The Russian Military are in Syria (Updated – Russian Jets and Troops on the ground in Latakia)

Russian soldier pictured in what is claimed to be Latakia, Syria.
Russian soldier pictured in what is claimed to be Latakia, Syria.

September 19th, 2015.

The Russian Military are operating in Syria.

A Video has emerged that appears to show Russian soldiers in Latakia, Western Syria, operating and firing an ancient T 55 tank.In the video a round is fired towards a surrounding hill. It is probably simply a test but there are Russian troops in Syria preparing for some kind of combat.

Twin track.

At the same time we have seen a major escalation in Russian media involvement in the Syria issue. A group of Russian state media journalists were dispatched to Damascus to interview Syrian President Assad.

‘West crying for refugees with one eye, aiming gun with the other’ – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW) — RT News

Towards the end of the interview Assad is asked whether he would be willing to leave for the good of the country.

Question 14– “If you don’t mind, I would like to go back to the question about Syria’s political future. Mr. President, your opponents, whether fighting against the authorities with weapons or your political opponents, still insist that one of the most-important conditions for peace is your departure from political life and as president. What do you think about that – as president and as a Syrian citizen? Are you theoretically prepared for that if you feel it’s necessary?” (Assad deflected the question.)

The interview is very interesting and Assad is extremely impressive in his quiet way but my understanding is that Russia intends to persuade Bashar al Assad and his family to leave Syria in the near future.

This assessment is based upon the questions the Russian journalists asked Assad in Damascus, added to the fact that a Russian Emercom Ilyushin Il-76 was seen to evacuate Syrian citizens from Latakia in mid August and the Guardian revelations from Maarti Ahtisaari that include the fact that Russia thought the best way to end the war would include easing Assad from power into exile and it seems quite clear that Russia is looking at persuading Assad to leave, presumably for Belarus.

In addition RT has sent journalists to the hot war zones of Zabadani and Hasakeh in North and West Syria, something they have not done for several years. The military campaign has been oblique but the renewed information campaign has been very obvious.

Russian operated tank fires into the Latakia hills.
Russian operated tank fires into the Latakia hills. The image is slightly deceptive it is the Tank in front pointed sideways that is firing.

Something big and astonishing is happening here.

Russia is quite clearly moving to manage the end of the Syrian war and the survival and retrieval of the Syrian state and position itself as the new “honest broker” and Security Guarantor in the Middle East if possible.

It is hard to imagine them doing a worse job than the United States.

Russia is also sending a very clear and powerful message to the Syrian opposition.

“You have been hoping for years that the US would bomb you to victory-forget about it” That dream is dead, military victory is now impossible for you so it is time to come to a political solution for the good of the people of Syria.

The Russian soldiers fire a tank shell at this hill in the stunning new video from Latakia, Wstern Syria.
The Russian soldiers fire a tank shell at this hill in the stunning new video from Latakia, Western Syria.

Syria: Russian T-55 Crew Stationed in Latakia

These jets could be almost anything. The craft depicted are consistent with the Ilushin IL76 and Sukhoi SU24, this video is probably authentic but I cannot verify it, the RAM Z Youtube channel has a track record of being correct but that is not something you would take to the bank.

Syria: Russian IL-76 & Four Su-24s Over Homs 9-20-15

Commercial Satellite image of Latakia Air base. (source)
Commercial Satellite image of Latakia Air base. (source)

The Russian Military are in Syria.

At the start of August a story emerged of the Russian President delivering a furious message to the Turkish President Erdogan via the Turkish ambassador to Russia. Ümit Yardim.

Russian president to Turkish ambassador: “tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a ‘Big Stalingrad’ for him!” – AWD News

The story was impossible to verify but the reported high point of the conversation was the Russian President promising to provide Turkey with “a big Stalingrad”* in Northern Syria.
“..then tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIL terrorist and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad’, for Erdoğan and his Saudi allies”
The story was colourful and got a lot of attention, it was amusing enough but I thought Well how would he do that, given that no Russian forces are involved in combat in Syria?.

The Arabic letering on the building and the Port visible in the background indicate the footage is authentic and was shot in Tartarus.
The Arabic lettering on the building and the Port visible in the background indicate the footage is authentic and was shot in Tartus.

The Tartus Video.

A month later video has emerged of Russian infantry apparently preparing for combat at the Russian Naval base in Tartus, Syria. This video supports the story that Russia has decided to increase its military support to the Syrian Government in their military operations against foreign backed jihadist fighters.

The video is clearly shot in a Port and there is Arabic writing on the buildings where the troops are training. Russia has only one Naval base in an area with Arabic speakers so although this video could have been shot anywhere in theory, it is pretty obvious that they are in Tartus and they are Russians and they seem to be preparing for close quarters small arms based combat.

Syria: Russian Army Shooting Exercise in Port Tartus, Latakia

These stills of supposed Russian jets over Syria were posted on Twitter by al Nusra front. No videos, no ground references, no evidence the footage was either shot in Syria or that it showed Russian jets..
These stills of supposed Russian jets over Syria were posted on Twitter by al Nusra front. No videos, no ground references, no evidence the footage was even shot in Syria or that it showed Russian jets..

A Story that was lost in Hype.

