David Bowie in the mid 1970s.
David Bowie in the mid 1970s.

January 12th, 2016.

David Bowie.

The death of David Bowie is not an important news story nor an event for great sadness, he lived a fairly long and certainly good life. But for some reason it has the feeling of a landmark event in the West.

David Bowie was a singer and an actor of sublime talent but he was merely an entertainer. Still an entertainer of rare quality who left an immense cultural mark on the West and whose death in many ways exposes just how empty are the remaining cultural icons of the Western dark elite.

Crowley "issues" in the early 1970s.
Crowley “issues” in the early 1970s.

Aleister Crowley and the David Bowie Connection

David Bowie was at least in part, an agent of the dark elite, there were Crowley issues, minor Nazi issues and allegations of sex with underage groupies* and a rape claim that cannot be substantiated.

His appeal within the openly evil fashion industry was especially unnerving but musicians are there to entertain, it is a delusion of the modern West that troubadours are supposed to be moral leaders.and his work stands up today and will continue to entertain people for many decades.

And look at what they have left, they have almost nothing. The cupboard is so bare. Jagger? Madonna? Dylan? Elton John?

If we take Madonna an artist with a similar career trajectory, Madonna has only maybe half a dozen great songs, (and that is being generous) the work doesn’t stand up. Elton John is and has always been a tacky lightweight and a follower, Dylan and the Stones became musically irrelevant decades ago.

They have lost an agent of irreplaceable quality, a real gem and it does beg the question as to what happened to Western culture?

That is to say why does the pop culture (many honorable exceptions aside) suck by and large these days and why did the pop culture go downhill?

One striking thing is the lack of personality in the work of major pop artists today. Rihanna’s work is generally well executed and some of the songs are memorable but there is a total lack of sonic variety and personality, her records get the best factory production every time but it always sounds and feels the same. There is something missing there, she has ability and she is given good songs often but there is a complete soullessness about it somehow.

There have been and always will be great new musicians but the difference is that at certain times in the past, artists of intellect and quality like Bowie were promoted, today they are mostly the most pliant and obedient kids off the talent shows. Someone from that background will never be more than a competent clone, it is why they are chosen.

There is a big gap between David Bowie and the Bay City Rollers and since the 1970s it has been all Bay City rollers all the time on the pop charts. Good new bands have been obscure.

Someone made a conscious decision to take the culture in an aggressively lowest common denominator direction, or was it organic?

I first became aware of David Bowie in the early 1980s, around the time of Let’s Dance, my older cousin Andrew was a big fan and when I visited his house in perhaps 1982 I can remember seeing David Bowie posters on the wall.

Around the end of 1984 I became a fan after I managed to record Space Oddity off the radio, it was truly like nothing else I had ever heard and I have remained a fan ever since.

The song is still sounds striking and fresh although it is well short of Bowie’s best. Young Americans stands out as an absolute classic to me as does Golden Years. Pop music does not get any better.

The key period was between 1969 and 1983 with the absolute peak being between 71 and 77 or so and throughout this time David Bowie produced dozens of classic songs.

Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel, Young Americans, Golden Years, Rock n Roll Suicide, Life on Mars, Heroes, Sound and Vision, Ashes to Ashes, Lets Dance, Changes, Andy Warhol , Sorrow, Starman and many many others.

He was extremely stylish, carried off the androgyny schtick brilliantly where many of his followers were hopelessly gauche and awful- and he even appeared to have a sense of humor.

He also helped Iggy Pop produce his two Berlin albums, the semi classic the Idiot and the absolute classic Lust for Life along with producing the only Lou Reed album that was successful, Transformer featuring Walk on the Wild side among others.and also the final Stooges album Raw Power.

It is a sign of a high quality individual in whatever area that they bring out the best in others. Bowie had a great career as a producer as well as an artist and these are a couple of my favourite examples.

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Iggy Pop – Dum Dum Boys

He was practically the only person alive who deserved to be called a rock star, who didn’t make the term seem a joke. Unlike the Rolling Stones he did not flog his legacy to death on endless overpriced nostalgia tours. Bowie was still appearing on great records well into the noughties, lending vocals to the TV on the Radio classic Province.

TV on the Radio-Province

Bowie even made some great movies, the Man Who fell to Earth is an absolute classic, a work of genius, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is also a fine movie. Many of his movies were forgettable but the acting was a bonus, secondary and the indifferent movies did not matter.


David Bowie – Space Oddity

Iggy pop-Lust for life

David Bowie – Heroes

*The Lori Maddox story.
“While Lori’s mother worked nights, she and Sable, who was dating Iggy Pop, would sneak out to clubs on the Sunset Strip in search of musicians, she told – and that’s where she met David Bowie.

