NATO Base Surrounded by Thousands of Turkish Police Amid Rumours of Second Coup.

Incirlik AIr base in Southern Turkey today.
Incirlik Airr base in Southern Turkey today.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago.
Flight Radar image appears to confirm that the airspace surrounding Incirlik , located in the city of Adana, has been closed, as it was in the wake if the failed coup two weeks ago. (Source)

July 31st, 2016.

Incirlik Airbase Surrounded Amid Rumours of Second Turkish Coup Attempt.

In a stunning development in the wake of the failed US/NATO coup of mid July, credible sources are reporting that 7000 Turkish police have surrounded the NATO Incirlik Airbase in southern Turkey amid rumours of a second coup attempt.

Breaking: 7,000 troops deployed to ‘inspect’ NATO base in southern Turkey

1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt — RT News

Turkey: NATO’s Incirlik airbase surrounded by 1,000s of Turkish forces for ‘security check’

Copy of Incirlik Air Base Lockdown. #Incirlik #incirlikairbase #BREAKING

The Failed Coup was not the end.

This development indicates several important things. One being that it is not over and those behind the previous attempt are not going to let it go at that, especially after the Turkish president has been berating and humiliating his “betters” since the epic blunder that now may see Turkey depart NATO.

Turkish prosecutor claims CIA, FBI trained coup plotters

Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

Turkish papers have openly blamed senior US military figures both for financing and fomenting the coup making the situation one of complete humiliation for the US.

Such has been Erdogan’s hubris in the wake of the failed coup that he was almost creating a situation where a second attempt became inevitable. More level headed members of the Government appear to have recognised this danger and yesterday Erdogan announced that he was not going to pursue criminal charges against a number of journalists accused of the absurd “crime” of insulting the President.

Turkey president Erdoğan to drop cases of insult in coup aftermath

Whether the former US General has been named was involved is something of a moot point at this stage. While many have claimed that the coup was a false flag this hypothesis does not stand up to scrutiny or logical appraisal.  It is a contemptible canard that ignores the facts.

Facts such as that the CIA media vehicle NBC America reported at the start of the coup that Erdogan had fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany.

That was a classic piece of agency disinformation designed to destroy the morale of Erdogan supporters by presenting them with a fait a compli.

That alone ends the debate about a false flag coup for any with a single functioning synapse because it would be hopelessly naive to believe that NBC made an honest mistake. They do not work like that. So either Erdogan is a Machiavellian genius (he clearly is not) or the NBC were performing their customary role as leading liar on behalf of the Empire. (This is not to single them out, ABC, CBS and Fox all serve the same purpose)

In addition, lesser vehicles of US intelligence were pushing completely dishonest stories in the preceding week, stories known to be lies to the people writing them. Veterans Today came out with a story claiming that Turkey had used nuclear weapons against the Kurds in northern Syria in late 2014.

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory | Veterans Today

It was a lie and they knew it was a lie, they had reported on the US tactical nuclear strike in the week it happened,

Has America Nuked Syria? | New Eastern Outlook

There were not even any Turkish airstrikes in Syria at that time, nor any accusation of any Turkish Airstrike.  They used a video still to pursue their false claim, but inexplicably failed to provide any video. The reason for this was rather clear, in the video the ISIS flag is visible on the hill before the bomb hits!

Massive Air Strike Targets ISIS Militants On A Hill In Kobani – Raw Video

That is how much contempt these people have for the audience.  It is very sad to see the disinformation filter down to those who lack all reason and logic and thus simply repeat the party line.

Alexandr Dugin makes the point far more eloquently.

Dugin’s guideline – The Turkish coup and American disinformation

Erdogan, Russia Rising and the US in terminal decline?

To describe Erdogan as a flawed figure would be a considerable understatement. He is prone to demagoguery,  corrupt, authoritarian and shameless. But that is not the point, Erdogan is the leader of Turkey, he is Turkey’s issue and the US have done themselves immeasurable damage with these cataclysmic shenanigans.

