“Moderate” Mass Murder! Insurgent Car Bomb Slaughters more than 100.

Scenes of mayhem and horror in al Rashideen following the massacre of more than 100 people including at least 68 children in a car bomb attack. (Source)
Sunni insurgents tried to murder these people because they are Shia Muslims, here wounded civilians in the moments after the blast.

April 18th, 2017.

Western Backed Insurgents Conduct Sectarian Massacre west of Aleppo. 

Death Toll is 126, including 68 children.

Suicide Car Bomber Targeted Shia Evacuees from Idlib.

After more than two years under siege in their hometowns of al Fuah and Kafriya, on April 15th, they got on the buses and began the journey to the relative safety and freedom of Government held Aleppo City.

Siege of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya

Only kilometres from their final destination the convoy of buses stopped in the insurgent held Rashideen district west of Aleppo.

Many disembarked and took the chance to stretch their legs. Many children on the buses took the opportunity to escape the cramped environment of the bus.

At some point a supposed Muslim, a fighter from one of the insurgent groups (other than ISIS who do not have any presence whatsoever to the west of Aleppo) detonated a van packed with an estimated tonne of explosives in close proximity to the buses causing the scene to become one of utter carnage and devastation.

Deadly Aleppo suicide attack kills 100 in evacuation operation | World news | The Guardian

Explosion rocks west Aleppo, residents of Fouaa and Kefrayya targeted (Photos, 18 +).

2017 Aleppo suicide car bombing

Evacueees in al Rashidin in the moments preceding the blast.
Survivor of the massacre in the Aleppo University hospital where the wounded were treated. (Source)

Heart-wrenching footage from overcrowded Aleppo hospital

The attack is among the most deadly terror bombings of the entire war and the worst since the massacres of last May that killed more than 130 when a large team of suicide bombers attacked the coastal cities of Jab’leh and Tartous, in that case the carnage was caused by at least seven separate human bombs.

May 2016 Jableh and Tartous bombings

Syria: Terrorist bombings in Tartous and Jableh constitute serious escalation by Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha – Syrian Arab News Agency

More than a dozen insurgents also died in the blast, which appears to have been directed by insurgent factions opposed to the Idlib/Damascus evacuation deal.

The deal remains in place but is only partially complete, an estimated 8000 people remain in al Fuah and Kafriya and Madaya and Zabadani are also only partially evacuated.

Syria resumes evacuation after terrorists kill 112

No party has claimed responsibility for the atrocity and it is likely that the specific offenders will never be identified. Suspicion has fallen upon an outfit named Fawlaq al Sham, who expressed vocal opposition to the evacuation deal. This group was vetted by the US government, labelled moderate and armed with high quality weapons such as the BGM71 TOW missiles.

The Moderate Rebels: A Growing List of Vetted Groups Fielding BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missiles | Hasan Mustafa

In truth the insurgency has taken on such a vicious and sectarian character that there was widespread dissatisfaction with the deal. Many fighters wanted to enter al Fuah and Kafriyah and kill everyone there on the basis that they are Muslims of the Shia variety. Almost any of the numerous insurgent groups operating in western Syria are therefore suspects in the massacre.

In addition to the mass killing, insurgents also kidnapped hundreds of the civilian evacuees, their fate is unknown at this time but if further false flag attacks are planned as the Russian President recently claimed, they may well wind up murdered and used as the victims in a new atrocity to be blamed on the Syrian government.

200 Syrian civilians kidnapped by Al-Qaeda faction amid evacuation deal

An Aberration.

The culture of hatred and devaluation of human life has grown and spread like a cancerous growth in the Middle East over the past several decades.

In the Middle East, the suicide bombings were initially a largely Shia innovation in Lebanon in response to the murderous Israeli invasion and occupation that commenced in 1982 and continued until the year 2000.

The first Sunni group to engage in these operations on a large-scale was the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas who adopted the tactic in 1993, and proceeded to thoroughly blacken the Palestinian cause and help to justify and obscure Israel’s criminal nature with a series of horrific massacres of Israeli civilians over the succeeding decade.

Following the criminal US/British/Australian invasion of Iraq in 2003 the tactic was embraced by Sunni insurgents and the number of such attacks skyrocketed.

Between 1982 and the Israeli withdrawal in 2000, Hezbollah conducted, by US academic Robert Papes count, fewer than 40 suicide attacks on Israeli occupation forces.

In Iraq and Syria the so-called Islamic State group frequently exceed that in a single month, for example the group claimed to have conducted 85 such attacks in January 2016, more than double what Hezbollah had done in 18 years fighting the Israelis.

LiveLeak.com – 85 Martyrdom Operations Carried out by Islamic State Fighters in Iraq and Syria during January 2016 [Infographic]

The blame cannot therefore be placed at the feet of any one group, however suicide is expressly forbidden in Islam so to claim that the suicide bomber is going to paradise or that there is any ground for suicide attacks in Islam is a fallacy, a lie.

Attacks on military targets are not obvious war crimes in the same way as the Rashideen bus massacre but they do violate the rules the Koran asks Muslims to live by and more importantly clearly run counter to the value on life the Koran demands.

“And do not kill yourselves, surely God is most Merciful to you.”

— Qur’an, Sura 4 (An-Nisa), ayat 29 (Source-Translation)

The whole “We are the soldiers of god and we are fond of death” narrative has been completely bankrupt, an outright aberration from day one and will always be so. If you are a real soldier of god, you value life and do not crave or fetishise death.

In fairness it should be noted that  from a military tactical point of view it makes sense for poorly armed militia groups to use human bombs when facing the onslaught of air and ground bombing that accompanies a conventional military offensive. It should also be pointed out that many non-Muslims have conducted suicide attacks, from socialists in Lebanon to the Tamil Tiger separatists in Sri Lanka, who were the most prolific suicide bombers in the world prior to the Iraq war and the emergence of al Qaeda in Iraq as documented by Robert Papes in his work on the topic “Dying to Win“.

