Turkish Intelligence Bombed Ankara… Again.

Aftermath of the Ankara bombing of February 17th, 2016.
Aftermath of the Ankara bombing of February 17th, 2016.

February 18th, 2016

“ISIS has not targeted Turkey except that there have been a couple of incidents that have been attributed to ISIS, but I don’t believe that ISIS actually did them, I think the Turkish Intelligence service did it.”

Former CIA Officer Phillip Giraldi, December 2015.

Turkish Intelligence Bombed Ankara Again.

The Turkish capital Ankara has been struck by a large car or truck bombing that has left at least 28 people dead and dozens more wounded. The attack took place near a military barracks and appears to have targeted a bus full of Turkish soldiers.

Car bomb attack on military in Turkish capital kills 28

This attack is going to be blamed on the Kurdestan Workers Party (PKK) and used to justify an intensification of the Turkish involvement in Syria.

Erdoğan says Turkey to fight forces behind Ankara bombing

There is no logic in the idea that either the PKK nor ISIS/Daesh would target the Turkish military at this time. Neither has anything to gain from this crime. The only credible suspect in this attack is Turkish intelligence and their cut-outs.

The Kurds were blamed.

The Government of Turkey are claiming that the Syrian based Kurdish group the YPG currently winning a war in Northern Aleppo with US and Russian support despite Turkish artillery bombardment, were responsible for the attack.

Davutoğlu says Syrian Kurdish YPG behind Ankara attack

Turkey has identified the perpetrator of the Ankara bombing attack that killed 28 people as a member of the Syria Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia working with militants from the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Prime Minister Davutoğlu said.

In a live television speech, Davutoğlu said the bombing showed that the Syrian Kurdish YPG is a terrorist organization and that Turkey expects cooperation from its allies against the group.

Washington, which has said the YPG is not a terrorist group, has backed the insurgents in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria.

“In light of information we have obtained, it has been clearly identified that this attack has been carried out by the members of terrorist organization inside Turkey together with a YPG member individual who has crossed from Syria,” Davutoğlu said.

This reveals the plot in plain sight.

The fact that they had to rope the Kurds of Syria into the narrative exposes what has happened. The narrative transparently matches Turkey’s geopolitical agenda. If they had blamed the PKK in Turkey, that would have at least a semblance of credibility. This is a barefaced, childish lie from people who are literally such moronic, low rent thugs as to be incapable of successful deception. They are too brutish and stupid.

Syrian PYD leader rejects responsibility for Ankara attack (The PYD is the political wing of the Syrian Kurds, the YPG are the military wing.)


Turkey has been shelling Northern Syria this week in a futile attempt to stave off the rapid advances of Syrian Government forces and Kurdish militia against the jihadists that the Turkish government has backed throughout the Syrian Civil war.

These acts of criminality achieved nothing but to underline how isolated and impotent Turkey’s position had become. The people they were attacking simply continued with their successful offensives and Russia did not allow itself to be provoked.

So the “smart lads” of the MIT were sent in to fix things, but they are simply too stupid to be able to conduct effective false flag terror attacks,  the intent of the plotters should be completely hidden, in their case the motives are always completely obvious.

They have killed hundreds of Turkish civilians in recent similar false flag provocations, it should be no surprise that in their desperate moment they have turned to the murder of their own soldiers in the name, of course of the greater goal.

Elements of US intelligence have already noted that the terror attacks in Turkey are of the false flag variety with conservative former CIA officer Philip Giraldi openly blaming Turkey intelligence for the previous massacres attributed to ISIS/Daesh.

It must be hoped that this attack is also seen for what it clearly was. An absolutely desperate attempt to change the situation and justify a Turkish incursion into Syria to save the jihadist allies as they collapse in Northern Syria.

It is hoped that this latest outrage is the final straw for the Turkish military and they do what should have been done long ago, remove the AKP from power and prosecute the treasonous criminal AK party leadership. These people are the lowest of the low, gangsters from the pits of hell and the sooner they return to their place of origin along with their jihadist proxies, the better for Turkey and broader humanity.

