Syria: False Flag Triggers International Crisis.

This is supposedly the aftermath of the aerial bombardment of an Idlib hospital according to the Mail Online.(Source)

April 7th, 2017.

The Khan Shayhkun “Massacre”.

On April 4th several Su22 jets belonging to the Syria Air Force attacked a town named Khan Shaykhun (population approx 50,000) in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province.

According to the Syrian and Russian military, the warplanes targeted militant warehouses, arms depots and production facilities on the outskirts of the town.

Following the attacks a number of people in the area it is claimed, began to suffer symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals. The division between the people who died as a result of high explosives versus chemical exposure has not been made clear, however it is claimed that more than 80 people died following the attack of the warplanes and the subsequent toxic exposure.

There is no clear indication what chemicals the people were exposed to nor the source of the exposure.

Russia and Syria claim that the Syrian Air Force unwittingly bombed an insurgent chemical production facility, inadvertently causing the exposure of civilians to toxic chemicals the insurgents were using to produce weapons.

According to Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer the US government intelligence indicates that it was not an attack by the Syrian Government using chemicals.

“The intelligence confirms pretty much the account that the Russians have been giving … which is that they hit a warehouse where the rebels – now these are rebels that are, of course, connected with Al Qaeda – where the rebels were storing chemicals of their own and it basically caused an explosion that resulted in the casualties. Apparently the intelligence on this is very clear.”


4/6/17 Philip Giraldi says IC-Military Doubt Assad Gas Narrative – The Libertarian Institute

2017 Khan Shaykhun chemical attack – Wikipedia

The entire Western media and the anti-Syrian government activists supported by the West and their allies claim that the warplanes launched the chemicals themselves and tellingly the Israeli government fresh from air strikes in direct support of the Islamic State near Palmyra, chipped in within hours of the incident:

Israel says Idlib chemical attack approved by highest level of Syrian government

Beyond what is implied by commonsense and logic there is almost zero evidence to support either hypothesis. According to the Western media we already know that the Syrian Government were responsible because we all “know” having dutifully digested more than six years of propaganda on the subject that Bashar al Assad is a “really, really horrible person” and that is the end of the matter.

The argument is completely circular, utterly vapid and echoes the script from numerous previous seasons of regime change propaganda directed against Syria and many other targets.

Assad chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib kills at least 100 | Daily Mail Online

The Motive,Timing and Possible Beneficiaries of this event.

Only days earlier, on March 3oth, US Secretary of State Tillerson made what seemed at a time a mundane statement to the effect that the US had accepted that the regime change operation in Syria had failed and would henceforth focus on battling the jihadists of ISIS and al Nusra.

US Didn’t “Change Priorities” in Syria, It Lost | New Eastern Outlook

This is how CNN reported on the comments.

US signals openness to Assad staying put –

The Trump administration doubled down Thursday on prioritizing the fight against ISIS over ending the Syrian civil war and getting rid of its main protagonist, President Bashar al-Assad — a suggestion that was swiftly criticized by hawks on the Hill.”

“Indicating a possible shift in US policy on the war in Syria from the days of the Obama administration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on a trip to Turkey that the “longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people.”

CNN further reported that the comments had been echoed by the US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

“US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was even stronger about the Trump administration’s decision not to push for Assad’s departure. “Our priority is no longer to sit and focus on getting Assad out,” Haley told wire reporters Thursday.”

The Independent delivered a longer quote from the same briefing.”You pick and choose your battles and when we’re looking at this, it’s about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out,” US Ambassador Nikki Haley told a small group of reporters on Thursday. (Source)

These statements at the time seemed little more than a bland acceptance of the blindingly obvious fact that unless the US was willing to wage a war against Russia, it was not going to get its way in Syria.

The War Party predictably reacted with fury to this development and the seasoned warmongers Senators McCain and Graham were equally predictably at the forefront, as CNN further reported:

“The comments drew heavy criticism from Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Republicans who have long advocated for an increased US military presence in Syria against Assad and his Russian allies.”

