The Final Blood Moon in the Tetrad Rises.

The October 8th
The October 8th Blood Moon, the second in the tetrad as seen from Australia.

September 28th, 2015.

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The Final Blood Moon in the Tetrad Rises!

Tonight marks the rising of the fourth blood moon in the tetrad touted as a sign of the end times by certain Christian Zionist shysters.

The event has been overshadowed somewhat by a series of epic failures from the purveyors of doom porn in recent weeks.

The financial collapse was supposed to have happened several weeks ago coinciding with the Shemitah, and it was confidently asserted that an asteroid would strike the earth this past week with devastating consequences. That is not to mention the Wal Mart concentration camps and martial law that it was claimed the Jade Helm exercise was masking.

That is not to mention the simplistic speculation that an increased Russian military presence in Syria would lead to World War 3.

.Poster from the 1998 Disaster movie Deep Impact.

Poster from the 1998 Disaster movie Deep Impact.The Deep Impact Asteroid of September 23rd or 24th.

The September 23rd Asteroid strike was an hilarious little folk tale but it was also ridiculous nonsense. The idea that the plots of Hollywood movies provide accurate predictions of natural events decades in the future has no foundation whatsoever.

Man made events such as 911 are a completely different matter obviously.

The asteroid story based on the movie Deep Impact from 1998 was brought out just as the first wave of hype regarding Jade helm began to fade. I try to be open minded but my first thought was that to accurately detect and precict the path of an asteroid more than 17 years into the future is in all likelihood completely impossible.

It is hard not to see these stories and the monotonous regularity with which they arises as a campaign to keep people in a high state of anxiety, addicted to the adrenaline of impending Armageddon and thus resigned to their fate.

Magical thinking.

The problem with the blood moon prophecy, beyond the identities of it’s proponents, professional liars such as John Hagee is the same as the problem with the asteroid predictions. The problem is that of ‘magical thinking”.

There are two major problems with magical thinking. The first is it’s romantic and anti scientific nature:it prefers to simply “go with the idea’ rather than compile and assess evidence. There is nothing other than confirmation bias, all contrary evidence and ideas are simply disregarded.

The really important problem with the prophecies of doom  lies in the fatalism they impart.

It is clear that almost all that happens on this planet is done by human beings. Human beings control the planet and have done so for millennia.

Human beings appear to enjoy a high degree of freedom of choice. Therefore the fate of life on this planet is largely or wholly in the hands of human beings.

The future of humanity is up for grabs. Will humans continue to follow an aberrant and destructive path that leads to endless futile tribal based wars or will we begin to realise that we share a common destiny, we are all connected and we were never meant to live like this?

Everyone on the planet has the ability in their small way to make an impact on this debate, whether by word or deed..

People who believe that the end is nigh and the future is predestined have no ability to recognise that they have the ability to change life on the earth for the better.

The evils are human evils and therefore they logically also have human remedies and antidotes.

Four Blood Moons the Christian Zionist Huckster End Time Prophecy.
According to Wikipedia
“The Blood Moon Prophecy is a theory studied and taught by some Christian ministers, such as John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which states that an ongoing tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses—coinciding on Jewish Holidays—with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the end times as described in the Bible in Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12.”


“The idea of a “blood moon” serving as an omen of the coming of the end times comes from the Book of Joel, where it is written “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”


“The blood moon also appears in the book of Revelation chapter 6 verses 11 – 13, [6] where verse 12 says ” And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood”

The satanist poses with his symbol of evil, Hagee spruiks the Apartheid state professionally.
The satanist poses with his symbol of evil, Hagee spruiks the Apartheid state professionally.

Christian Zionism and John Hagee.
John Hagee is a supposedly Christian Minister in the USA. Hagee appears to be a low quality, cheap populist huckster. A commonly found figure in the world of Religious entertainment in the US. Hagee is a Christian Zionist, a position so childish and ridiculous that it is scarcely even worth attacking. Suffice to say that if there is a God, he she or it are probably not big fans of Apartheid and persecution! May not be enthused by Occupation and subjugation and if the ten commandments are anything to go by would appear to be implacably opposed to Land theft!
Without these elements there would be no Israel, certainly not beyond the Green line, it is simple.
The fact that the Christian Zionists apparently either support or are unaware of the oppression of the Christian population of Palestine at the hands of the Zionist Jewish supremacists alone means that their views can be quite simply immediately completely dismissed.