“What I remember most about the E Club was Bowie. I met him when he was doing the Spiders from Mars tour. He wanted to take me to his hotel room. I was still a virgin and terrified.
“He had hair the color of carrots, no eyebrows, and the whitest skin imaginable. I grabbed on to [DJ and club co-owner] Rodney Bingenheimer and said I was with him. So we all just hung out and talked. I had probably kissed boys by that point, but I wasn’t ready for David Bowie.”
Five months later, Lori changed her tune. Next time Bowie was in town, they went for dinner and while they were seated at their corner table in a private room, John Lennon and Yoko Ono stopped to say hello. It was another world.”
““We got to the Beverly Hilton and all went up to Bowie’s enormous suite. I found myself more and more fascinated by him.

“He was beautiful and clever and poised. I was incredibly turned on. Bowie excused himself and left us [Lori and Sable] in this big living room with white shag carpeting and floor-to-ceiling windows. Stuey brought out champagne and hash. We were getting stoned when, all of a sudden, the bedroom door opens and there is Bowie in this fucking beautiful red and orange and yellow kimono,” Lori told
“Looking back, Lori said she wouldn’t change a thing.

“That time of my life was so much fun. It was a period in which everything seemed possible,” Lori said. “There was no AIDS and the potential consequences seemed to be light. Nobody was afraid of winding up on YouTube or TMZ.”
“Now people are terrified. You can’t even walk out your door without being photographed. It has become a different world.”

“He focused his famously two-colored eyes on me and said, “Lori, darling, can you come with me?” Sable looked like she wanted to murder me. He walked me through his bedroom and into the bathroom, where he dropped his kimono. He got into the tub, already filled with water, and asked me to wash him. Of course I did.
“Then he escorted me into the bedroom, gently took off my clothes, and de-virginized me.”
“Two hours later, Lori went to check on Sable who was high as a kite, and repeatedly saying, “I want to f*ck David.” To which Bowie said, “Well darling, bring her in.”
“That night I lost my virginity and had my first threesome. He was totally bisexual. I saw David many times after that, for the next 10 years, and it was always great,” Lori told


24 thoughts on “Bowie.

    • Greetings butlincat! No doubt that Bowie and anyone else in entertainment pushes a Satanic agenda. But from that standpoint, even fence straddlers help along a Satanic agenda. But music can be neutral and with any direct association. We can give it whatever meaning and association we want. I recall a scripture in Ecclesiastes 7:16 from the NKJV:
      16 Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?
      It can sometimes happen that we try to live with too much strictness of behavior that is not really beneficial or realistic, I was once a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so called (and falsely called at that. Nearly everything in the world was prohibited to their young so that the young, to the tune of 80%, left that religion. That was as of 1990.

      So while I would prefer better lyrics and more wholesome attitudes, I dont hold our any hope for that. and oddly, I find myself grieving that we have lost so much ground to evil since the 70s. You know, John Denver Said that RCA was not promoting his music in the 80s. I dare say that was true. Sentimentality could still be found elsewhere. But “The industry” wanted to get rid of good wholesome music with gentle sweet music that might evoke tenderness and decency. So compared to now, the 70s almost feels like heaven. Sadly, its going to get worse yet.

  1. You know, I had the very same feeling you did, that what was possible in the 60s and 70s, is not even allowed now. Too serious or intelligent, quality music, more talent. I am sure new artists today could do better if it was wanted and allowed by those in power. But those at the top do not want anything decent. they want mindless crap. Nothing allowed that might just stimulate some thought or perspective. Bowie was a part of that now extinct world. The music was gone and now he is, too. What is left? Bowie did kind of push the limit at the time. My favorite LPs were Space Oddity and Ziggy Stardust. Great work. I have a very rare copy of the original Mercury label of Space Oddity, called Man of Words, Man of Music by Mercury Records. RCA changed its name and the next after it had a new cover, The Man Who Sold the World.

    The 70s were so rich with a variety of stuff. We are not allowed anything good anymore. A sign of the times. The sexual promiscuity and debauchery is remarkable. But it has a purpose, When our libidos are in charge, out intellectual brains are disabled. Mine might not have been fully hooked to begin with but I will take that up with my Creator later 😉 But we are being “drugged” with sex, and allowed/encouraged to justify ourselves in whatever we do, rather than critically evaluate ourselves and maybe even dare to find fault and make a choice to change or improve ourselves. We have reached our darkest hour and when beacons of the past leave us, it hurts. Its another reminder of what we lost.

    The legends of old are getting to be few now. the last reminders of the old world will soon be gone as well. It is a very bitter experience to realize our world is truly gone and when someone goes with it, its a bitter reminder that it is all gone.

