Happy New Year!!

New Day Rising. December 19th, 2014. Sunrise in Canberra.
New Day Rising? Sunrise in Canberra.

January 1st, 2016.

Happy New Year!

A Time of Hope and Renewal?

One of the things that would be unambiguously positive would be an end to war. This would be something worth hoping for and working towards.

Unfortunately the current power structure on the planet means that war and chaos will accelerate right up until the day the New World Order truly seizes power and until that day all who oppose must be destroyed.

In Washington DC, the  powerful are working their way towards open war with Russia, if you listen to the words of John McCain or Hillary Clinton, they both advocate the imposition of a No Fly Zone in Syria.

This is a signal that the Washington DC power elite believe in confronting Russia with force in Syria. This is what happens to all obstacles.

One way or another obstacles must be removed, and today that applies to Vladimir Putin along with Bashar al Assad and while these people remain in and close to power in the West, there seems little hope of peace and I do not mean McCain and Clinton but rather the interests they represent.

On the other hand, according to the Coleman Experience the crimes of the wicked Brtish elite will be fully exposed this year. It can only be hoped that this is correct and that the same process takes place right across the West. But do not hold your breath,.

The Number 2016.

For what it is worth, the number 2016 is a very special number as it is related to so many other numbers and number families as compared with most numbers. It is in many ways the best number to grace a year since 1728, the last year divisible by 288.

The number 2016 is divisible by all numbers beneath ten except for 5, so it represents a kind of rich fruit that belongs to several different number families. There are precisely 2016 hours in twelve weeks.  (24 times 7 is 168 and 168 times 12 is 2016.)

It has 36 factors.

2016 is

1 times 2016.

2 times 1008.

3 times 672.

4 times 504.

6 times 336.

7 times 288.

8 times 252.

9 times 224.

12 times 168.

14 times 144.

16 times 126.

18 times 112.

21 times 96.

24 times 84.

28 times 72.

32 times 63.

36 times 56.

42 times 48.

There is a lot of very interesting information about the way our reality is shaped by certain numbers and formulae here.

The Divine Proportion: Golden (Phi)nomena of Nature

Consensus reality.

There is something almost touching in the way that people continue their rituals and traditions despite everything.
Life in the West seems to exist on two completely separate levels. The personal life continues with all the characteristic ups and downs. Yet there is an underlying knowledge that complete happiness, or better described as overall happiness is completely impossible in this situation. We all walk beneath a long dark cloud whether we see it or not.
We in the West live in a world of lies. Insulting lies, childish lies, and until this changes all who live in the West are tainted by this fact. The shadow of evil overlooks us all. I have no idea what will happen this year, I am sure many wonderful and terrible things will happen as they do each and every year.
I may be short sighted in my outlook, but the way it looks to me it is all rather simple.
Either the cabal(s) that rule over us with their manipulation and lies will be exposed and they will all from power or their evil deeds will continue.
This is the only pertinent issue and supersedes all else. The fall of the cabal(s) is inevitable. The brazen crimes they have committed have been detected and exposed and will destroy them in time. That is guaranteed. The only question is how long it takes and how much they destroy with them as they fall.
Happy New Year.

Neutrality Truth 1

File:217465423-The-Cabal.pdf – WikiSpooks

Blacklist : the cabal speech by Reddington

Husker Du – New Day Rising

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Husker Du! I use to hear that song from my brother’s room. I remember 8 miles high from them, an old Byrds classic. I liked the Candy Apple Gray LP. No CDs at that time.

    I hope 2016 will be a year of exposure. I don’t expect anymore than that, but that would do. God will have to take care of the rest. things must go from bad to worse, the biggest fake fraud fail of all time has yet to show up and it will show up. The temple will have to be rebuilt. And those damned “Aliens,” will be landing for a show. A Broadway Spectacle, no doubt. Of course, that may have to wait for 2017 or so. I may be jumping the gun.

    I hope Coleman is right! To 2016!

  2. Happy New Year Jim!

    The war in Syria that will eventually lead to war in Iran and then Russia. Those are armed conflicts. The unarmed invasion of the 3rd world will continue unabated in Europe, the US, Canada etc. All of the White countries are under attack from the Jews. The primary goal of the Jews is to destroy the White Race completely then rule over a slave race of Brown, miscegenated people. The conflict will never end until either Whites or Jews are destroyed.

    Jews are going full tilt pushing their demonic agenda. This is an all or nothing proposition. They are going to try to legalize pedophilia next. But as the Jew World Order agenda starts to get exposed look for resistance to increase. White Nationalism is spreading like wild fire in Europe and here in the US Trump is tapping into the same energy.

    White identity politics is going to be THE alt-media story of 2016. Jewish Libertarianism was the story in 2012 but White Nationalism is taking center stage now. White people are FINALLY starting to wake up. I think towards the end of 2016 into mid-2017 things are going to get VERY interesting.

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