Massive Strange Explosion in Southern Aleppo.

An image of an explosion in as Safira Aleppo on the night of July 16th, 2016.
Another image of the as Safira explosion.
Another image of the as Safira explosion.
Overhead inage of the as Safira defence installations.

July 18th, 2016.

Massive Strange Explosion in Southern Aleppo.

The Syrian city of as Safira, 25kms/16 miles south of Aleppo city was struck by a series of massive explosions overnight, the blasts took place at a large Syrian military production and weapons storage centre on the outskirts of as Safira.

Massive explosion rocks Army base in southeast Aleppo

The blasts were photographed 50 kilometres away and witnesses 60 kilometres away in Azaz claimed to have felt the blasts. The blasts created a mushroom cloud and there is a strange pulsing flashing in some of the footage. Several witnesses that the blast resembled a nuclear event.

Several tactical nuclear attacks of recent years have targeted weapons storage facilities, both in Yemen last year and in Syria in 2013, the choice of these targets for small scale nuclear attack enables a high degree of plausible deniability on the part of the perpetrators.

It remains unclear what has taken place in as Safira but whatever the origin there appears to have been a nuclear explosion and the unbelievably idiotic story promoted by certain pond life level propagandists that a helicopter carrying “tonnes” of explosives crashed and caused the explosion rather gives the game away.

It is highly unlikely that an aircraft could have delivered a missile to this site deep inland without being detected but a missile fired from a submarine or some other platform is entirely possible.

Initial images of the explosions in the defense plants in the city of as Safir.

Explosions in the defense plants as Safira

Dramatic footage of explosions at Syrian defence factory

Other Examples.

In the past several months the Russian Air force have unleashed a number of horrific new weapons on the jihadists of northern Syria.

There have been some very strange explosions caused by the Russian Air force during that time and this attack, from April again on an ammunition dump, in this case belonging to al Nusra in southern Aleppo is very, very reminiscent of a nuclear blast.

Russian airstrike targets ammo depot for al-Nusra in South Aleppo

This year, Saudi Arabia through proxies informed the world of their possession of nuclear weapons This was already an open secret as in 2015 Saudi Arabian air attacks on Yemen were unmistakable small nuclear explosions.

Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

In 2013 Israel made it even more obvious when they attacked a Syrian military research site near Damascus at night when the unique character of the explosions are far easier to identify.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

The Syrian Arab Army and their allies this week. on the Castillo road that is a ring around the north of Aleppo city
The Syrian Arab Army and their allies this week. on the Castillo road that is a ring around the north of Aleppo city
Map highlights the Castillo highway that is the only road link between the insurgents in Eastern Aleppo city and the outer world.
Map of the Northern Aleppo battlefield shows the Syrian Army in control of a section of the al Castillo highway and also that the Syrian Army and their allies are very close to achieving a complete encirclement of the Aleppo insurgent pocket. (Source)

The Context of the War the SAA Cut the Castillo Highway.

Despite the Russian intervention the war is still a grinding battle of attrition however this week the Syrian military and their allies managed to cut the Castillo highway that runs in a semi circle north of Aleppo city. The achievement came after weeks of heavy fighting and terrible casualties on all sides.

The Castillo highway was the sole supply route for the rebel fighters who control eastern Aleppo city. The closure of the road has seen a series of frantic rebel counterattacks in order to reopen the road but these attempts have failed and at such a cost that one of the major factions Ahrar al Sham (Free men of Syria) have stated they will not send any more fighters to participate in what they see as a suicidal effort to reopen the essential supply line.

Russian jets swarm northern Aleppo as jihadists attempt to retake Castillo Highway

Pictures have now emerged of the Syrian Army on the road but the fierceness of the fighting was such that the initial goal was not to take the road but to take positions with artillery ranged upon the road making it impossible for the insurgents to use it. The Syrians achieved this from two separate areas and this is the vital thing.

