Aleppo Victory a Matter of Time Following Failed Insurgent Offensive.

Aftermath of an insurgent car bomb attack in South West Aleppo at the start of the desperate insurgent offensive of late October.
Syrian soldiers with an elderly female resident of the 1070 apartment complex on the south-west fringe of Aleppo city. The photo is remarkable because it dates from early October, the 1070 housing had been a scene of intense fighting for several months at this point, having been contested since late July until the Syrian army and their allies finally prevailed in the 1070 and the adjacent Hikma area in early November. Ending all hope for the insurgent attempts to break the siege of the east Aleppo pocket.
The area around the 1070 apartments was a key battleground in the failed insurgent offensive of late October, the area had been contested since late July, in early November the Syrian Army finally seized the housing complex and nearby Kikma, one of the achievements that has ended all hope of the insurgents breaking the siege.
The area around the 1070 apartments was a key battleground in the failed insurgent offensive of late October, the area had been contested since late July, in early November the Syrian Army finally seized the housing complex and nearby Hikma, one of the achievements that has ended all hope of the insurgents breaking the siege. The months of effort to break the siege had started with the massive car bomb attacks on Hikma of late July 2016.
Recent map of the military situation in Aleppo city( Syrian Government areas shown in orange, yellow section is their Kurdish allies) shows the siege over the east Aleppo pocket now has depth across the entire perimeter. It is clear after months of intense fighting that the insurgents lack the military tools to break the siege. They have repeatedly thrown hundreds of fighters into the fray for little or no long term territorial gain.
This young girl is one of the hundreds of civilian casualtuies caused by the indiscrimate insurgent shelling of Government helld Western Aleppo, home to 80% of the population of the city but disappeared completely from the narrative by the Western media along with all the suffering they endire at the hands of al Qaeda in Syria.and their Western backed allies.
This young girl is one of the hundreds of civilian casualties caused by the indiscriminate insurgent shelling of Government held Western Aleppo, home to 80% of the population of the city but disappeared completely from the narrative by the Western media along with all the suffering they endure at the hands of al Qaeda in Syria and their Western backed allies. Seven children and a teacher died when insurgent shelling struck their school this week. This girl was one of the luckier ones.
SAA/Hezbollah soldiers engage insurgents at close quarters in Western Aleppo, November 2016.
SAA/Hezbollah soldiers engage insurgents at close quarters in Western Aleppo, November 2016.
Drone view of massive insurgent car bomb at the start of the failed late October offensive on West Aleppo city.
Drone view of massive insurgent car bomb at the start of the failed late October offensive on West Aleppo city.
Destroyed insurgent APC in Minyan, West Aleppo following the failed insurgent offensive.
Destroyed insurgent APC in Minyan, West Aleppo following the failed insurgent offensive.
Insurgents film themselves as massive explosions rock the building.
Insurgents film themselves as massive explosions rock the building.
Pinned down by heavy artillery fire from the Syrian Army, one fighter consults the Koran for what may be the final time.
Pinned down by heavy artillery fire from the Syrian Army, one fighter consults the Koran for what may be the final time.
The recently deceased insurgent fighter is caked in thick dust fron the destroyed building he was using as a fighting position creating an eerie, life like impression.
The recently deceased insurgent fighter is caked in thick dust from the destroyed building he was using as a fighting position creating an eerie, life like impression.
Loyalists celebrate their victory in Western Aleppo's Minyan by firing tracer rounds into the Aleppo sky, November 2016.
Loyalists celebrate their victory in Western Aleppo’s Minyan district by firing tracer rounds into the Aleppo sky, November 2016.
Eastern Aleppo pocket:a female civilain grief is raw follwoing the death of two male civilians, presumably relatives.
A female civilian grieving following the death of two male civilians in the Eastern Aleppo pocket.
Multiple airstirkes hit the insurgent held east Aleppo pocket, November 2016.
Multiple airstrikes hit the insurgent held east Aleppo pocket, November 2016.
Minyan was reduced from a regular suburb of Wesern Aleppo to this in the space of weeks following the insurgent attack upon and brief seizure of the area.
Minyan was reduced from a largely undamaged suburb of Western Aleppo to this war torn wreck in the space of weeks following the insurgent attack upon and brief seizure of the area.
On air footage from Russian air force flying over Syria.
Onboard footage from Russian air force flying over Syria.
Russian missile strikes insurgent position November 2016.
Russian missile strikes insurgent position, November 2016.
Massive fireball follows Russian airstrike on insurgent rear position, November 2016.
Massive fireball follows Russian airstrike on insurgent rear position, November 2016.
Children at play in West Aleppo.
Children in West Aleppo.
Displaced families returned to what is left of their homes following the Syrian Army victory there in early November following months of desperate close quarters urban combat.
Displaced families returned to what is left of their homes in the 1070 housing complex following the Syrian Army victory there in early November following months of desperate close quarters combat.
This is how it will end-Ahrar al Sham fighters being evacuated from Aleppo city in late October 2016. Eventually the remaining fighters will choose this path and those that are not killed in the interim will be evacuated to Idlib just as their Homs and Daraaya comrades have done.
This is how it will end- Ahrar al Sham fighters being evacuated from the surrounded eastern pocket of Aleppo city in late October 2016. Eventually the remaining fighters will choose this path and will be evacuated to Idlib just as their Homs and Daraya counterparts have done.

November 24th, 2016.

Syrian Victory in Aleppo now Inevitable.

In late October insurgents outside the Aleppo city pocket made what now seems a final desperate attempt to break the siege. The offensive caused a great deal of damage, saw the insurgents take a high number of casualties and kill many civilians and achieved no territorial gains at all.

After the offensive the insurgents hold considerably less territory than before it started.

The encirclement and impending loss in Aleppo have inspired a welter of hysteria and an avalanche of propaganda from the Western media.

Evil knows no boundaries! So desperate did the Western propaganda become as the regime change project faced defeat in Syria and the insurgents in east Aleppo were surrounded and besieged, they invented a fake young Syrian girl, placed her in east Aleppo and had her demand World War 3!This event hopefully marks a nadir and a beginning of the end for the age of deception.
So desperate did the Western propaganda become as the regime change project faced defeat and the insurgents in east Aleppo were surrounded and besieged, they took a “young Syrian girl”, gave her a twitter account and had her demand World War 3!

This has brought us many wonders in the field of lies but it is hard to surpass the fake twitter account with a  seven year old girl calling for World War 3 . There should be an award for lie of the year, and that should be a contender.

Although to be fair, the widespread pretense that the more than one and a half million occupants of Government held Western Aleppo city do not exist and are not being killed and wounded in large numbers by the indiscriminate shelling of the insurgents was also an impressive and audacious lie (of omission as opposed to commission) propagated almost across the board by our wonderful media.

In coverage of Syrian war, residents of government-held west Aleppo feel the world has forgotten them

“At least 74 civilians, including 25 children, were killed in the 8-day-old offensive launched by Syrian opposition fighters against the western edge of the government-held part of Aleppo city.” (Source)

High civilian death toll from rebel offensive in western Aleppo

Aleppo siege: Rebels accused over civilian deaths amid battle to end regime blockade


The fighters inside the pocket are incapable of any meaningful offensive operations and the fighters outside the pocket cannot break the siege despite throwing absolutely every possible resource towards the task over several months.

All insurgent attempts to break the siege of the eastern Aleppo pocket having failed, the insurgents are going to have to accept defeat in the Battle of Aleppo in the coming days and weeks.

There will be no total victory in the conventional sense, the Syrian army and their allies are not going to seize east Aleppo by force or kill every insurgent in the pocket, rather they are going to force the insurgents to accept a deal that will see them relocated by the government to insurgent held Idlib. Identical deals previously saw insurgents evacuated from Homs city, Daraya and in recent days the town of Khan al Shih in the Western Ghouta area of the Damascus countryside and their departure from Aleppo will end any meaningful insurgent presence in Syria’s major cities and with it any hope of regime change in Syria.

White Helmets | Lights Camera Action

Happy New Year!!

New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.
New Day Rising? Sunrise in Canberra.

