Hello, Thanks for visiting this site. I am an Australian named James Robertson  located on the East Coast of Australia. I had a  conventional world view until I discovered to my shock and horror that September 11th was a False Flag event conducted by Westerners having doltishly accepted the absurd Official story for a decade. I suddenly realised that all my underlying assumptions about the West and our media were completely wrong. I understood evil for the first time in my life and since that time I have felt an obligation to attempt to make some small contribution to exposing the real criminals of this world, their schemes and their lies, in the hope that at some point the veil may be withdrawn from enough eyes to bring the real evildoers behind September 11th and so much more of the evil to justice, and to end their power in this world forever.

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  1. You might want to put Abel Danger on your blog list. This airline pilot has given the best technological explanation of what happen to the hijacked Malaysian disappeared airliner and the 911 planes. His information will blow your mind. Here’s the link to an interview done by Richie Allen;


    Field McConnell – Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot Used On 9/11 Planes, Impossible To Hijack!

  2. James:
    Thanks for the links to Shimatsu’s info…he really laid it out! Different parts of his expose are supported independently by Field McConnell i.e gassing of passengers and method of hijack, and Chris Bollyn placed the 370 in Israel.

  3. 6 million thank youz from fellow Auzzie who thinks EXACTLY the same way! RENSE.com. DAVIDDUKE. IHR.org.

    Trying to convince others to wake up is a bit challenging ey? Howzabout that shnericulous MOSSADISTICIA THEATRICAL escapes in Sydney? How much did I laugh when a week later perfect Penelope was interviewed (ever so noicely dressed and made up afterjustwitnessingtheslaughterofabunchoffellow AUZZIES), she looked like a Bold and Beautiful extra, they even vaselined the lense.

    If I could just cook Grenville Janners chopped up balls and serve them pickled and dowsed in vomit to his but buddies in the houses of pedoment I would feel so much better.

  4. Hi, James,

    Would you please add my site to your blogroll?

    Blog name is PRAGMATIC WITNESS (www.whitewraithe.wordpress.com)

    Northerntruthseeker and I are close friends and operate the internet radio show TURBULENT TIMES if you’d like to listen on BlogTalkRadio.

    I would greatly appreciate being added to your site. You might already be on mine but I will double check, if not I will add you.

    You did a great job on the 9/11 article.


    • Many thanks Whitewraithe, I hate to sound corny but I already followed your blog when I noticed you had followed mine and I visited your site. Your request has already been done without you having to ask. I am a big fan of Northern Truth Seeker, your site looked great, I only checked the main Pragamtic Witness but will check the entertainment oriented one and the other one later also. Your site should be at number one on my blogroll as the last site added. That is how it works. Many thanks for your kind words re:911 that was the issue that woke me up so I am extremely pleased you thought that piece was ok as the subject is very personally important to me beyond it’s political significance.
      I will try to listen to the radio show you do with NTS (if it is in English) it sounds good.Thanks for your kind words, and keep up the great work!

      • Thanks again so much James.

        Yes, the show is in English.

        Right now the archives have 18 or so shows, but NTS and I are starting back up live next month if all goes well. Right now we’re thinking about doing some pre-recorded shows because so much is happening in the world. I’m so glad you’re right there with us. You get it and most people don’t if you know what I mean.

        Also, I would like to invite you to be our guest if you can call our number from Australia. But that won’t be for awhile, so just let me know at your convenience.

        So glad to have another patriot on board.

        You’re a fantastic writer so you keep up the great work as well.


      • Whitewraithe , many thanks for response. I initially followed on WordPress have now added you to the other blog roll where your site appears directly beneath NTS. There are two links, I have no idea if anyone other than myself uses them but it can’t hurt.
        Thrilled you would invite me to speak to you guys, I would love to, my Skype handle is jamesrobertsonok, if you were just being polite that is fine but if I hear from you great. It is an excellent experience coming across people and realising there are so many good people in the world. Many thanks to you for all that and I will look forward to the show whomever the guests may be.

      • No, I am quite serious when I ask a fellow patriot to be a guest on our show and actually we haven’t had that many. Charles Giuliani has been with us twice now, and then my friend Lonnie from Canada. He wrote all the prepper stuff on the menu at Pragmatic Witness. He’s a great guy and very jew-wise.

        NTS and I were just getting our feet wet when I lost my last job. I haven’t worked since March so times are really tough for me at the moment. I spend most days looking for work online of course because you can’t just go to a company and talk to a personnel supervisor anymore, at least, not in the states.

