Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Deception.

The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to awaken.
The New York Post front page after the Dallas attack shows the powerful fears this event has been used to stoke.

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July 10th, 2016.

Special Effects and Modified Weapons Expose Dallas Psy-Op.

A Reworked Narrative.

When an incident takes place it is completely understandable that there will be a degree of confusion and misreporting of the facts. Observers of these incidents are accustomed to there being early reports of multiple shooters that are later withdrawn.

However in the case of the Dallas attack, the Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated unequivocally that the attack was conducted by multiple snipers at multiple locations.  The Chief also stated that several other suspects were in custody but this story was inexplicably dumped after many hours and replaced with the familiar tale of the lone nut/lone wolf gunman and the entire sniper narrative was also excised.

The abrupt change to the narrative was explained as being a simple mistake due to echoing gunshots!

“Officers had initially thought that multiple shooters may have operated as snipers from rooftop perches but said later that the sound of shots echoing off the downtown buildings may have created the mistaken impression that more than one shooter was at work.” (Source)

We are told that military veteran (of the carpentry and masonry section) Micah Xavier Johnson was the sole perpetrator and motivated by a desire to “kill white people” he conducted the attack and doubters are informed that a search of Johnson’s home revealed that he had been writing a journal cum manifesto on infantry tactics before the attack.

The idea that an enraged black man would choose as a target an anti-police violence rally is somewhat insulting but more importantly critical examination of several aspects of the event has exposed the fact that police attending appear to have weapons modified to fire blank rounds and that the sensational video depicting the killing of one police officer appears to be a work of fiction created with cheap special effects.

Several of the police appear to have red and orange attachments on the weapons that resemble a blank firing adaptor attachment.

Blank Fire Adaptors?

One keen observer with a military background noticed that if you look closely at the police taking cover in the Bank of America sign photograph, their weapons have red yellow and orange attachments similar to those used to identify a weapon temporarily modified to fire blank rounds only.The attachment is placed at the end of the barrel and blocks all objects from exiting the barrel whilst providing an outlet for the gases that are expelled when a gun is fired.

Blank-firing adaptor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ticktocklede-1800 (3)
All three police in this photograph appear to have red,orange attachments on their weapons that are used to signify that a weapon is using a blank fire adaptor.
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby Mississipi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
Member of the US Navy training at Fort Shelby, Mississippi with a blank fire adaptor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Charles White/Released)
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
This weapon appears to have red attachments similar to a blank fire adaptor.
A blank foirng adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)
A blank firing adaptor for an M14 rifle. (Source)

Dallas Shooting – Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters?

Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.
Sparks fly in Dallas as the gunman fires beyond the point blank target and into the rear wall.

Police Killing Video is Charlie Hebdo Style Street Theatre.

Jesse Spots hails from Tennessee. An aspiring comedian, Jesse (born Jesse Spottswood Moorefield) moved to Los Angeles and wound up as a special effects assistant on a number of movies including Hustle and Flow, a film that cost under 3 million dollars and grossed more than 20 million at the box office.(Source)

Jesse Spots – Biography – IMDb

These are key quotes from Jesse Spots’ response to the Dallas Shootings taken from the youtube video “Spark Hits Used in Dallas Shooting.”

“I am only talking about this camera angle because I have specific life experience as a special effects technician where we used the actual technology that’s used in this frame… you can see a guy, a police officer presumably just fell down, you’ve got bullets hitting there, a couple more bullets are hitting, we know because you can see them…. ”

“This is like a wild west show at Disney World, you can actually see the bullets hitting because sparks are flying dust flies up off the ground look there are like seven sparks that bedazzle, that’s not what a real bullet does, that’s not what a real bullet does that’s what a bullet does in a movie.”

“So those are like paint balls filled with sparks or dust, they are called spark hits, they are called dust hits.”

“So you’ve got a sound and light show with the sound of the fake bullets and then you’ve got the visual of the fake bullets which is the dust hit, which you shouldn’t be able to see like that, and the spark hit”

“…and you’ve got this poorly choreographed police officer falling down when you can clearly see the bullet hitting the dust like three feet to his left. I mean it is all just a magic show.”