January 1st, 2016.

Happy New Year!

A Time of Hope and Renewal?

One of the things that would be unambiguously positive would be an end to war. This would be something worth hoping for and working towards.

Unfortunately the current power structure on the planet means that war and chaos will accelerate right up until the day the New World Order truly seizes power and until that day all who oppose must be destroyed.

In Washington DC, the  powerful are working their way towards open war with Russia, if you listen to the words of John McCain or Hillary Clinton, they both advocate the imposition of a No Fly Zone in Syria.

This is a signal that the Washington DC power elite believe in confronting Russia with force in Syria. This is what happens to all obstacles.

One way or another obstacles must be removed, and today that applies to Vladimir Putin along with Bashar al Assad and while these people remain in and close to power in the West, there seems little hope of peace and I do not mean McCain and Clinton but rather the interests they represent.

On the other hand, according to the Coleman Experience the crimes of the wicked Brtish elite will be fully exposed this year. It can only be hoped that this is correct and that the same process takes place right across the West. But do not hold your breath,.

The Number 2016.

For what it is worth, the number 2016 is a very special number as it is related to so many other numbers and number families as compared with most numbers. It is in many ways the best number to grace a year since 1728, the last year divisible by 288.

The number 2016 is divisible by all numbers beneath ten except for 5, so it represents a kind of rich fruit that belongs to several different number families. There are precisely 2016 hours in twelve weeks.  (24 times 7 is 168 and 168 times 12 is 2016.)

It has 36 factors.

2016 is

1 times 2016.

2 times 1008.

3 times 672.

4 times 504.

6 times 336.

7 times 288.

8 times 252.

9 times 224.

12 times 168.

14 times 144.

16 times 126.

18 times 112.

21 times 96.

24 times 84.

28 times 72.

32 times 63.

36 times 56.

42 times 48.

There is a lot of very interesting information about the way our reality is shaped by certain numbers and formulae here.

The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature

Consensus reality.

There is something almost touching in the way that people continue their rituals and traditions despite everything.
Life in the West seems to exist on two completely separate levels. The personal life continues with all the characteristic ups and downs. Yet there is an underlying knowledge that complete happiness, or better described as overall happiness is completely impossible in this situation. We all walk beneath a long dark cloud whether we see it or not.
We in the West live in a world of lies. Insulting lies, childish lies, and until this changes all who live in the West are tainted by this fact. The shadow of evil overlooks us all. I have no idea what will happen this year, I am sure many wonderful and terrible things will happen as they do each and every year.
I may be short sighted in my outlook, but the way it looks to me it is all rather simple.
Either the cabal(s) that rule over us with their manipulation and lies will be exposed and they will all from power or their evil deeds will continue.
This is the only pertinent issue and supersedes all else. The fall of the cabal(s) is inevitable. The brazen crimes they have committed have been detected and exposed and will destroy them in time. That is guaranteed. The only question is how long it takes and how much they destroy with them as they fall.
Happy New Year.

Neutrality Truth 1

File:217465423-The-Cabal.pdf – WikiSpooks

Blacklist : the cabal speech by Reddington

Husker Du – New Day Rising

San Bernardino Shooting: Just Another Day of Psyops in the Big Lie USA.

The blackened brotherhood having a laugh with the cap of this second hand witness to the San Bernadino non event.

December 5th, 2015.

San Bernadino Incident is an Obvious and Brazen Staged Event.

The San Bernardino shooting of December 2nd, 2015 was a work of fiction created by the same team behind Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Garland, Chattanooga, the WDBJ shooting and pretty much all of the high profile supposed shooting massacres and “terror attacks” in the United States over the past several years.

The incident combines elements of two of this years previous faux events, at Garland and Chattanooga with a boosted “body count” for added emotional impact.

There was no shooting in San Bernadino  , there were no 14 people killed and 21 wounded, what happened in San Bernadino was just another drill sold as a live event, and a particularly poorly constructed example of the genre.

One look at the scene outside the Inland Regional Center made it very clear that there was no shooting incident there merely an active shooting drill and that fact combined with the recent history of similar events makes the hoax hypothesis the only sustainable and logical conclusion.

If there had been a genuine shooting massacre there would be no need to stage a fake scene of the aftermath of a shooting with fake victims.

All of the footage of the aftermath is footage of an active shooter mass casualty drill. All of this drill footage has been presented as being the authentic aftermath of a massacre, none of the footage from the scene outside the Inland Regional Center shows anyone who is wounded.

When you have fake wounded people laying down on pre-positioned ground sheets in an area marked by witches hats, in the middle of a supposed emergency, well they almost seem not to be trying.

When you have a group of people obviously playing the role of the wounded in a landscape that in no way matches that of the aftermath of a genuine emergency, all the other details become somewhat secondary but it is worth noting that the Inland Community Centre holds monthly active shooter drills.

The very easy to spot artificial aftermath of the San Bernadino incident.
Ground sheets, witches hats, no wounded people and the man in the blue vest appears to be evaluating the conduct of the drill.


The Official Story.

The shooting is claimed to have been carried out by a husband and wife team of Muslim Americans. The narrative is a bizarre and incoherent hybrid of the “going postal” and “Muslim terror attack” sub genres.

The absolutely ridiculous story is that the fellow they are blaming was involved in a minor dispute at his work Christmas party, went home to his wife (who they have back-filled as being a Facebook IS supporter!) Informed his wife that it was time to embark on a mass murder spree in the “name of Islam” so they dressed in combat gear, gathered up all the ammunition they had amassed along with a bunch of pipe bombs, dropped their six month old child off with relatives, drove to the Inland Regional Center and conducted the massacre before fleeing and being found and killed later by the local police.

According to the San Bernardino Police Chief Jarred Burguan the assailants were wearing masks, but the masks did not stop people from identifying them, so the police went to their address, encountered the vehicle they were traveling in close to their home, and killed them and during this encounter, despite being in possession of dozens of pipe bombs, the police state that the perpetrators threw a mock explosive from the vehicle before being killed.

The “Wounded” Woman in the purple top.

 I was watching a video of one of the wounded people being placed on a stretcher and evacuated, I was frustrated as I could not see the wounded person and thought it highly suspicious that two people seemed to be standing in front of the wounded person and shielding them from the camera.

Where is the wounded person in this photo?
Where is the wounded person in this photo?

To my astonishment one of the people who seemed completely unhurt up to that point WAS the patient and the woman, showing no signs of distress at all, calmly climbs onto the gurney to fulfill her role having walked unaided to that point, no gunshot wounds, no wounds at all.

The woman who is standing there the picture of health is the wounded victim.
The woman who is standing there the picture of health is the wounded victim.
Our star survivor yet again.
Our star survivor yet again.
These wounds are certainly horrific. The woman in the purple top is a real star player. here she seems to be feigning a sore knee. Great stuff.
These wounds are certainly horrific. The woman in the purple top is a real star player. here she seems to be feigning a sore knee.

The Second Crime Scene.

It is possible, albeit highly unlikely, that the second part of the story actually happened, that the police were told that these two were the perpetrators of a shooting and tracked and killed them on that basis.

The body visible on the scene does not seem to match the police description of the shooters.

It also appears, that the blood and other evidence of the second shooting were placed at the scene after the event.

The car before the blood.
The car before the blood.
The car after blood and debris appear to have been placed at the scene.
The car after blood and debris appear to have been placed at the scene.

The disposal of the patsies is always a very difficult part of these stories to unmask because the police completely control the scene and the information that is released so the really obvious signs of deception that are present in the main scene are generally harder to discern at the secondary scenes.

Whether the designated offenders were complicit in the deception or were simply framed and executed is of secondary importance in comparison with the fact that the core event they are accused of perpetrating clearly did not take place.

It is almost certain the entire incident is a work of fiction, but it is absolutely certain based on the obviously manufactured scene that the core event, the massacre at the Inland Regional centre is a work of fiction.

Lawyer David S. Chelsey during the CNN interview during which he claimed Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found handcuffed in the back of the black SUV.
Lawyer David S. Chelsey during the CNN interview during which he claimed Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found handcuffed in the back of the black SUV.

