God Save The Queen.

God Save The Queen

September 12th, 2015.

God Save The Queen.

This week Elizabeth Regina became Britain’s longest ruling monarch.

The controlled media celebrated this although Elizabeth Regina has never achieved anything nor even attempted to do so.

Elizabeth Regina has been the Queen of Australia for more than half of Australia’s history as an independent state. The Monarchy is an inherently unjust and immoral institution and the truth of this can be easily assessed by simply viewing the hideous and hate filled society that is modern Britain.

Elizabeth Regina is reaching the end of her feted life yet she has not achieved or contributed anything during her life and neither has her pitiful and well “beyond mediocre” son.

The idea that these people are to be admired is an absolute travesty.

The level of stupidity is equivalent to the worship of the badge that sits at the front of a car.

These people are simply nothings. To offer a single positive word about any of them for even a second is a powerful indication that the person involved is mentally dead.

14 thoughts on “God Save The Queen.

  1. James, I am not clear where you stand on this. Are you a fan of the Royals? No, I’m just kidding 🙂
    I think it safe to say that no one in power is very nice. By nature, power is the result of brutal enslavement of the majority, the masses. One can not have compassion or empathy while they mercilessly used the masses, whose suffering is quite evident, even if one were blind. so what is said for Elizabeth could be said for any ruler on earth. Only the meek, the compassionate, the moral, can hope to inherit the earth. The day of the wicked is coming, not by the hand of man, but only by the hand of God, says I, by my conviction.

    So people of the world need not despair if they do not want to despair. Being nice and being moral should not be a burden, but a joy and delight. Seeing people happy (I know its not often) should give pleasure to us. so choosing that narrow cramped difficult road is not really so hard or difficult. In their minds, ignoring the good and embracing bad takes far more denial and struggle fro withing the mind, then does embracing good. So as the world cheers the Queen, we can cheer for the coming deliverance from the One who made us in the first place. “For the righteous will inherit the earth.”

    Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Let us be glad we are not in power. It is something to be grateful for.


    • Thanks for a great comment truth1now. These are beautiful sentiments.
      “So people of the world need not despair if they do not want to despair. Being nice and being moral should not be a burden, but a joy and delight. Seeing people happy (I know its not often) should give pleasure to us. so choosing that narrow cramped difficult road is not really so hard or difficult. In their minds, ignoring the good and embracing bad takes far more denial and struggle fro withing the mind, then does embracing good. So as the world cheers the Queen, we can cheer for the coming deliverance from the One who made us in the first place. “For the righteous will inherit the earth.”
      This writing deserves better than to appear in the comments section here as much as it is appreciated. Do you have a website?


      • Yes I do! truth1.org
        Many articles are easy to read and make sense of, but as regards prophecy, I would warn all that such a subject takes lots of study as their are so many details. But my Psychology page grows ever wider and is science based, not religious based, though the 2 are not incompatible as many might think. If I had more time, there would be more up there.

        here is my latest: truth1.org/non-verbal.htm
        I’ll have to link to it in my psychology section as well.


  2. James, you do smash hits. The ish you know is: how power-money rich, influential, deeper blood-line claim, demonic – is this wom and tribe? Is she a Rothschild? Puppet or mastermixer?

    Remember us, ‘Revolution Roadshow’. Pete, me and – Bob Farquhar (who bought GSTQ the day it came out), we did the disco that night, local social Friday, rough and tough, (just looked it up – 27 May 1977), regular sounds and lights, young and sweaty, tank-tops, flares, soul and Stones, Faces – all that jive. At about 11ish, last song, we tried it, floor stood back, out came.waiting pinheads from the corner, about three or four. They jumped and bumped. The uncomfortable cultural blessings of tomorrow. We stared admired, crowd shocked and bemused.

    Retrospectively this marked a cynic explosion, that now awoken cryers like us should lement. Punk knocked out politics, we mistook rock for revolution and a generation socked comlacent and lost. Map our demise. Must.

    Regenerate, redeem and renew – let’s.

    ‘In 1977… danger, danger…’



    • Thanks Mark, that comment was far more that the”piece” merited. I remember nights like that but unfortunately for me these things took place in Hobart (don’t bother) in 1988. Many thanks.


      • I remember punk rock. I think the CIA and MI5/6 had something to do with it. For one, they cut their hair short like military recruits and everyone in the music industry got their long hair cut. Fleetwood Mac, the longest of the long frizzy hair styles, was the last to shave. It was the end of the world. The CIA did not take the Viet Nam protests too kindly. The young were too feisty. Too anti-war and anti-military. Naughty kids! so Hippies were the new targets to hit and tarnish and ridicule and make fun of as evidenced by the TV show, “The Young Ones” where Neil always gets dumped on. Punks were pro-war-military, sort of. Anti-drugs. Out to shock. But they did have some righteous anger but did not know what to do with it. That is what happens to anything the CIA is involved in.


