The Iraqi Parliament Just Approved Legislation Demanding the Exit of the US Military.

The moment the Iraqi parliament voted to request the withdrawal of US troops from their nation.(Source Ruptly)

January 6th, 2020.

Breaking- Iraqi Parliament Approved Legislation Demanding the End of US Military Presence.

The Iraqi Parliament just passed legislation demanding the exit of the US military and all other foreign forces from Iraq. The vote is legally binding although it is to be expected that the openly criminal US government will seek to overthrow the Iraqi government before they respect it.


One stunning revelation delivered by the Iraqi Prime Minister in the speech he made to the parliament prior to the  vote was that murdered Quds force commander Qassem Solemaini was in Iraq at his personal invitation  and the purpose of the visit was to de-escalate tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has made some shocking revelations that put the assassination of Soleimani in a completely different light. He told the Iraqi parliament on Sunday that he “was supposed to meet Soleimani on the morning of the day he was killed, he came to deliver me a message from Iran responding to the message we delivered from Saudi to Iran.” (Source)


Qassem Soleimani was in Iraq as a diplomatic envoy. The US used the Iraqis to set him up. That is why Soleimani took no precautions!

If this story is true- and there is no reason to doubt it, the Trump administration are revealed as the lowest gangsters to grace the international stage since the demise of the Third Reich.

But I thought he was going to Iraq to plan attacks on the Americans?

Here the narrative presented by the US government of his appearance in Iraq being part of a plot against the US and his killing being a “defensive action” is cruelly exposed. The US Government lied, baldly lied. And their intelligence agency controlled media lied, and they have been exposed by a credible source considered a moderate in the Iraqi political landscape.

The Outcome.

Given the multi-generational contempt for international law and basic human decency shown by the US government and amplified by the Trump administration, it is highly unlikely that the US will cede to the demands of the democratically elected, sovereign representatives of the Iraqi people.

In all likelihood, the US will at best relocate their troops to the northern Kurdish enclave and seek to engineer a fresh civil war/separatist movement.

However any attempt to create a formal separation of Iraq will lead to a furious response from Turkey, among others and will thus increase the political isolation and marginalisation of the US in the middle east and strengthen the position of Russia, increasing Turkey’s distancing from the NATO alliance.

The arrogant forces of Empire have been dealt a fateful blow, and not a shot was fired!

Regardless of what follows this political act is precisely the right reaction to the criminal assassination of Qassem Solemaini, Abu Mahdi al Muhandis and the massacre of their colleagues in the border region.

Should the US seek to up the ante in Iraq militarily, they will lose all credibility, this is the system of government the US paid trillions and lost thousands of US citizens to install. Any attempt to re-invade Iraq now will make them the laughing stock of the whole world.

Even more so than today.

This brilliant piece explains US policy in the world and why things never improve regardless of whom is elected.

America Escalates its “Democratic” Oil War in the Near East, by Michael Hudson – The Unz Review

The latest piece from the Saker is an absolute MUST READ.

Short “intermission” of sorts with a few (apparently needed) explanations | The Vineyard of the Saker


Meanwhile… the Real World

This was the scene in the moments before the Iskndariyah massacre.
his was the scene in the moments before the Iskndariya massacre.
Moment of the Iskandariyah explosion caught on film. The death toll is 41.
Moment of the Iskandariya explosion caught on film. The death toll is 41.
SITE Intelligence reported that the Islamic State group claimed that a seventeen year old named Saifullah al Ansar committed the atrocity.
SITE Intelligence reported that the Islamic State group claimed that  seventeen year old named Saifullah al Ansar (above) committed the atrocity.
Iskanderiya marked on a map of Iraq.
Iskanderiya marked on a map of Iraq.

March 28th, 2016.

Meanwhile…in the Real World.

The Real War Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Terrorist Massacre in Iraq.

On March 26th the ceremony following a children’s soccer match was attacked by a seventeen year old ISIS suicide bomber named Saifullah al Ansar. The attack left 41 people dead and scores wounded.

The videos below depicts the attack on al Asirya village near the town of Iskandariya,* located around 50kms south of the Iraqi capital.

These videos do not show any of the carnage caused by the attack, merely people’s reaction to what has happened, as well as showing the moment of the blast.

There is a stark contrast between the unmistakable terror and horror as people respond to this event compared to the Brussels aftermath despite the fact that the people of Iraq are far more accustomed to acts of extreme violence having experienced four major wars over recent decades along with an ultra-violent insurgency now in its thirteenth year.

Iraq: At least 29 killed in suicide bomb attack at football match

 ISIS Suicide Bomber in Iraq Kills Dozens at Soccer Game ,Most of the crowd were young people

As ISIS begin to collapse as a conventional army able to stand and fight, the tactics change from fighting battles to low terrorist attacks such as the one at Iskandariya.