The whole fiasco  underlines the contrast between a rising Russia and a US in catastrophic decline across the Middle East as decades of lies and double dealing come home to roost.

14 thoughts on “NATO Base Surrounded by Thousands of Turkish Police Amid Rumours of Second Coup.

  1. James: “To describe Erdogan as a flawed figure would be a considerable understatement. He is prone to demagoguery, corrupt, authoritarian and shameless.”

    Truth1: So then he is just like the rest of the world leaders, eh?

    Its been an interesting night tonight. I am going to put a new link to the Bastille Day psyop. Very interesting how individuals can add so much collectively together thru the net.

    I still await for more about the Turkey thing.

    But I re-watched this video below with some more conclusions from it.

    Some technology of the past is remarkable. In fact, I wonder if some of it might be a little too remarkable. I Do not mean that it was not real or did not exist or work, but that the source may not be what we think. Damascus Steel has been suggested to work principles of deep physics. So deep that is it even possible humans could have discovered this by themselves? Who else, you ask? Other worldly sources, or dimensions if you prefer. Greek Fire may have similar origins. I’ll get to it.

    We tend to think of paranormal realm and magic arts as mysterious or evidence that we have powers we do not know of or are latent. But I suggest that they are the manifestations of beings from another dimension, which the bible calls them demons. Demon is Greek for daemon. It indicated someone who had a gift, which they saw as coming from one of these spirits. They maybe not have assumed bad motives to these, necessarily, but the bible does in Deuteronomy 18.

    But is it possible that demons have given us knowledge and abilities that allow us to exceed our own understanding and ability. Now if I could read minds and send message with just my mind, you might think these telepathic abilities were magic. The bible would say they were enabled by demons.

    But what about transmitted knowledge from those in the realm where physics is understood and manipulated to degrees way beyond our abilities? Superior knowledge may well be another manifestation of the paranormal and spirits.

    Greek Fire was a major weapon for the Byzantine Empire. In fact, founded by Constantine near to 300 AD, the empire did not fall till the 1400s AD. It lasted over 1000 years. Was Greek Fire a gift from beyond? A gift to someone who pleased the spirit realm of Satan? I do not know. But Greek Fire was impressive and was very feared and very much a part of what enable them to list for 1000 years.

    Was Damascus steel also a gift from beyond? How about the Japanese radios not working in patrol planes scouting for US aircraft carriers? When they landed back on the Japanese carrier, the radios were working just fine again. The effectiveness of mass government schooling has been so effective, all over the world, at nearly the same time. But the results took 150 years to show their progress. Where men of those times that smart and foresighted or were they given a “gift” by the spirit realm?

    We accept all things as coming from ourselves. It might be, but I am inclined to think not. If we believe God can instruct man, then why not God’s enemies as well? As well, many inventions might have been denied by spirit forces, as well as government forces. Maybe demons saw the full potential and said kill this or that guy and top his development of whatever. Tesla might well have been shut down by more than Morgan.

    And of course, atheists, who are also very inclined toward leftist subversionist policies and most Satanists also claim to be atheists to hide their worship of that deity; these will not dignify these ideas. But given that fads like feminism and government schooling always took place on a world wide scale in a short period of time, as if guided by a world force/rulership, we might wonder who that authority is. A groups of rich powerful men? Or a brilliant powerful, but very hateful and malicious spirit, who has far more insight into the laws of physics than any human could and has overseen the 6020 years of man’s existence? The world wide occurrence of false flag psyops now in progress is another one of those signs that some group or force with world-wide control, is at work. Who or what might that force be?

    What I would say is that we would not have much chance against a brilliant but deceptive spirit controlling us all, which is why God chose to have warning and instructions written down for our beneficial warning of this evil spirit and his power. God designed an entire nation of literacy and formalized religious worship to enable the recording of God’s words and instructions.

