The Istanbul Nightclub Massacre.

Video still shows the gunman opening fire with an AK47 outside the Istanbul Reina nightclub.
An image of the gunmen, apparently taken from inside the Reina nightclub after a change of costume? The media have reported this as a Santa Claus costume, it may be but does not resemble any such costume I have seen, lacking in red as it does.The same media also reported the gunman arrived in a Santa costume when this was clearly not the case.
Ambulances congregate in the streets of Ozakay following the Reina nightclub massacre.
Ambulances congregate in the streets of Ozakay following the Reina nightclub massacre.

January 3rd, 2016.

The Istanbul Nightclub Massacre.

The story is that a lone gunman entered the Reina nightclub in the upscale Ortaköy neighbourhood of Istanbul at around 1.45am on January the 1st and murdered at least 39, wounding a further 69 of the nightclub patrons before changing from the black attire he was wearing when he arrived into an all white outfit and evading all the Turkish security forces making a clean escape from the scene.

Among the victims were at least 15 foreigners from mainly Western and Middle Eastern nations.

2017 Istanbul nightclub attack

There is video of the beginning of the event where a man can be seen to open fire randomly on a number of targets in the street before making his way into the club. The man is dressed in black and wielding an AK47 rifle.

Istanbul nightclub gunman shooting at people caught on CCTV (GRAPHIC).

The gunshots cause many sparks to fly from the objects they strike in a manner that is eerily reminiscent of the Dallas “spark hits” episode, although less conclusive because in that case the spark hits were accompanied by a police officer doing a really bad job of pretending to have been shot. On the other hand the people on the street in Istanbul  appear to be reacting in a genuine way to the attack.

Sparks fly as the gunman opens fire in the street outside the Reina nightclub on New Years Day.

ISIS Claim responsibility?

The identity of the gunman is not known and although someone purporting to represent ISIS has claimed responsibility, the claim of responsibility made reference to a gun and grenade attack but none of the survivors make any mention of any explosives of any kind and that combined with the fact that anyone can claim to be ISIS and claim responsibility for anything via social media, this cannot be accepted at face value.

After the November 13th Black Friday “attacks” in Paris a similarly inaccurate claim of responsibility was made, in that case the ISIS letter referred to attacks in parts of Paris where no attack took place.

It seems quite amazing that someone could perpetrate a massacre on that scale in the middle of a massive city with a reported 17,000 police on the streets and make a clean getaway by changing into different clothes.

The whole story sounds unbelievable and when you watch the interviews with some of the survivors and supposed victims it becomes very hard to sustain belief in the authenticity of this event.

Jacob Raak is the American CEO of a company named TECH Manufacturing, Corp. a seemingly small specialist tech firm based in Pennsylvania. In the following video Jacob Raak gives an amazing performance that must be seen to be believed.

Turkey Injured eyewitness saw one gunman in Istanbul club shooting.mp4

The gunman seen entering the club on CCTV is wielding an AK47 assault rifle, the diameter of the rounds is 7.62 millimeters by 39, the bullet leaves the weapon at a speed of 715 metres a second so it is more than a little odd to see Jacob Raak with a thin ribbon of material around his thigh covering what could only be a minuscule wound and no sign of any blood whatsoever.

Jacob Raak, the sole American victim of the attack speaks to the media in the aftermath.
Jacob Raak, the sole American victim of the attack speaks to the media in the aftermath. A thin blue tourniquet is on his bloodless right leg.

Presumably the story will be fixed in the coming days we will be told that Jacob Raak was hit by a ricochet rather than an actual bullet or something like that but when Jacob Raak left hospital on the way to the airport to fly home, only one day after the event, there was no sign at all that he had been shot at all, it was clear that his leg bore no bandages or other signs of medical treatment or injury.

Jacob Raak leaves hospital and his thin, skin tight pants make it clear that there are no bandages on his right leg less than two days after being shot by an assault rifle.
Jacob Raak leaves hospital and his thin, skin-tight pants make it clear that there are no bandages on his right leg less than two days after being shot by an assault rifle.

It was interesting to note that in the story they ran about Jacob Raak the Mail Online cropped out all imagery of the “wound” and the slim ” bandage” – an approach that is completely contrary to the base and exploitative approach the Mail Online routinely takes.

The Mail Online helpfully cropped Jacob's laughable wound from their coverage.
The Mail Online helpfully cropped Jacob’s laughable wound from their coverage.

The Jacob Raak story got even better in the Mail Online with a throwback to the Paris attack of November 2015, the divine intervention of the mobile phone again saving the life of the “terror victim”.