    • “But those at the top do not want anything decent. they want mindless crap.” I think you hit the nail on the head there truth1. Take very good care of that alternate title album.Thanks for a very entertaining ‘Mine might not have been fully hooked to begin with but I will take that up with my Creator later ;-)” and interesting comment.”Its another reminder of what we lost.” Thanks for that.

    • Bravo, I’d say you aced what I really wanted to say but just didn’t have the words or the reality that “our” old guard is dying off and most of them very young for the most part. Bowie was only 69 and Frey 67.

      Have you ever noticed when a new form of music arrives on the scene someone or several people die? It’s like every decade. Of course, I think a lot of worlds ended for folks when Hendrix and Morrison died in the early seventies. Then John Lennon was killed in 81, I think. Bon Scott the original frontman of ACDC died in 1980 of negligent homicide. That devastated me. He would still be here today I think if someone had given a damn to get him inside on one of the coldest nights in England.

      Then when grunge came in in the early 90s Kurt Cobain dies, then in the late nineties one of the best frontmen to grace a rock stage Michael Hutchense dies, although I believe he was murdered and I will always believe that. He loved living too much and loved being on stage for the fans. I don’t believe he would ever kill himself.

      The music world is shrouded in skulduggery and obfuscation even in the smallest sense. I know because I was immersed in it for about 10 years as a musician’s wife. What’s funny they all act the same whether their famous of not. It’s ego central for sure.

      • Well, music had so many big stars, its hard to avoid several going at once. Booze, drugs, etc. Looking back, 71 was a real bad time. Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, someone was going all the time. and Lennon getting shot pretty much capped the 70s in 1980. The Beatles ending in 1970 capped the 60s as I see it. For me personally, the 90s were hard to take. There was still some good music but there was this violent sound of anger and depression that seemed to permeate the music, grunge in particular and I don’t think Nirvana was really grunge. It was better than that. It had real music appeal. Then rap really took h old at that time as well and there were few good moments. I still think Ice Ice Baby was great. There was an unfair back lash against that. I thought Music took a nice turn about like 2010 and I have liked some of the pop since then. It was better than the 90s, at least, says I. The whole industry has changed. Its real slutty now. No moral sense at all. It kills me, That’s all. Kids deserve better than that.

  2. David Bowie and Elton John became internationally famous when I was around 13. He was so strange I liked him without understanding what he was really about, which came much later in life. But your words ring very true he will be missed. He was one of a kind and we’ll never see anyone like him in our lifetime.

    Then today Glenn Frey passed away. What the hell?????

    We’ve lost so many great entertainers this past year it’s unbelievable.

    Thanks, James for the tribute to Bowie.

    • As for so many entertainers passing, most of them came along at nearly the same time and same age so it is no surprise that they are also leaving near to each other. My feeling is that some of the dark ages experienced a sort of similar thing. A number of small powers rose and fell at nearly the same time, leaving a power gap and possibly a knowledge gap at the same time, resulting in a loss of knowledge and a dark age. so they began recording things in writing after that. But the world of like 2000 BC to 1600 BC is hardly known due to a lack of recording. We only have vague myths and legends regarding that period. the 1200 BC collapse was similar.

      So now we have an old guard who knew a better and/or different world and they are passing and with it, all memory of that old world and its values. WE shall once again experience a dark age, except for the grace of God.

  3. Not wanting to rain on the Bowie tribute, but talking about recent entertainers deaths a few months ago we lost Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, then Jack Bruce formerly of Cream passed on, as well. I feel like I’m losing the music of my youth and young adulthood, even now I love music as much as I ever did. It’s been my constant drug in a world where people were dying from the real stuff, which thankfully I stayed away from. I can live without most things that people have, but music has been my mainstay and stabilizer throughout my life and I could not bear to live without it.

    And for the youngers out there who have no clue who Glenn Frey was; he was the lead guitar player for The Eagles and sang vocals on most of their songs with Don Henley. The Eagles became famous around the time Bowie did, early to mid seventies.

    With all the deaths all we have is the memories of these entertainers and the contributions they’ve made to the music industry. Thank god for that and music television and YouTube. VH-1 had been running Bowie videos all day yesterday.

    Thanks for letting me vent a little, James. This just bums me out.

    • Thanks for that whitewraithe, I completely missed the death of Scott Weiland and Jack Bruce so you have educated me there and Lemmy from Motorhead is another recent dead prominent musician who made a terrific contribution in decades past. Many thanks for your comment.

      • Ah yes, Motor head was a lot of fun. They even had an appearance on the “YOung Ones” British series that got rebroadcast in the early 80s, I think it was. I guts a few cob webs in my brain now.