Personally it always seemed terribly wrong to me for one person, almost always a more senior person in rank and age to suggest to a foot-soldier that he should conduct an operation where his death is an essential part of the operation.

Just because a tactic makes sense in a certain situation does not mean that it is the right thing to do. It is totally immoral and the foot soldiers are simply being manipulated in a cynical and wicked manner whatever group they represent.

None of that exonerates the Neocon Zionists (nor their “Humanitarian bomber” underlings) who have been the core group responsible for the destabilisation and destruction of the Middle East over the past decades. But there is no doubt that the imperial onslaught has created terrible distortions within the Arab and Muslim world that must be addressed along with the imperial onslaught and the parallel support from Western intelligence for extremists that was the root cause.


It goes without saying that the massacre in al Rashideen did not merit a mention from the new-found ally of the jihadists in the White House.

All the supposed humanitarian concern supposedly created by the Khan Shaykhun false flag incident attack was completely absent when it came to this far larger massacre. The 68 dead children did not merit even a passing mention, let alone a salvo of cruise missiles from the President who makes no attempt to hide his cynicism and hypocrisy.

 US Rebels slaughter 100’s of Women and Children in Syria

68 children among 126 killed in Aleppo blast

The Shocking Massacre of Kafriya and al-Fu’ah

Civilians attacked: UN condemns bombing of evacuees, Western media acquit rebels

The Istanbul Nightclub Massacre.

Video still shows the gunman opening fire with an AK47 outside the Istanbul Reina nightclub.
An image of the gunmen, apparently taken from inside the Reina nightclub after a change of costume? The media have reported this as a Santa Claus costume, it may be but does not resemble any such costume I have seen, lacking in red as it does.The same media also reported the gunman arrived in a Santa costume when this was clearly not the case.
Ambulances congregate in the streets of Ozakay following the Reina nightclub massacre.
Ambulances congregate in the streets of Ozakay following the Reina nightclub massacre.

January 3rd, 2016.

The Istanbul Nightclub Massacre.

The story is that a lone gunman entered the Reina nightclub in the upscale Ortaköy neighbourhood of Istanbul at around 1.45am on January the 1st and murdered at least 39, wounding a further 69 of the nightclub patrons before changing from the black attire he was wearing when he arrived into an all white outfit and evading all the Turkish security forces making a clean escape from the scene.

Among the victims were at least 15 foreigners from mainly Western and Middle Eastern nations.

2017 Istanbul nightclub attack

There is video of the beginning of the event where a man can be seen to open fire randomly on a number of targets in the street before making his way into the club. The man is dressed in black and wielding an AK47 rifle.

Istanbul nightclub gunman shooting at people caught on CCTV (GRAPHIC).

The gunshots cause many sparks to fly from the objects they strike in a manner that is eerily reminiscent of the Dallas “spark hits” episode, although less conclusive because in that case the spark hits were accompanied by a police officer doing a really bad job of pretending to have been shot. On the other hand the people on the street in Istanbul  appear to be reacting in a genuine way to the attack.

Sparks fly as the gunman opens fire in the street outside the Reina nightclub on New Years Day.

ISIS Claim responsibility?

The identity of the gunman is not known and although someone purporting to represent ISIS has claimed responsibility, the claim of responsibility made reference to a gun and grenade attack but none of the survivors make any mention of any explosives of any kind and that combined with the fact that anyone can claim to be ISIS and claim responsibility for anything via social media, this cannot be accepted at face value.

After the November 13th Black Friday “attacks” in Paris a similarly inaccurate claim of responsibility was made, in that case the ISIS letter referred to attacks in parts of Paris where no attack took place.

It seems quite amazing that someone could perpetrate a massacre on that scale in the middle of a massive city with a reported 17,000 police on the streets and make a clean getaway by changing into different clothes.

The whole story sounds unbelievable and when you watch the interviews with some of the survivors and supposed victims it becomes very hard to sustain belief in the authenticity of this event.

Jacob Raak is the American CEO of a company named TECH Manufacturing, Corp. a seemingly small specialist tech firm based in Pennsylvania. In the following video Jacob Raak gives an amazing performance that must be seen to be believed.

Turkey Injured eyewitness saw one gunman in Istanbul club shooting.mp4

The gunman seen entering the club on CCTV is wielding an AK47 assault rifle, the diameter of the rounds is 7.62 millimeters by 39, the bullet leaves the weapon at a speed of 715 metres a second so it is more than a little odd to see Jacob Raak with a thin ribbon of material around his thigh covering what could only be a minuscule wound and no sign of any blood whatsoever.

Jacob Raak, the sole American victim of the attack speaks to the media in the aftermath.
Jacob Raak, the sole American victim of the attack speaks to the media in the aftermath. A thin blue tourniquet is on his bloodless right leg.

Presumably the story will be fixed in the coming days we will be told that Jacob Raak was hit by a ricochet rather than an actual bullet or something like that but when Jacob Raak left hospital on the way to the airport to fly home, only one day after the event, there was no sign at all that he had been shot at all, it was clear that his leg bore no bandages or other signs of medical treatment or injury.

Jacob Raak leaves hospital and his thin, skin tight pants make it clear that there are no bandages on his right leg less than two days after being shot by an assault rifle.
Jacob Raak leaves hospital and his thin, skin-tight pants make it clear that there are no bandages on his right leg less than two days after being shot by an assault rifle.

It was interesting to note that in the story they ran about Jacob Raak the Mail Online cropped out all imagery of the “wound” and the slim ” bandage” – an approach that is completely contrary to the base and exploitative approach the Mail Online routinely takes.

