Legendary Donbass Commander “Givi” Slain in Donetsk.

Mikhail Tolstykh interviewed in recent days.
Mikhail “Givi” Tolstykh interviewed in recent days.
The horrific aftermath of the attack on Givi's office in Donetsk on February 8th, 2017.
The horrific aftermath of the attack on Givi’s office in Makiyivka, Donetsk on February 8th, 2017.

February 9th, 2017.

Legendary Donbass Commander Slain in Donetsk.

The legendary Commander of the Somali (armoured) Battalion of the Donbass Militia forces Mikhail Tolstykh, known as Givi has been killed in an early morning attack on his office in the military headquarters of the DPR militia in Makiyivka near Donetsk.

There are differing accounts of the attack, with claims that a bomb was placed in or near Givi’s office but other claims that there was an attack by an incendiary rocket system named the RPO-A Shmel.

A Devastating Blow.

The loss of Givi is a monumental, truly devastating blow against the Donbass militias and follows the recent assassination of the Luhansk militia commander Oleg Anashchenko, killed by a roadside bomb attack on his vehicle on February 4th (Source) and the October assassination of Motorola an attack that resembles the killing iof Givi in many respects.

There has been a recent intensification of military attacks on the self-proclaimed Donbass Republics by the Ukraine military and their allies focused on the town of Avdiivka that left dozens of soldiers and civilians dead on both sides of the contact line. (Source)

The renewed Ukrainian assaults are widely perceived as an attempt to provoke Russia to become overtly involved in the Eastern Ukraine war and then use this involvement to curtail all attempts at rapprochement between Russia and the US, an oft stated aim of the new US President that potentially threatens the flow of money and weapons that are keeping the Ukraine military afloat.

Putin: Ukraine is extorting cash through war

Who was Mikhail Tolstykh?

The details of Givi’s life are that he was born in 1980 in the Ukraine, he was from the eastern town of Ilovaisk, he spent some time in the Ukraine military prior to the Donbass war.

The nickname is used in Russia to refer to people of Georgian background, Givi was not from Georgia nor had even been there, but his great-grandfather was an ethnic Georgian.

Givi came to prominence initially due to his ostentatious display of courage caught on film in late 2014 when he remained nonchalant as a barrage of rockets was landing in his close vicinity.

It is hilarious to watch him simply ignore the threat to life and limb, calmly chatting as his fellow soldiers run for cover.

Givi and MLRS “Grad” shell strike.

Givi played a significant role in many successful military operations including the Battle Of Ilovaisk  and the Second Battle of Donetsk Airport when he earned a degree of infamy after aggressively confronting captured Ukrainian soldiers and cutting their badges from their uniforms and forcing the captives to “eat” them.

[eng subs] Givi & Motorola talk to captive UAF colonel

Givi had been subjected to previous attempts on his life, but these earlier attempts were very amateurish, little more than drive by shootings in stark contrast to the highly professional killings of recent times.

Givi was the classic inspirational field commander, the fact that he was a native of the Donbass region makes his death an exceptionally heavy blow, even when compared to the Motorola killing. When they killed Motorola I thought, it could be worse, it could be Givi, and now they got him.

Who Benefits?

The short simple answer is that the Ukraine Government and military and their supporters benefit greatly from this event. There is no point speculating at this early stage as to the identity of the perpetrators, however it seems to me that the commitment and ability of the Ukraine Government and their Western backers has been widely underestimated.

There are people in Western Intelligence who are good at their jobs, they know how to compromise people, how to turn people and force them to collaborate in operations and it seems that the underestimation of these agencies and an overestimation of the support the militia have within the Donbass has left the door open for the Ukrainians and their allies to enlist people on the ground in Donetsk to help them carry out these operations.

The Ukraine Government signed onto the Minsk accord in early 2015 and in the succeeding two years have refused to attempt to implement the deal point-blank. The heads of the self-proclaimed Republics offered to meet and negotiate with the Ukraine Government and this offer was flatly refused.

Over the two years of low intensity warfare that followed the signing of the second Minsk accord, the Ukraine has been on the offensive, seizing a number of settlements from the Donbass militia forces whole their Western sponsors continue to pretend that the Donbass militia are responsible for this situation.

Until the leaders of the Western nations supporting the Ukraine take a more honest approach and consequences are imposed on the Ukrainians for their mendacity, the senseless killing will continue indefinitely.


Mikhai "Givi"l Tolstykh 1980-2017. R.I.P
Mikhai “Givi” Tolstykh 1980-2017. R.I.P

URGENTLY! The first images from the place of death of Givi

URGENTLY! The charred body in place Givi murder

The End of the Donbass War?

Discontent in Donbass

The Motorola Assassination and the Future of Donbass.

Discontent in Donbass

Marinka firefight June 2015 from CCTV.
CCTV footage of Marinka firefight- June 2015 .