“This overlooks the tragic reality that the Syrian people cannot decide the fate of Assad or the future of their country when they are being slaughtered by Assad’s barrel bombs,”McCain said in a statement.

The motive to change this situation is so obvious and powerful that it scarcely bears stating.

The Results.

Less than a week after this setback, the War Party have the situation back in hand. The President has more than blinked he has bent and broken, revealing the mendacious and cowardly individual behind the brash front.

At this early stage only two days after the event, Khan Shaykhun is emerging as a triumph, exactly the tonic required to get the West back on track towards the complete destruction of Syria with the war party returned to their rightful place at the helm using the US military and taxpayer to destroy the Middle East as per Israel/Big Oil and the munitions industry demands and needs on the back of whatever lie is required.

This is the way things are supposed to be, this is a restoration and now that Trump has broken they can call of the dogs and cease all the Russia-gate nonsense and return to the mundane but immensely profitable business of endless war and world domination whilst putting the finishing touches on the domestic police state.

The Mail Online headline is simply a lumpen version of the standard propaganda line being transmitted by the everlasting hell-bound liars of the Western controlled media. Seasoned war criminals whose blood-thirst is unquenchable.The death toll they are quoting is 25% in excess of what the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights are quoting more than 24 hours later.(Source)
Other than the fact that the photo was not taken in Idlib, nor in Syria and the fact that the child is perfectly healthy, rather than suffering from a chemical attack the Mail caption is right on the money.
This image is of a UN subsidiary UNFPA *the United Nations Population Fund) conducting routine health checks on infantspresumably in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Either way, the photo is not taken in Syria and the child is perfectly healthy. The ever imaginative and creative Mail Online somehow transformed this scene of a healthy South East Asian child being examined by a South East Asian health worker in a room full of South East Asian women none of whom dress in manner remotely resembling the women of Idlib into the aftermath of the Idlib chemical attack.In the minds of the trash who compile the Mail, the fact that there are no Arabs in a photo of ” Syria” does not register. The fact there are no Hijabs or Chadors in al Qaeda ruled Syria does not register. All they know is that they are supposed to lie.
The Mail improves and manages to post a photograph that was actually taken in Syria.. Hurrah! While they did remove the Philippine photograph this one leads the story to this day. This is a photograph of a completely healthy child in a hospital pretending to cry and doing a rather poor job of it.  The  tousled hair is a trademark the pitiful propagandist believe mimics the after effects of an air strike. Check the child for yourself, legs, untouched, arms untouched, there is no injury nor any grief. Almost certainly a retread from the earlier Aleppo propaganda campaign of 2016.(Source)
Graphic pinpoints the location of Khan Shayhkun, at the very southern point of Idlib.

Layers of Lies.

It is worth noting that there was never any actual evidence that the Syrian Government forces had ever used chemical weapons, anywhere, however UN investigations of a series of attacks in a village named Khan al Assal in early 2013 concluded that Syrian insurgents had used Sarin gas in a series of attacks leading to the deaths of government soldiers and civilians who supported the government.

Ex-UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi: Khan al-Assal CW attacks likely carried out by opposition. | Interventions Watch

UN’s Carla Del Ponte Stupefied By Syrian Opposition Sarin Use

These reports were simply ignored by the entire Western media and hidden behind the massive false flag chemical weapon attack several months later in 2013, in outer Damascus. That was the attack that took place two days after a UN Investigative team arrived in Damascus to investigate the Khan al Assal attacks.

How helpful and considerate it was of the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad to conduct a massive atrocity within driving distance of the UN investigators Damascus hotel. How beneficent of Assad to provide the then US puppet Obama with the cassus belli Obama had written into the script almost precisely one year earlier!

Possible Implications of Faulty US Intelligence in the al Ghouta Nerve Agent Attack of August 21st, 2013.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels · LRB 17 April 2014

Seymour M. Hersh · Whose sarin? · LRB 19 December 2013

In the world of reason and logic, it was obvious on day one that the narrative Westerners were being force-fed about the al Ghouta attack was  puerile nonsense, for them to think they can repeat that nonsense four years later when the narrative is beyond ludicrous is proof of the unshakeable fanaticism of the war party, but also of their total creative and intellectual poverty.

