World War in Syria.

 TOS1 barrage in Latakia, western Syria, October 2015.
TOS1 barrage in Latakia, western Syria, October 2015.
TOS 1 barrage impacts in Latakia
TOS 1 barrage impacts in Latakia

October 23rd, 2015.

World War in Syria.

Recent developments have seen the Syrian war enter a new phase, during which the war has morphed from a proxy war into an open international conflict with the massive increase in Russian and Iranian involvement and the reported deployment of thousands of Iranian military forces to the new Russian backed Syrian Army ground offensive.

A deluge of new videos from the forces aligned with the Syrian Government is a reliable indicator that the three large interconnected military operations in Latakia (far west) , Homs/Hama/Idlib (central)  and Aleppo (north-west) are beginning to achieve their goals.

The north-western offensive is being conducted by a claimed 60,000 troops from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon,  Afghanistan and Russia. They are throwing everything at this situation in a massive show of will and force.

If the three thousand Iranian Revolutionary Guards are not enough, they will send thousands more, if the 1500 Hezbollah fighters are not enough they will send more. At this point the entire Revolutionary Guard could be wiped out and they would raise and send another. It is a matter of pride and principle.

This has now become a power struggle with implications far beyond the future of Syria.

South Front video still shows the majorarea of the offensive in Latakia, Homs/Hama and Aleppo.
South Front video still shows the major area of the offensive in Latakia, Homs/Hama and Aleppo.

Why is this happening?

It is worth asking why these events are taking place. Why are people killing each other in Syria?

The Causes and reasons for the Syrian war.

A power struggle between different international factions.

What is happening in Syria is a multi-layered power struggle between different factions within the Middle East and the world.

The first faction, the faction who initiated the armed conflict in Syria in order to pursue their geopolitical goals are represented by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and the United States.

Faction 2 is the traditional Axis of Resistance, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran, plus Iraq and Russia.

The prime motivation for Faction 1 to start a war in Syria was an attempt to counter growing Iranian influence in the region.

The toppling of the Iraqi government by the US and allies in the criminal war that started in 2003 saw the moderate Sunni autocrat replaced with a leadership in Iraq that is Shia and both allied with and heavily supported by Iran.

This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The
This shot taken from a videocalled entry into Kvrenbaudh appears to show a Russian advisor and two Iranian IRGC members poring over a map f Latakia. The “Russian” has European features and he is smoking, the Revolutionary Guard are easily recognisable.

Hezbollah and their allies also became the strongest party in Lebanon meaning that Iran had a land bridge of allies between the Afghanistan border and the Mediterranean sea to the West.

The removal of Iranian influence and the destruction of the Government of Iran was a long-term but extremely difficult goal, (one that was ultimately unattainable it seems), so they turned to Syria as the weakest link in the group of Iranian allies in the region.

When protests began in Syria,  they were announced  and organised  outside Syria,

Dissidents Call for ‘Day of Rage’ in Syria

“Syrian security officers were deployed outside parliament Friday to guard against possible anti-government demonstrations, but by early afternoon, no protesters had gathered.

Campaigns on Facebook had called for a day of “anger” in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Friday and Saturday.

One page, titled “The Syrian Revolution 2011,” has drawn nearly 15,000 virtual fans. The group, which according to news reports was set up by Syrians living abroad.”

At the same time snipers were inserted into Syria in order to target and provoke both sides and foment armed conflict, a classic and well-worn CIA tactic later used successfully in Ukraine.

Footage of Snipers in Syria

Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability

Later thousands of armed men were inserted into Syria along with a massive amount of weaponry.

This is why there is a war in Syria. When the protests in Bahrain were suppressed and the Saudi military entered Bahrain to assist in their suppression, the West supported these efforts as there is an US Naval base in Bahrain and it is an ally.

In Syria insurgents and arms were funneled in to the country and this is the cause for the catastrophe in Syria.

The Syrian Government has many shortcomings and faults. Discontent in Syria was real, but without the outside assistance it is likely the Syrian protesters would have suffered the same fate of the Bahrain’s and been quietly suppressed and then forgotten.

Horiific wounds. Syrian insurgent has had his clothes burned and blown off.
Horrific wounds. Syrian insurgent has had his clothes burned and blown off.

Monumental Hubris and Callous Indifference.

When the conflict was still at a low-level with only 7,000 deaths, a representative of the Second faction, Russia sought to reach a political deal with the West to end the war.