July 12th, 2015..

The Situation.

The situation appears to be that the people of the Donbass region are trapped within the reality that Russia has achieved it’s goals and is seeking to move on from the Ukraine crisis whilst the Ukraine Government and their Western backers remain enraged by the many humiliations the Russian President has inflicted upon them over the past several years and are not willing to let the war come to an end.

The lives and interests of the people of the Donbass are clearly of secondary interest to all external parties to the conflict.

Dejan Beric interview on situation in DPR

The best recent explanation for what is currently happening is contained in this short video made by a Novorussian Serbian volunteer named Dejan Beric

The Minsk II agreement is being broken, the ceasefire never really happened, and at least two hundred deaths have occurred since the Minsk II agreement came into place, but intense fighting is largely confined to two small areas, the villages of Marinka and Shirokino that are partially held by both sides and the combatants are very close, within only hundreds of metres of each other.
Dejan Beric explains that shelling is taking place right across the contact line but the intense fighting is largely confined to these areas.

Ukraine: “Heavy weapons spotted in gov-controlled areas”- OSCE chief

Even the OCSE sleepwalkers recently noticed that the Ukraine military have violated the Minsk accords by returning their heavy weaponry to the front lines and using it with frequent civilian deaths . Deputy Chief of the OCSE team Alexander Hug had a curious choice of words to describe the situation.
“This build up of heavy weapons along the contact lines also leads to more destruction deaths and injuries to the civilian population.”
It is strange choice of words because it refers to the “build up” of Weapons as being the cause of the damage rather than their use.

[eng subs] “Vostok” brigade soldier Niemets [German] appeal to DPR command

When the large scale fighting ended in February the forces of Novorussia were achieving significant gains and causing severe losses to the Ukraine military. In the post Minsk 2 fighting the Ukraine military appear to have the initiative, previously secure positions of the DPR such as Donetsk Airport have come under renewed attack in recent weeks.
This sad video made by a German member of the Vostok battalion called “Niemets” alludes to a lack of training as the cause for the “results that have been seen.” as the soldier pleads for better training from the leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The Dawning of a Bitter Reality.

It seems to be slowly sinking in that the gains the Novorussian rebels made were highly dependent on the support of the Russian Federation and the RF has achieved all it needs in Eastern Ukraine, the RF now has the ability to prevent the Ukraine from joining NATO by either military or political means.

This appears to have been the goal of the Russian federation all along as indicated by their actions and so all the talk about the “new Hitler’ Putin “threatening Europe” with aggression was simply the typically “broad” and infantile Western propaganda nonsense heard on almost every issue from the controlled media.

[eng subs] Putin’s childhood friend, now living in Gorlovka: “RF has betrayed us, UA leave us alone”

The Opinion of Putin’s Childhood Friend.
In recent weeks a video appeared on the Kazzura Youtube channel titled “Putin’s childhood friend now living in Gorlovka RF has betrayed us, UA leave us alone” The video features an interview with a former Putin friend and schoolmate named Vladimir Alexandrovich Venzin.
The majority of the interview is an unremarkable retelling of Venzin’s connection with Putin, with the information that Putin wanted to be a spy as very young boy the only memorable part.

In the last quarter of the interview the subject matter changes to current events.

“Well, I have always been proud of my acquaintance with Volodya (Vladimir Putin) of our friendship. Just a year ago it was like that.”

“Now my opinion about him has changed dramatically of course. And it’s not just my opinion that has changed but that of all Donetsk residents. If just a year ago people were praising him like some god, then now people are cursing him. Because he has provoked such a situation here, provoked a war. A very real, full scale war and then “fled into the bushes.”
“If you compare what he said in spring 2014 to what he says now.. It’s like two completely different people.. It just hurt that we were used as cover for the operation of the“annexation of Crimea.”
“They just used people “in blind” as it is called. “
“But this, I think it’s dishonourable from Russia.and whereas a year ago we would all switch our television’s on every day waiting to hear that that Russia has started sending it’s troops.
Today people simply spit whenever they hear the name of Russia. Because Russia has betrayed Donbass.
Whereas a year ago people said that “Russia does not abandon it’s people.” then now they’re silent “as loud as possible.” about it.” (They speak loudly of other subjects to avoid mentioning this unpleasant truth)
This stunning denunciation is followed by an analysis of the motives behind the change.

“There might be many reasons here, his (Putin’s) rhetoric has changed dramatically….maybe some Russian oligarchs are pressing him or perhaps he submitted to the blackmail from the United States?
That is unlikely however as he is quite a strong willed person.. I do not know the reasons nor do I want to guess about them.”

The Interview Concludes with Vladimir Alexandrovich Venzin making a plea for Russian military assistance and a denunciation of the Ukraine Government.

