the Dallas Police Shootings.

This photograph depicts Dallas police taking cover from the claimed snipers. Is this a realistic defensive cover position against a sniper in an elevated position? Highly reminscient of the ridiculous police response to the Ottawa hoax.
This photograph depicts Dallas police taking cover from the claimed snipers. Is this a realistic defensive cover position against a sniper in an ELEVATED POSITION? Highly reminiscent of the ridiculous police response to the Ottawa hoax.
The photo that the Dallas police department tweeted before they even reported the event had taken place.
The photo of Mark Hughes that the Dallas police department tweeted before they even reported the event had taken place. It makes perfect sense for a man planning a covert terrorist operation to walk down main street carrying a weapon and wearing camouflage. Hughes has now been cleared of involvement in the Dallas event.

July 8th, 2016.

Dallas Police Shooting- Psychological warfare resumes in the US less than a month after Orlando.

The Story.

The story here is that towards the end of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) led rally, a number of snipers opened fire and that five members of the Dallas police department are dead. along with another seven wounded.

It is being reported that three supposed attackers are in custody including one female. It is being claimed that the shooting is ongoing and that a fourth gunman who has claimed that “the End is Coming” shot himself when cornered.

It is absolutely obvious on minute one of day one that the event is not authentic, and while there does remain a possibility of some kind of false flag attack at first sight the event is just another infantile psy-op from the lying and tyrannical forces running the US from the shadows and there is an overwhelming likelihood that in the days and weeks that follow, the Dallas event will emerge to have been simply another drill sold as a live event.

Initial Anomalies.

In order to get a sense of the timeline of these events, I visited the Dallas Police Department twitter account .

The DPD twitter feed was initially providing a run down of the anti police violence protest that was taking place in downtown Dallas. There was no drama and no reports of any trouble at all. Then the police twitter account jumps from absolutely nothing happening to a photograph of a supposed suspect asking people for help finding the guy.

Think about that one fact. The police skipped over the whole “what the hell is going on?” phase, skipped through warning people to stay out of the area and opened up with a photograph of a suspect.

That is absolutely ludicrous. Before the police had even reported what had happened they had magically obtained a clear photograph of the suspect and this single fact alone means that the notoriously corrupt Dallas police are suddenly clairvoyant or it is all a lie.

Even better than that were the specific details of the photograph, as the photograph that appeared in the very first DPD tweet was of a black man wearing CAMOUFLAGE.

There are many other anomalies around this event.

The Dallas Police describe themselves as coming under attack by several gunmen perched in or near the roof of tall buildings, yet the early footage includes what is purported to be a police officer being shot at close range.

USA: Dallas Mayor and Police Chief hold presser on sniper shootings

This is the footage that should end all doubt about this event but the footage does not appear to be authentic, it looks more like a special effect we are seeing rather than real gunfire and it conflicts with the sniper narrative.

The moment of the death of a US police officer during an exchange of fire in Dallas

Dallas suspect caught on camera while engaging in firefight with police

“Spark Hits” used in Dallas Cop Shooting

Spark Hits Demonstration

No sparks at all here.

SKS vs concrete pads

The Dallas events comes at a time of heightened tension in the US related to the recent deaths at the hands of the police of African-American males Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is a most concerning psy-op as it appears almost as though the managers of the US are beginning to engineer severe chaos within the US.

The Alton Sterling killing.

GRAPHIC: Shocking video of police killing Alton Sterling sparks protests, outrage

Second cell phone video of Alton Sterling killing (Graphic content and language)

Alton Sterling was apparently selling CD”s and/or DVD’s on the street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before being accosted by police and shot numerous times after police perceived him as a threat despite two police being on top of him at the time.

There are several videos of this event, it seems completely authentic, especially when Mr. Sterling has been shot and  he starts convulsing, like a death rattle.  All the available evidence shows they are nowhere near that good.

The Killing of Philando Castile.

We are told Philando Castile was killed after a misunderstanding during a routine traffic stop led to him being shot four times, presumably because the policeman who killed him thought he was reaching for a weapon.

There are a number of very strange anomalies around the killing of Philando Castile. We are told that the Philando Castile killing was filmed by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds,the Diamond Reynolds video is very hard to believe because Diamond Reynolds is allowed to keep using her phone and filming herself long after she has been arrested by the police. She is in custody making a video and that makes absolutely no sense at all.


In addition the photograph that purports to show Castile after his death shows blood all over the front of his shirt but no sign of any bullet hole.

A briliant acting performance but the clowns from costuming ruined the scam. They forgot to make a hole in the shiort Philando was wearing as he was "shot" in the upper body "Live on Facebook."
A brilliant acting performance but the clowns from costuming ruined the scam. They forgot to make a hole in the shirt Philando was wearing as he was “shot” in the upper body “Live on Facebook.”