American shot in Istanbul nightclub attack says his cell phone may have saved his life | Daily Mail Online

The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case. The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case.
The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case.
Disappointingly unlike the Paris example there was no image of the miraculous device provided. This phone is said to have saved the owner from the shrapnel of a suicide vest in Paris, November 2015.
Disappointingly unlike the Paris example in Istanbul there was no image of the miraculous device provided. This phone is said to have saved the owner from the shrapnel of a suicide vest in Paris, November 2015.

Other Witnesses and Survivors.

Other eyewitnesses are also deeply unconvincing in the general tenor of their comments.

This al Jazeera video features a female witness Sinem Uyanik who in a less obvious way is as unconvincing as Mr.Raak in her description of events.

“Before I could understand what was happening, my husband fell on top of me,” said Sinem Uyanik, who follows inexplicably with “I had to lift several bodies from on top of me before I could get out,” (Source) Her husband was only lightly wounded so she is not referring to him. The story does not make sense.

Dozens killed in Istanbul nightclub shooting

Sirvivors nonchalance and contrived appearance mimics scenes from numerous earlier staged events from Boston to Brussels.
Survivors nonchalance and contrived appearance mimics scenes from numerous earlier staged events from Boston to Brussels.
Female survivor telss her story via al Jazeera.
Survivor Sinem Uyanik tells her story.
Female victim has a non-descript and miniscule lower leg wound typical of the "wounds" at entirely artificial previous events.
Female victim has a non-descript and miniscule lower leg wound typical of the “wounds” at entirely artificial previous events and a similar thin ribbon on her wound to that applied to Jacob Raak.

Fake Terror is a proven fact in the Middle East.

Almost all of the violence and terror in the Middle East is authentic but we know for a fact that some events are staged. Several months ago a video of a clearly staged and fake bombing in Iraq was released, a real explosion takes place in an empty street and after the blast fake victims congregate for the cameras and play their role.

Something Strange Happened After a “Car Bombing”

This event was reported as a real attack around the world but it was not.

The presence of fake victims around an event strongly implies that the event was not authentic because if there were real victims from a real tragedy there would be no need for them.

So while, given the scale of the attack, the wide variety of victims nationalities and the near universal credulity with which the story was greeted make it seem ludicrous at face value to suggest this attack was a work of fiction, a non-event, the weight of currently available evidence points overwhelmingly in that direction.

In many ways it scarcely matters, the more important question is who is behind these events? Who benefits and what are they hoping to achieve?

The militant groups against whom these crimes are attributed gain absolutely nothing. They make their destruction   imperative.

Turkey and it’s leader have recently crossed the West, their decision to participate in a Syrian peace process that included Russia and Iran and excluded the US will be seen as an unfriendly act in the US and give the US a motive to destabilise Turkey.

But given that the Istanbul police are handling this case it is hard to imagine any outsiders exerting sufficient influence over the police to pull this event off. It is possible but seems highly unlikely.

On the other hand the high number of foreign victims also seemingly makes it impossible for this deception to have been concocted locally.

Many credible analysts stated that the slaying of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara was a fraud, my understanding is that the assassination was a staged event but the killing of Andrei Karlov was real and perhaps this event will ultimately also turn out to have been authentic and there are signs of authenticity such as what seems to be a corpse laying in the Istanbul street and the start of the attack also appears somewhat authentic, possible spark hits aside.

A dead body in the street outside the Reina nughtclub
A dead body in the street outside the Reina nightclub


However the tentative conclusion remains that this event was fiction and the authors were most likely elements within the Turkish state.

The broader implication of this hypothesis is that these synthetic events are simply the next level news management technique adopted by governments across the world in order to exert psychological control over the populace, promote heightened security measures and give governments almost unlimited power whilst the people the leadership wants to be perceived as enemies are seen that way by a terrified, compliant population without having to deal with grieving families demanding the truth and causing years of “trouble” for the perpetrators in the aftermath.

NATO Base Surrounded by Thousands of Turkish Police Amid Rumours of Second Coup.

Incirlik AIr base in Southern Turkey today.
Incirlik Airr base in Southern Turkey today.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik , located in the city of Adana, has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago. (Source)

July 31st, 2016.

Incirlik Airbase Surrounded Amid Rumours of Second Turkish Coup Attempt.

In a stunning development in the wake of the failed US/NATO coup of mid July, credible sources are reporting that 7000 Turkish police have surrounded the NATO Incirlik Airbase in southern Turkey amid rumours of a second coup attempt.

