More Planes, Bigger Bombs!

Tupalov TU 160 long range strategic bomber that Russia has started using in Syria this week.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Su30 fighter escorts TU 160long range bomber.
Russian Navalvessel fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea into Syria.
Russian Naval vessel fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea into Syria.

November 19th, 2015.

More Planes, Bigger bombs and European bonds.

The Syrian Army have continued achieving limited and small scale improvements in their position across Syria.

ISIL in Palmyra, central Syria appear to be coming under severe pressure.

Syria: SAA/NDF/RuAF Operations in Western Outskirts of Palmyra

Syria: Part 2: SAA/NDF/RuAF Operations in Western Outskirts of Palmyra

Syria: Part 3: SAA/NDF/RuAF Operations in Western Palmyra

Russian strikes for terrorists isis in Palmyra

Following the “go along to get along” decision by Russia to blame ISIL for destroying the Metrojet Flight 9268 over the Sinai peninsula Russia announced that it’s fleet of aircraft operating in Syria is set to increase by an extra 37 from the current size of fifty.

Russias actions on this matter and the earlier MH17 disaster should end any illusion of Russia being anything other than a self-interested completely dishonest power that stages minor truth incursions from time to time for tactical effect.

Putin vows payback after confirmation of Egypt plane bomb | Reuters

Russia then launched a new series of “demonstration” operations, using long range strategic bombers flown from Southern Russia to target ISIL and firing cruise missiles that were photographed as they flew over Syria towards their target in Raqqa.

RAW: Moment Russian cruise missile flies by targeting ISIS in Syria

The Russian president cleverly subverted the French move to send the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to Syria and capitalised to a degree on the tribal mindset imposed by the trauma of the Paris tragedy by making it publicly known that Russian forces were being instructed to co-operate with the French Navy and Air Force.

Long-range bombers to fly anti-ISIS missions from Russia, Putin orders Navy to work with France — RT News

The way the announcement was managed and the timing mean it is now all but impossible for France to openly act against the Russian operation in any way.

France started bombing ISIL in Syria months ago so the statement from the French president Hollande that “We are at war” following the Paris attacks was completely ridiculous.

They had already been at war with ISIL in Syria.

So it seems as though the silly Zio fantasy speech from the first episode of this seasons Homeland may come true.

Homeland — Quinn tells it like it is

The speech is prime cut pure garbage.  Asked about Syria the fictional CIA killer states that the US should either send 200, 000 troops to permanently occupy the Muddle East, accompanied, most laughably by “school teachers and medics” otherwise they should bomb Raqqa and kill everyone who lives there.

The lies are a constant feature of modern life in the West but the volume and intensity are at the highest level that I have witnessed.

So, publicly at least, the West and Russia are going to be one big happy gang of bombers and they will flatten Raqqa and this will probably achieve very little.

The idea that all the people living in Raqqa are committed jihadists hellbent on the destruction of the West and a new Islamic conquest is just another infantile Zionist fantasy.

The people who live there are just people from a Sunni Arab background the same as the people left in Mosul.

It is telling that Mosul is barely mentioned when the discussion of the ISIL capital arises.

This is because Mosul is not in Syria, and Iraq having already been destroyed is no longer a priority target so the fact that Mosul is a city at least four times the size of Raqqa and ISIL are more powerful in Iraq than Syria is on the lengthy “mot for mention” list.

ISIL will presumably be defeated in the coming months but ISIL are simply the favoured “demon brand” of the moment.

The only real difference between ISIL and the al Nusra front is tactical, the al Nusra Front also believe in building a Caliphate (not that ISIL are really building a Caliphate but this is the crap they tell the fools who believe in their movement) the only difference is that al Nusra believe that the caliphate cannot be built until the jihadists win the war in Syria.

So these people are still going to be in Syria and Iraq, heavily armed and in numbers even if every ISIL member were to be killed.

Equally, the sponsors of the War on Terror will simply find another group of salafists to be their new “demon brand” just as ISIL replaced al Qaeda.