Thierry Meyssan broke this story several weeks ago on August 24thbut his story was lost in a great tide of hype and embellishment that followed.

The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria

This was followed by a tidal wave of hyped stories based on tendentious and phony evidence.

There were pointless photographs of supposedly Russian aircraft flying sorties over Syria.
There is no evidence that any of the photographs of aircraft were authentic or that Russian pilots are flying sorties over Syria.
The claim that there were Russian troops in Latakia dd not appear to be supported by any real evidence, either unless you count the presence of Russian military vehicles as evidence which is ridiculous.
As far as Zabadani goes, another place it was claimed Russians were fighting, I have watched hours of combat footage from Zabadani and it is very clear that Hezbollah are doing the fighting with some support from the Syrian Army.
The rest of the story revolved largely around military equipment, a fairly fruitless path to take as essentially all of the hardware the Syrian Army use is Russian and has been for decades.

Oryx Blog: From Russia with Love, Syria’s BTR-82A

It is no secret that Russia has continued to supply weapons to Syria, although Russia pretends that it is only delivering defensive weaponry, this is laughable.
Russia’s role in support of the Syrian Government deserves praise as this support has enabled the Syrian state to survive the NATO/Israel/Saudi sponsored barrage of barbarous jihadists.

A look at the reality of Libya, the failed state NATO created in North Africa four years ago shows that Russia has done the world and human civilisation a favor by supporting the Syrian Government and the idea that the US with its hundreds of TOW missiles in the hands of terror groups has the right to offer one word of criticism is an abomination given the chaos and suffering Western policy in the Middle East has caused over the past decade.

The Port is more visible in this shot.
The Port is more visible in this shot.

The Consequences.
The hype around the apparent increased Russian military presence in Syria has been dismaying.
While the US and their allies have clearly hoping they could somehow parlay the anti- IS operation into regime change in Syria as matters stand the US has been bombing Syria for 50 weeks and they have never targeted the Syrian Army or their allies.
The US has never come out and admitted it but they have been 100% fighting on the side of the Syrian Government in the Syrian Civil war. All of the US airstrikes have targeted either the al Nusra front or the IS group, the key enemies of the Syrian Government.
Therefore if Russian troops are actually going to be fighting in Syria, they are not going to be starting World War 3, as many have claimed; for the obvious reason that Russia will be joining the Syrian war on the same side as the US.

The stationing of Russian troops in Syria does not mean that they will be involved in combat. This is likely a political move aimed at outflanking the West and guaranteeing that the Syrian state will not be destroyed and that the Tartus Naval base remains.
It is highly unlikely that the Russian forces in Syria will be engaged in heavy fighting, but it is overwhelmingly likely that their presence will see an increase in weapons transfers and all types of support to Syria.

This is Russia gently edging the US aside and claiming they can do a better job against the IS group.
This is not Russia confronting the US in the slightest, this is Russia holding the US to their (insincere) word.

Map of Syria with Tartus highlighted.
Map of Syria with Tartus highlighted.

Russian intentions.

Russia appears to see the preservation of the Syrian state as a key goal rather than the Assad leadership. It is possible that Assad and his inner circle have agreed to leave or are planning to leave.
The Russian president Vladimir Putin recently stated that Assad was “open” to snap elections and/or a power sharing agreement.

Putin Says Assad Willing to Share Power With ‘Healthy Opposition’

Syria: EMERCOM plane flies in aid supplies, evacuates foreign and local citizens

So What Are the Russians Really Doing in Syria? | The Vineyard of the Saker

Ending the War.

The Minsk 2 formula could easily be used as a framework for ending the Syrian war. The fact tat the Ukraine government has not stopped shelling the civilians of the Donbass region does not discredit the Minsk formula.

The first step must be for all sides to agree to end offensive operations.. The territorial position must be made static.
Once the sprawling war can be contained, the IS group will have to be evicted.
If the IS group was the only group still fighting in Syria, they would cease to exist as a viable fighting force within weeks.

Once the IS group is evicted, the Syrian state must restore and secure the borders and a comprehensive political solution must be achieved.

The areas under rebel control should be offered similar provisions to those offered Donetsk and Luhansk in the Minsk accords, a deal for local autonomy and fresh elections.
There are many problems with this idea, including the fact that it would leave large areas of Syria under the control of al Nusra front, the al Qaeda Syria affiliate but the only other choice is endless war.

The neatly posed fake dead child on the beach worked a treat!
The neatly posed fake dead child on the beach worked a treat!

The Refugee Crisis.

The refugee psyop was the latest installment in the disastrous Arab spring concocted by Western intelligence agencies.

Still the posed dead Syrian child on the beach worked a treat with the less critically inclined people of the world who lapped it up gratefully as they do everything they are told.

The idea that the refugees are fleeing Assad is laughable, a fact illustrated by the fact that millions of internally displaced Syrians have moved into safe Government held areas. The population of Latakia province has for example more than doubled over the course of the war from 1.3 to 3 million.

Displaced swell Syria coastal population by 50%: ICRC – Yahoo News

Syria: Thousands attend pro-Assad rally in Latakia

Of course many of the refugees fled from the bombardment of Syrian Military jets, just as many more fled the rampaging jihadists but Syrians have fled by the million into the Syrian Government held areas.