“The situation is critical. Diplomatic measures do not help here. It should be done like Abkhazia here.” (Abkhazia is the largely unrecognised breakaway pro-Russian republic that is formally part of Georgia that Georgia attacked in 2008 following extensive provocation, enabling a crushing Russian military response where the RF Air force destroyed the military forces of Georgia over several weeks of a completely one sided battle. In the Ukraine this would translate as the Russian Air Force destroying all the Ukraine military units East of Kiev. The leader of Georgia at the time of the 2008 Abkhazia war was Mikheil Saakashvili now bizarrely appointed the Governor of Odessa oblast, presumably on the recommendation of the USA.)
“I’d like to appeal to all Ukrainians: Leave us alone. Let us live as we want. This is not your land, it is our land and you got it only due to a mistake thanks to “Grandpa Lenin”.“

[eng subs] Vladimir Solovyov explains RF policy and situation with Donbass/refugees

The Response from the Russian federation to the Perception of Betrayal.
Vladimir Solovyov is a prominent Russian television host and journalist with a perceived closeness to the Russian Government. Solovykov recently hosted a town hall meeting for refugees from the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. This video is also from the Kazzura channel.
The important part of the video begins with a geeky looking young man asking Solokyov a question.suggesting that the reunion of the Donetsk residents in Russia is simply:

“Basically how (to make) it so tha Donbass residents do not feel themselves betrayed?”

Vladimir Solovyov  “You see, this is such an interesting phrase. First of all no-one betrayed them as no-one has promised them anything yet. These are crucial moments which people are imagining things to themselves. Putin said that we will not allow the conflict to be solved by force. We won’t.”
Putin said that we will not allow the humanitarian disaster so Russia sends insane amounts of humanitarian cargoes. Of course I understand everything. But I have a different question.(you said) “Donbass mustn’t feel itself betrayed.” More than… well… a million people have arrived here from Donbass. Half of them are men. No-one knows what are they doing here. Well take arms and go defend your motherland. Because it’s like you want us to arrive and die, fight for you, (crowd applauds) And you arrive here and say (pretends to be an ape) “Gimme…We are refugees.” Wait a minute, Is this your Motherland? Then fight it back. But if it’s “Give me shit, give me spoon, teach me how to eat it”, it’s something new. It’s just that people should realise some responsibility for the decisions (they have made).”
So the message is pretty clear. Be grateful for what the RF has done for you and accept that we know best.

The Reality- the Bitter Truth of Proxy Wars.
The sad truth lurking behind the Donbass war is that despite the sincerity of many of the combatants, the war was a proxy war and only one strand in a widespread power struggle between the Western war party and the Russian Federation.
The only correct policy for a mid-sized and strategically placed nation such as the Ukraine is to never ever accept that you must choose sides but seek to have positive relationships, with both the EU/West and the Russian Federation. The Ukraine should never allow itself to be drawn into either camp but should seek positive relations with both at all times.

The people of the Donbass region have suffered terribly and the sad fact is that they are and will remain trapped between the interests of the great powers engaged in the current power struggle in Eastern Europe.

the Donbass War has Restarted.

Armoured Vehicle of the DPR opens fire during offensive operation in recent days.
Armoured Vehicle of the DPR opens fire during offensive operation in recent days.

June 12th, 2015.

Has the Donbass War Restarted?

After several months of an increasingly fractured ceasefire major fighting has now resumed in the area of Marinka and Shirokino and given the fact that only half-hearted attempts have been made to resolve the crisis the full-scale resumption of the conflict is now apparently inevitable.

Grad rockets have returned, Armour has returned, small-scale offensive operations are underway on both sides and the scale of civilian casualties and property destruction has risen dramatically recently.

The Minsk agreement tried to put in place a framework for ending the conflict and represented a genuine opportunity to resolve the crisis peacefully but the will to enforce the Minsk agreement was never present within the Ukraine Government nor their main sponsor the United States. The comparatively rational Germans and French appear to have been completely marginalised.

Minsk agreement on Ukraine crisis: text in full – Telegraph

“Immediate and full ceasefire in particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of Ukraine and its strict fulfilment as of 00.00 midnight (Kiev time) on Feb. 15, 2015.”

“Pull-out of all heavy weapons by both sides to equal distance with the aim of creation of a security zone on minimum 50 kilometres apart for artillery of 100mm calibre or more, and a security zone of 70km for MLRS and 140 kilometres for MLRS Tornado-S, Uragan, Smerch and tactical missile systems Tochka U. for Ukrainian troops, from actual line of contact; for armed formations of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of Ukraine, from the contact line in accordance with the Minsk memorandum as of Sept. 19, 2014 ”

“The pullout of the above mentioned heavy weapons has to start no later than the second day after the ceasefire and finish within 14 days. ”
“This process will be assisted by OSCE with the support of the Trilateral Contact Group. ”

“Effective monitoring and verification of ceasefire regime and pullout of heavy weapons by OSCE will be provided from the first day of pullout, using all necessary technical means such as satellites, drones, radio-location systems etc”.

