Criminal Turkish Deep State Prime Suspect in Ankara Massacre.

Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.
Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.
Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.

October 11th, 2015.

Updated October 12th, Death toll from Ankara blasts is now 128 dead. 

The worst terror attack in the history of the Turkish Republic, the people know precisely who is to blame and the thugs of the Turkish Deep State are not going to be allowed to get away with this one. Political Waterloo has arrived for the increasingly Napoleonic Erdogan and his AK party.

Ankara explosions: Mourners chant ‘murderer Erdogan’ as death toll rises to 128 The Independent

“Protesters chanting “murderer Erdogan” and other anti-government slogans gathered near the scene of the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history, which has claimed 128 lives and left hundreds wounded”

When you are a NATO member and a “loyalist” publication such as the Guardian is writing things like this about you, it is a very bad sign.

Turkey bomb blasts: government blamed as thousands take to streets in Ankara- The Guardian

“Thousands of Turkish citizens gathered in central Ankara a day after twin bombings targeted a peace rally in the city, killing over a hundred civilians in an attack that demonstrators and mourners blamed squarely on the government of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”

“Witnesses and victims’ families, as well as opposition parties, ascribed direct responsibility to the government for allegedly failing to provide any security measures ahead of the peace rally, saying police officers who arrived at the scene after the bombing fired teargas at grieving families who rushed there to inquire about their loved ones.”

Turkey: Monday dawns as the Ankara bombing death toll rises to 128

Ankara Massacre: at least 95 dead after twin blasts target a peace rally.

Two blasts in the Turkish capital Ankara have killed at least 95 people and left two hundred injured. The attacks are the deadliest in the history of the Turkish Republic.

Ankara explosions leave almost 100 dead – officials – BBC News

Another Kurdish grouping targeted.

The blasts, like the July attack in Suruc, and a smaller blast in Diyarbakir in June targeted a political grouping of Kurdish activists, in this case from the mainstream Kurdish HDP party.

The Kurdish activists were hit as they prepared to participate in a broader multi-party leftist peace rally against the low-level Civil war that has broken out between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants over the past several months.

The Civil war was restarted when Turkey chose inexplicably to respond to the Suruc massacre by bombing Kurdish positions in Iraq, Syria and Turkey

The PKK Kurdish separatist militant group had earlier announced a unilateral ceasefire in the Turkish Civil war in order to enable the November elections to take place.

Pro-Kurdish party hopeful of PKK ceasefire as Turkish election nears | Reuters

The position of the Turkish ruling party the AKP has been deteriorating since they lost their Parliamentary majority in elections earlier this year and failed to form a coalition.

Elections are scheduled for next month, and it is entirely possible that these massacres are part of a plot to engineer an emergency large enough to cause their postponement.

Eyewitnesses speak of stand down.

Early eyewitness accounts mention a total lack of security checkpoints in the region of the planned rally and they are stating that such checkpoints are a routine presence at large rallies pointing to a possible stand-down from the Turkish Security forces in order to enable the attack to succeed.

The attacks are being blamed on suicide bombers, there is no evidence to support that claim at this time and the prime suspect, the only other party with a clear and obvious motive other than criminal elements of the Turkish state, ISIL have not claimed responsibility at least six hours after the attack.

Authentic ISIL attacks tend to carry an immediate claim of responsibility.

It is extremely likely that at some point some unverifiable Twitter account will claim responsibility as happened in Suruc where they embarrassingly claimed to have conducted a car bombing when there had been no car bombing at all.

A shocked survicior of the massacre in Ankara on October 10th, 2015. (AP)
A shocked survicior of the massacre in Ankara on October 10th, 2015. (AP)

Turkey in Crisis.

The claims that the Suruc attack was conducted by a suicide attacker were never substantiated beyond a name and all indications are that the Suruc attack was conducted by elements of the Turkish State as part of a desperate attempt to complete the regime change project in Syria, an effort that clearly failed and has now left them with a fresh round in the Kurdish Turkey Civil war as a by product of their cynicism and wickedness.

Timeline of the Turkey–PKK conflict – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deep Links.

Even if  the Ankara massacre miraculously turns out to have been an authentic ISIL terror attack, the Turkish state is so deeply entwined with the criminal terror group as to make the distinction almost meaningless at this stage.