Lawyer States Suspects were found handcuffed in the back of the SUV!

In a stunning turn that strongly implies that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were abducted and framed, an attorney representing the Farook family, David S. Chelsey stated during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were found HANDCUFFED and face down in the back of the black SUV.

The response to this from Cuomo only served to underline the true role of the media.

It would have been completely legitimate for Cuomo to question the veracity of the “found handcuffed” claim, but he did not do that, instead Cuomo proceeded to attempt to intimidate the two lawyers representing the family into affirming the guilt of their clients and to reaffirm the official story and close down all questions.

If David S. Chelsey’s claim is correct there seems no doubt that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were framed and murdered by sinister forces and left in the car to be found and blamed for fictional crimes.

The claim s made at the beginning of this interview.

Shooters’ family attorney: Everyone is clueless

Muslims: a good choice of offender.

Because the patsies, the designated offenders were Muslims, a group many Americans fear and hate, having been subjected to decades of fanatical Zionist propaganda, this strange mess of a psy-op is going to be widely believed, even compared with events like Aurora and Sandy Hook.

The hybrid nature of the narrative, means that today millions upon millions of people around the world are earnestly debating whether this infantile, clunker of a non-event was a terrorist attack or mere regulation mass shooting in the workplace. It was neither.

This is a classic psychological warfare tactic that is very effective, the phantom discourse, the duelling arguments anchored in illusion. The perpetrators simply press the right buttons and sit back and watch the inevitable Pavlovian response.

It is especially funny to consider that the creators of these disastrous and inept productions pat themselves on the back and consider themselves a race above and beyond the people they have brainwashed. It is especially amusing that they react quite viciously towards any who defy the designated version of these events despite the fact that anyone with eyes can see with these really bad ones that they are a total lie.

The IS Facebook Announcement.

The claim about the female member of the attack group posting her allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook us especially silly. Think about it, you have decided to join a clandestine network of terrorists and attempt to conduct attacks in the US.

First step: climb on Facebook and provide the CIA, FBI, NSA and every other intelligence agency who own a computer full knowledge of your intentions!

None of these billion dollar heroes ever notice of course and this is solid evidence that they need a bigger budget, they must be shockingly under resourced to have missed something like that after all. It is not as if they need a warrant.

The NSA HQ at Fort Meade, the threadbare budget of the NSA in plain sight.
The NSA HQ at Fort Meade, Maryland the “threadbare” NSA budget in plain sight.

The Motive.

The overarching purpose is the one expressed by then CIA Director William Casey to President Ronald Reagan,

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Lies and deception are as a source of power, an ongoing goal of the US and other Western Governments, they believe in lies as a way of life for the people they pretend to serve.

One interesting aspect of the San Bernardino incident is that what seems to have been intended to be another gun/mind control psyop has seemingly morphed into an “IS supporters” attack apparently in order to satisfy the media demand for the terror narrative. The media are actually running with both psyops simultaneously according to their owners priorities.

This seems to be happening because the owners of the media are absolutely desperate for a large Western ground operation in Syria and until that is achieved, all other goals are secondary.

On the local level, the city of San Bernardino has been experiencing long term financial problems, the city is broke so when the men from the Federal Government popped up with the suggestion of turning one of the local drills into a faux operation, the people from San Bernardino presumably felt they had little choice but to agree and accept the promised injection of Federal spending that the city would receive for it’s service to the cause of deception.

California: San Bernardino police chief shares details of mass shooting


The Ottawa “Shooting” Revisited.

Hero of the Day! kevin Vickers returns to Parliament
Crowning moment! Hero of the Day! Kevin Vickers returns to Parliament to an adoring reception the day after the Ottawa psy- op.

October 22nd, 2015.

The Ottawa Psyop was one year ago.

The Ottawa shooting incident of a year ago was one of the more ridiculous and easily unmasked faux events of recent times.
The hoax was conducted in a very audacious manner and there are numerous facts that completely exclude the possibility of the event being authentic.

They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.
They never even TRIED to explain the waitig media.

Fact. 1. The Media contingent in the centre block waiting for the incident to happen.

When the supposed terrorist ran into the centre block of the Ottawa Parliament having supposedly already gunned down a ceremonial soldier

at the Ottawa monument, a large contingent of the Canadian media were present in the Centre block, perfectly placed to record the fake gun battle that marked the denouement of the event.

There is no reasonable explanation for the presence of the Canadian media in the centre block other than that they were there to play their role in the psyop. There was no reason ever provided for their presence there for obvious reasons.

Fact. 2. The Scene at the Monument was clearly fake.

SMOKING GUN: Fake CPR!!! Ottawa Shooting Hoax Officially BLOWN WIDE OPEN!

The scene at the monument where the ceremonial soldier Nathan Cirillo was suppposedly killed was also ridiculous, the scene was obviously staged and controlled scen with Canadian security forces preventing anyone coming close enough to the scene to realise it was a fraud.

The thing that made it really obvious was the CPR conducted by bystanders on the supposedly wounded soldier. Close scrutiny of the CPR made it clear that the CPR was fake, the compressions were being done for a theatrical purpose alone, the hands were not even placed on the chest of the soldier as they delivered the compressions.

So there were right from the start serious problems with both elements of the event.

Ottawa Shooting was a Staged Event – False Flag/Hoax – Get Informed Canada!!!

Fact 3. The narrative of the centre block attack is farcical.

The only good part of the Ottawa incident was the hilarious ceremony in the Canadian parliament the following day weere the faux hero of the incident, Parliamentary Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers who had been laughably fictionalised as the action hero who leapt athletically through the air, spun and shot the “terrorist” ending the crisis.

Even this did not fit at all with the event the media recorded in the centre block but they recorded an immense avalanche of gunfire that the Canadian police supposedly delivered into the dead body of the terrorist.
The idea that the Canadian police are so childish and stupid that they come upon a dead body and fill it full of lead “just to make sure” w as another obvious sign that this was a laughable psyop.

Fact 4. CBC liars destroyed the centre block story further.

CBC, the Canadian state broadcaster, was front and centre right throughout the hoax, as questions emerged about the incident the media tried to iron ot some of the wrinkles.
Evan Solomon of CBC broadcast from the centre block of the parliament, during his broadcast Evan Solomon pointed at a number of indentations in the wall where the supposed terrorist was supposedly killed by the heroic Kevin Vickers.

Unfortunately for Evan Solomon and the other professional liars and con artists of CBC one diligent researcher checked the centre block area on a Google world view of the parliament recorded several years earlier.
The researcher discovered that the “bullet holes” identified by Evan Solomon on the CBC news had existed years before hand and the indentations were the result of the removal of hooks used to mount pictures on the wall.

OTTAWA HOAX BUSTED!! 9 Bullet Holes a LIE!

Every element of the event that was able to be scrutinised was clearly fraudulent. There were no elements of the event that rang true in the slightest.
Every known fact about the Ottawa event points to a psy op and none point to an authentic terror attack.

The identity of the attacker, the choices of target, the way the attack was conducted, the weapons used, the hero, all of it was just silly.

At the time of the attack the Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was trying to push through new “anti-terror” laws that would increase the power of the state at the expense of the citizens.

Following the Ottawa incident the bill sailed through the Canadian Parliament and hero Kevin Vickers adjourned to Israel where he was feted.

The despicable nature of the Harper government and the manipulative nature of their supposed anti-terror efforts was made crystal clear several months after Ottawa when an intelligence agent the Turkish government said was from Canadian intelligence . The man was arrested after having assisted several teenage British girls to travel to Syria and Iraq.

BUSTED! Canada Supports the “Islamic State” | Crimes of Empire

Will the new Canadian government differ in substance as well as style?

The Harper Government was soundly defeated in the Canadian Federal election this week.

The new Canadian Government has announced the end of Canada’s involvement in the US led fake anti ISIL operation in Iraq and Syria.

Until they begin to dismantle some of the legal infrastructure implemented by the foul and wicked Harper government and tell the truth about some of these phony events it should be assumed that the new Government is simply a less offensive and openly wicked incarnation of the same franchisee.