On the first day after the pullout a dialogue is to start on modalities of conducting local elections in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and the Law of Ukraine “On temporary Order of Local Self-Governance in Particular Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts,” and also about the future of these districts based on the above mentioned law.

People can make claim and counterclaim about who shot first in any situation but the political process that was signed onto by the Ukraine Government has been ignored completely. All the political steps were completely ignored.

“Without delays, but no later than 30 days from the date of signing of this document, a resolution has to be approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, indicating the territory which falls under the special regime in accordance with the law “On temporary Order of Local Self-Governance in Particular Districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts,” based in the line set up by the Minsk Memorandum as of Sept. 19, 2014. ”

“Provide pardon and amnesty by way of enacting a law that forbids persecution and punishment of persons in relation to events that took place in particular departments of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of Ukraine. ”

“Provide release and exchange of all hostages and illegally held persons, based on the principle of “all for all”. This process has to end – at the latest – on the fifth day after the pullout (of weapons). ”

“Provide safe access, delivery, storage and distribution of humanitarian aid to the needy, based on an international mechanism.”

“Define the modalities of a full restoration of social and economic connections, including social transfers, such as payments of pensions and other payments (income and revenue, timely payment of communal bills, restoration of tax payments within the framework of Ukrainian legal field) ”

“With this aim, Ukraine will restore management over the segment of its banking system in the districts affected by the conflict, and possibly, an international mechanism will be established to ease such transactions.”

“Restore full control over the state border by Ukrainian government in the whole conflict zone, which has to start on the first day after the local election and end after the full political regulation (local elections in particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts based on the law of Ukraine and Constitutional reform) by the end of 2015, on the condition of fulfilment of Point 11 – in consultations and in agreement with representatives of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts within the framework of the Trilateral Contact Group. ”

“Pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, and also mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under OSCE supervision. Disarmament of all illegal groups.”
“Constitutional reform in Ukraine, with the new Constitution to come into effect by the end of 2015, the key element of which is decentralisation (taking into account peculiarities of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, agreed with representatives of these districts), and also approval of permanent legislation on special status of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts in accordance with the measures spelt out in the footnotes, by the end of 2015. The Ukraine Government appears not to have ever tried to live up to the spirit of the Minsk agreement, did not once seek to engage in dialogue with the self-proclaimed Eastern Ukraine Republics despite pledging to do so when entering into the agreement.and the flow of refugees will now resume.”

Why is the US Supporting the abrogation of the Minsk agreement?

Minsk is an ambitious plan to completely end the conflict and reintegrate the parts of Donetsk and Lugansk outside the control of the Ukraine government back into the Ukraine after a process of political reform and fresh elections in these districts. The document clearly envisages the complete disbandment of the DPR and LPR armed formations also, following elections.

Both sides agreed to the Minsk accords, it is not a one sided document and it is a plan for the reunification of the Ukraine and the restoration of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine (minus Crimea )

Why did the Ukraine Government sign up to this (twice) if they had no intent on engaging in the requisite political actions required of them under the agreement?

The Ukraine government have dishonoured themselves with their conduct (no, they do not care) and they have also dishonoured and made fools of all of the sponsors of this agreement.

Brzezinski Explains Obama.

Any wondering why the US Obama government has done a positive thing by seeking rapprochement with Iran and at the same time Obama is saying the most ridiculous things he has said on any subject about Russia

Obama lambasts Putin: you’re wrecking Russia to recreate Soviet empire | World news | The Guardian

and considers the policies incompatible needs to understand that the “wizard” standing behind the Obama marionette is Zbigniew Brzezinski and suddenly it all makes sense. Nuland and Pyatt are not rogue Neocons, they are team players, also working for Brzezinski who is obsessed with Russia and long has advised the use of Iran as an ally against Russia, that is the reason for the wildly differing policies between rationality and diplomacy with Iran but support for the most bellicose and destructive forces in Eastern Europe. This group also includes George Soros, this is the same faction.

This also explains the indifference towards Israel, which is seen (fairly) as being completely untrustworthy, but more importantly the Middle East is of secondary interest as a battle ground, it is more the place to gather energy allies and other allies to use against Russia.


The Brzezinski Obama thing is hardly news, Webster Tarpley identified this before Obama was even elected. The analysis has proven valid and explains so much today.

Confirmed – Obama Is Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet

Barack Obama Endorsed by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Other People Always pay the Price in the Great Game.