At least 18 killed in huge explosion in car bomb attack in Ankara

Ankara blast: At least 18 dead in Turkish capital explosion – BBC News

Video: Ankara explosion: 20 people killed and 61 hurt after ‘terror attack’ in central district – Telegraph

(Video) Ankara security camera filmed the moment of explosion 17.02.2016 Turke

CCTV FOOTAGE: Moment Ankara Car Bomb Explodes Outside Military Base (17.02.2016)

RAW: Car explosion strikes Ankara, Turkey, targets buses carrying troops

Turkey: Several dead after blast targets military facility in Ankar

Ankara blast

Criminal Turkish Deep State Prime Suspect in Ankara Massacre.

Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.
Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.
Video stills show the moment of the first of the two horrific attacks in Ankara.

October 11th, 2015.

Updated October 12th, Death toll from Ankara blasts is now 128 dead. 

The worst terror attack in the history of the Turkish Republic, the people know precisely who is to blame and the thugs of the Turkish Deep State are not going to be allowed to get away with this one. Political Waterloo has arrived for the increasingly Napoleonic Erdogan and his AK party.

Ankara explosions: Mourners chant ‘murderer Erdogan’ as death toll rises to 128 The Independent

“Protesters chanting “murderer Erdogan” and other anti-government slogans gathered near the scene of the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history, which has claimed 128 lives and left hundreds wounded”

When you are a NATO member and a “loyalist” publication such as the Guardian is writing things like this about you, it is a very bad sign.

Turkey bomb blasts: government blamed as thousands take to streets in Ankara- The Guardian

“Thousands of Turkish citizens gathered in central Ankara a day after twin bombings targeted a peace rally in the city, killing over a hundred civilians in an attack that demonstrators and mourners blamed squarely on the government of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”

“Witnesses and victims’ families, as well as opposition parties, ascribed direct responsibility to the government for allegedly failing to provide any security measures ahead of the peace rally, saying police officers who arrived at the scene after the bombing fired teargas at grieving families who rushed there to inquire about their loved ones.”

Turkey: Monday dawns as the Ankara bombing death toll rises to 128

Ankara Massacre: at least 95 dead after twin blasts target a peace rally.

Two blasts in the Turkish capital Ankara have killed at least 95 people and left two hundred injured. The attacks are the deadliest in the history of the Turkish Republic.

Ankara explosions leave almost 100 dead – officials – BBC News

Another Kurdish grouping targeted.

The blasts, like the July attack in Suruc, and a smaller blast in Diyarbakir in June targeted a political grouping of Kurdish activists, in this case from the mainstream Kurdish HDP party.

The Kurdish activists were hit as they prepared to participate in a broader multi-party leftist peace rally against the low-level Civil war that has broken out between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants over the past several months.

The Civil war was restarted when Turkey chose inexplicably to respond to the Suruc massacre by bombing Kurdish positions in Iraq, Syria and Turkey

The PKK Kurdish separatist militant group had earlier announced a unilateral ceasefire in the Turkish Civil war in order to enable the November elections to take place.

Pro-Kurdish party hopeful of PKK ceasefire as Turkish election nears | Reuters

The position of the Turkish ruling party the AKP has been deteriorating since they lost their Parliamentary majority in elections earlier this year and failed to form a coalition.

Elections are scheduled for next month, and it is entirely possible that these massacres are part of a plot to engineer an emergency large enough to cause their postponement.

Eyewitnesses speak of stand down.

Early eyewitness accounts mention a total lack of security checkpoints in the region of the planned rally and they are stating that such checkpoints are a routine presence at large rallies pointing to a possible stand-down from the Turkish Security forces in order to enable the attack to succeed.

The attacks are being blamed on suicide bombers, there is no evidence to support that claim at this time and the prime suspect, the only other party with a clear and obvious motive other than criminal elements of the Turkish state, ISIL have not claimed responsibility at least six hours after the attack.

Authentic ISIL attacks tend to carry an immediate claim of responsibility.