Aleppo rebels trapped as Syrian Army cuts off main supply route

Hell Awaits the Serial Liars Along with their Death Squad Mercenaries.

You can always tell things are going badly for the jihadists because that is when the war party and their proxies begin complaining about human rights and expressing concern about human suffering.

When the pet maniacs they are still psychotically pretending are freedom fighters run amok and enter a village and commit mass murder, these unprincipled and morally bankrupt propagandists have not a word to say about it. It is good news to them, their “lads” are winning.

Al-Zara’s Massacre: the Syrian villagers were slaughtered by Ahrar Al-Sham’s mercenary-terrorists

Syrian villagers describe massacre by militant group spared from UN terror blacklist

Islamist rebels brag about Zara massacre

Syria: Twenty killed after al-Nusra Front shell Aleppo *GRAPHIC*

US backed AlQaeda linked rebels Massacre Civilians in #Syria

Only when their pet death squads are facing collapse to they trot out the familiar pathetic mantras about barrel bombs and feign concern for the civilians who have suffered so terribly in the war they have supported and promoted relentlessly for half a decade.

All of the people in the Western media, all of the people in the think tanks who previously supported the Iraq war and the destruction of Libya but remain impervious to the human cost of the propaganda they present and who still shamelessly pretend the bloodthirsty jihadist death squads of the empire are freedom fighters will burn in hell until the end of time if there is a scintilla of divine justice in this universe.

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  1. Shortie for me, getting offline by the clock, unless absolutely necc. (Wee phone-based look-ins).

    Related issue: Relatively recent confab with alt. jornos, listened to two most-respectful ones cite possible ‘small scale nuclear attacks’ in Yemen and Syria as something we needed to be cautious about declaring? Actually, they were for encouraging more investigation is necessary/assuming possible. That some may have gone too far/too quickly? This wasn’t in reference to ‘Crimes’ pieces which I signposted.

    Patrick Henningsen got on this last night on The Sunday Wire. Not this story but generally; flabby fear that we’re speculating too outrageously far. He said of which, should watch this attitude. Thinks we should have none of it – within open and constructive manners.

    In action here. No follow the crowd or safety in subject matter. And red-alert – prospectively.

    The whole reputation over-all and truth-websites is a non-starter for me, as credibility is not a consensus possibility, apart from the broadest given/s. Increasingly concerned reporting troubles – generally speaking – is refraining from exploring more conscientious, or seem-controversial, views? As though holding ‘a position’ that’s safer is reputable? Preferable to not-knowing for sure and weighing as we go. No – fails the task needed: Debate the details. Wide and again. Likely make mistakes but no under-the-carpet brushing. If it’s out there – lights on.

    • Thanks Mark, firstly I should make it clear that I do not have the expertise to make any definitive declaration about whether an explosion is of the nuclear variety, but I have been observing this for a few years and reading the work of others regarding how to identify nuclear explosions.
      These weapons are so small by comparison and the radiation is so contained and only intense for a very short time that it is almost misleading to call them nuclear weapons as they bear so little resemblance to an Hiroshima or Nagasaki style attack.
      There is a writer at Veterans Today named Jeff Smith with a strong background in the subject and he stated unequivocally that the Yemen attack was with a nuclear device and that combined with the strong visual evidence in the video make the nuclear conclusion a viable and responsible one in that case.
      The later revelation that Saudi Arabia was coming out as possessing nuclear weapons only bolsters the claim further.
      The Israel attack of May 2013 in Syria is even more obvious, it is even within my limited expertise to identify this as a nuclear attack such is the distinctive character of many elements,espevially the way the sky is flashing and pulsating repeatedly in ways that are typical of a nuclear event and atypical of anything else, in addition in one video shot many kilometres from the epicenter (based on the time the sound of the blast lags behind the flash of the explosion) the camera is entirely whited out for many frames, only a nuclear explosion can create the intense light required to achieve that.and I would suggest that you watch the Syria video and decide for yourself based on the visual evidence.
      So I think there is a very strong basis to claim that the Yemen and Syria attacks used nuclear weapons. The other examples I cited were far more speculative, and these claims may prove to be incorrect, I will just say that there were researchers, Americans who traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to test the soil for depleted uranium (admittedly used to coat US shells and used routinely) and they discovered that the US had repeatedly used small scale nuclear weapons in both nations based on the signatures of enriched uranium found in the soil.
      Therefore my understanding is that these weapons are being used with increased frequency by many of the world’s air forces, this is what you use against hardened underground targets, it is what works, the results are little different than if you has used conventional explosives you are simply able to use a lighter and smaller weapon this way to achieve penetration of the hardened target.
      Therefore if America was willing to use these weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq (and again against Isis in Syria in late 2014.