The Mail Online helpfully cropped Jacob's laughable wound from their coverage.
The Mail Online helpfully cropped Jacob’s laughable wound from their coverage.

The Jacob Raak story got even better in the Mail Online with a throwback to the Paris attack of November 2015, the divine intervention of the mobile phone again saving the life of the “terror victim”.

American shot in Istanbul nightclub attack says his cell phone may have saved his life | Daily Mail Online

The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case. The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case.
The Mail have no respect for their readers and this is often very helpful as in this case.
Disappointingly unlike the Paris example there was no image of the miraculous device provided. This phone is said to have saved the owner from the shrapnel of a suicide vest in Paris, November 2015.
Disappointingly unlike the Paris example in Istanbul there was no image of the miraculous device provided. This phone is said to have saved the owner from the shrapnel of a suicide vest in Paris, November 2015.

Other Witnesses and Survivors.

Other eyewitnesses are also deeply unconvincing in the general tenor of their comments.

This al Jazeera video features a female witness Sinem Uyanik who in a less obvious way is as unconvincing as Mr.Raak in her description of events.

“Before I could understand what was happening, my husband fell on top of me,” said Sinem Uyanik, who follows inexplicably with “I had to lift several bodies from on top of me before I could get out,” (Source) Her husband was only lightly wounded so she is not referring to him. The story does not make sense.

Dozens killed in Istanbul nightclub shooting

Sirvivors nonchalance and contrived appearance mimics scenes from numerous earlier staged events from Boston to Brussels.
Survivors nonchalance and contrived appearance mimics scenes from numerous earlier staged events from Boston to Brussels.
Female survivor telss her story via al Jazeera.
Survivor Sinem Uyanik tells her story.
Female victim has a non-descript and miniscule lower leg wound typical of the "wounds" at entirely artificial previous events.
Female victim has a non-descript and miniscule lower leg wound typical of the “wounds” at entirely artificial previous events and a similar thin ribbon on her wound to that applied to Jacob Raak.

Fake Terror is a proven fact in the Middle East.

Almost all of the violence and terror in the Middle East is authentic but we know for a fact that some events are staged. Several months ago a video of a clearly staged and fake bombing in Iraq was released, a real explosion takes place in an empty street and after the blast fake victims congregate for the cameras and play their role.

Something Strange Happened After a “Car Bombing”

This event was reported as a real attack around the world but it was not.

The presence of fake victims around an event strongly implies that the event was not authentic because if there were real victims from a real tragedy there would be no need for them.

So while, given the scale of the attack, the wide variety of victims nationalities and the near universal credulity with which the story was greeted make it seem ludicrous at face value to suggest this attack was a work of fiction, a non-event, the weight of currently available evidence points overwhelmingly in that direction.

In many ways it scarcely matters, the more important question is who is behind these events? Who benefits and what are they hoping to achieve?

The militant groups against whom these crimes are attributed gain absolutely nothing. They make their destruction   imperative.

Turkey and it’s leader have recently crossed the West, their decision to participate in a Syrian peace process that included Russia and Iran and excluded the US will be seen as an unfriendly act in the US and give the US a motive to destabilise Turkey.

But given that the Istanbul police are handling this case it is hard to imagine any outsiders exerting sufficient influence over the police to pull this event off. It is possible but seems highly unlikely.

On the other hand the high number of foreign victims also seemingly makes it impossible for this deception to have been concocted locally.

Many credible analysts stated that the slaying of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara was a fraud, my understanding is that the assassination was a staged event but the killing of Andrei Karlov was real and perhaps this event will ultimately also turn out to have been authentic and there are signs of authenticity such as what seems to be a corpse laying in the Istanbul street and the start of the attack also appears somewhat authentic, possible spark hits aside.

A dead body in the street outside the Reina nughtclub
A dead body in the street outside the Reina nightclub


However the tentative conclusion remains that this event was fiction and the authors were most likely elements within the Turkish state.

The broader implication of this hypothesis is that these synthetic events are simply the next level news management technique adopted by governments across the world in order to exert psychological control over the populace, promote heightened security measures and give governments almost unlimited power whilst the people the leadership wants to be perceived as enemies are seen that way by a terrified, compliant population without having to deal with grieving families demanding the truth and causing years of “trouble” for the perpetrators in the aftermath.

Bastille Day Massacre in Southern France.

The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck purportedly used in the Nice incident.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen.
The truck claimed to have been used in the Nice attack is seen with bullet holes peppering the windscreen. The pattern of the bullet holes does not appear to be authentic as they are spaced too evenly across the area of the glass. A real attemtp to kill a driver will leave a cluster in the area of the driver’s body and head. The people shooting at this vehicle seem to not know what side the driver is sitting.
A hotel lobby is supposedly turned into a makeshift hospital in Nice. Does this scene seem to be people taking refuge in the aftermath of horror or simply a bunch of tossers sitting around doing nothing?(Source)

July 15th, 2016.

84 Reported Dead After Truck Rammed Bastille Day Crowd.

It is being widely reported that 74 people are dead and many others are injured after a man drove a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille day in the French city of Nice as the Bastille day fireworks were coming to an end at around 10.40 pm, it is claimed the attack continued over a distance of 2 kilometres.

It is also being reported that after ploughing into a crowd of revelers, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a firearm and was shot to death by the French police.

It is being reported that the truck itself was packed with grenades and weapons, a detail that at face value makes absolutely no sense. How stupid and incompetent are we supposed to believe these people are?

Why on earth would you leave a bunch of bombs and weapons in a truck you are using to ram people?

Surely you either use the bombs and the guns or you remove them from the vehicle so that some of the other jihadists can use them later in another attack?

Several French media outlets are reporting that the perpetrator was a 31 year old French Tunisian dual national and that “an ID card was found inside the truck” revisiting a familiar and highly suspicious motif seen in both the Charlie Hebdo and the November 13th events.