Dozens, hundreds or thousands of non combatants will lose their homes and their lives and it is already happening. Ukraine: ‘Over 90 people injured in Donetsk shelling’- DPR’s Basurin

There is literally zero chance that the Ukraine Government forces will be able to reclaim the territory of the self proclaimed Republics of the Donbass as whatever force needs to be applied to prevent that from happening will be supplied from Russia.

The Government of Russia has clearly decided that the Ukraine joining NATO represents an unacceptable security threat. The continued existence of the Eastern Republics, Donetsk and Lugansk within the Ukraine guarantees that this goal will be achieved. Whether through politics or the force of arms the LPR and DPR exist for Russia as the simple low cost tools that enable Russia to prevent the Ukraine joining NATO for the foreseeable future.

The Novorussians for their part are extremely unlikely to be able to take Mariupol or make any significant territorial gains. Any attempt to attack Mariupol will likely see them lose the moral high ground as they will suddenly be the outside force attacking a large civilian population center. Playing the role the Ukraine military has played over the past year. That of the destroyer.

Donetsk is burning .(again)
Donetsk burning again.

It is impossible to say how far this will go or how many more will die but nothing good will come from this.

The bravado and delusion of the Ukraine forces seems to return undiminished within weeks or months of the last devastating defeat. They seem to go through the motions of a ceasefire, as they rebuild their positions and then suffer a near identical fate once again.

Ukraine Military Shells Strike the Area of the Donetsk Airport. A familiar half forgotten sight.
Ukraine Military Shells Strike the Area of the Donetsk Airport. A familiar half forgotten sight.

The Novorussians appear to have made a genuine attempt to respect the ceasefire but their commitment understandably dissolved in the face of constant provocations from the Ukraine side that never paid the ceasefire any heed.Certainly within weeks the attacks resumed.

The Novorussian forces have also been conducting small scale offensive operations for the past several months. It can only be hoped that the War is not escalated significantly.There is unlimited potential for carnage here potentially. \\

US, Canadian and British “trainers” are on the ground. Only small steps away from participation in the war.

[eng subs] Maryinka: 03/06/15 DPR RG tanks working

There are clearly high tensions between the US and Russia which were displayed publicly in the Black Sea earlier this week when a Russian fighter jet flew low aggressive passes near several US Naval vessels including the destroyer USS Ross.

Close Encounter: Russian fighter jets buzz US navy destroyers

Sanity Can Still Prevail.

The death toll from the war in the Donbass region at the start of June is quoted at 6400, approximately ywo hundred people have died in the almost four months of “ceasefire”. However many people  are added to this tragic toll before the war ends, their deaths will have been unnecessary and the result primarily of the bellicosity and delusion of the major Western powers who for reasons that remain unfathomable, believe they have the right to rule the world. Astonishing when you consider the catastrophic track record of destroying nations over the past decade.

The deluded Western elite apparently still believe that they can pose as the forces of salvation and righteousness, the sole guardians of wisdom and the owners of the only way with both a right and an obligation to achieve total world domination regardless of the delusional nature of the goal or the human cost.

These people need to be completely removed from power forever or the madness and carnage will know no end.

A  far more in depth and detailed analysis of events in the Donbass region is available here.

The Vineyard of the Saker | A bird’s eye view of the vineyard

Short update about the (very dangerous) Ukrainian situation | The Vineyard of the Saker

What really happened in Mar’inka: Truce not over yet, but getting eroded just like before | The Vineyard of the Saker

4.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia | The Vineyard of the Saker

Novorussian artillery falls around Ukraine Military bunkers.
Novorussian artillery falls around Ukraine Military bunkers.

Ukraine: Five reportedly killed as Gorlovka is shelled again

Ukraine: ‘Kiev forces have attempted to storm Gorlovka’ – DPR Def. Minister

Ukraine: Donetsk in flames as shelling continues to pound city

Ukraine: Buildings destroyed in overnight bombardment on Oktyabrsky village

Worrying trend’: OSCE Deputy Chief Monitor updates RT on Ukraine violence

Ukraine: We didn’t launch Marinka offensive, Poroshenko lied – DPR’s Zakharchenko

Ukraine: Donetsk fire station damaged after heavy shelling

E. Ukraine sees surge in violence amid fragile truce agreed in Minsk

Ukraine: DPR’s Basurin calls on Ukrainian soldiers to choose imprisonment over bloodshed

Ukraine War – VIDEO “Russians” shelling Pisky crossover with 120 mm shells

Ukraine: See intense tank Marinka warfare as Kiev, DNR/DPR forces continue fighting

Ukraine: See devastating aftermath following renewed shelling in Donetsk

Germany: “We need Russia as a partner” and want their return to G8 – Steinmeier

Putin spox: Kiev ramping tensions in E. Ukraine on purpose

Ukraine: Huge flares over Donetsk increase fears of ceasefire breach

Ukraine: Shells rain down on Donetsk airport

Ukraine: Shells light up the Donetsk night sky

Ukraine: Drone captures extent of shelling damage in Donetsk

Ukraine War 2015 – Ukrainian Army In Heavy Clashes With Novorossian Rebels In Shyrokyne

Drone footage: Sokol market in Donetsk after shelling (EXCLUSIVE)

Bombed houses burn in Donetsk – Exclusive drone footage

Heavy Artillery Breaks Ceasefire in Ukraine

Emails emerge of alleged George Soros involvement in Ukrainian conflict

Donbass War: Militia Commander Alexei Mozgovoi Murdered Near Lugansk.