The opposite has happened in rebel held areas, the IS capital in Syria Raqqa has seen it’s population halved since the maniacal Neo-Bolshevik militants seized the town, from 200 to fewer than 100 thousand.

The refugees deserve assistance and respect but the idea that you reward the people who are willing and able to bribe their way from the dismal refugee camps while those who cannot are left to rot is an absolute joke.

The refugee psyop is also being used to tear down the last strands of independence and sovereignty in Europe.

Refugee orders are coming directly to the nation states as edicts from the EU.

EU: Compulsory quotas needed to relocate refugees – Al Jazeera English

Murdoch's maggots are addicted to lies and war.Advocating mass murder is their raison d'etre and I hope they burn in hell.
Murdoch’s maggots are addicted to lies and war. Advocating mass murder is their raison d’etre.

The Syrian war has been an immense disaster and the only real solution to the refugee crisis is to end the war.

The solution to the crisis is to end the war in Syria. The millions of people in the refugee camps of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are never all going to be able to live in the West. The idea that upping refugee intakes slightly solves the problem is absolute rubbish.

The posturing of leaders such as David Cameron, who almost never mentions Libya these days is utterly nauseating.

Isis and Assad must both be defeated by ‘hard military force’ – David Cameron signals UK is close to bombing Syria – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

“President Assad and Isis must both be defeated by “hard military force,” David Cameron has said in his strongest signal yet that Britain will soon bomb Syria.”
“We can do all we can as the moral, humanitarian nation at taking people and spending money on aid and helping in refugee camps,” Mr Cameron told MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions.
“But we have to be part of the international alliance that says we need an approach in Syria which will mean we have a government that can look after its people.
“Assad has to go, Isil has to go and some of that will require not just spending money, not just aid, not just diplomacy, but it will on occasion require hard military force.”

The very idea that these bloodthirsty vultures of the West think they can pose as the guardians of human rights even as the bleeding continues from the last campaign of “humanitarian bombing” in Libya is almost beyond belief .

Cameron and the rest of the “Bankers little helpers” are an unambiguous force for evil in the world and appear to be proud of their role.

The forces of darkness and evil are clearly desperate and it can only be hoped that Cameron and the rest of the War party are never allowed to destroy another nation with their sickening lies and pitiful sophistry and that these snakes return as soon as possible to the abyss from which they emanate.

So What Are the Russians Really Doing in Syria? | The Vineyard of the Saker

Russia sends military experts, equipment to Syria

*The Battle for Stalingrad is widely perceived as the turning point in the European segment of the Second World War. After more than a years fighting in the city a German Army of hundreds of thousands surrendered to the Soviet forces after being cut off from supplies and running out of food and ammunition. People still like to tell the story of Napoleon’s Army in Russia being forced to eat their dead horses in the winter snow lest they starve.
In Stalingrad the situation was so desperate that the German soldiers were eating their dead comrades after they starved or froze to death.

Top 10 Facts About the Battle of Stalingrad – Listverse

Slowly starving to death, they resorted to slaughtering the 10,000 horses they had brought to the battle as a source of food. The Germans also had another problem to contend with, the cold, ill equipped for winter warfare as Hitler had arrogantly thought the battle would be over by the winter, the Germans now had to face temperatures of minus 30 degrees celsius (for comparison the temperature in your freezer is about minus 18 to 19 degrees celsius). Too weak to attempt the breakout that Hitler ordered too late, those who hadn’t been killed or starved, simply froze to death.

Therefore if Putin promised Erdogan “a new Stalingrad in Northern Syria as was reported he presumably meant more than simply sending Syria more and better weapons.

200,000 Deaths since West Ignored Russian Offer to End Syrian War.

Destruction in Aleppo late 2012.
Destruction in Aleppo late 2012.

September 19th, 2015.

More than 200 Thousand people are dead due to Western arrogance over Syria in 2012.

A highly credible source has told the UK Guardian that Russia offered to exile Syrian President Bashar al Assad and end the Syrian War in 2012 when the death toll from the war was less than 10,000 people.

The current estimates start at 220,000 deaths.

Martti Ahtisaari,_
Martti Ahtisaari,_

The former Finnish President and UN Official Martti Ahtisaari claims that in February 2012 Russia made an offer to the US to exile Assad and end the war.

West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’ | World news | The Guardian

Former President Ahtisaari describes a meeting st the UN with Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

“He said three things: One – we should not give arms to the opposition.

Two – we should get a dialogue going between the opposition and Assad straight away.

Three – we should find an elegant way for Assad to step aside.”

Vitaly Churkin.
Vitaly Churkin.

Questioned as to whether there may have been some misunderstanding or whether Churkin had been speaking off the cuff Ahtisaari remarked

“There was no question because I went back and asked him a second time,” he said, noting that Churkin had just returned from a trip to Moscow and there seemed little doubt he was raising the proposal on behalf of the Kremlin.
Ahtisaari said he passed on the message to the American, British and French missions at the UN, but he said:

“Nothing happened because I think all these, and many others, were convinced that Assad would be thrown out of office in a few weeks so there was no need to do anything.”

