The WDBJ Shooting- Hoax Confirmed.

The Virginia Shooting was an heroic attempt to create an
The Virginia Shooting was an heroic attempt to create an “they couldn’t possibly fake that” moment. Still from the “killer’s” footage.

September 1st, 2015.

“We can’t just move on from this.” Anderson Cooper, CNN in the wake of the Virginia event.

The Virginia “Live on TV” Fake Killings.

The Virginia Television shooting was one of the more creative and memorable in the litany of gun control and latterly race war psy-ops that are regularly conducted by elements of the US government and corporate media.

The event is supposed to be sufficiently upsetting and confronting so as to cause the brain to short circuit and thus prevent the viewer from questioning the narrative.

My initial response to the “live on TV” shooting from Virginia was the immensely foolish “Well that must be real because they couldn’t fake a killing on live television.” This was completely incorrect, this was a very audacious made for television event, it was one of the more creative hoaxes we have seen but still when separated from the immediate shock value, is an obvious fraud.

The Event.

The disgruntled employee/enraged black man Vestor Lee Flanagan was filmed conducting the faux shooting with two separate cameras, the broadcast camera and a mobile phone held by the “killer.”
The death of the cameraman was ingeniously simulated by having the cameraman place the camera sideways on the ground.

This seemed to imitate the deaths of IS and other fighters that have been filmed by helmet cameras. When the man wearing the camera is shot, the effect is identical.

I would not recommend this video but it does provide an example of the authentic filmed death that they have tried to simulate in Virginia. The difference between real and fake violence is quite easily seen if you are familiar with scenes of true violence. The atmosphere when there is real violence is completely different.

ISIS RE-MIX – ISIS fighter films his own death via GoPro
<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>iframe>

People shrieking and screaming and the sounds of gunfire do serve to simulate the outward signs but the underlying mood of the scene is completely different.

The tension and fear in a real life or death situation are palpable, the mood is very intense, there is a great deal of confusion and fear. The two situations are like day and night. Everything is different.

No one notices as the man lurks around holding a gun. Big fail here.
No one notices as the man lurks around holding a gun. Big fail here.

Anomalies and Ridiculous Errors.

There was an excellent piece at Activist Post that made most of the points I wanted to make about this.

19 Intriguing Coincidences Surrounding the Virginia Shooting

A good outline if the broader story is here.

DAILY SHOOTER: Made-For-TV – Virginia News Crew Gunned Down Live On Air (VIDEOS)

If you watch the video the “killer” supposedly made, it is slightly disturbing at first, but the longer it progresses the more obvious it becomes that we are watching a very poorly staged made for television event conducted by actors.

They have the man with the gun slowly walk up behind the unsuspecting cameraman and  interviewer. They made a real mess of this as the man is wandering around wielding a gun within feet of them yet they do not notice he is there at all.

This is completely unrealistic, it is downright nonsensical. Even without the gun, people always, simply always look up when another enters their area. Test it for yourself. The idea that a large black man with a firearm is wandering around within feet of these people and none of them give him a glance is in itself hard proof that this event was not in the slightest bit authentic and any who treat it as such are simply being played for fools.

The people playing the targets are acting in a way that many people act in the movies, but that does not match real life. It is one of those classic movie making errors that make this impossible to believe.

There is no evidence in any of the footage (frantically suppressed, as per the Charlie Hebdo cop and James Foley fake killings) that any shooting has taken place and if the event was authentic there would be. The shooter films himself opening fire at point-blank range on the woman reporter and nothing happens.

There is no projectile that exits the barrel of the weapon and no impact is discerned on the female reporter who the gun has been aimed at and fired. Nor in the surrounding area. This is not out of sensitivity for the dead but instead is due to the fact that the event was simply a psy-op.


That video is very strong, but I was concerned the gun they were using as a comparison was not the identical weapon so I found a short demonstration video of the Glock 19,(the weapon supposedly used in the Virginia TV shooting) in order to confirm that the weapon ejects the used rounds and it does. That one detail hard proves that the WDBJ shooting event was not an authentic shooting.
Glock 19 – Test Fire

You almost have to admire the fanatical tenacity of the engineers of division and gun control in the US, yet their antics grow tiresome. The repetition and the banality are overwhelming.