This entreaty, in February 2012 was simply ignored by the West, who believed that success would be achieved on the battlefield so there was no need to make a compromise to end the war.

Two Hundred Thousand Deaths after West Ignored Russian offer to End Syrian War. | Crimes of Empire

Instead the supplies of arms and fighters increased massively.

The war party began to maneuver the US towards attacking Syria.

In August 2012 the US President declared an utterly nonsensical “red line” that the US would attack Syria if they used chemical weapons .

Obama issues Syria a ‘red line’ warning on chemical weapons – The Washington Post

The declaration was nonsensical because the Syrian Government made it clear many times that they would never use their chemical stockpile other than in response to an open invasion.

The jihadist proxies of Faction 1 began to conduct false flag massacres and chemical attacks.

In Khan al Assal they killed dozens in March 19th 2013 in a Sarin gas attack attempting to initiate the new war of conquest on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war..

The Western media tried to blame the Syrian Government. The Syrian Government invited the UN to investigate.

The UN investigation eventually concluded that the insurgents conducted the Khan al Assal Sarin massacre and a number of other chemical attacks..

“The United Nations Mission collected credible information that corroborates the allegations that chemical weapons were used in Khan Al Asal on 19 March 2013 against soldiers and civilians,” according to the final report “

UN/OPCW Final Report on the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.

UN says Syrian “rebels” used chemical weapons

The Western media simply ignored the report entirely.

When the UN investigators were about to arrive in Syria, the al Nusra front reentered Khan al Assal and murdered hundreds of the local civilians. In an attempt to destroy the witnesses to their sarin attack.

Within days of the UN arrival in Damascus, another, much larger false flag operation was conducted in the East Ghouta neighborhood of Damascus. Hundreds died, the US claimed thousands and came close to attacking Syria, within days before a representative of Faction 2, Russia came up with a face-saving solution where the innocent Syrian Government would rid themselves of chemical weapons implying responsibility.

In exchange the US did not attack Syria.

Following the failure of that plot. The insurgents lost heart and turned on one another, the next eighteen months saw a stalemate develop.

The US entered the Syrian war in September 2014, one year after intended and on the opposite side as intended..

The synthetic terror group ISIL/Daesh were the new pretext. The US largely left the local al Qaeda franchise alone , refused to cooperate with the Syrian state and achieved nothing.

Eventually the insurgents and their supporters regrouped, the dream of the US attacking the Syrian state remained under the guise of a no fly zone to be imposed on Northern Syria.

In fact the cretinous hell bound drones of the Western media were still attempting to push the chemical weapons lies right up until May 2015 when a creature named Peter Baker published this amusing little piece of trash in the New York Times

Traces of Chemicals in Syria Add to Pressure on Obama to Enforce a ‘Red Line’ – The New York Times

Demonstrating the determination of the War party along with their complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy

There is a reason soldiers are taught to fight behind cover. Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field.
Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field in Aleppo, October 2015. (Source)
There is a reason soldiers are taught to fight behind cover. Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field.
Insurgent RPG operator is instantly killed here by sniper fire as he raises his weapon in an open field in Aleppo, October 2015. (Source) .

Renewed Insurgency.

Support for the insurgents ebbed and flowed throughout the war depending on external circumstances.The interim Nuclear deal with Iran in April 2015 may have lent increased urgency to the effort.The complete victory of the insurgents in the crucial Idlib province saw the Syrian government heartland areas come under direct pressure. The SAA largely held their own in the South, Hezbollah were achieving grinding victory in the South West but the insurgents had greater momentum and the Syrian government seemed to lack the forces required to fight a complex multi front war.

The fall of Palmyra in central Syria saw the ISIL group extend their presence and control to the very centre of Syria, where they proceeded to vandalise and desecrate the Syrian and human cultural heritage like the Neo-Bolshevik ,mercenaries of Zion that they are.

Meanwhile, Russia, along with France and Germany, had managed to engineer a deal to end the Donbass war. The Ukraine side never honored the deal continuing to shell the Eastern areas but the Novorussian side remained firm in their ceasefire. The war was over and that was that.

At some point after the Minsk 2 agreement was reached, Russia decided to intervene in Syria to protect the naval base and other interests. Iran also agreed to send thousands of men and equipment to Syria.

The plot against Syria faced defeat.

The Russian Air Force embarked on a wide-ranging and devastating campaign against any and all insurgent groups in Syria.

