June 22nd, 2016.

Updated June 24th-The Votes are being counted.

1.15 am GMT the leave campaign appears poised for victory although it is far too early to be definitive.

The British pound is plunging on world markets as the bankers taste a devastating, generational defeat.

The leave campaign are now leading the remain campaign by 180 thousand votes of the 2 and a half million counted!

The trend is becoming clear.

The coverage from the ABC was like all that they do, utterly professional and completely impartial.  On the back of a single exit poll predicting a 52-48 result in favor of remain the ABC began to move on, accepting the remain victory as a fait a compli!!

Several hours later and it is beginning to look somewhat grim for the ABC and all the other poodles.

The Doomed Factotum.

Cameron’s fate was sealed the day he caved and announced the referendum as this was an unthinkable act of weakness on the part of someone who knows perfectly well that his job is to con the people on behalf of the elite.

UKIP were experiencing a brief and rare bout of popularity and so for some mad reason Cameron made the completely unacceptable (to his owners) decision to hold the referendum and now events are spinning out of control, with a leave vote maintaining a consistent lead of tens of thousands for several hours.

The latest count has leave leading by 50,000 votes with a total of 612,000 votes to 561,000 with leave recording 52% of the vote but only around five percent of the constituencies have returned their results thus far.

I just refreshed the page and the count is now leave on 798 thousand 105 thousand ahead of remain at 693000

This is beginning to look like a trend and leave is now at 54% of the vote!!!

Oh dear.

Over at the BBC things are even worse with leave being quoted at 1.;1 million votes against Remain’s 960,000.

This may be remembered as the day the New World order project reached began to crash.

3.00 GMT and it is too early to call but according to the Guardian, the Leave vote is leading 51/49 which at this stage of the count amounts to a lead of 440, 000 votes and only 144 of 382 stations still to report.

At the BBC  the Leave campaign are leading 10,539 ooo to 10,066 000 with 123 left to declare.  So 69% have been counted Remain may still prevail but it is becoming difficult and improbable and the despair is palpable.

There will probably be major tantrums from the banker media and the markets themselves in response to this setback. The Britihs currency will be punished for the transgression against the global order, it seems.

3.20 GMT. With 113 constituencies left to report the Leave lead is now at more than 600,000. The trend is clear with more than two thirds of the votes counted, Leave is scoring 51.5% of the vote. The margin is still slim enough for the result to change but with 269 of 382 reporting we are seeing a solid nationwide trend towards a victory for the Leave campaign.

3.30 GMT Leave is now surging to victory it is perfectly clear. The Leave lead has now reached 850,000 votes with only 107 of the 382 stations left to report. The count is almost at the 75% of stations stage and the trend is strong and solid now. Almost impossible to see the the Remain campaign winning now.

3.35 GMT the Leave lead has jumped to 850,000 with only 87 stations left to report. Almost 80% have now been counted. I can feel the crimson rage of the secret rulers. This ranks right up there with the Crimea operation and the entrance of the Russian Air Force in Syria as the most upsetting things to have happened to the Western elite in recent years.

The reaction is going to be absolutely priceless.

3.42 GMT Major British TV station ITV have declared that the Leave campaign has won the plebiscite. The Leave lead has shrunk to 820,000. The result is 52/48. More than 80% counted. Game over?

3.46 BBC called it! Leave has won. The scions of the New World order will be puce with rage. The political career of the British Prime Minister David Cameron will be counted in days and weeks.

3.53 GMT. It is done. The pound has fallen to it’s lowest level against the dollar since 1985! The pound also fell as much as 6.5% against the Euro. Astonishingly the Japanese index the Nikkei has suffered a 7% fall, it’s largest since the Fukushima disaster. (Source)

4.10 GMT Simon Godfrey writes in the Guardian

There’s a state of shock in the City(City of London– the finance district) this morning, as investors digest the news that Britain appears to have voted to leave the European Union.”

Indeed, you ungrateful bastards! We fake killed Jo Cox for nothing thanks to you heartless cads!

4.16 GMT Cameron and his Treasurer the possibly even more wretched George Osbourne are both finished according to ITV quoting “Senior Tory sources.”

“Cameron and Osborne are finished. There will be a “dignified exit” say senior Tories. “Not immediate”.

2:02 PM – 24 Jun 2016 (Source)


On the 23rd of June the citizens of the UK are going to vote in a plebiscite to determine whether Britain remains in the European Union.