It seems totally counter-intuitive to think that the Deep State would stage a fake “racist” police killing but there have n some very strange ones before, a small percentage of the total of course.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter are a false flag, joke organisation, a Soros funded rent a crowd surrounded by the odd genuine dupe, but the obvious thing to an outside observer is that by making the issue a racial one rather than focusing on the endemic corruption and brutality of many US police forces they are letting the police off the hook and act as an insurance policy for the police state and as a side gig promote the strategy of tension in the US.

They aren’t some “out there” rebels, they are clowns and dupes who, whether they know it or not are in the service of the forces of tyranny.

The actions of the US police are more frequently targeted towards blacks and Hispanics but they also focus primarily on the impoverished and socially vulnerable.

There have been numerous well documented horrendous actions by the US police against Caucasians. I remember the completely harmless mentally ill drifter choked to death in the gas station car park. I remember the homeless man living alone on a hill who threatened no-one but was attacked by a squad of militarised police with automatic weapons because he was holding a knife. He was nowhere near any of the police and made no move towards them. The truth is that an insane and fascist mentality has been inculcated in them for decades. They are trained to see everyone as a threat and to believe they have the right to use deadly force at the mere perception of threat, however baseless.

Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

Cop shoots, kills homeless man seconds after arriving

Justified shooting? Police fired 45 rounds into homeless man, newly-public dashcam footage shows

Kelly Thomas Beating Video

The system supports this. All any police officer has to say is that he perceived a threat and the killing will be adjudged to be legal and justified.

The target was running away? The target was unarmed?

These are unimportant details as long as the officer can claim he felt threatened the killing will be deemed legal.

These wicked policies are directed more often at African-Americans and Hispanics but they are applied to all who come to the negative attention of the police.

Therefore Black Lives Matter are completely misdiagnosing the problem.  The racism is merely a secondary symptom  of the real problem, the fascist nature of the US security state from top to bottom.

Given that black America is only around 12% of the population and racial divisions are easily reawakened, any movement that seeks to oppose the fascism of the security state from an Afro-centric point of view is doomed to failure, doomed to alienate a large proportion of the population and that is presumably one of the core reasons that an oligarch such as George Soros supports Black Lives Matter and also explains why the group were invited to the White House. Soros and Obama are CIA assets and Black lives Matter is a subsidiary, the group are a project of the security state designed to fracture opposition to their brutal and fascistic actions.

This type of social engineering has been one of the CIA major domestic areas of operation in the US for many decades.

It must be remembered that the police state craves armed opposition, hence it’s invention of a succession of fictitious enemies. The poisonous culture of the US security complex must be dismantled piece by piece, through reasoning and argument. Any and all attempts to oppose the security forces with arms will merely boost support for the sick and corrupt prevailing mindset.

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  1. Hey James –

    First thing that bothered me about the Castile video was that she mentions her kid once during her rant in the car but then never again till she gets out. She just sits there yelling about her BF. Wouldn’t a mother be far more concerned about her child?? Yes, if he was shot her anger would be warranted, but still it seems the instinct to protect ones child would kick into overdrive??

    Obama came out with “there can be no justification for this…” OK, so when its cops he’s all upset but civilians – eh, not so much.

    Check out this video I saw yesterday – it really was a great way of showing the total FAKE news these days:

    D.C. Actors Studio Skit of Gunman Reveals They Study Fake Shootings

    • Thanks silver palomino, I felt rather mad claiming the Castile video seemed wrong so I am very pleased that others have seen problems with that footage. Watching it again the guy playing the cop is a terrible actor, the girl never suggests that the cop call an ambulance, has no interest in getting the dying boyfriend assistance. How I See the World is a great channel, thanks for the link and for commenting.

  2. I just don’t look this way straight-off. As soon as I saw your email/post notification my heart sank. Had thought, so here we go again; suspect falsely engineered but not full-psy-op act? Somehow, don’t want to deal with any more suspected deception, more awkwardness at the attention. (As if I have anyone much looking or caring). More watching, a watching world yawn – and turn channels.

    Came in from a short prayer-walk. Had happe’d upon two verses, Amos and ‘whole communities captured’ and Jesus on ‘eating/drinking, as in days of Noah’. I dunno… is the wide and deep mental imprisonment – capturing, tailored to social/cultural communities; ‘with the principalities, with the authorities’ – more upsetting, than the ‘here-we-go-kick-off’ outcomes of this ‘event’?

    Initially assumed, at least most-probable, manufactured but causalities as – believed – in previous ‘attacks’ yet, have still not read or seen this confirmed about those other big-news stories. So now here?

    This morning/on Tap, wrote about suspected agitators, bragging some stupidity, that included; ‘Must be hordes of justifiable or otherwise angry, ripe for the take and care-not, up for making some money and destruction. Genuine or not, re the above, pray they go too-open and get caught. Perilous divide-up all this. All we (don’t)need now is a UK race-bait. But how can we not believe – next? Most real-time madness I ever witnessed was all the – for once – mass of trolls, amping up the racism on youtube last-time. No censorship and barely an opposing voice. And actually v.few/virtually no, independent clips. Mobiles catching the false-flagging is important and platforms able to broadcast’.

