R.I.P Mark Elston

Mark in Sudbury circa 2022 . (Source)

By James Robertson.

November 7th, 2023.

R.I.P Mark Elston


Terrible news.

Tribute to Mark Elston, 1960 – 2023

I received the news by E-mail. A couple of weeks after the fact: Mark has died, he drowned off the coast of Stornoway, a small town on the coast of the Outer Hebrides, a group of islands off the coast of Western Scotland. It is believed that he had been praying and fell into the ocean.

Mark’s Legacy.

Mark was a wonderful and unique person whom I am most grateful to have known. Mark was a blogger, a street activist, a fearless and relentless seeker of truth and the world is much the worse for his departure.

Mark’s sites are a wealth of links, pithy observations and a great resource and it is hoped that someone maintains Marks’ sites, especially Plant A Seed and Truthscoop, each the product of years of work with hundreds of pieces and thousands of links. Each an amazingly broad and deep source of information.

Plant a Seed


Prayer Letter

Caring is Everything.

The most important thing about Mark, the core fact of Mark was that he cared deeply and passionately about everything.

Whether the subject was Covid truth, UK drill music, the war in Ukraine or Christian theology Mark brought an incomparable energy that made him one of the most unique and interesting people I have been lucky enough to meet.

We started talking via Skype in mid 2015 and had regular 3 or 4 hour conversations consistently for years until in 2022 I went to the UK and was able to meet Mark in person for the first (and sadly last) time.

Mark was more open minded than I and it wasn’t close.

As soon as people querying the shape of the earth appeared on the scene I dismissed them immediately, but Mark was not so dismissive.

Far from it, he became a Flat Earther.

We never really discussed the topic although he would raise it occasionally and at a certain point i said with exasperation

“So what is the best evidence for this then Mark?” or similar.

“Well, all of the supposed photographs of the earth as a globe photographed from space are fake.” Mark responded nonchalantly.

I did not know what to say and have no idea what I said next. I assume I just shrugged it off and changed the subject.

Later, I searched on the internet for photographs of earth from space and was somewhat discomfited to discover that Mark had been right. Without even  double checking it was obvious that they were not authentic photographs of the planet.

The search term Earth from space gives us this array of ridiculous images. (Source)

But that didn’t mean that we weren’t spinning on a globe, merely that space travel beyond low earth orbit had been faked.

It is pretty much common knowledge that the “Apollo Moon Landing” series was filmed entirely on earth, so that didn’t seem too  great a stretch.


Eventually I stumbled across a video made by someone with a laser pointer who showed that the curvature of the earth that is essential for the spinning ball model is impossible to observe in the field.


I greatly appreciate Mark for having put me on the path to this and other important but difficult truths but mostly I am just thankful and grateful to have known Mark and disappointed not to be able to see him again in this world but the sadness is softened by the knowledge that Mark has merely left this realm and is now in a better place.

Thank you for everything mate, I was truly blessed to have known you.