While there are many complex and difficult questions in this world, this is not one of them.

The people who are calling for Britain to remain in the EU are either sell outs operating on behalf of the bankers, or the simple minded, enfeebled fools duped by these same bankers puppets.

If nothing else this process has served the purpose of accurately identifying a large proportion of the sell-outs and tools of globalism. Whatever happens do not forget who they are and if you value liberty and the truth never ever listen to anything they say on any issue of public policy. Ever.

The arguments in support of the remain campaign have plumbed the depths of depravity in their dishonesty and that is without bringing the Jo Cox psyop into consideration.

A realistic view of the UK would note that given that Britain is in possession of both nuclear weapons and a seat on the UN Security Council the idea that Britain’s security depends on the EU is akin to an April Fools joke.

The crap the remain people have tried to conjure up to scare people to stay in the EU has often been highly comedic. The letter 250 British celebrities signed and the Guardian published contained some real gems such as :

“From the smallest gallery to the biggest blockbuster, many of us have worked on projects that would never have happened without vital EU funding or by collaborating across borders.”

These dolts and con artists appear to be suggesting that British actors will suddenly be prevented form “collaborating across borders” if the UK leaves the EU.  Another statement that would be more appropriate on April the 1st.

In a similar vein, as  the BBC aired yesterday I noted one remain tweeter referred to leaving the EU as a “leap into the dark unknown” or words to that effect.

You would think that Britain had been a member for 400 rather than 40 something years judging from that utter tosh and this nonsense is all the remain camp have to offer.

These low tactics are  largely a retread of the bankrupt tropes inflicted upon the people of Scotland two years ago but whereas Scotland’s small size made these scare tactics semi-credible, when transferred to Britain and the EU they are simply shite.

Managed Process.

If the people vote to leave the EU the vote will not necessarily be binding upon the UK Parliament and given the history of the rejection of the will of the people when it becomes an obstacle to the EU project, with the Irish referendum a prime example, however a vote to leave the EU will make it extremely difficult for the politicians to ignore the will of the people.


In 2016 the European Union believes that it has the right to impose immigration quotas upon the member states.

Leading EU figures have promoted the trafficking of economic migrants into Europe, in August 2015 the German Chancellor stated that all economic migrants were welcome in Europe and the Brussels technocrats then sought to impose this decision upon all the member states without pausing for a second to consider the wishes or interests of their constituents. Just to make sure that everyone understood the seriousness of the project the EU even threatened to FINE NATIONS that refused to fulfill the EU dictated quota.

Certain elements have promoted an hysterical response to the economic migrants and hyped the threat they represent, which is negligible but that is not the point. The interest of the people the EU is supposed to serve were simply ignored showing that the EU Charter and the notion that the EU is a democratic institution is empty rhetoric that bears no relation to reality.

It is perfectly clear that the powers running the EU see the people they are supposed to serve as merely a means to an end, their will a nuisance that must be dealt with. The economic and cultural interests of the people are a complete irrelevance.

Behind the civilised veneer the EU project is an obvious and premeditated attack upon the sovereignty of the people of Europe. The Bankers in the City of London, Frankfurt and the other financial hubs simply decided that it would be in their interest to gradually phase out national governments and replace them with a centralised authority managed by technocrats.

But isn’t Westminster the same?

The fact that the government of Britain was and is banker controlled is somewhat besides the point, the bankers puppets in Westminster can be removed, the Brussels puppets rule will be permanent and untouchable. That is the whole point of the project.  That is why Britain must Brexit.

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  1. This video is short in time, but huge on impact:
    Black Pigeon Speaks
    BREXIT: The Banks, Establishment and Corporations are FEARFUL

  2. Sadly, sooner or later we all come under control of then enslavers. Satan wants to force just 2 choices on us and make choice painful and the other one very scary. Pick God and tell Lucifer to go to hell.

  3. Hey James –

    Nice article!!! Just thought you might be interested in this machine translation of a Dutch news story about the guy who tried to save Jo Cox.

    “BREAKING: helper Jo Cox, 77 -year-old man named Bernard Kenny passed away in 2013

    Filed in NEWS ANALYSIS by Martin Vrijland on June 20, 2016

    The 77 -year-old retired man Jo Cox would have helped according to testify against the attack of Thomas Mair , already appears to be deceased in 2013 . This is apparent from an obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post . The best man can never have been on the scene of the accident . The myth of the saving hero is thus pierced at 1x . The myth of the murder of Jo Cox is thus also pierced.