The only purpose is to show that they can still cause heavy casualties and suffering despite being defeated on the battlefield.

These attacks are impotent acts of rage and bitterness that show that ISIS is in the early stages of battlefield collapse in both Syria and Iraq.

The suicide truck bombs so central to their success have now become overwhelmingly ineffective. The bombers rarely reach their targets as the Iraqi and Syrian military have become competent in destroying the vehicles with rockets and heavy weapons as they travel towards them.

Every week numerous failed suicide car and truck bomb attacks are filmed and posted on the Internet, the Youtube channel Stahlgewitter Syrien specialises in videos of these successfully foiled attacks. These are two recent examples.

Toophan ATGM vs. ISIS car bomb: An VBIED attack is foiled by Iraqi forces (West of Samarra)

The destruction of an ISIS VBIED by Iraqi forces during the battle of Ramadi

An Iraqi soldier celebrates after an ISIS truck bomb is destroyed short of it's target, march 2016.
An Iraqi soldier celebrates after an ISIS truck bomb is destroyed short of it’s target, march 2016.
This still shows some of the equipment ISIS fighters looted from a Russian Special Forces member they killed near Palmyra.
This still shows some of the equipment ISIS fighters looted from a Russian Special Forces member they killed near Palmyra in the days after the “withdrawal” announcement.

Russia did not leave Syria.

The story Russia put out that it was pulling out f Syria has turned out to have been something of an exaggeration. Around a quarter of the around 100 Russian Aircraft stationed at the peak remain in Syria and in addition Russian Special Forces are in action on the ground.

A member of the Russian Special Forces and possibly more, recently died in the fighting against ISIS near the central Syrian city of Palmyra. The group claimed to have killed five Russian soldiers and this may well be true. It is certain that at least one Russian died as the group were able to photograph the body and loot the soldier’s impressive array of equipment which they video recorded.

18+ “They are not there” in Syria. A group of Russian military destroyed at Palmyra.

The Palmyra Ctadel.
The Palmyra Citadel.
Map shows the Citadel in relation to Tadmur and Palmyra beneath.
Map shows the Citadel in relation to Tadmur and Palmyra beneath.
Mao shows the trajectory of the Syrian Army operation to liberate Palmyrawith the ISIS forces in the town being attacked from three sides.
Mao shows the trajectory of the Syrian Army operation to liberate Palmyrawith the ISIS forces in the town being attacked from three sides.
Palmyra ruins with the Citadel in the background.
Palmyra ruins with the Citadel in the background.
ISIS geniuses were unsure whether to destroy Palmyra or use it as the site for mass executions to make them look "epic" in the end they compromised, doing a little of both. Here the "children's battalion" massacre a group of captured Syrians.
ISIS geniuses were unsure whether to destroy Palmyra or use it as the site for mass executions to make them look “epic” in the end they compromised, doing a little of both. Here the “children’s battalion” massacre a group of captured Syrians.
The Syrian Army in the suburbs beneath the citadel.
How do the ISIS fighters survive against the Russian Airforce in the middle of the desert?They remain underground wherever possible and this appears to be the remains of an underground fighting position in Palmyra.
How do the ISIS fighters survive against the Russian Airforce in the middle of the desert?They remain underground wherever possible and this appears to be the remains of an underground fighting position in Palmyra.
This is how the Syrian Army helps ISIS.
This is how the Syrian Army helps ISIS.
Syrian Army with ISIS flag in Palmyra, March 2016.
Syrian Army with ISIS flag in Palmyra, March 2016.

The Liberation of Palmyra.

The Islamic State group seized Palmyra in May 2015 and the Syrian Army have been conducting an operation to free the city from the clutches of the puppet psychopaths of ISIS for several months now with mixed results.

It is now being reported that the Syrian Military and their allies have liberated Palmyra and the adjacent town Tadmur. If so this will be an immense symbolic victory and makes it completely impossible for Neoconservatives (and their media) to claim that Syria and Russia are not fighting ISIS as they have been trying to pretend until recently.

War on Isis: Increase in Russian air strikes helps Daesh says US colonel

The magnificence of the Palmyra ruins and the depravity and destruction ISIS have wrought upon the city combine to end all doubt as to the identity of the real enemy of civilisation in the middle east and it is not the government of Syria.

One sure sign that the US had completely given up on the dream of regime change in Syria was the fact that CNN sent a reporter weeks ago to report on the Battle for Palmyra from the point of view of the Syrian Army.

