Syria Launches Russian Backed Ground Offensive.

Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)
Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)

October 8th, 2015.

Syria Launches Ground Offensive in Idlib and Hama backed by Russian air support.

Syrian troops have launched a major offensive against foreign backed jihadist fighters in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

For the Russian entrance into the Syrian war to be a success, this must work. This is the “moment of truth”  for this entire enterprise.

If the Syrian Army and allies cannot achieve significant gains in these newly favourable circumstances it is hard to imagine them being able to achieve anything more in this war. The game will be up.

This is going to be a very difficult period militarily and politically as there is little doubt that many civilians will die in these ensuing ground battles. There is going to be a lot of suffering for people on the ground.

This was made obvious by the thousands of leaflets dropped over the areas of the offensive in recent days warning residents to leave.

Syrian military throws leaflets for local residents on the territory where the army plans offensive

Similar leaflet drops are frequently used by Israel and the US to essentially enable them to blame the victims of their military operations for the consequences of these operations on the civilian population.

Airborne leaflet propaganda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After an area is leveled and people are massacred, they say “We dropped leaflets, we warned them”

Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.
Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.

The Naval Attack.

Today Russian Navy vessels also launched missile attacks on jihadist positions in Syria, from the Caspian sea.

Russia: Russian warships launch first anti-IS strikes

TOW’s still available.

It was discovered that the jihadists fighting in Syria are still in possession of the generally devastatingly effective TOW missiles, but they had a rare failure. I have never seen that happen before.

Syria: Saved by a Post: NDF T-55 Saved from an BGM-71 TOW

Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.
Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.

Close Air Support.

The Russian military are flying close air support for the Syrian Army using Mi 24 attack helicopters.

It is extremely likely that these forces will suffer casualties. Some of the video shows the helicopters flying so low that they look like cars.

Syria: RuAF Mi-24s Providing CAS During SAA Hama Operations

Russian MI-24 Hind Helicopters In Action Over Syria

The US is still flying combat sorties in Syria and launching their half-baked attacks against lone IS vehicles. This means that the bright idea of members of the war party to arm the jihadists fighting in Syria with anti-aircraft weapons to use against Russian jets is a complete non-starter. The provision of such weapons might lead to the loss of US aircraft and pilots but they could provide the rebels with weapons that are able to destroy a helicopter but that lack the range to strike a jet fighter flying at altitude.

The US Defense Secretary Complains about al Qaeda being bombed.

It was shocking to hear Deutsche Weller brazenly describe al Qaeda in Syria as “moderate opposition” but to  hear the Secretary of Defense for the United States Ashton Carter actually complain that Russia was striking targets in Syria “other than ISIS” was a stunning new low.

US says won’t cooperate militarily with Russia in Syria | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The second largest terror group operating in Syria are the al Nusra front or al Qaeda in Syria.

Al Nusra have committed mass murder on many occasions. The UN documented that al Nusra fighters conducted a false flag Sarin gas attack in Khan al Assal in April 2013 that left dozens of civilians dead.

UN’s Del Ponte says evidence Syria rebels ‘used sarin’ – BBC News

When the UN was about to arrive and begin the on the ground investigation the al Nusra front returned to Khan al Assal and murdered three hundred civilians in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Khan al-Assal massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The al Nusra front are a proscribed terrorist group in the United Nations. Anyone who protests against them being attacked is offering rhetorical support for terrorists it is that simple.

When did it become okay for the United States to have a pro-terror Defense Secretary?

Ashton Carter’s whining on behalf of the al Nusra front is nothing less than an act of overt treachery against the United States and the West.

I must be confused as I thought it was the job of this piece of filth to actually PROTECT the people of the United States from the likes of al Qaeda not to protest when they are attacked.

If he had an iota of respect or dignity he would resign.

How on earth do these people think they are going to evade responsibility for their actions?

