Iran Deal-the Monsters Lost.

North Tehranis celebrate the framework deal in early April 2015.nuclear deal.
North Tehranis celebrate the framework deal in early April 2015.nuclear deal.

September 3rd, 2015.

It’s Over, the Zionist attempt to vandalise the Iran Nuclear Deal has failed.

The decision by US Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland to side with the Iran deal means that US President Obama now has the 34 of the 100 seat Senate on side ending the possibility of the US Senate achieving the two thirds majority required to overturn the Presidential veto of the (expected but now futile) House and Senate vote against the deal.

White House wins enough Senate support for Iran deal | News , World | THE DAILY STAR

The process is that the House and Senate will vote against the deal. The President will veto this and in order to overturn the Presidential veto two thirds in both houses are required.

Two thirds of 100 rounds up to 67 Senators required to overturn the veto. The 34 Senators who have now backed the deal mean that at most the opponents of the deal can achieve 66 Senators which spells the final chapter in an unprecedented defeat for the Zionist lobby in the US and signals the end of a decades long campaign of lies to achieve the violent overthrow of the Iran Government.

The struggle to bomb Iran is now over. The monsters have been defeated, at least on this issue.

I hope it represents the first signs of the reawakening of an independent United States that will never return to the self destructive and evil role as Israel’s brutish and moronic attack dog in the Middle East.

A role the US assumed following the Zionist/Wall Street coup of September 11th, 2001.

5 thoughts on “Iran Deal-the Monsters Lost.

  1. I am sure the monsters will not give up so easy. Another world war (long in the making I might add) could change everything. That’s why we have world wars. To change everything! I am glad we have peace with Iran (also spelled in various times and places as Uran, Aran, as well as Persia). But sadly, I do believe that ultimately, a truly horrific man must rise who will falsely claim to be “Jesus” and will bring about a climax of evil never before seen. I dread what this will mean for kids. I see 3 events as nearly unstoppable. WWIII and an arrival of a UFO fleet posing as “aliens” when in fact, they are all humans from earth. The stench is unmistakable. And lets not forget an economic collapse that will bring about, I suspect, a world wide currency. the fun never ends, eh?

    • Very wise words truth1now and in the broad sense I am sure you are right to correct my rather over optimistic statement. All the things you predict sound highly likely but I would suggest that as participants it is very hard for us to know exactly where we are regarding the New World order timeline. Thanks for comment.

      • True, things change by the moment. So none of you want to join me in my ark? πŸ˜‰ Ok! But I do think something is near to going off. Don’t know the order or the severity, or even what else they might throw in, just for fun, you know. We all like fun, right? Well, not in this case, anyway, I’ll be in my ark if anyone is looking for me πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for that truth1now and previous comment. I am trying not to respond to every comment in the hope that others may step in and start an independent discussion. I hope it did not seem impolite. Thanks again.

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