Massacre in South Beirut.

Aftermath of twin bomb attacks that left at least 36 dead in South Beirut Hezbollah stronghold.
Aftermath of twin bomb attacks that left at least 36 dead in South Beirut Hezbollah stronghold.

November 13th, 2015.

37 dead and almost 200 wounded in Beirut terror attacks.

Hezbollah stronghold targeted as retribution for Syrian involvement.

ISIL have claimed responsibility for twin suicide bomb attacks that killed 43 people and wounded over 200 in South Beirut in recent hours. The Hezbollah stronghold of Burj al-Barajaneh.

ISIS claims responsibility for Beirut southern suburb attack: statement THE DAILY STAR

The same area, known as the Dahiya was targeted several times by a similar method in recent years.

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The attacks appear to mark a response to the recent successes achieved by Hezbollah, the Syrian Army, Iran and Russia inside Syria.

Over 30 killed, dozens wounded as twin suicide bombings rock Beirut — RT News

Hezbollah to continue fight against terrorists after Beirut attacks

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Lebanon: At least 37 killed in twin suicide bomb blasts in Beirut

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Lebanon: Victims rushed to hospital as twin blasts kill at least 43 in Beirut

6 thoughts on “Massacre in South Beirut.

  1. Interesting too that this attack and the alleged israeli airstrikes happened the same day S.G. Nasrallah said in a televised speech that it was an “honor” that bibi considered Hezbollah a threat and was going to discuss that with obama on his latest trip to D.C.

    • Good point silver palomino2013. In the past Israel have struck in Syria many times in seeming response to Nasrallah speeches that is one of the reasons i give no real credence to the claims that Israel is stopping the supply of supposed “game changing” weapons to Hezbollah.No idea if this is right but i see these attacks as tantrums. Israel has tantrums using F16s and submarines the takfiri tantrums use suicide bombers in public areas. This current tantrum probably is in protest at a number of developments. The Russian operation in Syria, the Russian decision to supply Iran finally with the S300 air defence systems in Israel’s case etc. Thanks for comment.

  2. I saw an American Senate candidate on Twitter yesterday literally tweet ‘That’s Great News!’ in response to the attack. He was basically celebrating an attack on Hezbollah, but didn’t seem to care about all the civilian casualties or about the fact it was probably ISIL that carried it out. It’s curious that those in American discourse who are anti-Hezbollah, including American right-wing Christians, don’t seem to care that the overwhelming majority of Christians in Lebanon are Hezbollah *supporters*!

    • Wow, I will hunt that down that is really outrageous and shows how low some have fallen. I found the individual responsible for the Tweets, Everett A. Stern.still unrepentant.
      Regarding Hezbollah you make many good points.Despite being involved in may “dodgy” things in the 1980s, like the TWA Flight 847 hijacking, Hezbollah do not conform to the popular image of Muslim extremists at all. The issues with Islam as you have written tend to revolve around Wahhabism and Salafism.Thanks for your comment burning blogger of bedlam.

  3. OMG!!!! Just ran through the first 50 or so of that guy’s tweets and am still trying to figure out how he can consider himself a “moderate republican”. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing in US politics anyway but his linkdin profile claims that’s what he is. That while he approves of all attacks on Hezbollah. Claims Hzb. uses children as human shields and is Iran’s puppets. Is there no end to the hypocracy these so called people spout???

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