The Situation in Idlib.

In Idlib governate, the last remaining Syrian Army positions of substance fell to the combined insurgent forces led by al Qaeda, in March 2015. Back then the jihadist coalition was going by the Army of Conquest title, these days they are Hayat Tahrir al Sham.

Despite the Russian support over more than eighteen months the Syrian Army and their allies have made zero progress in Idlib since 2015, recently agreeing to evacuate the only towns in Idlib that remained under Government control, making a deal to evacuate the government held Shia majority villages of al Fuah and Kafiryah in exchange for letting the insurgents evacuate two long besieged villages in the Damascus countryside Madaya and Zabadani.

Syria conflict: ‘Deal reached’ for four besieged towns

The deal essentially ended the tiny remaining ground war in Idlib province, ended all urgency of the Syrians and their allies doing anything in Idlib at all. Idlib is now simply a rear area, the only battles on the ground in Idlib are the intra-jihadist civil wars that break out intermittently.

So whereas it could be posited that the Syrian military have the motive to conduct a chemical weapons attack in a place like Der ez Zour, where a large Syrian force is entirely surrounded by ISIS and under constant ground attack and a similar argument could be made regarding other areas where the Syrian army are engaged in large-scale ground warfare, such as against ISIS in eastern Homs or against Tahrir al Sham in northern Hama. The simple fact is that the Syrian Army have not engaged in large-scale battles in Idlib since 2015, the Syrian Army has little or no presence in Idlib and therefore no realistic motive to resort to the desperate measure of the chemical attack.

There was nothing the Syrians and Russians could achieve in Idlib that would be helped by the use of chemicals, quite the opposite.

The insurgents on the other hand, are losing the war, slowly and painfully, only days earlier the US government has basically admitted the cause is lost. Their situation is desperate, they have obvious and powerful motives to either capitalise on the accidental dispersion caused by an attack on their weapons depot or even to propagate the whole thing. They are the ones who need the situation to change, they are the ones who need some event to cause the President to pivot 180 degrees in the space of a day as he just did.

They have everything to gain and nothing to lose, a history of chemical weapons false flag attacks. The scales of probability are entirely lopsided in every matter pertaining to motive.

At the point when the image of the Syrian state is being rehabilitated, at the point they are receiving massive assistance of all kinds from the Russian government, the Syrian government we are expected to believe just decided to flush the whole thing down the back for no discernible military purpose.

Trump Goes Full Retard (and the critics are gasping with joy)

Overnight President Trump has apparently been lobotomised and today we have seen the President completely break and capitulate to the war party in order to save himself.

The cad, coward and weak-minded fool that he is can no longer be hidden or denied.

As luck would have it, the King of Jordan was visiting DC and the US President took the opportunity at the joint press conference to address the Khan Shayhkun incident.

There are some real gems of black comedy here, President Trump not only knows that the Syrian Government are the culprit “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated.” (Source)

He also magically knows the details of the chemical that was used just a day after it happened:

“a chemical gas that is so lethal — people were shocked to hear what gas it was — that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line. Many, many lines.”(Source)

Although characteristically the President did not provide any specific details or evidence supporting these claims.

So did the US send technicians into al Qaeda held Idlib, which the US has itself been bombing regularly in recent months, grab some samples, take them to a lab to have them analysed and then transmit the results to the awaiting President and all his new-found War Party cohorts all in the space of 24 hours?

Clearly the President is simply talking crap based on nothing, using the same low tactics he has been targeted with on the Russia issue. The same low tactics they used against Saddam and Gaddafi and every other manufactured bogy.

Even in the world of lies the people who conjure these narratives are cheap imposters. It is simultaneously pathetic and despicable and if they get their way, no matter what happens it is a rock solid guarantee that whatever steps the US takes to destroy the Syrian state the world will feel the negative repercussions in terms of regional instability for decades.

