France: More than 120 Dead in Paris Terror Attacks.

Graphic image of the horror in Paris from the front page of the French language Daily News.
Graphic image of the horror in Paris from the front page of the Daily News.
Graphic depicts the sites of the multiple terror attacks in Paris on Friday 13th, 2015.
Graphic depicts the sites of the multiple terror attacks in Paris on Friday 13th, 2015.

November 14th, 2015

A Series of apparently coordinated gun and bomb assaults.

A series of terror attacks are reported in Paris. There are reports of gun, bomb and grenade attacks on multiple locations including outside the Stade de France where two explosions are said to have taken place during the Germany France football match attended by President Hollande.

It appears that at least eight attackers were involved. Some attacks were bombings but the majority of the casualties were from shooting massacres. At least six separate sites were targeted.

A state of emergency has been declared in France. Army troops are on the streets of Paris.Under Section 36 of the 1958 French constitution, Martial Law can be declared by the Government for a period of twelve days in a time of crisis.In order for Martial Law to be extended beyond the initial 12 day period Parliamentary approval is required.

One of the conditions of a State of Emergency in France is the government have the power to control media broadcasts.


A state of emergency has been declared across France, after at least 140 people were killed in terrorist attacks around Paris.
Shootings took place in a number of locations around the capital, including at least two restaurants and the Bataclan concert hall, with further explosions –reported to be two suicide attacks and a bombing – outside the Stade de France, where the national side were playing Germany in a football match.
About 100 people were taken hostage at Bataclan in the 11th arrondissement, in what is thought to be a coordinated attack. Security forces have now killed two attackers in the Bataclan concert hall but police report at least 118 people – many of them young people attending a rock concert – are believed to have died there.
French president François Hollande has ordered the closing of the country’s borders to prevent the escape of the attackers, who have so far not been apprehended.
Hollande said there were “unprecedented terror attacks under way in Paris” and authorities have warned residents to stay inside.

More than 150 dead after siege at Bataclan concert hall and attacks across Paris – live | World news | The Guardian

It is also noteworthy that France is now exercising border controls, there are checkpoints at French border crossings in contravention of the E.U open borders Schengen agreement.

France: Armed police patrol German border after Paris terror attack

This is the biggest terror attack in a Western city since the Madrid attacks of March 2004.if not since September 11th, 2001.

This is the SITE intelligence translation of the IS claim of responsibility.
This is the SITE intelligence translation of the IS claim of responsibility.

“Islamic State” claim responsibility for the massacre.

Around eighteen hours after the attack SITE intelligence began to disseminate an IS claim of responsibility for the attacks which was apparently released in both Arabic and French.The claim is made in French and Arabic messages made in the name of Islamic State France, a non-existent group.

The content of the claim is at first glance completely ridiculous and points to a highly “synthetic” event conducted by professionals playing the jihadist maniac role.

This is the first rock solid indication that all is not right here.

This is way, way too cute in several respects and this has the signature of Zionists impersonating the maniacs in my opinion, just as the Mohammed Atta “will” found after September 11th had clearly not been written by a Muslim and neither were the Anthrax letters.

These type of messages being forged is neither unique nor unprecedented.

The part that refers to the EOSM show being targeted because it represented a “place where hundreds of pagans gathered for prostitution and vice.” is especially laughable.

As if these clowns in Raqqa or Mosul, losing three wars at once, in Aleppo, in al Anbar and also Sinjar are going to expend their limited energy and resources caring for one second about a semi low- rent rock gig in Paris.

It is nonsense.

There is a powerful whiff of implausibility here.

The Eagles of Death Metal are not Muslim baiters or engaged on that level at all and their antics are nothing special or extreme at all.

Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola

It is a joke and it points to the likelihood of two attack teams, a team of patsies and a team of professionals, some of whom seemingly did not fit the mold of “Middle eastern terrorist at all..(Source)

A witness to the Bataclan attack has told BFMTV that one of the assailants was white and appeared to be European.
“I saw a guy who was pretty small, white and looked like a European,” he said. “He was just in front of the Bataclan and had a gun resting on his shoulder. Then I saw flashes and heard ‘Bam bam bam.’”

None of this could be described as hard evidence or anything of the sort but there is a pattern and certain elements of this event appear to conform to an established pattern of manufactured synthetic terrorism that has already been exposed several times in France this year. .

Readers will decide for themselves but I believe that I know a Western intelligence generated “jihadist missive” when I see one.

The attack strongly resembles in many respects the similarly synthetic yet authentic atrocity in Mumbai in November 2008.


At the same time it is being reported by the French Newspaper Liberacion, owned as it is by elements of the Rothschild banking dynasty, that Syrian, Egyptian and French passports have been found on the attackers.

“The French newspaper Libération reports that one of the terrorists who carried out the Bataclan shooting has been confirmed as a French extremist who was known to police.
It also reports that an Egyptian passport was found on one of the attackers the Stade de France, as well as a Syrian passport. Neither man has had their identity confirmed by officials.” (Source)

ISIL claims responsibility for Paris attacks, calls France a ‘top target’

The way we are expected to believe that these vicious clandestine terror networks always chip in to help the police identify them by leaving their identification on them also seems completely implausible. Why are they helping their supposed enemies?

