Russia Starts Airstrikes in Syria.

Russian Airstrike targets militant underground complex, October 2015.

September 30th, 2015.

“As for media reports claiming that the civilian population is suffering, we are prepared for such information attacks. The first reports about civilian casualties emerged even before our planes got in the air,”  Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian Airstrikes Begin in Syria.

It is now being reported that Russian fighter jets have begun to attack anti Government militants in Syria.

The Ram Z video is accompanied by this description.

“On 9-30-15, Russian Airstrikes have begun targeting Jihadist in Northern Hama & Homs mostly in Talbisah and Rastan.”

The BBC story also mentions opposition controlled parts of Hama province.

Syria crisis: Russia begins air strikes against Assad foes – BBC News

The BBC also claim that the United States was informed of the Russian operation beforehand.

The Guardian report that Israel was also informed of the operation beforehand.

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria areas ‘belonging to terrorists’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

“An hour before the first strikes Russia contacted Yossi Cohen, the national security adviser to Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to warn Russian jets would be bombing targets in Syria. The warning falls in accordance with a ‘deconfliction’ agreement between the Kremlin and Netanyahu, meant to avoid clashes.”

AFP report that at least nine sites were targeted.

Source tells @AFP areas in #Syria hit by #Russia: Homs: Talbisseh, Rastan; Hama: Latamneh, Kafr Zita; Latakia: Jabal Zweid, Ghmam, Deir Hana

It is being reported that the strikes resulted in 24 deaths there are no details currently as to whether there were civilian casualties.

Reuters are reporting the Russian Defence Ministry as stating that they conducted 20 airstrikes in Syria. They describe the targets as “military equipment, communication facilities, arms depots, ammunition and fuel belonging to Islamic State.”

Russia begins Syria air strikes as war enters volatile new phase | Reuters

It is also being reported that the attack targeted a branch of the Free Syrian Army that had been supplied with TOW anti tank rockets by the US.

This may be propaganda but it does fit with the known facts.

Russia begins airstrikes in Syria areas ‘belonging to terrorists’ – live updates | World news | The Guardian

“The Free Syrian Army, a rebel group backed by foreign enemies of Assad, has been struck by Russian air strikes in north-west Syria, according to Reuters.
The group’s commander said eight fighters were wounded in the countryside of Hama province, where the group has a headquarters.
“The northern countryside of Hama has no presence of ISIS at all and is under the control of the Free Syrian Army,” Major Jamil al-Saleh, who defected from the Syrian army in 2012, told Reuters via telephone.
Saleh said his group had been supplied with advanced anti-tank missiles by foreign powers opposed to Assad.”

US Cooperation?

Thierry Meyssan has been a credible source on this story and it is extremely likely that his claim that the US agreed to this course of events at least five weeks ago is correct, although it seems doubtful that the US would have agreed to their Free Syrian Army proxies with their TOW missiles being targeted if that has actually happened.

The Free Syrian Army exists mostly as a front to enable the US to supply weapons to al Nusra and other jihadists fighting in Syria.

The Free Syrian Army largely evaporated after the capitulation of Qusayr in May 2013.

But they exist these days to act as intermediaries between the US and al Nusra and ISIL providing the much desired “plausible deniability” that the US is arming terror groups.

The entire notion of moderate rebels is something of a joke as “moderates” do not generally try to overthrow their government by the use of armed force. They choose other methods.

It is likely that an initial goal of the Russian strikes would be to remove the TOW missiles and enable Syrian tanks to survive on the battlefield. That is why I do not dismiss this story, the TOW’s would be an item the Russians would like to target for military and military-political reasons.

It almost seems as though something really bad is going to happen in Russia because the Western elite, so accustomed to winning every argument and always getting their way, are suddenly facing defeat after defeat. Russia always seems to be involved.

Historically this group respond to unwelcome challenges with extreme violence. If a frontal approach is not possible a deception is constructed.

They have met their nemesis but will they accept this or do something drastic to change the situation?

Sergei Lavrov New York Press Conference.
These events are generally completely dull but this is actually quite exciting.The Western media were given a prolonged polite demolition. One of the more entertaining things is the way the many “Israeli” elements of the media become upset at Lavorv’s deft performance as it unfolds.

Starts at 4:47

LIVE: Lavrov holds press conference following 70th UNGA session (English Audio)

Controlled media  drones  return to their hackneyed mantras.

How do you describe people who spend their lives lying in an attempt to facilitate mass killings over and over again?