The Nightmare Renewed.

There will be no happy ending, we know it, we have been on this ride several times before and we know how it ends, even better we know that it never ends, as the US mission in Afghanistan enters its sixteenth year with no end in sight and after ISIS the violence in Iraq will not end. The same US military that beseeched Obama for tens of thousands of extra troops in 2009 are now performing the exact same maneuver with the Chaos Clown who had already gone a long way towards proving his fealty with a $54 billion request to increase the budget of themost bloated and unnecessary department of any government anywhere, ever.

Obama was the first US President who did not preside over a single day of peace and Trump is already all but guaranteed to be the second.

Any military operations, covert or otherwise the US government undertakes against the Syrian government will threaten regional or global war, will accelerate the destruction of the Syrian state, will be contrary to international law and thus subject to sanction as aggression and beyond all that, anyone with a lick of sense knows that there is one very simple rule in the Middle East, the more the US military does, the worse things get.

The President knows this perfectly well, he stated repeatedly throughout the campaign that over the past fifteen years the US has expended trillions of dollars in wars that never end and achieved nothing.

Once Rexxon started threatening North Korea with war it was pretty clear that Trump is not really the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump is better described as the tenth President of the post- executive Presidency, he is puppet number ten to have played the role since the rulers made clear their active displeasure with the last man to defy them by having him shot to death in the full light of day and the full complicity of the security detail. When the brother didn’t get the message the same group underlined it by rubbing him out too when he had the temerity to run for office.

Number 10.

Trump is not going to be judged against George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln or even Kennedy, Trump will be judged alongside the rest of the puppets, quality individuals such as Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, George H.W Bush, George.W Bush, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Barack Obama.

The pattern is established and the reasons for the repetition of cataclysmic errors go far beyond the shortcomings of whatever puppet is currently playing the President or which Generals command the campaign.

It has taken only 75 days of intense undermining to cause a complete rethink, a complete repudiation of not only the campaign rhetoric but the excellent words of the inaugural speech also and this comic gem stands out as the precise moment that President Trump announced himself openly as a fraudster and a sellout, just like Obama and the rest of them.

“I like to think of myself as a very flexible person.  I don’t have to have one specific way, and if the world changes, I go the same way, I don’t change.  Well, I do change and I am flexible, and I’m proud of that flexibility.  And I will tell you, that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me — big impact.  That was a horrible, horrible thing.  And I’ve been watching it and seeing it, and it doesn’t get any worse than that.” (Source)

Unless, you were to consider for a moment, the far more deadly US air attack in Mosul that slaughtered many more of the exact same people as we are told died in Idlib but this event, one for which he bore direct command responsibility, did not elicit any public comment whatsoever from the President, who prefers to tweet on topics such as the ratings of the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of the Apprentice, the size of the crowd at the inauguration and other similarly weighty topics. Especially those that have a feel-good quality.

200+ people, mostly civilians, killed in US-led airstrikes in Mosul

Trump continued: “And I have that flexibility, and it’s very, very possible — and I will tell you, it’s already happened that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.  And if you look back over the last few weeks, there were other attacks using gas.  You’re now talking about a whole different level.” (Source)

Now that Trump has proven his cowardice and loyalty to the empire of lies, presumably all the “establishment issues” will miraculously disappear. After all they will tell each other “we can’t be infighting when there are wars to be fought.”

Trump has ‘drunk the Kool Aid’ on Syria narrative

‘These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated’ – Trump on alleged chemical gas attack

Trump Just Announced He is Illuminati (2017). Will finish what Bush and Obama started


Here we have the maniacs who can never spill enough blood, fulminating upon the next US move to create chaos in the Middle East whilst fulfilling the master Israel’s needs. These midwives and mavens of mass murder are all but foaming at the mouth with gleeful anticipation.