Faction 1 increased their weapons supplies to the insurgents and complained loudly but they forgot that it is quite simply none of their business who comprises the Syrian Government.

The days of hegemony are over and now these people, like Ashton Carter and UK Defense Minister Phillip Hammond are revealed as unclothed emperors living in a state of acute delusion.

The reason for supporting Faction 2,  and  the escalation of the war with all of the suffering it will doubtless entail is that the war being fought by Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Syria is the war to end the Empire’s wars of conquest forever.

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 03. 2015

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 01. 2015

Su-34 performed strike against a plant, which produced explosive devices in Aleppo province

Russian Mi-24 helicopter Assist ‎SAA unites and pounce on hostiles

Syrian army operations Deir al-Zour


(More) Raw Footage of the Syrian-Russian Military Offensive and the Iraqi attack on ISIL leaders.

The Syrian Army Launch a rocket barrage in Hama at the start of their ground offensive, October 7th, 2015.
The Syrian Army Launch a rocket barrage in Hama at the start of their ground offensive, October 7th, 2015.

October 12th, 2015.

Syrian Army Makes Progresson multiple fronts.

MUST-SEE Syrian army offensive in Jobar, suburb of Damascus, filmed by Al-Qaeda terrorists

Syria: SAA/NDF Operations In South-West Aleppo: Part 1

Syria: SAA/NDF Operations In South-West Aleppo: Part 2

Russian Mi-24 Hind Helicopters Continue To Operate Over Hama

Syrian Arab Army – National Defense Forces & Hezbollah Operations in Northern Homs offensive in the surrounding villages of Al-Rastan & Talbisah.

Syria: SAA/NDF Operations In South-West Aleppo

Syria: Syrian Arab Army launches Homs attack

Syria: Army launch ground-offensive in Latakia following Russian sorties

“FSA” Attempt To Defend Kafarnabodah Against SAA Push Backed By RuAF

SCARY! Several Russian AF airstrikes hit ISIS terrorists held town in northern Homs, Syria

Syria: SAA/NDF/Hezbollah Operations in Northern Homs

Syria: Devastation caused by al-Nusra Front revealed after Syrian Army liberates villages

International Military Review – Syria, Oct. 15, 2015: Iran’s Attitude

Entry to Kvrenbaudh

Syria: SAA/NDF Operations in Salma, Latakia.

UNIQUE drone footage HD of Syrian airstrike against ISIS in Harasta, Syria

Syria: See fierce frontline action as Army advances near Damascus

Syrian army back by Russian air power makes significant gains

Under the cover of Russian airstrikes, SAA is storming ISIS / Al-Qaeda terrorist positions 12/10/15

Syria: Syrian Army ground forces advance in Hama province *GRAPHIC*

Syria: Syrian military releases explosive Latakia operation footage

International Military Review – Syria, Oct. 13, 2015: The US Strategy

Russian and Syrian air forces airstrikes against ISIS in Syria October 12, 2015

Syria: Exclusive footage of Syrian Army offensive in Latakia *GRAPHIC*

Syria: SAA/Hezbollah/RuAF Operations in Al-Ghab

Syrian army operations Al-Ghab Plain

Syria: SAA MRLS Strike in South Idlib. 10/12/15

Syria: Military kill, capture Jabhat al-Nusra militants in Atshan operation

غارات عنيفة من الطيران الحربي تستهدف مواقع ارهابيي جبهة ااالحربي تستهدف مواقع ارهابيي جبهة النصرة داخل
20 terrorist Al-Nusra Front Hama Killed

Report from the frontline where Syrian troops fighting ISIS (EXCLUSIVE)

ساعة إخبارية12-10-2015 لور خضور

Syria: Syrian Army recaptures Atshan village in Hama offensive

سيطرة الجيش العربي السوري على قرية عطشان بريف حماة
Syrian Army in Hama.

Syria: Battle for Daria rages as Syrian Army pushes forward

Moderate beheaders” watching their rival terroristic group getting hammered by Syrian Army

Air attacks are devastating foreign backed jihadist fighters.

Aftermath of Russian bombing on the headquarters of the Al-Qaeda affiliate Jaish al-Fatihin in Syria

Destruction of a huge ammunition depot, to the west of Jubb al-Zarus (Hama province)

Pinpoint strikes against workshops of militants near Sermania (Idlib province)

Pinpoint strike with KAB-500 guided bomb against terrorists’ strong point equipped with artillery positions located in Latakia province.