Breaking: 7,000 troops deployed to ‘inspect’ NATO base in southern Turkey

1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt — RT News

Turkey: NATO’s Incirlik airbase surrounded by 1,000s of Turkish forces for ‘security check’

Copy of Incirlik Air Base Lockdown. #Incirlik #incirlikairbase #BREAKING

The Failed Coup was not the end.

This development indicates several important things. One being that it is not over and those behind the previous attempt are not going to let it go at that, especially after the Turkish president has been berating and humiliating his “betters” since the epic blunder that now may see Turkey depart NATO.

Turkish prosecutor claims CIA, FBI trained coup plotters

Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

Turkish papers have openly blamed senior US military figures both for financing and fomenting the coup making the situation one of complete humiliation for the US.

Such has been Erdogan’s hubris in the wake of the failed coup that he was almost creating a situation where a second attempt became inevitable. More level headed members of the Government appear to have recognised this danger and yesterday Erdogan announced that he was not going to pursue criminal charges against a number of journalists accused of the absurd “crime” of insulting the President.

Turkey president Erdoğan to drop cases of insult in coup aftermath

Whether the former US General has been named was involved is something of a moot point at this stage. While many have claimed that the coup was a false flag this hypothesis does not stand up to scrutiny or logical appraisal.  It is a contemptible canard that ignores the facts.

Facts such as that the CIA media vehicle NBC America reported at the start of the coup that Erdogan had fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany.

That was a classic piece of agency disinformation designed to destroy the morale of Erdogan supporters by presenting them with a fait a compli.

That alone ends the debate about a false flag coup for any with a single functioning synapse because it would be hopelessly naive to believe that NBC made an honest mistake. They do not work like that. So either Erdogan is a Machiavellian genius (he clearly is not) or the NBC were performing their customary role as leading liar on behalf of the Empire. (This is not to single them out, ABC, CBS and Fox all serve the same purpose)

In addition, lesser vehicles of US intelligence were pushing completely dishonest stories in the preceding week, stories known to be lies to the people writing them. Veterans Today came out with a story claiming that Turkey had used nuclear weapons against the Kurds in northern Syria in late 2014.

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory | Veterans Today

It was a lie and they knew it was a lie, they had reported on the US tactical nuclear strike in the week it happened,

Has America Nuked Syria? | New Eastern Outlook

There were not even any Turkish airstrikes in Syria at that time, nor any accusation of any Turkish Airstrike.  They used a video still to pursue their false claim, but inexplicably failed to provide any video. The reason for this was rather clear, in the video the ISIS flag is visible on the hill before the bomb hits!

Massive Air Strike Targets ISIS Militants On A Hill In Kobani – Raw Video

That is how much contempt these people have for the audience.  It is very sad to see the disinformation filter down to those who lack all reason and logic and thus simply repeat the party line.

Alexandr Dugin makes the point far more eloquently.

Dugin’s guideline – The Turkish coup and American disinformation

Erdogan, Russia Rising and the US in terminal decline?

To describe Erdogan as a flawed figure would be a considerable understatement. He is prone to demagoguery,  corrupt, authoritarian and shameless. But that is not the point, Erdogan is the leader of Turkey, he is Turkey’s issue and the US have done themselves immeasurable damage with these cataclysmic shenanigans.

The whole fiasco  underlines the contrast between a rising Russia and a US in catastrophic decline across the Middle East as decades of lies and double dealing come home to roost.

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey.

A group of pro coup soldiers surrendering to the “Government military” on the Istanbul Bosphorous bridge in recent hours.

July 16th, 2016.

Attempted Coup in Turkey.

An attempted Military coup is underway in Turkey. A faction of the Turkish military have seized a number of key institutions and at least 194 people are reported dead in fighting between the Coup faction and soldiers and civilians loyal to the government. Government sources claim that hundreds of soldiers backing the coup are under arrest. The Guardian reports that the dead comprise “41 police officers, two soldiers, 47 civilians and 104 people described as “coup plotters.”

The plotters, who called themselves the “Peace Council” seized media sites and announced the imposition of a curfew and martial law, claiming to be acting in support of human rights and the secular character of the Turkish state.

The coup attempt is not over and fighting is reported in Ankara but it seems that the plotters have failed and that things are slowly beginning to return to normal. Ataturk airport has reopened and media outlets that were closed down have returned to air.

Turkish soldiers at state-run TRT studios surrender to police

There are two Turkish military forces operating at the moment and each has aircraft at their disposal.

The coup forces have used aircraft in their possession against loyalist factions and civilians.

