Explosion Strikes Chemical Plant in Lijin, China

Still of the blast at Linjin on August 31st, 2015 at 11.22pm.
Still of the blast at Lijin on August 31st, 2015 at 11.22pm.

September 1st,  2015.

China’s  Shandong province suffered a third mysterious explosion in less than two months when a chemical plant was rocked by a massive blast on Monday night. The blast took place at a factory in Lijin. The blast follows major explosions in Shandong in mid- July and on August  22nd  along with the mammoth Tianjin event.of August 12th.

It is being reported that one person died in the blast and nine more were injured.

Chemical factory explodes in eastern China, killing 1 | Daily Mail Online

“The Dongying News website — run by the Dongying city government — said the factory in Lijin county in Shandong province exploded at 11:22 p.m. Monday and the fire was brought under control about five hours later”

The Factory was operated by Runxing Chemical company which is a subsidiary of Runxing Group an apparently small player witha quoted capitalisation of $200 million. .

The proliferation of explosions could be read either as a sign of corruption and inadequate safety standards or as sabotage. Looking back at the recent history of Shandong I noted that oil pipeline explosions are a common occurrence, along with industrial disasters of many varieties but these exploding chemical plants appear to be a recent phenomenon whatever the cause.

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