Destruction of fortified area with underground bunker and tunnel network as well as hardware column arrived for being refueled and rearmed in Hama province

Precision strike with a KAB-500 air bomb against a militants’ command centre in the Idlib province.

Pinpoint strike with BETAB-500 concrete-piercing air bombs on a bunker of ISIS terrorists in the Lattakia province.

Well-organized strong point with command centre and ammunition storage of militants in Idlib province was completely destroyed by direct hit of air bomb.

Su-24M bomber performed pinpoint strikes against armored hardware shelters, POL and materiel storages of militants near Khan Shaykhun (Idlib province).

Pinpoint airstrike of a Su-34 bomber on an ISIS command centre near Aleppo.

Airstrike on an ISIS armament and ammunition depot near Idlib.

Airstrikes on a militants’ strong point arranged near Jubb al Ahmar settlement (Hama province)

Combat Cam: Russian jets target militants’ position and ammunition depots – Ministry of Defense

Airstrikes against an ISIS training camp in the Idlib province.

Precision strikes of Su-24M bombers against an ISIS transfer point with underground facilities located in mountain-woody area near Salma settlement (Lattakia province).

Results of an airstrike against a terrorist strong point near Ter-Tyana.

Impressive footage of Russian airstrikes against ISIS / Al-Qaeda in city Kafarnabodah, Hama in Syria

Combat cam: Russian aircraft pounds ISIS positions in Latakia, Hama and Idlib

Results of a strike with a BETAB-500 concrete-piercing air bomb against engineer facilities.

Results of the airstrike made by Su-34 bombers against an ISIS command centre in the Raqqah province.

The view from the rebel fighters.

Regime advances with help of Russian strikes THE DAILY STAR

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that monitors the Syrian conflict, said the Syrian military and its ally Hezbollah had taken control of Tal Sukayk, a highland area in Idlib province, after fierce Russian bombing.
That brings Syrian government forces closer to insurgent-held positions along the main highway that links Syria’s principal cities. The area is held by a rebel alliance that excludes ISIS fighters.
“The coming battles are going to be ferocious, the Russians are using scorched earth policy and they are hitting the targets very accurately but this is a battle of destiny,” said Abu Hamed, the head of the military bureau of Jabhat Sham, an insurgent group that operates mainly in Hama province.”
The Syrian army made advances from the towns of Morek and Atshan in Hama province using tanks, heavy artillery and new surface-to-surface missiles, he said.
Russia said its planes had flown 64 sorties, striking 63 targets and destroying 53 fortified positions in the previous 24 hours. As in the past, it described all targets as belonging to ISIS, although most of the areas it said it had struck are not held by that group.
Syrian state television also reported that the government had captured Tal Sukayk with the help of Russian airstrikes.
The state-run SANA news agency said government forces destroyed at least 20 vehicles loaded with ammunition, and some with heavy machine guns, east of Tal Sukayk, killing the “terrorists” on board.
The Local Coordination Committees, another activist-run monitoring group, said government helicopters and suspected Russian jets struck at a third village, Tamanna, north of Atshan and Tal Sukayk. Tamanna lies on the border with Idlib.
Both the Observatory and the LCC reported intense clashes and Russian airstrikes in rural Latakia.


“In an audio recording, a Saudi militant preacher based in Syria urged fighters to unite, mobilize and attack Syrian forces in different provinces in order to avert “consecutive collapses.”

ISIl in Anvar following Ramadi victory of May 2015. The days of the stand down are over now and these parades will never take place ever again.
ISIl in Anvar following Ramadi victory of May 2015. The days of the stand down are over now and these parades will never take place ever again.

Iraq attacks ISIL leaders meeting and al Baghdadi convoy.

In other good news for the real anti terror coalition comprising Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah and Kurdish groups the Iraqi Air Force claim to have attacked a leaders meeting in the extremely obscure al Anbar town of Karabla (not to be confused with the important southern Iraq city of Karbala).. It is claimed that eight Senior figures in the terror group were killed in the aerial bombardment.

In addition the Iraqis also attacked the convoy of the leader of ISIL as he travelled to the meeting at around midday on Saturday the 10th of October. It was stated that the leader of the fake Caliphate was taken away by comrades in one of the vehicles that survived the air strike.