I wrote two pieces about this, the lesser is in the link and the better one is reprinted below.

Ottawa Shooting Narrative Completely Unravels | Crimes of Empire

Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.
Ottawa Shooting Locations-before they scrubbed the story.

Ottawa Shootings: the New World Order Lie Machine Comes to Canada

Saturday October 25th, 2014.

The Official Story
We are told that on Wednesday October 22nd, a disenchanted Muslim convert with a history of petty criminality launched a “lone wolf” terrorist attack on the Canadian capital Ottawa.
The man named as Michael Zehaf Bibeau is said to have begun by attacking a soldier named Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was on sentry duty at the Ottawa cenotaph (National War Memorial). The attacker is supposed to have shot Corporal Cirillo at least twice, (Barbera Winters states that two people were compressing one wound each) ) using a 30-30 Winchester Rifle before returning to his car, driving towards the Parliament nearby.  Zehaf-Bibeau then abandoned his car, ran up to another vehicle and seized this vehicle which he drove close to the Parliament, excited car number 2, ran into the Middle Section of the Parliament building, apparently pausing to shoot a security guard in the foot, where the Sergeant at Arms and former Parliamentary Security Chief Kevin Vickers shot him to death.
The incident came only two days after another incident involving Canadian soldiers and a purported jihadist terrorist. On Monday, another Muslim convert was killed by police after supposedly attacking two soldiers with a motor vehicle killing one of them.

A Motive Rich Environment.
When Parliament resumed on Thursday the newly minted “hero” Kevin Vickers and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper were greeted with a rapturous response.
These incidents mark the first acts of violence attributed to supposed “Islamic extremists” in Canadian history, although the police have apparently disrupted earlier jihadist plots, with the “Toronto 18” plot of 2006 the most obvious example
The attacks came at an interesting time in Canadian politics, with n small contingent recently sent to attack the IS group in Iraq and the Parliament preparing to debate new “Security” legislation that would grant unprecedented powers to Canadian Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

The Pattern is Well Established.

All the supposed “Islamic terror” attacks in the West were either conducted entirely by Western Intelligence (September 11 and the London bombings) or with their complicity and augmentation. (World Trade Centre 1993, Oklahoma City, Bali 2002) To see an “authentic” terror attack in the West would be a radical break from the recent historical pattern of anti Western terrorism in the West.
Whilst at face value the Ottawa shooting story may seem relatively plausible, given that the self-starting “lone wolf” terrorist only managed to kill one person, the fact is that each and every terror attack conducted under the banner of the supposed “Islamic Jihad” has been conducted under the supervision of Western intelligence agencies. This includes massive attacks such as the September 11th event, conducted entirely by Westerners, to petty events such as the failed “crotch bomber’ and the “Times Square bomber” who simply placed flammable items into a car and set them alight.
The fact that the event in Ottawa did not cause mass casualties therefore does not indicate it’s authenticity as a real terrorist attack conducted by a real terrorist.
Scrutiny of the footage and a critical examination of the media coverage of the Ottawa event indicate that the Ottawa shooting incident was a manufactured event, a psychological operation conducted against the people of Canada against the west, a classic utilisation of the “Problem, reaction Solution” formula designed to achieve the goals of the Canadian political elite and their New World Order handlers at the expense of the truth and the freedom of the Canadian people.
There appears to be a high likelihood that the Ottawa event is another from the Boston, sandy Hook school of false flags, where the entire event is concocted. I am extremely confident that the “terrorist” did not murder Corporal Nathan Cirillo, that was a lie. It does remain possible that the killing of the “terrorist/patsy” was authentic.
If we look back at the Boston bombing hoax, there was one very real element of the violence, the violence the State meted out against the supposed perpetrators was very real. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was alive and in custody and the police really murdered him. An eyewitness stated that the police drove repeatedly over the elder Tsarnaev’s body, The deaths of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his friend Ibragim Todashev (shot to death in FBI custody no less) are both very real as indicated by the photos of their corpses. The Ottawa incident may have ended in the death of Mr. Bibeau Zehaf, it did not begin with the shooting of Corporal Cirillo, that was faked. This is obviously an event entirely stage-managed and controlled by the Canadian Security Services and their Law Enforcement colleagues before a pre-positioned and waiting media.

The Problem with the Gunman Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau.
There is a welter of footage that depicts Mr. Bibeau, we see him return to his vehicle after the supposed “Cenotaph attack” on Corporal Cirillo. We see him leave his car and run across towards the Parliament. We see him park this car and run into the Parliament building. We do not see him fire his weapon, nor do we even see him brandish it in a threatening way. We see a guy running round with a gun. He doesn’t carry the gun with any intent and he does not fire it.
We are told the gunman is a terrorist engaged in a suicidal mission. This is one, only and final chance to “even the score with the infidel” Yet he apparently makes no attempt to attack the second soldier stationed at the Cenotaph. Indeed we know that the ceremonial soldiers deployed at the Cenotaph were in pairs.


Yet we have never heard a word about the other soldier stationed there. His identity, response and how he avoided the terrorist gunman all remain oblique. There is no photograph that even shows another soldier on the scene, and the “suicidal gunman’s” failure to target the other soldier makes no sense at all.


The Corporal Nathan Cirillo killing scene, please note the police tape has been put up and the complete lack of blood.
The Killing of Corporal Cirillo appears to be a work of fiction.
The first thing that I would like to know is whereabouts in his body Corporal Cirillo was shot? The individual who performed mouth to mouth resuscitation upon him Lawyer Barbera Winters claimed he was shot twice. I cannot see any evidence that he was shot at all, and much that should be there is not.

Please note the pristine white glove.

He was shot and he died. Therefore, he must have either been shot in the head or torso, or bled to death. Blood-loss is the only viable cause of death of being shot in the leg, right? The legs are not essential to human survival like the brain or the heart.
Please note the pristine white gloves and the complete lack of blood.

It is clear that Corporal Cirillo was not shot in the head. It is also hard to see any signs of a wound to his torso and all in all, the pristine white state of his gloves indicates he was not shot in the torso and tells us that this event was manufactured by the team from Lies central whoever they may be.
Attack Conforms to Scenario Envisaged by Security Forces.
This is Boston redux in Canada, and the Quebec incident must come under severe scepticism also. Especially given the fact that a CBC Senior Correspondent

Adrienne Arsenault tells us (via Aangirfan) that the Canadian Security Services recently ran a “war game scenario” that involved an initial attack in Quebec followed two days later by an incident elsewhere in Canada.

Please remember that this is a nation with no history whatsoever of jihadist terrorism and suddenly we have two attacks that conform to a script that was part of a “war game” to “test:” the capabilities of the Security Services just as the Government is about to bring new Security Laws granting unprecedented powers to the same Security Services before the Parliament.. How absolutely extraordinary. How farcical. Oh and it all happened just as they upped the “terror threat level” from low to moderate.
Another odd thing about the “terrorist killer’ on a suicide mission was that he made no attempt to fire upon or harm any of the civilians he encountered. This is odd but could be reasoned away. (He had decided only to attack Security forces).
But if we accept that, what are we to make of the fact that when attempting to enter the Middle Section of the Parliament building, the supposed terrorist killer on a suicide mission was confronted by a Security guard, whom he supposedly shot in the foot.
That all pales somewhat into insignificance when we look at the two films shot by the Canadian media from the final incident in the Middle Section that saw the death of the purported gunman.
The gunman commandeers a vehicle, (careful not to harm the occupant) drives the vehicle to the Parliament complex. He is being closely pursued by Police


vlcsnap-2014-10-25-18h01m27s75The gunman enters the Centre block of Parliament pursued by Police. The incident is just developing and has been ongoing for no more than several minutes. So it seems more than a little odd that the Canadian media were assembled in the Centre Block, they were there before the Police arrived. Multiple camera crews.
The first police arrive at the Centre block Hallway under the eyes of a waiting and pre-positioned media scrum.
These are the first police to arrive in the Centre block in pursuit of the Gunman, yet the media team were already there in numbers. Not only the camera filming what we see, but several others.
News teams were lined up in the alcoves waiting for the event to take place.

