Putin Death Rumours, Astonishing Odessa Survivor’s Story and the Donbass War Restarting?

The in all likelihood alive and well Russian President.
The in all likelihood alive and well Russian President.

March 13th, 2015.

Putin Rumours

Update.. March 17th, 2015.

The Russian President has reappeared. He seems to have had influenza or a bad cold.

Russia: Putin speaks out against media rumour mill

The President of the Russian federation has cancelled two scheduled meetings including one scheduled for March 12th with the leader of Kazakhstan. This has led to rumours that Putin is dead. Without knowing I will assume the rumours are simply untrue. It was very interesting that this story was being disseminated by Debkafile, a well known Israeli intelligence front.

Perhaps there is some foundation to the rumours or perhaps certain parties are trying to “flush him out” for some reason. Cause him to make a public appearance. It was bizarre to watch the British Defence Secretary Hammond interviewed by a journalist who suggested that the British Government should release details of Putin and associates finances. A suggestion the Defence Secretary responded to with enthusiasm. This came after a speech during which the Defence Secretary bizarrely tried to cast the Russian federation as “perhaps the greatest threat to the Security of the UK in the world.” To which I would ask what on earth is he talking about? By what magical equation do the Russian military pose the slightest threat to the UK?

The only circumstances in which Russia could ever pose a threat to the UK would be as part of a major nuclear war. Russia is not going to begin a nuclear war against the West guaranteed to lead to the complete destruction of Russia so therefore unless you are planning to start a nuclear war, Russia poses no threat to the UK whatsoever.

As far as the finances go, what a joke to hear a journalist pleading with the Government to do his job for him. If you think they should be published pal, publish them.

The whole financial dirt threat is hilarious because once you start on this road, it will be a two way street with a lot of dirt and graft to go around on both sides I am sure. I hope it happens. Perhaps the British government believes it’s connections to filth are so well known and documented that fresh revelations will do no further damage?

Britain May Broadcast Putin’s Financial Secrets to Russian People

Astonishing Odessa Survivor Account.

[eng subs] Interview with Odessa massacre survivor, recently released from UA prison

The way the audio has been altered to protect the anonymity is a little off-putting, but this witness account of the Odessa massacre in May 2014 certainly rings true and fits the known facts. The police stood by and watched as protesters were murdered by fascist thugs.

Here is a brief flavour.













Donbass War Restarting?

[eng subs] Clashes in Shirokino 10/03/15

Again a video from the brilliant albeit partisan Kazzura channel.

Clashes in Shirokino are daily but small scale. The telling detail I picked up from the video was that according to the Novorussian military forces, the forces opposing them of the Azov battalion have recently been rotated. A fresh group of troops is attacking them apparently and if the Kiev government and their Western backers still have not understood then they will receive the same message again. The message of Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo . The message they received at the Donetsk International Airport and the message is obvious.

The Message.

Since the end of the Cold war, thirteen former Eastern bloc states have joined NATO despite Western pledges not to encroach on the territory Russia  voluntarily and peacefully vacated. Russia has decided that there will not be a fourteenth new NATO member, at least not the Ukraine and Russia is willing to go to the wall to prevent the Ukraine joining NATO. Are the Western leadership so obsessed with total world domination that they are willing to engage in war with Russia in order to get the Ukraine into NATO?

If so why? Given that it makes no difference at all to the life of Westerners whether the Ukraine is in NATO or not it seems completely absurd.

Destroyed Ukraine military hardware and the bodies of slain soldiers near Debaltseve. February, 2015.
Destroyed Ukraine military hardware and the bodies of slain soldiers near Debaltseve. February, 2015.


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