Turkey has acted as the key source of supplies and recruits for the ISIL group and acts a key facilitator for them in general with the Turkish Presidents own son intimately connected to the groups illegal oil sales.

Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? | New Eastern Outlook

Erdogan’s Dirty Dangerous ISIS Games | New Eastern Outlook

Le role of the Erdoğan family within Daesh

Maliki: Fall of Mosul Plotted by Barzani and Erdogan | Veterans Today

the Suruc Massacre and the Turkish Deep State. | Crimes of Empire


‘GRAPHIC: Powerful blasts rock Ankara peace rally, dozens killed

Kurds are terror targets in Turkey, still no security beef up at rallies’

HDP leader blames “mafia state” in Turkey for twin explosions in Ankara

Dozens killed in Ankara blasts, suicide bombers behind attack

RAW: Protesters throw petrol bombs at water cannons, clash with police after Ankara blasts

Turkey: Thousands line Ankara’s streets to pay respects to bomb attack victim

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  1. This just in from the Kev Baker show, his website:
    be sure to check out the comments on this link, too.

    He has been posting immediate news in short videos. Its been wonderful. I have become a big fan of his over the last week or so. He also reports generously on SRA and Satanic cults with Chris Everard often a guest. Its getting very exciting as it is fitting perfectly with what I am writing. Truth is about to bite some in the you know where. I love the smell of napalm in the morning 😉

    • Thank you truth1now and I am also a big fan of the kev baker show, the series of shows with the guest Anthony Patch on Cern were really special and I was not even especially interested in Cern prior to that. I saw the reports of the shoot down, searched the internet and found a story being printed in a bunch of British papers. Having essentially been burned by the four missiles in Iran story, where I wasted mine and others time with bullcrap, and finding no photographs, no real detail and no source beyond social media, I chose not to go with that until something more solid comes out. I must admit however that the long envisaged World War 3 scenarios do appear to be moving into place, it really seems as if almost anything could happen at the moment. Thanks for the link and comment, oh and yes Chris Everard on the Hampstead case is also excellent.

  2. I had another thought. NOtice how quick NATO is willing to talk nuclear exercises. They are eager, it would appear. Eager? It is not the care taken at the Bay of Pigs, also a staged event. They want nuclear weapons to be played up! why? Then UFOs can come down and save us all, supposedly, and we can be fooled by some BS false return of Christ and run off to follow him when he suggests everyone have sex with everyone else “out of love” of course. Am I crazy? I might well be but I still think this will happen.

    • Thanks for that truth1now, I am very confident that what you describe has been planned, the alien at the LA Olympics was but one of hundreds of signs of this plot. FLASHBACK 1984: Los Angeles Olympics UFO
      They plan to try it but can the people who cannot manage to fake a small shooting event properly be stupid enough to believe they are suddenly good enough to fake an alien landing?
      You are definitely not crazy truth1now, but it is very hard to figure out where we are in what has been a long planned and well thought out plot. I think this is the William Cooper video where he goes through the text of a Rosicrucian book published in around 1919 that speaks openly of their New World Order plot back then.
      William Cooper – From My Heart To Yours
      You are 100% right about the plot but the timeline is the hard part.Thanks for your comment truth1now.

      • The landing will have real UFO craft. These are real. The science is not even that complicated. as long as you can generate about 50 million volts differential. I don’t have the resources for anything like that. Will people believe it, even though the aliens look and sound human? Well, most con-men do not try to sell an intellectual. They know that he/she has a mind of their own. They look for people who already believe or want to believe, say in snake oil as a cure or whatever. Then they don’t have to sell the prospect. They just have to deliver what he wants.

        People do not want God cause He is a stickler about sexual regulation, due to the likelihood of eventual pregnancy. But “aliens” are much too clever to insist on sexual regulation. They say you can do whatever you want, in love of course. Everything in love. Even raping small kids, for their own good, you understand. They need that kundalini awakening, the fools are told. But that’s all crap. Earthlings will buy the UFO/aliens BS. And when the “dragon” blows his smoke, the few that may not buy it will not want to tangle with the dragon so they will go along with it out of fear.