Dallas Shootout: Gunman shooting down police officer caught on camera (GRAPHIC FULL VIDEO)

“Spark Hits” used in Dallas Cop Shooting

Spark Hits Demonstration

It is claimed that the Dallas killings were conducted using an SKS rifle (one of the unwritten rules seems to be that an AR 15 is always mentioned first, but in this case and in the case of Orlando a different weapon was later assigned) Therefore the results that are seen on the streets of Dallas should be replicated in independent field tests.

Different ammunition can cause a different reaction from the object fired upon but the SKS does not appear to create any sparks at all when fired into concrete objects in field tests supporting the claims made by Jesse Spots.

No sparks at all here.

SKS vs Cinder Block

SKS vs concrete pads

In addition it appears that there were multiple takes on the dramatic police shooting production as two separate versions of the event exist, one version does not include any vision of the shooter at all, nor any sparks.

The Destruction of the United States?

The response to the latest psychological operation has been markedly different from what is generally observed. Fake terror with Muslim patsies never created the same type of response and it seems that the owners of the United States are preparing to deliver the coup de grace to the US nation now that they have used it for all it was worth and the long-standing racial divisions are going to be used in the planned controlled demolition of US society in the near future.

Psychotic tweet from an individual named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.
Ominous tweet from a former politician named Joe Walsh in response to the Dallas psy- op.

It appears that there is a widespread subliminal awareness that the US is being deliberately driven over a cliff by madmen and that given the persistence of the programmed Pavlovian response to every event as they are staged at an ever accelerating rate, it may well be too late to do anything to change this situation.

Fallen Australia.

Heroic Melburnians responded immediately to their states Lockdown Number 6 on August 5th, 2021. Proof that even the most draconian measures have failed to crush the human spirit.(Source)

Fallen Australia.

August 6th, 2021.

Australia’s Descent Into Tyranny.

Events of recent weeks have made it clear that Australia is now a totalitarian Biosecurity State.

The social contract that has bound Australia together as an overwhelmingly peaceful and prosperous nation* has been destroyed.

At the time of writing the people in Australia’s largest three cities are living under medical martial law. The State of Victoria (population 6.5 million) entered a week long Lockdown  yesterday in response to the discovery of a claimed 8 SarsCov2 infections.

Australia’s Covid crisis: Over 60% of population now under strict lockdown

The “Zero Covid” policy adopted by all Australian Governments is the lynchpin of our descent into tyranny.

The government and it’s agents are now engaged in open warfare against the people they purport to serve.

The Circle is Complete.

Australia has returned to it’s former status as a penal colony, but today the prison comprises the entire continent and rather than being run at the behest of the British Government, it now operates on behalf of Globalist Oligarchs and instead of being convicted of a crime the mere presence of an individual is the sole requirement for incarceration.

In the space of 17 months the reality and the very idea of personal freedom have been utterly obliterated in Australia

Daily the government and the police commit egregious human rights abuses against those perceived to be disobedient while the entire populace face the permanent curtailment of their inalienable human rights.

Rights that as the overseer of the Federation and a signatory to the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights the Australian Federal Government is legally bound to uphold.

Even the pallid and empty Australian Federal Constitution has been rendered irrelevant by the globo-cartel proxies posing as Australian governments.

(Obviously the UN is an institution created by globalist oligarchs as a vehicle for world government, but the point is that even by their own rules and standards, the Australian Federal Government and those of all the States and Territories are unlawful and therefore illegitimate.)

The actions of Australian Governments do not conform with either local or international law and therefore at this point, obedience is tantamount to complicity in crimes against humanity.

Any and all people with respect for their own and others human rights are honour bound to disobey each and every edict delivered by the front people for the globalist crime cartel masquerading as representative government.

This does not make breaking any other laws legitimate. Stealing, burning, looting and assault are still crimes and any and all criminal activity will be ruthlessly exploited by the tyrants and their media in order to portray legitimate opposition to tyranny as terrorism, something the US government made crystal clear with their attempt to portray Trump supporters as domestic terrorists in the wake of the F.B.I provocateur led Capitol fiasco.

National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism

Police man an illegal checkpoint at the outskirts of the Sydney CBD on July 31st, 2021. Image Credit: Anadolu agency via Getty images. (Source)

A Litany of Abuse.

Following large and defiant demonstrations on July 24th New South Wales police set up a Strike Force to identify and punish those involved, assigning a farcical 22 detectives to the effort.

(It is stunning to witness Senior Australian police openly refer to unauthorised protests! Who on earth do these clowns think they are?)

