Fresh Russian Airstrikes Blast Foreign Backed Jihadists in Syria.

Still from video of Russian ari strike on Syria.
Still from video of Russian ari strike on Syria.

October 5th, 2015.

Russian Airstrikes on Syria.

Since the middle of this week the air force of the Russian Federation have conducted dozens of air strikes in Syria amid intense hypocrisy from the criminals who have supported the terrorists who have spent the past four years destroying Syria as per Israel’s wishes.

Al Qaeda are now being characterised as a “moderate opposition” group whom the Russians are to be condemned for attacking in some of the most stunning and nauseating hypocrisy ever witnessed on this increasingly foul and despoiled planet.

These same professional liars are still trying to blame al Qaeda for the atrocities in New York on September 11th, 2001 whilst supporting them as an arm of the covert operations wing of the CIA.

It really shows how far gone the West is that they would have the temerity to publicly complain that someone was blowing up their pet al Qaeda terrorists and literally not one member of the official media has a single critical word to say on the matter.

Map of Syrian military situation, October 2015.
Map of Syrian military situation, October 2015.

The Purpose.
Until the Russian Air strikes are combined with a large scale ground offensive, the scale of their operation and it’s ambition will become clear.

There are reports of a massive combined Iranian-Hezbollah-Syrian operation on the ground, these reports may be hype.
After several days several things stand out.
It seems from the focus of the Russian attacks that Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Homs are going to be the first priority.

The assessment from Andrey Fomin at Voltaire Net makes sense

“The military disposition in Syria is crystal clear. Primarily, blockade of the cities of Homs and Hama should be lifted and direct land route from Damascus to the Turkish border to be put under control of pro-government forces. The first strikes of the Russian AF were dispatched precisely in that direction.”

and more broadly.

“The counter-offensive near Hama will very quickly make it possible to figure out whether the plans to drive Jabhat Al-Nusra into the desert are workable. That might not be consistent with the stated goal of battling Daesh, but in the field everyone understands that it is not possible to expel Islamists into the desert without lifting the blockades on the currently fortified regions. They have been —and remain— prime targets of the Russian air wings.”

and on the real motivation for the Western response to the Russian entrance into the Syria war, a dream that has cost billions of dollars has just died.

American and Saudi concerns have certainly nothing to do with the alleged civilian deaths from air strikes. The fact is that the billions spent by the royal family of Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and other agents in their attempts to oust Bashar al-Assad have literally been tossed away into the sand.”

Map of the areas of control in Syria at the start of 2014.
Map of the areas of control in Syria at the start of 2014.

The Situation.

Looking at maps of the areas of control it is striking that the Syrian state has lost a lot of territory in the North since the start of this year. In the East, there is a single Syrian government position at Deir az Zour military airport whilst in the West Hezbollah have been achieving all the objectives they have been given for several years and almost completely evicted the rebels from the West of Syria near the Lebanon border. The south has remained relatively static by comparison.

One very noticeable aspect of the Russian air operations is that they have not attacked anywhere in southern Syria at all. This may be due to their priorities being focused on the area around the Mediterranean coast or it may be part of a desire to avoid confrontation with Israel at all costs.

The hole created by a Russian air force attack on a Syrian rebel underground facility in Idlib.
The hole created by a Russian air force attack on a Syrian rebel underground facility in Idlib.

Underground command posts destroyed.

The most interesting of the Russian strikes were the attacks that targeted underground rebel facilities. Several sites appear to have been targeted with bunker busting bombs.

It has been claimed that military officers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey were killed in one of these attacks on an underground base although these claims will probably never be verified.

The presence of foreign military forces within the Syrian insurgency appears to have been severely under-reported.
In mid 2012 the Beirut Daily Star, a large mainstream paper that takes an anti-Assad stance reported that thirteen French officers had been captured in Syria. The Daily Star website then became completely inaccessible for many hours and when it returned to the internet the story had been scrubbed and was never mentioned anywhere again.

International Military Review – Syria, Oct 6, 2015

Syria: Russian air strikes target ISIS HQ near Aleppo

(Russian titles followed by Google translation)

Нанесение авиационного удара по складу боеприпасов террористов ИГИЛ
(Air strikes on ammunition depots terrorists LIH)

Нанесение авиаудара по скоплению военной техники бандформирования ИГИЛ
(The application of air strikes on the accumulation of military equipment gangs LIH)

Нанесение удара по огневой позиции РСЗО подразделения боевиков ИГИЛ
(Striking the firing position MLRS units militants LIH)

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