Alexei Mozgovoi, appears soon after ecent failed attempt on his life, hence the bandage on his ear, now they succeeded.
Alexei Mozgovoi, appears soon after ecent failed attempt on his life, hence the bandage on his ear, now they succeeded.

May 24th, 2015. Prominent Novorussian figure and leader of the Lugansk based Prizrak (Ghost) brigade Alexei Mozgovoi and as many as six other people have died after a complex ambush against their vehicles  on the road between Lugansk and the town of Alchevsk, some 40 kilometres (27 miles) from Lugansk. Alexei Mozgovoi’s vehicle part of a  convoy have apparently been attacked with a roadside bomb and fire from multiple automatic weapons. There appear to have been at least three vehicles attacked, civilians appear to have died in the ambush, including a woman. The cars were thoroughly raked with gunfire from several directions. The attackers were well prepared and clearly well trained judging from the pattern of fire to the vehicle’s windscreen.

Murder in Lugansk. Someone in front of the vehicle was waiting with an automatic weapon.
Murder in Lugansk. Someone in front of the vehicle was waiting with an automatic weapon.


There will be no competent investigation from any side. It would seem to be a reasonable assumption that pro Kiev forces organised his death. There had been at least one recent failed attempt to assassinate Mozgovoi in early March after which he made a typically calm yet defiant response via Youtube, an outlet that features many of Alexei Mozgovoi speeches to camera, at the Kazzura and Novorussia channels. A Kiev backed assassination would also make sense given that the Ukraine government is apparently planning a fresh major assault on the Donbass region in the near future.  The war is slowly escalating, the multiple rocket launchers, the MLRS or Grad systems are back in use according to the OCSE and this is another step in the process that will see the resumption of full hostilities in the near future.

Donbass War A Human Tragedy that Needs to End..

An estimated 6200 people have died in the year long Donbass war so far, most of the casualties have been the civilians of the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. This is a tragedy but one that risks being multiplied many times over the longer the parties to the conflict are allowed to ignore the pledges that they have made to negotiate an end to the conflict.

Ukraine: Famous LPR militia leader murdered in ambush

eng subs]

LPR briefing on Alexei Mozgovoi assassination

These videos depicts the aftermath of the attack. Not for the overly sensitive and this is not meant as disrespect for the dead. The scene is a big part of the story.

[eng subs] 18+ Alexei Mozgovoi assassination crime scene

Ukraine: Investigators arrive at scene of ‘Phantom Brigade’ commander’s killing *GRAPHIC*

Alexei Mozgovoi, a unique individual.
Alexei Mozgovoi, a unique individual.

A Unique Individual. Alexei Mozgovoi was a unique individual and these videos give an insight into his character. His death is another sad and unnecessary loss of this unnecessary war.

Mozgovoi addresses Putin [ENG SUBS]

[eng subs]

Alexei Mozgovoi interview 08/03/15 “I’m not going to yield to provocations

Ukraine: ‘Ghost’ battalion head Alexei Mozgovoy’s funeral attracts thousands


A few thoughts about the murder of Mozgovoi | The Vineyard of the Saker http://thesaker.is/a-few-thoughts-about-the-murder-of-mozgovoi/

Ukraine SITREP May 23rd, by Duff | The Vineyard of the Saker http://thesaker.is/ukraine-sitrep-may-23rd-by-duff/ Aleksey Mozgovoy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksey_Mozgovoy Ukraine crisis: Rebel commander Alexei Mozgovoi ‘killed’ – BBC News http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32861947 Separatist commander killed in Ukraine | World news | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/24/ukraine-separatist-commander-leader-killed-in-car-bomb Alexei Mozgovoi has been murdered! | The Vineyard of the Saker http://thesaker.is/alexei-mozgovoi-has-been-murdered/ .

Ukraine Bans Soviet Symbols-NAZI Symbols Still OK!

The Nazi style Azov flag alongside that of the Ukraine.
The Nazi style Azov flag alongside that of the Ukraine.

May 18th, 2015.

This was the short, terse and disingenuous report from the BBC.