CNN exclusive: Reporting from the front lines of Syria

Syrian army’s control over the ruin and the withdrawal of Daash

Footage of Ancient Palmyra after Syrian Army recaptured it from ISIS

Syria: Govt. forces recapture Palmyra as IS flee historic site

Syrian army men indoctrinated Daash in Palmyra lessons in fighting

Syria – Drone Footage of Palmyra fighting in Homs province

Battles for Syria | Palmyra | March 26th 2016

Syria: Battle of Palmyra: Pt 1

A vista from an armageddon movie. An ISIS fighter in Ramadi in 2015.
A vista straight from a movie about armageddon. An ISIS fighter in Ramadi in 2015.
South Front still shows the base where a US soldier was recently killed by mortar fire.
South Front still shows the base where a US soldier Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardin 27 years old was recently killed by mortar fire.

The Obvious Difference Between real Violence and Psyops.

Victin f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim o f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim o f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim o f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim o f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim o f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.


Aftermath of US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Aftermath of US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim f US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim of US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Victim of US Airstrike on Mosul March 20th, 2016.
Spot the difference between the people who are really wounded and this scene.
Spot the difference between the people who are really wounded and this scene.

Heavy Russian and US Airstrikes Blast Mosul and Raqqa.

On March 19th Russia launched an intense overnight bombardment of the town of Raqqa.  All of the casualty numbers are estimates but it was reported that 60 people died in the strikes and that thirteen civilians were among the dead. The casualty numbers are often distorted due to the fact that most militant factions will cover up their own casualties and accentuate civilian casualties instead for obvious reasons.

Russian, Syrian air raids on Raqqa kill 39 and wound dozens in ISIS capital

(18+ Graphic) Aftermath of Russian Airstrikes on Raqqa

A day later the US launched a tremendous bombardment of Mosul, the ISIS capital. Limited media reports stated that at least 25 civilians and an unknown number of ISIS fighters died in the attacks.

Scores of Civilians Killed in US-Led Air Strikes on Mosul

Neither the Russian or US attacks received high media attention as the violent deaths of middle eastern civilians are not deemed newsworthy in the West unless required for specific propaganda purposes.

Listening to the Republican candidates debate whether or not Raqqa should be struck with nuclear weapons it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that many Westerners have completely lost their conception of humanity after more than a decade of permanent war.

It is laughable the way that the US political class still pretends that the effort against ISIS is ineffectual as the group are on the brink of military collapse but to say so would reduce the rationale for the desired Western invasion of Syria.

For Cruz to muse about “glowing radioactive sand” shows he is a depraved and unprincipled opportunist and it is breathtaking to imagine a culture where an individual prances around with his chest out about what a devout Christian he is while musing about using nuclear weapons against civilians, a satanic idea on every level.

Cruz Threatens to Nuke ISIS Targets – Consortiumnews

Human beings of any quality, human beings who deserve the appellation do not engage in these behaviours, let alone true Christians. What a fraud and a joke is the current Pope fulminating against Trump on the border issue but offering total silence in the face of Cruz salivating over whom he is going to nuke.

If people cannot see the clear difference between the Brussels event and the real victims of violence depicted on this page they should have another look, it is pretty obvious.

(18+ Graphic) Devastating US Airstrikes on Mosul with Aftermath

*Iskanderiya is the Arabic version of Alexander and the town is named after Alexander the Great.

British Journalist Admits to Being Government Propagandist!

The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.
The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.

June 18th, 2015.

Rupert Murdoch, Tom Harper and Edward Snowden.

Tom Harper, wrote an article “British spies betrayed to Russians and Chinese” in the Murdoch owned Sunday Times implying that former US intelligence operative/whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s disclosure of classified material had caused the deaths of Western Intelligence agents- that Snowden had “blood on his hands.”

When questioned about the story on CNN by George Howell Harper frankly confessed that all the sources for the story were anonymous elements of the British government and in one astonishing gaffe actually suggested that anyone who had a “problem with the story” should “take it up with the British Government!.”

Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist
Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist “don’t blame me mate I just print what the Government tells me!”

This is a transcript of the interview.

CNNs George Howell):”Tom thank you for being with us, I just want to dive a little deeper into the nature of your reporting.”

(Tom Harper begins to look apprehensive.)

CNNs George Howell:- “You’ve named unnamed officials, how do senior Number 10 Downing Street Officials know that those files were breached?”

Tom Harper.-”Um well I don’t know  the answer to that George, All we know um is that  this is effectively the official position of the British Government,  we picked up on it, we picked it up a while ago and we’ve been working on it trying to stand it up with multiple sources and when we approached the British government last week with our evidence they confirmed effectively what you read today in the Sunday Times so , it’s obviously allegations at the moment from our point of view and it is really for the British Government to defend it

CNNs George Howell- ”Well I do have to ask though, just in understanding the nature of what’s in the files, how do they know what was in them if they were encrypted? Has the UK Government also gotten into these files?”

Tom Harper- ”Well I mean these files come-came from America  and the UK. so they may already have known for some time what Snowden took. that’s not something we’re clear on so we don’t go into that level of detail in the story . We just publish what we believe to be the position of the British Government at the moment.”