        Can you imagine the astonishment of USA gov scientists when they got a load of the the German UFO craft? They must have been floored. Michael Aquino was so impressed, he flew to Germany as fast as he could and put on full Nazi regalia and followed their every ritual to the letter to make friends with Nazi supporting demons. Each nation has their own little collection, although I’ll bet its the same demons on both sides pretending to be different “gods.”:But anyway, the tech will be impressive. No one will be disappointed. BUt I would not go for a ride on one. I’ll stay as far away from that stuff as I can.

        to me, a world war with a frightening prospect of all out nuclear winter, would truly terrify people and terrify is what the allies want to do. In total fear, there is no rational thinking. the reptilian brain stem takes over. the neocortex intellect gets shut right off. this is the perfect timing for the UFO fleet to arrive, as I see it. As well, we have so many concurrent events working together at this moment. I am hoping to get a good portion of my new article up by tomorrow to read and can finish it off a little later. There are possible objectives behind this all that I have not heard addressed much yet. Those I want up before I upload the article. The agenda is elusive but if one digs behind the veil, there are some obvious things to accomplish. UFOs would be real handy for that. who is going to listen to the dorks down here on earth? Not many. But if strangers step out of UFOs, these they might listen to. But they will be sorry of they do. They do not intend good for any of us, regardless of nation, belief, or whatever.

      • I have this book and have read it. Nick was/is part of Janes Defense publications. his book was fabulous because he undertook a very strict confining set of rules of evidence that make any investigation problematic, at the least. And yet, he pulled off his goal using the harsh rules of evidence. I am trying to develop rules of evidence for conspiracy research and legal courts evidence. I have finished products but I think they might need some refinement and good examples to illustrate what I say. But Nick showed the vast volume of stuff that came to America they operation paperclip. I have read several more books that were good. Joseph Farrell and Henry Stevens have good one. We both know Bill Cooper had some good stuff on it. I have read Tesla books. got a bunch of them. Not to mention videos. TV stuff, Its an exciting subject but I realized in 2005, just how valuable such a technology would be to fool or mislead people. I had just read Bill Cooper at that time. Today was a busy day for email and posts. It might hinder my article but its been fun. And wait till you see my history lesson in this article. Smokin! 😉

      • Wow truth1now, I really look forward to reading that I wish I had researched the topic as thoroughly as you have. I completely agree that the Hunt for Zero Point set a high standard that we all should aspire towards, thanks for comment.

      • Well, regardless of depth, Bill Cooper is a great awakening on that subject, as is Nick Cook. And now there is so much on youtube. I did not even discover youtube till 2008. Aliens is another interesting subject. But Nick Cook even told about Nazi scientists getting killed to hide UFO secrets. I have read quite a bit on Nazi occupation in South America. That is another amazing story. I got a lot to update in my books suggestions and reviews on my site. Winter will let me catch up better.

        But 2005 onward, on the History Channel, owned by A&E, had lots of documentaries on famous UFO crashed, encounters, etc. Not that they are reliable but it gives you a familiarity so compare new info with. But it is the science of UFO that really intrigues me. There is the concept of free energy hidden away in this UFO tech. I have long been fascinated with that topic as well.

      • Thanks truth1now, your knowledge of this subject is very impressive and I look forward to reading more of your work.There is also no doubt in my mind that Free or Zero point energy is real and has been suppressed and this was confirmed to me by some people I know with no real interest in that or any other off the wall topics. A couple of people I know mentioned to me that on the old television show “Australian Inventors”, a man had invented what they called an orbital engine, it was an engine that once it was started would continue to run perpetually on it’s own rotational energy, my friends told me that it seemed like a great idea but the inventor was paid a large sum of money by either the auto industry or big oil and the invention simply disappeared, I think this happened in the 1970s. Compared to Tesla the Australian inventor was a long way behind but it showed me the way these things have been blatantly buried by the financial interests they threaten. Thanks for comment.

  3. Funny how ISIL – which usually glories in its attacks – hasn’t claimed responsibility, as you say. I’ve even heard conservatives in Turkey blaming this attack on ‘leftists’! As if ‘leftists’ would bomb a gathering of other ‘leftists’!
    It’s also a tragic thing that Turkey, which for so long used to be the *proof* that ‘Muslims’ and secular democracy were actually perfectly compatible in the right circumstances, is now a state going in the opposite direction to its constitution and principles.

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