        Have you ever contacted NTS (Brian)? You have a lot in common with him. I can tell just by the titles of your essays. So, I know he’d love to speak with you. You’re like us, trying to get the truth out to open the hearts and minds of an apathetic public that has no clue who’s actually gunning for them. The only reason Americans still have some freedom is because we have weapons. But in every other way we’re hounded to death by police, the TSA, anyone with a little authority likes to trample on Americans.

        Of course, Brian is Canadian. We’ve been friends for over five years now. And we talk on the phone every week. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

        I will be keeping in touch, James.

        Take care and stay safe.


  5. Take a good look at http://www.hermajestysothersecretservice.blogspot.com for details of a large number of secret operations by a family gang of British criminals employed by the U.K. government to do sabotage, assassinations, blackmail, and other crimes that require plausable deniability. This gang has been in the service to the Crown for several generations and has blanket immunity from prosecution in the U.K. in exchange for their actities on behalf of the Crown. According to one member who has testified, their record of sabotage includes the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, the chemical plant explosion in Bhopal, India, and the setting of the oil field fires in Kuwait in the first Gulf War. All of these were U.K. government operations done by the Gourvenec family, which is based in Sheffield, England.

    • Wow, that is too kind. In honesty there are quite a few fairly strong pieces here and many that do not deserve a second glance. Many thanks for that extremely kind statement. It means a tremendous amount to receive kind words from a respected peer such as yourself. Thanks.

      • From what I’ve seen, most of your content is strong. But it’s just a matter of me making time to fully read through your articles when I’m usually so busy writing my own ones.

        I just recently put a permanent link to your site on my blog, by the way.

      • Many thanks Burning blogger I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for the link and your kind words and keep up the great work.

  6. Hello dear James,

    Greetings from another person in Eastern Australia. I think there are more of us than we
    yet realise!

    I agree that it gets lonely. The people I love are asleep………..brain dead. It really gets to me.

    I found you because I am a great fan of Chris Spivey. Have lost many nights sleep worrying about
    the fate of that brave man.

    Another piece of information for you…………..I also have Scottish connections and one of their
    surnames is Robson. Same tartan, same clan as you. None of this is a coincidence – that is why Ned
    Kelly fought for the Irish and Scottish. Also why Heath Ledger was murdered – but that is another story.

    Cheers James


  7. “I had a conventional world view until I discovered to my shock and horror that September 11th was a False Flag event conducted by Westerners having doltishly accepted the absurd Official story for a decade. I suddenly realised that all my underlying assumptions about the West and our media were completely wrong.”

    Congratulation. The more people rip off their mental shackles, the closer we will be to a better world for people, animals and plants.

    Remember : “What is to give light must endure burning.”


  8. Glad to stumble upon your site. I was looking for others that believed that the shooting here in Oregon ( I live in Eugene, or) was a false flag. It’s hard to find credible, well written explanations to share with the world without sounding like the cliche “conspiracy theorists”.

    • Many thanks for that, the Oregon story was pretty rushed and possibly I began to draw conclusions far too quickly.I do aspire to the type of work you describe and hope to make this story much more solid and really nail it down as more of the story emerges. Many thanks for your comment and if you hear anything pertinent to the case please let us know. Thanks for comment.

  9. Hi James. I’d like to contribute something to the battle against that evil mentioned above. Whether it’s ultimately an alien cockroach living in a Kim Jong-un robot, Icke’s reptilians or whatever, right now the #1 tool forwarding their agenda is corporate power. The TTP, TTIP and in the U.S. Citizens United have somehow given corporations power to decide how best to ruin the planet. I’m aware there are other issues perhaps not directly connected, but poisoning the world’s fresh water supply is secondary to what other concern? So, we know why governments allow the corruption: they profit directly from it (allaregreen.us in the U.S., but we know this occurs everywhere). As to why “We the people” agree to allow it is something alluded to a lot in the social sciences, but logic evaporates when people in power spout empty rhetoric or slogans like “Monsanto is feeding the world” or “too big to fail”. The people are programmed to believe their political leaders are there to protect them, and again lots of studies allude to why. Another thing I’m offering is a way to undermine this. Belief cannot be defeated via direct confrontation. It can be undermined though.
    The following is geared for U.S. consumption. However, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t need much tweaking to suit Australia.
    “We must allow corporations to pollute”, so we have been told, because the thinking has been that if we don’t, they will move away and take jobs with them. Really? ALL of the managers and CEOs of American businesses AND their families will up and move to Canada? Mexico? Or even some third world country just for the privilege to continue polluting because NOT polluting is too far beneath their élite blue-blooded sensibilities to even consider? And this WON’T open the door for some more responsible company to set up business locally? They will all move away? Even the oil and mining companies? How does one frack for oil in Oklahoma or mine in North Dakota without being in Oklahoma or North Carolina? (I’m still trying to get my head around that one).
    This is literally it. The entire reasoning behind allowing these practices has been economical. I have just shown this argument to be utterly false. That done, what will the follow-up argument of the politicians be? Can you imagine how foolish and flabbergasted the first one who used that tired, useless argument against us would look when we pointed out its utter fallacy? It would make quite the viral video, don’t you think? So a movement against all corporate polluting armed with only this one fact, that there is no threat to the economy from making them responsible for the effects of their wastes and emissions would be unstoppable.
    By undermining their premise, we remove their their arguments. Destroy them actually. It’s just a question of how to present this to the general public. Without the excuse that it aids the economy, it will be just them polluting for no reason and they will become responsible for cleaning up their refuse and wastes just like the rest of us. So you see, this is an actual viable way to remove, or at least greatly reduce all corporate polluting. That done, what will the corporations then lobby for? Fewer emissions?
    If that’s the case, we’ll have won.
    Please let me know what you think of this. Thank you.

