Remittances End the Argument.
The truth is that many of the people, indeed most of the people who have emigrated to Australia are very nice people with many virtues. One virtue that many immigrants share is a loyalty to their families, a very laudable quality. In many cases one of the manifestations of this loyalty is that recent immigrants, send much of their salary or even benefit income home to their family.
Guess what the impact is on the Australian economy every time that happens? This is in every case a straight out loss to the Australian economy, it is quite simple and yet  this also shows that the immigrants are good people, their individual quality is not the issue,
According to the most recent World Bank statistics available, for the year 2011, at least $4 billion dollars leaves Australia each year in this manner. This probably only represents a small fraction of the total sum, yet this money alone is equivalent to 80,000 median wage jobs in Australia. The impact is very clear and the absurdity of maintaining the high levels of immigration to Australia regardless of the economic circumstances should be obvious
The Scapegoat Parade.
The fact that these polices are devised and implemented on behalf of the Corporate owners of the Government may explain why Australian Governments,especially Conservative governments spend so much time cycling through different scapegoats to demonise in order to hide the fact that the interests of the nation and the people are  secondary to them.
The people are a problem they are to manage on behalf of the corporate owners, and misdirection and scapegoating the  stupefied and brainwashed Australian people is a key tactic.
There will always be a phony crisis with a phony perpetrator for the simple minded to fixate upon and direct all their resentment towards. It could be anyone. Muslims today, boat people tomorrow, and later the unemployed. The force of the people’s resentment must always be misdirected. The identities of the destruction of the Australian lifestyle must always be protected.

Participants in the futile Melbourne fracas.
Participants in the futile Melbourne fracas.

Any Debate but Immigration.
We are presented with a bizarre and nonsensical set of narratives from the controlled media towards that end. There is no immigration issue, only a problem with boat people. Everyone is free to jump up and down and scream until they are blue in the face about boat people, but let’s not ever hear a word about the true purpose or true beneficiaries of the immigration program. That is off limits. Never to be discussed.
The Murdoch Group and the state run Australian Broadcasting Corporation appear to have performed a mass lobotomy on many of the Australian people along with their lesser media minions. I hope to destroy some of the evil work they have done though it seems an almost impossible task.
In order to protect the program two avenues of misdirection are presented to the people as the only options.
There is the “ignorant bigot” option and the simple minded “I’m a nice person” the more immigrants the better “anti-Immigration is racism” nonsense of the counter demonstrators.
One group is more egregious certainly, but the ignorance and simple mindedness is shared equally across both groups.
The United States has an Open Southern border for the same reason.
It is worth noting that this pattern of behavior can be seen across the West with the United States being a most obvious example. A nation with an official military budget of more than $700 billion dollars, and hundreds of military bases around the world and yet it has an open southern border.
Securing the border should be a fundamental task of the Security forces of any nation yet here we have the most powerful military force the earth has ever seen and they are somehow unable to perform this most basic task, Why?
For the exact same reason that Australia is not allowed to have an immigration debate, A closed border might hamper the financial interests of the US ruling class. Who appear to be the most venal and corrupt group who ever walked the earth.
The actual people who cross the border are largely blameless, closing the border is not their responsibility. Their willingness to work for very low wages is quite understandable. The border is deliberately left open so that the pool of desperate people crossing the border will maintain the wages of US workers at a low level and maintain a large labour surplus at all times.
The employer offering you wages of $8 dollars an hour an always find a Mexican to do the job for even less if you refuse. It destroys the bargaining power of the American labor force almost entirely.
The Muslim threat to Australia is non-existent
If you have the slightest understanding of the world you may have picked up on the rather straightforward fact that in the real world Western nations invade Muslim nations and destroy them. The West is the dominant power in the world running an imperial project to dominate the world so the entire notion that Muslims are plotting to dominate the world or take over Australia is really pitiful. These pathetic canards are parroted by the same people who believed that we had to send thousands of Australians to die in the Vietnam Civil War in order to prevent the “red tide” from the North.
The fact is that the Communists won the war and there was no “red tide” and the whole thing was pure bullshit . The Cold War was another immaculate con job from start to finish from the warmongers of the West that has now been replaced with the even more infantile and dishonest War on Terror.
I would actually like these people to provide an example of a Muslim nation attacking the sovereign territory of a Western nation in recent history. Try and find a single example in the post World War 2 era if you can and then count those examples against the Western acts of aggression against Muslim states. The last “Muslim” empire worthy of the name were the Ottoman Turks. The Ottoman Empire ceased to exist around a century ago.

The North Tower Demolition, September 11th, 2001.
The North Tower Demolition, September 11th, 2001.