CNNs George Howell- “Your article asserts uh that it is not clear whether they were hacked or he (Snowden) gave them over when he was in Hong Kong and uh Russia, so which is it?”

Tom Harper- ”Well again sorry to just repeat myself George. I am sorry but we don’t know so we haven’t written that in the paper. It could be either, it could be another scenario. When you’re dealing with the world of intelligence there are so many unknowns and so many possibilities it is difficult to state anything with certainty and so we have been very careful to stick to what we are able to substantiate.”

CNNs George Howell-  ”So we are (really) just hearing what the British Government is saying at this point um, the article mentions MI6 agents, were they directly under threat as a result of this or was it just a precautionary measure to remove them?

Tom Harper “ Again I’m afraid to disappoint you, we just don’t know um there is a suggestion that some of them may have been under threat but the statement from senior Downing Street sources , suggests that no-one has come to any harm.erm which is obviously a positive thing from the point of view of the West.” (But disastrous for his story with it’s “blood on his hands” quote from an anonymous source within the British Government)

George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces!
George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces.

CNN’s George Howell “So essentially you are reporting what the Government is saying but as the far as the evidence to, to substantiate it, you’re not really able to comment or explain that at this point?”

Tom Harper-  ”No I mean, we..we picked up on the story a while back from an extremely well placed source in the Home Office and then tried to carry on um to substantiate what was going on through various sources in various agencies throughout Britain and then finally presented um er the story to the Government and they effectively uh confirmed what you read today in the Sunday Times. But obviously you know when you’re dealing with intelligence it’s the toughest nut to crack erm and unless you actually have leaked intelligence documents like Snowden  had it is very difficult to say anything with certainty.”

CNNs George Howell-  “Tom thank you so much for your time and explaining the report that has been filed there.”

This is the video.

Tom Harper Defends Snowden Story on CNN

,Journalist and conduit for the Snowden material Glenn Greenwald comments on the story here.

‘Sunday Times Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst

Utter lies’: Greenwald debunks Sunday Times spin on Snowden

CNN Critical Reporting is not the rule.

The tone and content of the CNN interview. The way George Howell humiliated and destroyed Tom Harper by asking the right questions tends to support the thesis that Snowden was sent out by elements of US intelligence, Snowden seems to be a white (or at least grey) hat plot against the national security state from within.

CNN’s history is replete with examples of unrestrained and dishonest cheerleading on behalf of war with the astonishing “Saudi Arabia attack” footage, shot in a Los Angeles studio complete with rubber palm trees as one of the “funnier” examples. For better or worse CNN is there to serve a certain purpose with their reporting at all times.


Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!
Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!

The Snowden Revelations.

The purpose of all this nonsense, is to obscure the fact that the Snowden releases confirmed that Western Governments are monitoring the communications of absolutely everyone in the world regardless of any terror threat or any national security justification.

It is highly unlikely that anyone will actually listen to all those phone calls or read all those E-Mails, they are burying themselves underneath a mountain of garbage, it is pure insanity, but make no mistake, everything is being recorded and that should be the operating assumption for all electronic communication.

One of the more bizarre and outrageous facts that emerged from the Snowden files was that the British version of the  NSA, the GCHQ were actually downloading thousands of random webcam stills from thousands of Yahoo users webcam images. The fact that what they were collecting was completely useless did not matter to them and they recorded online remote sexual activity! Images from online sex chats between adults that were of no criminal or intelligence value.

Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ | US news | The Guardian

So pathetic minions such as poor Tom Harper are sent out to get on the front foot and portray this depraved and deluded tomfoolery as being a matter of  vital importance to State Security. It is funny.

All the NSA and their ally agencies are achieving is burying themselves under a giant mountain of useless information, it is a joke but there are serious questions as to what they hope to achieve with these programs, about the mass surveillance programs, the contempt for privacy, and the contempt for the rule of Law that has been openly flaunted by Western Intelligence agencies since September 11th, 2001.

Lies and Diversions.

All the controlled media reporting on this issue will generally seek to justify the surveillance measures through the use of a couple of tactics in high repetition.

One tactic is to hype the terror threat.

The second tactic was Harper and the Times’, to paint Snowden,as a traitor who put lives at risk when he has embarrassed these parties severely and revealed their lawlessness and wrongdoing.

These buffoons clearly want to be able to simply invoke the national security mantra at any time in order to end all scrutiny of their excesses and crimes.

There is simply no evidence to support the assertion that Snowden took information even of that nature, he may have done, he may not. Unnamed Government sources who are clearly an interested, invested party, a party that has behaved unlawfully and never been brought to account for it are clearly not a reliable or remotely source on this story.

Russia obviously has been able to access some of the material, but it is completely unclear if the material is of any operational value at all. Most of what Snowden released was already known but these documents provided important confirmations in certain areas along with some new information.

The third tactic is an old classic; diversion. The controlled media will concentrate on the pathetic sideshows like the Merkel story.