It is extremely likely that at some point some unverifiable Twitter account will claim responsibility as happened in Suruc where they embarrassingly claimed to have conducted a car bombing when there had been no car bombing at all.

A shocked survicior of the massacre in Ankara on October 10th, 2015. (AP)
A shocked survicior of the massacre in Ankara on October 10th, 2015. (AP)

Turkey in Crisis.

The claims that the Suruc attack was conducted by a suicide attacker were never substantiated beyond a name and all indications are that the Suruc attack was conducted by elements of the Turkish State as part of a desperate attempt to complete the regime change project in Syria, an effort that clearly failed and has now left them with a fresh round in the Kurdish Turkey Civil war as a by product of their cynicism and wickedness.

Timeline of the Turkey–PKK conflict – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deep Links.

Even if  the Ankara massacre miraculously turns out to have been an authentic ISIL terror attack, the Turkish state is so deeply entwined with the criminal terror group as to make the distinction almost meaningless at this stage.

Turkey has acted as the key source of supplies and recruits for the ISIL group and acts a key facilitator for them in general with the Turkish Presidents own son intimately connected to the groups illegal oil sales.

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‘GRAPHIC: Powerful blasts rock Ankara peace rally, dozens killed

Kurds are terror targets in Turkey, still no security beef up at rallies’

HDP leader blames “mafia state” in Turkey for twin explosions in Ankara

Dozens killed in Ankara blasts, suicide bombers behind attack

RAW: Protesters throw petrol bombs at water cannons, clash with police after Ankara blasts

Turkey: Thousands line Ankara’s streets to pay respects to bomb attack victim

the Suruc Massacre and the Turkish Deep State.

Aftermath of the Suruc massacre of July 20th, 2015.
Aftermath of the Suruc massacre of July 20th, 2015.

July 25th, 2015.

The Suruc Massacre and the Turkish Deep State(s).

The Suruc (pronounced Surosh) massacre of July 20th saw 32 people killed and more than 100 wounded when a meeting of the Kurdish youth group the Socialist Party of the Oppressed was attacked with an explosive device in the town 10 kilometres from the Syrian border.

The Suruc massacre began a chain of events that less than a week later see Turkey engaged in military attacks inside Syria and Iraq in an operation they claim will target both the ISIL group and PKK/  YPG . Kurdish fighters. ( YPG appears to be just a new name for the PKK to get around the fact that the PKK is a designated “terror group’ according to NATO and the US State Department.)

At face value, the Suruc attack seemed like a pretty typical IS terror operation in revenge for the defeat in Kobani and the other defeats in Northern Syria at the hands of the Kurdish YPG group and the US Air force.

It was only weeks ago that the IS group sent scores of fighters across the Turkish border into Kobani where they massacred hundreds of people before being killed.

Only three days before Suruc, ISIL  had sent a truck bomb against civilians celebrating the Eid festival for the end of Ramadan in the Iraq town of Khan Bani Saad killing at least 115 people.

Analysis of the Suruc attack indicates that the event appears to have been a false flag attack conducted by the Turkish state or another “third force” that has infiltrated the Turkish state. ISIL appear not to have had any involvement and the attack was not conducted by a suicide bomber.

Suruc is shown just to the north of Kobani and the Syrian border.

The Context

Turkey , a large and strategically located state has been a NATO member since 1952 and is a key long term US Middle Eastern ally. NATO’s “stay behind” Gladio armies wreaked more carnage upon Turkey than any of their other (Western European) targets during the Cold war.

There have been huge tensions in South Eastern Turkey since the battle of Kobani late last year and in recent weeks the Turkish Government has been threatening to send 20,000 troops into Northern Syria in order to carve out a “buffer zone.” for refugees.

The  manoeuvring seems to have been inspired by increasing Turkish disquiet about the mounting victories of Kurdish fighters backed by US Aircraft in Northern Iraq.

It is worth noting that although at face value the PKK and Turkey are the most bitter of enemies, like Hamas, the IRA and many other groups, the PKK received key support from their supposed enemy Turkey on many occasions.