West ‘ignored Russian offer in 2012 to have Syria’s Assad step aside’ | World news | The Guardian

Western Diplomats responded in a variety of ways to the Guardian’s inquiries. One stated frankly that

“At the time, the west was fixated on Assad leaving. As if that was the beginning and the end of the strategy and then all else would fall into place …”

Except he didn’t and it didn’t. Instead hundreds of thousands of people died and millions were displaced.

Others claimed that the offer was not concrete as it did not come from Vladimir Putin and was not specific enough.

This are valid observations but they only highlight the fact that if the Western leadership was motivated in the slightest by concern for the Syria people they would have sought confirmation that the Russians were serious and could deliver on the specifics of the deal.

Instead they simply stood back and watched Syria burn at the hands of al Nusra, ISIL and the others. Now they expect to be patted on the back for taking in a few thousand of the millions their hubris and arrogance and wickedness caused to be displaced.

As Mr. Ahtisaari told the Guardian

“We should have prevented this from happening because this is a self-made disaster, this flow of refugees to our countries in Europe,” Ahtisaari said. “I don’t see any other option but to take good care of these poor people … We are paying the bills we have caused ourselves.”

Aftermath of a triple suicide bombing attack in Aleppo, late 2012. (source)
Aftermath of a triple suicide bombing attack in Aleppo, late 2012. (source)

Darker Motives.

When the West says that it wants to remove the dictator, it lies.What the West actually wants is to destroy “enemy states” using the childish evil dictator narrative to justify their crimes.

This is part of the long-term Israeli strategy of fomenting strife among neighboring states in order to protect Israel from any and all rivals in the region described by Oded Yinon in 1982.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.pdf

That’s probably why the West had zero interest in the Russian offer Churkin delivered, to end the war with only 7.500 deaths and the state almost completely intact would not achieve their goal.

The next time you are watching the controlled Western media and they try to lament the plight of the refugees, remember that they chose not to even mention the Guardian story. They are the cheerleaders of war and the enemy of the truth and of humanity.

The Western media have a very special recent history of advocating the mass murder of Muslims and Arabs.This is presumably connected to the fact that Zionists own almost the entire major Western media.

Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do? – Mondoweiss

Who runs Hollywood? C’mon – latimes

‘It Is Our Soul’: The Destruction of Aleppo, Syria’s Oldest City : Information Clearing House

Syria – Aleppo Destroyed

the Truth about Syria from Putin.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin.

September 17th, 2015.

Putin Speaks the Truth

“We need to put aside Geopolitical ambitions, abandon double standards. The policy of using terrorist groups in order to achieve certain purposes, including the overthrow of unwanted regimes.”

“We support and continue to support the Syrian Government in it’s fight against terror. It is impossible to drive the Islamic State out of the country and out of the region without the support of the Syrian Government and Syrian military.”

“Refugees from Syria are fleeing a war imposed from outside. Without Russia’s support for Syria, the flow of refugees would have been bigger and the situation would have been worse than in Libya.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dushanbe, September 2015.

A Bankrupt Narrative has been exposed.

Beyond the fantasy parallel universe of the Western media. The world is changing. The game is up. The essential bankruptcy and hypocrisy and the destructiveness of the West throughout the Global War on Terror/Arab Spring era has been exposed.
They have destroyed Libya and Iraq, Afghanistan has not improved and yet they believe they can still pretend to be the good guys representing enlightenment and freedom.

Actions are everything, and the facts on the ground indisputably show that the West has been destroying nations in the Middle East and murdering millions in the process over the past fifteen years.

All seemingly in concert with Israel’s stated ambition to fragment the surrounding Arab states as elucidated by Oded Yinon in 1982.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.pdf

The Real Death Cult.
ISIL have been described as a death cult, and there is an element of truth to this but ISIL are a puny and poorly armed group and the real death cult is the Western cult of lies and delusion that refuses to recognise the simple reality of what has happened in Libya and Iraq and now demand the right to destroy Syria also.

All in the name of human rights of course. The human rights of people who will be at best completely forgotten as soon as the mission of regime change is achieved.

‘We need to abandon double standards to combat ISIS’ – Putin

The State Department refuse to accept the consequences of their actions.

The extent to which reality is edited is astonishing. Libya is a failed state. Libya was destroyed by the West, by people who claimed to want to help the people of the nation.

These very same people somehow magically disappeared entirely from the Western consciousness the moment the UN resolution required to destroy the state was achieved.

During the most recent US State Department briefing the currently anointed drone John Kirby refused to answer when asked whether Libya had improved since the Western regime change operation, offering the laughable “I refuse to dignify that with a response,”

Always a telltale sign that the spin event is not running smoothly.

Prior to that Spokesman actually tried to claim that Iraq has been improved by the criminal US coalition invasion that led to a minimum extra 1.3 million deaths and has left Iraq with three separate governments a genuinely sectarian conflict and the third largest city Mosul in the hands of the IS group who are far stronger in Iraq than Syria where the largest city they control is Raqqa a quarter the size of Mosul.

All in all the State Department over the past several years have exposed themselves as a key agent of International destabilisation.
They are the authors of the Ukraine coup and thus bear significant responsibility for the Donbass war.

The State Department was also at the forefront of the Libya operation that led to the nation’s destruction.

There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of people who are dead who would not be dead if the people at the State Department had simply stayed away from work over the past four years and still they posture as if none of it had even happened.