It is stunning to realise that they are actually making people pay them taxes in order to be deceived and traumatised

The brillian accidnetla shot of the killer forom the
The brillian accidnetla shot of the killer forom the “dead man’s” camera. A neat touch.

Credit Where it’s Due.

There were some very creative touches, real moments of brilliance in this script. The way they pretended to film and accidentally broadcast the killings and then cut back to the faux “shocked and confused” anchor was a sterling moment. It’s always pleasing to see real cunning in a deception.
The way this camera provided a brief glimpse of the “killer” was another piece of real creative brilliance.

The Fictional Lone Nut Race War is On!

Some Americans have fallen for this character and this event as an episode in a simmering racial crisis.
That is another very ambitious aspect of the Virginia event, because the designated offender here Vestor or Bryce or whatever his name was, is supposed to be taking revenge for the Charleston shootings.
So they are at the stage of actually manufacturing a fake lone nut race war! They fake the mass killing in Charleston by the white guy lone nut and then they have the black guy character conduct the fake tit for tat massacre in revenge for Charleston!
Fake killers conducting faux killings in a fictitious lone nut race war. It is pretty funny stuff.

The CIA dream of Zombie America.
It is clear that the New World order is absolutely obsessed with social control and the tight regulation of firearms and the prevention of all militarily effective firearms from being in the hands of the populace-a classic marker of tyranny, is among their key goals.

It is worth considering that the act of deception itself is part of a key goal of social control.Mind control via lies and deception.

These events shape the discourse, traumatise the credulous and buy time for the plotters, along with the specific policy goals they achieve deception, a key goal unto itself.

That classic quote from former CIA Director William Casey has never rung so true

CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.” | Truthstream Media

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey 1981 (Barbara Honegger was present at the meeting Casey said this and passed it onto DC journalist Sarah McClenden. It may read as “too good to be true” and therefore apocryphal, it isn’t.)

How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans – Top US & World News | Susanne Posel

This is being done by a part of the US government and may even be legal. There was a late inserted clause in the version of the NDAA passed in 2013 that sought to overturn a 1948 prohibition on the US government deliberately misleading the people of the US.There was no special reason for that of course, just part of the necessary business of Government.
One of the very troubling things is that the corporate media are at the forefront of the deception and the tyranny agenda, they actually push the government, encourage them to even bigger lies.

Live Shooting WDBJ7 News Reporter / Shooter Point of View FULL / RAW FOOTAGE

Virginia Shooting Hoax: Old Crisis Actors Return To Push Gun Control (Redsilverj)

Virginia WDBJ Shooting Hoax BLOWN WIDE OPEN! Complete Crisis Actor Compilation! BUSTED!!!

14 thoughts on “The WDBJ Shooting- Hoax Confirmed.

  1. James, the more, less or total theatre of this one is another success for the sicko planners and operatives. They must be celebrating. Not so much that the masses believe their trick but their watchers, who are their would-be catchers – dragging one by one to a court – are becoming weary in reporting investigations in highly suspect scams. This missing crowd, whatever their view so far, is the most upsetting scandal. This isn’t unconnected to the growing interest in moving from; critical of others opinions to calls ‘them one that James Bond lot’. These growing public squabbles are straight out the classic playbook of every threatened dictator.

    The ‘gun goal’ is understandably one the main production goals for this one but their super-PC’s are graphing up our growing compliancey and acceptance. Your article is almost a lone example of the spanner in their works.

    In our struggle exposing their criminal works, they want to reveal and overwhelm our care and concern.

    One spark can start an inferno. Your posts are an arsenal of flamethrowers. If the up and – soon – coming ‘Plant a Seed’ had any accompanying explanation of purpose and mission (not happening), it could be: Conspiracy theory skeptic’s accessible introduction to repent. Gracious and yet shocking. The second target is those in the know, to urgently do their own witing, vid, audio or street preach, letters, gatherings, off-grid communes. Hey, a sheet of original (however much duplicating other sources or scrappy grammar) for legal postings and handouts is the revival we need.

    We tend to see the battle is being fought through the Jones’s and Robertson’s, this akin to a few conscripts up front, whilst the squadies are in the barracks following the battle on the wireless.

    Whilst I’m on this, Plant a Seed is actively encouraging new voices to express and join the push for accesible true news. Give us a week or so and recruitment details will be out there.