There have never been worse people than these anywhere. Ever. Over the passage of time it is sadly becoming clear that the US is going to remain the most destructive and murderous force on the planet unless and until it collapses or is destroyed. Hell awaits think tank psychopaths, hell awaits.

What are Trump’s options in Syria

‘We are compelled to take own action’ if UN fails in Syria – US envoy

Russian Helicopter Downed Amid Massive Insurgent Offensive to Break Aleppo Siege.

The wreckage of the downed Russian MI8 helicopter burns near the Idlib town of Saraqib yesterday.
The wreckage of the downed Russian MI8 helicopter burns near the Idlib town of Saraqib yesterday as insurgents gather at the site. .
Insurgents diplay an ID card they retriieved from the wreckage of the downed Helicopter.
Insurgents display the ID card showing a female member of the Russian military they retrieved from the wreckage of the downed Helicopter.

August 3rd, 2016.

Russian Helicopter Downed and Massive Insurgent Offensive to Break the Aleppo Siege.

The Russian Military have suffered their worst loss of the 10 month Syrian engagement after an MI8 helicopter crashed in the insurgent held Idlib province yesterday. All five personnel on board are believed dead although in the footage of the aftermath only two bodies can be seen.

These bodies are a considerable distance from the downed helicopter suggesting that the people dead on the ground survived the crash and were able to crawl from the burning helicopter before succumbing to their wounds or being executed by the insurgents who found them.

These lkosses bring the Russian death toll in Syria to at least nineteen. (Source) It is also claimed that a number of Russian private military contractors have also perished in Syria and this may well be true but is very hard to substantiate.

The cause of the crash is not known and it is worth remembering that when two Russians died in an MI35 helicopter crash last month, jihadists were initially blamed for shooting it down but the visual evidence indicated that the helicopter was struck by a missile fired from another helicopter operating in the area.

Therefore, the MI8 cannot be presumed to have been shot down by the insurgents, and generally when the insurgents are going to do something big they always film it so this may have been lucky small arms fire, a missile or an accident due to pilot error or mechanical failure. It is being reported as being the result of ground fire, this may well be correct or merely the most dramatic rendering of the incident. (the Russian military later confirmed ground fire as the cause of the loss of the helicopter- Source)

The helicopter crashed near the town of Saraqib in Idlib province, a stronghold of the Sunni extremist insurgents.where the Syrian government hold only two small Shia majority towns al Fu’ah and Kafriyah, besieged since early 2015. (Source)

Footage posted on Liveleak showed a large group of locals gathered at the site of the crash. One fellow is seen jumping up and down on the corpse of a dead Russian, it is very sad to see that these people have sunk to such a level.

Idlib has a repotation for being something of a backwater by Syrian standards and the insurgency is strongest where people are the least sophisticated with Raqqa and Deir ez Zour other examples of this phenomenon.

The result of the incident will be increased support for the war in Russia, especially because of the  desecration the bodies of the dead, the kind of act that causes people to demand more planes drop bigger bombs upon the opposition held areas.

Syria: Footage captures burning wreckage of downed Russian helicopter

Battle of Aleppo: Cluster bomb strikes on rebel positions during their ongoing counter-offensive

Russian/Syrian air force obliterate Jihadists in south Aleppo

Google earth image with labelks attached to the key sites of the outer insurgent offensive.
Google earth image with labelks attached to the key sites of the outer insurgent offensive.
The Himat school prio to the al Nusra attack.
The al Hikmat school prior to the al Nusra attack.
The first suicide bomber detonates at the site that was being used as a military barracks.
The first suicide bomber detonates at the site that was being used as a military barracks.
The second attacker detonates ten seconds later.
An orange flash is seen to the right as the second attacker detonates ten seconds later.
This map shows the insurgent offensives to break the siege of Aleppo by attempting to punch through loyalist defenses surrounding the city of Aleppo from both inside and out. (Source)

Massive Insurgent Offensive to Break the Aleppo Siege.