    Have they got caught here? And then – what level of obvious will it take, to blow the masses-lid? One final… the lack of subsequent people so vehemently protesting at your and others, “outrageous and categorically false claims”? Leave Dallas aside/ for now. The many killed and the 100’s of loved ones? Wouldn’t at least some-ones, write or broadcast, the most vehement cries to set the record straight?

    • Thanks Mark, the comments I saw on youtube yesterday were astonishing, the entire war on terror narrative suddenly transferred to black America, “We have got to go in there and get them all” etc. As far as obviousness goes, these operations are improving and this event has been and will be accepted by almost all. As far as setting the record straight, it is highly unlikely those people would come across an obscure blog such as this one, I am prepared to be wrong, may well be wrong but all that I observed here appeared to be a drill sold as a real event, obviously for many people on the ground it was real, they hear the gunfire and react as anyone would. Thanks again for commenting.

  3. Another hoax pure Hollywood and that’s not to say they don’t do real killings but I think it disgusting the system and some organisations are playing dirty tricks with peoples lives and emotions like this for some fu+kup agenda

    • Thanks v, I think you summed it up very well “playing dirty tricks with peoples lives and emotions like this for some fu+kup agenda”I did see a pretty good deconstruction of the supposed video of the police killing. Thanks for commenting.
      BUSTED! Case of the Fake Bullet SPARKS! Dallas Police Shooting

  4. One of the giveaways is when police are hiding behind cars to avoid gunfire and cameramen are standing around, seemingly safe from attack by the gunman.

    The original feed from fox tv was basically filming nothing. Yet the cameraman felt the need to zoom in and out constantly at cop cars and lights to give the impression he was at a chaotic scene.

  5. During the press conference of the chief of police, David Brown, you could feel something strange going on, as now and again he would be interrupted by the mayor of the city.

    Every alternative news is already talking about a false-flag operation. I wonder why?

    • Thanks Jorge, I have been very puzzled by what is coming out of the big sites recently. One site that I have been a fan of for years, had an article the other day by the head guy saying that Soros is a wonderful person and Hillary is a hero fighting the Neocons!! One of their funny little games is to try and claim that a US government staged event was a real Israeli false flag attack. Thanks for commenting.

  6. There definitely those whose activities and goals while working inside, and behind the scenes of, the US government and other areas are against America and Americans.

    “The former FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, said of the Communist goals:

    “Communists seek to advance the cause of communism by injecting themselves into racial situations and in exploiting them, (1) to intensify the frictions between Negroes and Whites to ‘prove’ that discrimination against the minorities is an inherent defect of the capitalistic system, (2) to foster domestic disunity by dividing Negroes and Whites into antagonistic, warring factions, (3) to undermine and destroy established authority, (4) to incite racial strife and riotous activity, and (6) to portray the Communist movement as the ‘champion’ of social protest and the only force capable of ameliorating the conditions of the Negro and the oppressed.”

    Also, Some of those goals are long-standing and pursued according to controlled, but evolving plans.

    We can see that from an article about an old now-dead “British” pedo named Greville Janner:

  7. You know, I have been hearing about these various things for 2 or 3 days now. I had not paid any attention to them, as they are now a daily event. And they all sound contrived. I wondered if these were real or not. I had been too busy. No hole in the shirt is interesting. Up close and personal this time.

    But there are things missing. Where are those adorable clownish crisis actors who can not remember their son’s name? Or a guy with his leg blown off and living and enduring for 20-30 minutes for help? Where has the entertainment gone? Maybe I just got spoiled with the clowns and fake gore. I’ve seen silly horror flicks that were more convincing. Or how about the guy with a 10 foot fake leg?

    But ya know, the challenge is in trying to see what the big guys are attempting to put over on us. There could be so many possibilities. There just isn’t enough to go on. I’m stumped.

    • Thanks truth1, these operations are improving with practice. The evidence needs to be amassed here, and that is beginning to happen and I think this video does a pretty good job of debunking the shooting incident we are being shown on video.
      BUSTED! Case of the Fake Bullet SPARKS! Dallas Police Shooting

      There are a couple of other ok videos to have emerged and I expect that this will multiply in the coming days.
      Dallas, TX Shooting Hoax July 7, 2016- A repeat of May 20, 2016 shooting hoax in Washington D C

      Dallas Hoax – 100% Proof It Was Staged – 7/7/16 = 777

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Hey! I have a suggestion for the big wigs in power. How about a fake UFO Alien invasion? What? Already in the works? No way! Yes way? Do I get a writer’s fee and copyrights for the idea? No? Shot down again. I can’t get a break!

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