One of the attackers is supposed to have shouted “For Syria!” (presumably speaking in French.) during the attack along with the obligatory “Allahu Akbar.”

The idea that ISIL would bother to attack France because of their one or two Air strikes in Syria is not credible.

The event is it seems to be used to promote the desired Western outcomes in Iraq and Syria along with generating the type of hatred and division in Western nations that is required to take the next steps in the police state “process.”.

Hear the bomb explosion heard inside football national stadium in Paris

Bombs Gunshots And Hostages – Attack On Paris During Soccer Game Between Germany And France

The Eagles of death Metal (minus Josh Homme) play at the Bataclan Theatre prior to the attack.
The Eagles of death Metal (minus Josh Homme) play at the Bataclan Theatre prior to the attack.

Bataclan Theatre Massacre.

This video appears to show the authenticity of the attack on the Bataclan Theater.

Bataclan attack video: People flee Paris theater seconds after terrorists open fire

There are reports of 118 dead in a gun and grenade attack on the Bataclan theatre that involved hostage taking and it is being reported that the police stormed the venue and killed the attackers of whom there were at least three.

The majority of the casualties that are being reported are from the Bataclan theatre where the Josh Homme ogf Queens of the Stone Ages side outfit the Eagles of death metal were playing.

Reports of the scene at the Bataclan theatre describe multiple gunman entering the room and opening fire on the audience with assault rifles. AK47s.

November 2015 Paris attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Witnesses heard shouts of “Allahu akbar” just before the gunmen calmly and methodically opened fire into the crowd.[24][11] A witness said that he saw armed men enter the Bataclan, and two or three men not wearing masks fired indiscriminately on the crowd.[3]

The attack lasted about 20 minutes, with witnesses reporting that the attackers also threw grenades into the crowd.[24] A radio reporter, Julien Pearce, who had attended the concert, described the attackers as calm and determined, telling CNN they had reloaded three or four times. “

At around 22:00, the men started rounding up hostages, as police massed outside the concert hall.[24] Between 60 and 100 hostages were taken.[15][2] The band’s members escaped without injury.[25] A witness who escaped the attack told a journalist that the attackers mentioned Syria and that there were five or six attackers.[3][26]

One witness in the Bataclan stated that a gunman yelled, “This is because of all the harm done by Hollande to Muslims all over the world.“[27][28] There were further attacks reported on police and first responders who arrived at the scene after initial reports of shooting inside the theatre.[29] One of the attackers at the Bataclan had explosives, according to a police officer at the scene.[3]
At about 00:15 CET, the police commenced with an assault on the theatre after reports that the attackers had started killing the hostages.[24][11]

The siege ended at 00:58 CET.[30] Initial police reports indicated that an estimated 100 people were killed at the theatre;[3][7] however, this was later lowered to 87.[2] Four attackers were killed, three of whom died by detonating their suicide belts.[3][24][11] The fourth was hit by police gunfire, and his belt blew up when he fell.[11] The entire neighborhood around the area was closed off after the attacks.[31]
Another attacker detonated his explosive belt on the Boulevard Voltaire near the Bataclan theatre.[11]

Some of the accounts of this event seem somewhat contradictory. Some of  the witnesses to this attack do not seem to be credible, others seem authentic.

France: At least 118 dead as gunmen storm Bataclan theatre

WATCH: Video of police storming Bataclan theatre

2015- A big year for deception in France.

Ten months after the Charlie Hebdo street theater the switch it seems has been made to real horror.

It is fairly clear who is going to be blamed and it also seems fairly clear that the designated perpetrators may not be the only people behind these horrific events.

This week France announced that it was sending it’s sole aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean in order to assist them in attacking ISIL in Syria. Throughout the Syrian war France has been obsessed with the ouster of Bashar al Assad and the destruction of Syria, the anti’-ISIL operation was a poorly masked and half -hearted attempt to overthrow the Syrian Government by stealth.

It also seems extremely strange that there is supposed a State of emergency and media are reporting that some of the gunman may have escaped and yet the French President is already making personal appearances at the site of one of the attacks.

If they really believed the nation was under continuing attack surely they would not do this as it would place the President at risk?.

“François Hollande told reporters outside the Bataclan concert hall.
To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.
Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.”

Cui bono?

The most important question regarding all these world changing “spectaculars” is seldom mentioned in the,major Western media, much less explored.

Who benefits from this event?

Does the ISIL/ISIS/ IS /Daesh group benefit? Really?

Who is going to receive money and power as a consequence of this event?

Will NATO mobilize in wake of the Paris Attack?

Paris attacks: Couse of events, investigation, witness stories

Paris attack TIMELINE: Suicide bombers, blasts, shootouts

First look at the Nov. 13 Paris Attacks

Paris terror attacks: Hollande holds Islamic State responsible for ‘act of war’

Paris under attack, at least 100 killed

French President Hollande declares state of emergency and closes borders

Shooting in Paris: Many killed and injured in 3 separate attacks

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France: Dozens dead as multiple shootings, explosions rock Paris

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  1. So should we expect a crude Charlie front page this week??? No I think not. French tragedy is sacred and must not be ridiculed like Russian tragedy. Haven’t seen any mass produced signs yet but since they are locked down it would be tough to get everyone out together. Looking forward to another fake march of the elite??

