Setbacks in Syria- Jihadist Rockets take a Heavy Toll on Syrian Army Tanks.

Stock image of a Syrian rebel fighter preparing to fire anti tank rocket from a concealed position.
Stock image of a Syrian rebel fighter preparing to fire anti tank rocket from a concealed position.

October 11th, 2015.

Troubling early signs for Syrian Government Russian backed offensive.

On the first day of the Syrian ground offensive in central Syria, the Russians and Syrians were releasing a load of footage of jets and rockets blasting away as infantry began to move.

On the second day, nothing. Then a trickle of footage from one small village, al Bahsa, where it seemed that a small massacre had taken place, apparently prior to the offensive as some of the bodies were in a decayed state.

In Hama the plan seems to have been along the lines described here.

Syria regime hit by Hama “tank massacre”

“The Syrian Government on Wednesday launched an offensive backed by intense Russian airstrikes along four axes of attacks starting from a line of government-controlled positions approximately 25-kilometers north of Hama.”
“The offensive aims to push back a rebel salient dipping toward Hama, with government forces aiming to seize the town of Lataminah in the southernmost section of the rebel lines.”
“Meanwhile, an attack was also launched further to the east to take Khan Sheikhoun as well as the Latamin and Sayyad heights, while another aimed for Atshan, and yet another further to the west set the town of Kafr Nabudah as a goal.”

Unfortunately, as the IDF discovered in Lebanon in 2006.

Hezbollah tactics during 2006 War with Israel 3 of 3

and as the Saudis and their Gulf allies are also discovering now in Yemen,

Saudi Tanks Destroyed By Houthi Rebels

It is the easiest thing in the world for a guerrilla armed with a rocket of sufficient quality to take up a concealed position and wait until the tank is within range and destroy it.

These weapons can be effective up to several kilometres away.The TOW’s effective range is quoted as being over 4 kilometres or 2.5 miles.

Imagine you are the one in the tank and someone could fire a missile that is going to destroy it from 4 kilometres or 2.5 miles away, how would you see them?

You wouldn’t.

Syrian Arab Army Setbacks in Hama.

The fighters are told to film whenever they use a high-end weapon so that there is a propaganda as well as military impact to the attack. These incidents appear to have happened on October the 7th.

The FSA-affiliated Division 46 destroys a 57 millimeter artillery unit near the Tel Othman checkpoint

The Al-Izza Gathering destroys a tank with a TOW missile near the Maarkaba checkpoint.

The FSA-affiliated Al-Izza Gathering destroys a BMP infantry fighting vehicle near Morek.

The Army of Victory coalition’s Al-Ghab Falcons Gathering destroys a tank near the Al-Mgheer checkpoint.

The Righteous Knights Brigade destroys another tank on the Morek front.

The FSA-affiliated Righteous Knights Brigade destroys a tank on the Morek front.

Division 13 destroys another tank at the Sayyad frontline

Division 13 destroys a tank at the Sayyad frontline

Division 13 destroys a tank at the Sayyad frontline

Almassasnh in Hama to destroy the second tank missile Jintao on the front

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