Las Vegas Massacre: Hard Proof Stephen Paddock is Being Framed.

Las Vegas police seek cover behind their vehicle during the supposed massacre of October 1st, 2017. Confusingly the civilian bystanders remain nonchalant despite standing in the supposed line of fire of the shooter situated in the Mandalay Bay resort complex building to the left.

October 5th, 2017.

Massacre In Las Vegas:100% Proof Stephen Paddock is being framed.

By now everyone on the planet who has access to the internet or television is familiar with the blood chilling story of the massacre in Las Vegas on October 5th, 2017.

We are told that Stephen Paddock, 64 years of age, meticulously planned the attack, moving dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and opened fire on the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in the “Las Vegas Village” located at the foot of the 43 storey complex, having first used a hammer to smash two holes in the windows of the hotel in order to be able to shoot the people below.

2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting – Wikipedia

At this point there is simply no way that story is even approximately true as photographs taken when the massacre was underway clearly show that the windows in the room Stephen Paddock was supposedly committing this mass murder operation in can be seen to be complete and intact long after the event has supposedly started.

Photograph from October 2nd shows the precise location of the shooter as revealed by the two broken windows on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel building. This long shot allows us to measure precisely the location of these holes and note they are six windows down from the spot where the grey cladding ends.
This is the source for the cropped photograph below, the photo is clearly taken after the shooting is underway, that is why the police are there hiding behind their car. (Source)
A cropped version of the above photograph taken during the massacre reveals that there were no holes in the windows on the 32nd floor during the massacre. Therefore irrefutably proving the official version of the event a complete lie. The implications are clear, Stephen paddock has been framed. The LVPD have not been honest in their account and either broke the windows themselves or allowed another to do so and there is no possibility, if there even was a shooting massacre, that the perpetrator or perpetrators were situated on the 32nd floor. This simply kills the story they are telling stone dead
Close up of the holes enable us to more easily pin down their precise location. Each slightly to the left of the grey cladding as viewed from the outside.


The Implications.

The implications of this are that:

It is physically impossible that the massacre was conducted by a gunman on the 32nd floor room Paddock was supposedly occupying.

It is impossible that the account presented by the LVPD and FBI is accurate and complete.

It is inescapable that if the window was not broken prior to the massacre, someone else with access to the room has broken the window after the massacre in a bid to frame Mr. Paddock.

Therefore Mr. Paddock has been crudely framed by someone connected to the investigation and cannot possibly have been responsible for the killings.



25 thoughts on “Las Vegas Massacre: Hard Proof Stephen Paddock is Being Framed.

  1. Notice that picture at the top is another Norman Rockwell, type pose/picture. Remember the last one? I forget which it was. There are so many now. Ans as you point out, so full of contradictions. For anyone with half a brain (and I only guts me a quarter brain) this whole thing is a joke. Yet, most of the masses will never doubt it, even for a tenth of a second. Ah, government education! what would we do without it ;-P

    • Many thanks truth1, it is depressing, there is no doubt about it. We have collectively failed. No matter how idiotic the tripe they serve up, almost everyone believes, even almost everyone in supposed “truth” community. On youtube with this one only Richie from Boston and 108 Morris were telling the truth. Thanks for commenting, piece is crap but hope to do better soon.

      • Thanks for that anon, I did see a still that purported to be Paddock and it did look a lot like him, might well be him for all I know but I worry that a lot of people look like that so it is hard to be completely certain. I will have another look at that footage. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thanks James, I believe it’s important to be going after the truth at this time about Las Vegas and other events. People are slowly waking up to the veil of secrecy, lies and corruption that appears to be a hallmark of the way certain interests seem to think they can behave in pursuit of their agenda. It is up to people of conscience to make it clear in the enunciation of their word that this type of criminality is not acceptable. This is what I stand for also and as such I am happy to express my congruence with your cause. To express to the world the truth in pursuit of an enlightened humanism.

    • An entire nation hijacked by Goon a Squad evil secret society intent on world control, Ike and JFK tried to warn us, perpetual war here there everywhere destruction of nation states mass murder slaughter of innocents staged hoax terror events designed to spread Fear and Loathing in dummied down by MSM manipulation and hiding truth, justifying further invasions of privacy and suppression of dissent, shredding of US Constitution – but people are awakening, a Tsunami of awakening, gonna take back this great Nation and pursue true destiny, One Goon at a time.

  3. The supposedly broken window on the 32nd floor to the left does at least have some sort of contrast between one part of it and another. I don’t see anything like that on the right most supposedly broken window. My problem in looking at this photo is that I’m really not sure what a broken window should look like at night, with lights out on the interior.

    I’m not trying to support the official story (pick a version), which I don’t believe, but I don’t find this to be completely clinching evidence.

    • I agree, at the very least there is a lack of clarity which is irritating. However I would urge you to look again, the discoloration/inconsistency that you refer to is seven floors down from the top of the grey cladding, the correct window is one storey up (six floors down from the cladding apex) and especially with the window to the right of the two that are meant to be broken, you can see the seam of the unbroken window and if you compare that with the daylight photograph of the broken window that is impossible as the large gouge in that window extends across the area where the seam is located.. In all honesty as I have said in an earlier comment, the piece is weak, these events are all hoaxes but people simply will not accept that unfortunately regardless of the evidence.

  4. I think now looking back and seeing what is going on with COVID-19 that we are facing a threat that is embedded in the very core of our government and incorporation of the country in regards to justice industry and healthcare. My point being everything we see on tv is faked to some degree if not completely… If you are not there you could be fed a load of crap and you;’d not know it. I knew from the moment this happened it was being falsely reported and the inconsistency and illogical response were just precursors and once they had so many they started to drop the whole thing and the way it was handled and the good gov agent standing behind the Sheriff every time he did briefings to me was a sign.. Yes this is just one of so many things that people showed and discovered that forced this story to be buried… Keep yours eyes safe but watch what is going to be more sabotage to our way of life… Keep in mind this freedom is the cure to all our problems restricting it only gives them the edge.. live free or die!

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