Jihad John is Gone.

Still image from the video the Cyber Berkut group allegedly hacked form the phone of a John McCain staffer.
Still image from the video the Cyber Berkut group allegedly hacked from the phone of a John McCain staffer synced with the alleged James Foley beheading video. Enwazis infamy was based upon movies such as this.
The Jihad John character rants during a fake execution video alongside the ubiquitous SITE intelligence logo.
The Jihad John character rants during a fake execution video alongside the ubiquitous SITE intelligence logo.

November 14th, 2015.

Jihad John is gone.

Updated January 20th, 2016.

An online ISIL/Daesh publication has confirmed that Mohammed Emwazi died in November after the vehicle he was travelling in was targeted by a missile.

 Daesh confirms death of Jihadi John in Syria drone strike – Daily Sabah

The death of Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihad John is being widely reported today.

US targets “Jihadi John” in Syria airstrike | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

‘ISIS fanatic Jihadi John killed by a US drone strike’ in Raqqa | Daily Mail Online

Jihad John, was a spokesman and supposed executioner for ISIL/IS/ISIIS/Daesh, the character was played by an individual named Mohammed Emwazi a former rapper from London.

Emwazi seemed to have been selected for his capacity to irritate and inflame a credulous Western audience.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters that a US Air strike targeted a group of ISIL members, all foreigners as they left a building in Raqqa the group’s base in Syria.

“A car carrying four foreign ISIS leaders, including one British extremist was hit by U.S. airstrikes right after the governorate building in Raqqa city.”

“”All the sources there are saying that the body of an important British extremist is lying in the hospital of Raqqa. All the sources are saying it is of Jihadi John but I cannot confirm it personally.”

Emwazi was infamous solely for his appearances in the fake IS westerner execution videos.

Given than many of the beheading videos that Mohammed Emwazi participated in were clearly faked it is hard to know whether these reports are based on an authentic identity or merely an intelligence agency legend.

The John character in the authentic seeming mass execution form "We Will Burn America"
The John character in the authentic seeming mass execution from “We Will Burn America”

The Other Execution Video.

While the videotaped executions of Westerners James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning, Peter Kassig and the two Japanese victims Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa all appeared to be fraudulent and produced in a studio. The JIhad John character also appeared in a video entitled “We Will Burn America” that appeared to show the actual beheading of 18 Iraqi or Syrian prisoners simultaneously by eighteen supposed ISIL fighters including Emwazi.

It is not possible to completely prove this video is authentic, but if it was fake it cost millions of dollars. This was a genuinely horrific video showing in minute detail the severed necks of the victims.

The other thing about the “We Will Burn America” video that was completely different from the other ISIL executions involving the Jihad John character was that “We will Burn….” seemed to be filmed at a real outdoors location in the Middle East rather than the obviously studio filmed solo John videos.

Despite the fake nature of the John identity and the fake videos executions he conducted. I tend to believe that Emwazi was a real person, presumably an agent of British Intelligence playing the role he was asked to play and he realised too late that he was going to be the one who was burned.

The Daily Mail loved Emwazi he was a huge star in that paper. Within weeks I bet they will find another villain to fill the void. There will be some new British villain because you have to take care of the tabloids don’t you?

Without the Mail Online how would the plebs know who to hate?

The Fakes.

The orifginal fraudsters JOhn aka Emwazi with "James Foley". This was a real beauty as the actor playing the victim doid not even match the supposed victim James Foley. Even mainstream media admitted this was a fake.
The orifginal fraudsters JOhn aka Emwazi with “James Foley”. This was a real beauty as the actor playing the victim doid not even match the supposed victim James Foley. Even mainstream media admitted this was a fake.
John with Steven Sotloff prior to the most hilarious of John's fake killings due to Sotloff's terrible speech.
John with Steven Sotloff prior to the most hilarious of John’s fake killings(due to Sotloff’s terrible speech).
John's fake hits, prior to the faux execution of Alan Henning.
John’s fake hits, prior to the faux execution of Alan Henning.
John with Peter Kassig prior to fake execution.
John with Peter Kassig prior to fake execution.
John's hits Hiruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto.
John’s with  Hiruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto prior to their fake executions


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[HACKED ISIS/CIA VIDEO ANALYSIS] [MUST WATCH] – Shows Jihadi John/Emwazi in CIA Studio

6 thoughts on “Jihad John is Gone.

  1. You make a really good point about the faked videos. That’s something that’s always been confusing to me: if there are *real* executions and killings going on (which there obviously are), then why bother faking any of them? Let-alone faking them so badly. Sometimes it’s as if an enormous psy-op is being conducted in which those behind it actually *want* people like us to spot the bad CGI and question the reality of these things.

    • I think you may be right burning blogger, it is very confusing that this guy was actually over there but they put him in a studio to make these movies? It is bizarre and accepting the story of his death at face value may have been a mistake but I try to avoid being a hoaxamaniac, that is I tend to assume the general authenticity of an event like this, if not the surrounding narrative. This may be naive, thanks for comment.

  2. I’m not leaning either way on him being dead just yet… today the Pentagon spokesman wouldn’t say for sure – only that they were still assessing the situation. Personally I try not to rely on Rami from SOHR for any truth since he’s admitted to not even having been inside Syria for 15 years…LOL!!!! Was he hiding at the thermal plants outside Aleppo last month when US decided to blast those but they missed him?? But keep in mind the huge outdoor film studio Qatar used during the Libya fiasco to shoot fake scenes. I’ve wondered if “John” wasn’t sent there first to do his fake beheadings then they were played for public consumption as needed. From friends in Syria I know there’s a HUGE difference in the way these jihadis really behead people and what they did on the videos meant to enrage the western masses.

    • Thanks silver palomino 2013 you make a lot of good points. Regarding the SOHR obviously is a disastrously one sided propaganda source in many ways but the other side are even worse. According to al Manar nothing bad ever happens in Syria, they just keep on winning and winning. Sadly the SOHR despite it’s drawbacks is one of the better sources, although that is not saying much. Regarding Libya I was still “wide asleep’ when Libya was destroyed. I have heard of the film set in Qatar but will have to look into it further. I have never had the heart to watch a real beheading but just listening to Sotloff it is very easy to see he is not about to be killed. Sotloff did not even manage to mention his family or anyone he had known in his llfe.Thanks for comment.

  3. Shades of Bin Laden’s “capture and death” in 2011, it happened around Beltane; now they did the same with “Jihadi John” around Veterans Day. So heroic, cant u see? Cheap show for sheeple!

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