      And we know that Russia has a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons and the technical ability to minituarise them, when an al Nusra underground base is bombed and the film shows it flashing wildly underneath a mushroom cloud the nuclear hypothesis at the very least is the best explanation.
      It is also worth remembering that way back in the 1950s the US developed a nuclear weapon small enough to be carried by infantry on an artillery type platform or on the back of a jeep. The Davy Crockett was a big joke as if the wind changed after the team fired the weapon they would all die of radiation poisoning!
      It is I suppose theoretically possible that they were manufacturing these type of weapons at the al Safir plant and had an accident, but either way I am confident that only a nuclear weapon produces those specific artifacts.
      The Sunday Wire is part of my Monday ritual, I am about half way through the show at the moment but I do not think I have yet reached the section you referred to yet. But I was somewhat disappointed to hear the Irish bloke pretending that all the terror is real amongst a lot of good things he said.
      That is a joke view at this stage in my opinion. If people want to make a tactical decision not to tell the truth about the fake terror I respect that 100% but please don’t waste my time pretending that manufactured events are authentic, that is tiresome, asinine horseshit at this stage. Baby stuff, and to maintain that position at this time a person must almost be deaf and-or blind.
      Regarding credibility, one man’s wild eyed loony is another man’s every day view. If I was passionate about the UFO issue, or Chemtrails or the Flat Earth or the wanking laughable Mandela effect I would write about them. I am not so I do not. Ultimately the only arbiter are the people, they will read and believe what they want. Many thanks for commenting Mark, you have made me realise there is much I need to add to the piece.

  2. Thank you James, for blogging this, I had not heard anything of it.

    Please allow me to throw a big cat amongst the pigeons. This is a general questioning of the ‘hard’ (as in ‘real’)achievement of explosive nuclear technology, by the Americans in ’45, and by any other country, in the years since. I know – weird madness! What is ‘he’ on? How can we help him?

    The reason I am throwing this ‘out there’ is that I have seen material which effectively demonstrates that the nuclear test film footage – of all ‘participating’ countries, not just the Yanks – shows clear evidence of forgery/fakery. One has to ask: why? There are also other serious anomalies, including in eyewitness accounts from the uniquely devastated Japanese cities (I mean uniquely, historically, not necessarily in manner, as the material will reveal) as well as with other contemporary documentation – anomalies which deserve a credible response. It is certainly the case, that elements of the case for nuclear explosive achievement, on the part of the American ‘PR’ effort, make no logical sense, and must provisionally be relegated to the category of naked propaganda until more adequate material is tabled. Which is unlikely, at this stage.

    As was the case with many ‘settled, historical’ matters, I long argued the case for their genuineness (full list provided upon request) – until I spent considerable time digging through available, contrary material. There are, after all, reasonable and serious doubts raised that this nuke threat may be the grandest of all mind-control deceptions yet conceived of (or, at least, yet implemented). Yes, I know, it sounds like madness. To one who has not taken the trouble to look, and carefully consider. I would not have bothered, at all, if not ‘goaded’ by the claims of a respected researcher, in another field of enquiry, to look into this ‘no-go zone’.