There are also reports of other incidents in France, including at the Eiffel Tower and there is video that shows a large fire near the base of the Eiffel tower.

Fire at Eiffel Tower , Paris

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

‘We heard gunfire, ran for shelter’ – Nice eyewitness to RT — RT News

Bastille Day attacks described by eyewitnesses in Nice as lorry hits crowd | Daily Mail Online

Dozens reported dead as truck plows into crowd in Nice, France (GRAPHIC IMAGES) — RT News

‘Truck attack’ on Bastille Day in Nice — RT News

Witnesses to Nice attack say white truck drove straight into holiday crowds

2016 Nice attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

State of Emergency.

Since the Charlie Hebdo incident in January 2015, France has been struck by a series of spectacular and completely fake terror attacks culminating in the apparent complete fraud of November 13th 2015 when it was claimed that 130 people died in what was merely a psychological operation.

France has been under an official state of emergency since the November attacks , earlier on Bastille day the French President Francois Hollande stated that the state of emergency would not be extended beyond July 26th.

France will not extend state of emergency beyond 26 July – BBC News

The Nice attack will almost certainly see this decision reversed and the state of emergency extended.

The French president has just announced that the State of Emergency will be extended for three further months. (Source)

Given that they have been under a state of emergency since November and have just suffered a massive attack what do they think the State of emergency is achieving?

Terrorist attack | July 14h 2016 | Nice, France

France: Scores killed after attack on Bastille Day celebrations in Nice *GRAPHIC*

BREAKING: Truck rams into crowd in Nice, dozens dead, reports of gunfire

Initial images to attack the city of Nice in France

France: Dozens killed after truck plows into crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice

The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
The front page of the Parisian newspaper responds to the latest attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.
Aftermath of the Nice attack.

Multiple Blasts Strike Istanbul Airport

Scenes of horror at Istanbul's Ataturk airport after a series of apparently co-oriodinated bomb attacks.
Scenes of horror at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport after a series of apparently co-oriodinated bomb attacks.
Turkish police walk poast the scene of one of the istanbiul blasts, dead boidies lie in the street.(Source)

June 29th, 2016.

Heavy casualties After Multiple Blasts Strike Istanbul Airport.

At least 36 people are dead and more than 100 injured following a series of explosions at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport.

The specific details of the attack remain unclear but it is claimed that at least two and possibly as many as four people wearing explosive vests or belts entered the International terminal and detonated their explosives.

One eyewitness stated that the suicide bombers tried to shoot their way past the airport security before detonating their devices.

“We came right to international departures and saw the man randomly shooting. He was just firing at anyone coming in front of him. He was wearing all black. His face was not masked. I was 50 metres away from him,” said Paul Roos, 77, a South African tourist on his way back to Cape Town with his wife.”

“We ducked behind a counter but I stood up and watched him. Two explosions went off shortly after one another. By that time he had stopped shooting,” Roos said.

“He turned around and started coming towards us. He was holding his gun inside his jacket. He looked around anxiously to see if anyone was going to stop him and then went down the escalator … We heard some more gunfire and then another explosion, and then it was over.” (Source)

A Crowded Roster of Enemies.

Turkey has been targeted numerous times over the past twelve months by a variety of groups including those purporting to represent Kurdish separatists and the Islamic State group. So far this year Istanbul has been targeted by two major bomb attacks with ISIS claiming the January attack on the Sultanahmet tourist district that killed largely German tourists and the jihadists also being blamed for the March attack that left at least 5 dead after a bomber blew himself up in an Istanbul street.

There has not been any claim of responsibility for the latest attack.but it seems inevitable that ISIS will be blamed and given that this was a highly effective attack on the Turkish economy in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere tourist season and the fact that the group have been largely abandoned by their Turkish sponsors in recent times, they or a like-minded group were probably responsible.

The Turkish state has also been involved in a small-scale war against Kurdish separatists since  Turkey renewed military operations against Kurdish groups folloewing the Suruc attack of July 2015 upon Kurdish youth activists.

The attack comes as the Turkish government have been working to repair recently damaged ties with Russia. Turkey’s economy has experienced a more than 80% reduction in Russian tourists following Turkey’s premeditated attack on A Russian warplane last November. The recent apology to Russia was intended to remedy this situation so the attack could not have come at a worse time for the Turkish government.

The footage immediately available of this event with the multiple ambulances, dead bodies and CCTV footage stands in stark contrast to what we have seen after the recent attack in Orlando and the Brussels airport attack.

Caught On Camera! Explosion Inside Istanbul Airport!

CCTV Footage: Istanbul airport attacker frantically looks for victims

Turkey: Explosion rocks Istanbul Ataturk Airport, new CCTV footage emerges *GRAPHIC*

Turkey: At least 10 killed in attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport – reports *GRAPHIC*

CCTV Footage | Istanbul Airport Blast | Turkey | Suicide Bomber |

Witness recalls moments shortly after Istanbul Ataturk Airport blasts

Turkey: Ambulances rush to Ataturk Airport following suicide bomb attack

Turkey: Airport bomb attack victim arrives at Istanbul hospital

I saw a terrorist shooting people’: #Ataturk airport witnesses share harrowing details with RT

The Disappearance of Egypt-Air Flight 804.

This is a photograph of the specific jet that has disappeared. The id is SU GCC. Image is from Planespotters and the photograph as taken by Kevin Cleynhens in Zaventem Airport Brussels in January 2015.
This is a photograph of the specific jet that has disappeared. The id is SU GCC.and the photograph was taken by Kevin Cleynhens in Zaventem Airport Brussels in January 2015. Image is from Planespotters
Image from Flight Radar 24 purpots to show the spot where the Egytp Air flight stopped transmitting it's position, according to them the plane had just crossed into Egyptian Airspace when this occurred. (Red line delineates this boundary.)
Image from Flight Radar 24 purpots to show the spot where the Egytp Air flight stopped transmitting it’s position, according to them the plane had just crossed into Egyptian Airspace when this occurred. (Red line delineates this boundary.( Source.)
Mail online graphic shows the approximate site that debris from Flight 804 has been found.
Mail online graphic shows the approximate site that debris from Flight 804 has been found. (Source)

Updated May 20th, 2016.