      • My brother used to play Motorhead every so often. Ace of Spades and the song Motorhead. I like the Young One, too. 80s was good music. It was a fun time but it disrespected the past like antiwar hippies, etc. The Ramones were fun. synthesizers really took over a lot. but 60s and 70s people could relate to 80s music. But the 90s was a real break with the past in many ways.

        The Eagles are getting lots of radio play today. Glen Frey was only 67. That’s too bad. I suspect many will start dropping like flies and some might even be helped out, if you know what I mean. In order to rewrite history, you need to get rid of those who will recognize it being rewritten. I’m 56 so I will be fair game. So be it. They might have to contend with God first, though 😉

      • Thanks for that truth1, I used to really love the Ramones, I think that all of the original Ramones are now dead. The 1980s was a joke in so many ways, but there were some good bits. Thanks for comment.

      • OMG-I didn’t know Lemmy had passed away too. Christ, Jesus! But I was never a Motorhead fan anyway although I respected Lemmy for his contribution to hard rock music genre. They were a bit over the top for me with the heavy drinking, rows of cocaine and the cheap women. Lemmy claimed to have slept with thousands of women all over the world, which I do not doubt. I think he and Gene Simmons of KISS had a battle going on of who slept with the most women over the decades.

        And I just saw Lemmy on the documentary Metal Evolution last week and he claimed to be nearly 70 then so that wasn’t so long ago. I appreciate what he said to Rolling Stone a while back. “At that time, after a series of health issues threatened to take Motörhead off the road and force Lemmy into retirement, he revealed that he was worried about the future of rock and roll. “There’s nobody now,” he said. “There is going to be a huge hole, and nobody to step into it. I think it’s important music. It’s the constant music of this generation and the last one and the last one.”

        I know how he feels I’m going to be one of the last ones as well. There are still great musicians out there making great music but due to US BS political correctness they get no radio time. One band that is still making incredible music is the German hard rock band Kingdom Come driven by frontman Lenny Wolf. Their latest album was incredible and they’ve been around over 30 years.

        Europe is rocking out while America is withering away into nonsensical empty headed hate music. It’s just disgusting and has no value whatsoever. Hell, I don’t even call it music these days – it’s just irritating noise.

      • You make me remember a few more things. in 1970, Hard Rock as they called it, was a total no no. Not allowed on radio at all in the USA. And Black Sabbath really had a nice sound, although their 1st album, so unique, was not duplicated. the next 3 LPs or so had a similar sound that I think if their definitive style. Then Sabbotage was sort of a return to some of the 1st LP. But radio and government were terrified of the raw emotion of the hard stuff. I never heard Hendrix on the radio in the 70s. Even Zeppelin was rare on pop radio.

        It was the same way about vulgar words and swear words. They seemed to terrify those in power. Yet behind closed doors, politicians swore like sailors. Nixon got exposed with his watergate tapes as being foul mouthed. But raw emotion sure scares people in power. Now I am not advocating lots of swearing but I do think there is an honesty to “frank” language in the proper circumstances. I would think courts would allow honest expression of emotion, but how am I kidding. Courts more than anyone else fear honesty and emotion.

        To me, honesty is vital to any healthy society. Honest expression, while still keeping some respect. should be valued and even protected. But it is the opposite again. We persecute it and ban it and despise it. We really have an awful lot to hide, if we fear honest expression that much. I note in English society, always so polite, that they also rape children on a regular basis. so much for the benefits of politeness and “respect.”

        We are a seriously twisted and screwed up world. How in the hell did we get that way? I do love that defiant hippie culture. hey hey LBJ, how many kids did ya kill today. Its all gone now! Now they all scurry for “safe places” where they can hide from the world. My, how the mighty have fallen.

    • I sympathize WhiteW. for whatever the shortcomings of celebrities, the music stands on its own and it was wonderful and there has never been or will ever be again a time period like that. the Circumstances were singular and unique. The music is ingrained in our lives. You can not separate them. There are those who might find nothing good about the music industry but what the 50s and 60s taught me was that the music had nothing to do with rotten crap that also went on in those decades. Some can not separate music from its environment. I saw Jehovah’s witnesses (JWs) make this mistake. the music was to blame for all the world’s evils. the short sightedness of JWs had nothing to do with their floundering. It was all the devil’s fault and none of theirs. All religion of that time (the 80s) were like the JWs. and it alienated kids and destroyed credibility of those religions. Music is just music. And it was wonderful. Some can’t properly distinguish the good from the bad and make a distinction. Some like everything black and white with no shades of gray allowed. I don’t care for that all or nothing mentality. That is why I do not get along with other religions, because they seem to like being stupid about things. I would prefer to learn something from it all. But that’s just me 😉

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