The loss of the Russian helicopter and the crew is the headline that appears on the news but the really important thing event in Syria over the past days has been a massive insurgent offensive aimed at breaking the siege of the Eastern Aleppo insurgent pocket.

On July 31st, the jihadists launched a series of coordinated attacks across a wide area of the contact line in Southern Aleppo. The largest attack was to the southwest of Aleppo and this offensive started with two immense suicide vehicle bombings against a site named the al Hikmat school that had been turned into a military barracks by the Syrian Army..

Ten seconds after the first massive blast, a second vehicle was detonated and these attacks enabled the insurgent infantry and armour to over run the Syria Army defensive lines and make their way to within only kilometres of opening a new supply route into Aleppo city.

(18+) Double Terrorist Suicide VBIED in Aleppo–Aerial drone view

VBIEDs hit army barrack in southern Aleppo

Once the loyalists realised what was happening they were able to strike back and much of the territory lost on the first day has now been retrieved (it is being reported that 5 of the 8 positions lost have been retrieved) although fighting is ongoing and the situation is fluid.

Meanwhile insurgent shelling of government held Aleppo has killed 30 civilians over the past several days. (Source)

Only the Restoration of the State Will End the Syrian Nightmare.

There is no doubt that civilians are dying at the hands of all parties to the conflict. It is heartbreaking to see what the Russian and US coalition airstrikes do to the blameless people of insurgent held Syria, and if anyone really had a problem with killing civilians there would be no bombs dropped from thousands of feet above heavily populated areas.

However history makes it perfectly clear that if the jihadists win the war, that will only be the beginning of the nightmare for the people of Syria. For reference we need only look to present day Libya or even Afghanistan after the mujaheddin finally won the war in 1992,  an proceeded to embark on a new civil war as the victorious warlords squabble over the spoils of the successful campaign.

Therefore a loyalist victory, a government victory represents the only realistic hope for a viable and peaceful future for the long suffering people of Syria.

The Guardian; US military may have killed between 229 and 425 civilians in US airstrikes since 21 May in Syria

Syrian Army recaptures strategic area in Aleppo: Map Update

Syrian War Report – August 1, 2016: Jihadists Attempt to Break Aleppo Siege

Syrian War Report – August 2, 2016: Syrian Army Advancing in Aleppo City

Syrian War Report – August 3, 2016: Heavy Clashes in Aleppo City

Syrian War Report – August 4, 2016: Militant Advance Lost Momentum in Aleppo

Front Line Report | August 1st 2016 | Southeast Aleppo city

Massive jihadi offensive on Southeast Aleppo districts | July 31st 2016

Battles for Syria | Jihadi offensive part 2 | Aleppo | August 1st 2016

Battles for Syria | August 2nd 2016 | Southwest Aleppo city

Syria Launches Russian Backed Ground Offensive.

Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)
Aftermath of Russian strikes in Idlib province Syria on October 7th, 2015. (Reuters)

October 8th, 2015.

Syria Launches Ground Offensive in Idlib and Hama backed by Russian air support.

Syrian troops have launched a major offensive against foreign backed jihadist fighters in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

For the Russian entrance into the Syrian war to be a success, this must work. This is the “moment of truth”  for this entire enterprise.

If the Syrian Army and allies cannot achieve significant gains in these newly favourable circumstances it is hard to imagine them being able to achieve anything more in this war. The game will be up.

This is going to be a very difficult period militarily and politically as there is little doubt that many civilians will die in these ensuing ground battles. There is going to be a lot of suffering for people on the ground.

This was made obvious by the thousands of leaflets dropped over the areas of the offensive in recent days warning residents to leave.

Syrian military throws leaflets for local residents on the territory where the army plans offensive

Similar leaflet drops are frequently used by Israel and the US to essentially enable them to blame the victims of their military operations for the consequences of these operations on the civilian population.

Airborne leaflet propaganda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After an area is leveled and people are massacred, they say “We dropped leaflets, we warned them”

Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.
Map shows the position of the Caspain and Black Sea to Syria and charts the trajectory of the Russian missile attacks launched from the Caspian.