It will not wash anymore and they are going to have to do a lot better than “I refuse to dignify that question with a response” in order to begin to redeem themselves or the tattered credibility of the institutions they represent and that their response to the Russian moves in Syria has so cruelly exposed.

It is comedy hour when they pretend they have the right to determine who supports the Government of Syria by what means. Russia has now shown the IS operation up as the half-hearted, Machiavellian farce that it has been from day one.

Blame Assad: The world according to US State Dept

Daily Press Briefing – September 15, 2015

Nuland trolls RT, calls MSM ‘dynamic truthful opinion’

The “International Community” Comedy.

Following the Crimea annexation and the outbreak of the Donbass war, Russia was supposed to be isolated, despised. The Western media still try to refer to Russian “international isolation” yet it is clear that this is nonsense.

Russia’s Growing Isolation | The Diplomat

When Russia was supposed to be at the height of their isolation in May 2014, Russia signed the 30 year, hundreds of Billions of dollars oil and gas deal with China.

The spell was broken, the myth was exposed.

When the Western media refer to the “international community” this simply means the US and whatever current set of lackeys it has deployed.
Sometimes the “International community” represents as few as three or four nations as was the case with the Iraq invasion.
It was not France, Germany or Russia who were isolated when it came to the invasion of Iraq. It was the US, Britain Australia and Poland who were outnumbered by more than 180 dissenting states

Moscow’s Moves in Syria: 5 Messages Russia Is Sending to the World | The National Interest Blog

Full Text of Vladimir Putin’s Dushanbe speech from here via here.

“I mentioned the situation in Syria and Iraq; they are the same as the situation in Afghanistan, in that they worry all of us. Please allow me to say a few words on the situation in this region, the situation around Syria.
The state of affairs there is very serious. The so-called Islamic State controls significant stretches of territory in Iraq and Syria. Terrorists are already publicly stating that they have targets set on Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Their plans include expanding activities to Europe, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia.
We are concerned by this, especially since militants undergoing ideological indoctrinations and military training by ISIS come from many nations around the world – including, unfortunately, European nations, the Russian Federation, and many former Soviet republics. And, of course, we are concerned by their possible return to our territories.
Basic common sense and a sense of responsibility for global and regional security require the international community to join forces against this threat. We need to set aside geopolitical ambitions, leave behind so-called double standards and the policy of direct or indirect use of individual terrorist groups to achieve one’s own opportunistic goals, including changes in undesirable governments and regimes.
As you know, Russia has proposed rapidly forming a broad coalition to counteract the extremists. It must unite everyone who is prepared to make, or is already making, an input into fighting terrorism, just as Iraq and Syria’s armed forces are doing today. We support the Syrian government – I want to say this – in countering terrorist aggression. We provide and will continue to provide the necessary military technology assistance and urge other nations to join in.
Clearly, without active participation by the Syrian authorities and military, without participation by the Syrian army, as the soldiers fighting with the Islamic State say, you cannot expel terrorists from this nation, as well as the region overall, it is impossible to protect the multi-ethnic and multi-faith people of Syria from elimination, enslavement and barbarism.
Of course, it is imperative to think about the political changes in Syria. And we know that President Assad is ready to involve the moderate segment of the opposition, the healthy opposition forces in these processes, in managing the state. But the need to join forces in the fight against terrorism is certainly at the forefront today. Without this, it is impossible to resolve the other urgent and growing problems, including the problem of refugees we are seeing now.
Incidentally, we are seeing something else: we are currently seeing attempts to practically put the blame on Russia for this problem, for its occurrence. As if the refugee problem grew because Russia supports the legitimate government in Syria.
First of all, I would like to note that the people of Syria are, first and foremost, fleeing the fighting, which is mostly due to external factors as a result of supplies of arms and other specialized equipment. People are feeling the atrocities of the terrorists. We know that they are committing atrocities there, that they are sacrificing people, destroying cultural monuments as I already mentioned, and so on. They are fleeing the radicals, first and foremost. And if Russia had not supported Syria, the situation in that nation would have been even worse than in Libya, and the flow of refugees would be even greater.
Second, the support of the legitimate government in Syria is not in any way related to the flow of refugees from nations like Libya, which I already mentioned, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and many others. We were not the ones that destabilised the situation in those nations, in whole regions of the world. We did not destroy government institutions there, creating power vacuums that were immediately filled by terrorists. So nobody can say that we were the cause of this problem.
But right now, as I said, we need to focus on joining forces between the Syrian government, the Kurdish militia, the so-called moderate opposition, and nations in the region to fight the threat against Syria’s very statehood and the fight against terrorism – so that together, with our efforts combined, we can solve this problem.
I already spoke about the other issues that currently concern us, which we discussed today. In this respect, I would like to note that we plan to continue strengthening cooperation between our armed forces. We plan a whole set of activities in this area. I would like to also stress that our cooperation within the CSTO framework is certainly not directed against anybody. We are open to constructive cooperation, and that is precisely the approach that is reinforced in the final statement that will be signed today.
I am certain that we must resume concrete discussions on creating Euro-Atlantic systems for equitable and indivisible security; we need to carry out a full inventory of existing problems and disagreements. This analysis can be used to achieve a discussion of the principles of sustainable political development. The OSCE and other international organisations can be used to agree on legally binding guarantees concerning the indivisibility of security for all nations, achieve observance of important fundamental principles of international law (respecting the sovereignty of states, not meddling in their domestic affairs), and strengthen regulations on the inadmissibility of appeasing anti-state, anti-constitutional coups and the promotion of radical and extremist forces.”