    • That is a very good question. This is one of the very worrying events they will use to attempt to try and reshape our reality. I expect Charlie Hebdo will go to the opposite extreme, maybe no issue at all, maybe an all black cover. Jokes are for the tragedies of others in Hebdo world.

  2. Right now it is difficult to assess, what really happened in France. It is at least very suspicious, that some of the videos on this site are “greened out”, despite the data is downloaded, there is sound but no picture, the screen is just green.
    The Swiss radio aired this morning a statement of the coach? of the German soccer team who had played in Paris, stating something as to:
    -we were forced to clear the Hotel (wir mussten das Hotel räumen..) already 3 hours prior to the game. During the game, we were witnessing two bomb blasts..
    Why was Hollande attending the game, if the German team was confronted with some sort of a security thread prior to the game??

    • Thanks for that Richard, I am sorry to hear that the videos do not work. None were actually challenging a conventional view of the attack anyway. So many questions and you ask some very intelligent ones. Sadly it seems that this is going to be a big Western tribal emotional event where everyone is expected to emote in unison and avoid any and all questions until the political objectives have been achieved.
      Thanks for comment.

  3. the front page of Daily News is showing a picture taken in daylight. The carnage in Paris happened at night. The injured and killed victims must have been moved to the hospitals long before break of daylight..

    • Thanks Richard I think there are a lot of problems with the narrative here, thanks for pointing that one out. I am not going to enjoy making the argument but there are multiple signs of a manufactured event beginning to emerge if it turns out to be the case hard evidence shlud arise in the coming days. This video regarding concurrent drills is interesting.
      Paris Attacks: Multi-site Exercise planned for morning of Nov 13,2015

  4. Great analysis, James, at least for this early.
    The one thing that always seems curious in these incidents is that the alleged perpetrators never survive to be questioned or put on trial. Look at 7/7, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, the Copenhagen false-flag earlier this year – no surviving culprits.

    • Thanks for being kind Burning Blogger of Bedlam, Hopefully a far more complete picture of these events will emerge in the coming days. You make a very interesting point regarding the consistency of deaths. There were persistent reports here of one attacker being captured after the theater massacre and saying “I am ISIS”. it is very hard to determine the authenticity of these claims.Thanks for commenting.

  5. […] For example, we are told all eight attackers were killed on the night, leaving – as far as we presently know – no one to be brought to trial. There are also conflicting reports as to the number of attackers. Seven of the attackers were killed after blowing themselves up in suicide bombings. The eighth was shot dead by police. As with 7/7 and the Paris attacks from January this year, there are no surviving attackers. Yet we are told there was possibly as many as seven separate attacks. I won’t re-produce all of the official information here, as you’re probably already familiar with it; if not, I can refer to you James Robertson’s piece on the subject here. […]

  6. […] For example, we are told all eight attackers were killed on the night, leaving – as far as we presently know – no one to be brought to trial. There are also conflicting reports as to the number of attackers. Seven of the attackers were killed after blowing themselves up in suicide bombings. The eighth was shot dead by police. As with 7/7 and the Paris attacks from January this year, there are no surviving attackers. Yet we are told there was possibly as many as seven separate attacks. I won’t re-produce all of the official information here, as you’re probably already familiar with it; if not, I can refer to you James Robertson’s piece on the subject here. […]

  7. James R! How you doing? I read you on Aanirfan and hear you on VT’s Kevin Barret!

    The recent Paris False Flag attacks where carried out by ‘white, muscular, military trained, units…. Black Mercedes’…THEY WHERE CURRENTLY SERVING, OR RECENTLY EX LEGIONNAIRES!

    Look into who and what the French Foreign Legion are. A private mercenary unit, unaccountable to the French Govt., a unit of military trained killers, rapists, criminals, looking for a new identity, …. pure psychopaths… perfect for Gladio B….or Gladiio C.
    More than that James R… the Neo Nazi fractions I witnessed taking over Kiev in 2013… I witnessed tem myself beiong put through the Legion… Neo Nazi Ukrainian groups. (I saw them with my own eyes buddy!)

    The French Legion is the key to whats going on in Europe James R!
    (Gladio B style False Flag Ops
    … Ukrainian Neo Nazi Kiev takeover!)

      • Ay… keep in touch James R !
        I m tripping, still so… keep tripping Jasmes R.

        KEEP TRIPPING JAMES R! (YOU CUNT!!)…l. keep tripping knob head!

        Ayhuascsa, DMT. James R.,… do DMT quickly.

      • Thanks for that Shirlz007, I hope you are well. These type of natural substances have provided me with wonderful insights at certain times, and without sounding like too much of a tosser, I believe that I know what I am supposed to do, I have received the message if you like, now I am attempting, (in a disappointingly half arsed way at many times) to act on the message. Thanks for comment and I will look forward to absorbing some of the insights you have gleaned during these experiments in your writing.

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