Turkey: Ankara’s presidential palace bombed during attempted coup

Turkey: Military helicopter fires on crowds in Ankara following coup attempt

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fighter Jets over Ankara

These type of events are not uncommon in Turkey where there have been five successful military coup over the past 60 years.

To their credit opposition parties have not offered any public support to the plotters. Supporters of the ruling AK party have taken to the streets to support the elected government responding to Erdogan’s call made after the government managed to retake control of parts of the media that had been closed by the plotters.

Who is Behind This?

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the coup on elements within the military loyal to Fetullah Gulen and his Hizmet movement. Fethullah Gulen is an Islamist leader who lives in the US, Gulen is alleged to be involved in  drug dealing and money laundering and is understood to be aligned with the CIA.

If the CIA have backed this and it fails this will be one of the greatest fiascos in the agencies history right up there with the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in the early 1960’s.


The timing of this is very very strange. Several months ago a coup seemed likely and even desirable as the Turkish government made a series of blunders regarding their Syria policy that saw them edge close to war with Russia. Recently Turkey has sought to ease tensions with Russia and has adopted a more conciliatory tone regarding Syria. These developments appear to have displeased certain forces within the US Government and it seems they have encouraged the attempted overthrow of a NATO member government.

A low level civil war continues in South Eastern Turkey against Kurdish separatists and the Turkish military have suffered a number of losses in the fighting but there has never been any doubt as to whom holds the upper hand and the Kurdish fighters are routinely crushed and routed by a ruthless and powerful Turkish military.

In recent times President Erdogan and his government have taken a number of extraordinary steps that have led to accusations of autocracy and tyranny. Journalists revealing uncomfortable facts about the Turkish support for jihadists in Syria have faced imprisonment and prosecution and earlier this year the Gulen owned newspaper Today Zaman was seized by the government and the entire staff replaced with pro- government shills.

Erdogan has sought to change the Turkish constitution in order to greatly boost the power of the President. President Erdogan, his family and associates have faced repeated credible claims of corruption including partnership in the ISIS stolen oil trade.

Turkey has been a key facilitator of the bloody Syrian jihadist insurgency and has offered training and tactical support to both ISIS and the al Nusra front. internationally proscribed and designated terror groups. It is believed that even today Turkish military advisors are embedded with al Nusra units in northern Syria.

Mysteries Solved.

The coup attempt appears to clear up the mystery regarding several of the terror attacks that have taken place in Turkey this year. It seems almost certain now that the rogue military faction were conducting the attacks in an attempt to destabilise the nation and prepare the way for the coup.

That is why the State Department warned of attacks in Turkey the day before the Istanbul airport blasts-the CIA knew about the campaign as they were involved and the State Department were told by the CIA.

John Kerry’s comment about the attempted coup further give the game away. Speaking in Moscow Kerry stated:

“I hope there will be stability and peace and continuity within Turkey, but I have nothing to add on what has transpired at this moment.”(Source)

The reference to continuity makes it clear that Kerry and presumably the State Department are supportive of the coup and expected it to succeed. There is no other possible reason for the use of the term continuity.

It is likely that the Israeli Security firm ICTS were at the very least facilitators of the terror attack also.

Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt | New Eastern Outlook

Newsbud- Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run

Turkish citizens deal with tanks during coup

Turkey coup: Tanks on streets of Istanbul

Istanbul citizens blockade armored vehicles as military opens fire

Video .. The Turkish army surrendered to the security of the Bosphorus Bridge

Pro-coup soldiers seize CNN Turk building then get arrested by police

Turkey coup: President Erdogan speaks from Ataturk airport

Turkey: Ankara parliament building bombed

Footage from inside Turkish parliament when bomb goes off

Turkey: Erdogan loyalists celebrate on tanks after retaking the Bosphorus Bridge

Video shows damage inside Turkey’s parliament after coup attempt

Military Coup Attempt in Turkey: Fighter Jets over Ankara

Elements of the coup forces committed a massacre in Istanbul

Chaos, uncertainty in Turkey amid attempted coup

Multiple Blasts Strike Istanbul Airport

Scenes of horror at Istanbul's Ataturk airport after a series of apparently co-oriodinated bomb attacks.
Scenes of horror at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport after a series of apparently co-oriodinated bomb attacks.
Turkish police walk poast the scene of one of the istanbiul blasts, dead boidies lie in the street.(Source)

June 29th, 2016.

Heavy casualties After Multiple Blasts Strike Istanbul Airport.

At least 36 people are dead and more than 100 injured following a series of explosions at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport.

The specific details of the attack remain unclear but it is claimed that at least two and possibly as many as four people wearing explosive vests or belts entered the International terminal and detonated their explosives.