Debris and Body parts found in the Mediterranean.

Tonight the Greek Defence minister, Panos Kammenos has confirmed that the Egyptian military have found plane debris and body parts approximately 290kms/180 miles north of the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

“A short while ago we were briefed by the Egyptian authorities … on the discovery of a body part, a seat and baggage just south of where the aircraft signal was lost,” (Source)

It therefore appears that all persons on board Egypt-Air 804 have perished.

It has also been reported that Flight 804 made a series of violent maneuver’s prior to disappearing from radar. The plane is said to have turned violently 90 degrees before making a 360 degree turn in the opposite direction.

The US Government are being quoted by the US media as stating that satellite imagery shows no obvious sign of an explosion in the area at the time.

“officials from multiple US agencies told Reuters that a preliminary examination of satellite imagery had not shown any signs of an explosion.”(Source)

First images of EgyptAir plane wreckage released by Egyptian army

ISIS Have Not Claimed Responsibility.

Several media outlets are claiming that the IS group have claimed responsibility for the downing of Egypt-Air 804. These claims are not substantiated- even by social media claims. They seem to be entirely invented  as they link to a long defunct ISIS twitter account.

The Russian Interfax news agency was also cited as a source for the claim, however there was no link provided and no mention of the claim on the Interfax website.

The author’s of these apparent concoctions even claim to know that the attack was perpetrated by a passenger detonating a device on the flight. A photograph was also produced and claimed to show the plane on fire.

ISIS released an English language broadcast today. The broadcast is available here.  The broadcast makes mention of fighting in Libya amnd in Northern Iraq. There is no mention of the Egypt-Air incident.Some “ISIS supporters” have gleefully suggested the group was responsible, this carries no weight at all as these same low trolls would probably resond the same way if the US was struck by an earthquake.

Rukmini Callimachi ‏@rcallimachi

“1/ ISIS has released its daily news bulletin on its official radio station in French, English, Arabic & Russian. Of note:No mention of plane.”

Additional ISIS media releases from the Amaq media agency mentioned suicide car bomb and other attacks in Syria today.

If ISIS attacked the Egypt-Air flight it appears that it was without the knowledge of the core group or the leadership.

These manufactured claims could be merely the result of low opportunism or may be something sinister.

Only bad weather has been ruled out as a cause for the disaster.

In France, the departure point of the flight, the State of Emergency was duly extended another three months having been due to expire in late May.

May 19th, 2016.

“It did not land, that is all we can say for the moment.” Anonymous French official (Source)

Egypt Air Flight MS804 has disappeared from radar.

An EgyptAir jet with 66 people on board has disappeared en route from Paris to Cairo. The Airbus A320 is presumed to have crashed into the Mediterranean sea reportedly ten miles/16 kms from the coast of Egypt.

According to a map of the flight path provided by Flight Radar 24 the craft had just passed the threshold of Egyptian airspace when it disappeared. The Egyptian media are reporting “ no distress call was made and the last contact was 10 minutes before the plane disappeared.” (Source)

According to EgyptAir “the plane was traveling at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11,280 meters), disappeared in Egyptian air space at 02:30 a.m., some 280 kms (165 miles) from the Egyptian coastline, before it was due to land at 03:15 a.m.”(Source)

According to ReutersAboard the flight were 30 Egyptians, 15 French nationals, one Briton and one Belgian.”

The flight was being performed by an Airbus A320 with the identification Su-GCC. It is being reported that no distress call came from the plane and while it is far too early to speculate about the cause of this incident, the lack of a distress call has been a recurring element shared by a series of mysterious and highly suspicious air disasters in recent years including the Air Asia 8501 disaster of late 2014, the MH370 disappearance from earlier the same year and the German Wings 4U9525 calamity of last March.

This incident comes only seven months after ISIS terrorists were blamed for the destruction of MetroJet 9268 over Egypt.

A Very Short History of Egypt Air.

Egypt Air was established in 1932. It is owned and operated by the Government of Egypt and operates a fleet of 62 aircraft.

The safety record of Egypt Air is replete with serious disasters with the loss of all on board Flight 990 after it inexplicably plunged into the ocean in the year 1999 the most serious incident closely followed by the 1985 terror attack that left 59 people dead on EgyptAir Flight 648 after the plane was hijacked by terrorists and later stormed by Egyptian Security forces.

The hijacking was attributed to the Abu Nidal group, a supposed Palestinian group, but it has since emerged that Abu Nidal was simply a mercenary operating  on behalf of Israel and also the United States. It is also widely believed that Israeli intelligence were was responsible for the loss of Flight 990 but the evidence to support the claim has never been provided.

Flight 990 appears to have been the first case of the remote hijacking of a passenger jet, a seemingly regular occurrence in recent years.

That disaster was blamed on the familiar but completely ludicrous pilot suicide theory resuscitated laughably last year for the German Wings disaster and also equally ludicrously widely presented as the cause for the disappearance of MH370 the previous year.

In recent months an internal Egyptian EgyptAir flight was hijacked and diverted from it’s destination by a man with a fake suicide belt who later claimed he was seeking a way to see his family.

Graphic shows the flight path of the missing Egypt Air jet.
Graphic shows the flight path of the missing Egypt Air jet.

Incident Concurrent with NATO naval drill in the Mediterranean.

Another element that this incident shares in common with several recent air disasters including MH370 and the destruction of Metrojet Flight 9268 over Egypt seven months ago is that it has taken place during the course of a large US led military drill.