    This alone was a stroke of brilliance. Despite hand writing being slow and tedious for copying, it actually was still the best method for continuing the existence of copies of literature, particularly the bible. It can be done anywhere and go anywhere. Carve it in stone and see how easy it is to carry around, or even to carve out. Most history has been lost. We have long periods of dark ages in history. But the bible actually fills in some of those gaps. It is the longest spanning account of man in existence.

    Literacy says I, was a gift from God. Did it work? It did quite marvelously. Did God know what He was doing? I would say He did and how!

    When accounting for empires, historians look to all kinds of places and accounts. But they do not always look beyond those accounts to their sources and forces shaping them. Anyway, that was my thinking kind of prompted by the link above. Of course, Atheist need not bother with this. To each his own.

      • Well, I have no expectations or demands. I am just fine with you as you are. But science is very interesting for that it reveals and what it does not and what it hides as well. Science has always been a kept woman by the government. I look over all your science links on “atheism is dead.”

        I have some very outrageous ideas on matter vs energy. I say matter is animated by energy. And that energy comes from another realm/dimension and that certain elements and their arrangement allow a flow of energy to come into and affect our physical universe. I got it all from a show in the Discovery channel on various types chemical reactions. They ended up changing that show cause of a phone conversation I had about that show and what it revealed.

        There is a lot that is being kept from us in regards to science and energy. Tesla was brilliant in that regard and “they” did one hell of a number on him, making him out to be a madman (like myself, except that I am mad 😉 ) But he was perfectly sane and brilliant. Besides, Einstein also refuted his own theory of relativity and published his new ideas in 1928 as the Grand Unified Field theory. No one has paid much attention to that, though. They still prefer the Relativity thing. Einstein said his ideas of gravity in his 1905 where his biggest mistakes. But they had the 1928 Einstein from us. How dare they!

        so really, science is another branch of propaganda and lies to deceive and keep us in the dark in more ways that one. That is to say, Science is another psyop. Just like Paul McCartney is dead, the earth is flat and other such crap.

        On that same channel with the science tech video, are other amazing technologies that never got out alive. On such substance couls effectively make the loss of heat so minimal as to fair nullify the concept of entropy. One reason we can not have unlimited energy is that it tends to dissipate without us being able to save or store it. This substance changed that. the guy who discovered it died. I know! what a shock, huh? And he had the formula in secret and so when he died, it was lost . . . or was stolen by the CIA NSA and resided in secret there. Who knows. But Satan would never allow anything that might allow abundant cheap energy. We were at the door many times and denied entry every time.

        We are slaves and prisoners to an elite. Now there is a crime of empire, which today, is a world wide empire. The can be no doubt any longer about that one. The substance I refer to was shown on TV, on an Australian production that showed in the US, called Beyond Tomorrow and renamed Beyond 2000. don’t know if you got to see that show or not but it has some great stuff on it.

        Knowledge has been held so far back. it would have progressed far more if we did not have rotten evil authorities over us.

      • Many thanks truth1, you ideas are very interesting and may well be correct. “Atheism is dead!” was an excellent title in search of an article. I came up short there because I had a neurotic desire to publish the piece on May 1st as it was intended as a riposte to atheists ion their “special day” Many thanks for an excellent comment and for your kind words.

      • I’ll tell ya what sparked that piece I wrote to some degree. I understood how spirits might influence strategy and far-sighted maneuvers, but I had not really considered them passing on technology as well. I knew about Greek fire And Damascus steel, but never thought they might have been products of demons. And that these technologies were indistinguishable for other magic signs and wonders. They have amazing insights and powers that have been used to hasten mankind’s demise, so that God could predict the whole thing coming to a close in close to 6000 years. I was trying to correct and expand on my previous ideas in this area. I try to keep my ideas growing and expanding and getting better delivery of those ideas.