As the eclipse becomes complete, the moon darkens.
As the eclipse becomes complete, the moon darkens.

Add to that the fact that the supposed “Christian Zionist” version of the Bible is no more than a crudely created written to order travesty that was created by reading the Bible and inserting as many possible references to a Zionist state as possible as per the orders of the author’s Zionist handlers and you have one big joke at every level. Morally, historically, even theologically, Christian Zionism is a travesty, an abomination and a farce.
The fact that some of the adherents of Christian Zionism are “nice people” who were duped makes no difference to the truth.

John Hagee is one of the most popular and aggressive proponents of the Christian Zionist abomination in the US today. Hagee’s task appears to be to keep as many of the apparently ignorant Christians of the US safely in thrall to the Zionist project as possible.

Wikipedia explains how successful Hagee was with the “Four Blood Moons” book.

“Hagee would seize on Biltz’ prediction to write Four Blood Moons, which would become a best seller, spending more than 150 days in’s top 150 by April 2014.[3] For the week ending March 30, 2014, it was the ninth best selling paperback, according to Publishers Weekly.[7] By mid-April, Hagee’s book had hit No. 4 on the The New York Times best-seller list in the advice category.[3] Hagee’s book (and subsequent sermon series at his home congregation, Cornerstone Church) did not proclaim that any specific “end times” event would occur (as did Biltz in his original prophecy), but claimed that every prior tetrad of the last 500 years coincided with events in Jewish and Israeli history that were originally tragic, yet followed by triumph.”

The October 8th
The October 8th “Blood Moon” viewed from Australia.

The passage also serves to illustrate the bizarre Ziocentric world view Hagee seeks to impart.
Beyond observing that I hope he enjoys extreme heat over a lengthy period, Hagee actually leaves me speechless.
This amusing passage from Gordon Duff in February neatly articulates my feelings towards Hagee.
This passage came in response to a question about Hagee threatening to “work to remove” any members of the Congress that boycotted Israeli PM Netanyahu’s then upcoming speech in the Congress.
The point of quoting this is not to comment on the existence or otherwise of God, but John Hagee.
“If there is a God, if there is a god . I don’t believe in God, but if there is a God, and you’re (Hagee ) still alive right now, well maybe it’s because there isn’t a God and you (Hagee) have been conning people all along. I can’t imagine a God that would leave John Hagee alive, I can’t do it., or any of the rest of the…”
Despite the fact that the “Four Blood Moons” end times theory is at face value, nonsense peddled by a most venal and obvious huckster, It is still an interesting and important story because.


The “Dark Elite” Appear to Be Trying to Implement the Book of Revelations.
The Book of Revelations is the final book of the Christian bible.Written in a highly allegorical style that makes it open to infinite interpretations, the Book of Revelations claims to be a prophecy of the end of this world at least in it’s current form.
The three dimensional world perhaps seems to expand, creatures from higher frequencies begin to appear to humans in the three dimensional world and interact with them. At the same time, certain humans appear to achieve what we would regard as supernatural or higher dimensional powers on earth.

William Cooper in the early 1990s.
William Cooper in the early 1990s.

William Cooper.
Many openly scorn William Cooper, often due to his association with the UFO story, a story on which he admitted he made mistakes. Without getting into that, I have listened to the full eight hour broadcast William Cooper made on September 11th, 2001. It also contains errors but Cooper understood perfectly on the day that it was a false flag attack and stated so repeatedly. Cooper spoke at length about the obvious controlled demolition of WTC 7 ON THE DAY IT HAPPENED. While I and almost everyone else sat around like dupes being programmed and wondering which group of Arab terrorists had done it.