Exercise Phoenix Express gets under way in Greece | Naval Today

In this case the drill is named Phoenix Express, it started two days ago and continues until May 27th and involves the naval forces of “Algeria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States, representatives from the NATO Shipping Center, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the EU border management agency Frontex are taking part.” (Source)

This is Naval  Today’s description of the drill.

“Phoenix Express is sponsored by U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) and facilitated by U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet. It is designed to improve regional cooperation, increase maritime domain awareness information-sharing practices, and operational capabilities to enhance efforts to achieve safety and security in the Mediterranean Sea.”

“This year’s exercise control group will be hosted at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center (NMIOTC) located in Souda Bay, Greece, but training will take place throughout the Mediterranean to include North African nations’ territorial waters.”

Conclusions Impossible.

This story is still in the very early stages and no statements can be made with any confidence about this apparent tragedy nor about any possible motives. Egypt is currently fighting a low intensity guerrilla war in the Northern Sinai region and this may small war may well be a prelude to the full treatment Syria has received in recent years.

Egypt may be the next destination the puppet maniacs are sent to destroy on behalf of the West but whether any of that is linked to this incident is impossible to tell at this time.

EgyptAir flight MS804 disappears from radar between Paris and Cairo – live updates

Ankara Bombed Again

Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Aftermath of the latest bombing to strike Turkey in the Guvenpark bus station of the Kisilay district of Ankara.
Google earth image of the Guven park bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.
Google earth image of the Guvenpark bus station area, targeted in the latest blast.

Updated March 20th,2016.

The death toll from the Ankara blast rose to 37 victims and the TAK Kurdistan Freedom Falcons group again claimed responsibility for the massacre having already claimed the very strange and beyond suspicious February attack.

Whenever a group such as the TAK pops up from obscurity and starts conducting devastating large scale terror attacks that clearly harm the Kurdish cause and bolster that of the Turkish Government the authenticity and even existence of the group must be questioned.

March 14th, 2016.

Ankara Bombing Leaves at least 27 dead and 75 wounded.

A massive explosion has struck the Turkish capital Ankara leaving at least 27 people dead. A bus interchange area was struck by what is being claimed to have been a car bomb.

At least 27 killed, 75 wounded in Ankara blast: Ankara governor’s office

This is the third major bombing attack to have struck the Turkish capital in the past six months and comes less than a month after a highly suspicious blast left 29 dead in the Ankara administrative central district.

The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has also been targeted in recent months.

Whereas many of the previous attacks like the Suruc attack of July 2015, the Ankara blast of October and the February Ankara attack were rather obvious false flags designed to bolster Turkey’s flagging position in Syria in various ways the motive for the latest attack is not immediately clear. Turkey is the host to so many different terror outfits both supported and opposed by the Government that if this was an authentic attack,  the list of suspects will be a very long one.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that the US Government warned it’s citizens of plots to attack the Government district of Ankara on March 11th.

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that there is information regarding a potential terrorist plot to attack Turkish government buildings and housing located in the Bahçelievler area of Ankara. U.S. citizens should avoid this area.”

There has not been any claim of responsibility at this time.

Moment of the Ankara Explosion.

Turkey: At least 27 killed, 75 injured in Ankara blast

Turkey: Aftermath of Ankara bomb blast which killed 27 people

the Oklahoma City Bombing: Part One – the Official Story is a Lie.

Classic image of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, 1995.
Part of the rescue effort in Oklahoma City, April 19th,1995.
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a car bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
The Alfred Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City after a bomb ripped through it Wednesday, April 19, 1995. (AP Photo)
Strange and prophetic message on a wall in downtown Oklahom, April 1995.
Message painted on a wall in downtown Oklahoma by one of the rescue teams..

January 6th, 2016.

Oklahoma City, 1995.

On April 19th, 1995 a massive series of explosions struck the Alfred P. Murrah US federal Government building in Oklahoma City.

The attack was the largest terror attack to strike the United States in the 20th century, leaving 168 people dead 500 wounded and destroying large sections of the building.

After more than two decades it is clear that as well as being an horrific massacre, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a key milestone in the infiltration and destruction of the United States, along with the Kennedy assassination and 911 it stands as a signpost marking the triumph of tyranny and lies in the “land of the free.”

This operation was the culmination of an effort over decades to infiltrate, discredit and destroy the patriot and militia movements and like the Kennedy assassination earlier and the later 911 event enabled the Shadow Government to  show the reach of their power and their ability to shape reality towards their ends, regardless of the facts.

Official Story.

The attack is attributed to a 4800 pound ANFO based bomb built by Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh and placed in a Ryder truck rented by McVeigh. The men were supposedly motivated by ‘radical right anti- Government sentiments” and also by a desire to avenge the Waco incident of April 19th, 1993. To this day that story is widely believed.

Many facts have emerged in the twenty years since the attack that make it clear that the whole narrative of an extremist plot run by anti-Government militia types was completely untrue.


The attack was a false flag classic; in order to discredit a political enemy, the US government and other allied parties infiltrated the groups with agents and then helped and augmented the attack by providing the bomb that blew up the building as well as facilitating the patsies in their shadow operation.

There are literally dozens of facts that prove the US government account of the Oklahoma City bombing is incomplete and untrue. Before attempting to chart what really happened and discover the identity of the perpetrators the most powerful and easily understood of the impossible contradictions will be explored briefly so that the credulous will understand the need for an investigation.

Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.
Police sketch of John Doe 2 and incorrectly named as Terry Nichols. This image helps explain the fact that John Doe 2 went missing, there was no patsy that could fill the role as Terry Nichols could prove he was in Arkansas on April, 19th, 1995.