The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.
The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.


Waiting Media are clearly visible.

How on earth is it possible that this unprecedented event suddenly occurred and at least three media teams were waiting in exactly the right place to film the climax of the operation and they arrived before the police. It almost seems intentionally insulting the way they do things. It was also interesting that during this video.
Ottawa Shooting_ New Footage of Gun Fight (mirrored from Free radio Revolution as it wouldn’t embed)

at the 32 second mark one of the waiting media personnel appears to mutter “this is fake”. The media are in place for more than a minute before the police even arrive.
It;s transparent nonsense. The latest installment of grotesque street theatre from the men and woman of the House of Big Lies.
The Corporal appears not to have been murdered at the Cenotaph, whether the gunman himself died is completely unclear. He may well have been genuinely killed, he may well have not been killed.
What we have seen is clearly simply a large-scale complex drill parlayed into a big lie Psyop.
If the details of the drill are uncovered I am confident that they will show that the scenario involved a shooter in the parliament, the Cenotaph killing, along with a mall incident (apparently abandoned mid-operation) and a sniper perched on a high-rise building. The scenario may also have included a gunman inside the Post Office as a member of the Military police was televised dragging a “suspect” from the Post Office after it was evacuated.
As far as the Rideau Centre Mall. I have a serving member of the Ottawa police force on CNN stating that there was an incident there, he offers solid and total confirmation, but states that there were no injuries. So what happened there and why has it been completely edited out ever since.
Constable Mark Susse”(spelt phonetically his name is spoken not spelled by CNN) “We have had three shootings.. one near the Rideau Centre.. We can confirm that there were three shooting was hurt. “

I would suggest that the correct response to this rather despicable little Psy op would be for the people of Canada to resist each and every new Security proposal proposed by this Government, who are clearly completely cynical and untrustworthy emissaries and servants of the New World Order This lie should destroy the Harper Government, and destroy all trust in the Canadian media forever. How do you describe those who smile and lie in the service of tyranny and mind control? Wicked.

British Journalist Admits to Being Government Propagandist!

The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.
The dishonest and laughable Sunday Times front page. Snowden story.

June 18th, 2015.

Rupert Murdoch, Tom Harper and Edward Snowden.

Tom Harper, wrote an article “British spies betrayed to Russians and Chinese” in the Murdoch owned Sunday Times implying that former US intelligence operative/whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s disclosure of classified material had caused the deaths of Western Intelligence agents- that Snowden had “blood on his hands.”

When questioned about the story on CNN by George Howell Harper frankly confessed that all the sources for the story were anonymous elements of the British government and in one astonishing gaffe actually suggested that anyone who had a “problem with the story” should “take it up with the British Government!.”

Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist
Tom Harper Sunday Times journalist “don’t blame me mate I just print what the Government tells me!”

This is a transcript of the interview.

CNNs George Howell):”Tom thank you for being with us, I just want to dive a little deeper into the nature of your reporting.”

(Tom Harper begins to look apprehensive.)

CNNs George Howell:- “You’ve named unnamed officials, how do senior Number 10 Downing Street Officials know that those files were breached?”

Tom Harper.-”Um well I don’t know  the answer to that George, All we know um is that  this is effectively the official position of the British Government,  we picked up on it, we picked it up a while ago and we’ve been working on it trying to stand it up with multiple sources and when we approached the British government last week with our evidence they confirmed effectively what you read today in the Sunday Times so , it’s obviously allegations at the moment from our point of view and it is really for the British Government to defend it

CNNs George Howell- ”Well I do have to ask though, just in understanding the nature of what’s in the files, how do they know what was in them if they were encrypted? Has the UK Government also gotten into these files?”

Tom Harper- ”Well I mean these files come-came from America  and the UK. so they may already have known for some time what Snowden took. that’s not something we’re clear on so we don’t go into that level of detail in the story . We just publish what we believe to be the position of the British Government at the moment.”

CNNs George Howell- “Your article asserts uh that it is not clear whether they were hacked or he (Snowden) gave them over when he was in Hong Kong and uh Russia, so which is it?”

Tom Harper- ”Well again sorry to just repeat myself George. I am sorry but we don’t know so we haven’t written that in the paper. It could be either, it could be another scenario. When you’re dealing with the world of intelligence there are so many unknowns and so many possibilities it is difficult to state anything with certainty and so we have been very careful to stick to what we are able to substantiate.”

CNNs George Howell-  ”So we are (really) just hearing what the British Government is saying at this point um, the article mentions MI6 agents, were they directly under threat as a result of this or was it just a precautionary measure to remove them?

Tom Harper “ Again I’m afraid to disappoint you, we just don’t know um there is a suggestion that some of them may have been under threat but the statement from senior Downing Street sources , suggests that no-one has come to any harm.erm which is obviously a positive thing from the point of view of the West.” (But disastrous for his story with it’s “blood on his hands” quote from an anonymous source within the British Government)

George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces!
George Howell almost laughing at poor Tom Harper, One of Rupert;s London dunces.

CNN’s George Howell “So essentially you are reporting what the Government is saying but as the far as the evidence to, to substantiate it, you’re not really able to comment or explain that at this point?”

Tom Harper-  ”No I mean, we..we picked up on the story a while back from an extremely well placed source in the Home Office and then tried to carry on um to substantiate what was going on through various sources in various agencies throughout Britain and then finally presented um er the story to the Government and they effectively uh confirmed what you read today in the Sunday Times. But obviously you know when you’re dealing with intelligence it’s the toughest nut to crack erm and unless you actually have leaked intelligence documents like Snowden  had it is very difficult to say anything with certainty.”

CNNs George Howell-  “Tom thank you so much for your time and explaining the report that has been filed there.”

This is the video.

Tom Harper Defends Snowden Story on CNN

,Journalist and conduit for the Snowden material Glenn Greenwald comments on the story here.

‘Sunday Times Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst

Utter lies’: Greenwald debunks Sunday Times spin on Snowden

CNN Critical Reporting is not the rule.

The tone and content of the CNN interview. The way George Howell humiliated and destroyed Tom Harper by asking the right questions tends to support the thesis that Snowden was sent out by elements of US intelligence, Snowden seems to be a white (or at least grey) hat plot against the national security state from within.

CNN’s history is replete with examples of unrestrained and dishonest cheerleading on behalf of war with the astonishing “Saudi Arabia attack” footage, shot in a Los Angeles studio complete with rubber palm trees as one of the “funnier” examples. For better or worse CNN is there to serve a certain purpose with their reporting at all times.


Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!
Thank god some American still have the guts to stand up and speak the truth! This is the cover of a book that reveals the nefarious truth about so called whistle-blower Edward Snowden!

The Snowden Revelations.

The purpose of all this nonsense, is to obscure the fact that the Snowden releases confirmed that Western Governments are monitoring the communications of absolutely everyone in the world regardless of any terror threat or any national security justification.

It is highly unlikely that anyone will actually listen to all those phone calls or read all those E-Mails, they are burying themselves underneath a mountain of garbage, it is pure insanity, but make no mistake, everything is being recorded and that should be the operating assumption for all electronic communication.

One of the more bizarre and outrageous facts that emerged from the Snowden files was that the British version of the  NSA, the GCHQ were actually downloading thousands of random webcam stills from thousands of Yahoo users webcam images. The fact that what they were collecting was completely useless did not matter to them and they recorded online remote sexual activity! Images from online sex chats between adults that were of no criminal or intelligence value.

Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ | US news | The Guardian

So pathetic minions such as poor Tom Harper are sent out to get on the front foot and portray this depraved and deluded tomfoolery as being a matter of  vital importance to State Security. It is funny.

All the NSA and their ally agencies are achieving is burying themselves under a giant mountain of useless information, it is a joke but there are serious questions as to what they hope to achieve with these programs, about the mass surveillance programs, the contempt for privacy, and the contempt for the rule of Law that has been openly flaunted by Western Intelligence agencies since September 11th, 2001.

Lies and Diversions.

All the controlled media reporting on this issue will generally seek to justify the surveillance measures through the use of a couple of tactics in high repetition.