Less than two months later Cooper died at the hands of the police in what appeared to be a deliberately staged and planned operation.

One of many great observations I picked up from William Cooper is the idea that the “Dark Elite” in their rather fumbling but tenacious and persistent way, are trying to implement a program that will mimic the events set out in the Book of Revelations.
This brilliant observation seems counter-intuitive, because they are placing themselves in the role of the Antichrist who is defeated at the end of the story. But the whole New World Order project is packed with programs and features that mimic some of the things described in the Book of Revelations.
The wickedness, the deception, the mass surveillance, the tyranny, the RFID chips, even Bar-codes, all appear to feed into a Book of Revelations type narrative to some degree. This is not to suggest that these are authentic “end times signs’ at all, but they are signs that the “Dark Elite” are trying to artificially create situations that will cause the prophecy to be fulfilled which is extremely strange as in the Biblical account their group is thoroughly vanquished.
This is why Hagee’s Blood Moon hype is an interesting and important story. Hagee works for the same “Dark Elite” that are seemingly trying to implement the Apocalypse in some form so his hyping of it is a very sinister sign , because the people Hagee works for have the power in their hands to destroy much of human life on earth should they choose to do so.

I have read the Book of Revelations and my personal interpretation, which is completely intuitive and can be instantly dismissed, is that it depicts not the end of the earth planet or the solar system but perhaps the end of the three dimensional earth “experiment.” The earth seems to have been a deliberately shielded and limited sphere that was set up by a higher intelligence at some point for unknown reasons. It appears at least in part to be a training ground of some sort.

At some point the experiment will conclude itself, the three dimensional matrix world will seemingly dissolve as the other adjoining universes and dimensions become apparent and visible to all. The world as we have known it may end at that time.
The veil will be lifted on the earth illusion. Whether that time is two years or two thousand years away is completely beyond me but it does seem to me that this plane is a limited hang out type illusion and also that we are interacting with other beings and other spheres or planes in a way that is beyond our comprehension.
The Hidden Hand of Fate.

Life on this planet also seems to be planned and managed by a force of far greater power than the visible “rich old men in suits.”
There seems to be an external force that is almost always invisible that seems to step in at key moments in an individuals life and in the life of the planet, It seems to me almost like a “collective unconscious” but one that somehow intervenes subtly in almost every or every single life. I can’t pretend to understand this, it is well beyond me. But there does appear to be some sort of “hand of fate” at work in this world for better or worse.

It almost looks as though what might be described as the “Senior Servants of evil” among humans are perhaps unwittingly acting as a mere catalyst to shock the human race into a psychic, spiritual and intellectual awakening.

I do not expect anyone to embrace any of these ideas which are speculation based on intuition.
Even if they are playing the role of “catalyst” of the “awakening” in the great “planet earth play’. Evil is evil and none of us are exempt from the looming consequences of the evil we have perpetrated in this world.
Our free will, both individual and collective, mean that the human generated pre-ordained apocalypse can never be endorsed, ever. Prophecies of doom are the religious hucksters lifeblood. It works well because people who think the world is about to end and are grateful to you for having informed them of it are especially vulnerable to requests for donations.

An odd image shot from Neumayer Station, Antarctica
An odd image shot from Neumayer Station, Antarctica


Much of what has been said about the Four Blood Moon story could also be applied to the Nibiru story, the story of the incoming “death planet” being hidden from us.

There is some very interesting footage of strange objects in the sky above Antarctica. There is actually very interesting footage of the sky above anywhere you like to look.
I have no real idea what is depicted in the sky above Antarctica, and neither do the people who claim to know that it is the planet Nibiru. The idea that they know exactly what it is, and what effect it will have seems completely implausible.

They may be right unlike the millions of prophets of doom who preceded them, but I doubt it. The “big end” narrative seems to be a psychological ”get out of jail free” card for those overwhelmed by the pain, despair and confusion that is probably a fairly natural response to awakening to the fact that the West and possibly the whole world is seemingly run by people who are by and large completely evil.