Fact No.1- John Doe 2 and the Missing CCTV footage of the attackers.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that the Government story is a lie because there are dozens of eyewitnesses and video footage of another man leaving the Ryder truck along with the Timothy McVeigh character. John Doe 2 was sought for several weeks before the FBI edited this individual from the story entirely and asserted that this individual and his presence at the scene were a figment of the imagination.

In order to achieve this the FBI had to sequester and suppress the CCTV footage from dozens of cameras positioned near the site of the blast.

FBI documents released to Kenneth Trentadue include FBI references to two individuals exiting the vehicle.

INTELWIRE || The Trentadue Files: Newly Released Documents Expose FBI’s Secret Investigation Of OKC Bombing

Members of the media were able to view some of the CCTV footage and were able to report the fact that there was a second man in the Ryder truck, John Doe 2 was a real person and not only was John Doe 2 present but the man was the final person to leave the Ryder truck and had sat inside the truck for several minutes after the “McVeigh” figure left the vehicle.

Oklahoma City Bombing Federal Surveillance Tapes Cover-up

The logical conclusion to this is that John Doe 2 was the person who actually armed the device and set it to detonate.

Not only does John Doe 2 exist beyond a shadow of doubt but this individual appears to be the prime mover behind the Ryder truck attack.

The brazen excision of John Doe 2, from the story is on its own rock solid proof that the US Government, the Justice Department and the FBI specifically have been involved in a cover up of the truth behind the attack.

Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.
Carol Howe displays the swastika tattoo that helped her infiltrate Elohim City.

Fact No.2- Foreknowledge.

Another fact that disqualifies the Official account relates to the revelations of BATF informant Carol Howe and the proven foreknowledge of the ATF and other Government agencies prior to the attack.

This foreknowledge related to the specific date and target of the attack leaving zero doubt that elements of the US Government knew the attack was coming and chose or were ordered to allow the attack to happen.

Carol Howe was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Carol Howe was sent by the ATF to infiltrate an enclave of “white separatists” operating out of an Eastern Oklahoma property named Elohim City. Elohim is Hebrew for Gods.

With the black swastika tattoo on her upper arm Carol Howe was able to establish herself within Elohim City and became the trusted confidant of many of the people there.

In February 1995 Carol Howe reported to her handlers that a man named Andreas Strassmeir, the FBI/German and possibly Israeli intelligence operative serving as security chief at Elohim City was speaking openly of his desire to attack Government buildings, conduct assassinations and generally go to war with the US government. Carol Howe even drove with Strassmeir to Oklahoma City to conduct reconnaissance of potential targets.

The ATF made plans to arrest Strassmeir based on Howe’s information but they were ordered to stand down by other elements of the Department of Justice. After the bombing Strassmeir was spirited out of the US by an FBI informant/fake member of the “radical right” like Strassmeir named Kirk Lyons. Strassmeir appears to be at the core of the attack more than McVeigh and eyewitness Jane Graham states that she saw Strassmeir apparently wiring the Murrah building with c4 and detonation cord in the days prior to the attack.

When Carol Howe came forward with this information after the attack, she was arrested and prosecuted. When ABC tried to broadcast her story the story was canned and the Producer of the story, Roger Charles, was sacked.

Another informant named Cary Gagan tells a similar story to Carol Howe with the added detail that Gagan apparently played a minor role in facilitating the attack under the direction of US government agents. Gagan, who was involved in the drug trade, received immunity in late 1994 after his drug contacts began using him to transport detonators and timers from Mexico into the US. On April 10th, 1995 Gagan was asked to transport a locked trailer containing ammonium nitrate and an electric farm mixer and leave it in an area in Kansas close to Terry Nichols house.

The Gagan account and the role of Andreas Starssmeir will be revisited in greater depth in  part three which will focus on what happened and who did it.

Pat Shannan: Murder in the Heartland (re Cary Gagan) – Google Groups

Government terror: Government informant warned of attack (Oklahoma bombing)

The Proven Foreknowledge of the ATF. 

Foreknowledge of the attack went beyond information received. The ATF were warned to stay away from the Murrah building on the morning of April 19th, one eyewitness states that an ATF agent told him in the hours after the attack that he had received a pager message not to come to work on the morning of the 19th. No ATF agents died despite them being among the primary targets of an attack that was supposed to be revenge for Waco and to remove all doubt as to their foreknowledge and their complicity in the cover-up elements of the ATF told elaborate and easily proven lies about being in the building on the day of the attack.

“ATF’s resident Agent in charge Alex McCauley was with a DEA agent in the elevator when the bomb exploded. The elevator dropped free fall from the eighth floor to the third. The two men were trapped in the smoke-filled elevator…they managed to break through the doors…The agents made their way to the stairwell and brought with them 10 or 15 people they found along the way….”Unknown to Martz, the Midwestern elevator Company had been scheduled to perform routine inspections at the Murrah building on the day of the bombing. Within minutes of the bombing several inspectors were at the building. The ATF’s story was quickly exposed as a total fabrication by elevator technician Duane James, who described the story as “pure fantasy.” First of all the cables weren’t cut, so it was impossible for the elevators to of “free fallen.” None of the doors were forced open and safety switches to prevent excessive speed remained in place. Another important point is that the agents would have sustained serious injuries from a five-story free fall. They wouldn’t have been able to help any other people anyway.” SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physicallu impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Concrete stripped and steel beams completely removed. It is physically impossible that the McVeigh/Nichols device was responsible for this.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
Diagram of the placement of the Ryder truck exposes just how ridiculous is the idea that the truck bomb alone caused the damage.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterlin Hall Weathermen attack shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no structural damage at all.
ANFO damage in reality, the aftermath of the Sterling Hall the “”New Year’s Gang” attack of August 1970 shows broken, windows, minor fire damage and no significant structural damage at all.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
Aerial view of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Fact No.3 -The Impossible ANFO damage.