    Mr. Bernard Kenny would have been an ex- miner who would be in good condition and swimming every day . He was already a hero , because in 1973 he had been involved in a rescue operation in Lofthouse Colliery mine in West Yorkshire in England. Mr. Kenny would after his heroic act and attempt to save Jo Cox , were wounded and evacuated to a hospital in Leeds. But what now appears (and probably you will not even believe this, because it does not come from the mainstream media ) ? These Bernard Kenny is already deceased on January 21 , 2013. The following ad speaks for itself. Mr. Kenny now would indeed probably have been 77 , assuming that his birthday would have set the date of the alleged murder of Jo Cox. How likely is it that someone with the same name and the same age , from the same place?

    This is hard evidence that the murder of Jo Cox is a hoax. Earlier evidence I reviewed all here, here and here. It is fully put in scene , which now appears clear from the fact that a hero character was invented in the form of an old miners hero . Unfortunately, now comes out that this man already no longer alive . This hoax bubble has been punctured !”

    Definitely time to Brexit when dead people are “saving” live ones…

  4. Oh you do make me laugh. Zip of a read, distilling the nuggets. Mockery – a sturdy upsetter. Like to believe Brexit would be a move ahead. Mostly, messages to others in their respective states. Not convinced plan A or B from empire’s elites position exist. At least in overly “necessarily preferring” terms. Close enough to fraud-over or perhaps allow a negligible majority to vote leave. Then on this basis, declare ‘too close’ to enact. Out but – not-so quick/if at all, would at least include, the growing realisation for many who haven’t yet sussed, we’re more trapped than believed.

    Likely the enemy is more vulnerable to difficulties with an exit – so on that basis/votes-go – and so, “cheers”. My suspicion with this close a call, ‘those behind Brussels’ will chose the outcome? Not read of the ease or otherwise for fraud in this particular vote but mixing postal votes in before counting etc in Scotland, shows they wanted that swung, the way went. And presumably with this wider referendum in mind.

    Wiser heads than me, suggest the unravelling of NATO and more… one more UP/if/out. Regardless of the literal dilly-dallying in untangling of UK and EU. Although EU-Brussels held structures dismantled, would be the likely out-outcome and one step NWO backwards… (Another “shout-out”).

    The economies are sitting ready for a crashing push if they don’t topple unstoppable. And if necessary used to cause a post-instigated, financial-crashing, backlash. Escalation of situation in the who-knows-what about Trump? Yesterday watching some economic warning talk, consider ‘civil emergencies’ this year, looking all but…

    The ‘message’ from leave: “We have a collectivist hope. A big and better Govt. Pleas. Our solutions are global… therefore…” OK James, after reading your article I can feel the shallow on this but think it is about, an ethereal desperation. A hoping and sort of willing the ‘conspiracy theories’ to be exaggerated. Wrong. Raw psychology over policy – or, if you like, ‘politics’. A view of love and harmony with means-well intentions: IF..? “We can all hold hands and come together”?

    But sadly ‘we’ rightly contend this is a Disney-like dream, constructed on houses of horror. In the back-room are people who so hate us all.

    Borders coming down is obviously – if ‘remain’ – what will bring the fight to the streets and the unveiling of ‘nations in a state’. We need unity in whatever diversity best held and inhabiting together. But not organised by those who see the world as their zoo.

    So those unprepared-to-wake have left the vote too close to remain to fix otherwise, the likely but pray, I’m wrong. About to gallop off into “we’re leaving – deal with it” – Jo Cox? A suspicious post-Orlando – who knows what?

    Socialism but not awake is being exposed through all this. Which their arch-critique Peter Hitchens says, is taking a step of faith in those, ‘obtain(ing) office for the Sons of Gentlemen is now & always has been mainstay of Tory Party. No beliefs at all. Will do anything.’ Let’s, H-word again, many will wake up Friday feeling it’s time to… well, ‘wake-up’. Hope is prolonged enough. We need more to become the hope.

    • Many thanks Mark. The vote may well be rigged as you imply but there is n point worrying about that before it happens. That is one of my suspicions regarding the Jo COx incident, it was staged so as to create a narrative that would make it easier for them to rig. It is very hard to rig a vote if the margin is ten points as it was in one of the polls at that time. Thanks for commenting.

  5. 100% hoax Jo cox murder video of family smirking and laughing at the funeral not only that asking for donations for support of victim conning the public of money from there scams disgusting

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