Spying on Foreign leaders is one the things that these agencies are actually supposed to do so this story was the typical puerile soap opera the controlled media try and feed to the public in the hope that no-one will notice the real story. That the NSA and other agencies are building a total surveillance grid, a worldwide net that seeks to record and access all digital data everywhere always.

Never has the fact that the entire Western media is but a mindless tool of Government propaganda been made so obvious.

Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch.
Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch. Faster please!

Uncle Evil of the War Party.

Blood on WHOSE hands?

The Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Over several decades Rupert Murdoch has built a mighty media and entertainment empire andthe  universal support for Western wars has been a common denominator throughout this time.

If you were a Western politician seeking to start a war of aggression over the past several decades you could count on the support of the entire News Corp empire.

Wars? He supported them all. Loved the Falklands, adored Vietnam, lobbied the British Prime Minister personally to invade Iraq on several occsions and has been  earnestly pushing for strikes against Iran for at least a decade. Love in vain.Throughout his career Murdoch has shown a deep commitment to war and any evil he felt served his interests or that of his adored Zionist state, Israel.

Rupert Murdoch owns 65% of the newspapers sold in Australia’s major cities and 60% overall.

Prior to the criminal invasion of Iraq that has left at least 1.3 million people dead in the ensuing fighting, one of Murdoch’s smallest and least important newspapers, with a current circulation of less than 50 thousand, the Hobart Mercury with little or no national influence, printed an editorial in September 2002, six months prior to the invasion. questioning the rationale of Invading Iraq as part of the War on terror, pointing out that al Qaeda were not present in Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was not an ally of al Qaeda and that blowing up thousands of Muslim civilians might be more likely to inspire than prevent fresh terror.
The Editors of the Hobart Mercury were flatly informed by News Corporation headquarters the following month that all editorial content should unambiguously support the illegal war. That was that.

When next the Hobart Mercury visited the issue they had changed their tune entirely and were in line with all of Murdoch’s 175 publications worldwide in their support for the criminal Iraq invasion.

Three quotes from prior to the Iraq war that show the prescience of the great man and also his immense moral stature.

Rupert Murdoch takes on US gossip website over ‘tweeting while drunk’ rumour – People – News – The Independent

“Once it [Iraq] is behind us, the whole world will benefit from cheaper oil which will be a bigger stimulus than anything else.”

“The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy…would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

“Appeasement is not an option when it comes to dealing with Hussein…Failure to disarm Hussein would make the world a much more dangerous place.” 

Commenting on Twitter in 2012, Murdoch was still trying to defend the war,

“What was wrong with Iraq war? Saddam Hussein evil major killer, etc. Execution another matter…“

The gunman in Paris Two men and no getaway driver.
The gunmen in Paris .

Punish ALL the Muslims!

In the wake of the blatant and pathetic false flag terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris of January 7th the malevolent and depraved Murdoch called for the collective punishment of the more than one and a half billion Muslims of the world in response.

No matter that more than one million Muslims had perished in wars he co-sponsored over the past decade, in the sick parallel universe of Uncle Evil, the deaths of 12 French civilians should see the murderous campaign expanded to include ALL Muslims.

“Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognise and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”
— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) January 10, 2015

I love the maybe! According to Wikipedia there are around 1.57 BILLION Muslims alive today, yet Murdoch is not sure if non jihadist terrorists are a majority! This is defamation of the most childish and wicked possible type. This is evil.

These are the ravings of a demented, genocidal maniac. How else to describe them?.

How would the Western media deal with an individual who made similar comments about Jewish people?

What are the words that would be used to describe an individual who stated that ALL Jewish people should be punished for Israel’s crimes?

Phone Hacking/Intelligence gathering.

Along with supporting Western war crimes and massacres Murdoch has also been involved in a number of criminal activities although due to his power, and the corruption and cowardice of the British legal authorities Murdoch never faced criminal charges despite being taped openly admitting that he had personally directed and approved of the criminal actions of the journalists in his employ. Murdoch journalists and even editors were prosecuted for the crimes they committed while simply following the instructions of their employer Rupert Murdoch who admitted this openly on the Sun tape.

Transcript: Rupert Murdoch recorded at meeting with Sun staff | ExaroNews

Murdoch was recorded secretly by an apparently embittered staff member after he stopped by to apologise for the fact the News Corp journalists were facing criminal charges for working by News Corp rules yet only the workers were ever prosecuted. The owners? Well that would be rude, that would be troubling.

Rupert Murdoch tape reveals media mogul’s contempt for police

Power is Above the Law in Blackened Britain.