Brigadier General Ben Partin was a 31 year US military veteran who spent 25 of those years researching explosives and munitions. Brigadier General Partin immediately knew that the damage to the Alfred P. Murrah building could not possibly have been caused by an external Truck bomb alone. Partin states unequivocally that the properties of an ANFO, an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil device, detonated by McVeigh and the unidentified other person who disappeared from the narrative could not possibly have caused the massive devastation that was visited upon the Murrah building in the attack.

When I first saw the picture of the truck bomb’s asymmetrical damage to the Federal building in Oklahoma, my immediate reaction was that the pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementary demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete bases inside the building, a standard demolition technique.” Partin further explained that “reinforced concrete targets in large buildings are hard targets to blast. I know of no way possible to reproduce the apparent building damage through simply a truck bomb effort.” General Partin’s request to have the bomb site preserved in order to examine the possibility of a second explosion was ignored by the government. And in fact, when the request was made by General Partin, the government moved up the demolition by two weeks.”

30 Crucial OKC Bombing Questions Remain Unanswered

Other explosives experts made statements to the same effect.

Sam Gronning, a professional blaster for more than thirty years, stated;

“I have been a blaster for over thirty years and there is no doubt in my mind that ANFO could not of been by itself the medium for that powerful an explosion….even enhanced at that distance, I doubt that an external explosion could have created that extensive damage at the reported weight of the bomb.”
“My knowledge comes from practical handling of explosives,” added Gronning. “And my belief is that 4800 lbs of ANFO wouldn’t have scuffed the paint on the building.”
“No truck bomb of ANFO out in the open is going to cause that kind of damage we had there…In thirty years of blasting, using everything from 100 percent nitrogel to ANFO, I’ve not seen anything to support that story…I have set off 16000 pounds of ANFO and was standing upright just 1,000 feet away from the blast.”

Dr. Roger Raubach, who has a Ph.D in physical chemistry and is now the technical director of a chemical company has this to say;
“I don’t care if they pulled up a semi-trailoer with twenty tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn’t do the damage we saw there.”

SIGHTINGS: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 1 of 2

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City / Part 2 of 2

Partin even wrote to members of Congress asking them to forestall the building’s demolition.

“It is easy to determine whether a column was failed by contact demolition charges or by blast loading (such as a truck bomb),” Partin wrote in his letter to Congress. “It is also easy to cover up crucial evidence as was apparently done in Waco. I understand that the building is to be demolished by May 23rd or 24th. Why the rush to destroy the evidence?”

Only one month and four days after the attack the building was demolished.
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly
The DOD memo of April 20th 1995 states plainly that two extra bombs were found in the Murrah building and most importantly “one was disarmed the other evacuated” destroying the childish limited hang nonsense about the cover up of the ATF’s illegal storage of explosives inside the building. Illegally stored explosives are not armed so they do not require disarming.

Fact No.4 the Missing Bombs found Inside the building.

That extra explosive devices were found inside the Alfred P. Murrah building is beyond dispute and the evidence goes well beyond the initial detailed media reports of extra devices and also the testimony of eyewitnesses such as volunteer medic Tonie Garrett who states that at least four different well-informed sources on the scene told her on April 19th, 1995 that extra bombs had been found.
There is a memo from the Department of Defense dated April 20th, 1995 that states unequivocally that in addition to the Ryder truck bomb “One bomb was disarmed another was evacuated.”
Later as part of the damage control effort, a story was put out that the bombs that were found were merely dummies used for training. This is obvious nonsense when you consider that the bombs were located by bomb sniffer dogs along with the detail from the DOD memo that one device was disarmed inside the building whilst another was evacuated. Tonie Garrett provides the interesting added details that she was told that one of the bombs had been on a timer and was due to explode ten minutes after the first attack but she had been told that the first blast damaged the timing device and caused it to fail.
In light of those facts the media reports are merely icing on the cake and prove how controlled the US media were even in 1995 and their casual contempt for their audience as they simply pretended the whole episode never happened despite their own numerous detailed reports
Oklahoma City Bombing News Reports: Unexploded bombs found in the Murrah building!

Seismic reading of the moment of the oKlahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supportng the eyewiness accounts and audio recordings.
Seismic reading of the moment of the Oklahoma City Bombing shows two spikes supporting the eyewitness accounts and audio recordings.

Fact No.5 The Overwhelming evidence of two explosions.

Two Audio Recordings of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Audio recordings of the event,  seismic records and numerous eyewitnesses all indicate that Brigadier General Partin and the other experts were correct and that there were two separate explosive events in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 and the truck bomb was accompanied by another larger explosion that some witnesses describe as creating a mushroom cloud.

One of the audio recordings, taken at a local government meeting, records explosive incidents over a period of eight seconds, the second audio tape, from a local law office, records one large blast followed by two dull pops around four seconds later.

Michael Hinton was travelling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed acooount of tow distinct explosive evemts here.
Michael Hinton was traveling on a bus nearby and provides an eloquent and detailed account of tow distinct explosive events here.

One explosion can create two sounds and be experienced twice, as an air and ground blast, but there is no way that these sounds could be experienced eight seconds apart nor that this audio illusion could explain the twin seismic spikes recorded at several nearby stations.

End of Part one.

Having established that the Nichols/McVeigh “lone nut(s)” explanation for the attack cannot possibly be the truth and given the immense complexity of this case I have chosen to break this into three parts.

Part Two will look into the background of and the long-term infiltration of the patriot/militia movement looking at the death of Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, the Montana 7, the Waco tragedy and in part three it is hoped to outline some of the details of how the Oklahoma City operation was achieved and the persons of interest should the US Government ever decide to reform itself and come clean about the crimes committed from within its own agencies at some point in future.

Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.
Most of the168 acknowledged victims of the massacre in Oklahoma City.