Who are able to witness the carnage they have engineered and calmly move onto the next target?

The BBC and their fellow Western media are quite simply the propagandists of genocide.

There are laws against what they have done and continue to do. I hope to see these laws enforced sometime and see the war criminals of the Western media made accountable for their evil deeds but the vital thing is that these evil beings are never allowed to succeed and that no more states are destroyed on the back of their lies and psychopathy

The favoured meme was made absolutely clear by the BBC from the start of their news reports on this topic, Russia is not fighting terrorism they are “propping up a Dictator.”

The BBC followed up their news report making it perfectly clear what they represent with an interview of an individual named David Schenker who was presented as simply a neutral (Western)  observer but who is employed by the Israeli think tank based in the US named WINEP.the Washington Institute for Near East policy, best known in recent years fr Patrick Clawson;s evil and insane “let’s have a war” speech.

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

These are the people the BBC presents as being reasonable commentators on the Syrian war and we are actually expected to believe they are motivated by concern for the well being of the Syrian people when nothing could be further from the truth.

Schenker’s views lack all credibility because as a representative of Israel we can surmise that he wants to see the Syrian state destroyed and all else is sophistry.

It is absolutely nauseating that the BBC would insult it’s audience with the idea that Schenker is a reasonable or impartial observer. If he appeared as an advocate for Israel and Israeli policy goals, fine, but to have someone like that as the sole voice of analysis presented as being a centrist is truly despicable.

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

The Zionist intentions towards Syria have been made perfectly clear both in word by Oded Yinon decades agoand by many deeds, such as the tactical nuclear strike on Syria in May 2013.

Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

Russia versus Israel?

The Daily Beast articulated Israel’s position and concerns perfectly recently. Something that should be expected from such an obvious and laughable CIA/ Mossad front, but that is a churlish observation.

Putin’s New Axis of Resistance: Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah – The Daily Beast

The actual Russian position is far more nuanced and less romantic and also less threatening to Israel, but clearly they feel that events are not following their desired trajectory and this is just another sign of their enemies being strengthened in a way they find disconcerting and upsetting.

Generally Russia appears to have tried to treat Israel with courtesy and respect, with kid gloves. The Russian Federation has never ever tried to pose as an enemy of Israel or ally of Hezbollah or even Iran.

There is no real evidence that the traditional Russian position of respect and caution towards Israel has changed.

Russia is selling weapons and nuclear plants to Saudi Arabia, they are trying to make deals and friends rather than start big wars against nuclear states such as Israel or take sides with Iran.

There is a tremendous amount of discontent among US allies in the Middle East for a multitude of reasons and this is the context in which Russia is acting.

Russia is attempting to impose itself on the Middle East, not as a member or leader of the Axis of resistance but more as an honest broker and potential security guarantor, for better or worse.

US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists | New Eastern Outlook


Russian Airstrike Hits Idlib Syria

COMBAT CAM: First video of Russian airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

New combat cam footage shows Russian anti-ISIS night-op

Syria: Footage shows Russian airstrikes obliterating IS targets

Russian air force targets ISIL positions in Homs, Hama, Latakia

Aftermath of air strikes in central Syria.

تلبيسة اللحظات الاولى من الغارات من الطيران الروسي واستخراج الشهداء والجرحى من تحت

International Military Review – Syria, Oct. 1, 2015: Studying Russian Military Operation

Russia: IS command post in Jisr al-Shughour destroyed in latest airstrikes – DefMin

Putin: Who created ISIS?

The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria, by Thierry Meyssan

The preparation for Russian military deployment in Syria continues, by Thierry Meyssan

The CSTO arrives in Iraq and Syria, by Thierry Meyssan

There will be no Third World War, by Thierry Meyssan

the Russian Parliament has Approved Military Deployment in Syria | Crimes of Empire

The Russian Military are in Syria (Updated – Russian Jets, Tanks and Troops on the ground in Latakia) | Crimes of Empire

4 thoughts on “Russia Starts Airstrikes in Syria.

  1. So Russia now is bombing and protecting Assad. I never thought removing Assad was a good idea. Nor did I agree with eliminating Gaddafi. In fact, getting rid of Saddam was a disaster, too. But it brought chaos, which was its intended effect. And Of course, US and allies want Assad removed, which remains an excuse to continue conflicts with Russia and maybe China, too. It still looks a lot like a WWIII set up.