Ukraine’s Poroshenko bans Soviet symbols – BBC News

“Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed into law legislation that bans the use of communist symbols.
It is part of a package of laws designed to make a complete break with the country’s Soviet past and bring the country closer to Europe. But critics say the move severely restricts free speech and will divide society. ”

This is a brief overview from Stephen Lendman at Global Research.

Kiev Recognizes Ultranationalist Nazi Era Collaborators as Freedom Fighters | Global Research

“Kiev’s regime is a US-installed, illegitimate, lawless, Nazi infested, fascist police state in Europe’s heartland – waging naked aggression on its own people, risking regional peace and stability. Russians, Jews and others are vilified. Rule by intimidation is official policy.”

“In April, a “decommunization” process began – banning communist and Soviet era symbols and values, including longstanding statues and street names.”

It was such a bizarre thing to do, even by the standards of the Nuland/Pyatt authored walking disaster that is the Kiev  government that it took me a while to understand what they were trying to do with this.
This seems to be a truly pathetic attempt to portray the forces opposing the Kiev US puppet government as simply recalcitrants nostalgic for the the Soviet Union,

The really strange thing about this is that the groups fighting the Kiev government do not use Soviet symbols particularly that I have noticed. It is not there in the flag of the DPR.

Flag of the Donetsk People's Republic.
Flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Nor in the near identical flag of the Lugansk enclave.


Soviet symbols banned Nazi symbols on Parade!

What really stands out is the way that various paramilitary groups allied with the the Ukraine government routinely and explicitly use the symbols of fascist Nazi Germany including on the very flag of the Azov battalion!

All similarities with Nazi symbology are purely coincidental. These are our lads after all.
The SS inspired Azov group flag.
The Azov badge has several Nazi inspired (and dark occultist imspired) elements.
The Azov badge has several Nazi inspired (and dark occultist imspired) elements.

By banning the use of Soviet symbology whilst offering no sanction for the use of NAZI symbology the Ukraine government is only making clear their approval of the use of fascist ideology and symbology in the forces fighting on their side.

And how absolutely laughable of the Ukraine government to attempt to show their separation from and opposition to  Soviet totalitarianism with their own, comically stupid show of totalitarianism.

Swastikas on the helmets of pro Kiev junta forces allegedly.
Swastikas allegedly on the helmets of pro Kiev junta forces.

UKRAINE ALLIES GO ISIS! The Azov Battalion Crucified a Man and Burned Him Alive on Video!!

(Warning Distressing Images)

April 25th, 2015. UKRAINE ALLIES GO ISIS!
The Azov Battalion Crucified a Man and Burned Him Alive on Video!!

Ukraine’s ISIS. Members of neo-Nazi Azov battalion crucifying & burning a “separatist”

These are our allies. These are forces the US recently sent three hundred military training forces to aid. The forces the Australian Prime Minister stated we were “all behind”. They appear to have crucified a man and burned him alive on video. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen.

The men who claim to be from the Azov Battalion at the start of the video,
The men who claim to be from the Azov Battalion at the start of the video,
The man is taped to the cross first.
The man is taped to the cross first.
The man is now nailed to the cross. His mouth is taped but the screams of agony are clearly heard.
The man is now nailed to the cross. His mouth is taped but the screams of agony are clearly heard.
Seems to be real unfortunately.
Seems to be real unfortunately.
Om the cross, as they prepare to hoist it up.
Om the cross, as they prepare to hoist it up.
Cross is hoisted.
Cross is hoisted.
The fire is lit.
The fire is lit.
The fire reaches the an and the video ends.
The fire reaches the man.
The victim screams as the flames reach his feet and the video ends.
The victim screams as the flames reach his feet and the video ends.

The video shows a man being nailed to a cross in an outdoor setting, a forest clearing, by a group of masked men who claim t be from the Azov battalion. The video is coming from Novorussian sources, Kazzura posted it on their second channel but it was removed but I found it on a channel called Russian Insider. The video shows the man being nailed to the cross and the men set a fire underneath him after raising the cross. The video cuts off as the man begins to scream (his mouth is taped up) as the flames below begin to reach him.
All of these propaganda videos deserve to be treated with skepticism, this may be a hoax, but the footage appears to be authentic.
I have previously found footage where a member of the Azov battalion admitted to the torture of captured fighters. That doesn’t prove anything of course.

All similarities with Nazi symbology are purely coincidental. These are our lads after all.
Azov battalion flags. All similarities with Nazi symbology are purely coincidental. These are our lads after all.

Who are the Azov battalion?
The Azov battalion are one of several so called “Volunteer” or “political” units, or militias that fight for the Ukraine but are not formally part of the Ukraine army. They are basically right wing ultra-nationalist militia integrated into the Ukraine military due to necessity.
The Ceasefire and the Minsk Agreement.

