Yemen- Scores of Gulf Coalition Troops Killed in Houthi Missile Strike.


OTR-21_Tochka launch in Yemen.
OTR-21_Tochka launch in Yemen.

September 5th, 2015.

Devastating blow to aggressors in criminal war.

The entire conflict in Yemen is an obscenity. Malnourished children are being blown apart by million dollar bombs dropped from ten million dollar aircraft.

The attack on Yemen is now in it’s sixth month.
The aerial attacks on Yemen achieved nothing for months but the Saudi/Gulf coalition has been achieving major territorial gains since the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were inserted into Yemen in the past several months. The Houthi/ pro Saleh coalition lost Aden and suffered severe setbacks in Taiz.

The territorial gains the Houthi led coalition made in the early stages of the war in the south have largely been lost. Meanwhile the Houthi heartland in the north of Yemen has been reduced to a wasteland by the Saudi led bombardment.

In response the Ansarullah group embarked on a series of armed raids on southern Saudi Arabia.

These attacks have been going on for months and generally involved the fairly pointless destruction of isolated Saudi border posts. Each attack would generally kill the one or two Saudi soldiers stationed at these tiny outposts that dot the mountainous border area like mini lighthouses of the desert.

Recently the Ansarullah/Houthi group have managed to make some deeper incursions into Saudi Arabia and the Sauid forces in the border region took severe losses in an apparent ambush of Saudi forces in the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Saudi Arabia: Houthis/Pro-Saleh Seize SANG Border Tower “Mashal”

Saudi Arabia: Houthis/Pro-Saleh Ontop of Captured Saudi M1A2S Abrams Tank

Yemen: Houthis/Pro-Saleh YA Launch “Konkurs” Against Saudi Abrams Tanks & Bradley IFV

Devastating Strike.

In the central Marib province the Gulf Coalition suffered a devastating setback yesterday when at least fifity of their soldiers, 45 from the United Arab Emirates and a further five from Bahrain died in an explosion that was apparently caused by an OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile striking an ammunition dump.

Pro-Hadi coalition suffers as UAE, Bahrain lose 50 troops | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

Yemen: Houthis/Pro-Saleh Forces Launch OTR-21 Tochka Which Killed 45 UAE Soldiers

Yemen: 22 UAE fighters reportedly killed in Marib province

Nearly 70 soldiers killed in clashes with Yemeni forces

Yemen: Saudi air strikes pound Sanaa to avenge soldiers’ deaths

al Alam image of Gulf Coalition casualties.
al Alam image of Gulf Coalition casualties.

A War of Utter Futility.

There is no prospect of victory for either side in Yemen so the best thing for all concerned would be to engineer a realistic political solution to Yemen’s internal divisions and end the conflict.

The Gulf Council operations against Yemen are a criminal terrorist operation that deserves to be punished in an international court.

The actions of the Houthis in attacking Southern areas of the country in response to the recalcitrance of President Hadi also seems to have been an extremely foolish and unnecessary act in retrospect.

Yemen was close to a failed state prior to the bombardment it has now suffered. The crimes that Israel committed in Gaza last year have all been repeated in Yemen against an equally vulnerable and defenseless population.

It is stunning to realise that it will take years to rebuild Yemen back to the position of being a semi failed state.

The Saudi Attack on Yemen

Saudi Aggression on Yemen Renewed.

Saudi Attack on Yemen: Residents of Yemeni Province Told “Leave or be Killed”

Mosques Attacked! Sectarian Mass Murder in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The Nuclear Attacks on Yemen

Not Gaza, Yemen. Imagine the response if Iranian jets were inflicting these wounds upon Saudi children.
No, not Gaza, Yemen. Imagine the response if Iranian jets were inflicting these wounds upon Saudi children.
An empty gurney amongst the detritus of another ISIl car bomb attack on a Yemen Shia mosque this week.
An empty gurney amongst the detritus of another ISIl car bomb attack on a Yemen Shia mosque this week. Sums up the state of the nation of Yemen.

Saudi Aggression on Yemen Renewed.

Citizens of Yemen survey the destruction.
Citizens of Yemen survey the destruction.

May 22nd. 2015.

If Russia bombed Kiev to restore Yanukovych We Would Be in Favour Right?

An obvious parallel dawned on m recently, the Saudi bombing of Yemen is basically identical to if Russia decided to bomb Kiev as revenge for the “Maidan” Coup”.

The Saudis attacking Yemen with the deposed President Hadi sitting in Riyadh as his nation is obliterated by his ally who are still pretending that he is in power along with the rest of the “Yemeni Government” who also reside in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia would be exactly, absolutely identical to the Russians bombarding Kiev and every other part of Ukraine to restore Yanukovych to power from exile. Hadi will never be able to return to Yemen after this in my opinion, let alone as the President.
It is a sad near certainty that the Yemen Civil War will outlast the maniacal and wicked Saudi bombardment, now into it’s eighth week and with the UN not even pretending to take any real action against the aggressors.

These videos may well depict a type of small nuclear attack.They certainly convey the horror of what the Saudis and their pitiful Coalition of puppets and cowards are waging against the people of Yemen.

Yemen: Huge explosion rocks Sanaa as Saudi-led coalition bombing continues

Saudi Nuclear Attack on Yemen using a Tactical Nuke

Israeli Neutron Bomb Yemen

Sana'a under
Sana’a under “Coalition”attack, late May 2015.

Big Trouble in the Near Future for the Criminal House of Saud?

Dissident cleric, Sheik al Nimr has been  sentenced to death for the crime essentially of “displeasing the Ruling House”. They did not even bother to manufacture a genuine criminal case happy to execute the man for thought and speech crimes alone.

The same clowns who fawn over every pathetic Pussy Riot stunt and antic will never, of course notice Sheikh Al Nimr or ny of the crimes the Saudi regime commits against women there. That doesn’t pay as well it seems!

Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests

The Saudi King did not come. the rest attended to complain bitterly presumably.

USA: Obama assures GCC that Iran nuke deal is in their ‘security interests’

A glimmer of hope during the “semi’ ceasefire.

Yemen: First humanitarian aid planes arrive in Sanaa

The grim reality.

Yemen: Severity of human rights situation unimaginable, says UN envoy to Yemen

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