The Naval Attack.

Today Russian Navy vessels also launched missile attacks on jihadist positions in Syria, from the Caspian sea.

Russia: Russian warships launch first anti-IS strikes

TOW’s still available.

It was discovered that the jihadists fighting in Syria are still in possession of the generally devastatingly effective TOW missiles, but they had a rare failure. I have never seen that happen before.

Syria: Saved by a Post: NDF T-55 Saved from an BGM-71 TOW

Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.
Amazing rebel footage shows the MI24 helicopter flying extremely low under heavy machine gun fire.

Close Air Support.

The Russian military are flying close air support for the Syrian Army using Mi 24 attack helicopters.

It is extremely likely that these forces will suffer casualties. Some of the video shows the helicopters flying so low that they look like cars.

Syria: RuAF Mi-24s Providing CAS During SAA Hama Operations

Russian MI-24 Hind Helicopters In Action Over Syria

The US is still flying combat sorties in Syria and launching their half-baked attacks against lone IS vehicles. This means that the bright idea of members of the war party to arm the jihadists fighting in Syria with anti-aircraft weapons to use against Russian jets is a complete non-starter. The provision of such weapons might lead to the loss of US aircraft and pilots but they could provide the rebels with weapons that are able to destroy a helicopter but that lack the range to strike a jet fighter flying at altitude.

The US Defense Secretary Complains about al Qaeda being bombed.

It was shocking to hear Deutsche Weller brazenly describe al Qaeda in Syria as “moderate opposition” but to  hear the Secretary of Defense for the United States Ashton Carter actually complain that Russia was striking targets in Syria “other than ISIS” was a stunning new low.

US says won’t cooperate militarily with Russia in Syria | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The second largest terror group operating in Syria are the al Nusra front or al Qaeda in Syria.

Al Nusra have committed mass murder on many occasions. The UN documented that al Nusra fighters conducted a false flag Sarin gas attack in Khan al Assal in April 2013 that left dozens of civilians dead.

UN’s Del Ponte says evidence Syria rebels ‘used sarin’ – BBC News

When the UN was about to arrive and begin the on the ground investigation the al Nusra front returned to Khan al Assal and murdered three hundred civilians in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Khan al-Assal massacre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The al Nusra front are a proscribed terrorist group in the United Nations. Anyone who protests against them being attacked is offering rhetorical support for terrorists it is that simple.

When did it become okay for the United States to have a pro-terror Defense Secretary?

Ashton Carter’s whining on behalf of the al Nusra front is nothing less than an act of overt treachery against the United States and the West.

I must be confused as I thought it was the job of this piece of filth to actually PROTECT the people of the United States from the likes of al Qaeda not to protest when they are attacked.

If he had an iota of respect or dignity he would resign.

How on earth do these people think they are going to evade responsibility for their actions?

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Oct. 8, 2015

Syria: Assad’s ground troops launch offensive against IS in Hama and Idlib

Syria: Syrian military release Hamah military operation footage

Russian Helicopters Provide Support For The Syrian Army Near The Village Of Kafr Nabouda In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24Ps Engage Militants Near Kafr Nabudah In Hama

Russian Air Force Mi-24P Attack Helicopters Provide Close Air Support For SAA Near Kafr Nabudah Hama

Syria: Russian airstrikes hit ISIS fuel depot

Huge explosions as Russia allegedly strikes Hama region, Syria

Syria: RuAF Mi-24P VS Jihadist in Salma, Latakia

Syria: RuAF Mi-24Ps Providing CAS near Kafr Nabudah, Hama

Combat Cam: Russian jets smash ISIS command post, fuel depot & fortifications

Удар по укрепленным позициям отряда ИГИЛ в р-не ТАМАНА

Авиаудар по КП бандформирования ИГИЛ на окраине ТАМАНА

International Military Review – Syria, Oct 7, 2015

Illuminati/U.S. Bombing Civilians & Blaming Putin/Assad – Unbelievable Propaganda [MUST SEE]