On July 12th, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) announced an end to it’s two year ceasefire with the Turkish Government.

Turkey-Key ISIL Sponsor.

There is no doubt that Turkey has been THE key base for the IS operation in Syria. Maps of the area controlled by the group in Syria shows little more than a straight line from the Turkish border through to Raqqa (the IS Syria “capital” down to Deir az Zour on the border with Iraq.

It emerged earlier this year that in one case a Turkish officer had a gun shoved in his face by an agent of the Turkish National Intelligence when he attempted to stop a truck sending supplies to ISIL .

Assistance has undoubtedly been provided by many states but in the case of Turkey you need only look at the map to understand the central role Turkey has played in the rise of the group.

The lines of control in Syria as of May 22nd, 2015. The IS group it can be seen, holds nowhere near 50 percent.
ISIL in Syria- a straight line down from Turkey to Deir az Zour on the Iraq border. Map represents control as of May 22nd, 2015..

Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? | New Eastern Outlook

Turkey: IS Supply Channels | Focus on Europe

The Turkish Government Account of the Suruc Attack.
Initially the Turkish government suggested to their media that the attack may have been conducted by a female suicide bomber.

‘Isis suicide bomber’ strikes Turkish border town as Syrian war spills over | World news | The Guardian

“Turkish media speculated that it may have been an 18-year old female suicide bomber for Isis.”

There seems a logical explanation for this, if you look at before and after images of the scene of the blast, it can be clearly seen that there are a large number of young women in the crowd near the epicenter of the blast. The female bomber hypothesis probably arose from the initial assumption that it was a suicide attack and that the most severely damaged corpse would be that of the bomber as is generally the case, for obvious reasons.
The most severely damaged corpse was that of the young woman at the front near the epicenter of the blast. There was no suicide bomber so the closest victim was initially mistaken for the attacker.
Several days later the Turkish authorities claimed that they had identified the bomber as a man named Seyh Abdurrahman Alagoz, a Kurdish native of Adiyaman province. No evidence connecting this individual with either the ISIL group or the Suruc attack was provided.

The scene in Suruc immediately prior to the attack.
The scene in Suruc immediately prior to the attack.

The Attack Video.
The video of the attack does not show any sign of an attacker entering the area at all. Three seconds before the attack, a small bang can be heard, it is noticed by the crowd, some of whom seem alarmed. Hen the bomb detonates, it seems to come from the ground near the front of the crowd.
A Turkish court has banned publication of the images of the attack and Twitter was briefly blocked in Turkey in the wake of the Suruc attack.

The bomb is detonated.
The bomb is detonated.

The Claim of Responsibility.
It was taken for granted internationally that the IS group conducted the bombing, but the claim of responsibility from the group, generally forthcoming within hours of an attack, did not come for days, and when it arrived it referred to a car bombing.

But the Suruc attack was clearly not a car bomb, no-one is claiming that it was- other than “ISIL” via twitter.
The claim of responsibility for the Khan Bani Saad massacre of July 17th by contrast, was specific and detailed, with the group claiming to have used a 3 tonne device and also of targeting Shia Muslims.

Asurvivr of the Suruc blast is treated in the aftermath.
A survivor of the Suruc blast is treated in the aftermath.

A Combination of Evidence.

The Today Zaman Prediction

Spy agency planning false-flag terror acts in crowded areas, whistleblower claims

An article in the Turkish newspaper “Today Zaman” in January this year claimed that elements of the Turkish Government were planning to conduct mass casualty terror attacks in Turkey and blame the attacks on the Fethullah Gulen, an infamous CIA cut out and alleged drug trade facilitator. Today Zaman seems to have pro-Gulen leanings judging from this piece. In December 2014, a Turkish court issued an arrest warrant for Gulen, who has lived in the US for decades.

Drug trafficking murderer’s testimony listed as evidence against Gülen

Turkey is understood to be a key hub for the international heroin trade and seems to act as a way station between the source of the opium and Europe.