        I am also thinking that Swords came with a sacrifice. It would be like demons or Satan to offer amazing technology and in return, a corruption of the recipient and his domain. As of late, it has been my main ambition to really take it to Satan and expose his dirty little secrets. But sometimes my thoughts are not fully complete and more time brings more to light. UFO tech is a good example. It has been hidden well for most of the last 120 years. It is suppressed tech, reserved for the ultimate hoax/psyop. So demons give knowledge and prevent it, too. All lies all the time.

        the devil weaves a very powerful illusion of lies to keep the masses drugged and clueless. I do my best to expose that. but this brain only works so well and sometime the obvious escapes me for a time. There is a lot of tech that has been kept away from us. People reading this might scoff for now. but when it all comes true, they won’t be smiling or laughing any more. Meanwhile, there is a lot of ancient tech that probably needs pointed out. I have seen much over the years.

        I still have not seen or heard much about the Turks surrounding NATO. That’s interesting.

      • Many thanks for that truth1. You make a lot of great points there. I kind of despise most of the music that i used to like but there is some wisdom that I remember and one example is the Bob Dylan line I think it is from the song “It’s Alright ma I’m Only bleeding” anyway he says “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”
        The moment your understanding solidifies you are dead. None of us are going to be able to find all the answers we seek before we die. I watched the video, it was very interesting, there is definitely some type of missing knowledge there,and much of that knowledge has presumably been deliberately suppressed. As far as the Incirlik situation goes the last thing I saw there were a crowd of protesters outside demanding the US leave. They may have really screwed up this time. (again). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • My bringing up Atheism was to cut them off at the pass. When you suggest spirits, you are getting close, too close, their their beloved Satan so I pointed out to them that there are things that seem to go along with Satanism, such as professed Atheism They are not really Atheists. They fully believe in Satan/Lucifer but they do not want others to know it. And I deal with them in politics all the time. They do not want us to belive anything comes from the spirit realm. We are supposed to believe that we are spirits and potential gods. Pure nonsense and crap..

  2. Well called. Much concern. As I pondered the puzzle, which I felt hopeless to understand, up-you-post. Thought might be really important but where the alerts? Here/so thanks. ‘Which way Turkey(?)’ – seems to have far… far.. reaching, consequences. ‘Leading liar(s) on behalf of the Empire’ are in overdrive to feed the already dumbed-down, most don’t care masses, into ‘hate Putin’s Russia’-ites. My direct exposure is the ‘Six O’clock News’ which is truly cartoon time for kiddies. Wonder why they bother? Suppose, to reinforce their doses of mind-control. Other reasons? – (I’m pursuing discovering/uncovering). Is all getting very ’84 and “here in Oceania”. Levels of banality and yet, all part of the merry mad mix and pinch myself shocking.

    So, should we take some heart in the midst of the brutal reprisals? Is this all Globalist-misjudgements, did they really ‘fail’? And can we read something desperate into these goings-on, to even try? And again? Always suspicious their ‘failures’ seeming plan B’s, are sometimes plan A’s in disguise. ‘Epic blunder’ though? If so, necessary to cry “more, more” with so little leverage available. Even with all the cons, the one pro, is if it genuinely hurts that-lot, the fire starters – for all the costs, how can it be overall negative? Weighed with the terrible sufferings and seeing the nation lurch towards Islamic Republic, where there’s much historically that demonstrates tolerance, the ramp-up from outsiders will cause many to find misguided outlets for hate. The Christians (those remaining) – and Jewish people – are readying themselves to be fought or flee. Of course all this makes for amping up their own dumbing-down. The minority into bad-Islam, loudly rallying to win the rest. ‘Projection…’ that’s it isn’t it? Keep em coming James. Need to know and proclaim voices of reason and truth.

  3. Got this for ya James. Top 10 Incredible TECHNOLOGIES You Can’t Use
    At 6:43 begins the brief account of “starlite.” A plastic that can resist 10,000 degrees Celsius, that I mentioned to you. Maurice Ward was the inventor. He died in 2011 I think it said. They might have killed him for not telling the secret. Or they got it and then killed him. Who knows.

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