In order to prevent a recurrence of the July 24th event, police erected checkpoints at the points of entry to Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Those who could not prove they had an appointment or residence in the CBD were not permitted entry.

Australia uses helicopters and the ARMY to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown as thousands of police flood Sydney to enforce the rules

 In Sydney, a man who was rude to the police but who was perfectly sane and coherent was told that he needed to be “taken to hospital” “for his own good.”

This public servant, a member of one of the most corrupt police forces in the Western world believed that a man who spoke rudely to him needed to be hospitalized. (Source)

Police illegally demanded evidence of a man’s mask exemption and went so far as to phone his doctor to check  and when the doctor confirmed the man’s exempt status the police told the man him that they would advise the airline that he is too mentally unstable to fly..

Stunning and brazen criminality was exhibited by this member of the New South Wales police at Sydney Airport in recent days. .(Source)

A man with a heart condition and mask exemption was tackled by the police and suffered a heart attack.

Queensland police observe the aftermath of their fine work protecting the public this week.  (Source)

A yoga teacher is arrested for the crime of teaching a class in a public park.in Queensland.

The oppressors are gleeful and open about what they are doing. In this case the “heroes” “keeping us safe” are from the Queensland Police. (Source)

The Australian Defense Forces have deployed 300 soldiers, supposedly in order to have them knock on people’s doors in south western Sydney to check that those instructed to stay home do so.

ADF soldiers patrol the streets of Fairfield, Sydney this week. (Source)

Propaganda Works.

Astonishingly many residents of the largest open air prison on the planet remain sublimely unaware of the fact of their imprisonment and the extinguishment of their rights. They remain convinced that rather than being imprisoned they are being protected from a deadly new plague.

The fact that the police state is being implemented regardless of the presence of the virus has not registered with them.

In Canberra, where no cases of public transmission of the virus have been recorded in the entire pseudopandemic, (124 infections,3 deaths in total) people dutifully line up to scan their phones with a QR code prior to entry to every business they enter. The implications of what is happening are clearly completely beyond their comprehension.

Changes to the ACT government’s new Check In CBR app QR code rules | The Canberra Times

The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that Australia is in the grip of twin, related evils, tyranny and mass psychosis.

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

The government has enacted technocratic tyranny on behalf of the oligarchs and simultaneously the media, owned by and serving the same interests, induces psychosis in a massive proportion of the people who still turn to them for their understanding of the world by marinating them in fear with a campaign of wall to wall exaggeration, obfuscation, censorship and lies.

So confident are our freshly minted overlords in the strength of their narrative that no dissenting voices are allowed to reach the public.

A wonderful and hilarious example of this was the recent incident where a member of the federal parliament words were bleeped out live on air during a recent interview with a couple of prominent public intellectuals on a commercial FM radio station.

The banishment of the only major media outlet with any integrity or courage from the Google video platform is another recent example.

It is a winning formula but complete victory has not been achieved, a large segment of the population have achieved propaganda immunity, The possibility to end the wave of tyranny remains.

The Path to Freedom.

The way to end the government reign of terror is to engage in mass civil disobedience.

The government no longer deserves respect and nor do the depraved zombies enforcing their edicts. People simply need to make it clear to the government through large scale non-violent resistance that the people will no longer listen to, obey or recognise any element of the monstrous system of government by edict that has been enacted in Australia over the past year and a half.

No other method will achieve a positive result. Until people realise the power they have and exercise it in a peaceful but determined manner, we shall all remain imprisoned.

The good news is that the movement to reclaim our rights already exists, the hardest steps, the bravest steps have already been taken and this is presumably why the July 24th Freedom Day protests that took place in all major cities elicited such an enraged and maniacal response.

All the people sitting at home alone living off junk media can be tricked into believing “there is nothing I can do” because “I am the only one”

The protesters gave us all the wonderful gift of knowing that there are many, many people opposed to this madness.

The police succeeded on July 31st, but it was already too late.

Now we all know that we and the few people we know are not the only ones and whether it takes ten days, ten years or a century, this tyranny will fall, the perpetrators will be seen for what they are and whether in this world or the next, they will be made accountable for their crimes.

The length of our ordeal depends entirely upon you. What will you choose?

How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny

^Notwithstanding the injustices inflicted upon the indigenous population and the numerous imperial adventures in which we played a supporting role.