The infamous Susurluk scandal of 1996 erupted after a serious car crash left three people dead and it emerged that amongst them were a police chief, a senior politician, and an international drug dealer and hitman. Devastatingly it emerged that a number of infamous figures in the drug game were being given Turkish Diplomatic credentials with which to operate.
The Aftermath.
A series of cascading events have taken place since the Suruc attack that now see the Turkish Military in action in Northern Syria in a big way for the first time in the four year Syrian Civil War.
There have been demonstrations in several areas of Southern Turkey and in the largest city Istanbul. .
The PKK claim to have killed two Turkish police in retaliation for their collaboration with ISIL. The PKK also lured an apparent IS sympathiser into an ambush and murdered him in Istanbul. Another police officer was killed by masked men in Diyarbakir.

The apparent “usual suspects” of both ISIL and the PKK were rounded up in a series of massive police raids that saw more than two hundred arrested. The Western media claimed that ISIL were the target but it is claimed by Kurdish activists that this was  mask for a crackdown on the PKK.
Turkish forces are now engaged in the Syrian War and are claiming that they are going to target both ISIL and the PKK/YPG in Northern Syria in an ongoing operation. There are no ground forces involved at this time.

So it seems that Turkey has decided that it is time to “cash in” the IS group for an extended incursion into Syria where they will be attacking the YPG, the US’s only real ally in Northern Syria. Turkey is apparently testing the waters at this stage but the intent is clear and both the Suruc attack and the supposed gun-battle with the IS group at the border were part of the same Black Operation with the aim of curtailing the PKK influence in Northern Syria using the IS as a convenient mask.
That’s why this seems to have happened and elements of the Turkish Government now seem to be tacitly admitting that the Suruc attack was a false flag and as per the Today Zaman piece from January, they are trying to lay the blame upon the Gulen organisation, the “next in line” CIA front Turkish Government.

A Pattern of Behaviour.

The  Istanbul bombings of November 2003 that saw 70 people killed in four attacks that targeted the British Consul, a branch of (infamous alleged money launderer) HSBC bank and a Synagogue.

In 2010 it emerged that three Turkish Generals had collaborated with al Qaeda in the attack that was part of a failed coup plot known as Operation Sledgehammer. The combination of the evidence regarding the Suruc attack points to the fact that whereas the 2003 bombing massacres were a collaborative effort, the Suruc massacre was conducted vy the Turkish “deep state’ or Shadow government and the ISIL group did not perpetrate the Suruc massacre.

The Details of the Attack.

The device appears to be emplaced, no-one appears to enter the area of the attack prior to the attack. The claim of responsibility was late and inaccurate and is essentially meaningless. The Turkish Government felt a need clearly to initiate further military involvement in Syria and this event combined with a presumably fabricated border clash several days later have seen them at least partially achieve their goal.

The continual victories of the YPG with US air support , which is simply the PKK re-badged, were intolerable to Turkey and so they acted.

Within Turkey there does seem to be an understanding that this attack was at the very least facilitated by elements of the Turkish state. Beyond the dubious PKK targeting of supposed ISIL collaborator police in revenge and the cynical murder of a former ISIL fighter in Istanbul apparently working as a soap salesman. A senior Turkish police official has now accused the Gulen group of complicity in the attack, as the Today Zaman January article claimed would happen.

Police chief shirks responsibility for deadly attacks, accuses ‘parallel structure’

Determining which faction of the Turkish deep State were involved may be extremely difficult as the Gyulen people blame the Government. The positive thing is that at least in Turkey people know that there is a “parallel state operation involved.

The Real Danger of ISIL Exposed.
Due to the extensive support they receive from many nations, the IS group represent a real threat to the people of Syria and Iraq.

Outside the zones of combat, it is the ISIL brand rather than the actual group that is the threat. While they exist, anyone can blow up or shoot up anything anywhere and say it was an ISIL attack.
The group’s rhetoric track record of atrocities both real and fictitious is such that few will question them being blamed for almost anything.

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