China Suffers ANOTHER Massive Chemical Warehouse Explosion Ten Days after Tianjin!!

No this is not Tianjin but Shangdong-this has taken place in recent hours.
No this is not Tianjin but Shangdong-this has taken place in recent hours.

August 23rd, 2015.

Shandong Province Petrochemical Plant Explosion Breaking News.

This story is fresh and there are a lack of details but it seems noteworthy that a massive explosion has taken place at a Petrochemical plant in China’s Shandong province.. Were it not for the Tianjin incidents and increasing tensions along the Korean ceasefire line this incident may have escaped attention.

Explosive incidents at petrochemical plants are quite commonplace. But Tianjin was no accident it seems and therefore this event appears in a most sinister light.

Explosion at chemical warehouse in China’s Shandong province — RT News

People’s Daily,China on Twitter: “BREAKING: Chemical warehouse in Shandong exploded on Sat. Firefighters are at the site now”

Shangdong province, China Petrochemical plant explosion aftermath.
Shangdong province, China Petrochemical plant explosion aftermath.

Second Plant Explodes in China

As this piece states explosions at Petrochemical plants are quite common and there had been an earlier incident at a Shandong Petrochenical plant that was confused with the incident that happened yesterday as people were uploading the old incident onto new Youtube videos yesterday so videos had the right date stamp, were taken in the right location and showed the right type of incident but it was a previous petroblast.

Many thanks to Dave for pointing this error out.

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  1. I interviewed an Englishwoman who claimed her family, an organized crime family in England, was employed by the British government to conduct extensive industrial sabotage in the Soviet Union. She said she was a child at the time and was taken along as part of an elaborate cover story to account for a British family being in the area when they sabotaged the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, an operation she believes was instrumental in causing the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is an eyewitness account from a very credible witness and I have found evidence that supports her testimony.


  2. The first two videos you show have nothing to do with the latest explosion.
    It happened months ago.

    • Thanks Dave you may well be correct, things were a little rushed there. Will check and/or fix.Videos have been mislabelled and published yesterday so there are extenuating circumstances.

    • Thanks. I have a follow up on Tianjin that will look at this in detail. Project Thor is an extremely interesting subject and thanks for the link.

  3. Well,I suspect that both sides may be setting up yet another phony world war. With economic collapse being forecast by many, and throw in WWIII, and you have a nice recipe for scaring the hell out of average brainless citizens, who when possessed by fear, will do almost anything told. I smell a rat in the making. But then again, I tend to be cynical but I am sure that if this does not lead to much, that much more will still not be too far away. I don’t think many events of the last 40 years have been authentic. All the world is a stage, it was once said. What a show they have been putting on.

      • Yes, and they have always owned both race horses in elections and wars. WWI was the most absurd of them all. All the nations decided to form treaties with other nations, with only 2 sides forming. And all pledged to join in supporting any of their allies, should an ally be attacked and end up at war. then they drew a very silly line in the sand and dared each other to cross it. In other words, they were willing to expend all their resources and citizens, at such enormous cost, over the drop of a hat. In this case, it was the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria. Since when did they care that much about such a minor player?

        Now today, we will likely see a similar stupid vaudeville act on the world stage to amuse news pundits while loads of soldiers and civilians will die horrible deaths, along with rape and pillage, of course. Can’t leave those out. You would think people would get tired of this nonsense, especially since we have seen this movie twice before. If you review very old TV sitcoms, you might notice that everyone stole everyone else’s gags and plots. Very little writing and lots of plagiarism, which everyone was OK with. TV really sucked back then. And now the fake plots they show on the news for our entertainment is getting a bit old and stale, too. Sure wish they would hire some new writers with more imagination and creativity.

      • Great comment great points truth1now, thanks. I actually heard a very interesting recording Webster Tarpley made last year on the Centenary and it focused on the assassinations that were conducted from the late 19th century right up to the start of the war to ensure that all of the parties would play their appointed roles. Leaders who were not sufficiently gullible and corrupt were dispensed with.
        Webster Tarpley on the causes of World War I
        Tarpley also sought to detail the false flag nature of the Archduke Ferdinand assassination. It seems that London bankers had foreknowledge of the Archduke killing, an event they awaited in eager expectation.
        What we are currently seeing has a very strange shadowy character, it is not being played out in public so there are many echoes, terrifying echoes of past carefully engineered calamities but there is that one strange difference. We are in a time of twilight almost.
        Your point about war is a very fundamental and important one. This is one of the key signs to me that the current day West is inhabited by the spirit of evil. Because there is this completely obvious, totally glaring thing.
        A tremendous amount of resources, energy and lives are being thrown away on wars that have never and will never serve anyone’s interests.This is obvious. Humanity has strayed from the correct path. Our level of technological sophistication is supposed to be accompanied by wisdom that we completely lack.
        As far as the media goes. I echo everything you wrote. It was always an empty scarecrow and it is collapsing rather quickly after surviving for decades on the back of our collective hypnosis.

      • Your own comments are on the mark. Tarpley is wonderful! I have read most of his “Against Oligarchies,” which shows in detail how financiers fund and use two opposing sides against each other. And if there are not 2 opposing sides, they will find a way to created a 2nd/opposing side.