One tactic is to hype the terror threat.

The second tactic was Harper and the Times’, to paint Snowden,as a traitor who put lives at risk when he has embarrassed these parties severely and revealed their lawlessness and wrongdoing.

These buffoons clearly want to be able to simply invoke the national security mantra at any time in order to end all scrutiny of their excesses and crimes.

There is simply no evidence to support the assertion that Snowden took information even of that nature, he may have done, he may not. Unnamed Government sources who are clearly an interested, invested party, a party that has behaved unlawfully and never been brought to account for it are clearly not a reliable or remotely source on this story.

Russia obviously has been able to access some of the material, but it is completely unclear if the material is of any operational value at all. Most of what Snowden released was already known but these documents provided important confirmations in certain areas along with some new information.

The third tactic is an old classic; diversion. The controlled media will concentrate on the pathetic sideshows like the Merkel story.

Spying on Foreign leaders is one the things that these agencies are actually supposed to do so this story was the typical puerile soap opera the controlled media try and feed to the public in the hope that no-one will notice the real story. That the NSA and other agencies are building a total surveillance grid, a worldwide net that seeks to record and access all digital data everywhere always.

Never has the fact that the entire Western media is but a mindless tool of Government propaganda been made so obvious.

Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch.
Lord of war and proponent of genocide and, paragon of unrepentant evil Rupert Murdoch. Faster please!

Uncle Evil of the War Party.

Blood on WHOSE hands?

The Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Over several decades Rupert Murdoch has built a mighty media and entertainment empire andthe  universal support for Western wars has been a common denominator throughout this time.

If you were a Western politician seeking to start a war of aggression over the past several decades you could count on the support of the entire News Corp empire.

Wars? He supported them all. Loved the Falklands, adored Vietnam, lobbied the British Prime Minister personally to invade Iraq on several occsions and has been  earnestly pushing for strikes against Iran for at least a decade. Love in vain.Throughout his career Murdoch has shown a deep commitment to war and any evil he felt served his interests or that of his adored Zionist state, Israel.

Rupert Murdoch owns 65% of the newspapers sold in Australia’s major cities and 60% overall.

Prior to the criminal invasion of Iraq that has left at least 1.3 million people dead in the ensuing fighting, one of Murdoch’s smallest and least important newspapers, with a current circulation of less than 50 thousand, the Hobart Mercury with little or no national influence, printed an editorial in September 2002, six months prior to the invasion. questioning the rationale of Invading Iraq as part of the War on terror, pointing out that al Qaeda were not present in Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was not an ally of al Qaeda and that blowing up thousands of Muslim civilians might be more likely to inspire than prevent fresh terror.
The Editors of the Hobart Mercury were flatly informed by News Corporation headquarters the following month that all editorial content should unambiguously support the illegal war. That was that.

When next the Hobart Mercury visited the issue they had changed their tune entirely and were in line with all of Murdoch’s 175 publications worldwide in their support for the criminal Iraq invasion.

Three quotes from prior to the Iraq war that show the prescience of the great man and also his immense moral stature.

Rupert Murdoch takes on US gossip website over ‘tweeting while drunk’ rumour – People – News – The Independent

“Once it [Iraq] is behind us, the whole world will benefit from cheaper oil which will be a bigger stimulus than anything else.”

“The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy…would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

“Appeasement is not an option when it comes to dealing with Hussein…Failure to disarm Hussein would make the world a much more dangerous place.” 

Commenting on Twitter in 2012, Murdoch was still trying to defend the war,

“What was wrong with Iraq war? Saddam Hussein evil major killer, etc. Execution another matter…“

The gunman in Paris Two men and no getaway driver.
The gunmen in Paris .

Punish ALL the Muslims!

In the wake of the blatant and pathetic false flag terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris of January 7th the malevolent and depraved Murdoch called for the collective punishment of the more than one and a half billion Muslims of the world in response.

No matter that more than one million Muslims had perished in wars he co-sponsored over the past decade, in the sick parallel universe of Uncle Evil, the deaths of 12 French civilians should see the murderous campaign expanded to include ALL Muslims.

“Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognise and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.”
— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) January 10, 2015

I love the maybe! According to Wikipedia there are around 1.57 BILLION Muslims alive today, yet Murdoch is not sure if non jihadist terrorists are a majority! This is defamation of the most childish and wicked possible type. This is evil.

These are the ravings of a demented, genocidal maniac. How else to describe them?.

How would the Western media deal with an individual who made similar comments about Jewish people?

What are the words that would be used to describe an individual who stated that ALL Jewish people should be punished for Israel’s crimes?

Phone Hacking/Intelligence gathering.

Along with supporting Western war crimes and massacres Murdoch has also been involved in a number of criminal activities although due to his power, and the corruption and cowardice of the British legal authorities Murdoch never faced criminal charges despite being taped openly admitting that he had personally directed and approved of the criminal actions of the journalists in his employ. Murdoch journalists and even editors were prosecuted for the crimes they committed while simply following the instructions of their employer Rupert Murdoch who admitted this openly on the Sun tape.

Transcript: Rupert Murdoch recorded at meeting with Sun staff | ExaroNews

Murdoch was recorded secretly by an apparently embittered staff member after he stopped by to apologise for the fact the News Corp journalists were facing criminal charges for working by News Corp rules yet only the workers were ever prosecuted. The owners? Well that would be rude, that would be troubling.

Rupert Murdoch tape reveals media mogul’s contempt for police

Power is Above the Law in Blackened Britain.

Rupert Murdoch, like Greville Janner is simply too important to be prosecuted in Britain. British Courts are the sites for the Establishment to enforce their authority upon whom they please they are not a place where the little people are ever allowed to seek justice against powerful criminals. It just does not work like that and these conditions existed long before the odious and wicked career of Uncle Evil, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s war: How a lovestruck teenager, an angry man and an ambitious baron made sure bad news was no news on the path to Iraq | The Monthly

Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped: The political empire of the News Corp chairman | The Monthly

FactCheck: does Murdoch own 70% of newspapers in Australia?

» The Bloody Hands of Edward Snowden

Blood on Snowden’s hands: a poster that tells the story

British spies betrayed to Russians and Chinese –

Sunday Times Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst

The Mercury (Hobart) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rupert Murdoch takes on US gossip website over ‘tweeting while drunk’ rumour – People – News – The Independent

The Iraqi Invasion, The French Warning and Fox News | Nomadic Politics

Iraq war quotes – SourceWatch

The Rothschild Octopus

Leveson Inquiry: Tony Blair ‘took 3 calls from Rupert Murdoch in Iraq build-up’ | Daily Mail Online
Rupert Murdoch does the Rothschilds’ Work of Destroying America | Thom Hartmann
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‘Test it on Brits:’ Snowden says GCHQ even worse than NSA — RT UK

Edward Snowden GCHQ Revelations Show Spies Are Accessing Thousands Of Messages A Day

Snowden final report for publication – Snowden-final-report-for-publication.pdf

SNOWDEN: Here’s Everything We’ve Learned In One Year Of Unprecedented Top-Secret Leaks | Business Insider

Glenn Greenwald: Journalist who published reports on Edward Snowden leaks flags more revelations on Australian mass surveillance – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Edward Snowden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained | US news |

Sunday Times reporter on Snowden story: We don’t have a clue! – The Washington Post

US officials leak information about the ISIS raid that’s more sensitive than anything Snowden ever leaked – Boing Boing

MAX HASTINGS: Why the liberals who defended traitors like Snowden and Assange should look at this photo and admit: We were deluded fools | Daily Mail Onlinee (what is the photo this cretin refers ? A photo of the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo false flag!)

GCHQ ‘can spy on Facebook and YouTube users and has ability to manipulate online polls’, latest Snowden leaks claim | Daily Mail Online

The Deaths of Osama bin Laden.

The original Osama bin laden, Western agent provocateur par excellence. Died in late 2001.
The original Osama bin laden, Western agent provocateur par excellence. Died in late 2001.

The Deaths of Osama bin Laden.

May 12th, 2015.

Osama bin Laden Appears to Have Died in 2001.

