Kharkov Bombing the Latest in a Long Line of Kiev False Flags?

February 23rd 2015.
“Today is memorial Sunday, but on this day terrorist scum revealed its predatory nature,” Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, in a rare moment of honesty (albeit unintentional).

Ukraine President Poroshenko had good laugh during the prayers for the Maidan victims. Wellknown Washington "accessory" Donald Tusk of Poland is pictured to the right, also laughing. Good to see the Debaltseve catastrophe didn't get him down!
Ukraine President Poroshenko had a good laugh during the prayers for the Maidan victims. Well known Washington “accessory” Donald Tusk of Poland is pictured to the far right, also laughing. Good to see the Debaltseve catastrophe didn’t get him down!

Blast hits rally in Kharkov, Ukraine – at least 2 killed

A bomb went off during a march in Kharkov, central Ukraine yesterday. The attack took place during a celebrate the Anniversary of the Ukraine Maidan coup and left three people dead and more than a dozen injured.

Ukraine Map with Kharkov highlighted.

The President of the Ukraine rather gave the game away when he immediately claimed that ‘Kharkov attack a blatant attempt to expand terrorism’ By which he intended to blame the attack on the Novorussian rebels, still in the midst of completing a major conventional military victory in Debalstseve.

[eng cc subs] Media expert A. Shariy “puzzled” about SSU info about arrest of “Kharkov partizans”

Context. The context of the attack is that the Ukraine military have just suffered a stunning and massive military defeat that saw up to half the Ukraine military active units destroyed.
It would seem therefore that finding themselves with no viable military options and increasing controversy about the conduct of the Donbass war, dark elements within the Ukraine government decided to revert to the other tactic that has helped them achieve short term gains in the immediate past. The False Flag provocation. The most notable and successful recent example  of course were the Maidan sniper killings of a year ago when opposition snipers clearly targeted both protesters and police and generated the mass outrage required for the revolution to succeed.

Pro opposition snipers overlook the Maidan a year ago.
Pro opposition snipers overlook the Maidan a year ago.

The Maidan False Flag Snipers.
There are many lengthy and scholarly examinations of the Maidan sniper killings, I will post them in the sources. Ultimately there were several opposition snipers in several different perches working on February 21st 2014.
The best documented and easiest to prove example is that of the Ukraine Hotel sniper(s). The reason for this is that the snipers in the Ukraine hotel were filmed by many major news outlets such as the BBC. The existence of the snipers was mentioned over loudspeakers in the Maidan. The snipers in the Ukraine hotel filmed themselves while they worked and some of that footage leaked.
The thing that really makes the Ukraine Hotel opposition snipers extra easy to prove is the fact that they not only conducted the killings, they filmed the killings from the same location. It is the 9th floor, second from the top. The window is the fifth from the left. The footage filmed from this position was what provided the “iconic” images of protesters cruelly being shot down in the street.

Petrol bomb strikes a Uktaine police officer during the Maidan "demonstrations" a year ago.
Petrol bomb strikes a Uktaine police officer during the Maidan “demonstrations” a year ago.

There is no doubt that there was intense “legitimate” that is to say not false flag, violence in the Maidan between the police anf the protesters. On the first day of extreme violent street clashes, about a dozen of both the police and the protesters were killed. The police did fire their weapons and presumably hit some of the protesters, although no footage of those casualties actually exists as far as I can tell and if it did exist  the controlled media would have played the footage over and over. Instead the footage that was played was the footage of the Ukraine Hotel sniper attacks.
The police seem to have been completely confused by the sniper fire and armed police can be seen retreating under the barrage. All the shootings that we can see were the opposition snipers firing upon the opposition protesters.
Ukraine Protests: ‘Sniper’ fires from Ukraine media hotel – BBC News

The BBC report at the time from the Maidan was quite honest about these facts. It told the truth about the fact that the opposition were using snipers and identified the precise perch and filmed even a shot coming from the perch towards the reporter and the Maidan protesters. The one thing the BBC journalist omitted to mention was that all the footage of people being killed was by gunfire from the same source, the Ukraine Hotel.
Неудобная правда о майдане 2 Разбор стрельбы по безоружным

It is not in dispute that the Ukraine Hotel was under the control of the opposition at the time of the shootings. The BBC journalist even identified the people in the Hotel Ukraine sniper post as belonging to the opposition.
The Kiev government that came to power on the back of the killings has of course never attempted to investigate the killings. The Western officials who try and push for the former Ukraine president Yanukovich to be tried for war crimes at the IIC never mention the Hotel Ukraine snipers, not the complete lack of an investigation into the Odessa massacre of may 2015 that saw more than 40 protesters in Odessa murdered by thugs with strong and proven links to the Ukraine government.
The shamelessness of the dishonesty certainly grows tiresome.

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(Dear the Guardian, when even the deplorable BBC reveals your coverage as no more than infantile grotesque propaganda, it might be time to cut down if you are even capable. )

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