        I also see a force of evil in operation today. But I think it was alive and growing a long time ago. It is slowly but ever so surely crept up on us and then come out from behind the curtain to display itself rather arrogantly. It takes pleasure in seeing people die and little else matters. Here is a very spooky animation of 5 minutes that readers can ponder:
        What is really going on in our world? Are we just pawns for someone’s amusement or even revenge.

        There are only 2 forces at work. Good and evil. The choice seems obvious to me.

      • Many thanks truth1know for another great comment and an edifying exchange. I was expecting My Pet Goat11 so it was a pleasing shock to see the video is called the Mysterious Stranger, looks interesting. Thanks.

      • I find it a very valuable clip due to being only 5 minutes, and being claymation and maybe children’s entertainment (I’m in doubt about that), it causes us to drop our guard, and yet what it suggests is a very real evil and what is at the heart of that evil. But it does it in a sort of non-threatening way, although it is still a spooky video. Those clay creatures actually do appear pitiful and hopeless. It suggests real malice without concern or care for life. I suspect you know of the Hampstead 2 kids, who were treated so maliciously. A complete disrespect for their tender feelings. It starts and ends, with each individual making a right or wrong choice and choosing to either care or not care. The result is empires and brutality. There is a video documentary historical re–enactment of the German destruction of 3 Roman legions with Herman/Arminius leading the Germans to that victory. I think it could have been this one:

        Rome wanted to impose really harsh quotas of production that German ways of life were not producing and may not have been up to producing. It forced a brutal killing of those who often killed others. Rome was a brutal empire of greed and self-serving. But what we have today is far worse than what Rome ever had. Satanists harvest children on grand scales of deception and evil, thru a world-wide network. Rome as bad as it was, could never match this for horror and evil.

        but it really does come down to individual choices that we all make and are responsible for making. I hope my life and efforts have been a positive contributor rather than an evil one. It is always the goal before me and I sense you are much the same way. Evil is just too evil to put up with. Surely we can do better than that.

      • I had seen it earlier and I watched it again. I must admit I do not know quite how to take it. There is Satan, the grand deceiver and it seems to suggest, perhaps I misunderstood, but it almost seems to suggest that he, or it is the author of this reality.
        I wrote a couple of pieces about the Hampstead case, this is one I would immodestly recommend. although maybe overlong. I get where you are coming from and the core message about personal individual choice is clearly correct. Obviously we can do better.Thanks for the Roman massacre video (I will watch it) and all your comments truth1now.

  4. 2015 tianjin Armageddon

    from past pattern , fukus revered in sending nasty *gift* to china/russia etc, prior to a major event, this is to inflict max humuliation to the host when its under the world’s spotlight.
    the timing of tianjin blast is just a bit too convenient, coming on the eve of beijing’s
    ww2 victory parade and right after its yuan devaluation.

    on the practical side,
    tianjin is a fast rising star in china’s next phase of economic development, it plays a pivotal role in the *one belt , one road* grand strategy.
    *China’s ports, cities and hinterlands feature prominently. Fifteen ports, from Tianjin in the north to Haikou in the south, are earmarked for upgrading. The Shanghai and Guangzhou airports are slated to become logistics hubs. Inland, largely poor provinces are supposed to see a boost too.*

    this reeks of a signature cia hit, the sobs always aim for the max bang per buck.

    +this deals a serious blow to tianjin port’s ugrading plan,

    +major petrochemical projects suffered a series of major *accidents* recently,
    future development would come under even stiffer resistance from the populace.

    +the tianhe super computer has been shut down due to structural damage to the building,

    +the msm , even alternate media’s almost gleeful trumpeting of massive malpractice and corruption further erodes cpc’s cred amongst the populace,

    +china’s image suffered another huge blackeye,

    • That is a terrifically well informed comment Denk many thanks. I think you made a lot of great points, the whole supercomputer aspect has me stumped. In my personal opinion, this, there are a number of other actors that I would look at prior to the CIA but time will hopefully reveal the truth. Thanks.

      • James R

        lets recall neocon karl rove’s diatribe

        karl rove
        *We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’*

        hxnx birdflu, swineflu,
        asia boxing day tsunami,
        bali terror bombing,
        boko haram
        malaysian airasia airliner disaster,
        sabah freak earthquake,
        tianjin armaggedon
        thailand terror hit,
        shandong explosion

        u’ve a great site here !!

      • Thanks denk, it is a momentous quote indeed and it does portend many bad things, but it might be argued that Rove was a fool as he failed to understand that the United states just like Britain before it is a glorified cut outs acting on behalf of the real empire, the Bankers Empire, represented in the United States by the Federal Reserve and with ownership of the entire US media.
        The US has not been growing in power over the previous decade and a half, it has been in a decline that fighting two wars for the bankers has only accelerated. The list you have provided is brilliant but in my opinion, Fukushima is a classic example of something that has been done by the real Empire, that of the bankers.
        Thanks for kind words re:site, given the level of knowledge you have shown it means a great deal. Thanks also for another great comment.

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