      • I agree 100% and in a part of this I edited out I stated that for me the Sex Pistols and the Clash (both represented by well connected Jewish managers)represent different intelligence agencies.In my opinion the Clash were the CIA version and the Sex Pistols were Mossad. But the manager did not fully control either group and the bands were clueless. The extent to which the CIA particularly ran the whole youth culture from the 1960s on is astonishing. My angle on punk in Britain at least was that it was supposed to be way to get the polite people to fear and loathe the lumpen proletariat in order engineer social division and help create a climate of fear in suburbia. Your point about the Young Ones and the way hippies were demonised is a very good one, I remember absorbing that meme growing up and their was an association between hippies and anti CIA conspiracy theories (or facts) in my memory. It seems to me they tried to make out that anyone who spoke about the CIA was a tripped out hippie lost in a parallel universe wearing deeply unfashionable clothing and constantly stoned. I only realised it many years later. Another absolutely classic CIA /Mossad pop culture vehicle was NWA. Thanks for comment.


      • Yeah, I think we all have always been led by the nose by social engineers who were government agents, Notice who psychology became a profession only in the last 200 years, roughly. And we were all fooled when we were young. Hindsight is wonderful. Oh, if we only had foresight. that’s the hard one. But with history, we do gain some foresight or at least, we could if we paid more attention to history. Because History always repeats itself.

        I often hear about “the Bealtes did this or the Beatles did that.” In reality, they were “ordered” to do what they did, in all likelihood. The Viet Nam war in the USA was huge in disrupting “the program” here in the USA. That is why they worked very hard for years after to destroy the hippie sentiment. I see the 60s in a way that others might vary with. But it was an odd contradicting sort of time. The generations of the 40s and early 50s had been clueless, even mindless. And psychologically wounded men came back after WWII and it was horrible for the kids they produced, who suffered under their dads.

        but maybe worse was that when they came back, the USA created “wonderful” suburbs with grass and trees, to seduce people to come out of the inner city neighborhoods that they had been born and raised in, prior to WWII. It worked like a charm. We were divorced from our neighborhoods and cultures and mixed with others in the suburbs and we had no real genuine sense of community anymore. We moved away from it. It was more important than the green grass and trees. We became lost.

        This was perfect to start off the 60s. No one had a sense of belonging anymore. But here is the odd thing. The music was wonderful. As well, the war provided a contrast to show the young the evil of their government. They could not see a real purpose in that stupid war. But there was a purpose to it. It was a research and development operation of weapons and tactics as well as an excuse to maintain a standing army of large proportions and large budgets, too.

        But the Hippies began to question Viet Name and question lots of things, maybe too many. But it was, in my opinion, the greatest moments of the young questioning many things that deserved to be questioned. But sadly, they also “questioned” too many things and thru out the baby with the bathwater. But it was as good as it was going to get. Many old stupid things of previous generations were tossed out, along with the good ones, Out of all this, came in our time, conspiracy theorists from that hippie generation and it has continued among some who came after.

        But now in the age of feminism, we have lost the young entirely and we are abut to implode and fade with barely a whimper. My tail end baby boomer generation let everyone down. We raised out kids much different than we were raised, allowing them to think they were entitled and should not ever have to suffer or wait for something like our parents did. But at the same time, the economy was going down and taking back what it had earlier given us in the 50s and 60s.

        So I end this with a piece of a song that resonates with me and what I have written.

        where’s the playground Susie
        written by Jimmy Web
        performed by Glen Campbell in his best version ever of this song.

        The end has come, they found us here
        With our toys scattered all around us here
        A puzzle that we never found an answer for
        Still asks us darling, just what all the games are for
        And here we stand, in a box of sand
        Where’s the playground Susie?


  3. Australia has never been an independent state that’s just an illusion. We have all ways been a British Empire asset, And since the Queen sacked the Whitlam Government she has kept a tight Grip on us especially after finding Malcolm Fraser was not her asset but a true patriot. He was replace by two of her assets Hawke & Keating then Howard followed by Rudd then Abbott and Shorten is waiting on the side line.


    • Absolutely right Alexander Hamilton we are merely an appendage. Although in my opinion the CIA had far more of a hand in the Dismissal than the British Establishment. My understanding is that the British Establishment were supportive of the move but the CIA phoned ASIO who phoned Kerr who did the deed.My understanding is that amongst a whole raft of things Whitlam’s questions about Pine Gap were the trigger.Thanks for comment.


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