Aangirfan Removed.

Frits Salomonson (left) a Dutch judge, and Prince Claus, this image is from the final piece on the original Aangirfan site, 2004-2014. (Source)
The new Aangirfan front page. (Source)
The new Aangirfan front page. (Source)

Aangirfan Removed.

Update January 28th, 2022.

I tried to visit Aangirfan tonight and found that the site has been removed.

Several weeks ago the old site that they were locked out of in 2014 was also removed, thankfully someone retrieved a copy of that site.

I assume that there will be a new Aangirfan site soon or that aanirfan.com will be restored as happened on the previous occasion.

I am not able to find any new site at this time but Aangirfan are on Gab and I assume that the address for the new site and any other information will be posted there.

Aangirfan (@Aangirfan) / Gab Social

Update December 8th, 2018.

The main Aangirfan site, aanirfan.com has been restored on blogger.com, this is very pleasing and frankly, stunning news.

Aangirfan: HELLO

Old site

Main site.


Update- November 14th, 2018. There is a new site for Aangirfan now available at Tumblr.

Thank you Aangirfan for leaving the link. It is to be hoped that the previous site can be restored, but at least there is an Aangirfan site.

New! Aangirfan on Tumblr.

November 13th, 2018.

I was very disappointed to click on the bookmark last night and discover that the prolific and popular Aangirfan website has completely disappeared.

The cause of this is unclear but given the dedication of the writers on this site and the volume of work they publish, it is inconceivable that the authors have removed the site of their own volition.

As it stands, four and a half years of work, comprising thousands of articles on a huge variety of topics are no longer there.

The current site started in April 2014 after the previous site aangirfan.com became inoperable, the writers stating that they could no longer access the account.

That site, started in late 2004 is still online unlike its successor.

In April 2014 when the writer/s of Aangirfan were locked out of that ten-year site, they immediately started posting on the new site. I don’t think they missed a day so it is highly likely that they will start a new site in the near future if they are unable to have the 2014-2018 site restored.

Aangirfan is a great site and one that  I and many others owe them a lot so presuming that the original second site cannot be restored, the purpose of this piece is to gather and disseminate the new address they are posting under.

Hopefully larger sites will perform this task, but they may not, so I would be immensely gratified if anyone comes across any information about the new site for Aangirfan, please leave the web address in the comments and I will  give a link to the new site.

Happily others have noticed this unhappy turn of events. Thanks to Henry Makow for providing brabantian a platform to lament this event.

Terror Aattack! #Aangirfan – spidercatweb

Aangirfan has been suppressed-Henry Makow.com

#Aangirfan hashtag on Twitter

21 thoughts on “Aangirfan Removed.

  1. Henry and you respond. Lack of otherwise is sad and stupid. Suppose it isn’t up again? Who’ll care — and those with public profiles? Somehow the timing under the Stasi-emerging circumstances, screams of the apathy for co-belligerents. Who’s next? What next? Who cares and yet, those who might are busy, writing or broadcasting… all-concerned about making ‘their noise’ yet what about the one ahead of the line? How about getting on what’s coming — quicker than not. If those able to communicate out… what? …pretend, to be on another side? Yeah, shocked its gone down. The relative silence about this says much about the languishing loopy ‘truther’ world. Crimes up… please. Running out of sound sites.

    • Many thanks for that Mark. In fairness, it is hard to write about this because we do not know what has happened and there is a possibility,albeit remote that the people running the site decided out of the blue to take it down. Doesn’t make much sense though does it?
      Thanks for your support, I do hope to post more and obviously this piece does not count, I really hope that Aangirfan returns in some form or other very soon and I know that I will never ever be able to post anywhere near the amount they do.
      If they are no longer allowed to post their views on the internet then we are in very serious trouble indeed.
      Thanks again, Mark and apologies for the prolonged stoppage.

      • Well, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did because it had real integrity. Its was a big supporter of the Hampstead kids and many other truths that few dared to tackle. There are lots of content providers who will tackle the easy stuff, but few choose the real scary world. We will see more of this to come. We have had our chance to get informed and get wise and then the final choice will have to be made alone for each individual. There will be no one to hold our hand. Perhaps he will assume another name.

  2. I was fond of a website called globaltruth and now it is gone. I am sure that is a website that I found an article about dozens of missing children in Iowa in two weeks. This website listed their names and ages. So it made it seem legit. What was so odd was our local TV news ran repeated stories about ONE missing girl in Iowa.

  3. Aangirfan did not cancel her site, i continue receiving the RSS feeds after site was blocked. But now i do not receive None

  4. The Last one was:
    from Aangirfan
    by Anon
    Sun Nov 11 2018 07:54:00 (2 days)

  5. We have received your appeal regarding your blog http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/. Upon further review we have determined that your blog was mistakenly marked as a TOS violator by our automated system and, as such, we have reinstated your blog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime and thank you for your patience as we completed our review process. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, The Blogger Team

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