    If this basic proposition ‘holds’, then it may well be that we are being encouraged to ‘detect’ illicit nuclear blasts, as a tactic to foment fear, confusion, and unrest in an already chaotic environment. Anyone who has inspected the historic American ‘public safety’ footage from the 50s wil lnot have failed to notice the intensely propagandistic, manipulative nature of the material – happily, though cynically targeted even at young children, encouraged to live in perpetual fear/dread of ‘The Bomb’ and the very ‘real’ prospect of unannounced, instantaneous annihilation. Unless, of course, you did the right thing, and “Duck and Cover”.

    So how does one start, in unraveling this knot?

    Although in no way an endorsement of the general or specific stances taken by this site across a range of issues, including 9/11, there is nevertheless a very useful concentration of information on this subject of likely ultimate deception, on this linked forum thread (45 pages, and counting, I guarantee without reservation, a stimulating, highly informative and challenging read – and I challenge anyone to peruse this material and come away, completely unmoved). Best to approach with an as totally open mind as can be managed:

    • Many thanks for that Stephan, and many apologies for my very tardy response to your message which I will do as soon as I complete this. There are many inadequacies in this piece that I will seek to address in the coming hours,some of the background that should have been included in the piece in my response to Mark. You make a lot of good points, I will just re-clarify that what I am positing is that there is a next generation of very small nuclear weapons, completely different in nature to those used against Japan. I do not support their use but this is not a catastrophic development in the sense that it is a harbinger of major nuclear war, it is more that the military industrial complexes of the world have figured out a comparatively tolerable use for nuclear weapons other than vaporising whole cities. The radiation is intense only for a very short period of days. I should have done a better job here, I am sorry, I will fix this and many thanks for commenting.

  3. Hello James,

    Just detected your reply (thank you) – for some reason it did not come up on my email notifications.

    I had by no means intended to ‘white ant’ your blog by introducing ‘ridiculous’ viewpoints. Readers can decide for themselves, by inspecting the link provided, if there is any substance to the claims of forgery [there are other resources, for those sufficiently interested].

    For those who do so, they will be treated to a remarkable series of ‘discontinuities’. One of these which stood out in my own evaluation, was the claim made, in a ‘public information’ video produced by the American government, that, because scientists were not sure what amount of uranium would constitute a critical mass to induce the desired conflagration, ten times the calculated minimum amount was used. Hmmm… Really?

    I’m sorry, but this is just BS. Such a reckless act would never be considered by true men of science.

    The other thing, along this line, is the severe contradiction, in that they claimed they had insufficient uranium to perform a pre-Hiroshima test on the “Little Boy’ device (recall that “Trinity” was ostensibly a Plutonium bomb, not U235. The Trinity story, for that matter, is beset with its own contradictions and inconsistencies.

    Indeed, the further one digs, the more absurdities are unearthed.

    On the general subject/proposition of miniaturised nukes, I would offer this inconvenient thought: the vaunted ‘critical mass’, essential to ‘combustion’, relies absolutely on a specific, irreducible mass of the reactive element. That being the case (which, as far as I know it, even if ‘full-sized’ nukes are feasible – still before the court, as I read it) mini- or micro-nukes can be nothing more than the product of vivid, cynical imagination on the part of those who would seek every means possible to terrify us into ever-greater submission to the police/protective state.

    In short, it seems to me, at this point, that we have been ‘taught’ – yet again – to accept utterly bogus ‘science’ as frightening reality. We have to get better at sizing this stuff up (yes – pun richly intended…)



    • Thanks for that Stephen, you have raised some very interesting issues there but they are well beyond my knowledge base. The hypothesis you present may well be correct and I did not think that you were trying to be vexatious or anything like that. There are many controversies regarding the US nuclear weapons development, some suggest that one of the weapons the US used against Japan was obtained from Germany for example, the thesis you have presented may well be true and is undoubtedly interesting, in order to assess the validity of these ideas a great deal of research on my part is required but many thanks for bringing these interesting ideas to my attention.

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