Rupert Murdoch, like Greville Janner is simply too important to be prosecuted in Britain. British Courts are the sites for the Establishment to enforce their authority upon whom they please they are not a place where the little people are ever allowed to seek justice against powerful criminals. It just does not work like that and these conditions existed long before the odious and wicked career of Uncle Evil, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s war: How a lovestruck teenager, an angry man and an ambitious baron made sure bad news was no news on the path to Iraq | The Monthly

Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped: The political empire of the News Corp chairman | The Monthly

FactCheck: does Murdoch own 70% of newspapers in Australia?

» The Bloody Hands of Edward Snowden

Blood on Snowden’s hands: a poster that tells the story

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Sunday Times Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst

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The Rothschild Octopus

Leveson Inquiry: Tony Blair ‘took 3 calls from Rupert Murdoch in Iraq build-up’ | Daily Mail Online
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Edward Snowden GCHQ Revelations Show Spies Are Accessing Thousands Of Messages A Day

Snowden final report for publication – Snowden-final-report-for-publication.pdf

SNOWDEN: Here’s Everything We’ve Learned In One Year Of Unprecedented Top-Secret Leaks | Business Insider

Glenn Greenwald: Journalist who published reports on Edward Snowden leaks flags more revelations on Australian mass surveillance – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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US officials leak information about the ISIS raid that’s more sensitive than anything Snowden ever leaked – Boing Boing

MAX HASTINGS: Why the liberals who defended traitors like Snowden and Assange should look at this photo and admit: We were deluded fools | Daily Mail Onlinee (what is the photo this cretin refers ? A photo of the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo false flag!)

GCHQ ‘can spy on Facebook and YouTube users and has ability to manipulate online polls’, latest Snowden leaks claim | Daily Mail Online

American Sniper, Mein Kampf and the Supremacist Mindset

Slick Hollywood poster for the hit flick "American Sniper"
Slick Hollywood poster for the hit flick “American Sniper”

February 13th, 2015.

American Sniper, the Mahmudiyah Massacre and the Supremacist Mindset.

I first heard of Chris Kyle when there was a controversy regarding an incident involving former Governor of Minnesota, Professional Wrestler and fellow US Military Veteran Jesse Ventura. The story that Chris Kyle told was that after hearing Ventura make critical statements about the Iraq and Afghan wars he became enraged and punched Ventura and ran way, Kyle added helpfully that running away after punching someone was “as he had been trained to do. “  A US court found that Kyle’s story had defamed Ventura and awarded Ventura more than $1.8 million dollars in damages.

Chris Kyle came to prominence as the former Navy Seal sniper who boasted of having killed more than 200 citizens of Iraq.
Kyle’s boasts seemed rather lacking in gallantry, but I didn’t have to go there did I? I did not have to live with being shot at and blown up and if I had, I would probably hate the people who were doing that and want to kill them. These are normal human combat responses, the enemy is demonised to bind the group and make it easier psychologically to kill them.
I have a high degree of sympathy for the US military along with the Iraqi people as the primary victims of the Iraq war.
The death toll for the US finished at more than 4800 dead and tens of thousands were wounded, not to mention the PTSD, the suicides and all the other avoidable suffering that has flowed from this event. This was a mini Vietnam for the US military an absolute meat-grinder as they were deployed insanely as an Occupation force in the Middle East.

The young men and women who joined the US military after 911 and fought in the Iraq war had no idea at all that the  attack ofSeptember 11th 2001 was a false flag conducted by Westerners. No idea that Saddam was never a threat. They had been thoroughly brainwashed their whole lives they had never heard the name Smedley Butler let alone read his work and they did not know that War is a Racket.

Like almost everyone of their age, they accepted the propaganda messages delivered throughout their lives by the entire media and cannot reasonably be blamed for having done so. By the time they realised the whole story was a cheap lie, it was too late.
This video of a speech by a US military Iraq war resister provides examples of Criminal orders that US soldiers were given in Iraq, namely that if attacked in a crowded area they should kill everyone in the area.

There is no getting around the fact that terrible crimes were committed by US forces in Iraq. Hollywood made a movie called “American Sniper” about the life and death of Chris Kyle, his name is up in lights. Stephen Green by contrast died in total obscurity, very few papers even reported on the death of Stephen Green.

Stephen Green in custody in the US prior to his death.
Stephen Green in custody in the US prior to his death.

Who was Stephen Green?
Stephen Green was a US soldier deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. Stephen Green reportedly committed suicide in a US prison in February 2014. Stephen Green was serving a Life sentence without parole for leading a group of US soldiers on a rampage in the Iraqi town of Mahmudiyah that led to the gang rape and murder of a fourteen year old Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and the murder of her family on March 12, 2006 . It was not a military mission, they attacked the house close to their base of their own volition, completely outside the military chain of command. Hoping to make it look like insurgents, they used an AK- 47 to murder the family of four which included a five year old girl also along with the parents and the rape victim.They shot the girl after they raped her and doused her in kerosene and set her body on fire to destroy any forensic identification.