The US Government and the controlled media claim that Osama bin Laden was killed in a US raid on his Pakistan hideout in 2011. It is a difficult matter to prove given these events are cloaked in lies and disinformation but overwhelming evidence indicates that Osama bin Laden, CIA agent provocateur par excellence, died in Afghanistan in December 2001 and all of the events involving bin Laden and all the statements he supposedly made after 2001 were entirely fake.
When you look at the videos of some of the post 2001 bin Laden appearances it is quite clear that bin laden is being impersonated, crudely and poorly. That fact combined with multiple reports of bin Laden’s death in 2001, in the US. Pakistani and Egyptian press indicates that bin Laden died but lived on in impersonation and myth and the operation that supposedly killed bin laden in Abbottobad Pakistan on May 1st, 2011 was in whole or part a work of fiction.

Benazir Bhutto says Osama Bin Laden is Dead?

In addition to the reports two completely separate Pakistani political figures, Pervez Musharref and Benazir Bhutto also stated that Osama bin laden was dead long before 2011, Bhutto even claimed to know the identity of the person who she claimed killed bin Laden, describing the death as a murder at the hands of Ahmed Saeed Sheikh Omar, a British man with links to al Qaeda, British MI6 and the Pakistani ISI. – Pakistan’s Musharraf: Bin Laden probably dead – January 18, 2002

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead | Fox News

This is from the same date as the Fox story, 26th December 2001, at which point the news appears to have spread widely in Washington DC.

High-Level Murmurings That bin Laden Is Dead –

It appears that an US military operation took place in Abbottabad in 2011, that it involved Navy Seals and it was designed to kill the dangerous myth of Osama bin Laden. It was a lie that killed a lie.

There were bin laden fakes-plural employed after 2001, these appear to be three different fake bin Ladens from What Really Happened.
There were bin laden fakes-plural employed after 2001, these appear to be three different fake bin Ladens from What Really Happened.

A Ridiculous Story.

Helpfully, the Military and political accounts of the operation are completely ridiculous. The man who was blamed for the September 11th massacre was supposedly killed without a single photograph being taken of him prior to his burial at sea!

There was never any actual evidence offered that Osama bin Laden was either present in Abbottabad nor that he was killed. There was just a story.

Elated Americans cheer the death of bin laden ten years late.
Elated Americans cheer the death of bin laden ten years late.

A Wildly Successful Hoax that like Boston brought cheering crowds to the streets.

It was an extremely successful hoax that saw cheering crowds throng outside the White House, I had no idea of the truth and was personally very pleased which is obviously very embarrassing but ultimately this was a hoax that actually served a relatively good cause, the killing of the myth was dishonest and low but the myth was dangerous. Telling the truth would of course have been the right thing to do, it has become clear that this is not a realistic expectation to have of any part of the US government.
The actual operation is very confusing, the apparent helicopter crash, the question of who if anyone was even there. It’s a mess.

A really obvious fake bin Laden from 2007. Wrong everything.
A really obvious fake bin Laden from 2007. Wrong everything.

Bin laden and 911.

We know that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda did not conduct the 911 attacks.But did they plan the planes operation only to see the “professionals” step in and blow the buildings up after flying empty drones into them or was the whole thing a work of fiction?

This is an important question without an answer. The al Qaeda group was so compromised and openly used by so many different intelligence agencies that it is almost impossible to determine whether there was any sincere al Qaeda planes operation plot. There was a fellow named Ramzi bin al Shibh, in Germany who was in contact with Mohammed Atta and appears to have assisted in preparations for an operation. He may have been the person closest to the operation who was sincere.

The other problem is that the media coverage of al Qaeda was so completely dishonest and fictional that even when it makes sense that an individual actually believed he was planning the planes operation, it is quite likely the entire account is a complete lie.

The North Tower Demolition, September 11th, 2001.
The North Tower Demolition, September 11th, 2001.

Ramzi bin al Shibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appeared to take responsibility for planning the operation in an interview with al Jazeera in 2002. The interview may well be authentic or it may simply be a work of fiction. None of the tapes the written interview is said to be based upon have ever been released.

With Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the fact that he bothered to refuse to talk to the Americans for a long time despite being tortured severely tends to indicate his probable sincerity.

A photograph of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from 2007 approx.
A photograph of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from 2007 approx.

Would the Americans invent the 183 water boardings in a single month? Maybe. It is entirely possible that these two al Qaeda figures sincerely plotted the attacks, but neither man ever set foot in the USA or played any active part in the attacks. The attack may have been real or authentic in Pakistan or Afghanistan or even in Germany, but absolutely everything that took place in the US was under the control of Westerners and the fake al Qaeda terrorists who did enter the United States such as Mohammed Atta were undoubtedly not sincere and no element of the attacks is authentic and the planes operation did not take place.

As far as bin Laden goes, he appears to have been aware of his provocateur role. There is no evidence that bin laden played even the theoretical role the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al Shibh may have played.

Alleged photo of Ramzi binalShibh who may have thought he was actually planning 911 from Hamburg, he wasn't.
Alleged photo of Ramzi bin al Shibh who may have thought he was actually planning 911 from Hamburg, he wasn’t.


As far as Osama bin Laden goes the truth is pretty clear.
There were multiple reports of his death in late 2001.
There are numerous problems with the post 2001 bin Ladens that indicate an actor (indeed series of actors) were playing the bin Laden role.
The story from the US that bin Laden was killed and they never took a photograph of the corpse or any other part of the operation is completely unrealistic. If they kill him you can guarantee there will be many mementos and proof of what they have done. They would be perfectly proud and happy to show a picture of his bloodied corpse.
The only photos that were claimed to depict the death of bin laden were photo-shopped stills from the movie Black Hawk Down! They didn’t even make an effort.

Bin laden dead?
Bin laden dead?
From Black Hawk down (all images from What Really Happened)
From Black Hawk down (all images from What Really Happened)

Seymour Hersh: Why Now?

As far as why Seymour Hersh is pushing his longstanding and rather half baked interpretation at this time?
Seymour Hersh is a high quality Establishment journalist. Seymour Hersh wrote in 2002 that elements of the US government believed that a foreign Intelligence agency must have been involved but he never followed the story up nor sought the immense corroboration available.

Years ago Seymour Hersh stated that not one detail of the raid was correct, which was right, but now he is actually asserting that much of the story is true including the all important fact that Osama bin Laden was actually killed which is nonsense.

The few sane and rational elements of the US administration appear to be under siege and appear to be caving and losing all over the place and something the administration has done has presumably pissed off one of Seymour Hersh handlers enough to cause this story to happen.

The controlled media report the faux second death of Osama bin Laden.
The controlled media report the faux second death of Osama bin Laden.

The Empire Strikes Back?

The tentative Iran deal appears to have prompted a massive and successful Zionist fightback in Washington and in Syria and in Ukraine the forces of chaos and mayhem in the US government have clearly seized the initiative and are setting the conditions for several possible massive future US wars and it actually seems that the War party are desperately trying to finish off Assad in order to drive a wedge , a violent wedge between the US and Iran and thus avert the nuclear deal by making the US and Iran open enemies in Syria.

There are also rumours that Iran has cut off the Syrian government within the past few months. The actions of Hezbollah in the Qalamoun region where they continue to trounce the anti Government forces in that area, the one positive part of the war for the Syrian government and allied forces who have suffered a series of devastating setbacks in the past month especially in Northern Syria.

The What Really Happened piece on this topic is very strong and material from


has been used extensively.

New Bin Laden Image Taken From Spanish Lawmaker

Other Sources.

Osama bin Laden death conspiracy theories – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake | World news | The Guardian

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead | Fox News

Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years – and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror? | Daily Mail Online

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Indonesia “Catches the Fever”

Indonesia: Tony Abbott BURNS at protest in Java

People in Jakarta respond to the latest Abbptt “charm offensive. February 25th, 2015.”
People in Jakarta respond to the latest Abbott “charm offensive.” February 25th, 2015.

Indonesia: “FUCK ABBOTT” protest hits Australian embassy

February 25th, 2015. Updated March 11th.