The ceasefire in the Donbass never took hold, but has been breaking very slowly, in small steps. The bottom line is that the Ukraine Government has treated the Minsk agreement with contempt, they showed no interest at any time in negotiating a settlement with the DPR and LPR leadership despite pledging to do so at the moment of the ceasefire.
Until this changes the war will presumably grind from failed ceasefire to failed ceasefire with the Ukraine government presumably hoping that if it is still ongoing in 2017, the next US administration may offer decisive help.
I have little doubt in the crucifixion videos authenticity, I am sure many will question it and it may turn out to be a fraud. I hope so, but I know what I saw. If the video is authentic it will be just one more chapter of horror from the same people who strangled a pregnant woman in Odessa last May, who shot their own people in the Maidan and presumably were also part of the broader group that destroyed flight MH17 and murdered all on board. That is not to forget the thousands of civilians slain in the indiscriminate bombardment of the Donbass region.
Nuland and Pyatt and Soros and Henri Levy must all be very proud of themselves.

Azov Battalion Member Admits to Torture POWs in Donbas

“Azov” regiment car smashed by the UAF tank

[eng subs] UAF troops contact DPR officers asking to shell “Azov” regiment positions

Ukraine. FASCISM AS IT IS film by Andrey Karaulov

Putin Death Rumours, Astonishing Odessa Survivor’s Story and the Donbass War Restarting?

The in all likelihood alive and well Russian President.
The in all likelihood alive and well Russian President.

March 13th, 2015.

Putin Rumours

Update.. March 17th, 2015.

The Russian President has reappeared. He seems to have had influenza or a bad cold.

Russia: Putin speaks out against media rumour mill

The President of the Russian federation has cancelled two scheduled meetings including one scheduled for March 12th with the leader of Kazakhstan. This has led to rumours that Putin is dead. Without knowing I will assume the rumours are simply untrue. It was very interesting that this story was being disseminated by Debkafile, a well known Israeli intelligence front.

Perhaps there is some foundation to the rumours or perhaps certain parties are trying to “flush him out” for some reason. Cause him to make a public appearance. It was bizarre to watch the British Defence Secretary Hammond interviewed by a journalist who suggested that the British Government should release details of Putin and associates finances. A suggestion the Defence Secretary responded to with enthusiasm. This came after a speech during which the Defence Secretary bizarrely tried to cast the Russian federation as “perhaps the greatest threat to the Security of the UK in the world.” To which I would ask what on earth is he talking about? By what magical equation do the Russian military pose the slightest threat to the UK?

The only circumstances in which Russia could ever pose a threat to the UK would be as part of a major nuclear war. Russia is not going to begin a nuclear war against the West guaranteed to lead to the complete destruction of Russia so therefore unless you are planning to start a nuclear war, Russia poses no threat to the UK whatsoever.

As far as the finances go, what a joke to hear a journalist pleading with the Government to do his job for him. If you think they should be published pal, publish them.

The whole financial dirt threat is hilarious because once you start on this road, it will be a two way street with a lot of dirt and graft to go around on both sides I am sure. I hope it happens. Perhaps the British government believes it’s connections to filth are so well known and documented that fresh revelations will do no further damage?

Britain May Broadcast Putin’s Financial Secrets to Russian People

Astonishing Odessa Survivor Account.

[eng subs] Interview with Odessa massacre survivor, recently released from UA prison

The way the audio has been altered to protect the anonymity is a little off-putting, but this witness account of the Odessa massacre in May 2014 certainly rings true and fits the known facts. The police stood by and watched as protesters were murdered by fascist thugs.

Here is a brief flavour.













Donbass War Restarting?

[eng subs] Clashes in Shirokino 10/03/15

Again a video from the brilliant albeit partisan Kazzura channel.

Clashes in Shirokino are daily but small scale. The telling detail I picked up from the video was that according to the Novorussian military forces, the forces opposing them of the Azov battalion have recently been rotated. A fresh group of troops is attacking them apparently and if the Kiev government and their Western backers still have not understood then they will receive the same message again. The message of Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo . The message they received at the Donetsk International Airport and the message is obvious.

The Message.

Since the end of the Cold war, thirteen former Eastern bloc states have joined NATO despite Western pledges not to encroach on the territory Russia  voluntarily and peacefully vacated. Russia has decided that there will not be a fourteenth new NATO member, at least not the Ukraine and Russia is willing to go to the wall to prevent the Ukraine joining NATO. Are the Western leadership so obsessed with total world domination that they are willing to engage in war with Russia in order to get the Ukraine into NATO?

If so why? Given that it makes no difference at all to the life of Westerners whether the Ukraine is in NATO or not it seems completely absurd.

Destroyed Ukraine military hardware and the bodies of slain soldiers near Debaltseve. February, 2015.
Destroyed Ukraine military hardware and the bodies of slain soldiers near Debaltseve. February, 2015.


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