Australian PM Falls to Party Coup

The new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,
The new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

September 14th, 2015.

Malcolm Turnbull seizes power in Parliamentary coup.

“Catastrophic” Premier Tony Abbott ousted by party colleagues.

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been ousted by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull in an internal party coup.

Turnbull defeated Abbott  54 votes to 44 in the internal Liberal Parliamentary Party poll.

Turnbull a former Barrister and Merchant Banker from Sydney who led the failed Australian Repulican movement of the 1990s has one enormous thing going for him.

He is not Tony Abbott.

The two years of Tony Abbott’s leadership were a twilit nightmare of lies, fear and xenophobia.

The performance in the Australian Parliament on July 18th, 2014 cannot be viewed as anything other than an attempt to help start World War 3 on behalf of god knows who.

Abbott deserves to be remembered with opprobrium and disgust on that basis of that single cynical, evil performance alone.

Australian minister Turnbull announces leadership challenge to PM

Australia gets new PM as Abbott loses out to rival Turnbull

Prime Minister Abbott shows his character in the Australian parliament, July 18th, 2014.
MH17 ‘looks less like an accident than a crime’

MH-17: The Untold Story

You’re Done Pal! (September Challenge Update)

The haunted look of the doomed. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott feels the stress this week.
The haunted look of the doomed. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott feels the stress this week.

September 14th, 2015.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”mate”.

It is overwhelmingly likely that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s political career is over after Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull announced he will challenge Abbott for the Leadership of the Australian Liberal Party and the Prime Minister position in the coming days.

Deputy Prime Minster Julie Bishop visited the Prime Minister today and indicated that there has been a loss of confidence and it is over for him in her view.

Turnbull has resigned from Cabinet and asked for a ballot, Abbott can deny him but the mechanics of the situation are irrelevant. The successor is almost irrelevant. The underlying truth of the situation is that it is over, in the hours sincethe  Turnbull bombshell, and the Bishop visit not  a word of support has come from a single minister.

It has been clear since February that the Conservative Coalition Government of Australia were facing defeat with Abbott at the helm. It has only been a matter of time for a long time.

It is unclear whether Turnbull will succeed in defeating Abbott but it is now clear that Abbott will be replaced in the near future, his position has been untenable for some time and now it is over for the execrable Abbott.

Pejoratives struggle to do justice to the cretinous and despicable Abbott persona.

A disgrace, an embarrassment, Abbott’s leadership has been marked by laughable incompetence and total moral degradation.

Within 12 hours of the MH17 tragedy Abbott claimed that Novorussian rebels shot the plane down intentionally. Abbott told these disgusting lies in the Australian parliament.

Not one member of the cowardly and worthless Australian media have ever questioned  a word of it.  That;s not really within their brief at this stage.

They have cooking and talent shows to make. They are busy.

It is worth remembering that in the weeks following the MH17 tragedy Abbott floated the idea of sending Armed Australian police into the Donbass region.

At times he made even Stephen Harper look dignified and intelligent. Al least by comparison.

Abbott was so wretched and low that he claimed that IS “are coming to get you, all of you” and proceeded to recommend regime change in Syria.

Abbott was an empty vessel, a used car salesman from the depths of hell selling lies and fear and spreading ignorance and evil.

This was a man willing to stoop to literally any level to satisfy the demands of his Murdoch handlers.

If Abbott is not remembered as the worst ever Australian Prime Minister, it will simply be because he is too minor a figure to even bother remembering.. The man was simply a nothing on every  level other than evil, where he was a hard working mediocrity.

The leadership ballot will be held tonight. The result is irrelevant, it is all over now for our dirty little man and the destruction of this evil clown is a joy to behold.

The Liberal Party room meeting is reported to start at 9.15 pm in Eastern Australia.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has come out in support of the Prime Minister. He is likely roadkill at this stage.

In recent weeks Abbott loyalist and Minister for Immigration peter Dutton claimed that the ABC and fFairfax were conducting a campaign against the Abbott Government. The ABC’s four television stations all fell off the air this afternoon for at least half an hour.

Scheduled repairs always take place late at night.

Australian minister Turnbull announces leadership challenge to PM

February 7th 2015.