The End of Something

This civilisation in it’s current form seems certain to collapse at some point in the near to mid-term. The 911 event alone represents a profound and obvious proof of the inertia and entropy that signal imminent inevitable collapse. Civilisations with real purpose and vitality do not engage in acts of mass murder in order to keep the war machine in business,

USA: See the ‘Blood moon’ during total lunar eclipse

Blood Moon Eclipse 4/4/15

In South Eastern Australia we did not get to see this third part of the tetrad as the sky is covered in dense “cloud”.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage



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Nibiru (Mawson Station) Antarctic 10/13/2014


Revelation, 666, the number of the beast, barcodes, electronic ID’s, microchip implants, the Shengen Agreement

Signs of the Last Days | Antichrist Mark of the Beast


Fallen Australia.

Heroic Melburnians responded immediately to their states Lockdown Number 6 on August 5th, 2021. Proof that even the most draconian measures have failed to crush the human spirit.(Source)

Fallen Australia.

August 6th, 2021.

Australia’s Descent Into Tyranny.

Events of recent weeks have made it clear that Australia is now a totalitarian Biosecurity State.

The social contract that has bound Australia together as an overwhelmingly peaceful and prosperous nation* has been destroyed.

At the time of writing the people in Australia’s largest three cities are living under medical martial law. The State of Victoria (population 6.5 million) entered a week long Lockdown  yesterday in response to the discovery of a claimed 8 SarsCov2 infections.

Australia’s Covid crisis: Over 60% of population now under strict lockdown

The “Zero Covid” policy adopted by all Australian Governments is the lynchpin of our descent into tyranny.

The government and it’s agents are now engaged in open warfare against the people they purport to serve.

The Circle is Complete.

Australia has returned to it’s former status as a penal colony, but today the prison comprises the entire continent and rather than being run at the behest of the British Government, it now operates on behalf of Globalist Oligarchs and instead of being convicted of a crime the mere presence of an individual is the sole requirement for incarceration.

In the space of 17 months the reality and the very idea of personal freedom have been utterly obliterated in Australia

Daily the government and the police commit egregious human rights abuses against those perceived to be disobedient while the entire populace face the permanent curtailment of their inalienable human rights.

Rights that as the overseer of the Federation and a signatory to the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights the Australian Federal Government is legally bound to uphold.

Even the pallid and empty Australian Federal Constitution has been rendered irrelevant by the globo-cartel proxies posing as Australian governments.

(Obviously the UN is an institution created by globalist oligarchs as a vehicle for world government, but the point is that even by their own rules and standards, the Australian Federal Government and those of all the States and Territories are unlawful and therefore illegitimate.)

The actions of Australian Governments do not conform with either local or international law and therefore at this point, obedience is tantamount to complicity in crimes against humanity.

Any and all people with respect for their own and others human rights are honour bound to disobey each and every edict delivered by the front people for the globalist crime cartel masquerading as representative government.

This does not make breaking any other laws legitimate. Stealing, burning, looting and assault are still crimes and any and all criminal activity will be ruthlessly exploited by the tyrants and their media in order to portray legitimate opposition to tyranny as terrorism, something the US government made crystal clear with their attempt to portray Trump supporters as domestic terrorists in the wake of the F.B.I provocateur led Capitol fiasco.

National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism

Police man an illegal checkpoint at the outskirts of the Sydney CBD on July 31st, 2021. Image Credit: Anadolu agency via Getty images. (Source)

A Litany of Abuse.

Following large and defiant demonstrations on July 24th New South Wales police set up a Strike Force to identify and punish those involved, assigning a farcical 22 detectives to the effort.

(It is stunning to witness Senior Australian police openly refer to unauthorised protests! Who on earth do these clowns think they are?)

In order to prevent a recurrence of the July 24th event, police erected checkpoints at the points of entry to Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Those who could not prove they had an appointment or residence in the CBD were not permitted entry.

Australia uses helicopters and the ARMY to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown as thousands of police flood Sydney to enforce the rules

 In Sydney, a man who was rude to the police but who was perfectly sane and coherent was told that he needed to be “taken to hospital” “for his own good.”