Victim of rape and murder at the hands of the US military. Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi
Aftermath in Mahmudiyah.
Aftermath in Mahmudiyah.
Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and her father on Iraq id card.
Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and her father Qasim Hamza Rasheed al-Janabi on Iraq id card.

One of the soldiers had an attack of conscience and confessed to the crime. Stephen Green had already been diagnosed with a personality disorder and had complained that he wasn’t coping.
Green was tried in a US civilian court and it seemed surprising that he avoided the Death penalty. That is the short and unpleasant story of Stephen Green and his 101st Airborne unit. I doubt that Hollywood will ever make a story of Stephen Green’s life and it would certainly make dismal viewing. It is worth mentioning that Green was remorseful for his actions, stating that,  ‘I wasn’t thinking these people were humans.’ indicating that although these were extreme crimes they were enabled by a broader casual supremacism embodied in Kyle’s “savages” remark in his book that sought to deny the humanity of the Iraqi people. Green also stated before his death that he expected to face “God’s judgement.” for his appalling crime.

Mahmudiyah massacre – BBC News

The next time someone tries to tell you that Muslims are a bunch of primitive inhumane savages, it might be worth reminding them of the awful death of Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and her family.

It would be unfair to blame Americans in general or even the US military in general for the crimes of Green and his comrades, but we do that reflexively on a daily basis to Muslims do we not?

Semi Official Portrait of Chris Kyle.
Semi Official Portrait of Chris Kyle.

When Chris Kyle was shot to death I found his book online and tried to read it. I did not finish “American Sniper” in fact I think I made it up to about the fifth page when I found this absolute pearl and decided that there was no reason to continue as there could be no doubt that the book was the product of a very low quality intellect. This is the passage from page twelve.
“Savage, despicable evil that’s what we were fighting in Iraq. That’s why a lot of people, myself included called the enemy “savages”. There really was no other way to describe what we encountered there.”
And at that I was unable to continue. The problem here is very simple, he clearly doesn’t view the people of Iraq as being human beings, that is bad enough,  but the thing that I can’t stand about this passage is that he is so wrapped up in his tribe and his identity and so deeply committed to the unspoken Western supremacism that it never occurs to him for a second to attempt to view events from the Iraqi point of view.
An intelligent person would simply imagine how the people of his hometown of Odessa and the people of Texas would react to an Iraqi Military Occupation?
If Iraq invaded USA and the Iraqi military took control of Texas and overthrew the Government of the United States would any of the people of Texas resist this turn of events? Would people in Texas cheer the Iraqi Army as they drove their tanks through their nation or might they attempt to attack the Iraqi military in order to challenge their authority and cause them to leave?
This is only an application of the Golden Rule. If it was ok for the United States to attack and occupy Iraq then it must also be valid for the Iraqis to invade and occupy the United States. Right?
The supremacist assumption that “oh well this is just how it is, we are the world bosses based on our proven superiority” is a psychopathic and immoral view of the world that will lead only to our total downfall.
Iraq after all, posed no threat to the United States, had zero involvement in the 911 or Anthrax attacks. The idea that the Iraq operation was necessary to either the US or world security is completely discredited at this stage.
The very idea that there are these people halfway across the world who must be occupied for Security reasons is really the height of evil. This is a transparent and despicable Zionist fantasy designed to legitimise the Israeli criminal policies in Occupied Palestine whist greasing the palms of the Military Industrial Complex War machine.

Tall stories a Serial Kyle vice.

In addition to his views on Iraqis, Kyle was quite the tall story teller it seems. Chris Kyle apparently had a need to exaggerate and even invent his violent exploits and killings, making two separate fantastic claims about killings he conducted in the United States. Kyle claimed (apparently proudly) that he had killed up to thirty US civilians in New Orleans in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster of August 2005 as part of “crowd control’ operations at the New Orleans Super Dome.

From Raw Story.
.”The Real Chris Kyle Made Up A Story About Killing Dozens of People In Post-Katrina New Orleans: Kyle claimed that he killed 30 people in the chaos of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, a story Louisiana writer Jarvis DeBerry calls “preposterous.” It shows the sort of mentality post-war Kyle had, but the claim doesn’t appear in the film. ”
Kyle also apparently invented a story about the fatal shooting of two “car-jackers” that it can be stated with near certainty did not happen.  Raw Story again:
“The Real Chris Kyle Fabricated A Story About Killing Two Men Who Tried To Carjack Him In Texas: Kyle told numerous people a story about killing two alleged carjackers in Texas. Reporters tried repeatedly to verify this claim, but no evidence of it exists. ”
Chris Kyle’s status as a poster boy for the US military and Western wars is therefore another small sad sign of the moral and intellectual descent of Western civilisation under the tutelage of Hollywood and the Corporate media.