One eyewitness stated that the suicide bombers tried to shoot their way past the airport security before detonating their devices.

“We came right to international departures and saw the man randomly shooting. He was just firing at anyone coming in front of him. He was wearing all black. His face was not masked. I was 50 metres away from him,” said Paul Roos, 77, a South African tourist on his way back to Cape Town with his wife.”

“We ducked behind a counter but I stood up and watched him. Two explosions went off shortly after one another. By that time he had stopped shooting,” Roos said.

“He turned around and started coming towards us. He was holding his gun inside his jacket. He looked around anxiously to see if anyone was going to stop him and then went down the escalator … We heard some more gunfire and then another explosion, and then it was over.” (Source)

A Crowded Roster of Enemies.

Turkey has been targeted numerous times over the past twelve months by a variety of groups including those purporting to represent Kurdish separatists and the Islamic State group. So far this year Istanbul has been targeted by two major bomb attacks with ISIS claiming the January attack on the Sultanahmet tourist district that killed largely German tourists and the jihadists also being blamed for the March attack that left at least 5 dead after a bomber blew himself up in an Istanbul street.

There has not been any claim of responsibility for the latest attack.but it seems inevitable that ISIS will be blamed and given that this was a highly effective attack on the Turkish economy in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere tourist season and the fact that the group have been largely abandoned by their Turkish sponsors in recent times, they or a like-minded group were probably responsible.

The Turkish state has also been involved in a small-scale war against Kurdish separatists since  Turkey renewed military operations against Kurdish groups folloewing the Suruc attack of July 2015 upon Kurdish youth activists.

The attack comes as the Turkish government have been working to repair recently damaged ties with Russia. Turkey’s economy has experienced a more than 80% reduction in Russian tourists following Turkey’s premeditated attack on A Russian warplane last November. The recent apology to Russia was intended to remedy this situation so the attack could not have come at a worse time for the Turkish government.

The footage immediately available of this event with the multiple ambulances, dead bodies and CCTV footage stands in stark contrast to what we have seen after the recent attack in Orlando and the Brussels airport attack.

Caught On Camera! Explosion Inside Istanbul Airport!

CCTV Footage: Istanbul airport attacker frantically looks for victims

Turkey: Explosion rocks Istanbul Ataturk Airport, new CCTV footage emerges *GRAPHIC*

Turkey: At least 10 killed in attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport – reports *GRAPHIC*

CCTV Footage | Istanbul Airport Blast | Turkey | Suicide Bomber |

Witness recalls moments shortly after Istanbul Ataturk Airport blasts

Turkey: Ambulances rush to Ataturk Airport following suicide bomb attack

Turkey: Airport bomb attack victim arrives at Istanbul hospital

I saw a terrorist shooting people’: #Ataturk airport witnesses share harrowing details with RT

Ankara Bombed Again

Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Google earth image of the Guven park bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.
Google earth image of the Guvenpark bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.

Updated March 20th,2016.

The death toll from the Ankara blast rose to 37 victims and the TAK Kurdistan Freedom Falcons group again claimed responsibility for the massacre having already claimed the very strange and beyond suspicious February attack.

Whenever a group such as the TAK pops up from obscurity and starts conducting devastating large scale terror attacks that clearly harm the Kurdish cause and bolster that of the Turkish Government the authenticity and even existence of the group must be questioned.

March 14th, 2016.

Ankara Bombing Leaves at least 27 dead and 75 wounded.

A massive explosion has struck the Turkish capital Ankara leaving at least 27 people dead. A bus interchange area was struck by what is being claimed to have been a car bomb.

At least 27 killed, 75 wounded in Ankara blast: Ankara governor’s office

This is the third major bombing attack to have struck the Turkish capital in the past six months and comes less than a month after a highly suspicious blast left 29 dead in the Ankara administrative central district.

The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has also been targeted in recent months.

Whereas many of the previous attacks like the Suruc attack of July 2015, the Ankara blast of October and the February Ankara attack were rather obvious false flags designed to bolster Turkey’s flagging position in Syria in various ways the motive for the latest attack is not immediately clear. Turkey is the host to so many different terror outfits both supported and opposed by the Government that if this was an authentic attack,  the list of suspects will be a very long one.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that the US Government warned it’s citizens of plots to attack the Government district of Ankara on March 11th.

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that there is information regarding a potential terrorist plot to attack Turkish government buildings and housing located in the Bahçelievler area of Ankara. U.S. citizens should avoid this area.”

There has not been any claim of responsibility at this time.

Moment of the Ankara Explosion.