This public servant, a member of one of the most corrupt police forces in the Western world believed that a man who spoke rudely to him needed to be hospitalized. (Source)

Police illegally demanded evidence of a man’s mask exemption and went so far as to phone his doctor to check  and when the doctor confirmed the man’s exempt status the police told the man him that they would advise the airline that he is too mentally unstable to fly..

Stunning and brazen criminality was exhibited by this member of the New South Wales police at Sydney Airport in recent days. .(Source)

A man with a heart condition and mask exemption was tackled by the police and suffered a heart attack.

Queensland police observe the aftermath of their fine work protecting the public this week.  (Source)

A yoga teacher is arrested for the crime of teaching a class in a public Queensland.

The oppressors are gleeful and open about what they are doing. In this case the “heroes” “keeping us safe” are from the Queensland Police. (Source)

The Australian Defense Forces have deployed 300 soldiers, supposedly in order to have them knock on people’s doors in south western Sydney to check that those instructed to stay home do so.

ADF soldiers patrol the streets of Fairfield, Sydney this week. (Source)

Propaganda Works.

Astonishingly many residents of the largest open air prison on the planet remain sublimely unaware of the fact of their imprisonment and the extinguishment of their rights. They remain convinced that rather than being imprisoned they are being protected from a deadly new plague.

The fact that the police state is being implemented regardless of the presence of the virus has not registered with them.

In Canberra, where no cases of public transmission of the virus have been recorded in the entire pseudopandemic, (124 infections,3 deaths in total) people dutifully line up to scan their phones with a QR code prior to entry to every business they enter. The implications of what is happening are clearly completely beyond their comprehension.

Changes to the ACT government’s new Check In CBR app QR code rules | The Canberra Times

The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that Australia is in the grip of twin, related evils, tyranny and mass psychosis.

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

The government has enacted technocratic tyranny on behalf of the oligarchs and simultaneously the media, owned by and serving the same interests, induces psychosis in a massive proportion of the people who still turn to them for their understanding of the world by marinating them in fear with a campaign of wall to wall exaggeration, obfuscation, censorship and lies.

So confident are our freshly minted overlords in the strength of their narrative that no dissenting voices are allowed to reach the public.

A wonderful and hilarious example of this was the recent incident where a member of the federal parliament words were bleeped out live on air during a recent interview with a couple of prominent public intellectuals on a commercial FM radio station.

The banishment of the only major media outlet with any integrity or courage from the Google video platform is another recent example.

It is a winning formula but complete victory has not been achieved, a large segment of the population have achieved propaganda immunity, The possibility to end the wave of tyranny remains.

The Path to Freedom.

The way to end the government reign of terror is to engage in mass civil disobedience.

The government no longer deserves respect and nor do the depraved zombies enforcing their edicts. People simply need to make it clear to the government through large scale non-violent resistance that the people will no longer listen to, obey or recognise any element of the monstrous system of government by edict that has been enacted in Australia over the past year and a half.

No other method will achieve a positive result. Until people realise the power they have and exercise it in a peaceful but determined manner, we shall all remain imprisoned.

The good news is that the movement to reclaim our rights already exists, the hardest steps, the bravest steps have already been taken and this is presumably why the July 24th Freedom Day protests that took place in all major cities elicited such an enraged and maniacal response.

All the people sitting at home alone living off junk media can be tricked into believing “there is nothing I can do” because “I am the only one”

The protesters gave us all the wonderful gift of knowing that there are many, many people opposed to this madness.

The police succeeded on July 31st, but it was already too late.

Now we all know that we and the few people we know are not the only ones and whether it takes ten days, ten years or a century, this tyranny will fall, the perpetrators will be seen for what they are and whether in this world or the next, they will be made accountable for their crimes.

The length of our ordeal depends entirely upon you. What will you choose?

How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny

^Notwithstanding the injustices inflicted upon the indigenous population and the numerous imperial adventures in which we played a supporting role.