    But now the worst part of this whole affair. Lots of bombs and political instability is also going to mean a huge loss of lives, many of which are relatively innocent. And that, no one cares about. Their only concern at any time is politics and power. They remind me so much of these SATANIC cults who have no regard for small innocent, helpless & dependent children. No doubt, the devil is quite pleased with all this blood shed. And so are his followers.

    Its not that I would not subscribe to all bloodshed. I would not mind seeing a bunch of Satan worshipers being eliminated, but sadly, that is not going to happen. In fact, it will be the opposite where many well-intentioned people will be persecute and/or killed. We are a species that has lost our minds, despite the possession of an intellect for reflection. I guess that makes us all animals. what a waste of something with such great potential.

    • A great summation of what has happened truth1now, I must confess that i was still totally brainwashed hanging onto every single BBC lie at the time of the Libya attack. What fools we were. You are absolutely correct that a lot more people are going to die in Syria and Iraq and this is on one level, simply more tragedy. Experience has taught us that the destruction of the state will lead to perpetual war and suffering as in Somalia and Afghanistan.
      If the Syrian state can be preserved AND a political deal to end the war can be made, there is some chance that this nightmare for the people of Syria at least may begin to recede as a result of Russia finally squashing the dream of regime change that has sustained the war and motivated all the external support for the like of al Nusra and IS. There is a great quote at the end of your comment “We are a species that has lost our minds, despite the possession of an intellect for reflection. I guess that makes us all animals. what a waste of something with such great potential.” and I could not agree more except that hope remains while people still notice how far we have strayed from the correct path. Many thanks for comment.

  2. Strange days. Corbyn trounced in all portrayals, his colleagues whimpering concern, pushed by smug media, flabbergasted; can-you-arthur-and-eve-it, “he wouldn’t push the button”.

    The moral imperative to never personally launch a nuclear weapon if he was P.M. A life-time held belief that they’re immoral and anyway an ineffective deterrent. UK headline news was hard-line, shocked, this is one dangerous man who ‘puts his personal opinion above the safety of his country’. As for his call to debate the ever-more billions on upgrades, the commentators could hardly hide the simpering glee that ‘his’ party would rather squash that little number and be strong, tough and able to smash em…

    A few years ago Mr Jones interviewed someone who reported on an insider top-top briefing, that insisted the US could ‘take’ a hit or two. This was around the Israel attack Iran height. Frightening as it gets. This neo-conned, supposedly uber-intelligent, senior adviser, appeared to genuinely sell this brief (the wonders of coke and mania eh?). Embraced by those with responsibilities that this is a calm and reasoned probability.

    Joel Skousan has a view this will happen in coordination with a staged China and the US conflict. The Globalists with way-far superior hidden-tech, finally brought out, ready to threaten any Russia/China pack to beat/become the bosses. One look or zap to deter or destroy their one perceived opposition. At the time Joel was dampening down the calls of imminent WWIII, which in his view was about 7-10 years away.

    I’m with the ‘nuclear war has no winner brigade. ( )

    More weapons, more risk. More technology, doesn’t make humans more capable. All it leaves them is one button away from the computer’s complete control. Their post-bunkers, bonkers, merging tech-bod dream, is fraught with failure. Talk about strengths overdone becoming weaknesses. Dr Strangelove our crying parable.

    Today the verbal seemed to be above posturing and back-door partial cooperation. The Russian offensive in Syria should make everyone consider ‘the bomb’ and the informed (aka awake) shout and/or pray – do something, do more, tip that point.

    Putin’s paradox (or am I misinformed?), Russia on its financial knees, America needs their help. And haven’t they all got, any and all terrorists, satellite mapped? We’re always looking for some good in the bad. Someone in charge, see somebody who cares. A brave lad (21 years old), in Saudi, about to get chopped (crucified afterwards/have to send a message), speaks like the men and women, would that we are, and stares death with life.

    A rare – these days – listen to Alex Jones this week. Caught the right few minutes. Friday’s show, first forty. He had the word: ‘I… AM free… dead already… and ALIVE’.


    • Many thanks Mark, you cover a lot of ground there. Corbyn is right about Trident but his insipid style will struggle to convince the sceptics. The impending Saudi execution is very upsetting. A disgrace and as far as Nuclear weapons and warfare goes, I agree with you but the danger may have changed somewhat from nuclear weapons that could never sanely be used to nuclear weapons that are far smaller, leave less radiation fallout and are being used over the past several decades. This attack is one of the most obvious, indeed indisputable examples. Thanks for comment.
      Israeli Nuclear Attack on Syria, All Known Footage

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