The political career of the Conservative Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is effectively over fewer than 18 months after winning a resounding victory in the Australian Federal Election of September 2013. Abbott’s demise is now certain, as the media have turned on him completely to an extent that is almost suspicious.
Abbott’s personal decision to Knight the Queen’s husband as part of the Australia Day honours was seen as the last straw for his leadership within the Conservative coalition. Numerous prominent figures within the Coalition have expressed their loss of confidence in Abbott’s leadership in recent weeks and he is now the “wounded bull” forced to spend all day every day trying to assuage doubts about his position. Constantly questioned by the media about his future and his shortcomings as leader. He cannot get a moment of “clear air” and it will remain this way until his ultimate political demise, whether at the Tuesday, February 10th Coalition party meeting or in the succeeding months.
Abbott has made little impact as Prime Minister. His main strength has been his incompetence which caused him to be unable to implement his bizarre and incoherent policies.
From a rhetorical point of view the Abbott leadership has been marked by numerous unseemly lows. We had the “Team Australia” nonsense, the utterly ridiculous declarations regarding Scottish independence . The disgusting claim on 18th July, 2014, less than 24 hours after the incident. that the Novorussian rebels had deliberately destroyed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in a terrorist attack, an entirely sinister and incorrect statement. A statement that has proven completely contrary to the facts. A statement that in time will shame the nation. I especially enjoyed the statement that “all Australians support the Ukraine Armed Forces” in their catastrophic and murderous Eastern campaign.
“The government and, I believe, the Australian people, would like to repay Ukraine for its support and friendship, especially as Ukraine continues to be subject to active destabilisation and indeed outright invasion from Russia, a country it has never, ever sought to harm,” he said.” He has also preached austerity whilst expending tens of millions of dollars on the farcical “search” for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

In happier times, Abbott meets his unforeseen nemesis,
In happier times, Abbott meets his unforeseen future nemesis.

The decision to Knight the Duke was weird but so was the whole decision to restore the system of Imperial style honours after a 30 year gap. But it was harmless and had no negative impact on peoples lives and overall I am confused as to why the Abbott government has been destabilised and why the media have taken the clear strategic decision to destroy Abbott’s career and this new Conservative Government. Interestingly another power struggle is currently under way at the very top of the New South Wales police force and it is hard to avoid the suspicion that there are unspoken reasons behind these power struggles.

Malcolm Turnbull, possible successor.
Malcolm Turnbull, possible successor.

Abbott is expected to be replaced by the Liberal Oligarch, former Barrister and Merchant Banker Malcolm Turnbull, politically Clintonesque but never popular in the electorate. A fact that is generally ascribed to the combination of wealth and arrogance. Turnbull was the head of Australia’s disastrous Republican movement, Abbott on the other hand is an arch Monarchist. Both attended Oxford University. Turnbull won a conspicuous victory over the British establishment as a Barrister in the 1980s, successfully representing the former British Intelligence Officer Peter Wright in his bid to publish the book Spy-catcher, a somewhat unflattering portrayal of the operations of MI5, the domestic British intelligence agency.

The Abbott government lists as it’s achievements the abolition of the Mining Tax on Oligarchs and the maintenance of brutal prison camps for refugees in Papua New Guinea. The Government’s politically disastrous first Budget will presumably be accorded the primary blame for the Prime Minister’s political downfall.
Although the comparatively warm and intelligent Turnbull is the front runner to replace Abbott, there are other possibilities.
One is the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, another is the Cheneyesque Scott Morrison. It appears that Abbott still retains a reasonable degree of support from Right wing elements of the Coalition, but should they realise that Abbott is doomed, they may choose to try and insert anyone other than the unacceptably liberal Turnbull.

Sunday, February 8th. Brief Update.

The Coalition Vote on the Leadership spill was brought forward to Monday the 9th today. Interviews with supposed Sydney siege hostages were broadcast on Channel 7 tonight and in the course of the interviews it was made crystal clear that the false narrative that has been created was specifically crafted to discredit Prime Minister Abbott. I refer specifically to the Marcia Mikhael interview during which Mikhael related that she was told that the Prime Minister would not talk to the hostage taker as he demanded, because the Prime Minister “is a busy man.” This is a most silly and sinister story. It is unbelievably silly because we are expected to believe that a politician would ignore the chance at glory provided by causing hostages to be freed. It thus appears clear that the removal of PM Abbott is part of a large and well orchestrated plot. The identities and motives of the plotters however remain obscure.

Prime Minister Abbott shows his character in the Australian parliament, July 18th, 2014.
MH17 ‘looks less like an accident than a crime’

MH-17: The Untold Story

MH17 crash: Russia furious at ‘unacceptable’ Tony Abbott comments

US intelligence report confirms pro-Russian separatists shot down Malaysia Airlines plane
Spot the difference in the actual article:”The US official cautioned that the assessment is not final and that US analysts are still investigating.” But it was CONFIRMED in your headline! No qualifier whatsoever! This is the supposed “opposition” to the maniacal Murdoch. (Story was written by Michael Birnbaum and Anthony Faiola of the Washington Post) Later we get it from US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, an individual with an extensive recent history of brazen lies, most notably the war mongering whopper that the United States “knew” that the Syrian Government were responsible for the August 2013 al Ghouta False Flag, a lie exposed thoroughly and in detail by Seymour Hersh here.
Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels · LRB 17 April 2014
The inside story of how the Liberal leadership duo of Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop cracked

Supporters say Malcolm Turnbull will run against Tony Abbott for Liberal Party leader if spill motion succeeds

SPYCATCHER – Spycatcher.pdf

Click to access Spycatcher.pdf

Tony Abbott comes out fighting as leadership crisis heats up

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Federal Budget 2014: $89.9m set aside for MH370 search

911 Videos.

September 13th, 2015.

(Many thanks to truth1now for input into this piece)

truth1now’s website:

New York.

Terrorists arrested in the New York area.