Wall Street man in Germany which he left destroyed. Author of a war that left fifty million dead. Struggling to see the positives with this fellow. Many fans even today.
Wall Street’s man in Germany which he left destroyed. Author of a war that left fifty million dead. Struggling to see the positives with this fellow. Many fans even today.

Mein Kampf.

Whereas I managed to reach page twelve of “American Sniper” when reading or attempting to begin to read Adolf Hitler’s political autobiography “Mein Kampf” I actually only made it to the second paragraph when I came across this statement.

“One blood demands one Reich. Never will the German nation possess the moral right to engage in colonial politics until, at least, it embraces its own sons within a single state. Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our own people. Their sword will become our plow, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow.” (Source)

Although Hitler is a more superficially intellectually impressive writer than Kyle and his ghostwriters, I truly felt that there was no need to finish the book having read that.
Here is the man who is going to pretend to be the friend of the German people yet in reality he is a completely cynical, dishonest and self-aggrandising Imperialist. This is written in 1924, fifteen years before the Second World War and yet here is Adolf Hitler making it absolutely clear that his goal is to build a German empire in Europe at any cost to the German people who should suffer starvation and misery in order to get them in the right “frame of mind” for the German Imperial European Crusade.
It is chilling to read these words and to understand that tens of millions of people died in the pursuit of the “greater Germany” Imperial vision.
“Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our own people. Their sword will become our plow, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow.”
I believe in evaluating historical political leaders against their stated goals and the actual results.
Mein Kampf, and Hitler’s speeches are full of romantic blather about the “German people”. Hitler claimed to represent the German people and the promotion of the German nation many many times.
So it seems that the fate of the German people and nation is a valid criteria for judging the Hitler career.
The results of the Third Reich and Hitler on the German people and the German state were unambiguously disastrous.
When Hitler left power the German nation was under the control of the Soviet Union and the Western powers. The Russian Army were in Berlin. The conquering Soviet Army embarked on a campaign of rape that saw millions of German women raped at the end of the war according to mainstream historian Anthony Beevor.
This is what happened to the German people and the treasured “German blood” thanks to Hitler’s adventurism and megalomania. It cost more than 4 million German soldiers lives also in order to achieve total defeat in a war that the Germans started that left upwards of fifty million people dead including more than 7 million German citizens in total.
Where are the good parts with this Adolf Hitler, some nifty propaganda films perhaps? A couple of keynote speeches that worked well?
Hitler fans propose that he was the enemy of the Bankers. History indicates that Hitler and the Nazi party were a Wall Street supported and sponsored project from the very early days. Hitler does not seem to be the enemy of the Bankers, he seems to be their agent, albeit presumably unwitting.
The big lie is not that Hitler was a negative and evil individual but more that there was a huge moral gap between Hitler and the other leaders of the war in Japan, the UK, the United States and Russia.
The US air force murdered 100,000 Japanese civilians in a single night of bombing Tokyo. The Japanese government at the time was a wicked Government that had committed numerous war crimes, especially in Manchuria, China, but that really doesn’t begin to make killing 100,000 Japanese civilians in a single bombing raid alright does it? If this is not a War crime then the term has no meaning.
The big omission from the World War 2 narrative is the way the USA made a deal with numerous senior Nazi officials who were exported to the US and assumed important roles in US scientific, military and intelligence circles. The Third Reich was not defeated but more absorbed into the US Empire. It is worth remembering that one Wall Street oligarch punished in US courts for assisting the Nazis during the war was the father of George H. W Bush (US President from 1989-1993) Prescott Bush
It shouldn’t be forgotten that Germany was split in two for more than forty years after Hitler’s demise. He was simply a cataclysmic figure in the history of the German nation and the German people both of which Hitler saw simply as vehicles for his Imperial mania and delusions of grandeur.
Mein Kampf is more the work of the angry young man  than the full fledged monster .Although the monster is present. “Jews are not humans” we are told by the probable product of an illegitimate Rothschild heir. (If Hitler was a Rothschild heir this would be racially a meaningless distinction we now know, European Jews are racially identical to other Europeans, there is no Jewish race and never was in Europe. Jews are a Religious and Cultural group misunderstood as being racially distinct historically, so although the genetic difference is irrelevant, the man who was happy to openly declare Jews “non-humans” must have burned with rage and shame at this terrible secret.)
Hitler clearly was not the saviour of Germany and all the beneficiaries of Hitler’s career were not Germans.The Wars never help the people who are expected to fight them, only the backroom boys. It is one of those cliches that bears repeating until people realise that all the tribal divisions are control tools designed to enable the easy manipulation of the people by a power elite who are apparently completely committed to war and chaos under any pretext. Men like Kyle and Hitler are simply infused with whatever myths are required to get them to perform their assigned role in the cycle of destruction. It is sad to see so many people still buy supremacist nonsense in the West today and the results of this mindset have done nothing but bring misery to the world and will continue to do so  as long as they persist.


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