Turkey: At least 27 killed, 75 injured in Ankara blast

Turkey: Aftermath of Ankara bomb blast which killed 27 people

Ankara Bombing: the False Flag that Failed.

Army service buses burn after an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, Feb. 17, 2016. Defne Karadeniz—Getty Images
Army service buses burn after an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, Feb. 17, 2016. Defne Karadeniz—Getty Images
Euronews image of bus damaged in the Ankara blast.
Euronews image of bus damaged in the Ankara blast.
Rescuers and bystanders in the immediate aftermath of the Ankara attack.
Rescuers and bystanders in the immediate aftermath of the Ankara attack.

February 20th, 2016.

“After this, we hope our allies will see the YPG as the extension of the terrorist organization PKK. … Those who see an organization that is the enemy of Turkey as friendly will lose Turkey’s friendship.”

Turkish Prime Minster Ahmet Davotoglu. February 18th, 2016. (Source)

the Ankara False Flag Flopped.

In  one of the most amazing investigations in human history the Turkish Government managed to wholesale solve the Ankara bombing attack within 24 hours of the blast.


The presumably mangled remnants of the bomber were positively identified, the cell supporting was found and arrested and the evidence was complied in a dossier to be presented to the United Nations as part of an attempt to have the YPG designated as a terrorist organisation. The overall goal was undoubtedly to cause the US to end their alliance with the YPG and rejoin Al Nusra, Isis, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in a war against Russia and Iran over Syria.


Erdoğan says no doubt YPG behind Ankara attack, urges allies to label PYD as terrorist group

The US treats the claims of Turkey with contempt.

Statements from the US State Department make it crystal clear that the Ankara attack failed in it’s objective to cause the US to cut ties with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and fall in line with Turkey’s interests in Syria.

State Department Spokesman John Kirby indicated in the briefing of February 18th that the US regards the identity of the Ankara perpetrators as “an open question” showing that the US does not accept the”YPG did it” narrative Turkey has manufactured.

“With respect to the claims of responsibility, we’re in no position to confirm or deny the assertions made by the Turkish Government with respect to responsibility. As far as we know, that’s – as far as we’re concerned, that’s still an open question. And we understand that there’s an investigation ongoing, so I’m not in a position one way or another to ascribe responsibility.”

Daily Press Briefing – February 18, 2016

Further to that, Kirby indicated that the status of the YPG has not changed in the eyes of the US, that “they remain an important ally against the Islamic State group.” The understudy followed this on the 19th with:

They have been very effective partners on the ground in northern Syria, as part of a broader group of forces fighting in northern Syria, in pushing back ISIL. And we’ve not seen, in our assessment, any inclination for them to do anything else other than take the fight to Daesh.”

Daily Press Briefing – February 19, 2016

So it is over, they have failed again.

US has not yet assigned blame for Turkey attack, White House says

Turkey-US dispute over Syrian Kurdish PYD widens

Turkish Groups Claim of Responsibility Completely Contradicts Government Narrative.

After a silence that lasted several embarrassing days a claim of responsibility for the Ankara attack was made by a Kurdish splinter group named the Kurdestan Freedom Falcons (Teyrênbazê Azadiya Kurdistan‎) or TAK.

TAK claims responsibility for Ankara bombing

This group were last in the news in December 2015 when they were blamed for a mortar attack on an Istanbul airport that left one civilian worker dead and another injured. That attack was itself somewhat odd as there was a dispute as to whether the casualties were caused by a bomb or mortar attack.

Prosecutor’s office denies reports that mortar attack caused İstanbul airport blast

The previous incidents attributed to the TAK date back to 2011 and 2012, two bomb attacks on security forces targets that left two victims dead and several wounded between them.

So it seems highly unlikely that the TAK went from being able to kill one or two soldiers at best to being able to penetrate the major Government zone in Ankara near the parliament and launch such a devastating attack.

Never having heard of them before today I have not had a chance to investigate the TAK but I have previously come across the fact that the PKK were themselves the beneficiary of historical assistance from Turkish intelligence.

Abdullah Ocalan: Is The Famed Kurdish Leader A Double Agent Working For Turkish Intelligence Against His Own Party, The PKK?

Key Contradictions.

The TAK claim directly contradicts the claims made about the attack by the Turkish leadership in several core areas.

Turkey claimed the bomber was a Syrian Kurd named Salih Necar, the TAK claim the bomber was a Turkish native named Abdülbaki Sönmez a 26 year old from the eastern town named Van. (Source)

The claim also contradicts the Turkish claims that the Syrian YPG were involved and removes all the elements of the story that relate to Syria.