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Oct. 8, 2015

Syria: Assad’s ground troops launch offensive against IS in Hama and Idlib

Syria: Syrian military release Hamah military operation footage

Russian Helicopters Provide Support For The Syrian Army Near The Village Of Kafr Nabouda In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24Ps Engage Militants Near Kafr Nabudah In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24P Attack Helicopters Provide Close Air Support For SAA Near Kafr Nabudah Hama

Syria: Russian airstrikes hit ISIS fuel depot

Huge explosions as Russia allegedly strikes Hama region, Syria

Syria: RuAF Mi-24P VS Jihadist in Salma, Latakia

Syria: RuAF Mi-24Ps Providing CAS near Kafr Nabudah, Hama

Combat Cam: Russian jets smash ISIS command post, fuel depot & fortifications

Удар по укрепленным позициям отряда ИГИЛ в р-не ТАМАНА

Авиаудар по КП бандформирования ИГИЛ на окраине ТАМАНА

International Military Review – Syria, Oct 7, 2015

Illuminati/U.S. Bombing Civilians & Blaming Putin/Assad – Unbelievable Propaganda [MUST SEE]

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  1. In all this I read and hope Russia is truly becoming a distinctively independent voice and force. Certainly US fronting-Globalist hegemony isn’t finding tentative resistance from its assumed partners easy to spin and turn. Somewhere along the line reason allows counter-maneuvers, from what sense remains, among so-called people’s leadership. Historical geopolitical lies are undermining or at least slowing down courses of action, once easier to achieve. It’s the wheat and tares dividing some, whilst the pulling together is with less and less foundation. Straight faces on t.v. blow and blow into the bubble of bullshit about Assad and Putin. Hollow sounding confidence is kept up with mental gymnastics or sheer evil hubris.

    I’m certain the plan is to have us increasingly accept the con, to be able to be told ‘these leaders’ – have to – deceive because we cannot be trusted to know, some not-party-to info or underlying overall thinking. This, they might maintain, is only them doing what is necessary. That, or blackmail, or they converted to an ideologue of hate, fate, oh – and/or, incapacitating fear. They might not all go to jail for their actions, come a new day for humanity, either way: “we call you to repent”. And all the journos in their sins of omission, which Orwell called, ‘the most powerful form of lie’.

    From my understanding of the myth that I believe is true: they’re intent on gaining our acquiescence through to worship. They want us to follow them and beg to be destroyed. This is their way, their religion. They want to be the creator, (there be madness), be given praise, and have us fall at their feet. All the while driven by unseen, unplanned and unwanted entities gone rogue. And some on a different loon, just bow to them beasts of the air, believing some convoluted theology, smug in seeing supernatural tricks, this their privilege – asserting people like me… us, are mistaken.

    Oh for, and yes to, the mental damns cracking and breaking. These posts aren’t lost in a digital swamp. They’re strong lights, full-beam on.

    Whilst we can – God-willing for as long as – these crime reports form a compendium of accessible history, through a word-search, a link, an email to point, substance for a conservation. For ones like me, prayer.

    The Orwell quote ends with ‘…and it is the duty of the historian to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books’.

    Not happening, with all our might…


      • Well thanks in part, and much, to you that is. My comments on CoE at times, publicly demonstrate this, one or two spelling out vision and getting affirmation. May others take yours and other pioneer’s sparks and set up their own campfire. Their own ways and whatsoevers. If it seems too much, comment like you are. It’s not a competition, it’s more better. We all could – do em. Something? Sound, graphics, phone-film, self-expression any ol’ how. DIY out of going on and on watching top of the pops eh.
        I take your point though. Distractions…
        Thank you James

      • Thank you Mark, that may not have been expressed correctly by myself. I was reflecting on the fact that I used to leave comments on Aangrifan for example all the time and after I started this it was less regular but for no sinister reason, so I was sort of pointlessly saying that please do not feel any expectation to continue commenting regularly here as I understand the situation from the other side. Many thanks for your comment, I always thought you were helping me, if it was reciprocated in some way that is great.

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