The War on Terror is a Complete Con.
Australians in their awesome ignorance (myself included), were easy victims of the propaganda campaign that augmented the phoney War on Terror.
The war on terror was a manufactured farce created in order to inflict the despicable Israeli mindset upon the West and to provide the military industrial complex with a fresh stable of enemies to bomb and “liberate.”
The whole scapegoating of Muslims phenomenon is quite a new one for Australia. When the Australian Security Services accidentally blew up and killed three people in Sydney in the late 1970’s and needed a patsy, they turned to the Ananda Marga, a Hare Krishna offshoot and framed several members of the group for the attack. One of the most obvious and incompetent (it was really an accident) false flags ever conducted.
The whole Islamaphobia phenomenon is completely based on  lies generally constructed around false flag terror attacks conducted by Western Intelligence Agencies and their cut-outs.
The September 11th attacks were not conducted by Muslims. There were no hijacked passenger aircraft attacks at all on September 11th a fact at can be proven simply by looking at a picture of the plane that struck the South tower and comparing it to what it was supposed to be- a United Airlines Jet.
The World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed using pre-planted explosive devices and incendiaries. The destruction of WTC7 makes it obvious, but the fact is the whole WTC was attacked with bombs. If you do not know that then you do not  understand the world we live in at all.
Compiled Footage of Building 7’s Collapse

All of the Terror is Synthetic and Managed.
This is the most blatant example but as it happens all of the big terror attacks that have taken place in the West over the past thirty years have been false flag attacks managed and conducted by Western intelligence agencies and their cut outs.
Muslims did not murder all those people in Bali, and as it happens, Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols did not murder all those people in Oklahoma City either, Both were false flags, augmented attacks using managed patsies with small devices.
Before Muslims became the go to scapegoat the American “Patriot” movement was targeted in exactly the same way.
London, Madrid, Sydney, Ottawa. Paris, Copenhagen, WTC 93 were all false flags and/or downright hoax events. Your entire narrative of the supposed “Muslim threat” is completely anchored in fallacy! You are sleepwalking through life in a mentally dead zombified state.
The astonishing thing is that these people have not even noticed that a police state is being erected around them and yet they have the hide to moan about “freedom” whilst they cheer and support every last police state measure the New World Order representatives in Australia implement! Words fail me.

Brendan O Connell, sentenced to thre years hail in Western Australia for posting an impolite video online and you mindless zombie schmucks still think Muslims are a threat to your freedom?
Brendan O Connell, sentenced to thre years hail in Western Australia for posting an impolite video online and you mindless zombie schmucks still think Muslims are a threat to your freedom?

Muslim Power in Australia.
Muslims as a group have almost no political power in Australia. That is why the buffoons of Reclaim Australia are free to spout whatever bile they want against Muslims yet when a Perth man named Brendan O’ Connell made unkind remarks about the Jewish religion he was sentenced to THREE YEARS IN PRISON!
If Muslims had any real power in Australia they would be able to achieve similar results, they do not because they can not.

Australia- awesome levels of ignorance.
Australia- awesome levels of ignorance.

The Sharia Nonsense is Almost Funny.
I also noticed among the crowds the unfathomable notion that some Australians in their truly awesome, world beating ignorance think that Muslims want to inflict Sharia Law upon them.
A couple of basic facts. The Australian Muslim population is around 2% of the overall population. There is therefore no possibility that even if every single Australian Muslim wanted to implement Sharia law, which they do not, that they could do so.
Even if Australia’s Muslim community was demographically significant, and even if they wanted to implement Sharia Law, it would never be imposed upon non Muslims because Sharia Law is not applied to non Muslims.
It is so sad to see what has been done to the Australian people and the results are really a grotesque comedy of idiocy.
Conclusion-The World is a Business.
The Islamophobia exists for a very specific reason. It is there to provide a safe release valve for those who are unable to comprehend the very simple fact that the cause of their economic and political marginalisation and increasing alienation has nothing to do with the actions of Muslims or indeed immigrants.
The real source is actually the New World Order corporatocracy that seeks to dominate the entire planet like a Colony and sees Australia as just another plantation, while using the media they already own and the politicians they purchase in order to achieve their goal of a World Wide corporate super state with complete and total power.
It was clearly decided decades ago that all manufacturing would be removed from the West and all those jobs be imported to China and other places where the workers could still be paid and worked as slaves.
The system of tariffs that were designed to protect Australian workers from the predatory labour practices in other states were largely demolished.
The path chosen was clear. Close all the factories in the West and pay people in China slave labor wages and as long as the freight costs are less than the massive saving in labor costs, Western manufacturers will not be able to compete.
The people who essentially abandoned the Sovereignty of Australia were the leading Australian politicians, all of them over the past forty years. They have been entrusted with the position by the Corporate masters on the basis of their ability to hoodwink, con and misdirect the people of Australia. If the pitiful spectacle of the Reclaim Australia Easter travesty is any indication they served their masters well.

Network (1976) – Ned Beatty – “The World is a Business”

A Brief Note on Australian Casualties in Vietnam-

The Official Australian death toll fro the Vietnam intervention was just under 500, since the war ended countless others have undoubtedly fallen to PTSD related suicide that related to their traumatic experiences of war. Thousands of Australian were indeed sent to Vietnam including many conscripts, the phrase “thousands of Australians were sent to die in Vietnam” however could be misconstrued as an exaggeration of the casualties of Australian troops there that was not intended.


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