The claim is likely a face saving move concocted by an unknown intelligence agency. It is a compromise.

Either the TAK or the Government of Turkey are lying about the authors of the Ankara attack, that is clear.

Turkey should have understood that ISIS are the only currently acceptable all purpose patsy who can safely be blamed for almost any act of violence anywhere. False flags that do not support the core War on Terror Mk.2  narrative are given short shrift.

The Western media were completely bewildered,unsure what brand of propaganda message they were expected to deliver. Several in Australai  chose to edit the US/YPG relationship from the story entirely and present to their readers the narrative of the YPG as a Russian and Syrian proxy. The local Murdoch rags printed a story(no byline,no agency even) that edited the core story, the dispute between the US and Turkey over the status of the YPG entirely, and framed the story this way: “(Turkish PM) Davotoglu…warned Russia, which Turkey accuses of backing the YPG that Moscow would be held responsible for future attacks.” etc.

They have completely mischaracterised the YPG, edited from the story the far longer and more extensive US/YPG relationship, which is the core issue, accepted at face value the laughable claim of the Turkish Government and then insinuated that the YPG are a Russian proxy, which is utter crap and anyone who pays any attention at all knows it is simply crap.

Syrian Kurds reject involvement in Ankara blast

The War in Syria is almost over and the carve up is underway.

The infantile nature of these people would be amusing were it not so dangerous, but the US has taken a position and it is that they will let Russia, Syria and Iran win in Syria in return for a pro-US Kurdish autonomous zone in North eastern Syria.

The Saudis and Turks can either try and stage another Neoconservative coup in the United States or they can come to terms with the reality of the situation. Hopefully the latter, but the point is a position has been taken. It is over, it is not happening so they should just accept defeat and try and salvage what they can of their own futures.

Legitimate Concerns?

As far as Turkey’s concerns about a Kurdish statelet on their southern border, these are legitimate concerns, however Turkey long ago voided that card when it cynically chose to support the Syrian jihadists in their criminal attempt to overthrow the Syrian state.

If Turkey valued stability they should not have been trying to destroy Syria with their army of mercenaries and brainwashed fools. Their actions created the vacuum into which the militants seized territory and opened the door to the Kurds of the North to fill the void assisted by the US.

By choosing to support the violent overthrow of Syria, Turkey lost the right to whine about the “wrong people” filling the vacuum they helped create.

Conspiracy Theories.

Stories in the pro “Caliph” Erdogan media suggest that the Government is trying to promote the “Russia and Syria did it ” conspiracy theory and it seems some people in Turkey are actually buying that nonsense.

“Some intelligence sources in Ankara believe the bombing could be an act by Syrian military intelligence, perhaps backed by Russia. After all, the explosion took place very close to the air force command, which could be taken as a message of retribution for Turkey’s Nov. 24 downing of a Russian fighter jet”(Source)

Logic and reality show us that Russia is not seeking a war with Turkey, it is doing the opposite.

If Russia wanted to attack Turkey they would have bombed the Turkish Artillery pieces sitting out in the open in the border region shelling Syria.

Raining Shells: Turkish army fires on Kurdish forces in Syria

Car bombs.

There have been apparent PKK car bombs in recent times, a massive attack in Diyarbakir tore the front off the local police station and left civilians and police dead in January.

Turkey: At least 5 dead, 36 injured in blast at Cinar police department in Diyarbakir

This is a regrettable incident but an attack on a security target (civilians died) in a war zone during a war is a completely different kettle of fish to a massive car bomb deep inside the security zone of the capital, within hundreds of feet of the parliament and military headquarters.

The Diyarbakir bombing was not a major news story in the West, on the contrary it was ignored and the Government of Turkey did not try and utilise the attack for political gain. The atmospheric difference between genuine guerrilla attacks and synthetic terror are stark and represent part of a broad repeating pattern.


We know from a fifty year history of synthetic terror that when a “game changing” event arises at the perfect time and is cynically exploited by people who solve the crime with remarkable speed that it is almost certain that these same people or their cut-outs were responsible for the event that is being exploited to achieve their stated goals.

Russia is not seeking to enter or attack Turkey, merely to defeat the enemies of Syria in Syria. Russia has decided to try and avoid conflict with Turkey. Multiple provocations have been ignored, Turkey’s attempt to end the US/YPG alliance and their repeated requests for the US to choose between they and the Syrian Kurds show how arrogant and deluded the Ankara Government have become.

This was merely another failed provocation and like the steady stream of media lies, can be expected to continue until the war is over.