Islamic State figures killed in air strike but Abu Bakr Baghdadi not believed among them – Telegraph

It is extremely likely that the leadership of ISIL were the subject of a stand down by the US military enabling them to stay in Syria at little risk but the Russian campaign forced them into Iraq where they eere able to be targeted by the Iraqis.

Iraq is going to have big problems in the medium to long term regardless of the status of the leadership of the fake Caliphate.

The Sunni extremists are not the only criminals in Iraq. It is understood that the Shia milita groups there unlike almost all their allies, are genuinely sectarian and they commit crimes against the Sunni population of Iraq in response to the crimes of Sunni extremists.

The city of Tikrit was liberated from the IS group in April by Shia militia groups. Tikrit used to be a city of 200,000 people yet months after the eviction of the IS remains a ghost town. The civilians who fled the fighting have not returned and that is a big problem that points to the bigger problem of the psychological destruction of the Iraqi state during the US Military occupation.

The sectarianism of the Shia militia forces in Iraq and elements of the Iraq Government represents a huge legitimacy problem for the anti terror coalition.

The reason the anti terr

Iraqi Interior Ministry: We Hit ISIS Leader

Iraqi air force hits convoy of Islamic State leader Baghdadi

Syria Launches Russian Backed Ground Offensive.

Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)
Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)

October 8th, 2015.

Syria Launches Ground Offensive in Idlib and Hama backed by Russian air support.

Syrian troops have launched a major offensive against foreign backed jihadist fighters in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

For the Russian entrance into the Syrian war to be a success, this must work. This is the “moment of truth”  for this entire enterprise.

If the Syrian Army and allies cannot achieve significant gains in these newly favourable circumstances it is hard to imagine them being able to achieve anything more in this war. The game will be up.

This is going to be a very difficult period militarily and politically as there is little doubt that many civilians will die in these ensuing ground battles. There is going to be a lot of suffering for people on the ground.

This was made obvious by the thousands of leaflets dropped over the areas of the offensive in recent days warning residents to leave.

Syrian military throws leaflets for local residents on the territory where the army plans offensive

Similar leaflet drops are frequently used by Israel and the US to essentially enable them to blame the victims of their military operations for the consequences of these operations on the civilian population.

Airborne leaflet propaganda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After an area is leveled and people are massacred, they say “We dropped leaflets, we warned them”

Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.
Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.

The Naval Attack.

Today Russian Navy vessels also launched missile attacks on jihadist positions in Syria, from the Caspian sea.

Russia: Russian warships launch first anti-IS strikes

TOW’s still available.

It was discovered that the jihadists fighting in Syria are still in possession of the generally devastatingly effective TOW missiles, but they had a rare failure. I have never seen that happen before.

Syria: Saved by a Post: NDF T-55 Saved from an BGM-71 TOW

Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.
Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.

Close Air Support.

The Russian military are flying close air support for the Syrian Army using Mi 24 attack helicopters.

It is extremely likely that these forces will suffer casualties. Some of the video shows the helicopters flying so low that they look like cars.

Syria: RuAF Mi-24s Providing CAS During SAA Hama Operations

Russian MI-24 Hind Helicopters In Action Over Syria

The US is still flying combat sorties in Syria and launching their half-baked attacks against lone IS vehicles. This means that the bright idea of members of the war party to arm the jihadists fighting in Syria with anti-aircraft weapons to use against Russian jets is a complete non-starter. The provision of such weapons might lead to the loss of US aircraft and pilots but they could provide the rebels with weapons that are able to destroy a helicopter but that lack the range to strike a jet fighter flying at altitude.

The US Defense Secretary Complains about al Qaeda being bombed.

It was shocking to hear Deutsche Weller brazenly describe al Qaeda in Syria as “moderate opposition” but to  hear the Secretary of Defense for the United States Ashton Carter actually complain that Russia was striking targets in Syria “other than ISIS” was a stunning new low.

US says won’t cooperate militarily with Russia in Syria | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The second largest terror group operating in Syria are the al Nusra front or al Qaeda in Syria.

Al Nusra have committed mass murder on many occasions. The UN documented that al Nusra fighters conducted a false flag Sarin gas attack in Khan al Assal in April 2013 that left dozens of civilians dead.

UN’s Del Ponte says evidence Syria rebels ‘used sarin’ – BBC News

When the UN was about to arrive and begin the on the ground investigation the al Nusra front returned to Khan al Assal and murdered three hundred civilians in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Khan al-Assal massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The al Nusra front are a proscribed terrorist group in the United Nations. Anyone who protests against them being attacked is offering rhetorical support for terrorists it is that simple.

