US Senate Candidate SUPPORTS Beirut Massacre!

Aftermath of twin bomb attacks that left at least 36 dead in South Beirut Hezbollah stronghold.
Aftermath of twin bomb attacks that left at least 36 dead in South Beirut Hezbollah heartland.

November 14th, 2015.

(Updated October 21st, 2016)

I am pleased to report that Everett Stern is no longer the Republican candidate in the Pennsylvania Senate race. The  repugnant Stern is still running as an independent but the terror supporting trash has made zero impact as an independent. If you read about the Penn. Senate race at Real Clear Politics, the wretched little man is not even mentioned, the polls do not even include him among the candidates. He is the irrelevant nothing he has deserved to be all his despicable life, so thanks to the Republican party for dealing with this foul miscreant in the manner he deserves. (Stern did not file to contest the Republican primary)

Thanks to Burning Blogger of Bedlam for the tip.

US Senate Candidate Openly Support Beirut Mass Murder.

Everett A Stern a  candidate Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania has tweeted multiple expressions of support for the Beirut massacre that left 43 civilians dead and more than 200 wounded after a crowded street was targeted by ISIL suicide bombers during the evening rush hour.

Lebanon mourns ISIS twin blast victims | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Everett A. Stern ‏@SternEverett

GOOD NEWS!!! I HOPE HEZBOLLAH TERRORISTS WERE KILLED. … Twin suicide blasts kill 41 in Hezbollah bastion in Beirut.

Not content to leave it there Stern followed up with the psychotic.

Hezbollah uses children as human shields. I would not be surprised if they used children as shields during the ISIS attack. #beruitbombing

Which seemed to exist in a parallel universe where a military attack had taken place. This is simply not the case.

Stern followed that with this further insult to humanity.

“I support any attack made against Hezbollah That includes the attack launched today against Hezbollah in Lebanon. #beruit”

This man thinks it is a good thing for people to be blown up by terrorists in the street. What a depraved and morally contemptible piece of trash.

Victims of the Beirut massacre.

One f the victims of the Beirut massacre. Stenr openly supports.
One of the victims of the Beirut massacre. Stenr openly supports.
This young boy is now an orphan and Stern support this.
This young boy is now an orphan and Stern support this.
This is the newly orphaned boy from the photo above. One of the
This is the newly orphaned boy from the photo above. One of the “lucky” ones.


Stern is a supposed former HSBC whistle-blower affiliated with a private intelligence operation called tactical rabbit founded in mid 2014 and generally involved in collecring business related intelligence it seems.

The company appears never to have been mentioned outside the business media.

Tactical rabbit proudly proclaims itself “Americas Private CIA” on the front page of it’s website.


This seems to be more an ambition than a reality. There is no record in fact of anyone other than Stern even being involved.

The company claims to provide a range of services to it’s subscribers.from written reports and analysis to spying “we specialize in HUMINT intelligence acquisition” and data protection via encryption, an element that seems somewhat troubling given Stern’s on the record support for IS terror attacks.

“Is your email protected? Tactical Rabbit protects our clients by offering military-grade encrypted email (tier-1 SAS 70 Type II / SSAE 16 audited data centers). We will give you the capability to self destruct your emails, send encrypted messages, and know that your information is secure..”

I would consider that an individual openly supporting terrorist attacks by ISIL and operating a private intelligence firm might be considered a security risk, if not an outright threat.

Pitiful clown Stern's resposne to this graphic was to tweet
Pitiful clown Stern’s resposne to this graphic was to tweet “I am proud to be targeted.”

Supporting the Enemies of the United States is downright unpatriotic.

Anyone in the United States who opposes ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State/.Daesh should take it up with Everett Stern.

Do not imagine for one second that these creatures see the United States any differently.

If Everett Stern supports the murder of civilians in Beirut it is a rock solid guarantee that he will also support the slaughter of US civilians if it is perceived to serve Israel’s needs. The track record is pretty clear on that.

Lebanon: Funeral held for victim of Beirut suicide bombings

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