To Know Him is To Despise Him. The ” Love” Spreads to Australia’s Northern Neighbour!

The Australian Prime Minister receives the respect he deserves in Jakarta.
The Australian Prime Minister receives the respect he deserves in Jakarta.

The execution process for the condemned Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran is turning into quite a protracted saga. Apparently the men cannot be executed until as many Australians as possible believe there is a chance they will be saved from execution and as many Indonesians as possible cheer the execution as an affirmation of patriotic and independent Indonesia.

It is not hard to see that the protests in Indonesia are state approved if not sponsored. It is also clear that the size of the crowds is growing and by the time the executions actually take place there may be tens of thousands of sincere people on the streets of Jakarta all to wave a fist in the face of the Abbott.

The CIA and cohorts have known for a long time that manufactured social movements can under the right circumstances take on a life of their own. The entire hippie movement is a classic and well documented example. CIA provided the drugs, the leadership and the philosophy that enabled a large and apparently authentic movement to form. One more idiotic statement from Abbott between now and the execution and this whole event could turn out to be very damaging to the Indonesia/Australia relationship.

Given the fact that the poor wretched Prime Minister cannot help but make idiotic comments, as they are an honest expression of his character, chances are high that Australians will be asked to recoil in horror at the sight of Indonesians loudly celebrating the deaths of the Australians and not understand that it has nothing to do with them, nor Chan and Sukumaran. This is all about a chronically misfiring hapless clown, the Abbott .

Angry Indonesians have compared Tony Abbott to Shylock, the moneylender in The Merchant of Venice who demanded a pound of flesh when his rival defaulted on a loan.

“Australians need a prime minister, not a Shylock and drug dealer’s cousin,” a banner said at a protest held on car-free Sunday at Jakarta’s famous Hotel Indonesia roundabout.”

Bali nine executions: Tony Abbott compared to Shylock in campaign to repay tsunami aid

Senior government figures expressed concerns Mr Abbott had derailed efforts to save the Bali Nine duo from execution, after linking the men’s fate to Australia’s aid donation following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed more than 200,000 in Indonesia.” the Daily Mail.

The haunted look of the doomed. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
The haunted look of the doomed. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The One Man Diplomatic Catastrophe.

Two Australian citizens Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukuraman are awaiting execution in Indonesia. The Australian Federal Police supplied the Indonesian police with the information that led to the arrests knowing that if convicted the men would face the death penalty. The Australian convicted drug smugglers were always going to be executed.

If you look at the situation from the point of view of the new Indonesian President Widodo this is an easy way for him to build credibility. By simply doing nothing, President Widodo gets to look strong and independent and help mollify the security establishment.  If he intervened and stopped the executions he would gain nothing. This Australian government has made it’s status as the dedicated slave of the United States, Britain and Israel perfectly clear. Sparing the two condemned men will have no material benefit to Indonesia and would see the new President lose a lot of credibility. The idea that public hectoring would help in this situation is just ridiculous. You wonder how anyone could possibly be so stupid, but it is just the view from “Australia world”.

The typically disastrous statement from the Australian Prime Minister, where he bitterly remarked that since Indonesia was going to go through with the executions perhaps they should return the money Australia donated following the 2004 Tsunami means that now many Indonesians will probably cheer the executions as a way to poke Abbott in the eye.
The Prime Minister truly has that effect on people right across the board. He has a remarkable talent for generating disdain and loathing.
The whole furore in Australia about the impending executions of Myuran Sukumaren and Andrew Chan is typically vapid and hypocritical for several reasons..

The Australian Federal Police Put them on Death Row.

The condemned men Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran at sentencing.
The condemned men Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran at sentencing.

The drug smugglers are on Death row in Indonesia awaiting execution because the Australian Federal Police specifically chose to arrange for the smuggling syndicate to be arrested in Indonesia.
The information that led to the arrests came from the Australian Federal Police, there was no need to have them arrested prior to their return to Australia. The Australian Federal Police have never sought to offer a reasonable explanation for their decision to choose to cause the arrests to happen in Indonesia where the Death penalty is in place for such crimes. All the AFP have ever offered was some self-serving nonsense about “It was a successful operation.”
Australian Officials chose to put them in the Death Row position for unknown and unexplained reasons. So Australia complaining about the results of an Australian policy decision is obviously a joke.

Principled Opposition?

The other thing is that when a couple of Australians face execution suddenly we see a great deal of supposedly “principled” opposition to the death penalty. It is all rather laudable in it’s way but is also rather a joke in it’s provincialism and inconsistency.
When Indonesia executed the “Bali bombers” no one in Australia offered a word of protest. If you want to oppose the death penalty on principle, a perfectly decent position, surely that opposition has to demonstrate it’s principled nature by extending to all cases, even when the suspect is deeply unpopular?

Usn d Unmanned Aircraft to Execute Unknown People for Spurios Reasons is not worthy of comment in
Using Unmanned Aircraft to Execute Unknown People for Spurious Reasons is not worthy of comment in “Australia world”

US Drone Killings Don’t Count?

The bigger example is the United States extrajudicial killings in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. In Pakistan the United States sentenced people to death by drone on the basis that from the air they looked like the person might be a supposed “militant.” This is in a region of Pakistan where men go armed so anyone could be accused and killed at any time by the US on this basis.

“McClatchy’s April review of drone strikes revealed that at least 265 of up to 482 people that the CIA killed during a 12-month period ending in September 2011 were not senior al-Qaeda leaders, but were instead “assessed” as Afghan, Pakistani and “unknown extremists.” Corroborating media accounts show that US drones killed only six top al-Qaeda leaders during the same period.”

Classified documents reveal CIA drone strikes often killed unknown people — RT USA

Christopher Havardhis execution by US drone was not even announced for six months. The Australian government had no comment.
Christopher Harvard Executed without trial by a US drone strike in November 2013 his execution by US drone was not even announced for six months. The Australian government had no comment.

US Drones Executed Two Australians in Yemen in November 2013 without trial.

A US drone attack killed two Australian citizens Christopher Harvard  and Daryl Jones (New Zealand dual citizen) on November 19th, 2013 in Yemen. This fact did not even emerge until April 2014 at which point it was largely ignored. The Australian Government did not offer a word of comment. How can it possibly be that when Indonesia is going to execute two Australian citizens after a trial and many appeals this is cataclysmic yet when the USA executed two Australian citizens without trial it was not worthy of comment?

The men were alleged to be members of the al Qaeda Yemen branch, al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula, a known and rather obvious CIA, Mossad (and the rest)  front with their underwear bomber ushered onto a plane without a passport or ticket by a handler who videotaped him the whole flight . With their “iconic martyred leader” Anwar al Awlaki of the previous Pentagon visits and extensive contacts with the US government and not forgetting the Kouachi brothers, the  classic patsies in Paris last month in the “Clash of Civilisations cartoonist” attack number one on Charlie Hebdo.

In addition to sentencing Australians to death without trial it is also clear that part of the “information grid” that is used to find, provide and deliver attacks on drone targets is based in the Pine Gap US spy base in Central Australia.

So a US facility based on Australian soil was used to help execute without trial or evidence an Australian citizen and no -one has a problem with that? Apparently not in “Australia world”.

The drone program initially was supposed to be an assassination program aimed at “important militant leaders” They began in Yemen in 2002 and Pakistan in 2004. The program degenerated to the point of these “signature strikes” when people and nearby civilians were killed on the vague and meaningless suspicion from camera footage from the sky.
Thousands of civilians have been killed by this program which peaked in 2010-11 under Obama.
If you had principled opposition to the death penalty surely you might have an issue with those techniques?

There will be no candles in Sydney for the innocent civilians of Waziristan slain by our “Dear friend” and “great ally” the United States.  No candles even for the Australians killed in Yemen without trial.  But of course, they are “other’ people aren’t they? Their deaths are not worth mentioning or even considering to the casual Western supremacist living in”Australia world’.

They certainly got the eyes right!
A Caricature of the Australian PM behind bars in the Jakarta demonstration.

Indonesia: Protesters throw ‘druggie’ Tony Abbott BEHIND BARS at Jakarta protest


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