Final Word on 911

So, You Want to Know the Truth About 9/11?

Mapping Fort Lee, the Truth Behind 9/11

The Buildings Were Blown Up Before the Plane Arrived 100%.

911: Three Audiotapes Indicate Bomb Before Plane

9/11 CLEAR bomb going off in WTC BEFORE first plane EVER hit

World Trade Center 7 Makes It Simple.

Compiled Footage of Building 7’s Collapse

SEE FLASHES & CUTS! WTC-7. Enough is enough!

WTC-7 Implosion from RDX Explosives (Black Marks) Used on 11 September 2001

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

Twin Towers.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11

9/11. FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9 11 Commission Lies

WTC Demolition Flashes on VIDEO

9/11: Stabilized WTC2 (E. Fairbanks, NIST FOIA, Version 2)

911: Massive Blasts Audible Inside North Tower as South Tower is Destroyed

North Tower Exploding

9/11 North Tower Demolition – 10.5 Seconds (West Face Zoom And Slow PIP)

This is one of the most important documents of September 11th, the commentary from the videographer is largely forgettable but the analysis of the explosions both the using audio and visual analysis, is amazing.

9/11 Eyewitness rare unfiltered / unaltered amateur footage | What was NOT shown on TV

9/11 Eyewitness is especially important as it proves that the buildings were being blown up throughout the morning, climaxing with a series of massive explosions at the time the Towers were demolished.

Every diversion was exploited, so as the second plane flew in and struck the South Tower, the first tower was being blown up.

9/11~WTC 1 Explosion Shakes Camera Before 2nd Plane Hits WTC 2

911, FDNY – It was a Military Plane that hit the WTC – Updated

100% WTC Drone Strike Plane PROOF (Many Witnesses)


One of the saddest things about the fact that the 911 lie succeeded is that it proved that the on paper most well educated people who ever lived were completely scientifically illiterate.

All that is required to destroy the Official 911 story is a very rudimentary understanding of the Laws of Physics.

Epic Reason why 9/11 was an inside job: High Temperatures

9/11 NIST Banned Videos: Flowing Lava and Thermite Reactions

Surreal Pictures Inside WTC 6 Destroys 9/11 Cover Story For Ever !


Because the event in New York was so thoroughly documented by comparison the Pentagon attack tends to be somewhat neglected and many aspects of what happened in the Pentagon remain a mystery.

Hotel CCTV Video of 9 11 Pentagon Explosion

It is absolutely clear that the Pentagon was not struck by a Boeing 757 and the story of a Boeing Jet striking almost at ground level traveling at 500+moh is simply impossible.

Secret 757 test failure, 240 MPH Maximum Speed

It is also clear that whether the Pentagon was struck by any flying object at all or not, the Pentagon was, like the World Trade Center complex in New York, attacked with emplaced explosives. The blasts can be seen and heard, but beyond that the attack is actually very confusing.

9/11 Pentagon Video Taped Explosions

The best work regarding the events at the Pentagon on September 11th that I have found is  the work of Barbara Honegger, a former Reagan Administration official.

9-11 The Pentagon The Evidence & Conspiracy – Barbara Honegger Pdx 911 Tr

Flight 93 and Pennsylvania

Cee cee lyles its a frame

9/11 Flight 93 – The Watering Hole

Leads and Conclusions.

9/11 Mexico News Frames Up El Palestinios By 924am

Other than the part about the Pentagon, which is absolutely disastrous, this is one of the most underrated and neglected 911 films I have seen. There is a lot of strong original work here regarding the bombing of New York.

911 and War by Deception

The Proven 9/11 Foreknowledge of Israel’s Agents

9/11 World Trade Center Dancing Israeli Art Students 9 11 Gelatin The B Thing

The interview with Alan Sabrosky is one of the most powerful things I have seen. I disagree however that ordinary ISraeli should be punished for the crimes of their leaders committed without their knowledge and consent. Sabrosky’s logic that the US should simply destroy Israel because of the crimes of the dreadful few, is akin to the logic that saw Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo annihilated towards the end of the Second World War.

The citizens of Israel do not deserve to be punished for the crimes of their leaders any more than the Germans and Japanese citizens deserved it.

It is obvious 70 years later that none of these people deserved to be firebombed due to their criminal leadership and so the same is surely true of Israel today.

**MUST WATCH** Israel Did 9-11 Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT

Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World

911- the Crime that Will End the Empire

God Save The Queen.

God Save The Queen

September 12th, 2015.

God Save The Queen.

This week Elizabeth Regina became Britain’s longest ruling monarch.

The controlled media celebrated this although Elizabeth Regina has never achieved anything nor even attempted to do so.

Elizabeth Regina has been the Queen of Australia for more than half of Australia’s history as an independent state. The Monarchy is an inherently unjust and immoral institution and the truth of this can be easily assessed by simply viewing the hideous and hate filled society that is modern Britain.

Elizabeth Regina is reaching the end of her feted life yet she has not achieved or contributed anything during her life and neither has her pitiful and well “beyond mediocre” son.

The idea that these people are to be admired is an absolute travesty.

The level of stupidity is equivalent to the worship of the badge that sits at the front of a car.

These people are simply nothings. To offer a single positive word about any of them for even a second is a powerful indication that the person involved is mentally dead.