The Aviationist » 25 Russian long-range strategic bombers in action over Syria for the very first time

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Nov. 23, 2015


Syria: Russia unleashes cruise missiles on IS command centre in Idlib province

Combat cam: Massive bombardment of ISIS oil refineries, tankers by Russian warplanes

Syria: Russian Tupolev Tu-22M jets target oil refineries in Deir ez-Zor

FINALLY! Russian Airstrikes destroy ISIS oil refueling plant and fuel tankers

Massive strike with cruise missiles Kalibr-NK was made from the water zone of the Caspian Sea against terrorist objects in Raqqah, Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

Combat sorties of the Long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force against terrorists in Syria

Russian Air Force Cruise Missile passes over Hama, Syria 20/11/201

International Military Review Syria-Iraq battlespace – Nov. 16, 2015

Combat sorties of the Russian air group from the ‎Hmeymim airbase within the massive airstrikes against terrorists’ objects in Syria

Combat usage of long-range bombers Tu-22M3 against terrorists’ objects in Syria

Great Russian TV report from the Syrian town Kessab on the border with Turkey

FIRST VIDEO: Russian strategic bombers on anti-ISIS sorties to Syria

Syria: Army secure area surrounding former IS stronghold Kweires airbase

Syria: Army performs combat operation in Homs province

Syria: RuAF Long-Range Bombers Conducting Airstrikes on ISIS Tar

Syria: RuAF Tu-160, Tu-95MS, Tu-22M3 Conducting Airstrikes over Syria

Syria: RuAF Airstrikes over ISIS Controled Omar Oil Field, Deir Ez-Zo

Syria: Damascus Syrian army. exchange fire with militants in Jobar


10 thoughts on “More Planes, Bigger Bombs!

  1. So if I have this right, are you saying that Russia bombs one part of syria and USA et al will bomb other parts so that Syria is a wasteland that can not put up any fight? This sounds well within possibility. Syria and Iran have long been the concerns since Iraq and Libya were destroyed. Syria down will mean only Iran left and for how long remains to be answered. It looks like a game of dominoes, The old Domino theory in reverse, Take one down at a time. That is how it looks. Not a pretty picture since it means the temple will be back up eventually, even as was indicated in 2 Thessalonians 2. Amazing.

        On reading a post recently, THIS stood out to me…
        “These Banks have apparently countered this drastic drop in the price of crude by accessing revenues derived from BRITISH PETROLEUM and EXXON buying STOLEN CRUDE from ISIS at a greatly reduced, deeply discounted prices and re-selling it at the much higher going World crude price. This appears to have provided a means for these large Wall Street BANKS to keep their Crude Oil Derivative Contracts AFLOAT.”
        — Now consider what Putin has just done! — ‘500 ISIS Fuel Tankers Smuggling Oil Destroyed by Russian Air Force’ +VIDEO
        Video: 500 ISIS Fuel Tankers Smuggling Oil Destroyed by Russian Air Force
        About 500 ISIS fuel tanker vehicles transporting illegal oil from Syria to Iraq for processing have …

      • Excellent points there truth1, thanks for that and the links. Given your interest in end time issues, I suggest you might find the Imran Hosein video interesting, it is all in English other than the prayers at the beginning and end. Many thanks for your comment.

      • It is interesting that Putin has identified Russia as Christian and that further he is against Satanism. But all politicians say lots of things. I agree with the speaker that we must take the totality of a message to get it right. Most people screw up the bible because they “pick and choose” as they like. You either take it all or nothing. I watched 20 minutes. I gather he trusts Russia far more than the West. Can’t blame him there. I don’t trust west, either.

      • Thanks very much for bothering to listen to(part of) that truth1, when I first came across Imran Hosein I thought he was completely deluded, these days I am not so sure. The core message is “get your house in order as the big one is coming” and the Nuclear was will be engineered by Zionism in order to destroy and supplant the US and Russia as the great world power, after the war, the false messiah will appear in Jerusalem, the capital of the New World Order, events at that point proceed as described in the Bonk of Revelations, pretty much. Thanks again for bothering to watch part of that and commenting. .

      • I would have listened to more, but I got lots of things competing for my attention every time my computer goes on, so I have to weigh priorities to see what is given attention and what will have wait or get left behind. But above all, I think its critical that all people understand that Zionism is the force guiding all things now. And that Satan is behind Zionism. To some degree, it makes prediction easier. But with so many details, its not possible to guess all the details. But subduing the Mid East is priority one for Zionism. Then comes the temple and trouble. Its nothing to look forward to, but it does mean we are closer to getting it over with and moving on to much better things. Imran seemed rather rational overall. Calm, collected. The only thing I reserve is that for me, the book of Islam/Mohammed, like the book of Mormon, is not an acceptable addition to the Bible which was sealed by the book of Revelations. but Imran was still rational.

      • I am surprised that you listened to any of it truth1 and you make a very important point regarding Zionism.I will defer to your greater knowledge regarding the Bible, I have not read the Koran or all the Bible myself so I cannot really evaluate them against one another.. Many thanks for your comment.

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