    • Thanks for that Michael. You make a lot of great points on many subjects and I am somewhat shamed for not having done more on a whole variety of issues with the trade deals a very obvious glaring omission. Thanks for a great comment, you make very strong arguments.

  10. hello james

    thank you for your articles. at least now I am finally learning the truth. all of my childhood and most of my adulthood, if I had only understood what was really going on behind the scenes I would not have made such horrible mistakes that I have.

    I was deceived and witchcraft was done onto me and I married a woman Sophia sojski who pretended to be a Christian but was in fact a practicing Satanist. she later bragged to me how many souls she has taken to hell. it appears that I am one of them. Im not worried about myself I am worried about my little daughter ariela who I had with Sophia, the little girl cries constantly because she is possessed with soooo many bad spirits that they attack the little girl because she is a true human like I am a human. Humankind is just food and sport for their kind we are hopeless helpless victims of a vast super network of evil that preys on the weak and unsuspecting. If only society new of the truth of the conspiratous network there could be hope.

    thank you for your articles I have learned much. I say you are doing a good deed because other humans need to find these sites and be forewarned about the truth of what is really going on on this planet.
    please email me and let me know your opinions

  11. approximately 1 year later and I am still alive
    things have gotten much worse. she has told one of the children that I need to give my heart to the devil.
    I am trying to do fasting and prayer for days and days to just try my last fight my last stand. the children have been saying that I am not their dad. I have not seen any signs of repentance or change. it is very depressing. I guess I just have to go on until the bitter end. she has stolen the children away from me. This is a crime of the empire. to destroy childrens lives like this. the children are using curse words and she is teaching them witchcraft. The only thing I can do is to trust that God created all of the universes and not give up and just try and see how far I can make it until the end of the road.

    • You don’t need permission. Open the page and either click the link to what you want or simply save the page using “save as” I may have misunderstood your question, if so please clarify.

    • Realised after I replied that the link is broken. Sorry about that. Will try and find it and post it either in the comments here or the comments for that piece. I definitely have the document as I download everything but may take a day or two to track it down.

      • Many thanks. This is hard evidence as I hoped. I will not use it but now I can surely refer to your website.
        There’s a lot of disinformation out there. I for myself believed the kids at once when I saw them first. It is not such a great trick to make them retract their accusations when someone knows about the mind control techniques that are used.

        And besides – this so-called police really did publish the questioning of the two what is scandal for itself … but they did not publish these medical reports … I have no further questions.

        Take care for yourself and stay healthy and alive!

  12. Dear James, thank you for sharing your views , all of which I concur. And so very passionately well written, I hope it may illuminate all who read it. Well done mate.
    Between the lines I sense the same desperation that I feel. What can we do ?
    Working people were so busy trying to gain security for their families, that they ignored politics and it’s amalgamation with corporations. They soaked up the programming in films and news stories , became robots, almost.
    My sister, a university lecturer, observed years ago that she was ridiculed by her peers for her critical thinking when systemic changes were made to enable the politicisation of further education courses.
    She learned, to her frustration , to keep shtumm after a few terms. In my work in civil service, I observed cognitive dissonance developing in my closest associates mostly , intelligent people,I tried to engage rational discussion, but there seem to be new conversational mechanisms of cut off, where people simply shut down and change subject when any depth of discussion beckoned
    It’s lonely bring conscious and intelligent these days, – so thanks for the company, James . 🙏

    • Many thanks Nathan, you are too kind. I guess we just have to keep trying and hope for the best as trite as that must sound. We van also reassure ourselves that almost nobody wants to live in the society that is being built right now, at some point this will register with many who see no problem with what is happening at the moment and things should become easier then.

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