    • Exactly how do you simply erase the persons shot and killed. Do they have complete face changes? Do you keep every family member quiet with money? What do we do about all the friends of these victims? Every person they worked with will remain quiet for eternity? Please. How are supposed to rationalize that. You cannot do it!

      • Very good questions Anonymous and I do not have the answer but there are a number of techniques that may be used. For many people a simple relocation plus a change of hairstyle or hair colour would be sufficient. In more important cases, relocation and a fresh identity would be augmented with cosmetic surgery to alter the physical appearance. Getting a new identity, relocating and getting a new face would be very difficult if conducted as part of an individual enterprise but the resources available to an intelligence agency make these tasks effortless. In certain cases, although the WDBJ incident seems not to be an example, a fictitious identity has been manufactured for the event.Thanks for comment and an excellent question.

      • I’ts easy to do: Create the fake identities first. Then hire trustful actors that live in a different state and only have phone conversations with their families. (They can tell the family they work at a coffee shop or whatever). Next, let them get into their role, dye their hair etc to make them unrecognizable. After they “died” other actors will play the roles of the grieving family and attend a fake funeral and have interviews (and then vanish from the stage). The actors will then go back to their real lives, much richer than before.I’ts easy to do: Create the fake identities first. Then hire trustful actors that live in a different state and only have phone conversations with their families. (They can tell the family they work at a coffee shop or whatever). Next, let them get into their role, dye their hair etc to make them unrecognizable. After they “died” other actors will play the roles of the grieving family and attend a fake funeral and have interviews (and then vanish from the stage). The actors will then go back to their real lives, much richer than before.

  2. I live just down the road from where this “event” happened and can always hear sirens when wrecks happen or police pull people over. I can tell you the emergency vehicles that morning went to the “scene” in silence, and if it really happened they would have been lit up.
    No One will EVER convince me this happened.
    I just wish someone would help me find the “dead” people and make them admit their deeds on video.

  3. I just want to the truth to be told and we all know this was not true. The funny thing here to remember is people don’t look for dead people so if no one is looking for these three “dead” people, they won’t be found.
    Just move them to another town a little hair dye, if that, and change their name. Someone may say wow Christine you look a lot like that pretty reporter who was killed on tv, and “Christine says yeah, I get that a lot.
    And as far as friends and family go, these two were only in the Roanoke valley for the last two years and they were hired around the same time so not a lot of friends here to speak of and family knew about the whole thing. You NEVER have to “pay off” people who are complicit in your motives to do such a thing.
    None of these actors were from here, I can make a facebook page saying I am anyone I want and simply walk away after being “killed” to my real hometown back to my real life as the real me and no one is the wiser.
    It’s not that difficult and there aren’t that many people needed to pull it off especially if everyone involved is behind the “cause”.
    Anyone want to help me find them?
    Look at Sandy Hook, actors from Florida were brought in to play their parts on tv and they pulled it off.
    We prove it all as a hoax and show these people were actors like “Alison’s” dad and we are called nut jobs.
    Well, this time it happened right outside my back door and I am Pissed!
    And anyone who says, well the police had to be in on it too to make it happen just look up our sheriff Overton he is crooked as the day is long and stole the position he’s in from sheriff Hunt who also died last week from a heart attack
    I could not make this stuff up
    sorry this was so long
    somebody enlist in the search for these people with me

  4. I also live near where this shooting happened and my boyfriend (and several friends) are officers that reported to the scene and I can assure you that what they saw left them in tears; my boyfriend saw the bodies for himself and, along with the other police, was sent on the chase…

    I myself know Kimberly (the “fake” confused/scared anchorwoman) and the way she responded was not one of a hoax; she was truly in tears and to this day remains devastated by the event.

    But believe what you will…

    • Thanks for that anonymous. I take it as a compliment. Whenever they get busted in a hoax we see this rather laughable tactic, the use of the “rock solid” hearsay witness. I am sure all the police were all torn up- from laughter. This event is not worthy of lying about at this point. It succeeded to the extent that was required and I am sure in the near future they will do it again.

  5. Thanks for using my GLock 19 test video. Just got around to checking out the sources of some of my views. Fun stuff you have here.

    • As they say in the classics, the truth ain’t nothing but the truth. I am pleased that you did not request that I remove the video and thanks for making it, you did a good job.

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