When did it become okay for the United States to have a pro-terror Defense Secretary?

Ashton Carter’s whining on behalf of the al Nusra front is nothing less than an act of overt treachery against the United States and the West.

I must be confused as I thought it was the job of this piece of filth to actually PROTECT the people of the United States from the likes of al Qaeda not to protest when they are attacked.

If he had an iota of respect or dignity he would resign.

How on earth do these people think they are going to evade responsibility for their actions?

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Oct. 8, 2015

Syria: Assad’s ground troops launch offensive against IS in Hama and Idlib

Syria: Syrian military release Hamah military operation footage

Russian Helicopters Provide Support For The Syrian Army Near The Village Of Kafr Nabouda In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24Ps Engage Militants Near Kafr Nabudah In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24P Attack Helicopters Provide Close Air Support For SAA Near Kafr Nabudah Hama

Syria: Russian airstrikes hit ISIS fuel depot

Huge explosions as Russia allegedly strikes Hama region, Syria

Syria: RuAF Mi-24P VS Jihadist in Salma, Latakia

Syria: RuAF Mi-24Ps Providing CAS near Kafr Nabudah, Hama

Combat Cam: Russian jets smash ISIS command post, fuel depot & fortifications

Удар по укрепленным позициям отряда ИГИЛ в р-не ТАМАНА

Авиаудар по КП бандформирования ИГИЛ на окраине ТАМАНА

International Military Review – Syria, Oct 7, 2015

Illuminati/U.S. Bombing Civilians & Blaming Putin/Assad – Unbelievable Propaganda [MUST SEE]

Russia Starts Airstrikes in Syria.

Russian Airstrike targets militant underground complex, October 2015.

September 30th, 2015.

“As for media reports claiming that the civilian population is suffering, we are prepared for such information attacks. The first reports about civilian casualties emerged even before our planes got in the air,”  Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian Airstrikes Begin in Syria.

It is now being reported that Russian fighter jets have begun to attack anti Government militants in Syria.

The Ram Z video is accompanied by this description.

“On 9-30-15, Russian Airstrikes have begun targeting Jihadist in Northern Hama & Homs mostly in Talbisah and Rastan.”

The BBC story also mentions opposition controlled parts of Hama province.

Syria crisis: Russia begins air strikes against Assad foes – BBC News

The BBC also claim that the United States was informed of the Russian operation beforehand.

The Guardian report that Israel was also informed of the operation beforehand.

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria areas ‘belonging to terrorists’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

“An hour before the first strikes Russia contacted Yossi Cohen, the national security adviser to Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to warn Russian jets would be bombing targets in Syria. The warning falls in accordance with a ‘deconfliction’ agreement between the Kremlin and Netanyahu, meant to avoid clashes.”

AFP report that at least nine sites were targeted.

Source tells @AFP areas in #Syria hit by #Russia: Homs: Talbisseh, Rastan; Hama: Latamneh, Kafr Zita; Latakia: Jabal Zweid, Ghmam, Deir Hana

It is being reported that the strikes resulted in 24 deaths there are no details currently as to whether there were civilian casualties.

Reuters are reporting the Russian Defence Ministry as stating that they conducted 20 airstrikes in Syria. They describe the targets as “military equipment, communication facilities, arms depots, ammunition and fuel belonging to Islamic State.”

Russia begins Syria air strikes as war enters volatile new phase | Reuters

It is also being reported that the attack targeted a branch of the Free Syrian Army that had been supplied with TOW anti tank rockets by the US.

This may be propaganda but it does fit with the known facts.

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria areas ‘belonging to terrorists’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

“The Free Syrian Army, a rebel group backed by foreign enemies of Assad, has been struck by Russian air strikes in north-west Syria, according to Reuters.
The group’s commander said eight fighters were wounded in the countryside of Hama province, where the group has a headquarters.
“The northern countryside of Hama has no presence of ISIS at all and is under the control of the Free Syrian Army,” Major Jamil al-Saleh, who defected from the Syrian army in 2012, told Reuters via telephone.
Saleh said his group had been supplied with advanced anti-tank missiles by foreign powers opposed to Assad.”

US Cooperation?

Thierry Meyssan has been a credible source on this story and it is extremely likely that his claim that the US agreed to this course of events at least five weeks ago is correct, although it seems doubtful that the US would have agreed to their Free Syrian Army proxies with their TOW missiles being targeted if that has actually happened.