Russia Defense Report – Feb. 20, 2016: Russian Military Grouping in Syria

Turkish Intelligence Bombed Ankara… Again.

Aftermath of the Ankara bombing of February 17th, 2016.
Aftermath of the Ankara bombing of February 17th, 2016.

February 18th, 2016

“ISIS has not targeted Turkey except that there have been a couple of incidents that have been attributed to ISIS, but I don’t believe that ISIS actually did them, I think the Turkish Intelligence service did it.”

Former CIA Officer Phillip Giraldi, December 2015.

Turkish Intelligence Bombed Ankara Again.

The Turkish capital Ankara has been struck by a large car or truck bombing that has left at least 28 people dead and dozens more wounded. The attack took place near a military barracks and appears to have targeted a bus full of Turkish soldiers.

Car bomb attack on military in Turkish capital kills 28

This attack is going to be blamed on the Kurdestan Workers Party (PKK) and used to justify an intensification of the Turkish involvement in Syria.

Erdoğan says Turkey to fight forces behind Ankara bombing

There is no logic in the idea that either the PKK nor ISIS/Daesh would target the Turkish military at this time. Neither has anything to gain from this crime. The only credible suspect in this attack is Turkish intelligence and their cut-outs.

The Kurds were blamed.

The Government of Turkey are claiming that the Syrian based Kurdish group the YPG currently winning a war in Northern Aleppo with US and Russian support despite Turkish artillery bombardment, were responsible for the attack.

Davutoğlu says Syrian Kurdish YPG behind Ankara attack

Turkey has identified the perpetrator of the Ankara bombing attack that killed 28 people as a member of the Syria Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia working with militants from the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Prime Minister Davutoğlu said.

In a live television speech, Davutoğlu said the bombing showed that the Syrian Kurdish YPG is a terrorist organization and that Turkey expects cooperation from its allies against the group.

Washington, which has said the YPG is not a terrorist group, has backed the insurgents in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria.

“In light of information we have obtained, it has been clearly identified that this attack has been carried out by the members of terrorist organization inside Turkey together with a YPG member individual who has crossed from Syria,” Davutoğlu said.

This reveals the plot in plain sight.

The fact that they had to rope the Kurds of Syria into the narrative exposes what has happened. The narrative transparently matches Turkey’s geopolitical agenda. If they had blamed the PKK in Turkey, that would have at least a semblance of credibility. This is a barefaced, childish lie from people who are literally such moronic, low rent thugs as to be incapable of successful deception. They are too brutish and stupid.

Syrian PYD leader rejects responsibility for Ankara attack (The PYD is the political wing of the Syrian Kurds, the YPG are the military wing.)


Turkey has been shelling Northern Syria this week in a futile attempt to stave off the rapid advances of Syrian Government forces and Kurdish militia against the jihadists that the Turkish government has backed throughout the Syrian Civil war.

These acts of criminality achieved nothing but to underline how isolated and impotent Turkey’s position had become. The people they were attacking simply continued with their successful offensives and Russia did not allow itself to be provoked.

So the “smart lads” of the MIT were sent in to fix things, but they are simply too stupid to be able to conduct effective false flag terror attacks,  the intent of the plotters should be completely hidden, in their case the motives are always completely obvious.

They have killed hundreds of Turkish civilians in recent similar false flag provocations, it should be no surprise that in their desperate moment they have turned to the murder of their own soldiers in the name, of course of the greater goal.

Elements of US intelligence have already noted that the terror attacks in Turkey are of the false flag variety with conservative former CIA officer Philip Giraldi openly blaming Turkey intelligence for the previous massacres attributed to ISIS/Daesh.

It must be hoped that this attack is also seen for what it clearly was. An absolutely desperate attempt to change the situation and justify a Turkish incursion into Syria to save the jihadist allies as they collapse in Northern Syria.

It is hoped that this latest outrage is the final straw for the Turkish military and they do what should have been done long ago, remove the AKP from power and prosecute the treasonous criminal AK party leadership. These people are the lowest of the low, gangsters from the pits of hell and the sooner they return to their place of origin along with their jihadist proxies, the better for Turkey and broader humanity.

At least 18 killed in huge explosion in car bomb attack in Ankara

Ankara blast: At least 18 dead in Turkish capital explosion – BBC News

Video: Ankara explosion: 20 people killed and 61 hurt after ‘terror attack’ in central district – Telegraph

(Video) Ankara security camera filmed the moment of explosion 17.02.2016 Turke

CCTV FOOTAGE: Moment Ankara Car Bomb Explodes Outside Military Base (17.02.2016)

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Ankara blast