The Free Syrian Army exists mostly as a front to enable the US to supply weapons to al Nusra and other jihadists fighting in Syria.

The Free Syrian Army largely evaporated after the capitulation of Qusayr in May 2013.

But they exist these days to act as intermediaries between the US and al Nusra and ISIL providing the much desired “plausible deniability” that the US is arming terror groups.

The entire notion of moderate rebels is something of a joke as “moderates” do not generally try to overthrow their government by the use of armed force. They choose other methods.

It is likely that an initial goal of the Russian strikes would be to remove the TOW missiles and enable Syrian tanks to survive on the battlefield. That is why I do not dismiss this story, the TOW’s would be an item the Russians would like to target for military and military-political reasons.

It almost seems as though something really bad is going to happen in Russia because the Western elite, so accustomed to winning every argument and always getting their way, are suddenly facing defeat after defeat. Russia always seems to be involved.

Historically this group respond to unwelcome challenges with extreme violence. If a frontal approach is not possible a deception is constructed.

They have met their nemesis but will they accept this or do something drastic to change the situation?

Sergei Lavrov New York Press Conference.
These events are generally completely dull but this is actually quite exciting.The Western media were given a prolonged polite demolition. One of the more entertaining things is the way the many “Israeli” elements of the media become upset at Lavorv’s deft performance as it unfolds.

Starts at 4:47

LIVE: Lavrov holds press conference following 70th UNGA session (English Audio)

Controlled media  drones  return to their hackneyed mantras.

How do you describe people who spend their lives lying in an attempt to facilitate mass killings over and over again?

Who are able to witness the carnage they have engineered and calmly move onto the next target?

The BBC and their fellow Western media are quite simply the propagandists of genocide.

There are laws against what they have done and continue to do. I hope to see these laws enforced sometime and see the war criminals of the Western media made accountable for their evil deeds but the vital thing is that these evil beings are never allowed to succeed and that no more states are destroyed on the back of their lies and psychopathy

The favoured meme was made absolutely clear by the BBC from the start of their news reports on this topic, Russia is not fighting terrorism they are “propping up a Dictator.”

The BBC followed up their news report making it perfectly clear what they represent with an interview of an individual named David Schenker who was presented as simply a neutral (Western)  observer but who is employed by the Israeli think tank based in the US named WINEP.the Washington Institute for Near East policy, best known in recent years fr Patrick Clawson;s evil and insane “let’s have a war” speech.

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

These are the people the BBC presents as being reasonable commentators on the Syrian war and we are actually expected to believe they are motivated by concern for the well being of the Syrian people when nothing could be further from the truth.

Schenker’s views lack all credibility because as a representative of Israel we can surmise that he wants to see the Syrian state destroyed and all else is sophistry.

It is absolutely nauseating that the BBC would insult it’s audience with the idea that Schenker is a reasonable or impartial observer. If he appeared as an advocate for Israel and Israeli policy goals, fine, but to have someone like that as the sole voice of analysis presented as being a centrist is truly despicable.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

The Zionist intentions towards Syria have been made perfectly clear both in word by Oded Yinon decades agoand by many deeds, such as the tactical nuclear strike on Syria in May 2013.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

Russia versus Israel?

The Daily Beast articulated Israel’s position and concerns perfectly recently. Something that should be expected from such an obvious and laughable CIA/ Mossad front, but that is a churlish observation.

Putin’s New Axis of Resistance: Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah – The Daily Beast

The actual Russian position is far more nuanced and less romantic and also less threatening to Israel, but clearly they feel that events are not following their desired trajectory and this is just another sign of their enemies being strengthened in a way they find disconcerting and upsetting.

Generally Russia appears to have tried to treat Israel with courtesy and respect, with kid gloves. The Russian Federation has never ever tried to pose as an enemy of Israel or ally of Hezbollah or even Iran.

There is no real evidence that the traditional Russian position of respect and caution towards Israel has changed.

Russia is selling weapons and nuclear plants to Saudi Arabia, they are trying to make deals and friends rather than start big wars against nuclear states such as Israel or take sides with Iran.

There is a tremendous amount of discontent among US allies in the Middle East for a multitude of reasons and this is the context in which Russia is acting.

Russia is attempting to impose itself on the Middle East, not as a member or leader of the Axis of resistance but more as an honest broker and potential security guarantor, for better or worse.

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